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Full text of "Richmond, Indiana, and Wayne County, Indiana, directory"

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3 1833 02295 7713 

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in 2013 













•V O L . 1 . 1= 12 1 a E $ -3: . o o . 

rarher Publishing and Advertising' Co., 

estern Branch, 43 South Third Street, 

HJcMson & Bro/^S« BootHonse, ^^r^?!^^ 

^\\im I 









The Richmond 



V I^S) 




DILLE & MoGUIEE Mfg. Co. , 


TUls Moweris no experimant, It has been thoroii^rhly tested. 
Those wishhiff a Kood Mower will save money n^u\ time by OHrenilly ex- 
amhilng-theinoritd of the RICHMOND STAR betore piu tihiiHlnHf. Evt>ry Mower 
is fviUy warranted, if kept well oiled and properly handled. 

. Write for circulars and price list. Liberal discount to the trade. For sale 
by all the leading dealers In the United States. 

Manufactured by DILLE & McCUIRE Mfg. Co., 

537 and 539' North /3th St., 


^ fc 




724 Main Street, f Boot up side down. 



Good Goods 

Low Prices 

f Ladies; Misses' and Children's Common Sense Shoes. 
I ,; V . Men's Fine Hand-Sewed Hobby Shoes. 

Men's Solid Comfort Boots and Shoes. 
Horae-Made Kip and Caif Boots. 

3Best "Val-uie for t]n.e 3^v<Ione3r 

We invite all to ciiU and inspect our goods and prices. 

■ Hospc.ctfnlly, J. M. WILLIArVIS. 

N*. B.— Boots and Shoes Made and Repaired on Short Notioe. 


: I 



The Latest and Best in the Y/orld. 

For easy running and best motion it has no equal. It is 
the liu^ht^st skate in tlie market.' The skater can turn in a 
23-inch circle with all four of the wheels on the floor. No 
cutting or wearing of the elastic spring. The tension can be 
changed to suit the user in a moment. It is practically and 
mechanically complete. 

Liberal terms to the trade. For prices and further par- 
ticulars, address 

Champion Roller Skate 

, -AND- 

\Vagon Company, 

1122' and 1124 North E^. Street, 


General Inde 


Abbreviations 73 and 356 

Alpliabeiiciil list of names....... .73l<i3i8 

Classitietl Buishiesii Directory . . . , .8iy lo 3f.5 

IVliscellanetms Directory. 
Wayne Uonnty Diifi'loiy 




^'- A vey G W & Co . . . opp 273 

^V- liarber&FnlgiJum ..:...... .;....opp3i2 

,. - lirowii Van 1>. .. buck covKr 

|lj! ,, Brown Wfsley .. ... .. , op)> 112 

K|r*''' IJuNCli & Kinunerle '.,.,. ... ....opi) 112 

^&^ ( Juinipion Holler >SKaie & Wai^ou Cu„. . -j 

!>*"-■- Cole (ieoM . oi)|» ?73 

'* ' ("oeJM ..:......■;... .:..oi)p 104 

;,- Crawlord D B & Sou right top lines and 355 

*■ ' CrockerP&€o .......,, ... opp 313 

% Davis U F ... . .......... ...,opp 352 

\t ' . Dille & McGuire Mfg Co, inside front cover 
* J)osclier J.ouis — ^ ... .irout cover 

Karlliam College.... 40 

Farnhinn Chas S... opp l!)2 

\ (Men Miller Transfer Co & Comb stables 

, ...opp 48 

f Glim Josepli — opp 1&2 

GiothansG opp 153 

> Husson P.;,.... . . opp 233 

} HiuUllestou, C. OOP 73 

k Klein Geo Ij . ....... opp 153 

J.einon & Clark , -,, . i . . . . ..Backbone and 48 

ir I>icUtent'elsTliosO.. ....opp 233 

'' Li -lUenfels B <& Co ..,....., ....front cover 

IMurganT F &tton.. . ... .. .... ..^ opp 312 

:■ JMorton Thos J, ; . — opp 73 

|i^^V\< Mather Bros ...... ....... . left top lines 

WM^h- lUi-iMa P & Co ..... . ... opp 1 12 

iSRi^T-^McKioiaeA J..;.-^ .. (m>P 233 

r''- Me(Jre\v& Mendebhall opp 273 

Meerhofl; ir H.,. opp 152 

Morel Fugene..r.. ... . opp pj3 

]Sicholson.& Bro, right bottom lines and 

, . opp 393 

O'Havra John ... ......... opp 232 

reltz J K .'.........: — ..'.back cover 

1 'rice (Jlias'T& Son. oiiu 232 

lachnuMiU City Mill Works. 47 

Richmond Enquirer . opp 311 

Bichmon<l Normal iSchool l)ack cover ^ 

Klchmond Koller Mills .. opp 353 

Singer Mfg Co....*.. .. opp 272 

KnnihmeyerLH — . . opp 3r.3 

Sperling John opj) 113 

Htrattou Beiij , oi)p 313 

StauberA. opp 353 

Swan Wni K & Co. .front cover and opj) 113 

Vehr J G 322 and 323 

WamplerJM ,,.'... oi)i> :i62 

Werner Joseph.. ... opp 233 

Williams J M i 

'Vinsett & Kennedy ,,.... -..opp ]12 

Foreign-- . . ' 

Barbeo AV T, Lafayette, Ind,- back cover 

and left bottom lines. , 

GR&I li K.y. iopp .i!i2 

Holmes J B.LaPorte, Tnd. . .; — ..opp 273 
Kingsley Dr, Danville, Ills, inside bad; 
,> cover. . ■ 

L^E^ WKy;... J; .(, .V, ;../. . .}:;7ancl43S 


^*Z HK /\ \\/r \— . Hr*. 


Miscellaneous Directory 

—OF— I' ''''..''' 

Wayne County and Richmond, Ind. 

' 188B-86. 

-iMC'Kfii'i-iili ;vjie 


Court House south-west corner Main and Fourth streets. 

Judge AVajne Circuit Court — John F Kihbey. 

Prosecuting Attorney — Charles E Shively. '■.: 

Clerk— William L Slater. 

Auditor— T W O Erathtt. Deputies— Finley Newlin, Harry M 
Braffitt, Benj E ]\[yrick. 

Treasurer — Stephen M Strattan. ' - - 

Eecorder — James W AVilson. Deputy — Miss Nellie Forkner. 

Sheriff— J Alex Gormon. Deputies— Lewis F Lantz, AVilliam 

Surveyor — Addison II Study. 

Coroner— Dr E C Bond. v.. ,, • 

Superintendent Eublic Schools — J C M.acpherson. 

County Commissioners — John Bowman, pres, res and P O ad- 
dress Ilagerstown. Thos Hunt, P O Richmond. Geo AV 
Ilendmaii, res and P O Hagerstown. 



First Monday in February. Fourth Monday in April. First 
Monday in September. Third Monday in Novcnaber. Iluu 
John F Kibbey, Judge. 







Cambridge City 



East Germ an town 

Fountain City 

II age rs town 

Linden Hill 


Mount Auburn 



Eicbmond (City) 


Sanjuel Johnson 
Jas McCutlVcy 
Jerry Vi Swatrord 
George MoTaggart 
Jacob Winder 
Wm R Williams 
Wm Gebbardt 
Wm II Ilawekotte 
F M Jones 
Rollin M Iluddleson 
Wm II Gunkle 
Hiram Supplee 
Jos II Cooke. 



Henry D Overholser 
J Andrew Smitli 
James II Gentry 
T F Smith. 
Jno A ^Farkley 
Wm R Williams 
Jno M Hartley 
Wm II Ilawekotte 
Jno B Summers 
J F Lines 
J C Foster 
Hiram Supplee 
Richard H King 





B F Ranck 

Brownsville, Ind. 


Wm II Druley 



Albert R Jones 



Lewis Bailey 


Dal ton 

Wm SFarlow 



Jas A Winel)erg 



Aslier Fearce 



Elias F Scott 

Jackson burg 


Geo W Shults 

Cambridge City 


John M Hartley 


New Garden 

Samuel AVilliams 

Fountain City 


Elim Osborne 



D P Leibhardt 

Milton ' 


John Elliott 



Jonathan Jarrett 



'^'^" . .'' 





StejJien II en wood 



Stephen S Farlow 



Josepb W Jackson 



James Gilmer 

({ roe n stork 

Dal ton 

Nathan A Lamar 



Noah S Hunt 



Josepb F Reynolds 




Karri son 

John A L(3c8on 



].ot B Aniinon 

East German town. 

J etrerson 

(ieoi'ge A\' [\irsons 


New Garden 

Win U Williams 

Fountain City 


Alunzo Marshall 



A Z lloirmun 

Milton ■ 


Albert K lliitton 



Jesse Uorton 

Webster , 



h A M i: 



Henry McC'ashland 



John F Itobbins 



E B Dillman 



Wm Paddock 



David Gentry 


i i 

Allen Abernatliy 



Allen K J3aiigherty 

Green stork 


James T Nicholson 



John A Locke 


u ...._. 

Geo W Lamb 



Penj W Add 1 em an 



Henry L Hyde 



Albert Oler 



Alexander Gormon 



James Lichty 



K W Swain 



Josepli D Payne 

Cambridge City 


Jknj F Webb 

Cambridge City 


Elmer Warl'el 

East German town 


James A ITawkiiis 



Coi-neliiis Murray 


New Garden ' 

Elishii 0(jate 

Fuuntain City ' 


George W Price 

Fountain City 


Thos W Frazier 



John D Jewell 



Thos P> Lantz 



John 8 Lyle 


" a 

(Jeorge Coahi 



Harvey I) Mendenhall 



Boston — Thomas Girton, pres; Joseph S l*owell, sec'y; John il 

Rile, tnias. 
Cambridge City — JosejJi N Study, ])res; John K (J ray, sec'y; 

John Jackson, treas 

'^^ '.iv. 1 1 . I, ,,. 


Centreville — John Peelle, pres; Geo G Smith, sec'y; Jose])h A 

Ooiiiinons, treas. 
Dublin — Clinton J Barrett, pres; Albert Southworth, sec'y ; 

Benj F Maxwell, treas. 
East German town — John II Bolinger, pres; Jacob S Shoff, sec'y; 

Henry T Jameson, treas. 
Fountain City — Levi Johnson, pres; JIary E Harris, sec'y; 

James Conners, treas. 
Ilagerstown — Wm Conrad, pres; Daniel A Iludy, sec'y; Thos 

L Allen, treas. 
Milton — Luke D Iloak, pres; Isaac F Sweeney, sec'y; Aaron 

Morris, treas. 
Richmond (City) — Wm A Bickle, pres; Win II Bradbury, sec'y; 

Elgar G Hibberd, treas. 
Washington — Ges J Nicholson, pres; Samuel Foster, sec'y; 

Oliver Cook, treas. 


City building No 7 north Fifth street. 

Municipal election, Urst Tuesday in May. 

Council meets Urst and Third Monday of each month. 

Council Chamber in City Building. 


Mayor — John L Rupe. ^ , . 

Clerk — Richard* II King. 
Marslial — John Fred Ilaner. - ' 

Treasurer — Joseph II Cooke. 
City Attorney — Joseph II Kibbey. 
Civil Engineer — Frank C Doi'an. 
Street Commissioner — Frank M Wheelan. 
City ]VIeasurer — James M King. 
AVood Measurer — J M Leviston. 

City Commissioners — Edward E Beetle, John I) AViggins, An- 
drew F Scott, John L Thompson, John 11 Roling. 


First Ward — Earnest F Rosa, John G Schwegman. 
Second Ward — J J Jordon, Samuel Mai'latt. 
Third Ward— Thomas W Roberts, Robert llodgin. ;. 
Fourtli Ward — William Bartel, Henry Temme. 
Fifth AVard—James M Coe, Oliver Yates. 



Finance — Jordan, Eoberts and Schweo^man. 

Claims — Bartel, Roberts and Kosa. 

Streets and Alleys^ — Rosa, Jordan and Rodgin, 

Fire Department — Ilodgin, Temme and Marlatt. 

Pnblic iinildings and Grounds — Marlatt, Roberts and Temme. 

Pnblic Schools — Cue, Yates and Bartel. 

Gas Light — Schwegman, Coe and ilodgin. 

Printing and Stationery — Roberts, Coe and Marlatt. 

Railroads — Temme, Bartel and Yates. 

Board of Public Improvements — Yates, Schwegman and Jordan. 


Board of Health — Dr J R Weist, Dv M F Dwiggins. Isaac 
Kline, Sanitary Inspector. 

..■•!■ '* 


Police Board — Mayor Rupe, Ilodgin and Marlatt. 
Chief of Police — J J Finney. 

Policemen — Fred Bartel, Chas Chrisman, Joseph Betzold, Chat- 
tield Lancaster, Henry Westenberg, Willis Carter, Peter 
.^ :.^. Kuhlmaiij Jacob Able, John G Bennett. , 


Council Committee — Messrs Ilodirin, Marlatt and Temme. 

Chief Encrineer — William L Thoma 


Engineer — Irvin J Brown. ■• . . ' •.! T 

Fireman — David Miller. 

Driver of Engine — George AVilson. .;>''•■ . 

Driver of Reel — John B Tracy. 

Minute Men — Pat McKinley, Jesse McCullough, AValter Webster. 
William Marrow. 


Engineer — James Parsons. 
Fireman — Charles IIel)beler. 
Driver of Engine — Rufus A Newman. 
Driver ofReel-flohn Jenkins. 

Minute Men -Victor Vincent, John Estell, (Charles llcssman, 
Mart Hudson. 




Driver — John S Neal. 

Pilot— Thomas E Ross. 

Minute Men— Dick Bird, Jetf Wilson, Win J Smith, Dick Estell 


1-3 — Corner 3d and north C. 

1-4 — Corner 2d and south B. 

1-5 — Corner 15th and north B. 

1-0— Corner 14th and Main. 

1-8 — Corner 5tli and south B. 

2-1— Corner 12t]i and south B. 

2-3— Corner Otli and south A. ^ 

2-4— Corner 11th and Main. 

2-5 — Corner 10th and south C. 

2-6— Corner 11th and north B. 

2-7— Corner 7th and south C. 

3-1— City Mill Works, corner 16th and north F. 

3-2 — Ilobinson Machine Works, corner 3d and Main. 

3-4— -AVa3nie Agr'l Works, corner 15th and north F. 

3-5 — Corner 4th and south D. 

3-6 — Engine House, No 1, north 8th. 

3-7- Reid, Beeler & Co's Pork Rouse, north lOtli. 

4-1 — Piano Factory, south 1st. 

4-2 — Corner 5tli and soutli 11. 

4—3 — South J, east of 9th, (east Oakland). ■ 

4-5 — Corner 8th and Main. 

4-6 — Corner 8th and south E. 

5-1 — Champion Mills, Ft Wayne ave and north 10th. 

5-2— Engine House, No 2, north £th. 

5-4 — Earlham College. 

6-1 — Ilutton's Cothn Works, corner 12th and north E. 

6-2- Corner 18 th and north C. 

6-3 — lloosier Drill Works, corner 13th and north E. 
1-5-2 — Gaar, Scott ds Co's, Washington ave. 
1-6-2 — Railroad Shops. 



South east corner north A and Eighth. 
Postmaster — Edwin D Palmer. ' 

Assistant Postmaster — Wni L Had ley. ' 

IVIailing Clerk - Sam[)le C Byer. 
Assistant Mailing Clerk -Edward II Temme. 

D .Di.;. 

.'1 :ii '; 

.l\ n::.r. \ 

.y. ,:'''';^ l/'s:; 

.i'.u'M. iii'.Si fiv 1 i 

•i-t«no;> — * ; 

y:> jiiiNv. ' *:;: n.t«*i 


.U (iJ-:on h:::. iLlH 

■i:»in<j. ) — <' 

/J iln.-: fwu- ■ 

'"^-- :- V 

(w ^^r'. 

. i — 1' >, 

't-u;; i 

;.hi i'm' ■ 

•I'Vi ': . . ,,- i'l'. // f ,;\ A 

' . , . f , , , i A 1. 

•V3ii luJ---'^' ! 


.:r-'i ;i'- . . ; it/! ■. " ^ ....... 1 - 1^-| 

,.11-') ':i('i!-,; •'. ■''■:. i'.U '.mi>;iiJ - -': -^ 

.'•[ n; .vi(! 

t ^ .'f .r: 

} » 


Superintendent of* Curriers — Sanili Moorman. 
Distributing Clerk— Grace M Diinliain. 
Stamp Clerk— Harriett I*' Cook. 
Janitor — Lewis Dawson. 
Carrier 1st District — B L Chandlee. 
Carrier 2d District — O E Mitcliel. 
Carrier 8d District — Edward V Iliitton. 
Carrier 4th District — elusc])!) d Dickenson. 
Carrier 5th District — llichard N Hart. 
Carrier 6th District — Frank B Dillenheck. 
Carrier 7th District — J N Croker. 
Substitute — Conrad Krick. 


General Delivery — 7:00 a m to 7:00 p m. 
Stamp Department — 7:00 a m to 7:00 p m. 
Carriers Window — 0:30 p m to 7:00 ]) m. 

Money Order and Reo-ister Department — 7:30 a m to 4:30 ]> in. 
Sunday's General Delivery and Carriers window Oi)en from b:;j0 
to 9:30 am. 


Citizens Cornet Band, meets in room 3 lloerners block, L E 
Peck, leader and manager; Hardy AVilliams, sec'y; Charles 
Towle, treas. 

Conners Military Band and Orchestra, headquarters, J little blk, 
cor Ninth and Main. A C Connor, ])i"es; Charles Conner, 
sec'y; 11 II Newman, treas; Chas Connor, leader band; O A 
Schmidt, leader orchestra. 


First National Baidv, n w cor of Seventh and Main. Incor[)ora- 
ted 1882. dames E Reeves, ])res; J F Reeves, cash. 

Second National Bank, n w cor ot Eighth and Main. A F Scott, 
pres; J B Dougan, cash. 


Earlham, 1 mile west on National road. 

Lutheran, w s Liberty pike. If miles s of city. 

Maple Grove, ns Main, bet Twenty-second street and corporation 

St Andrew's Catholic, o s Liberty pike, 1 mile s city. 


St Alary's Catholic, vv s Bostou pike, IJ miles s city. 
German Catholic, s e cor s Fifth and G. - 


African M E Church, cor of Sixth and s B. llev Charles H 
Tliomas, pastor. Services 10:00 a m and 7:00 p m. Sunday 
school 2:00 ]) m. Prayer meeting 7:00 p m Thursday. 

African i^^aj)tist Church, s w cor of Ninth and C. Rev Benj- 
Smith, pastor. Services 11:00 a m, 3 p m and 7:30 p m. 
Sunday school 9 am. 

Christian Church, ess Ninth. Services 10:30 a m, 7:30 p m. 
Sunday school 9 am. 

First M E Church, s w cor of Fourteenth and Main. Rev Benj 
A Kemp, pastor. Services 10:30 a m and 7:30 p m. Sun- 
da}' school 2 p m. 

First Baptist Church, w s of Eleventh, n of Main. Rev C B 
Allen, pastor. Services 10:30 a m and 7:30 p m. Sunday 
school 9:15 a ra. 

First Presbyterian Church, e s Eighth, bet Main and s C. Rev 
Dr Isaac AI Hughes, ])astor. Services each Sunday 10:30 
a m and 7:30 p m. Sunday school 9 a m. 

Friends Meeting House (llicksite), n s n A, bet Eleventh and 
Twelfth. Dr Robert Furnace, Mrs Sarah A E Hutton, 
ministers. Services 10:30 a m and 7:30 p m. Sunday 
school 9 a m. 

Friends Yearly Meeting House (Orthodox), s s Main, bet Fif- 
teenth and Sixteenth. Meeting held 1st October every year. 

Twelfth Street Pre})ai'ative Meeting House (Orthodox), Friends 
Yearly Meeting House, 10:30 a m, Sunday scliool 9 a m. 

Grace M E Church, s w cor of Tenth and n A. Rev Frost Craft, 
pastor. Services 10:30 a m and 7:30 pm. Sunday school 
2:00 p m. 

New Jerusalem Temple, cor Seventh and s A. Religious wor- 
ship every Sunday at 10:30 a m. 

German M E Church, s e cor Seventh and s B. Services 10:30 
a m and 7:'>0 ]> m. Sunday school t) a m. 

Richmond Pr(!j>ai-ative Mreling I louses (Oilluxlox l<'ii(MulH), 111? 
and 1 15 8 Fifth. Sabl>ath meetiiigH 10 ;i m and 7:30 p m. 
Sabbath school 9 a m. 

St Andrew German Catholic Church, cor Fifth and s C. Rev 
Henry J Seibertz, ])astor. Services 8 and 10 a m and 
3 p m. 

St John Lutheran Churcl), s Fourth, bet C and D. Rev Henry 
Wickemeyer, pastor. Services 10 a m and 7 p m. Sunday 
school 2 }) m. 


St Mary's Catholic Cliiircli, n e cor ii Seventh and A. Rev John 

llyvos, pastor. Services each Sunday 8 and 10 a ni and 

3 ]) m. 
St Pauls Episcopal Church, u e cor Eighth and n A. Rev 

John B Wakefield, pastor. Services every Sunday 10 a la 

and 7:30 p ni. Sunday school 9 a ni. 
St Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church, 401 s Seventh. Rev John 

J Young, pastor. Services 10 a ni and 7:30 p in. Sunday 

school 2 p ni. 
Sevastopol M E Church. Services 7:30 p m. Sunday school 

2:30 p ni. 
Svvedenborgian, s e cor Seventh and s A. 
United Presbyterian Church, n w cor Eleventh and B. Rev 

Alexander Gillchrist, pastor. Services 10:30 and 7:30 pm. 

Sunday school 2:30 p ni. 
Wesleyan M E Church, 307 s Tenth. Rev Samuel M Smother, 

pastor. Services 10:30 a m and 8 p m. Sunday school 

2 pm. 
Wliitewater Preparative Meeting House (Orthodox Friends), cor 

Tenth and n G. 10:30 a m and 7:30 p m. Sunday school 

9 a m. 
Zions Evangelical x\ssociation, e s Seventh, bet B and C. Rev 

Henry Waiszhaar, pastor. Services 10:30 a in and 7:30 p 

m. Sunday school 9 a m. 
Young Men's Christian Association, cor of Ninth and Main. 

Bible class at 9 a m. Services at the county jail at 2:15 p 

m. Evening open air services corner of Eighth and JNlain. 

AV^hosoever will let him come. 




Richmond City Gas Co, works cor First and Main, oftice 818 
Main. James M Starr, pres; Charles C Buckley, sec'y; 
Benj Starr, treas. 


St Stephens Hospital. Incorporated 1884. Rev J B Wakeiield, 
pres; Reuben Myrick, sec'y; J R Weist, supt. This hos- 
pital is under the control oi' the Protohtant Episcopal church, 
and is open to all denominations and nationalities, also all 
schools of medicine. N e cor Ei<'hth and n (/. 



Bonanza Skate Co, mnfg roller skates, n Union Depot. Wni F 

Iliatt, pres; II Ogborn, vice pros; W T Noble, sec'y and 

Champion Roller Milling Co, cor Ft Wayne ave and n Tenth. 

Incorporated 18S3. J E Reeves, pres; AVin N Kendall, gen 

manager; Frank M Clark, su|)t. 
Champion Roller Skate Ofe Wagon Co. Incorporated 18S4:. J F 

Reeves, pres; Renben IMyrick, sec'y and treas; J V Rowlett 

manager. 1122 and 1124 n £. 
Chase Piano Co. Incorpoj'ated. James M Starr, pres; Benj 

Starr, sec'y and treas. 303 to 317 s First. 
Dille & McGnire Alfg Co. Established 1874. Incorporated 

1880, Mnfr of the Richmond Star Lawn Mower, and im- 
proved oscillating steam engines, 537 and 539 n Thirteenth. 

Ezekiel W McGnire, ])res; Ehvood W McGnire, sec'y and 

treas; IT II Dille, snpt. 
First National Bank. Incorporated 1882. James E Reeves, 

pres; C W Fergnson, vice pres; J T Reeves, cash; n w cor 

Seventh and Main. 
Gaar, Scott ife Co. Incorporated 1870. Abraham Gaar, pres; 

AV G Scott, sec'y; J M Gaar, treas; II N Land, supt; mtg 

steam engines, threshers, saw mills and clover hnllers, corn 

F and Washington ave. 
Ilaynes, Spencer & Co. Incorporated 1878. Tnrner W Ilaynes, 

pres; Cliarles II Coffin, vice ])res; AY F Sj)encer, secy and 

treas; AY C Shoemaker, suj)t. Office and factory n w cor 

Twelfth and n E. 
Iloosier Drill Co, Incorporated 1808. $00,000 capital. J U 

AYestcott, pres; F A AYilke, secy; Omar Ilollingsworth, 
. treas; J A Carr, supt. Office and factory n e cor n E and 

Thirteenth. , 
liutton J M & Co. Incorporated 1870. Capital $200,000. J 

M Ilutton, pres; M II Dill, sec'y; AY P Ilntton, treas. 

Office and works s e cor Twelfth and n E. 
Mathews, AYinder & Co. Incorporated 1880. Clark Hunt, pres; 

Joseph T Ives, sec'y and treas. Cor Eleventh and n (t. 
Richmond Chair Co. Incorporated 18S2. James E Thomas, 

pres; D Surface, sec'y and tre;is. Office and factory J 233 

n E. 
Richmond Check Rower Co. Henry Parmer, pres; N C^ Shoe- 
maker, sec'y and treas. 1 101 n E. 
Richmond City Mill AYorks. Incorpoiated 1870). Joseph (i 

Lemon, pres; L T Lemon, sec'y and treas; C F AYalter, 

mechanical manager. 1001 n F. 


Iliclimoiid Cit}^ Water Works. Incorponited 1883. J M lliit- 

toiK pres; W 1* lluttun, treas; Joseph B Craigliead, sec'y. 
Riclniioiul Foniulry Co. Incorporated 1883. Charles II Coffin, 

pres; AV C Shoemaker, sec'y and treas. 1101: to 1110 n E. 
Richmond Machine Works. Incorporated Jan 1, 1872. II P 

Perry, pres; L II Punyan, sec'y and treas. P P Perry, 

L II Punyan, Eli Jay, directors. On Railroad, n e Union 

Richmond Roller Skate and Caster Co. Incorporated 1§84. 

Joseph Marchant, ])res; () 1) Reeves, sec'y and treas; E C 

Pliillips, siipt. 
Richmond Truck Mfg Co, 1001 Main. John Henley, pres; Jos 

C Ratlifl', vice pres; Pavid II Hill, treas; AYeb Parry, sec'y; 

Robert Chesnnt, i^-eii agt. 
Richmond Weather Stri]) Co, 40 Main. Incorporated 1884. 

AV' T Dennis, pres; Frank Dennis, sec'y and treas; Joseph 

F Rowlett, supt. 
Second National Pank of Richmond, n w cor Iilighth and Main. 

A F Scott, pres; J P Douij^an, cash. 
Sinex Plow Co. Incorporated 1874. Mfg (Original Em])ire 

Steel I^lows, 174 and 17G Ft AVayne ave. A\^m Sinex, pres; 

John P Sinex, sec'y and ti-eas. 
S L AViley Construction Co. S L AViley, pres and gen manager; 

K M AViley, treas and sec'y. Constructoi's Richmond City 

Water AVorks. 
The Ezra Smith & Co Mfg Association. Incorporated 1872. 

Mfg of coffins. Ezra Smith, pres; James Smith, sec'y and 

treas. N e cor s A and Ninth. 
AVayne Agricultural Co, G03 to ()2!) n Fifteenth, 1500 to 1512 n 

F. Incorporated 1871. P P Pawrence, pres; Wm Baxter, 

vice pres; T Wright, sec'y and ti-eas; George Thomas, gen 

Wayne County Turjjike Co. Incorporated 1850. J C Ratliif, 

])i'es and treas; Cornelius Ratliif, sec'y. OlHce I'oom I I O 

O F building. 
AVitliam & Anderson Co. Incorporated 1882. W II Anderson, 

])res; T II Witliam, vice ])res; E II Powen, sec'y and treas. 
A^aryan, Sam])Son c^ Co. rncor])orated 1878. John Yaryan, 

pres; Alnion Sampson, sec'y; Pee Yaryan, treas. Owners 

of ])atent new i)rocess of nndg ^inseed oil, office over 720 

Main. ^ 


Morrison Library, s w cor of Sixtli ami n A. 0])en every day, 
Sundays excei)ted, to 12 a m, I to 5 )> m, Saturday eve, 


() to 8 p in. Jessie P Sidell, pies; T Nicholson, eec'y; Jno 
Elliott, treas; J\lrs Sarah A Wri^-ley, librarian; Miss Sarah 
K Toe, asst librarian. 
W C T U, oflice, hall and reading room over 900 Main. Mrs 
Sarah ]] Morgan, ])res; Mrs Emma JMewlin, sec'y; Miss 
Letta Smith, treas. Meets every Friday afternoon. 


Churches, see churches and Sunday schools. 

Grand Opera House, s e cor n A and Eighth. 

Hittle Block, n w cor JNinth and Main. 

Johns Block, 931, 933 and 935 Main. 

Market House, cor Sixth and s A. 

Masonic ILiU, Hittles IJlock. 

Odd Fellows Block, 725 and 727 Main. ' 

Phillips Opera House, n e cor Sixth and Main. 

Potts Block, 910 and 918 Main. ^' , " 

St Stephens Hospital, n e cor Eighth and B. 

Saenger Hall, over 14 n Seventh. 

Second JMational Bank, n w cor Eighth and Main. 

Tremont Block, n e cor Eighth and Main. 

Vaughan's New Block, 708 to 714 Main. ' ■ 

Vaughan's Hall, Yaughan's New Block. 

Westcott Block, 717 to 721 Main. 

Zellers Block, 915 to 921 Main. : ' 


Dunn Temperance Club Boom, 47 n Eightli. John M Westcott, 
: r pres; Charles Lewis, sec'y; Dr W Oniel Mendenhall, treas; 

j meets every Wednesday evening. 

I Bichmond Bicycle Club, meets M C Henley's olilce. M C Hen- 

ley, pres; I C Doan, sec'y; A J Henley, treas. 
Wayne County Agricultural and Horticultural Society. Organ- 
I ized in 1853. Regular meeting the second Saturday in each 

\ month, at Y M C A Hall, dacol) 1) Hampton, ))res; AV E 

Taylor, vice pres; Folger AVilson, sec'y; Dimiel Ihilla, 
Wayne County Historical Association. Organized 1883. jMeots 
bi-enqially at the Mayor's ollice. IL)n Joseph M Bulla, 
pres; Col W C Starr, vice pres; J H Moorman, treas; Jos 
' , C Batlili; sec'y. 


AVoinaiis Christian Teniporance Union, Sarali II Morgan, pres; 
Mrs Paul Y Wasliburn, reed secy; Mrs C W Ilodgin, cor 
sec'y; Letitia Smith, treas. 

Wonians Christian Teni])erance Union, Wayne County. Meets 
semi-annually. Mrs M 11 Dennis, pres; Mrs Anna M 
Starr, sec'y. 

Y M C A Ivoonis, over 901 Main. Edward Bellis, pres; George 
C Williams, vice })res; C A Francisco, sec'y and treas; T G 
Thom])son, gen sec'y; meets Sunday 1) a m, G:30 p m, Wed- 
nesday Y:15 p m, Saturday 7:30 p m. 

Young Woman's Christian Temperance Union, meet in Y M C 
A rooms, over 901 Alain, every Tuesday at 4:00 p m. Mrs 
Mary E Prescott, pres; Mrs Etta Sparks, sec'y. 


Board of School Trustees — Wm A Bickle, pres; Wm II Brad- 
bury, sec'y; Elgar G Jlibberd, treas. 

Superintendent of Public Schools — Justin K Study. 

Special Teacliers — G AI Cole, supt and teacher ot Alusic, Dr Z 
Test, supt and teacher of German. 


High Sohool — Mrs J G Ilolcombe, principal, History and Liter 

Aliss M A Stubbs, Latin and German. 
Mr A B Porter, Alathematics and I^atural Science. 


Grammar Schools — Miss A P Wiggins, principal; Grade A. 

Miss So])hia Alarchant Grade B. 

Miss Mai-y E Perry, (irade C. 

Aliss Ada Woodard, Clrade I). 
Prima JiY Scjnooi.s — Aliss Li Hie Al CJ raves. Grade A. 

Aliss AI B Alarsh, Grade B. 

Miss AI B Elderkin, ])rincipal ])rimary schools, Grade I). 


This district will be abandoned lor the year after two or three 


Grammar Scuools — Aliss I) AI Posey, Grade A. 
Miss AI E Dennis, (irade W. 
Miss Ella Bond, Graded 
Miss L I) lladley, (hade I). 


rtnTMAKY Schools — Miss Mary Woodard, Grade A. 
Miss Mary Dennis, Grade Ij. mj '- 

Miss Cai'rie L Salter, Grade G. 
J\Iiss Julia E Test, ])rincipal Primai-y Schools, Grade 1). 

■f'. FOURTH DISTRICT. '. , - 

,^.' Mrs Florence Woods, principal. Grade I>. 

Miss Anna 1> Wri-ht, Grade G. 

Miss Sadie A Ilill, Grade 1). . > 

Primary Schools — Miss Nora Lvq^ton, Grade A. 

^liss p]lla Stewart, Grade J). 

]\riss Alice Test, Grade G. 

Miss M E Mooney, Grade I). 

Miss Anna Lupton, princijjal Primary Schools, Grade D. 

FIFTH district. 

Grammar School — IMiss Mattie Ilorney, principal, Grade D. 
Primary Schools — Miss Marietta Worrali, Gi'ade A. 

]\Iiss Einnia Leeson, Grade B. . . 

Miss IMattie Whitacre, Grade G. 

Miss Francis Estell, Grade G. 

Miss L Morrison, Grade i). 
;" ]\Iiss Garrie Stubbs, Grade D. 

Miss Susie Ilorney, principal Primary Schools, Grade D. 

sixth district. 

Gramar Schools — Mrs Emma Thatcher, principal, Grades J> & C. 

Miss Anna M Brown, Grade 1). 
Primary Schools — ]\Iiss Lichi ]jeive, Grade A. 

Miss Lillie Stines, Grade A and B. 

Miss Mary Juroens, Grade B and G. 

Miss Anna Shultz, Grade C. 

Miss Bertha Steen, Grade 1). 

Miss Lina Stahl, pi'incipal Primary Schools, Grade 1). 


Grammar Schools — Miss 11 M Jones, princi])al, Grade G. 

Miss Ilattie Thom])soH, Grade D. 
Primary Schools -Miss Gassie V Jxeese, Grade A. 

J\Iiss M A Moore, Grade B. 

Miss Victoria Pindemuth, (Jrade C. ^ ^ 

]\[iss Emma B J^ong, ])rincipal, (irade 1). 


Mrs Landonia AVilliams, Cirammai- (hades. 

Mrs M Edna Perry, Briniary (J riuU's. ' '• '''■"' *• 



St Andrew's Scliool, s e cor of Fifth and C. Rev Henry J Sei- 

bertz, ])rinci})al. 
St John's Lutheran School, w s of Fourth, bet C and D. Kev 

Henry Wickeineyer, princi|)al. 
St Mary's School, cor of Seventli and n A, conducted by Sisters 

of Providence. 
St Paul's School, cor Seventli and s D. Pev John Young, 



Night School and Telegraph Institute, over 725, 727 and 729 
Main. J K Peck & Co, pro])rietors. 



Joseph J Mills, A M, pres; Professor of Mental and Moral 
Science. AVm B Morgan, A M, C E, Professor of Mathe- 
matics. Dougan Clark, A ]\[, Professor of Greek and Latin. 
Win N Trueblood, A J], Professoi- of English Ijiterature and 
Elocution. David W Dennis, A M, Professor of Natural 
Science. Hans C G Yon Jagemann, Professor of German 
> and French, and acting Professor of Professor of History. 
Gertrude Baily, instructor in Drawing and Painting. Mai'- 
ianna Brown, A B, Phebe Furnas, A B, Mattie Dennis, 
Instructors in Preparatory School. 


Joseph John Mills, president. Moi'decai Morris White, vice 
president. Mary E Harris, secretary. Allen Jay, treas- 


Timothy Nicholson, Walter T Carpenter, T Clarkson Hill, i\ror- 
decai Morris White, Jose^^h R I^vaiis, Eliza W Hiatt, J\hiry 
Ann Evans, Executive Committe. 


Charles F Coflin, Barnabas C Hobbs, Moses C Stevens, Mixry E 
Harris, Seth Mills. 


"■ Earlham College, 


'■ Three full colleo'iate courses of study: 

(1) Classical; (2) Latin and Scientilic; (3) Scientitic. 

Special prominence given to the English Language and Liter- 

Superior advantages are afforded for the study of German and 

The Cabinet is large and constantly increasing, and for the 
variety and educational value ol its Geological, Mineralugical 
and Zoological collections has few superiors in the AVest. 

A Chemical Laboratory atfoi'ds excellent facilities for ])rac- 
tical work by students. 

Students in Astronomy have the advantages of a well equip- 
ped observatory. 

Classes in Surveying are given regular ])ractice with instru- 
ments ill the tield. 

An Art Department provides instruction in Drawing and 

Students in all departments have access to the library of the 
College and that of the city of Richmond, together aggregating 
15,000 volumes. 

The Preparatory School presents a well arranged course of 
study under a corps of etlicient instructors. Preparatory students 
have all the advantage's oflibraries, apparatus, lectures, cabinet, 
etc, afforded to the college. 

For cataloirue and further inforuiation, address 

ALLEN JAY, President. 




Allen Jay, Superintendent and Treasurer, P O Richmond, Ind. 
Martha A Jay, Matron, TO Eichmond, Ind. WmllWins- 
low. Governor, P (3 Carmel, Ind. II Lavinia Pailej, Gov- 
erness, P O Spiceland, Ind. Elizabeth Woodruff, assistant 
Governess, P O Fountain Citv, Ind. John Sherrick, 
Librarian, P O Westiield. Ind. 

Autumn Tei-ni begins September 3, 1884. 
Winter Term begins December 31, 1S8I:. 
Spring Term begins April 1, 1SS5. 



Cyrus W Ilodgin, Principal, Instructor in Pedagogics, History, 
and Civil Government. James B Pagan, Associate Princi- 
];al. Instructor in ]\[atheniatics and Drawing. Era^tus 
Test, M S, ^[ D, Principal Academic Department, Instructor 
in Natural Science. Miss Caroline Furber, Instructor in 
Language and Litei'uturc. ]\Iiss Pelle Murrisoi], Instructor 
in Model School. 


First Term — Opens September 2, 1SS4; closes November 7, 

Second Term — Opens November 10, 1881; closes January 23, 

Holiday Yacation — December 20, 1881:, to December 28, 1884. 
1'niRD Term — Opens January 2G, 1885; chases Ajnil 3, 1885. 
Fourth Term — Opens A])ril G, 1885; closes June 12, 1>85. 

noARD OF trustees. 

President, Timothy Nicholson, of Nicholson <fe Pro, Booksellers. 
T]'easurer, C W Ferguson, Teller First National F)ank. 
Secretary, J C ^lacplieison, Co Superintendent ol Schools. 


Grand Opera House, s w cor Eighth and n A. Wm H Brad- 
bury A: Sun, proprietors and managers, ollice, rooms 1 and 3, 
AVestcott Block. 

Phillips 0[)era House, over (101, (*.i>t) and ()08 Main. Dobbins 
Bros, managers. 



'^- • » ■ . ' • INIASONKJ. 

lliill, 11 w cor ot'Niiitli Miul Main. 
\\ Webb Lodge, No '24, K t*c A M, nieevs third A\^ediiebday ot 
each luonth. A W l[eiMj)leiiian, W ^M; W W xViistiii, 
liichniond Lodi2;e, No 10(5, V iSz A M, meets first Tiieschij evcii- 
f; iiiL'" of each month. M CJulhiton, W U; A E Cliase, S W; 

LEisiier, J M; S Fox, Treas; J DeWitt, Sec\y; N C Tom 
kins, S D; N B IJalhird, J J); A G (\ol)orn 'Tyler. 
. Xing Solomon (yhapter, No 4, U A ]\l, meets second lu'iday of 
each month. Chi'Istian Fetta, II P; W AV Austin, Sec' v. 
,; Wayne Council, No 10, U c^ S T\I, meets first Tlinrsday in eat^li 
UKJiith. Christian Fetta, ill Master; W W Austin, Dept 
; Master; J E L Smitli, E C W; W J iiobie, C G; M B lial 
v lard, Treasurer; E 1> Palmer, Recorder; A G Oghorii, 
■ Guard. 
I Richmond Commandery, \v T, No 8, meets first M(jnday of each 

month. Josepli L Smitli, E C; AV W Austin, Pec. 

• Masonic Building Association. If N Land, Pres; M li BaUard, 

Treas; E L>^Pahner, Sec'y ; II N Land, Chistian IVtta, AV 

I M Thompson, M P> Balhird, John DeWitt, R W Deely, Jos 

-,] L Smith, Lewis L Slubbs, E \) Pahner, Trustees. Aleetings, 

Trustees meet third Thursday of January, A])ril, ,Iuly and 

I October. Stockhohlers meet annually on the second Thui'S- 

5 V clay of January. 

Loyal Chapter, No 1, Order of l^^astern Star, uiects third Satur- 
day of each month. Mas (; V Kendall, W M ; Wd, 
^V P; ]\frs E .) Johnston, Sec'y; ]\h-s l^annie C llunl, 
Treasurer. . , . , 

1. (>. o. F. 

Hall s w cor Eighth and ]\lain. 
White Water JAuige, No 41, instituted iMay 2fst, 1817, meets 
r., ^.. every Friday 'evening. Walter.) Doaii, N (r; dosepli A 
■ '" Eagan, y (i; Mark Kfitchell, Sec'y ; 11 W dalhelm,' Treas; 
II R Downing, Geo Bishop and C E Newman. 4'rustees. 
^ Hermann Lodge, No iJ)l>, meels eveiy Thurviay evening. Win 
Storz, N\\; Matiiias Prill, V (L, (ieorge ,1 KnolUnbeig, 
. ]iec Sec'y; Got lie!) Fichlcnfels, Per Sec'y; C A Bartel, 
Treasurer; II il Meeriiolf, J M Nolle, Lewis Schiefner, 
Woodward Lodge, No 2PJ, meets ever\ Wt'dnesdav evening. 
Joseph F Powlett, N (J; ^luMulore C Parker, \' i\\ Win. 
P Cook, Sec'y; E E Beetle, Treas; J F Davenport, A W 
Grave, J A Jleetl, Trustees. 


Eiclimond Lodi2:e, No 254, meets every Monday evening. Albert 

, Kelly, N G; Abram S Juhnson, V G; John W Tingle, 
Sec'y; Peter Johnson, Treas; Edward J Salter, Danief K 
Keyt and Jacob Y Rowlett, Trnstees. 

Harmon ia Encampment, No 75, meets lirst and third Thursdays 
of month. August May, P; Wm Vietze, S W; William 
Steinbrick, J W; Leonard Sperling, II P; John Shunian, 
Scribe; C A Bartel, Treas. 

Oriental Encampment, No 28, meets second and fourth Tues- 
dav evenings of each month. Chris G Swain, P; Clias 
C Binkley, H P; Frank T Pawn, S W; FrankPitson, J W; 
John McMinn, Scribe; Henry Jl- Downing, Treas; George 
Pisliop, E J Salter, J Y Davenport, Trustees. 

Eden Degree Lodge, No 30, Daughtei-s oi^ Pebekah, meets second 
and fourth Saturday of each montli. Mrs Frank Thomas, N 
G; Mrs Kate Keyt, V G; Mrs S E Stougli, Pec Sec'y; .ALrs 
Sadie Stratton, Per Sec'y; Mrs ^[ E Spekenhier, Treas; ]\[rs 
jMattie Alexandei-, Ohaphiin. 

Hermenia Lodge, No 25, Daughters of Pebekah, meets first Sat- 
urday of eacli month. 

Odd Fellows Provident Association of Wayne Co, meets first 

Friday of each month. John Yaryan, Pres; L C Huff, Yice 

Pres; Edward Eellis, Sec'y; Peter Johnson, treas; M W 

Hobbs, M D, Medical Director; Geo Bishop, W H Thoni])- 

son, John M Nolte, Jacob Noss, John W Haller, .M T 

Gardner, GehringStace, S B Williamson, Trutees. 

I Odd Fellows Hall Building Association, meet first Tuesday in 

August. r>oard of Trustees, who elect their officers: Edward 

Bellis, No28; H P Downing, No -11; H W Talhelm, No 

" . 41; Fred Jahnke, No ID'J; H lvehlenl)rink, pcj; I F Dav- 

j enport, No 212; A \\^ Grave, No 254; Josepii P Milliken, 

I . No 254; II H Dille, No 254. H \l Downing, Pres; Ed- 

i ward Bellis, Sec'y; Jno F Davenport, Treas. 


Richmond Temple, No 4, meets first and third Wednesday (>( 
I month in I O O F Building-. G Stace, Oracle; F T liawn, 

i Y O; FKitson, Marshal; H C Downing, C C; W M Mitch- 

! ell, Pec Sec'y; F W Pobinson, F Sec\v; F ,1 Salirr, 

j Treas, Geo Bishop, V O; C 1*: iNewniaii, Council; C \\v- 

\ sonett, Chaplain; H W Talhehn, 1st Aid; Joii UvwAx, 2d 

Aid; Wm Kernian, Guard; AV d Doane, Sentinel. 

KNuarrs of i-vrniAS. 

N C Tompkins District Dei)uty, G C; Lodges 8, 5;> and I L^. 
C(eur de Leon Lodge No 8, liaH n e cor of Fiftli and Main. W 
E PuBsull, C C; E E King, Y C; dolin F.c»yer, F; (J W I' 


Jackson, K of K & S; Ed Rymaster, P C; J C Hollopeter, 
M at A; AV E Henderson, I G; J I Yanzant, O G. 

lola Lodge, No 53, hall s e cor of ]\Iain and Seventh, meets every 
Thursday evening. J IT Cooke, P C; G S Needliaio, 0; 
I) W llodgin, V 0; B F Ilani, T; A II Mu)-ehead, M of 
Ex; O S Mate, M of E; M Ritchie, K of K & S; J J 
Thomas, M of A; G W llammit, I G; K E Winsett, O G. 

German ia Lodge, No 115, hall s e cor of Main and Seventh, 
nieets every Eriday evening. Louis Uthe, PC; A II May, 
CO; Wm Surendorf, Y C, Geo Eversmon, P; H Borth, 
K of li & S; II Klapp, M of Ex; E W Stein, M of E; II 
Iloppe, M at A; Wm Balzer, I G; J W Frank, O G. 


Wigwam n w cor Fifth and Main. 
Osceola Tribe, No 15, Improved Order of lied Men, meet every 
Thursday evening, the 5th sleep of every 7th Sun. Henry 
Shaw, Sachem; Wm A Dunham, Sen Sag; Pichard N 
Hart, Jr Sag; AVni Zimmerman, Prophet; Philip Schneider, 
Keeper of Wampum; George Scott, Chief of Records, Wm 
Kitson, George Bishop and M L Stratton, Trustees. 


Wasliington Lodge, No O, hall n w cor of Fifth and Main, meets 
every Wednesday evening. Wm Klapp, WM; E Schwerin, 
V W M; AYm Miller, R Sec'y;. II Ilawekotte, E [Sec'y; L 
Ueth, Treas. ■ 



North A — First north of M'd'm. 

North B — Second north oi' JNLiin. 

North C— Third north of Main. 

North D— Fourth north of Main, - • 

North E— Fifth north of INIain. 

North F— Sixth north of Main. 

North G — Seventh north of Main. 

North I[ — Eighth north of Main. 

North I— Ninth north of Main. ;,-*>•. 

North J— Tenth north ot INfain. 





Sou til A — First south of Main. 
South B — Second south of Main. 
Soutli C — Third south of Main. ' , 
South J) — Fourth south of Main. \ 
South E — Fifth south of Main. ■ 

South F — Sixtli south of Main. 
South (t — Seventh south of Main. 
South II — Eighth south of Main. 
South I — Ninth south of Main. 
South .1 — Tenth south of Main. 
South K — Eleventh south of Main. 


First — First east of river. 

Second — Second east of river. 

Third — Third east of river. 

Fourth — Fourtli east of river. 

Fiftli— Fifth east of river. ■ 

Sixth — Sixth east of river. ■- 

Seventh — Seventh east of river. 

Eiglith — Eighth east of river. 

Ninth — Ninth east of river. 

Tenth — Tenth east of river. 

Eleventh — Eleventh east of river. 

Twelfth— Twelfth east of river. 

Thirteenth — Thirteenth east of river. '^^ ... " 

Fourteenth — Fourteenth east of river. 

Fifteenth — Fifteenth east of river. 

Sixteenth — Sixteenth east of river. 

Seventeenth— Seventeenth east of river. 

Eighteenth — Eighteenth east of river. 

Nineteenth— Nineteenth east of river. 

Twentieth — Twentieth east of river. 

Twenty-lirst — Twenty -iirst east of river. 

Twenty- second — Twenty-second east of river. 


Elm Place— From Eighth to Twelfth, bet n J) and E. 
Park Place — From alley bet Ninth and Tenth to Eleventh, bet 
8 A and 13. 


Ft Wayne ave — Commences at junction of ^^ain and Fourth, 
and extends n E to Tenth. 


Liberty Ave — Commences at Fifth and s 11, and extends s w to 

corporation line. 
Washington Ave — Commences at Ft Wayne Ave, extends n w 

to junction of Sixth and n F, thence around bhiff, down 

the river to junction of Third and Fiftli. 
Gardner Ave — Commences at junction of Sixth and s E, thence 

s w to Fifth. 


First Ward — Tnchides all that })art of the city south of Main and 

west of Seventh sti'eets. 
Second Ward — Includes all that ])art of the city north of Main 

and west of Eighth streets. 
Third Ward — Includes all that part of the city north of Main, 

east of Eighth and west of Twelfth streets. 
Fourth AVard — Includes all that part of the city south of Main, 

east of Seventh and west of Twelfth streets. 
Fiftli AYard— Includes all that part of the city east of Twelfth 



Pump House, 2 miles east of city, on east fork White Water 
river. Jessie ^I Ilutton, Fres; Steplien R Wiggans, Vice- 
Pres; Josepli Craighead, Sec'y; AYm P lluttnn, Treas; I) 
K Zeller, Ellis Thomas, Board of Directors. 





T >; 

?■ -• . ■ ■ ' J- 



- GENERAL - • 

Fire IfisurafiGe Agents, 

Room 1 Odd-Fellows' Block, 



:cr rn 

VM») .v/:; 




-i^ixj:- — 

COMBINATION ^/^^|^^K^:n 

IMU 19 South m St., Ricliinon(l,M. 

Jftssfc ^ n.'lllI^iilfc|^l^ll^ ■>-'■■• The finest Sino'le and Double 
^p^^^j|M|^ilA^^ loams m the City 

I ':;i''S^SKr^l^ffil^BK^ tor Hire. 

-^ WilHIlRM ^P^"^'^' ^''^^''°^ '° commercial patronage 

-w^SSl'Ji I'^^^K' /- -1 wf Horses bought and sold on commission. 

■ "'-'^^^^^/j^.^^^igjlij^pjij^gij^;^ v^ I have always on hand a lot of tine 
' ■ — rf *- :<' *' -^ -^^'< m--^ mii U^ ' !*' Horses for sale. 

1 Passenger South of South E Street, $ .50 

1 '' Linden Hill, - - .50 

1 " West Richmond, - - .50 

1 '' Sevastopol, - - 1.00 

1 " In the Limit, - - .25 

ftjoostclxes for I^'a.2:ier£ils 


1 Passenger, in the Limit, - - $ .25 

Trunks, extra, - - - .25 
Baggage delivered in the Limit, - - .25 

Shop or Calling with Coach, per hour, 1.00 

Coupe, " .75 

Entertainments, {'"'''X^^to^l^ol^'^.l^^lS^n Coach, 2.00 

, '' ' '' " Coupe, 1.50 

F.M.FRANCISCO, - -- Manager. 

O-^XjUj 02^ 

0. C. Huddleston 

For Bargains in all kinds of 

I'liiiip rowtT. 

Pumps, Iron and Lead Pipe, 

Sinks, Driven Wei) s, Gas Fitting, &c. 

Agent for Halladay's Standard Wind Engine, for pumping water 

and driving liglitfarm niacliinery. All sizes of round 

and square tanks furnished to order. All 

work promptly attended to and 

■ ■ satisfaction guaranteed^ 

QI2 North i6th St. 



\^s£mi-^^^k 1 \ 

?^ l^'^i 




815 North E., Opposite Union Depot, Richmond, Ind 

All work (loiK^ ill ;i neat and artistic luaimcr !•> skillctl worknu'ii. 
Your palronag(^ its res|)i'ct fully solirilcd 

jE^ lEw 1.^^^ ILs/dC IS lES 

Publishing and Advertising 

^ ooisdii^^isr-Y-'s 


-'.•■■■;■■■'..■.;■-.., , — ■< ■ . —OF-- ' ' 

^X^^^^^^^^^^ RICHMOND, IND. 

"' " ^ 1885-86, 


adv advertiseinent 

al alley 

ave avenue 

bds boards 

bel below 

bkpr bookkeeper 

elk elerk 

col'd eolored 

cor corner 

lab laborer 

e east, or east of 

e s east side 

n north, or north of 

n e cor northeast corner 

nr near 

n s north side 

n w cor northwest cor 

opp opposite 

res resides 

s south, or south of 

s e cor southeast corner 

ss south .side 

s w cor southwest corner 

w west, or west of 

w s , west sitle 

tel telephone or telograi)h 

Abbott Miss Ardclle, res e s s 20th, Linden Hill. 

Abbott Chas L, res ess 20th, Linden Hill. 

Abbott Edward I), res ess l30th, Linden JlilL 

Abbott Miss Ella M, res e s s 20th, Linden Hill. 

Abbott ILirry, res ess 20th. Linden Hill. 

Abbott Luther C, (Lydia M), lawyer, (ilB Main, res ess 20(h 

Linden Hill. 
AbelJacob, (Ano^eline), polieeman, res 303 n IDlh. . . 

NICHOLSOF & BRO., BoISmSTsiSiSU 729 Main. 

Teleplioiie to MATHE R BRO'S for CO_A.L 


Abley Edward F, (Maggie), boots and shoes, 23 ii Stli, res s 

J5tli, l)ct Main and A. 
Acliutt'Mary, (wid Wni), elk L M Junes & Co, bds n Tentli. 
Aekerniann (J, cash boy L E Leonard & Co, res 200 s Seeond. 
Ackermann Jno E, elk L E J.eonard & Cu, res 200 s Second. 
Ackermann Miss Lizzie, I'es 200 s Second. 
Adams Ellis, machinist, res 530 n Sixth. 
Adams Express Co. Paul C Graff agt, Union Depot, tel 12i 

SOO Main, tel 12. 
Adams Henry, res 816 n G. 
Adams James, machinist ] Richmond Machine Works, res o3() n 

Adams Jjouisa, (wid), res 530 n Sixth. 
Adams Luther (Sallie L), foreman Itichmond Machine Works, 

res SOS n G. 
Adamson J\Largaret (wid), res 124: n Second. 
Adamson JNathaniel W (Luella), res 138 s Twelfth. 
Addecamp M, wks lliciimond Chair Co. 
Addington Miss Alda, res 108 n Tliird. . ' 

A(hlington Ann (wid Abijah), res SlO n G. 
Addington J]enjamin C, elk George IL KnoUenberg, bds 1320 

Addington Frank AY, machinist Gaar, Scott & Co, res 810 n (L 
Addington Leander, delivery elk A F JteiT, bds 201 n Ninth. 
Addington 1), wks M C Henley. 
Addington Mary C (wid BiBhop), res 108 n Third. 
Adkins James, col'd (Nancy A), res 510 s Ninth. 
Agrii)]>a Scott, helpr blksmth U C M AV. 
Allans Miss h^lizabeth, res 501 s Ninth. 

Allans Frederick L, plumber II 11 Meerholf, res 501 s Ninth. 
Allans llenry 11, elk Herman Ahaus, res 501 s Ninth. 
Allans Herman (Mary C), gi'ocer, 505 s Ninth, res 501 s Ninth. 
Ahaus Herman jr, carp, res 501 s Ninth. 
Ahaus Miss Rosa, res 501 s Ninth. 

Ahreet Sylvester E (^Catharine), shoemaker, res 32 n ThircL 
Aikin James P, (Elizabeth), supt Fleecy Dale Woolen Mills, 

res 111 n Fourteenth. 
Ainsworth William F (Delia IJ), painttu-, res 222 s Tenth. 
Aker Otto, tinner, bds 402 n Twell'th. 
Aker Samuel, res 732 u Tenth. 

Albert (Charles S (Kittie), tel opr AV II, ros 31S n Thirteenth. 
Albert Miss JMary G, res 215 n Fourteenth. 

Tirr;vi« r*^^^r, chairs ancl settees. SumaiHrllousoa.t W. T. BARBEE, 
W IrG uOOClS. ScreenB.uiid all kinds of Wire ClotU.l iron an;>wiRE Vvouk.'s. 

D. B. CRAWFORD & SON, Ma^fet, Hichmond.Ind. 


Albert Peter (Ilanimli), fiinncr, res 12 s Sixteenth. 

Albert Samuel J (Kliza J), carpenter, res 'J15 n Fourteenth. 

Albertson lulga)' 1> (iMelva), trav agt, res 20 n Nineteenth. 

Albertson James (Elizabetli), millwright, res 213 s B. 

Albright Jonas (Alice), (Albright tt do), res 800 s Fourteenth. 

Albright & Co (Jonas Q Albriglit and Joseph S Zeller), shite and 

till roohng, 22 n Ninth, tel FT. 
Aldrich Samuel, (Nellie), res 7-1-2 n IF 

Alexander Albert, col, (Ida), wks N Doan, res -131 s Sixth. 
Alexander J AVill, chairmaker Fichmond Chair Co, res 130 n 

Alexander John W, (J^fai-y), cabinetmaker, I'es 130 n Third. 
Alexander Fydia E, (wid John ]\I), res n F, 1 e R City Mill 

Alexander Miss ]\F\y, res n F, 1 e R City Mill Works. 
Alexander Mrs Mary E, tailoress, res 130 n Third. 
Alexander Miss Nettie, res 130 n Third. 

Alexander A\^alter G, coi'd, (Rosa I>), lab, res 32G s Thirteenth. 
Alexander Wm W, (Mattie L), wholesale Galvanized Iron 

Cornice AVorks, 185 Ft AYayne ave, tel FIO, res 210 n Eighth. 
Alger Carmi Y, (Mary E), carpenter E Feherts, res 20S s Nintli. 
Allbecker John, wk's Evans, Ferguson e^; Reeves. 
Allen Rev C B, (Alnm), pastor Fij'st liaptist Church, res 27 n 

Allen Edwin, (Julia), lab, res Sevastopol. 
Allen ]\riss Einma S, dresstnaker, res 22 n Sixth. 
Allen Fred, (col), lab, res 1-118 n F. 
xMlen Gec>rge C, telegra])h o])r, res 22 n Sixth. 
Allen Isaac 1> (Enuna C), wks (iaar, Scott iSc Co, res Sevastopol. 
Allen James M, railroader, res 32 Washington ave. 
Allen John, col'd (Ellen), lab, res 105 s Sixth. 
Allen Jose])h M ((yhurity), harnessmaker, res 22 n Sixth. 
Allen Miss ]\[aggie iM, i-es Sevastoi)ol. 
Allen ]\Iiss JNlary A, elk ])ost otlice, res 225 s Ninth. 
Allen Milton J, wks AViggins & Co, res 22 n Sixth. 
Allen Miss ALinnie M, inilliner, res 22 n Sixth. 
Allen Rachel U (wid John), res 225 s Ninth. 
Allison Albert T (Alice C), res 121) n Sixth. 
Allison George M (Alary E), car]»onter, res -112 n Twentii^th. 
Allsobrook Miss Jane, res 03G n Ti'nth. 
Alksobrook William (Mary A), engineer C 11 iSc 1) liv, res ('.3(') n 


NICHOLSON L BRO. "^'iln^^Ju^TunUr"' You may desire. 



Allsobrook AVm H, res 636 n Tenth. 

Altenscliulte Mary (wid George), res 631 s Sixth. 

Altenscliulte Miss Mary, res 631 s Sixth. 

Altineyer Peter, (Jennie), carriage blacksmith, res 811 n A. 

Amnierman James P, (Elizabeth A), wks Ilaynes, Spencer A: Co, 

res 34 s Seventh. 
Amnion Conrad, elk D Bovvers, bds 209 n Ninth. 
Amply Jennie, (col), domestic 212 s Fifth. 
Amsden ]\Irs Henrietta, res over 607 Main. 
Amson George, (Belle), foreman 11 Shofer. 
Anderson Daniel D, (Emily), res 40 Ft Wayne ave. 
Anderson Felix V, lawyer, 633 Main, res 310 n Fifth. 
Anderson Francis S (Witham & Anderson Co), res E Saginaw. 
Anderson Frank, col, (Malinda), lab, res '735 n Fifteenth. 
Anderson John, res e s Twenty-lirst, 7 s Main. 
Anderson W 11, (Hannah), prest AVitham & Anderson Co, bds 

23 n Seventh. 
Anderson W li, (Louisa), wood carver, res 213 s Ninth. 
Arkenberg demons, res 214 s Sixth. 
Arkenberg Frederick, (Mar}*), carpenter, res 306 s Fifth. 
ArHngton House, J 11 Githens pro])r, opp Union Depot, tel SG. 
Armstrong G 11, (Alice F), lab G R & 1 Jiy, res 27 n Fifteenth. 
Armstrong Wm, watchman It City Mill AVorks, res Sevastopol. 
Armstrong William A (Saloma), wks B City Mill Works, res 62 

n Thirteen til. 
Arnold Miss Alice E, res 19 n Ninth. 
Arnold Mrs l)arbara (wid Charles), res 227 s Eighth. 
Arnold B (Sarah B), fancy goods notions, cloaks, and nianfr 

hoop skirts and woolen hosiery, 708 Main, res 1202 Main. 
Arnold Miss Cordelia, res 19 n Ninth. 
Arnold Frank, col, (Mary), lab, res 808 n Sixteenth. 
Arnold John E (Lydia), wks AVayne Agrl AVoiks, res 734 n 

Arnold Joseph (Mary), boilennaker Gaar, Scott & Co, res 210 n 

Arnold Morris, res 1202 Main. 
Arnold Miss Nellie G, res 19 n Ninth. 
Arnokl Peter (INIary E), res 222 n Tliirteenth. 
Arnold Samuel G, baker ZeHer it (>j, res B) n Ninth. 
Arnold Susan J (wid Christian), res 734 n Fourteenth. 
Aring John B (Mary E), wks E Smith c^ Co, res •443 s Fourth. 

^ss^'^^:'^^?^^^^ii:s^ i W. T. BARBEE Irou and Wire Works, 

Fittlng-B, Ornam'tl Root Creatliig-a. ) la»a>ltte. Indiana. 

Carpets and Dry Go ods, °k^'Si%1rtT- Rldnnoiid, Ind. 


Ariiig Kate, domestic 83 s Seventh. 

Artis James E, eul, (Oatliariiie), janitor Westcott JJlk, res 42-4 

and () Westcott J* Ik. 
Artis Jesse, (col), stonemason,, res (j09 s A. 
Artis Maiy J, domestic K)0, s Ninth. 
Aslienfelter Emanuel, (Catharine), res 317 n Nineteenth. 
Ashenfelter Emanuel T, (Ella;, brick molder, res 317 n Nine- 
Ashinger C W, asst correspondent M Henley, bds '221 n 

Ashinger Henry, wks Gas AVorks, res lOG n Second. 
Ashinger Jacob, (Mary), foreman R Gas Co, res 114 Main. 
Ashley Anna G, (wid Jose})h L), res w s s Thirteenth, 1 n C. 
Ashley Chas J, tel opr G St L & T Ky, res n s s Tliirteenth, 1 

n G. 
Atchley John T, (Maggie E), butcher John Paxson, res 81U n 1). 
Athey Miss Carrie ^l, milliner, res 51 cS Main. 
Athey Israel, (Mary 11), res 518 Main. 
Athey Mrs Mary 11, milliner, 518 Main, res same. 
Atkins Charles, wks liavnes, Sj)encer <fe Co, rooms 24 n Eleventh, 

bds 4(12 11 Twelfth. "^ 
Atkinson Darwin IJ, (Delia), res 223 n Eighteenth. 
Aue JMiss Augusta, res Sevastopol. 
Aue Frederick, gardener, res Sevastopol. 

Aue Eredericka (wid Frederick), grocer, Sevastopol, res same. 
Aufternuirsch Katie, domestic, 22 n Thirteenth. 
iVusternumn l]ernard (Mary J), prop brick yard, res 717 s J. 
Austernumn liernard jr, wks liernai'd Austermann, res 717 s J. 
Austermann Fi'aid^, wks Bernard Austermann, I'es 717 s J. 
Austin Miss J\Iai7 ]\ elk N J Mendenhall, res 410 n Eleventh. 
Austin William W (Helen V), bookkeeper Champion Kuller 

Milling Co, res 07 s Sixteenth, Linden Hill. 
Averdick John (Agnes), machinist, res 27 s Sixth. 
Averdick Martin (Eena), lab, res 50() s Fifth. 
Avey Geo W (Martha J), (G W Avey iS: Co), res 101) n IVth. 
Avey G W & Co, (G AV Avey, 1> Johnson), mfrs ])icture frames, 

looking-glasses and show card mouldings, l(i2 V{ ^Vuylleave. 
Avey Miss Lulu It, res 232 s Seventh. 
Ayler Augustus U (l\ati;), c:d*ine1maker Grant, llemplenuui \' 

Co, res 205 Main. 
Ayler (Charles (Annie), engineer, res 205 Main. 
Ayler Geoi-ge M (Mai-y Mj, nuichinist Gaar, Scott Sl Co, res 73 

Washington ave. 

NICHOLSON & BRO., """S,i':'"" 12. 14 and 16 South 8tli St. 

Louisville and Portland CEMENT 




Babylon Lewis L, (ALay ]\I), wLs (Jaar, Scott & Co, i-es 830 n 
Ten til. 

Bader Charles, (Allies), saloon and billiaixl hall, S'2\) n E, res 221 
n Ninth. 

leader Frederick, tel opr W U, res 221 n Is^inth. 

Haer JMiss Mary E, res 28 n Ninth. 

Baer Oliver P, (Emma J), physician, 28 n Ninth, res same. 

Bahlmann benjamin, wi^s J M llntton ik Co, res tl33 s Filtli. 

l)alilnuuin Dinah, (^wid Joseph), res -i»>3 s Fifth. 

Jjahhiiann Joseph, wks E ^[(ji'el, I'es 4;>3 s Filth. 

IJahlmann JMiss Josephine, res -i'd'ij s Fifth. 

]>ahlnninn Joseph, wks E Morel, hds 435 s Fifth. 

Bailey JMiss IJaisey, res Toll (TJite. Liherty ave. 

Bailey ALiss Eilie JM, res SevastopoL 

Bailey Gertrude, instructor in drawino- and paintino-, Eai'lham 
College, I'es same. 

l>ailey Jlarry, ])aintei' Caar, Scott ik Co, res Spring Grove. 

Hailey llariy J\, ])ainter lloobier Drill Co, hds ;>*,» n Fifth. 

Bailey Jan^es A, teamstei', res Toll (Jate, (Mid Libei'ty ave. 

Bailey Louisa (wid William), res Sevastopol. 

]>ailey Mary E (wid A\'illiam), t(,dl-;^ate keej)er, J/il)ei'ty ave. 

J>ailey Ben-y (A<l(la), wks Caar, Scott S:, (!o, res 8U(> n IL 

Baker Benjaniin, ba^gagemaster L j\l J^y, i-es 518 n 1). 

J)aker Aliss Dillie, res 5J8 n D. 

leaker Edwin M (Ella), painter, over 322 n Seventh, res 1414 n D. 

l>aker Ceoig-e, wks A\^iggins tk (Jo, i'es 51 s SixtLciith. 

Jiaker Cieorge W, hai"iiessnnd<ei', res 51 s Sixteenlh. 

J>akei' Ira E (Anna JM), moldei' lloosier Di'ill Co, res 510 n Six- 

Baker James (Sarah), lab, i'es 800 n Sixteenth. 

Baker James A (Lucrelia), cai'j)enter, n-s i)\ t. Sixteenth. 

Baker James JL (Killa), machiiiisl, ivs 13 s Sixteenlh. 

Baker John (Kebecca), lab, res 800 n Sixteenth. 

Baker John T, lab, res 1320 n J. 

Baker Joseph (Lena), jKiintei-, i'es 211 n Twenlieth. 

Baker Sarah D (wid James), res 2n!) n SixtriMilh. 

Baker Sarah (wid Thoma.s), res i3>20 n J. 

Baker Timothy F, (Mary K)^ ])attern maker Wayne Agrl Works, 
res 104 n Sixteenth. 

Baker Warren, elk lloosior Drill (-o, i'es 51 s Sixtrenlh. 

TTr;.i^/N n^^^n WinrJowGuards. wire signs, store I W. T. BARBEE. 
VV irG UOOCIS. Flxtvires, Flower StnndH. Floral DonUnif^. I IfPn acd Wire Wcrks. 

CariH'ts,OH ClothH r^i TJ r<"D A TTrWO'D "H J? CJOIT 528 Main S 
ami iAuoii'titn. JJ. £). UJttii W £ UltU C6 OUiM ; Bichmond, Ind 




Baker Wintield, (Levina), niachiiiist Uichiiiuiul JMacliinc AVorkb, 

res S-!7 n 11. 
BaUlwiii Jonathan, (Mary A), farmer, Earlliain ])lace. 
Balte James, (]\lary), engineer liohiiison & Co, res 20(3 n Seven- 

Balt'e i\riss Lucy 1 A, student, res 14 s Seventh. 
l>alte l\rari;'aret A, res 20() n Seventeenth, 
liall Laurana, (wid), res lUO n G. 
IwiUard Acliilles, (Niiui), hoot and shoe mtr, 10 u Ninth, res 75 

Ft AVayne a\e. - 

P)allard Barclay, (Adaline It), res 101 n Ninth. 
IJalhird ]\liss Fannie 11, j-es 'VI 7 n Eiglith. 
Ballard J 0, mach hand J J Kusselh 
Ballard Micajah B, (N A), dru-s, W\ Ft Wayne ave and 410 

n Ei,-'hth, ros :U7 n Ei-'hth. ^' 
Ballard Nathan H, phynician and sur-eon, lOl n Ninth, cor 

A, tel 193 res same. 
Balling George, (Louisa), o-rocer and saloon, 535 and 537 s E, 

res over 537. 
Ballenger John, (, teamster, res 405 n Eighteenth. 
Ballinger John (ALiry), lab, i-es 1902 lUun. 
I^allinger Ner \] (Mary M), wks (iaar, Scott cV: Co, res AVilliams- 

berg Pike. 
Ballinger Wm, lab U D (5o, res 19()2 l\Liin. 
Ballenger William L, physician, 1132 Main, bds 88 FtAVayne 

Eallentine Charles A (Estella), wks W^ayne Creamery Co, rcb U 

Palzer (Christian (Mary), wks J U llutton Sl Co, res 421 s Ninth. 
Balzer William, machinist Gaar, Scott c^ Co, res 421 s Ninth. 
Banks Alfred, })rinter, i-es 331 n Th'ii'd. 
Banks Ciirista A (wid AVilliam), res S05 n F. 
IJanks Frank J, varinshcr Chase Fiano Co, res 805 n F. 
Banks George (col), res 109 s Sixth. 
Banks John' W (Eliza S), res 805 n F. 
Banks Josei)h, col, (Annie), grocer, 109 s Sixth, res same. 
Banks William A, res 805 n F. 
Banning Briilg(U, domestic 27 n Tenth. 
Barber Joseph (Emnui C) (Barber ik Fulghum), also s])ecud 

agt North AVestern ]\[utual Life Ins Co of Milwaukee, res 

117 s Thirteenth. ^ . . , 

Frames and Mouldings -^^'" NICHOLSON & BRO. 

BEST Scimei Anthracite COAL ^ MATHER EROS. 


Barber Luther A (Fannie 1*), conductor II & D Tly, res 121 n 

Barber &Fulghum (Josepli O Barber, Frederick Fulghunij, 

loan a<;ts, room 2, over Second Natl Bank. 
Bargis Mrs Mary C, stoves and tinware, 432 Main, res same, 

tel 84. 
Barickinan Miss Nannie, bds 109 s Seventh. 
J^arnard I\rartlia (wid Paul), res 205 n Seventeenth. 
Barnes Carrie C (wid Henry II), res 402 n Sixteenth 
Barnes Columbus K (Jennie), wks Gaar, Scott & Go, res 820 

n II. 
Barnes George AV (Lizzie E), hams, wool and seeds, 9 and 11 s 

Fifth, res 229 s Fifth. 
Barnes Miss Isa D, scliool teacher, res 402 n Sixteenth. 
r>arnett AVilliam A (Mary E), brick mason, res 219 n Third. 
Barnitl George S, brick masun, res 200 n Ninth. 
Barnitt Miss Lillie M, elk T B Scott, res 233 s Twelfth. 
Barnitt Miss Lucy, res 233 s Twelfth. 

Barnitt Samuel (Theresa C), brick mason, res 233 s Twelfth. 
Barnhardt Zack (Mary M), trav agt llencliman & Cox, res 125 s 

Barr Isaac, carpenter, bds 403 n F^ighth. • 

Barrett E L (E L Barrett cV: Sons), res Springfield, 111. 
Barrett Edward L (E L Barrett Sl Sons), res Springtield, Ilk 
Barrett EL &Son8 (E L Ban-ett, Edward L Barrett ami Fred 

AV Barrett), ])ul)lishers and stationers, 49 n Eighth. 
Barrett Frederick W, (E L Barrett & Co), res Springtield, 111. 
Barrett Jolm, iireman C St L & P By, res 715 n F. 
I^arrett John A\^, wiper C St L &y Ivy shops. 
P>arrett Miss Maggie, res 715 n F. 
Barrett Michael, res 715 n F. 
Barrett Thomas, res 715 n F. 
Bartel Adam H, (Alatilda E), (Adam II Bartel & (\>), res 214 

Bartel Adam H & Co, (Adam If Bartel, John^ M Coate, John 
B Ilawekutte), wlmlesale notions, 210 I- 1 W avne avi«. lid 

;' 182. 
Bartel Christopher A, (ALiry), blacksmitli rear 31 s Sixth, res 118 

s Eighth. 
P>artel Claimer W, (Mary), res 2 1() s Tweltth. 
Bartel Frederick, (Annie), policeman, res 015 s EigiitU^ 




, J 100I,akeStreot,ChicaM:o. m. Write for Catalofeuo 15. 

Brancliea. ^,3^3 pjj.,^ aueot, St. Loutn. Mo. 

Lace Curtains and Poles, °- ta'i'-KS'-gtfeer • Rictoioiil M. 


Bartel lleiiiy C, (Anna M D), carpenter and contractor, res 208 

s Fourteenth. 
Bartel Miss Ida E, bkpr Adam 11 Cartel & Co, res 208 s Four- 

l^artel Miss Lillie A, res 208 s Fonrteentli. 
]>artel Miss Lizzie, res GIG s Ei<;litli. 
Bartel Wm H, elk Morris e<: Hunt, Itli Ward councilman, bds 

m s Eleventli. 
Earth John F, cio-armaker, res 133 Liberty ave. 
Barth Herman, (IMary), cigarniaker, res 20G s Ji]ighth. 
Bartlon Cornelius, (Elizabeth), res 76 Washington ave. 
Bartlow Samuel D, (Lutterworth & Bartlow), res 75 Washing- 
ton ave. 
Barton Mrs Clara E, res lOG n Fourteenth, 
j^arton ]\Liss Katie, res 30G n Tiiirteenth. 
Barton John M, (Alice C), mi'r of opium and morphine antidote, 

11 n Fifteenth, res same. 
BassQ Louis, (Louisa), lab, res 318 s Fifth. ^ 

Basse llobert, lab, res 318 s Fiftli. 

Basse lludol|)h, elk, res rear 318 s Fifth. ' - 

Basson Hector, wks Hoosier Drill (-o, bds 11^ n Sixtli. 
Basson Joseph, (ILmnah), niolder H 1) Co, res -10 D s Eleventh. 
Battanbrock Frederick, (Lizzie), stone mason, res G37 s Sixth. 
Batter Alexander, wks Gaar, Scott t.^ Co, res 1012 s Fiftli. 
liatter Andrew, wks IK^ity Mill Wks, res 1012 s Fifth. 
Batter Mi»B Francis, res 1012 s Fifth. 

Batter Frank, (Clara), wks Caar, Scott c^ Co, res 2:11 s Seventh. 
Ihitter Frederick, wks Wiag-ins Sl Co, res 1012 s Fifth. 
Batter Fred, tel opr W U T otUce Union depot, res 221 n Ninth. 
l>atter Mary, domestic 708 s Fifth. 
Batter Mary A (wid dobe[)h), res 1012 s Fifth. 
Batter Phillip, stone mason, res 1012.6 l^'it'^l^-^ 
Bates George A, wks J M Hutton & Co, res 713 s JL 
Bates Harry, elk Virginia House, bds same. 
Baughman Wm 11 (l>elle), forenum wood dept Hoosier Drill Co, 

res 105 n Seventeejith. 
Baumer Mrs l>elle, bds 15 s Fifth. 
Baumer Charles M (Mary E), liieman C St L .^'. I* By, res 10 

AVashington ave. 
Baumer Mrs Sarah E, res HID s A. 
'Baumer William, res 201 n Niidh. 
Baxter Miss Emily J, res W Kichmond. 

Oil Colors. Water Colors and Crayons, and . ^,,. _ TT; pV ^1 c; Ar» £ BfO 

Other articles necessary for their use 

'1L.. r'... 

M A.THER BROS. -'■•""- COAL, ^'IS™''' 


Baxter Miss Faicy V, res AV Ricliiiiund. 
liaxter l.ouis K (Mary), bi-ickniason, res 115 s Fifth. 
r)axter _Miss J\Iari;i, res W Ki(iliinoiicL 
Baxter ]\Iiss Sarali j\[, res AV BicliiiioiK]. 
-, Baxter William (Alary B), vice prt'sident AVa)'nc Agrl Co,,res 
W Kieliinund. 
Bayer Jacob V W, elk, res 2(»y s Kiolah. 
Jjayer John sr (Charlotte), car})el weaver, res 218 s Kii^hth. 
■ Bayer John jr (Seeiioth «X: Bayer), res 218 s JM<;-hth. 
I ]>ayer John (Seeiioth c^ J>ayer), res 2*)S s Ei;j,lith. 

; ' Bayee Adam, niokler R C Al W. 
i l-layes Alary (wid Henry), res 711 n H. 

Beach Frank W (Amanda), liorist, HOl s Ninth, res 000 s Ninth. 
Beasley John, col, (Adelia), lab, res FllC) n F. 
]>easley William, col, (Lizzie), lab, iAd s Sixth. 
i'r Beatrice Aiiss Elizabeth, res 536 n Sixth. 

J^eatty Miss Mary, res 020 s B. 
''.." Beatty Patrick (Katie), lab, res 020 s 1] 

Beaver John N, photo^^-rapher, bds 212 s Fourteenth. 
Beck John K(Zathia (!) (J K Reck & Co), res 110 n Four- 
j teenth. 

• Beck John K &Co (John K Beck, F Fulo^hum), props Uich- 

i mond Bnsiness Oolle^-e and Telegraph liistitntc, over 725, 

\ 727 and 720 Main. 

i J3eckerGeor>re, barber lluntino-ton House, bds Fhillips House. 

I Beckett AT Jr, ((k)ra), saloon and bilbard hall, 0i>5 and 007 

Alain, res 1128 s Main. 
f Beckman Anna, domestic s w cor Twenty-lirst and Alain. 

1 Beckman Aliss Emma, res 110 s 'J'eiith. 

Beckman Frank, (Yetta), res 110 s Tenth. 

Becknian Henry II, wks E Smith 6c (V), I'es (10 s Tenth. 

Beckman John'A, harness maker A iveys, bds Fhilbps House. 

Beckman Miss Lizzie, I'es 11)0 s Tenth. 

Beckman Mrs Alinnie, (wid Henry), res i;)0 s Teuth. , 

Beckman Bachel, domestics IS n 1 1jiileeiith. 

Beckman AVilliam, mouhler Richmond ('ily Mill Wks, res 4:U) s 

Beckman William H, blacksuiiUi, res 110 s 'l\ nlli. 
Beckscliulte Anna, domestic 2? sTwellih. 

Beckschnlte Benjamin, wks Bichmoud Uober Skate ;ind (busier (\n 
res 521 s Thirteenth. 

SshTiROK fences. W, T. BARBEE iron & WIRE WORKS, ""'i'.^l'"-' 

r-i,.«r,^>,«a J lOO Lake Street, CbicaKo. m. Wllto iot Catalot;uc I 5. 

urancnes.^ gj3 pj^^^ Street, St. bouis, Mo. 

"'"' CA.RPET SWEEPER, a BEST. o^lSTt^. 



l>eckscliulte Henry, re& r)'J;> n Sixth. 

J>eckt^cllulte llciu-y, (Mary K), tuaiu.stcr, res 521 s Thirteenth. 

Jjeckschulte Juhii l>, 1'l's[>21 « Tliirteunth. 

neckscliulte Miss Kate M, res CyJl s Thirteeutli. 

J)eckwith A J), shi])g ellc Ilencliinaii tV: (^ox. 

Bee Hive Dry Goods and Carpet House, 13 H Crawfoid & 

Suns, r)2S Main. 

JJeekman ffohn, liarne.^sinaker, bds Philli])S House. 

Beeler Christopher C (Iteid, iJeeler cfe Co), res 104 Ft Wayne 

Beetle Edward (J, bookkeeper Kay & Harvey, res 308 n Four- 
teen tli. 

Beetle Edward E ( 1^1 ju-y (yj, (Kidder & JJeetle), city conunis- 
sioner, res l>Oti n l^ourteenth, tel ii(>l. 

Beetle Williain, res oOo n Fourteenth. 

Beeson Janies, wks Sedi^-wiek Bros, bds 220 ii Fourteenth. 

JJehnan Alary A, donitistie lOi n Sixteenth. 

Jiehrini^' Christian, tailor, res 1212 s J. 

Behrino- Miss J^ouisa, res 1212 s J. 

J>ehrino- AVni F, del elk Geo 11 Knollenberg, res 1212 s J. 

Beiers(lorfer Josei)h O (Mary), lab, res r)15 s Sixth. 

Beiser Lorenz, wks Gaar, Seutt «\: Co, bds BJ3 s Fifth. 

Bell Arthur F (Saralid), trav a<i,t Shipley, Crane it Co, Cincin- 
nati, res 1 14 n Fifteenth. 

Bell Charles F] (F]liz;i), painter, res 151S n A. 

Bell Miss Flhi J, res Jll n Fifteenth. 

Bell Frank 11 (Katie), painter, res 229 n Twentieth. 

Bell George, stone mason, res 1028 n J. 

l)eli lleni-y S, lab, I'es 400 s Sixth. 

B)ell Herbert F, (Ida), bUjir M C Henley, res 112 n Fourteenth. 

I'ell Mrs Ida M, correspondent C M Heidey, res 112 n Four- 

Bell Iredle 11, wks B.rannon k^ Hawkins, bds Hinnian House. 

Bell Isaac, col, (Sarah B), carpenter, res 5i;> n TwclUh, 

J)ell Katie, domestic ;^>5 F't Wayne ave. 

liell Miss Lena L, res 1 14 n Fifteenth. 

Bell Mahlon A, (dulia A), wks (iaar, Scott S: Co, res Sovnstopol. 

Bell Alargaret, (wid Aiulrew 4). res II2S Main. 

Bell AVilliam F, (Ida M), l)Ookkpr M C Henley, res 112 n Four- 
teenth, tel 55. 

Bellenger Miss Ada B, res ;;22 Main. , ;. 

J^ellenger Charles, (Isabelle), bakei-y, :;22 Main, res same. 

Family, PocM and Teacher's B I B LES Nicholson a bro. 

Sunday Creek Coal Matn^nros., Rlctiinoiid, M. 


P>ellis Miss Belle, res 2U() n Eighth. 

Hellis Eciwjiid, (]\Jaiy E), bknr I K lloward & Co, res 20G n 
Ei-hth. ' > 

Bellis Edward R, deiitibt, res 20G n Eighth. 

Bellis 8aiiiuel, (Mai'y Jv), Insurunee agt, res 400 n Ninth, tel 

Bellman John, wks AViggins Sl Co, res 435 s Ninth. 

Bellman John M (Lizzie), wks AViggins Ov: Co, res 330 s Eighth. 

Belott Josejdi, bakei" E A Beit, bds 403 n Eighth. 

Belshani Miss Ida, school teacher, res over 2'JIJ, s Eleventh. 

Belshani Miss Mary, res over 229 s Eleventh. 

Benbow Edward, moulder, res 210 s Second. 

Benbow James, res 21() s Second. 

Benbow liacliel (wid i*aul), res 210 s Second. 

Bendfeldt Zachareas (Sophia 1^]), contractor and builder, res 827 

Bending John II (Mary), machinist, bds 25 s Eourth. 

Benham Erank, res 24 s Ninth. 

Beidiam Harvey R (Amanda), jJiysician, 5 n Fifteenth, i-es same. 

Benham Miss Maitie, res 24 s Ninth. 

J>enham ]\liiton (Sarah), physician, 24 s Ninth, res same. 

Benham Thomas C (Ivate), painter, res 82G n U. 

Benham AVilliam P (^Mary E), wks C 11 Moore, res 8 s Seven- 

Benjamin Horatio N (Altu-y), res 302 n Tenth. 

Benner Charles E, court bailiil:', i-es 217 n Sixth. 

Benner ]\Iiss Clara C, res 217 n Sixth. 

Benner Jacob, (Frances A), wks lloosier Drill (^o, res 217 n 

liiinners Tim, lab Jloosier Drill Co. 

Benners AVm J Aj Sons, wholesale hard wood lumber, 1023 
11 E. 

Bennett Alma, (wid James), I'es 314s Seventh. 

Bennett Al]jheus, res 314 s Seventh. 

Bennett Miss Belle, bkpr Juhn O'llarra, res 2011 n Eighteenth. 

Bennett Charles L, res 127 n Third. 

Bennett Daniel, lab, res 127 ii Third. 

Bennett David 11, (Indiana), cxjn-essman, res 18 s Fifth. 

Bennett James AV, (Anna J\L), res 213 s Thirteenlh. 

Bennett John F, tinnei- Woodhurst (Sl Johnson, res 127 n Third. 

Bennett John G, (Amelia S), })oliceman, res 821 s E. 

Jiennett John i\L, (Lizzie M), wks B Brookens, res G04 s Tenth. 

Iron Shutters, Balcor 
Bunk Work, Area 
Fittint^s, Ornam'tl 

Tt'.[l?i?;S:S£ i W, T. BARBEF, Iron ami Wire Works, 

liooi' CJreatiiiyw. ) i ai a.i m nw ivna. 

Velvet, Bodj aad Tipestrj Carpet, "la^S'rsit?™' RICHMOND, IND, 


Bennett Jonas, res 814 s Seventh. 

Jknnett iMiss Lnelhi J>, res 209 n Eigliteentli. 

r)ennett Lydia (wid AVilliani) res 17 s Tenth. 

J>ennett Miss Malinda, school teaclier, res 204 n Eio-]iteenth. 

Bennett Miss Minnie, res 821 s E. 

Bennett Morton (Josie), bartender, 131 s Eightli. 

l)ennett Sarah (wid Jolm), res o7 s Seventh. 

Bennett Sarah (wid Josiah), res 209 n Ei^iiteentli. 

Bennett Thomas W (Annie Td), lawyer, oJO Main, res 311 n 

Bennett Wilbur, stone mason, bds 811 n A. 

Bennett Vim (Sallie), ai^t llanikaEence Go, Cin'ti, res 515 n Six- 
teenth. , 

Bennett William 11, res 18 s Eifth. 

Bennett Miss Belle B, bkpr S A Post & Co, res 224 s Four- 

Bennett John L (Hannah J), trav a<^t, res 224 s Fourteenth. 

Bennett Wm G, I'arnier, res 224 s Fourteenth. 

Benning- Henry (Lizzie), wks J i\l llutton & Go, res 421 s 

Benning John (IVLary), feed store, 183 Ft Wayne ave, res 38 n 

Benning John II (Aniui M), res 38 s Seventh. 

Benson Ghas F (G'F Benson & Bro), res 229 n Fourth. 

Benson G F & Bro, (Gliarles F Benson, Henry G Benson), 
grocers, 151 Ft Wayne ave. 

Benson Henry G, (Jennie), {() F Benson iSz, l>ro), res 229 n 

Benson James, barljer, res 525 Main. 

Benson Bobt, hd) lloosier Drill (Jo. 

Benson Lizzie, (col), res 314 s Thirteenth. 

l>enson Thomas J, (Nora), trav agl, I'es over 512 INFain. 

l)entlage Henry, (J)enia), brick mlV 230 s Twelfth, res same. 

Bentlage Miss Lizzie, res 230 s Twelfth. 

Benton George W, (Kutha), ti-av a^-t, res 4o9 u Thirteenth. 

Benton llobert A, (Ella), elk L E Leonard A: Go, bds 32 n 

Benton Walter P, (Ada L), i)ki)r Richmond Nat Lank, res 
32 n Fifteenth. 

Berg Joseph, (Minnie), fireman (iaar, Scott cV: (n», res 23<) s 

l>ergan JVliss JCate, dress maker Mrs Uogers, res 105 n I). 


Fire Srick and Clay ^■'- - MATHER BROS. 


Bergaii Miss Mag-gie, res 405 ii D. 

Bergan Miss Mary, iiiillinei', res 405 ii J^. 

iiergan l^itrick ]t, (Margaret), grocer, 405 n I), res same. 

Bergson Jlarinoii, tailor Sinioii Fox, bds JIuiitingtuii Jioiise. 

Uerlieide John (J\Irs Gesiria), prop Washington Dairy, res 1 nii-le 

s w city. Lick Creek Pike. 
Jkrheide Leo F, carpenter It City Mill Woi'ks, res 200 n Ninth. 
.I>erliorst Margaret (wid Frederick), res 212 s8eventh. 
]>erniann ILirnian LL (Annie M), res 332 s Thirteenth. 
IJeiinann JNIiss Lonisa M, res 332 s Thirteenth. 
LJernard Barbara (wid Morris), I'es 1202 Main. 
Bernard Jnliiis M (Bertha), confectionery and ice cream, 169 Ft. 

AVayne ave, res over same. 
Bernett Alfred (col), first waiter Union Dining Hall, res 109 s 

Beridieardt AVni C, (information withheld), ft elk C St L & P lly. 
Jjerry J\Iiss Lola IVl, school tCcicher, re& 740 n Fonrteeiith. 
Berry AVm (ALittie A), teamster, res 740 n Fourteenth. 
Bertrand John B (Jennie), tailor, res 333 s Sixth. 
l^erting Joseph, tel opr C St L & 1^ R P, res 38 n Seventh. 
Bescher l^altzar, wks F Pescher, vcb Gernnmia Hotel. 
Bescher Fraidv, prop Germania LLotel and saloon, 10, 12, 14 and 

IG s Fifth, res same. 
Bescher Miss Plnebe, res Germania Hotel. 
J^escher ]\liss Picke, res Germania Hotel. 
Bescher Mrs Posana, (wid Palthaser), res Germania Hotel. 
Beseke Frederick, (Maiy), lab, res 217 s Tenth. 
jk'seke George, wks E Smith S: Co, res 217 s Tenth. 
Beseke Miss Mary, wks M Cnllation ^k Co, res 217 s Tenth. 
Beseke William, painter, les 217 s Ti3iitli. 
Bestran Fred, bds 403 n ICighth. 
Besselmann Charles F, (Dora), machinist Gaar, Scott S: Co, 

res 133 s Fourth. 
Bessehnan Miss Ella, res 133 s Fourth. 
Besselman Frederick, (Caroline), whole-.^ale and retail liquors 

34 s Sixth, res e s Twenty-iirst, S s Main. 
Besselman Frederick L jr, elk Po.iton Store, res e s Twenty tirst. 

Linden Hill. 
Besselnumn Jiouis, del elk Pichmond C'ar])et C'o, res 13;) s 

Betbge Ben P, ("Afaggie M), prop English Kitchen Pestuurant. 

Hot m(;als, oynteVs and luneh ;0 all hours, res ovtM' 010 


TTr:%./^ r«^/../3« ChaU-J and Sottaoa, summer Iiou3'js.»W. T. BARBEE, 
W IrG wOOClS. Hcreend. unci all kliul i oi W ii'o Cloth. I iron and wii^t womks. 

SHADES ^pSt".r D.B, CRAWFORD & SON, Rfclfmrj;?^.. 


Eetlio-e llanium A, (M.'iry), tailor Geo Sclie})inaii, res 1^18 s 

Betligo AVilliain, (Louisa), blacksmith St L P Ry, res 9Ul 

n Tenth. 
J3ettenbroke Edward, (Lizzie), stone mason, res 009 s Seventh. 
Eetzold Joseph, (Elizal)etli), millinery and notions, 431 ^rain, 

res same. 
JBetzold Miss Maude, res 4ol Main. 
Betzold Miss Kegenia, res 431 Main. 
Bil)erstein R 0, drau£>htsman Uichmond City Mill Works, res 

1310 Main. 
Bickle William A (Anna), lawyer, over 519 Main, res 34 n 

l^ickle & Dougan (W A l^ickle, John B Dongan), tanners, 320 n 

Biddlecome Ilev Daniel R (Mary A), Universalist minister, 

res 21 () n S-ixteenth. 
Biddlecome Miss Lizzie B, res 210 n Sixteenth. 
Bigham Pearly, porter T J Morton. 
Bildermeyer Henry, wks M Henley, bds 31 n Sixth. 
Biles George (Hannah), lab, res 411 n Ninth. 
Bille Morton O, wks C Q Egbert, res same. 
P)illings Charles N (Anna), candy maker J II Scott, res 13 s 

Binder Ernest, candy maker Henchman & (vo, bds 110 s Eighth. 
Binkley Charles Howard, student, res 38 s Tenth. 

Biukley Charles C(Georgiana H), lawyer, notary public and 
II S Commissioner, rooms 7 and S Vaughan's new blk, res 
38 8 Tenth. 

Binkley Miss Elizabeth H, res 38 s Tenth. 

Binkley George H, student, res 38 s Tenth. 

Binkley Holland, student, res 38 s Tenth. 

Birch ]\liss Rose M, res 1 17 s Eourteenth. 

Birch Rev W S, ]>re^i^ling t3lder Richmond District J\l E 
Church, res 117 s Eourteenth. 

Bird Dora, (col), lab, res 431 s Sixth. 

P>ird Ed, wks Richmond (liair (^o. 

Bird John T, (col), wks R K Vansant, ivs s Sixth. 

Bird Richard, (col), barber, res 141 Ft Wayne ave. ^ 

Bireley Harvey, wks (iaar, Scott ^'. Co, res 707 u 1^ 

Bireley Henry" P, (Mary), res 7o7 n l\ 

P>irdsall J, wks M C Henley. 

INK, INKSTANDS, PENS & PENCILS at Nicholson S, Bro. ^v 

7lM> Main 

SEWER PIPE Mather' Bros. Eichmond, Ind. 


Biscliort' Christian, (Mary E), lab, res 416 s Tentli. 

Hischoli' ]\Iiss l^Fary E, res 410 s Teiitli. 

Bishop Albert C, wks Uaynes, Spencer & Co, res 71 Wash- 
ington ave. 

]]ishop ]\riss Altlia A, school teacher, res 71 Wasshington ave. 

Bislio]) George, (Mary J), bhicksmith Gaar, Scott (k, Co, res 
71 Washington ave. 

Bishop ]\liss Lizzie L, res 71 Washington a\'e. 

Bishop Samuel J, elk W Stone. 

Bissell Edward G (Mattie E), tlorist Hill & Co, res 223 n Eigh- 

Black Edna (wid John), res 101 s Tenth. 

Black ]\[rsE B, res 1021 Main. 

Black Eraidc, watchman Chase Piano Co. 

J^lack Erancis J\[ (Clara A), I'cs -1 s Seventeenth. 

J^lack Jane (wid Gnin), res 20 n Fifth. 

Black Ora, domestic IS s Seventeenth. 

l^hick Miss Zetie, res 4 s Sixteentli. 

Bladel Henry, slater VI W Alexaiuler, bds n Eighth. 

Bladoski Martin (Wilhehnina), hdj, res 823 n iMfteenth. 

Blair l^ros (Charles and AV'ill), props (Quaker City Laundjy, DIO 

Blair Charles A (Blair Bros), 1^9 Main. 

BLair AVill (Blair Bros), res -17 and 41) Hubbard Court. 

Blamer Erank C, res AVest llichniond. 

l>himer Henry (Mary), lab, res West Richmond. 

Blamga Joseph (Mary A), sexton City . Cemeteiy, res 405 s 

Blei Peter (Pauline), tailor B Jvreimeier, res 532 s Eilth. 

Blemke Anton (Carrie M), carpenter Iloosier Drill (^o, res 513 s 

Blemke Frederick, del elk D Bowers, res 105 s Sixth. 

Blemke Mary, domestic 213 n Tenth. 

Blenzinger (Jarrie, domestic 1307 J\lain. 

Blenzinger ^IVFollie M, domestic 327 n F^leventh. 

Blickweder Adolf, (Mary A), wks Haynes, Spencer cV: i\\ res 
701 s Sixth. 

Bliss Eliza T, (wid), res 808 n I). 

Bliss Kingsl)ury, (Mary E), coni'ectionery, 3;) n Eighth, res same. 
Bliss Miss Sadie E, milliner M A Ivielhorn, I'cs 504 n 1). 

Bliss Josephs, (Susan), wks Wayne y\grl Works, res 504 n D. 

Blodgett W H, City Editor* Sunday Register, res 1130 

Mai n . 

T)rr;*,/N r«/*^;3 ^ window Guards, Wire Signs. Store I W. T. PARBBX 
YV lie UOOCIS- Fixturew, Flovvor StiuidB, Floriil Donigny, \ lion acd Wire Wcrki. 

Dress Goods, Black I Fancy Sil ks, °- %2wl'>i?re'tt^''" 


J^loemer Frank, wks Courtlmii <fe Svvegman, res over 201 s Sixth. 
Bloincjer Ilannaii II, (Mary A), tailor Geo Scliepinan, res 432 s 

Bh:>nieyer Henry, wks Quaker City Chair Co, res 432 s Ninth. 
Blonieyer ]\[iss ]\[ary E, res 432 s' Ninth. 
Elomejer AVilliani II, bds 432 s Ninth. 
Blose Wni S, (]\[argaret A), wks lloosier Drill Co, res 114 n 

Bobson Nathaniel, waiter P Ilusson, bds 823 Main. 
Bobson Owen, (col), waiter, rooms 45 s Fifth. 
Bockhoil' IMiss Ella, res 439 s Eighth. 
Bockhoii' Louis, tailor John E Beltz, res 439 s Eighth. 
Bockhoft' AFrs Mary, dressmaker, res 439 s Eighth. 
Bockhott' Miss IMinnie, elk Geo II Knollenberg, res 439 s 

Bockhotl' AVilliam F (Julia C), grocer, 404 s Eleventh, res same, 

tel 212. 
Bode Earnst (Kate), plasterer, res 744 s Sixth. 
Bode Henry (Anna), cigar maker, res 517 s C. 
Boes Adam sr (Katie), carpenter Ilayne, Spencer & Co, res 401 

s Eighth. 
Boes Adatn jr, moulder B City Mill Works, res 401 s Eighth. 
Boescli Henry (Eizzie), teamster, res 222 s Eighth. 
Boesch John F, wks J M Hu tton & Co, res 420 n Sixteenth. 
Boesch Mary E (wid Chas W), res 420 n Sixteenth. 
Boesch Miss Ilosa K, res 420 n Sixteenth. 
Boesch William II (Louisa), moulder, res 237 s Twelfth. 
Bogert Albert B (Margaret), (Kodenberg & Bogert), res 511 n 

Bolander James S (Barbara), ])aper hanger, res 200 Main. 
Bolden Miss Lucy (col), bds rear 307 s Tenth, 
l^olin G W, (Henrietta), res 47 s Tweltth. 
l^olttman Joseph, (Annie), lab, res over 17 s Sixth. 
Bonanza Skate Co, mfrs roller skates, n Union Hepot, AVm F 

Iliatt ])res, H Ogl)i)rn vice-pres, A\^ F Noble secy ami troas. 
Bond Charles S, (Julia M), (Weist & J^ond), res 304 u Eighth, 

tel li)2. 
Bond Erastus C, (Mary H), i>ainter, res Sevastopol. 
I)()nd Lucinda, seamstress, res rear 818 Main. 
Bond Mrs Maitlia, (wid Peter), res 515 s Twelfth. 
]^>oning Miss Kike, res 220 s Second. 
J^>oning AVilliam, carpenter, res 220 s Second. 

Pocket & Office Knives, test quality, 

729 Main St. 


All kinds of Building Material at Mather Bros. 


r>onsall Albert E, (iMury E), i-es 44 s Fifth. 

Bonsall Olnirles T, elk M E Bonsall, res 44 s Filth. 

Bonsiill M E, notions, 5 and lOc store, 501 I\raiii, res 44 s Fifth. 

Boovino^ Harry Iw, mang Comniei'cial Tel dept 1^ & ( ) & (4 II & 
I Iwy, Union Depot, res 114 n Sixth. 

Boomershine Adam, (Anna), wks Zeller Sl Son, res 330 s Twelftli. 

Bookeis Ed, wks Iloosier I)rill Co. 

Boppart Adolph, (Ann), physieian and drno-gist. 025 Main, res 

Boppart Herman J, elk S M J^ucklej, res over 025 IMain. 

Boppart Joseph A, elk S E Jio<i;ers, res over 025 Main. 

Boppart Miss Mary A, elk, res 025 JMain. 

Boreherding Henry (^lary), res 233 s Sixth. 

Border Chas, monlder Iloosier Drill Co, res 33 n Fifteenth. 

Border Grant S, wks Iloosier Drill Co, res 33 n Fifteenth. 

Border John II (]\tary A), engineer Iloosier Drill Co, res 33 n 

Border William H, machinist Iloosier Drill Co, res 33 n Fif- 

Borgmann Miss Elizabeth, res 81 Liberty ave. 

Borgmann Henry E, lab, res 81 Liberty ave. 

Borgmann Mary (wid AVilliam), res 81 Liberty ave. 

Borgmann Miss Mary K, res 81 Liberty ave. 

Borgmann AVilliam F, stone cutter, res 81 Libei'ty ave. 

Borsheim Miss Andrea S, dressmaker, res 811 n I. 

Borsheim John (Engeborg), cabinet maker llaynes, Spencer & 
Co, res 811 n 1. 

Borscheim John C, cabinet maker llaynes, Spencer & Co, res 
811 n I. 

Borscheim Miss Betra C, res 811 n I. 

Borton Emmor (Ella), wks Iloosier Drill Co, I'es over OlS Main. 

Borton Matilda (wid dob), res 828 n (L 

Boslow Gursney U, (Mary E), trav agt, res AVest Richmond. 

Boslow J K, ship])ing elk, res West Iwichmond. 

Boston Miss Margaret, res s e cor Main and Seventeenth. 

Boston. Store, Yeates, Dozois & Hedge ])roprs, dry goods 

and notions 820 Main. 
Bosvvell Sarah B (wid John), res lOl n Sixth. 
Boucher Bridget, domestic 103 n Tenth. 
Bouck Foster, polisher Chase Piano CV), res 434 s Fourth. 
Bowen Ephriam II, (Witham & Anderson (>)), res Union City. 


Branches -I ^^^ I^ake Street, OliiciiRo. IH. Write for Catalogue I 5, 

crancaes. ^ ^ j 3 p^^^^ street, St. Lo uia, Mo. 

Special Line of Cloaks, ""ISr^SSJ^"- RiclMi, M. 


Bowers Miss Anna, res 117 n (Seventh . 
liowers 1), (i^uey A), grocer, DIO ]\Iiiin, res 117 n Seventh. 
IJowers IMartin L, (Elizabeth J), miller, res over 404 n Eighth. 
Bowers Mrs ]\I L, clairvoyant, over 404 niEighth, res same. 
J3owing Ijenjamin (Anna), monlder Gaar, Scott ife Co, res 423 s 

. Sixth. 
Bowing j\riss Carrie, tailor, res 331 s Fifth. 
Bowing Catharine (wid Fred), res 117 s Seventh, 
iiowing Miss Dena W, res 331 s Fifth. 
I^owing Henry B, (Mary A), res 331 s Fifth. 
Flowing Miss Kate, res 34 Washington ave. - 

Bowing A\^, carpenter Richmond City Mill VV^orks. 
Bownnin Alnion, (Alma), elk Creamer & Clemens, res 124 s 

Bowman Harry T, (Adda JM), trav agt, res 112 n Seventh. 
Bowman JVliss Lettie, res 124 s Ninth. 
Boyd Miss Bessie, res West Richmond. 
Boyd Miss Emma, stndent, res AVest Richmond. 
Boyd Joseph A F, de])uty tax collector res National Pike, 

4th e College. 
Boyd Miss Louie, res 104 s Thirteenth. 
Boyd Miss Mattie P, student, res West Richmond. 
Boyd William L, (Rebecca A), R R postal elk, res West Rich- 
Boyer Miss Cora B, res 814 n Twelfth. 
Boyer George, (Hannah), carpenter, res 814 n Twelfth. 
Boyse Mary (wid ^Villiam), res 33 n Fifth. 
Bra(dven J(jhn L, (Mary F), (Getzendanner & Bracken), res 100 

s A. 
Brackensick Mrs Catharine (wid Peter), res 58 Liberty ave. 
Bradbury WilHam H (Wm 11 Bradbury & Son), res 21 n 

Bradbury Wilbern R (Lizzie L), (Wm II Bradbury tfe Son), res 

21 n Twelfth. 
Bradbury Wm H & Son (Wm II l^radbury, ^V K Bradbury) 

insurance, real estate, loan and collection agts, rooms 1 and 

3 Westcutt blk, tel 124. 
Bradbury Miss Mary C, res overs w cor Main and Tenth. 
P)radbury Margaret E (wid (Jhiirleh), millinery, over s w cor 

Main and Tenth, res same. 
Bradshaw Adelbert L, candy nndvcr llenchm;in & (\), res 42() s 


A BEAUTIFUL HOLIDAY „f MrpnnT QOM ^ RR 720 Main St, 
DISPLAY IN SEASON at IM lUllULiOUiN QL Dt\,\J. mchmoiivi. 

Mather Bros. Sell COAL CHEAP. 


Bradsliaw Edwin, candy maker Henchman & Co, res 420 s 

Bradshaw Miss Jennie E, res 420 sNintli. 
liradshaw Walter (Jennie), expressman, res 420 s Ninth. 
Brad way Adna (Mary M), res 101 s Ninth. 
Bradway John (Agnes), ]»hoto*j;-ra])her, res W Richmond. 
Brad way Bark S, photographer, 704 Main, res over same. 
Brady Bobert 8, cigar maker A Driiimeyer, bds i*hi]li])s House. 
Brady Snsan (wid William L), res 32 n Fil'th. 
Braftett Miss Ella E, res 3G s Thirteenth. 

Braffett Harry M, Depty County Auditor, res 3G s Thirteenth. 
Baffett TWO (Lizzie J), Auditor Av^ayne County, res 30 s 

Bram Wm, barber G Becker, res 47 s Fifth. 
Brancamp Frank, (Mat tie), expressman, res 213 n Fifth. 
Brandenburg Sallie, domestic 38 s Thirteenth. 
Brandley Henry, (Mary), wks Gaar, Scott & Co, res 300 s 

Brannon Edward, wks B>rannon & Hawkins, res 1 mile n w city. 
Brannon James, wks 8tarr & Son, res 518 n Sixteenth. 
Brannon John J, (May), painter, res 230 n Nineteenth. 
Brannon Margaret, (wid Matthew), res 518 n Sixteenth. 
Brannon Michael, foreman Starr & Son, res 518 n Sixteenth. 
Brannon Osa, res 427 n Sixteentli. 

Brannon Bichard, wks Starr c^ Son, res 518 n Sixteenth. 
Brannon Wm, lab C St L ^^ P shoi>s. 
Brannon WiUiam J, (Elizabeth), (Brannon & Hawkins), res 1 

mile n w city. 
Brannon & Hawkins, (William J Brannon, David Hawkins), 

Quaker City Ice Co, 272 Ft AVayne ave. 
Bratz James H, butcher i H Paxson, res 550 s Seventh. 
Bratz John M, (Lena), wks Hayiies, Spencer A: Co, res 520 s 

Bratz Miss Julia H, res 520 s Seventh. 
Bratz Louis F, painter, res 526 s Seventh. 
Breen Miss Hebbie, milliner M A Kielhorn. 
Brem Frederick, carpet weaver, res 37 s Fii'tli. 
J]rem Fred, lab II D Co, res 37 s Fifth, 
l^rem John (Mary), carpet weaver, res 37 s Fifth. 
Brem John jr, carpet weaver, res 37 s Fifth. 
Brem William, barber, res 37 s Fifth. 
Brenizer William, shoemaker, res 2011 n Ninth. 

Iron Shutters. Balconies, GriitinR-H, 
Bank Work, Area Railinj^e, Stable 
Fittings, Ornauj'tl Roof Crestinya. 

iW.T. BARBEE Iron ai Wire Works, 

) LAI AU n t, INDIAN*. 



Ereiien^ Ilennaii (Mary), lab, res 4o5 s Ninth. 

Breniii^- Gciorge (l.uuisa), wks (Quaker City Ciiair Co, res 329 s 

Breinau William (Catiiariue), lab, res Oil) n Eighth. 
Breiiners ALiggie, domestic 1215 Main. 
Bricker Louisa (wid Christian), res Williamsberg Pike, n 1st .toll 

Bricker ]\[iss Louisa, res A\^illi;imsberg Bike, near 1st toll gate. 
Bricker Christian, wks Gaar, Scutt ^ Co, res Willianisberg Bike, 

n 1st toll gate. 
Briggs John jr, wks AVayne Agrl Works, res 520 n Sixteenth. 
Briggs John sr, (Belle), res 520 n Sixteenth. 
Bright Sarah E (wid Samuel), boarding house loS Ft Wayne 

Bright Zephan 1, (Helen), teamster, res Sevasto])ol. 
Brinker Adam II, (Mary A), painter, res TOO s Seventh. 
Britton Adam, (Elizabetli), wks Odorless Excavating Co, res 121 

s Fifth. 
Broadhurst Miss Bessie, res 235 s Fourth. 
Bi'OJidliurst Isaac, (Bessie II), piano maker, i*es 235 s Fourth. 
I)roadliurst Miss Mattie, res 235 s Fourth. 
Broady Nellie col, (wid), res 159 Ft Wayne ave. 
Brocamp see Brockamp and Brokamp. 

Brocani}) Joseph, (<Julia), liostler, res rear 323 s Fourth. 
Brocamp Miss Ivatie, waiter Huntington House, bds same. 
Brockamj) Mrs Agnes (wid Henry), res 013 s Sixteenth. 
Brockani}) Henry, (.\raiT), nuichinist, res 013 s Sixth. 
Brockamp Henry, (Kate), wood carver, res over 311 s Fifth. 
Brockschmidt George H, (( /atharine), groci^r 3)31 s Ninth, res 

Brocksmith Frederick, wks H H Meeihoff, res Oil s Twelfth. 
Brodrick Rev Andrew W, (Sarah), pastor First (Christian 

Church, res 121 ^hlin. 
Broener Elizabeth (widow Andrew), res 500 s Fifth. 
l]roermann l:)enjamin, cabinet maker, res 500 s Filth. 
B>roernuinn Ileiiry (Elizal)eth), lab, I'es 500 s Fifth. 
Broermann Ileni'y jr, nnudiinist, r(.>s 500 s I'iflh. 

Brokamp, see Brocamp a ad Brockamp. 

lirokamp Frederick (l^^liza), I'es 30 s Third. 
Brokamp Henry, (Mary J), res 3)2 s Sixth. 
Brokamp John H, res 510 s Fifth. ' • 

Brokanij) Jose])h, wks 20 n Eighth. 



Everybody buys their COAL of Mather Bros. 


Brokainp Joseph (Euplieiniii), I:il), res. 510 s Fittli. 

Bi-okainp JMiss lUwy A, res ;U') s Third. 

liTukaiiip ]\[iss Mary F, res 510 s Fifth. 

Brookens Jolin M, dentist, room 2 Westcott blk, res same. 

]>rookeiis Philip, wood and coal, lis Ninth, res 213 s Tenth. 

Brooks A K (Uosetta), drayman, res 116 n Sixth. 

Brooks Alfred E, res 124 n Second. 

Ih'ooks Andrew iS. carpenter, res 808 n F. - 

Brooks Belle, domestic 32(> ]Main. 

Brooks J\[iss Clara B, res 124 n Second. 

Brooks Fraidvlin P, res 121: n Second. 

Brooks Miss lluldah, i-es 808 n F. 

Brooks John T, (Fannie), grocer 700 n Twelfth, res same. 

Brooks ]\liss IMinnie M, res 124 n Second. 

Brooks Sarah J (wid William), res- 808 n F. 

Brothers Mrs Ann (wid Alexander), res 507 s B. 

Brothers Miss Mary F, clkB Arnuld, res 507 s B. 

Brower A\^m II, (Sarah E), carpenter, res 503 n Eighteenth. 

Brown Miss Addie G, res 25 s Ninth. 

Brown Albert B, stenogra])her over 1st Natl I>ank, res 25 n 

Brown Albert E, elk, A L Pogne, bds 130 n Seventh. 
Brown Miss Annie ^I, school teacher, res 25 s Ninth. 
Brown Arthur S, (Jane), blacksmith, res 812 n F. 
Brown Miss Bii'die S, res 25 n Ninth. 
Brown L, wks E Smith & Co. 

Brown Charlotte (wid James J^), i"es 115 n Nineteenth. 
Brown Clarence, carjjenter Yates iS^ Son, bds 222 li Seventh. 
]>rown Clayton (Catharine), del elk Nordyke Sl iladley, res 229 n 

Brown David, (col), (Maria), lab, i-es 404 s Ninth. 
Brown Edgar A, elk, res 25 n Ninth. 

]3rown Edward A (Maggie A), blacksmith Gaar, Scott & Co, res 

()10 n Ninth. 
Brown Eldon, carpenter, I'cs 27(5 Et Wayne ave. 
Brown Elizabeth A (wid Cliarles), dress maker, over 15 ]\[ain, 

res 52 s Ninth. 
Brown Aliss Faiiide M, res 25 n Ninth. 
Brown George li, boilei-maker, res 812 n F. 
Brown Harry, call driver 11 S {uid J* K\ Co, res 25 n Ninth. 
Brown Homer, wks Dille cV: Mc(iuire Mfg Co, bds 138 s Fifth. 
Brown Irvin J (Sarah), engineer lire dept, res 221 n Seventh. 

TPU'irP r '^r\i\ ^ chairs and Sotto33, Summor Houses, ^ W. T. BARBEE, 

Screens, and ah khida of Wire Cloth, I iron andwikh works. 

TABl^B LINEN AND TOWELS, j)_ g_ ^^^^^Ymi & SON, 528 fflajll St. 



Brown James (col), burber, res 115 s Sixth. 

Brown James M (Isabella), res 4:V2 n Eleventh. 

Bi-own James, res 412 n Eleventh, 

Brown John A, (cul), (l>rown (Sl Tayloi'), res over 156 Ft Wayne 

Brown Jose])h, wks E Patterson & Co, bds Bryson House. 
]]rown Joseph, (Nancy), machinist Bobinson & Co, res 115 s 

Brown ]\Iiss Lizzie, wks AVi«^f^ins & Co, res 812 n A. 
Brown Lncretia, (col), (wid Gloster), res 115 s Sixth. 
Brown MariEnna, instructor Earlham Preparatory School, res 

Brown l\rrs Mary 11 (wid Archibald), res 25 n Ninth. 
Brown Miss Afinnie L, elk, res 25 n Ninth. 
I^rown Oliver, bkpr C II AFoore, bds 36 s Twelftli. 
Brown Otis K, (Nannie J), carpenter, res 135 s Eighth. 
Brown IMiss Bachel, elk, res 32 s Ninth. 
Brown Samuel, col, (Elizabeth), res 328 s Eighth. 
Brown Samuel C, (Anna E), foreman E Smith & Co, res 45 s 

Brown Ste])hen A, (Florence), typo J ^V Coe, res 103 s Eleventh. 
Brown Theresa M (wid James S), res 407 n Tenth. 
l>rown Thomas, wks Ib-annon & Hawkins. 
Brown Van D, (Hannah T), grocer and coil'ee roaster, s w cor 

IMain and Ninth, tel 38, res 104 s Twelfth. 
Brown Wesley, steam turning, scroll sawing, saw Uling, grind- 
ing, and general job work of all kinds, 610 n A, res 22!l n 

I>rown A\^m (col), lab, res over 5 s Sixtli. 
Brown William, harnessmaker, bds Phillips House. 
Brown William, res 30 n Sixth. 
l>rown William, cabinet maker Mot)n & llaynes. 
Brown William F, elk L Doscher, res 25 n Ninth. 
Brown William 11, wks Wiggins & Co, res 509 Main. 
13rown <fc Taylor (John A Brown, Zacluirius Taylor), barber sho]> 

and restaurant, 156 Vi Wayne avt^ 
Bruecker Louisa, domestic 210 n Thirteenth. 
Bruggcid<amp Fredrick (Mary A), gjocer, 301) s Sixth, res samu. 
Jb-umiield George (Sallie), gunsmith, res 737 s Twelfth. 
Brumfield William H (Paclud), gunsmith, repairer of all 

kinds, over 613 Main, res 301 n Third. 
Brune Mary (wid Bernard), res 618 s C. 

Nicholson & Bro. arrti'Tilv Office Supplies, 

are lloml- A«!««C«»^H«« ''siroot'" 

Our Coal alvs;^ays Pleases— Mather Bros. 


Brunton James, res 122 s Twelfth. 

Brunton John U (Sadie), bill elk U S Ex Co, res 122 s Twelfth. 

Bruntoii Miss Lida, res 122 s Twelfth. 

Brush Jose|)h AV (Mattie D), machinist Iloosier Drill Co, res 130 

n Sixth, 
Bryant Louis, fireman C II & D Ry, bds 130 Ft Wayne ave. - 
Bryson ^Fiss Corie, res Bryson House. 
Bryson Isaac (Lizzie B), prop Bryson House, Ft Wayne ave, 

opp Union depot, res same. 
Bryson House, Isaac ]>ryson propr, Ft Wayne ave, opp Union 

Buckner Miss Bose, res 1416 n F. 

Buckley Samuel ]\[ (Belle B), wholesale and retail cigars and to- 
bacco, 810 Main, res 911 s A. 
Buffinger Wm II (Lina), wks Starr & Son, res 220 n Fourth. 
Bulfkin John A (llettie), meat market, 017 Main, res 127 s 

Buins William (Maggie), boilermaker Gaar, Scott & Co, res 

812 n Eighth. 
Bulech Martin (Mary L), tailor, res 747 s Sixth. 
Bullerdick Adam A (Eliza C), teamster, res 414 s Eleventh. 
BuUerdick Henry C, elk John H Ituling, res 131 s Fourth. 
Bullerdick David (Ellen), res 131 s Fourth. 
Bullerdick I^ouisa, domestic 333 s Seventh. 
I^ullerdick Miss Mary, res 131 s Fourth. 
Bundy Grovell, (col), (Mary A), machinist, res 329 s Eleventh. 
Bundv ]\riss Laura, (col), res 225 s Tentli. 
Bundy ]\riss Ora, (col), res 225 s Tenth. 

Bundy Patterson L, (col), (Elizabeth d), lab, res 235 s Tenth. 
Buning Jcjhn, (Theresa), res 724 s Sixth. 
Buning ^[iss Mary, res 724 s Sixth. 

Taunting Albert F, (Iveola E), printer Vidette, res 130 s Ninth. 
Bunting Miss E E, res 114 n Fourteenth. 
Bunyan Leonides H, (Elizabeth), Secy and Tieas Bich 

mond Machine AVorks, res 32 n Twelfth. 
Burch Charles iNl, clkShafer ik Stranahan, res 102 n Fourteenth. 
Burchenal Charles H, (Mary E), lawyer over 500 Main, res 

100 n Seventh. 
Burchenal John J, trav agt Spencer ct Co, res 100 n Seventh. 
Burden Mrs Partheila, (col), res over 15 s Sixth. 
Burdge Alonzo C, (Arabella), bridge builder, res 10 s Ninth. 
Burgess Catharine F (wid Daniel), res 52 n A. 

TKTl^^ r^0.An Window GuardaAWire SIbuh. Store JW.T BAFPtE. 
WirG Goods. Fixtures, Flower BtuiKiB. Floral DcBlgns.l Iron «8d WU« Worti. 

Crawford &, Son 

Dress Goods, Black I Fancy Sil ks, °- ^gl^^J^Jt-Jett 


I ])uri;ess Oharlcs, rey 4813 s Twelftli. 

• I>iirgess Harry, res 43'2 s Twelftli. 

! Hiiri^'oss James, (Martlia), lab, rey 4:32 s Twelftli. 

' Biirk Ohas F, (Nancy), lal), i-ey 711 s J. 

l>iirk Cieorge, liremaii C 8t L & P Ky, bds 001 u Twelfth. 
, Burk Patrick, (Mary) lab, res 82 i 11 (I. 

l)Urkliardt Albert, lal), res 8evayto|>(jl. 

Durkliai'dt Charles ^V, (Mary), grocer, -17 n Fifth, res 45 n Fifth. 

Jjiirkhardt Christian, (Carrie C), stone mason, res 227 s Seventh. 

Burkhaadt Aliss llattie, res 239 s Seventh. 

Ihirkhardt ireiiry C, wks Richmond City J\rills. res 239 s Seventh. 

Bui'khai'dt Jacob C, (Ernstine T), wks llichmond City Mills, res 
239 s Seventh. 

Burkhardt John, (llosa), wks Iloosier Drill Co, res 519 s Sixth. 

Biirkhardt Mrs Kate, (wid John G), res 221) s Seventh. 

Ijnrkhardt Lizzie, domestic 21 s k^ighth. 

Burkhardt Miss Minnie, j-es 239 s Ninth. 

Burkhart Aliss Minnie, wks Huntington House, bds same. 

Burnan Harry F, slater Allbright & Zeller, bds 77 Washington 

Burnett Alfred, waiter F I\lerkle & Co, bds 109 s Sixth. 

Burnhardt AVilliam, (Louisa S), civil engineer, res 20 s Ninth. 

Burns Henry T, (Martha), bds 209 n Tenth. 

Bui'ns ]\[ary, domestic L A¥oodard, Spring (hove. 

Burris Miss Flora, res 124 s Eleventh. 

4>urris liol)ert, (Martha), car[)enter, res 124 s Eleventh. 

Burroughs Miss Crace, res 132() n F. 

Burroughs JMary E (wid Martin), res 1320 n F. 

Burroughs ]\liss Nora, res 1320 n E. 

l)urnizcr Miss Bessie, res 209 n Ninth. 

Burnizer Miss Susie, res 209 n Ninth. 

l^urnizer A\^alter E, res 209 n Ninth. 

Burnizer W^m, (Susan), shoemaker, res 2()9 n Ninth. 

Burson Miss Anna E, res Spring (irove. 

Bursoji David S, (J\rargaret E), res Sjning (Jrove. 

Ihirson Miss Josie, res Spring Grove. 

Burson Miss Lydia A, res S[)ring Grove. 

IJurson Miss ]\!ary, res Spring (JroNC. 

Burson Miss Minna, res Spring (irove. 

Burt Mrs Jennie, res cor s Third and I), 

V)un ivirs Jennie, res cor s iniru anci !>. 
B)Urtch Charles 11, elk Shafer cV: Stranahan, res 102 n Eourteenth. 
Burtch George L, (Anna J\I), boarding house, 102 n Fourteenth, 
res same. __ 

h Ml liue of ARNOLDS aild CARTERS INKS nicholson & bro. 

Mather Bros. Sell COAL CHEAP. 


Biirwell Josie L (wid Jolm), res 208 n Ninth. 

Busch & Kimmerle, (Louis Busch & August Kiinmerle), meat 

market, 909 Main. 
Busch Louis, (Busch & Kimmerle), res 909 INIain. 
Busli Jos, lab IT 1) Co. 

Bussel Henry, (Ivate), brick molder, res 032 s Seventh. 
Bussan Henry B, brick molOer, res 1207 s I. 
Jjussen Henry J, (Kate M), brick molder, res 032 s Seventh. 
Bussen John B, res G32 s Seventh. 
Bussen Joseph, ])ainter, res 032 s Seventh. 
Bnssan Joseph H, (Mar}^ M), brick molder, res 1207 s I. 
Bussen Miss Mary A, res 032 s Seventh. 
Busser William H, (Fannie), carriage smith V Schneider, res 522 

Bntler Fredrick] S, (Annie), wks Bichmond City Mill Wks, res 

Earl ham Place. 
Buttler James, wks Richmond Chair Co, bds Bryson House. 
Butler Oliver J, yard elk Union Depot, rooms 28 n Thirteenth, 

bds 10 n Fifth. 
Butterworth Henry, (Jennie), painter, res 838 n Twelfth. 
Butterworth James II, (Jennie L), (Butterworth & Bartlow), res 

838 n Twelfth. 
Butterworth & l^artlow, (James H Butterworth, Samuel I) Bart- 
low), house ])ainters, 8 s Seventli. 
Byer J\[iss Lida, res 420 n Fourteenth. 

Byer Mason, carrier Daily Palhidium, res 420 n Fourteenth. 
Byer Sample C, (Amia E), mailina; elk post oilice, res 420 n 

Bymaster Mrs Catharine (wid Christo])her), res West Richmond. 
Bymaster Charles, (Josej)hine), ship[)in«^' elk J M Hutton ^'v: Ci>, 

res West Richmond. 
Bymaster Henry Jvlward, (Alice), delivei-y elk J R Hayes, res 

202 n Ninteenth. 
Byram AVilliam C, res 40 s Eleventh. 
Byrnes John, (Annie), jJnmber, ^as and steam litter, 122 n 

Third, res same, tel 191. 
Byrnes Miss IVFamie, res 122 n Third. 
l>yron John, (Mai'y), peddler, res cor Sixteenth and n II. 
Byrd Mathew,. porter Huntington House, res 113 s Sixth. 


RmnohftR i 1<^^ r.ake atreel, Chicago, HI. 
erancneb.^ 5J3 p-^^^^ street, tit. Louia, Mo. 


Write for Catalogue 15. 


528 Main St. 


i o 

i Cadwalader Howard, (Margaret), Eoller Skate mfr and up- 

I holsterer, 50 s Twelfth, res same. 

■ Cadwalader Martha A (wid Isaac), res 517 n D. 

Cadwahider ]\[iss Mary E, res 50 s Twelfth. 

Cadwalader Noah, (Elizabeth C), fanner, res 229 n Seventh. 

Cadwalader Mrs Sarah (wid Jleese), res 35 s Tentli. 

Cain Christo])her C, (lihoda), trav agt Zeller & Co, res IIG 8 

Cain Miss Delia, res 303 n Eleventh. , 

Cain Leander, (Isabel), contractor and builder, res 2G n Nine- 

Cain William, (Anna D), lumber, lath and shingles, 1101 
Main, tel 10, res 302 n Fifteenth. 

Cale Mattie F (wid Jacob), res 137 Ft Wayne ave. 

Cale Thomas (Lizzie), news agt, res 103 n D. . 

Camp John, res 227 n Sixteenth. 

Campbell Hannah I) (wid John), res 112 n Fifth. 

Campbell Howard, chief draughtsman Gaar, Scott & Co, res 104 
Ft Wayne ave. 

Campbell John, section boss (I 11 & I lly, bds 813 n E. 

Campbell IVIiss Lizzie, res over 410 n Eighth. 

Cam])bell Thomas, (Elizabeth), pattern maker, res 14 Washing- 
ton ave. 

Campbell Wm II, foreman ])attern dept Gaar, Scott & Co, res 
422 n Fourteenth, 

Campbell William, wks Gaar, Scott ife Co, rea 422 n Fifteenth. 

(yam})er Albert, wks (Jaar, Scott & Co, res 217 s Sixth. 

(hamper Alice, col, (wid), res over 151 Ft AV^ayne ave. 

Clamper Chris, (Eliza), engineer Gaar, Scott & Co, res 217 s Sixth. 

Cam])er Edward, nnichinist Gaar, Scott & Co, res 217 s Sixth. 

(>amper John, molder Ciaar, Sc(jtt Sl Co, res 217 s Sixth. 

(Jamper AVilliam, elk L M Jones tfc (Jo, res 217 s Sixth. 

Cam})tield Charles (), (Louisa), carpenter, res 305 n Fifth. 

Canada ^liss Li Hie, res 1317 nil. 

Canna Ellen, domestic 104 s Twelfth. 

Canny Anthony, lab G li & 1 Iwy, res 1310 n F. 

Canreid Albert, col, (Nancy), carpet tacker, res 238 s Thirteenth. 

Capen J A, sam])le room. Fine wines, li(piors and cigars, OOi) 
Main, bds Huntington House. 

Carder Jose])h, (l<]mnuriO), blacksmith, res 535 n Eighteenth. 


Pockets Oface Knives, test tiuality, ^"^VS"^}1^>^. 

Our Coal airways Pleases.— Mather Bros. 


Carey j\Iiss Einiiui A, res 30 ii Fifteenth. 

Carey Mary, domestic 210 ii Kleveiitli. 

(yarinan Ida, domestic AV^est Ui(*linioiid. 

Car]iiaii James C, (Ida J\I), lixer}^ stable, 48 s Sixth, res 315 s 

Carnaham Martha A (wid Abraham P), res 323 n Ninth. 
Carney Miss Magi^ie, lionsekeepci-, 21i) n Tenth. 
Carney ]\[ar«^'aret (wid Pati-ickX res 831 n Twelfth. 
Carney AVilliam, (Lncy), engr liichmond lioUer i^[ills, res 109 n 

Carpenter Charles G, (Lizzie N), manager Richmond Holler 

J\lills, res 27 s Thirteenth, tel 111). 
Carpenter Miss Mnvy E, res 27 s Thii'teenth. 
Car])enter Miss Minnie, res 27 s Thirteenth. 
Cai'])enter AValter, (Snsan I\I), res AVest llichmond, 
Carr Charles, (Fannie), brick'nuiscni, res 207 s Sixth. 
Carr Clement V, (Lillie A), molder, lloosier Drill Co, res 123 

n Fourteentli. 
Carr Frederick J, elk New York (xrocery, res 123 n Fourteenth. 
Carr James A, (Louisa L), supt lloosier Di'ill Co, j-es 30 s Fif- 
Carrell Andrew, kab, res 503 n Seventeenth. 
Carrell Ellen (wid James), res 513 n Seventeenth. 
Carrell John, wks 222 n Tenth. 
Carrell John, wks J Reeves, res 503 n Seventeenth. 
Carrell Miss Mary A, res 503) n Scventi'enth. 
Carrington Coi'uelins, cabinetmakei', res 123 n Third. 
Carrington ]\[rs Elizal)eth, res Sevasto[)ol. 
Carrington Freeman, contractor cabinet dept Geo II Crant, 

llem])leman & Co, res Sevasto])ol. 
Carrington Iliram, (Rose E), cabinetmaker F Can-ington, res 804 

n F. 
Carrington Lewis L, (Fannie L), wks Geo 11 (irant, llempleman 

& Co, res 308 n A. 
Carrington Stephen W, ca])inetmaker F Carrington, res Sevasto- 


Carroll Miss Agnes, dressnniker, res 3<) s Sixth. 
Carroll Miss Ella, res 30 s Sixth. 

Carroll Owen, (Fannie M), wks M O Henley, res 205 n Six- 
teenth, , 
Carroll James F, (Mary A), teamster, res 408 n Seventeenth, 
(/arroll John, carpenter, res 30 s Sixth. 

^z^^^^}Ss^^?s^S^::sSi \ W. T. BARBEE iron and Wire Worh, 

Fitting'd, Ornam'tl Rool" Crestiiis^ii- ) aw nt, ikuiana. 

Special Line of Cloaks, °- larSf^S^^^tfeet"' RlctaiOEi, luil 


Carroll John jr, switclinian C 8t L & V R R, res Williainsber«" 

Pike, nr'kst Toll Gate. 
Oarroll John, (Maria), res Williamsberi;- J'ike, nr 1st Toll Gate. 
Carroll John E, lia«i,-nian C 8t L & P Ry, res w ofeity limits 
Oarroll Josej)h, wks llaynes, Spencer A: Co, res \Villianisber<'- 

Pikenr 1st Toll Gate. 
Carroll Miss Kate, res 'M) s Sixth. 
Carroll Mrs Ma«^-gie (wid JMorris), res oO s Sixth. 
Carroll Miss ]\Ia^'ii,'ie, i-es oi) s Sixth. 
Carroll Miss Mollie, dressmaker, res o(> s Sixth. 
Carroll IMorris V, earjienter, res ?A) s Sixth. 
Carroll I'homas, day yard hrakeman C St P c^ T Ji \l. ' 
Cai-roll Thomas, (Alary A), teamstei-, res Inl n Sec^jiid. 
Carson David D, (Pizzie), expi'essman, res 41tj s Ninth. 
Carter Amanda, (col), i-es 581 s Seventh. 
Carter P'rank, (Phi P), blacksmith ILoosier Drill Co, reS 71S n 

Carter James, (Ponisa), huckster, res 204- n T'll'tli. 
Carter John, col, (Pliza J), lab, res s w cor Ponrteenth and n J. 
Carter Miss Pillie, ((^ol), i-es 409 s Se\enth. 
(Jarter Rebecca Iv (wid (Jhai-les), i'(!S 125 s Pif'th. 
Carter William, col, (Prances), lab, res 40!) s Seventh. 
Carter AVilliam C, ])ainter Ifoosier Drill ('o, ](is P_55 s 1^'it'th. 
Carter William W, (I^lizabeth P), policeman, res 22() s 

Cartwright Edward W, ( Pona (]), tickc;t a^-t P C S: St P 4iy, 
• C St L iSL P R R and G \l & 1 R R, Union Dc pot, res li2 

P't Wayne a\ e. 
(yart\vrii;ht Jolin, (ccd), res 782 n l^'ifteenth. 
Case Praidv, nii^'ht transler cllc Aikims M\},n'ess (/O, res 40f) n k'il- 

Case Prank P, shipping- elk J\[ C Henley, res loO n Pil'teenth. 
Case Mrs Jnlia M, (wid l^zekiel), res lo'ld APnn. 
Case ]\liss Jnlia AP notions and dressmaker, l()j() Main, res 

Case Pncien P, (Martha M), del elk Adams lv\pr(!ss (\), res |0I» 

n I*'il'te(;nth. 
Cassel Dallas, (Josephine), wks (^nakm' City ('liaii' Co, I'es TOU s 

C\issel Mrs Pilie, r(!S cS20 n Pii'teentli. ^ . 

Cassel lleni-y A, i!n<;ineei' Dilie iV:, McCinire iM I'l;- (^>, i-es 511 n 



Everytody buys their COAL of Mather Bros. 


Cassel Samuel, (Mary J), res 5^1:1 n Eiglith. 

Caseinaker Isaac, (Eliza), lab, res Sevastopol, 

Caster Charles E, (Nancy A), grocer, 177 Ft Wayne avc, res over 

Caster John E, elk C E Caster, res over 177 Ft AV^ayne ave. 

Caster AVm, painter lloosier Drill Co. 

Castor Tlionuis, (Angel ien), lab, res Sevasto])ol. 

Cates Miss Emma, bds Phillips House. 

Caudle Ellis, (Nettie), elk Geo Knollenberg,res 400 n Fif- 

Cavander llebecca, (wid), res 207 n Fifth. 

Cavanaugh William P, (Mary), grocer, 222 s Eleventh, res same. 

Central Union Telephone Exchange, Wm llockett manager 
Tremont Block. 

Cesnau James (', elk J J Varley, res 215 n Second. 

Cesnan John, res 215 n Second. 

Cesnan Miss Katie E, elk Kabe's Bazar, res 215 n Second. 

Cesnan Miss Lizzie H, elk Mashmeyer & Co, res 215 n Second. 

Cesnan Miss Maggie A, dressmaker, res 215 n Second. 

Cesnan JMissMary A, (Cesnan & Yarley), res 215 n Second. 

Cesnan Michael, (Mary), res 215 n Second. 

Cesnan tfe Varley, (Mary Cesnan, Annie Varley), dressmakers 
over 511 Main. 

Cessen Micliael, molder, bds Commercial House. 

Chadwick Levi, (Lizzie), contractor and builder, res 813 n Four- 

Chambers Charles 11, (Lauretta), grocer, 1138 Main, res 20 s 

Chambers Frank (), elk C II Chambers, res 20 s Tweirth. 

Chambers Henry, (Emma), res 11 s Third. 

Chambers Walter S, artist, res 20 s Twelfth. 

Champion Roller Skate & Wagon Co. 1122 and 1121 n E, 

J V Powlett manager, tel 181>. 
Champion Roller Milline Co, mtVs Hour, Jas E Reeves pros, 

Arthur M Reeves sec, F M (Jlark su])t, Vi N Kendall gen 

mang, cor Ft Wayne ave and n Tenth, tel 143. 
Chandlee Benj L (Ina jM), carrier 1st dist P (), res West Kich- 

Chandlee Elias N, wks Rovvlett & Co, res AVest Richmond. 
Chandlee E F, (Wayne Creamery Co), res AVest Ivichmond. 
Chandiee John G (Esther V), wks Wayne Creamery CV), res West 


TTf;%,/s r««AsJn Ohalra and Sotteoa. riummer liouHea. ) W. T. BARBEE, 
YV Ire UOOCIS. Hcreens. and all kinds of Wire Cloth, i ihon anowiRl WlU^^^.. 

TAB1.E tINEN AND TOWELS, J,_ g^ gJJ^^pgjjj J gQ„ 528 MaJB St. 



(vliandlee Miss Florence, res West Uieliinond. 

Cliaiidlee AVebster (Emily AV), ;igt (jianiewell Fire Alarm Tele- 

irra])h, res AVest Kichmoiid. 
Chant Miss Anna, res c)2() ii A. 
Chant Arthur, res 32G n A. 

Chant Philip (Elizabeth), blacksmith, res 326 n A. 
('ha])lin ]\Irs Estella, bds Arliiif^ton IFoiise. 
Cha])man Mrs Jennie, res 102 s Twelfth. 
Chaj)man Miss Jessie, dressmaker over 18 n Ninth, res same. 
Cha])man ]\li"S Mary, res 1120 Main. 

Charter Oak Pork House, Keid, J>eeler & Co, props, s w 

cor Tenth and n J. 
Chase Arthur E (Laura F), res 115 s Eleventh. 
Chase Miss Jeli'ettie, I'es 207 n Seventh. 
Chase Jeiierson (Lavinia K), trav agt Champion Holler Skate & 

Wagon Co, res 207 n Seventh. 
Chase Leon E, res 224 n Eleventh. 
Chase Milo J (Mary F), res 221 u Eleventh. 
Chase Miss Olive C, res 221: n Eleventh. 
Chase Piano Co, olHce and factory 303 to 317 s First, bet s B 

and C, James M Starr pres, Henj Starr secy and treas, tel 

Chatlield (George, res 828 ii G. 
Chatfield Wm L (Jose])hine), machinist Gaar, Scott & (>), res 

828 n G. 
Cheesnum Jane (wid), res 217 Main. • 

Cheney Jcdin (Lucy M), res 28 n Third. 

(/henoweth Elias L, elk Cunnin^duim A: Son, bds Phillips House, 
(^henoweth Nellie (wid), res 22-1 n Third. 

Chesebroui^h George K, bkman C St L & P, bds Bryson House. 
Chestnut Edward Iv, carpenter, res 502 n Sixteenth. 
Chesnut llobert (Sarah M), carpenter, res 502 n Sixteenth. 
Chestnut Miss Yictcn-ia, res 502 n Sixteenth. 
Chestnut Wm F, carj)enter, i-es 502 n Sixteimth. 
Chrisman Charles, policeman, bds Phillij)S House. 
Chrisman Harry P (Ida M), wks Starr .^Son, res 103 Ft Wayne 

Chrisman Mary (wid), res lOi) Ft AVayne ave. 
Christ Jennie (wid), nurse 17 n Thirt<'enth. 
Christensen Mrs Sarah A, wks S End, s iM^liteenlh. 
Christensen Theodore AV, wks S End s Eiohlecnth, Linden Hill. 
Churchman Mary, (col), (wid Jose[)h), res 1108 n F. 

Nicholson & Bro. qSlSStr Office Supplies, 'i?rSi? 

All kinds of Building flflaterial at Mather Bros. 


Ciiitz .^loiui, domestic, rcri Kjii'lhaui l^laco. 

C^lane AVm, wks J F ^lillLT, rooms IM Ft ^V^aylle ave. 

Clark Addison (Eliza), engineer L M lly, res 4"21 ii Fifteenth. 

Clark Alexa'ider (Laura 11), wks Ii City Mill AVurks, res 78 Ft 

Wayne ave. 
Chirk Alvin B (Mary J), violin maker, 412 Alain, res 206, n 

Clai'k INIiss J>ertha, bds n Seventh. 

Clark Charles A (Ella), molder iioosier J)rill Co, res 201) n Six- 
Clark (Jharles ]\I (Eva T). teamster, res 411 n Seventeenth. 
Clark David M (IJebecea), (('lark iSz Lacy), res liandolph County. 
Clark Dr Doilgan (Sarah 4), I^rof (ireek and I^atin Earlhani 

College, res 32 s Ei^'hth. 
Clark Frank, fruit tree a<^t, bds 813 n E. 
Clark Fraiik M (Julia M), su])i Cham])ion 4ioller IMillinii; Co, res 

321 n Eleventh. 
Clark (Teoro;e F (Sarah K), wks 4u)ller Skate faetory, res 21 u 

Clark James Jl, machinist, hds 217 n Tenth. 
Clark delferson, miller Champion Holler jMilling Co, res 211 n 

(ylark John, (col), res OlO n Thirteenth. 
Clark Leonard, (col), (Catharine), wks C St L & I* Ily, res 554 

n Thirteenth. 
Clark I^ewis (Lizzie A), trav agt, res 20 n Eighteenth. 
Clark ]\liss Martha (col), res 554 n Thirteen'th. 
Clark Oliver P (Mary), (Lemon & (Jlark), res Centerville. 
Clark MissOUie J, les 43 s Fifteenth. 
Clark Kalph 1], elk J E l^eltz, bds 25 n Ninth. 
Clark Fiobert, (col), (Caroline), lab, j-es 1110 n F. 
Clark Ttoland L), wks Gaar, Scott Sl Co, rooms over 48 n Ninth. 
Clark Stej)hen,(col), (Ann T), lab, res 433) s Sixth. 
(.Mark Thomas ^V (Johanna), res 45 Wasliington ave. 
Clark & Lacy, (David M ClaiL, James M Lacy), meat market, 

605 Main. 
Clawson Charles 11 (Mary C), machinist Ciaar, Scott A:- Co, res 

817 n G. 
Clawson Miss Emma, res 4134 n L 
(^hiwson Certrnde E, res 215 n Sixth. 
Clawson John S (Kate), cabinet maker llaynes, Si)encer iS^ Co, 

res 215 Ji Sixth. 

TTT;,*^ r«^A,5« Window Guards, Wire Si^vnH,Htoro iW.T.BARBEE. 

W irO UOOCIS. Fixturew, Flowor Stands, Floral Designs, j Iioa and Wire Works. 



YARNS, all colors and qualities, ^■hE'SiZ^httf:"'- 


Cliivvson Thomas (Lizzie), engineer, res 1134 n I. 

Clawson ]\Iiss Viola, res 1134 n 1. 

Clay A\niliani li, (col), (Hester O), lab, res 809 s E. 

Clay l\Lrs Sadie (wid Ilenry), res 420 n Fourteenth. 

Cleckner Charles L (Kehecca), teamster, res Sevastopol. 

Clements Edward B (.Mary K), (Creamer cK: Cleni(;iits), res.215 

n Tenth. 
Clements Jvebecca (1 (wid iVaron J>), res 2J5 n Tenth. 
, demons Mrs Amy, (col), (wid William), res 238 s Fourth. 
Clevenij^er Ilenry (Eva), wks Clevenger & Son, res 21 s Sixth. 
Clevenger Sallie M (wid Cieoi'ge W), res over 179 Ft Wayne ave. 
Clevenger Wilbur, (Clevenger & Son, res 21 s Sixth. 
Clevenger & Son, (Z Clevenger, AVilbur Clevenger), wood and 
I coal, 21 s Sixth. 

Cline see also Klein and Kline. 
Cline JVriss Annie, res 309 u 1). 
! Cline Edward (Margaret), tanner Wiggins kSl Co, res 309 n T). 

j Cline Miss Ella, res 309 n 1). 

I Cline A[iss Katie, res 309 n I). 

Cline Lliss Mamie, res 309 n I). 
Coale George, justice of peace, real estate and collection agent, 

over GOO Main, bds Huntington House. 
Coale Jesse IJ (Kachel E), cabinet maker, res (>00 ]i 1). 
,' Coale AValter P (Arinnie), imichinist Diile & McCiuire M'lg Co, 
' ■ res 423 n Fourteenth. 

• Coate John M, (Adam H P>artel iSo Co), res 307 n Ninth. 
: Cobkmtz Harry E, elk T L Coblentz, res 1234 Main. 
■ Coblentz Miss Jessie C, I'cs 1234 ]\[ain. 

Coblentz Thomas L, cigai-s and tobacco 817 n E, res 1234 Main. 
Cochi-an Miss Lida, res J3() Vt Wayne ave. 

Cockayne see also Cokayne, 

Cockayne Miss Florence, bkpr Sedgwick l>ros, res 1 12 n FiftecMilh 
Coddington \Vm F (Emily P), carpenter Fry Pros, res Spring 

Coe Dennis S, student, res 1308 Main. 
Coe MrsF^liza (wid Dennis), res 1308 Main. 
Coe James M (Lucy F), councilnnm and ])rop'r Telegram ,lol) 

Kooms 915, 917 and 919 Main, res 1308 Main. 
('OiHn Miss Pessie, res 1221 Main. 
Cotlin Charles F (Rhoda M), res 110 s Thiid, tel 147. 
Coffin Charles H (Mora 11), vice preset Haynes, SpiMn-er .V: (\», 

res 322 n Eighth, tel 184. 

The Latest popular Books oW^ia at 

!0 Main M ri-iM 

SEWER PIPE MatheV iros. Richmond, Ind, 


Collin Elizabeth (wid Simeon), res i>08 n Fiftli. 

CotHn Elijah (Elizabeth), res li^O s Third. 

Coffin James A (Oharlotta S), (J AV Grubbs & Co), res 1221 

Coffin Percival B, res 110 s Third. 
Coitnian Andrew J (Elizabeth L), leather dealer 515 Main, res 

1826 Main. 
Cofinian Miss Ilattie M, res 1320 Main. 
Co^gins Ethie L (col), (wid A\^ni), res 505 n Third. 
Cogiz:ins James L (col), (Ella), wks Jno F Miller, res 186 Et Wayne 

Coggins Leonard (Ella), wks J E Miller, bds 186 Ft Wayne ave. 
Coggshall Miss Nora E, res \V Richmond. 
Coggshall Oliver W (Annie), res \\^ Richmond. 
Cohorst Miss Anna, res 837 s Sixth. 
Cohorst Mrs Dena (wid Herman), res 837 s Sixtli. 
Cohorst John, teamster, res 837 s Sixth. 
Cokayne see also Cockayne. 
Cokayne Edwin (Amanda), foreman C II & 1) Tlonnd House, res 

31 s Fifteenth. 
Oolburn Clarence, physician 16 n Fifth, bds same. 
Cole Mrs A P, millinery IS n Eighth, res same. 
Cole Eleazer B (x\lvira P), res 18 n Eighth. 
Cole Miss Flora J, dressmaker, res over 39 n Eighth. 
Cole Galusha M (Susan P), music teacher, sup't music city 

schools, res 112 s Ninth, 
Cole Mrs Grace W (wid Aaron), dressmaker 39 n Eighth, res same. 
Cole ]\Iiss Mary O, dressmaker, res over 39 n Eighth. 
Cole Miss Mattie, res 428 Main. 
Cole Walter P, wks Dille & McGuire M'fg Co. 
Collet Frank, wks Chase Piano Co, res 32-:l: s 5th. 
CoUett Horace K. res 227 n Second. 
Collett Joseph, wks L Smithmeyer, r(>.s 324 s Fii'th. 
ColVett Joseph B, editor Vidette, res 227 n Second. 
Collett Miss Mary H, res 227 n Second. 
Collet Nicholas (Anna), city solicitor Pichmond Democrat, res 

324 8 Fifth. 
Collier Moses (col), (Isabella), lal) res 1100 n Kifth. 
Collins Ephraim (col), waitc^r Ai-lington llonse, bds same. 
Collins George E, res cor Twelfth and N H. 
Collins Janics (i>ridgct), lab, res 1121 s I. 
Collins James, brick inoldei", bds 449 s Seventh. 

Iron Shutters, Balconies, Gratlntj-Si 
Bank Work, Area RaUlnRB. Stable 
Fittings, Ornam'tl Roof Creatinga 

ffeiW.T.BARBEE Iron anil Wire Worts, 


Carpets and Dry Goods '''Iffeer" D. B, CRAWFORD & SON 


Collins John, lab, bds 449 s Seventh. 

Collins John (Mary), boilerniaker Itobinson tfe Co, res 314 n Fifth 

Collins Josepli (Harriet), teamster, res cor Tweltth and N II. 

Collins Joseph, bartender Arlington House, bds same. 

Collins Joseph G (Catharine L), I'es 91 n Ft Wayne ave. 

Collins Miss IMattie, res 40 n Third. 

Collins Michael jr, builermaker Robinson & Co, res 40 n Third. 

Collins Michael (Nora), blacksmith Kobinsun & Co's, res 40 n 

Collins JMiss Minnie F, res 91 n Ft Wayne ave. 
Collins Nathan (Mary), engineer L M IVy, res 41 n Fifth. 
Collins .Miss Susie E (col), res n w cor Fourteenth and N G. 
Colton Edward, wks Geo 11 CJrant, llempleman & Co. 
Comer Edward, wks Wm Dicks, res 211 n A. 
Comer Frald^, fireman Kichmond Gas Co, res 211 ii A. 
Comer Henry T (Josephine), carpenter, res 104 n Nineteenth. 
Comer John R, wks Wm Dicks, res 211 n A. 
Comer Joseph (Sophronia), switchman C St L & F E'y, res 905 

n 11. 
Comer Robert (Sarah), lab res 211 n A. 
Comfort Mrs Sarah (wid Charles), res 117 s Thirteenth. 
Comly Miss Anna R, res 122 s Seventh. 
Comly Richard N (Julia E), freight agt, res 122 s Seventh. 
Commercial House, Mis S D Feck ]jro])r 420 Main. 
Commons Charles, wks ^I C Henley, bds 107 n Fourteenth. 
Commons Riley i>, bds 110 n Foui'teenth. 
Commons AVm 1> (Alice), day train desp, C St L & V Ry, res 30 

s Ninth. 
Comstock Daniel W (Josephine A), lawyer over 500 IMain, res 18 

8 Seventeenth. 
Conarroe Martha (wid J()se])h), res 832 n Tenth. 
Conkle Gi'orge (Maggie E), carpenter, res over 910 Main. 
Conkle Wm\Esther) b(.»iler maker Gaar, Scott A: Co, res 115 n 

Cordding Lydia (wid Joseph), res 211 n Eighth. 
Cones George W (Margaret), res 129 s Fourth. 
Cones James E, carpenter J J Russell, res 129 s Fourth. 
Cones IMiss IJzzie, dressmaker over 823 Main, res 129 s Fourth. 
Conley vVaron A, wks M C Henley, res 107 n Fonrtcenlh. 
(Jonley John (., res 107 n Fourteenth. 
Conley John ,1 (Martha), carpenter, res 107 n Fourteenth. 
Conley i\Iiss Lily I, texadermist, res 107 n Ft)urteenth. 


No. 720 Main Street 

BESTScreeiietlAiilliraciliJ COAL 5 MATHER BUOS. 


Conley Otis, tel 0})ei-ator, res 210 ii Seventh. 

('oiiley Robert G (Ellii B), niacliiuist Gaar, Scott & Go, res 210 
n Seventli. 

Ooiinanglitou Micliael (Eva), res 29 n Second. 

Connell Anna (James), res 22 ii Second. 

Gonnell Jereniiali F, horse shoer E (Joldrick, res 22 n Second^ 

Connell John \i (Nora E), res 120 s Fourth. 

Connell Miss Maiy A, dressnniker, res 11 n Second. 

Connell AVni F, boiler maker, res 22 n Second. 

Conner see also Connor. 

Conner Albert C (Viola), ])attern maker Hoosier Drill Co, res 110 
11 Sixteenth. 

Conner Bros (Tlieo M, Thomas M,) pattern and model makers 
lliclimond ]\lachlne AV\>rks. 

Conner Charles, painter lloosier Drill Co, res 110 n Sixteenth. 

Connei" Jane (wid), res Spi'in^- Gi'ove. 

Conner's Military Band and Orchestra, headquarters 11 it- 
tie's blk cor Ninth and Main, C Conner, leader. 

Conner Theodore M (Jose])liine), (Conner Bros), res 103 n Fifth. 

Conner Thomas, elk John IJrooks, res 702 n Twelfth. 

Conner Thomas M (Conner l>ros), bds 3M: n 12th. 

Conners ^Irs Bridt^et (wid John), res Sevastopol. 

Conners Christopher (Josephine), wks E Smith & Co, res on 
Boston Pyke s of corporation. 

Conners Joseph, lab lloosier Drill Co, I'es Sevastopol. 

Conners Joseph, cutter Richmond Paper Mill, res Sevastopol. 

Connerton Jeremiah M, blacksmith, bds 22 n Second. 

Connifi' Bridget (wid William), res 410 n I). 

Connolly Miss Anna B, res 304 s Eleventh. 

Connolly Mrs Amelia (wid George), res 304 s Eleventh. 

Connor see also Conner. 

Connor Miss Indiana, res 122 Ft Wayne ave. 

Connor James (Elizabeth), conductor C St L & I* 11 11, res Sev- 

Connor liliss Mary 1^ res 122 F't Wayne ave. 

Connor AVilliam S (Eliza), stock buyer, res 122 Ft Wayne ave. 

Conrad Geo VV, messenger supt C St L & P R R, res 2;>8 s 

Conioy Patrick (Kate), engineer C II & I) R'y, res 511 n Eight- 

Conroy Thomas J, elk O Rentzsch, res 511 n F'ighteenth. 

Conway Walter, j'es 130 s Thirteenth. 

t1^Tlv^/^ ^</^/^/^r. Chairs and Setteos, Summer Houses, t W. T. BARBEE, 
VV irS UOOCIS. Screens, and all kinds of Wire Cloth. I iron and wiH£ wuhks. 

Try the Aurora Carpet Sweeper, °- ^-sTs^iSlfnftPeft 


Converse John 8 (Viola M), train dispatcher C St L & P K K, 

res 123 n Fifteenth 
Cook Hnl), car|)enter, hds TIG s Eighth. . 

Cook Calvin, wks JNEathews, AVindei" iVs Co. 
Cook Miss Ella J., Ixls 48 s Thirteenth. 
Cook Mrs Enuna (wid Jonathan), res o8 s Ninth. 
Cook Frank S, elk N C l\Hn|)kins, res West Itiehniond. 
Cook Mrs Harriet F, stainp elk Post OlHce, Ixls Arlin«j^ton 

Cook John F, (col), (Sophia J.), lab, res VMS n J. 
Cook John K (Fnima), tinner, res AVest Richmond. 
Cook Joseph II, collar maker, res ()()1 & Seventh. 
Cook ]\liss JMary, waiter Ijryson House. 
Cook ]\[aiy E, domestic 812 n C 
Cook Miss Stella C, res 38 s Ninth. 

Cook A'Villiam, mai-ble cutter [I A Morse, res 31 S s Eleventh. 
Cook W E, machinist It C ]\[ Co, l)ds Arlin<;ton House. 
Cook Wm P (Gulielma), deputy county treasure)-, res 74 Ft 

Wayne ave. 
Cook William T (Mary), stone cutter, res 320 s Eleventh. 
Cooke Edwai'd (Mai-y), hrakenum C St Ij & V 11 It, res ()()4 s 

Cooke Joseph H (Jessie U), city treasurer, res 100 n Thir- 
Coombs Harry (Emma), ])ainter (jiaar, Scott & Co, res 122 Ft 

AV^ayne ave. 
Coombs Monr«)e (Emma), tailor, res 513 n 1). 
Cooney Horace M (Hettie H), iinisher Ceo H Grant, Hen^ple- 

nian & Co, res 25 n Fifth. 
Cooney Miss Ida, res 1534 Main. 
Cooney John E (Matilda), i>ainter, res 1534 IVfain. 
Cooney N N, sh-oemaker J-F J\Loore. 

Cooj)er Alonzo J (Naomi), iron fence agt, res 210 n Eighth. 
Cooper Miss IJelle, cook Arlington House, bds same. 
Cooper Edward L, elk W F Hiatt, bds 120 s Tenth. 
Cooper Lydia E (wid Joseph), res S|)ring (Jrove. 
Cooper Miss Nora, res 534 n Fourteenth. 
Coj)eland Ella, domestic Virginia House, res SI;) n E. 
Co|)lin llannali J, (col), (wid John), laundry 127 i'^t Wayne are, 

res same. 
Corcilius Edward AV, wks M C Heidey, res 14 s Eighteenlli 
Corcilius Henry A, cigar nifg, 1530 Alain, res 14 s Eighteenth. 

WEDDING. BIRTHDAY AND NicholSOIl & BFO. ^"^ Jt^-So^"^" 




Corcilius Kobert II, wks M ( ■ Henley, res 14 s Ei<>hteentli. 

Curciliiis iVfrs Rosa (wid Edward), res 14 s Eighteenth. 

Corcilius AVilliiini (Oecih'a), res 14 s Eighteenth. 

Corcoran Alfred L, wks (iaar, Scott & Co, i*es 318 n Eifth. 

Corcoran Charles (Elizabeth), tanner, res Centerville. 

Corcoran Dennis J (So})hia), tbrenia!i Jjickle & l)(nii^an, res 31 S 
n Fifth. 

Corcoran Frank F, wks Gaar, Scott & Co, res 318 n Fifth. 

Corcoran Fred, res 318 n Fifth. 

Corcoran George II, res 318 n Fifth. 

Corcoran Miss Ida I, res 318 n Fifth. 

Cordell Miss Cora, res 31(5 IVIain. 

Cordell James, cutter K I^aper Mill, res 3 10 Main. 

Cordell Miss Nevada, res 310 Main, 

Cordell Ivichard (Susanna), brick niolder, res 310 Main. 

Correll Frank J, elk J M Williams, res 25 n Ninth. 

Cory David H (Mary E), engineer C II i& D %, res 20 s Thir- 

Cory Miss Jessie M, res 20 s Thirteenth. 

Cottman Abraham, (col), (Anna), res 325 s Tentli. 

Cottman Iliram, (col), (Agnes), lab, res 1005 n Fifteenth. 

Cotton George, res 79 Washington ave. 

Cotton Kobert II (Ann), grocer 79 AV'ashington ave, res same. 

Courtney Charles (Alice), carpenter, res 220 n Third. 

Coulou Charles W, res 511 n Sixteenth. 

Couloii George N (Mary), contractor and builder, res 511 n Six- 

Gowhigf Jerry, (Jerry Cowhig & Co), bds Arlington House. 

Cowhig Joseph W, machinist, res 551 n 1\velfth. 

Cowhig Miss Katie T, wks Wiggins & Co, res 551 n Twelfth. 

Cowhig Miss Nora, elk New York Store, res 551 n Twelfth. 

Cowhig Jerry, & Co, (Jerry Cowhig) proj^s Fulton Boiler Wks, 
Ft Wayne ave n of Union De})ot 

Cox A, (Henchman & Cox), res 913 s A. 

Cox Arthur (Anna M), carpenter, res 28 s Seventeenth. 

Cox Darius (Ellen), carpenter, res 415 n Sixth. 

Cox George, hib, bds SevastojK)!. 

Cox George (Ada), confectioneries with Henchman iSi Cox, res 
913 s A. 

Cox Miss Jane, res 32 Ft Wayne ave. 

Cox Jeiferson C (Mary 13), carj)enter, res 223 n Sixteenth. 

Cox Miss Mattie, res Sevastopol. 



B. Crawford «& Son 
528 Main St. 



Cox ^liss SiK^anna, seiuiisti'css, res 205 n Seventcentli. 

Cox William !> {r)i(lix), car))enter, res Sevastopol. 

Cox Win If, (Julia A), l)uardin<^ house, '202 n Seventh, res same. 

Coyle James, wks Iloosier Drill Oo, res II) n Fifteenth. 

(3ojle Miss IVFary, milliner, res 19 n Fifteenth. 

Cojle William sr (Pollen), re^s 11) n Fifteenth. 

(\>yle William, bartemler Joe Moorman, res 13 n Fifteenth. 

Coyle William jr, elk. res ID n Fifteenth. 

(^rabb James JSl (Lizzie), res 27 n Seventh. 

Crabb Thomas (Cora), engineer C St L & P Pyy, res 1210 n F. 

Craft Rev Frost (Julia S), pastor Gi-ace M E Church, res 105 

n Sixth. 
Ciraft James, plasterer, bds 41: s Seventh, 
Craft Harry, bds 33 n Seventh. 

Craft William (Margaret), gunsmith, res Sevastopol. 
Craft William jr, wks Gaar, Scott & Co, res Sevastopol. 
Crage Henry M, (col), (Harriet), janitor Normal school, res 209 

s Nintl'i. 
Craig Albert, elk Boston Store, bds 222 n Seventh. 
Craig Frank B (Lizzie), carpenter li Gas Co, res 77 Ft Wayne 

Craighead Joseph B (Hannah A), bkpr Gaar, Scott & Co, res 

232 n Tenth. 
Crane Charles, (col), wks Geo Eggemeyer, res 1027 n II. 
Crane George II, elk Geo Knollenberg, bds 123 n Seventeentii. 
Crane George, (col), wks Linn & Mathers, res 1027 n II. 
Crane Fannie, (col), (vvid Webster), res 1027 n II. 
(Jraner George (Jennie), res 142 Ft AVayne ave. 
Cranor John H (Rosa) (Cranor, Gaar ct Co), res 27 n Ninth. 
Cranor, Gaar & Co, (John H Cranor, Clem A Gaar, Samuel 

L Huston), 212 Ft Wayne ave, tel 108. 
Craven John, elk S F Watson, bds 813 !i E. 
Craven Miss Mary, res Sevasto[)ol. ''■ 

Craven Michael (Kate), lab, res Sevastoj)ol. 
Craven Michael jr, lab, res SevastojK)!. 
Craven Patrick, lab, res Sevastopol. 
Crawford Daniel, (col), (Anna), elk W F Hiatt, res over 817 

Crawford Daniel B (Agnes), (I) B Crawford it Son), res 23 

n 'I'enth. 
Crawfoid Mrs Florence, res 110 s Fifth. 
Crawford Gilbert H (Elizabeth), foreman K City Mill Works, 

res 317 n Fourteenth. 

INK, INKSTANDS, PENS & PENCILS at Nicholson & Bro 

720 Mrtln 
, Street. 

Louisville and Portland C EMENT " " ~ 



Crawford Herbert M, elk D 15 Crawford & Son, rob 1208 j 

Main. ! 

Crawford John Y (Ella S), (D ?> Orawtord & Son), res 120S f 

Main. ! 

Crawford Wilber 0, elk D B Crawford & Son, res 1208 ' 

Main. ' i 

Crawford D B & Son, (Daniel B, John Y), dealers in dry 

goods, carpets, notions, oilcloths, curtains, and cur- 
tain fixtures, 528 Main, tel IDS. 
Creager Christian, lab, bds -I-IO s Seventli. ' = 

Creancer AVilliani, wks Nordyke & lladlcy, res 413 Main. 
Creadon Lliss Emma, wks IIuntin<(ton House, bds same. 
Creamer Thomas (Harriet E), (Creamer & Clements), res 29 ; 

11 iN^inth. 
Creamer & Clements (Thomas Creamer, Edward B Clements), 

wholesale and retail shelf and heavy hardware, 700 and 702 

Main, tel 115. 
Cregmile John (Ellen), ])rop Phillips House, res same. 
Cregmile Miss Katie, re^ EhillipsIIonse. 
Cregmile Miss Laura, res Philli|)S House. 
Cretcher Henry (col), barber, rms 45 s Eifth. 
Critchlow Samuel W (Jane), conductor G li ct I liy, res 282 Et ' 

Wayne ave. 
Critchlow AViimer W, messenger W U Tel Co, res 282 Et AVayne 

Crivel Charles H, stone mason, res 400 s Ninth, "■ ' 

Crivel Edward (Etnma), machinist Gaar, Scott & Co, rer 122 s 

Crivel Henry, foreman foundry Gaar, Scott & Co, res Mt Auburn. 
Crocker A Ivin E (Elizabeth E), insurance, real estate and loan 

agt, rooms 1 and 3 Vaughons bik, res 13 n Sixth, tel 05. 
Crocker Benjamin, rms 18 n Twelfth. ^ 

Crocker (Charles F, elk Martin Crocker, res 214 s Eleventh. 
Crocker Martin L (Elizabeth), second hand store, 535 ]\lain, res 

214 s Eleventh. 
Crocker Miss Matilda, res 214 s Eleventh. 
Crocker Peter (Mary M). (P Crocker ik Co), res 030 Main. 
Crocker P & Co (Peter Crocker), carriage good.^, 913 Main. 
Crockett Charles C (Sarali !>), conductor C St k \'. I' Ky, res 

Spring Grove. 
Crockett John O, night tel opi* G 11 & 1 Ky Union Dejiot, res 

Sj)ring Grove. 

TTTT;**!^ r^^^e^ Window Guards. Wir« SigUH, Store \ W. T. BAKHEE. 

YV irG UOOCIS. Fixtures, Flower Stands, Floral Desi^rns, | Iron and Wire Worts. 

L - 

JM. wiNSKTT. ;; , ■ .^'^^^^^^ ^^'i^^ 

Winsett & Kennedy, 1 

"'.••.:' ' . Wholesale and Retail Dealers in , - ^ 

Wines and Pure Liquors, I 

'v",;.- J Finest Brands of Cigars and Tobacco. - ^ • ■■ M 

203 Ft. Wayne Ave. and 118 North Eighth St., RICHMOND, IND. J 


...^..BUSCHd KIMMERLE, Prop's, ,/ . ' .'' ' 

(*^ ^^ ' :' — DKAr.KKS EN — 

* Fresh and Salt Meat 

*' Pig's Feel, Pig's Tongue, Tripe, Liver Sausage, 

Hog's Head Cheese, Etc. 

No. 90d Main Street, - RICHMOND, IND. 


Steam Turning, Scroll Smg, 

j- , wSaw Filing, Grinding, P\irniture Repairing, and General 
Job Work of all kinds. Satisfaction guaranteed. 
Prices as low as the lowest,. Pattern 

Turning a specialty. ' 

6io North, A Street, Richmond, Ind. 



tDinM Hall anil Waiimiit 



s^ ' p. Merkle & Co., Proprietors. ) Q j ^W rvn r^m rH T n H 
John N. Humphreya, Sup't. ] ' r\lClUIi(JUU,.!lllCl. 

• 'All, trains stop\j()r meals. Special attention 'piud, to coui- 
,/ mercial patiH)nai(L\;,..Evcirythiii<^, strictly first-class. '•*■;■ 


"Indiana's Leading Music House." 



936 Main Street, 


' And, a large variety of 

•..ORGANS b.s";":k.. ORGANS 


.;;, E.iOH:2vroisri3, 

X3SriDTA.1T A.. 




Bottom Prices on all Domestics, ^- ^- ^Is^JJLfrPjftr^et^ ^^'^ 


Crocker Oliver P (Alnieda), (Stacy & Crocker), res 24 n Twelfth. 

Croilbrd Daniel, (col), (Anna), elk W F Iliatt, res over 817 

Crofoot William, wks L Ivogcrs iSz Co, bds 515 Main. 

Croker Albert W, chain maker Starr & Son, res 722 n Four- 

Croker ^frs C II (col), res over 329 s Eleventh. 

Croker Hiss Emma E, res 407 s Sixth. 

Croker James W, (col), (Carrie M), stone mason, res 509 s 

Croker J Norman, (col), U S letter carrier, 7tli dist, res 407 s 

Croker John N, (col), (Nancy A), teamster, res 407 s Sixth. 

Croker John W, (col), (Fannie), lab, r^ 222 s Twelfth. 

(h'oker Larken 11, (col), lab, res 722 n Fourteenth. 

Croker Simeon, (col), (Katie), res 806 n Fourteenth. 

Croma Christopher, wks E Smith & Co, bdsT)24 s Seventh. 

(h-oma Louis, wks Gaar, Scott iSc Co, bds 024 s Seventh. 

Cronin Frank J. shipping elk C St L & P Ry, res 230 n Seventh. 

(>ronin George V, res 230 n Seventh. 

Cronin Timothy (Johanna), contractor, res 230 n Seventh. 

Cronin. Wm A, wks Gaar, Scott & Co, res 230 n Seventh. 

Cross Miss Fannie J, dressmaker, res 305 s Tenth. 

Grossman Fred, machinist Gaar, Scott & Co, res 405 Mijin. 

Grouse Mary (wid James), res 127 n Third. 

Crowe John D, engineer Sedgwick Bros, res 112 n Fifteenth. 

Crowel Jacob (Amy E), res 211 s Seventh. . 

Ci'owder Mary (wid William), res 808 n G. 

Crump Arthur B, molder Wayne Agrl Works, res 508 n Seven- 

Crump Frank, wks McGrew & Mendenhall, res 508 n Seven- 

Cruni]) M'dvy J (Elmor 1>), res 508 n Seventeenth. 

Cryder Walter ^V (Mollie), brakeman C II & 1) Ily, res 507 n 

Culbertson Dr JW (Eliza), oculist and aurist, 111 n Sixth, res 

Culbertson Miss M E ]>, res 111 n Sixth. 

Culbertson Martha (wid Daniel), res Sevastopol, 

Cull Henry (Sarah), res 1523 n E. 

Cull Mrs Sarah M, dressmaker, res 1523 n E, 

Cullaton Martin (Anna B), (M CuUaton & Co), ns 8 s 



Wall Paper and Curtain Goods, ^'"?S5^S?S.^st' 

TeWoue to MATHER BROS' for CO^L 


CuUaton M & Co, (]\rartiii Oullaton, II 13 Payne), book and 

job ])rinters, pub and ])ro])S Sunday Tveglster, 11 and llf s 

Eight! 1, tol ()tt. 
Culleniback Henry (Mary), wks llaynes, Spencer & Co, res West 

Culton IMiss Jessie, res 101 s Eighth. 
Cnlton Miss Minnie G, res 419 n Fifteen tli. 
Culver JSIrs ALargarette (wid Edwin W''), res 35 n Tenth. 
Cully John (Ellen), lab, res 7-1:1 n II. 

Cunimings Daniel L (Alice A), tin peddler, res 410 n Sixth. 
Cumniings Andrew S, bds 403 n Eighth. 
Cunningliani Arthur, student, res 21 1 n Ninth. 
Cunningham Joseph A (Sai'uh J), (Cunningham & Son), res 211 

n Ninth. 
Cunningham Joseph W (Lizzie H), (Cunningham & Son), res 

521) Main. 
Cunningham Miss Mary W, res 211 n Ninth. 
Cunningham Miss ^lollie, elk Cunningham & Son, res 211 n 

Cunningham & Son, (Joseph A, Joseph W), boots and shoes, 

529 Main. 
Curme Absolom, teamster, Bickle & Dougan, res 214 n Thir- 
Curme Artlmr A (Elizabeth J), tanner, res 214 n Thirteenth. 
Curme A A jr, wks M C Henley, res 214 n Thirteenth. 
Curme Miss Maggie A, res 214 n Thirteenth. 
Curme Miss Nellie M, res 214 n Thirteenth. 
Curry ]\Iiss Cornelia (col), res 533 s Seventh. 
Curry Cornelius J (col), (Tamer), blacksmith, res 533 s Seventh. 
Curry Miss Elizabeth, res 107 n Eourteenth. 
Curtis Ered M (Ella C), foreman S L Wiley Construction Co, 

bds 100 s Ninth. 
Curtis Narcisa(wid William), res 1320 IVfain. 
Curtis Win II, (col) (Charlotte), stone mason, res 1117 s I. 
Cushman Jose]Ji I (Henrietta E), elk W J Benners & Sons, res 

30 n Tenth. 
Cushon Tiuiothy, engineer, bds 001 n Twelfth. 
Cusick Maggie, domestic 1420 Main. 
Custer Benjamin B (Mary), dancing master, res 706 s B. 
Custer Elemer, res 706 s B. 
Cutter Albert, lab, res 428 s Ninth. 
Cutter Edward, elk II Cutter, res 403 s I). 






Main St. 



Cutler (ii'iicie, domcritic 35 s Twelfth. 

(hitter Henry (Minnie), <^rocer, s e cor Fourth and I), res same, 

tel 133. 
Cutter Jacob (, machinist \l City Mill Works, res 428 s 

Cutter John, res 412 s Ninth. 
Cutter John II (Lydi:i), res 414 s Ninth. 
Cutter ]\liris Theresa, res 428 s Ninth. 
Cuykendall ])on, (Mary E), miller, res 407 n Fourteenth. 
C/uykendall Henry, ma]> mounter Moon ifc Ilaynes, res 407 n 



Daily Calvin A, pressman Palladium, bds Huntington House. 

Dalbey Abnei* S (]\rary J), elk Geo H Knollenberg, res 333 s 

Dalbey Edwin E (Martha J), tiirniturc, 533 ]\[ain, res 28 Wash- 
ington ave. 

Dalbey Harry F, machinist Gaa^r, Scott & Co, res 28 Washing- 
ton ave. 

Dalbey Mary A (wid Wm), res 9 n Fifteenth. 

Dalbey Walter, news agt, res 28 Washington ave. 

Dalbey Wm (Sallie), wks Gaar, Scott vfe Co, res 840 n Twelfth. 

Dale Miss Li Hie, res. (MO s E. 

Dale Thomas J, drugs 912 Main. 

Dallas ^Vm J (Hattie A), wks Hoosier Drill Co, res 217 n Ninth. 

Dalman Frank (Anna), wks ktichmond City Chair Co, res 327 s 

Dalman Louis, wks J M IHitton & Co, res 327 s Fourth. 

Dalman "William F (FUa), wks Gaar, Scott & Co, res 518 n Six- 

Dal})his , res Gil n Thirteenth. 

Dameron Nancy, (col), (wid Abram), res 435 s Sixth. 

Damon ^V E, trav agt U City Mill Wks, res Carlisle, Ky. 

Daniels Charles A (Ella M),(Wm KSwan & Co), res cor Third 
and si). 

Daniels tlOhn, elk Chai'les Hader. 

Daniels John, ])ainter, i-es 34 n Sixth. 

Daniels JVIaria (wid Hiram), r(;s 34 n Sixth. 

Daiuels Miss Alary, res 34 n Sixth. 

Dann Henry (LilHe), molder U City Mill AVks, res 803 n F. 

Darland Oliver J (Anna J), teamster, res (MO s 1^. 

All kinds of BLANK BOOKS Nicholson 4 bro. 

Fire Brick and Clay -^f- MATHER BROS. 


Oaron ik, 8;iun«lers (Joliii W J);iroii, John B Saunders) black - 

siiiitlis and re])aii" shop, lUS n Seventli. 
Daron John W (Alice) (Darou & Saunders), res 521 n I). 
Daub Charles, wks W P kane, res 417 s Seventh. 
Daub Charles (Ivate F) (Shoefel & Daub), res 417 s Seventh. 
Daugerty Chester W (Nettie), res 110 s Ei<^dith. 
Daxenport Amos W (iMar^-ai'et), i)lacksniith, res 215 s Second. 
l)aven|)ort Jacob, carpenter, bds 227 n Ninth. 
Davenport John F (Ella), pawn broker, 506 Main, res 58 s 

Daven])ort John W (Clara I), trav a^t E Smith '& Co, res 20 s 

Davenport Mrs Patience, (col), (wid Willis), res rear 213 s Tenth. 
Davidson llay (elulia), baker, res 908 n 11. 
Davidson ]\lrs Jane (wid Nathan), res Sevastopol. 
Davis Allen, tinner, 11 F Oesting. 
Davis Benjamin W (Sarah), ])rinter, res 21 n Seventli. 
Davis Edo^ar W, exjM'ess messenger, I'es 43 s Fifth. 
Davis Elizabeth, (col), (wid Thomas), res over 170 Ft A¥ayne ave. 
Davis Elvin (Ida), ])rinter Telegram, res 205 s Tenth. 
Davis Everett L (Mamie), brakeman, res 1027 Main. 
Davis Frank A (Katie L), machinist Gaar, Scott & Co, res over 

1030 Main. 
Davis Mrs George A, (col), domestic, res Earlham Place. 
Davis George M (IMartlia A), saddler Wiggins & Co, res 411 n 

Davis James E (Laura), elk, res 43 s Fifth. 
Davis Miss Lillie M, wks tel ex, res 411 s Ninth. 
Davis Louisa (wi<l), res 205 s Tenth. 

Davis Louis S (Elizabeth), carriage trimmer, res 23 s Fifth. 
Davis Mary (wid John L), res 228 s Ninth. 
Davis N, wks Withum <Ks Anderson Co. 
Davis Ottowa G (col), barber Wm Tate, bds 328 s Eighth. 
Davis Kebecca (wid Robert), dress maker, res 106 n Sixth. 
Davis Robert F (Ella), boots and shoes, 725 Main, res 129 s 

Davis Kol)ert L, machinist Dille & McGuire Mfg Co, res 228 s 

Davis Mi'S S A Iliff, milliner, 17 n Seventh, res 21 n Seventh. 
Davis Thomas C (Martha E), agt II S and PEx Cos, 70-1 Main, 

res i-ms 21) and 31 Westcott blk. 
Davis William E (Ida), pilntei- J M Coe, res 207 s Tenth. 

'K7\7nvir\ r*>-^r.Ati Chairs and Settees, Summor Housfid. I W . T. BARBEE, 
VV irS UOOUS. Bcreens, and all kinds of Wire Clotli.) iron anoWiRl vvc^rks. 

Gents' Suits made to Order, ''■h'^liVSi^ii.^'''' RICHMOND 


Davis Dr T Henry (Lou G), physician, ufHceand res 1021 Main, 

tel 5(). 
Davis Thomas II (col), Porter Grand Hotel, bds same. 
Davis William (Helen), printer M OuUaton & Co, res 325 s 

Davison Hay (Julia), baker l\)rterlield & Co, res 908 n II. 
Davison Hazard (col), j)orter (ii-aiid Hotel, bds same. 
Dawson Lewis, janitor Post Othce, res 115 n Fifteenth. 
Deal Benjamin F (Lucinda W), (P F Deal & Co), res Pose Hill. 
Deal F Otis, res Pose Hill. 
Deal John T, lawyer and notary ])ubHc over 537 Main, res 

West Pichnjond. 
Deal P F & Co, (Benjamin F Deal, W L Cox & Pro), whole- 

sale produce dealers, 184 Ft Wayne ave, tel 59. 
Dean Miss Daisy, res 110 n Eii>-hth. 

Dean Mattie E (wid John H), boardiiii:^ house, 110 n Eighth. 
Dean William A, llorist, res 909 s Ninth. 
Debbe Christian, lab, res over 330 s I'ifth. 
Deck S AL)nroe, elk () D JStarr c^ (Jo, res 222 n Seventh. 
Decker Miss Anna, res 29 s Second. 
Decker Penjamin, wks Wiii^i»;i!is ct Co, res 29 s Second. 
Decker Gai'rett, wks F W Spinning-, res 29 s Second. 
Decker Miss Gracie, res 200 n F'itth. 

Decker Henry (Mary), tanner Wiggins & (Jo, res 115 n Second. 
Decker John A (Ella), engineer, rtis 103 n Second. 
I)ecker Margaret (wid Pester), res 29 s Second. 
Decker Mrs Mai'garet, dressmaker, res 200 n Fifth. 
Decker Susan (wid Samuel), res 818 n Fifteenth. 
Decker William (Ellen), wks Gaar, Scott & Co, res 218 n Second. 
Deeds Miss Celia E, dressmaker, rooms 10 and 12 Westcott bik, 

res 29 s Sixteenth. 
Deeds Miss May M, res 29 s Sixteenth. 
Deeds Oren C, wks M C Henley, res 29 s Sixteenth. 
Deeds Walston P(Emnui li), machinist, res 29 s Sixteenth. 
Deely (Jharles P, res 320 n Fifteenth. 
Deely Ptichard W (Helen), foreman Wayne AgrI Wks, res 320 n 

Deets Abram K (Minnie), machinist (Jaar, ScottiV: (3^), res 117 n 

DeGroot Miss Laura I', I'cs 121 n lAjurtc^enth. 
DeGroot Lillian, wks M Cullaton iSc (Jo, res 123 s Eighth. 
DeichbauriT Aliss Annie, res 131 s Fifth. 

The Latest popular Books Sl7lS.ll al 

always n\ NICHOLSON & BRO. 

VJO Main .striiM. 

Sunday Creek Coal MatJievnros., Riclmiond, M. 


Deiisler Henry, baker, res l]0*J Liberty ave. 

Deisler eJaeob (Amelia), lal)_, res iiUJ s' Fourth. 

Deitz John (Georgie), machinist Iloosier Drill Co, res 221 u 

Nineteenth. • 

Delaney Patrick (Mary), res 905 ti G. 
Dempsey Margaret A (wid Francis E), res 21G n Sixth. 
IJenipsey James (Sarah A), res 122 n Sixth. 
Demree Miss Jane M, nurse 501) n Fil'teenth, bds same. 
Denison Edgar F (Sarah J), hats, caps and gents furnishing 

goods, TIO Main, res 42 n Eleventh. 
Denison Feleg (Martha E), elk E F Denison, res 40 s Eleventh. 
Dennis Anna ]V[ (wid John AV), nurse, I'cs 510 n Sixteenth. 
Deunis David W, Frof natural science Earlham College, res 

West Kichmond. 
Dennis Edward H (Margaret), corresponding elk Gaar, Scott ^^ 

Co, res 41 n Sixth. 
Dennis Frank (Martha L), bk])r Jst Nat F>ank, res 221 n Sixth. 
Dennis George, (col), (Mary J), lab, res 441) s Fourteenth. 
Dennis Miss Jessie 11, res 41 n Sixth. 
Dennis John, tailor B Kreimeier, bds Fhillips House. 
Dennis Mrs I^ouisa, res 1317 n 11. 
Dennis INliss Maggie E, school teacher, res 41 n Sixth. 
Dennis Miss ]\ramie, bkpr A E Crocker, res 41 n Sixth. 
Dennis Mattie C, instructor Earlham Freparatory School, bds 

Dennis AVilliam II (Ella), painter, res 103 n Fourteenth. 
Dennis William T, solicitor of ])atents, soap mnfg, 404 Main, res 

100 8 Ninth. 
Darkin Miss Ellen, domestic Arlington House. 
Darkin Miss Mary, domestic Arlington House. 
Desman Daniel, j-es 54(5 n Thirteenth. 
Desmond Daniel G, bds 201 n iVinth. 
Detch Albert (Detch ^ Son), res 517 Main. 
Detch George (l-ucy A) (Detch c'vs Son), res 517 Main 
Detch George C, elk Detch cVsSon, res 517 Main 
Detch George & Son (Geo and All)ert), garchjn^ ti(dd and 

ilower seed, wooden and willow w;ire, toys elc, 517 M;mi. 
Detzel Faul, wiper C St L c^ F shops. 
Deuel James F, night train dispt C St L .Vl F Fy, bds Arlington 

Deuker George W,clk II W Deuker, resover 121 Ft. Wayne ave 

Iron Shuttei-H, Balconios 
Bank Work, Area RaUint^s 
Fittings, Oniam'tl Root 

?;riVAS i W, T, BARBEEIroii anil Wire Worts, 

;■ CrOiStillK'H. ) iai am l u , ind.ana. 

Ho^('^l<^hhlllT'fSSS^vfs%, D. B. CRAWFORD & SON, 528 MainSt. 


Deilker Henry W (Emnni), staple aiul fancy grocer, 121 Ft 

^\^lynu a\ c, res ovt;r bauie. 
Deuker William K (Anna ()), iiiiller, res TO-t s Thirteenth. 
Denrck John (Katie), butcher ,] O'llarra, i-es IIG s Fil'tli. 
De\an Henry, (col), wks Odorkiss Kxcavatin^- Co. 
DeYays E, carpenter Withani Sl Anderson Go. 
Deviti, John J (Minnie P>\ mechanic iM i) Henley, res 12(lS n F. 
Devitt Thomas U ((/atharine), cooper, res 51-5 n Thirteenth. 
Devlin W 8, carpentei-, bds 818 n F. 

DeAVitt Elmer, ma(;hiiHst (laar, Scott & Oo, bds 116 n Four- 
DeWitt John (Addie), (DeWitt, Stokes S: (Jo), res L>21 s Fourth. 
DeWitt, Stokes & Co, (John DeWitt, John E Stokes), cotton and 

woolen machinery, 415 n Eighth. 
DeYarmon Thomas E (llattie M), steam job ])rinting, 14 u 

Seventh, tel 72. res .52!) n Sixth. 
Dickey Miwy (wid James), res 217 n Third. 
Dickey Wiljiam, gas litter J F (JrilHn, res 217 n Third. 
Dickinson Charles A (Sarah A), jeweler 712 Main, res 44 s 

Dickinson Edgar A (Kate), jeweler, res 200 n Seventh. 
Dickinson lildmnnd C (jMai'y ]\l), gunsmith :s Ft Wayne ave, res 

Dickinson Henry C (Louisa), jeweler C A Dickinson, res 182 b 

Dickinson Horace L, elk 11 1> I)ickinson, res 410 n Ninth. 
Dickinson JMiss Jessie F, res 410 n Ninth. 
Dickinson Miss Jessie I, dressmaker, res 20 Ft Wayne ave. 
Dickinson Jose])h (Esther (J) (J Di(^kinson Sl Co), res 134 s 

Dickinson Josejjh J (Martha E), mail carriei* No 4, res 229 8 

Dickinson Keziah (widow flonathan), res 4(1 s Se\'enth. 
Dickinson Miss Olive L, dressmakcM", res 21*) Ft Wayne ave. 
Dickinson Eobei't IJ (Jennie), jeweler, 528 Main, res 410 n Ninth. 
Dickinson Solonum W ((^larcy L), huckster, res 20 Ft AVayne 

Dickinson William 11, brakeman C II cV; I) \ly, res 2(; Ft Wayne 

Dickman (ieorge 11, elk J 11 Dick man, res 115 s Ninth. 
Dickman John H (ElizabetK), grocer, (;o;; Main, tel IS, res 115 

s Ninth. 

School Books and School Supplies "' '^/^ii'J^I.'iJPI't.So?"" 




Dicks Mrs Mary F, uotiuiis and musical iiistraiiients, 428 Main, 

res same. 
Dicks William (Mary F), coal and wood yard, 512 n A, res 428 

Dietrichs AVilliam (Mary E), carpenter, res 300 s Eleventh. 
Di<xii.ett Wm P (Elizabeth), elk, res 52 n A. 
Dill' Albert 1' (Harriet S), res 32() n Twelftli. 
Dill Joseph W (Elila F), lab, res 410 n Twentieth. 
Dill Matthew H (Emily II), secy J M llntton & Co, res 314 n 

Dill AVilliam E, shipping elk, J ]\[ llntton & Co, res 314 n 

Dille Amos C (Nettie) (Dille & McGnire M% Co), res 414 n 

Dille Henry H (Lydia A), supt Dille Sl McGuire Mfg Co, res 

233 s Fourth. 
Dille & McGuire Mfg Co, mnfgr Richmond Star Lawn Mow- 
ers and Impvd Oscilating Steam Engines, E W McGuire 

pres, Elwood W McCiuire treas and secy, II II Dille supt, 

537 and 539 n Thirteenth, tel 31. 
Dillenbeck Charles A, res 319 n Fifth. 
Dillenbeck Edward (Agnes), carpenter Kidder tfe Eeetle, res 319 

n Fifth. 
Dillenbeck Frank B, U S letter carrier 6th dist, res 419 n Fifth. 
Dillenbeck elames, res 319 n r'ilth. 

Dillon Patrick II, fireman C St L & F K R, bds 006 s Ninth. 
Dingfelter IVliss Emma, res 411 s Sixth. 
Dingley Alfred ^V (Ella M), res 316 n Fifteenth. 
Dingley Edward, boot and shoe maker, 1018 Main, res same. 
Dingley Edward, res 16 s Tenth. 
Dingley Edward C, painter, res 16 Fark Place. 
Dingley Henry J (Lydia), ])ainter, res 15 Fark Place. 
Dingley John, engineer C St L & P Pvy. 
Dingley Stephen G, painter, res 16 Park Place. 
Dingley William 11, painter, res 1(\ Park Place. 
Dintman Edward, molder lloosier Drill C(s bds 303 n Eleventh. 
Dintman Samuel (Clara), molder lloosier Drill Co, res 308 ji 

Disher Susan, domestic 22 n Seventeenth. 
Dittenhoover Rebecca R (wid James), res 208 n Ninth. 
Dixon Miss llannali, res 119 s Third. 
Dixon Miss Lydia, res 628 n Ninth. 

TTr;*^rt n^^An Wlnrlow Guards. Wire Slgnn. Storo \ W. T PAHHEE 

W IrG UOOCIS. Fixtures, Flower Stunda, Floral Dcoigiib, \ Ircn and Wire Worii 

Home-made Hose & bocks, Buck & Seal Skin J\ T) nr%n-nr^4^r>,t^A P O^-^ 
Driving- Gloves, Collars. Ruches & Ties, at -L'; -D- t»raWIOrCl <S OOIl 


Duan Clitford T, res 2t27 s Eleventh. 

Doaii jMiss Elizabetli, j-es 2(iT s Eleventh. 

Doan Isaac C (Tillie ^I), insnrance, real estate agt and ab- 
stracter uf titles, S22 and 824 ]\lain, tel 18o, res same. 

Doan Joseph (Deborah E), machinist, res 227 s Eleventh. 

_l)oan A[iss Jessie 1\ res 2(»7 s Ehnenth, 

Doan Miss Libbie, di-essniaker, res 223 s Ninth. 

Doan JMiss JNIary, res 223 s Ninth. ■ ; 

Doan j\riss ^lary Z, res o\'er 822 Main. 

Doan Nathan (Mari^aretta M), coal, wood, tlonr and feed. 207 s 
Eleventh. Willing to trade coal to farmers for wood 
and feed. 

Doan AV^dter J (Emily), elk ii R Downino- & Son, res IG n 

Dobbins Bros (James H Dobbins, (Teor«;-e II Dobbins,) mana- 
gers Ehilli])s' Opera House and city bill popsters, oilico Phil- 
lips Opera House. 

Dobbins Elizabetli (wid Thomas), res 1 U) n Second. 

Dobbins George H (Jennie) (Dobbins Ih-os), ivs lU) n Second. 

Dobbins James H (Alice) (Dobbins i]ros), res 527 n D. 

DoiL see also Doyle. 

Doil Ei'ank (col), wk& Uryson House. 

Dolan Eliza, domestic 35 n Tenth. 

Dolan John, rireman C St L c^ E Ky, bds l;>0 Et AVayne ave. 

Dolan Ara<ri>'ie, domestic 22i) n Tenth. 

Dolan i\lary, domestic 35 n Tenth. 

Doll Colonel E (Carrie C) supt bridges C St L cl' V iiy, res 
717 n E. 

Dolloir Thomas E (Laura), wks Union ]3epot, res Gil n Thir- 

Dolman T, wks liichmond Chair Co. 

Domhoft' AVilliam J (Zetta), carpenter, res 1)1 Eiberty ave. 

Donahoe James AY (Mary A), peddler, les 410 n Eifth. 

Donlin John, machinist, res 733 s Ninth. 

Donlin Margaret (wid William), boarding house, (litl n Twelfth. 

Donlin Miss Mary, res 001 n TwcU'ih. 

Dt^nlin Patrick (Mary), hd), res 733 s Ninth. 

Donlin Patrick E, blacksmith, res 733 s Ninth. 

Donlin William, teamster, res 733 s Ninth. 

Donovan Dennis (Hannah), (irollo])oter ^*v: Donovan), res 13 n 

Dooley Dennis A (Johanna), carpenter, res 538 n ThirteiMith. 

Tlie largest line of Picture MoulUinNra n\ "MTnUfll QHM tf. PPO V'^O Muiii St. 
Picture Fruming a SpeciuUy (11 iuUnUhOUll a DnU. Kithniond. 

All kinds of Building Material at Mather Bros. 


Doog-au George (Mary A), con 1* C <<z St L K li, bds Arlington 

Doran Frank C (l>elle 11), city civil en<^^ineer, ofiice city build- 
ing, res 115 !S Twelfth. 
Dorback ]\[iss Deiia, res Oi^O s Sixth. 
Dorback Frank, wks J M lluttoii c*^ (x), res iV2i] s Sixth. 
Dorback Joseph, res 620 s Sixth. 
Dorback Miss Ivate, res &2() s Sixth. 
Dorback ]\lrs Mary (vvid William), res 02G s Sixth. 
Dormer Ivubert O, ])riiiter Uichmoiul Telegram, res 32 n Fifth. 
Dormer AVilliam (Florence), tle|)t siiurifl*, res ol s Eleventh. 
Dorsey Fannie (wid), res [V\i n Seventh. 
Dorsey F'rank (Mattie), bricknuison, rus 508 s B. 
Dorsey James (Josephine), (Carpenter Gaar, Scott &, Co, res 

823 n F. 
Doscber Frank, elk L Doscher, res 211 n Fonrteenth. 
Dosclier Louis (Carrie F), wholesale and i-etail grocei*, 981 Main, 

tel 215, res 211 ii F'onrteenth. 
Doty David (Flora F), wks M C Ifenley, res 25 n Fifteenth. 
• Dougan George (Delia), res 20 s F^leventh. 
Dougan ATiss Jane, res 12 n Tenth. 

Dougan John B (Helen S), cash 2nd Nat V>i\k, res 200 s Eighth. 
Duugan Miss Sarah, res 12 n Tenth. 
Douglas Stewart J, elk lioston Store, res 35 s Ninth. 
Douthitt F]mily (wid Clinton), res Sevastopol. 

Douthitt KobertC (Eliza E), car|)enter, res Sevastopol. 
Dowell Miss IJelle, wks Richmond Paper Mill, res J 14. n Fifth. 
Dowell ]\liss F]mma, res 1210 ]\Iain, 
Dowell George W (Annie), ])ainl:er, res 80t) n F. 

Dowell Miss Ida, wks Mrs A P Cole, res 1210 IMain. 

Dowell Miss Sallie, res 1 14 n Fifth. 

Dowell Warren, blacksmith, res 1210 Main. 

Dowell William 11 (Lorin(hi), real estate; agt, res 1210 Main. 

Down Mrs lu)sa(wid l^'i-ank), res 40 s Fifth. 

Downing Miss Elhi M, res 512 n D. 

Downing Harry C, (11 U Downing & Son), res 512 n D. 

Downing Henry R( Mary), (I I U Downing S:, Son), ivs 512 
n D. 

Downing Will C, asst city engineer, res 512 n D. 

Downing H R & Son, (Henry II, Harry C), undertakers, 10 u 
ICighth, tel 75. 

Dozier Edwin C, elk J M Wampler, res His Ninth. 

TTr:«* r***J« chairs and settees, summer Housea, i W. T. BARBEE, 
W 116 uOOClS, Scroena, and all kindrf ot Wire Ulotli. \ iron ano wire works. 

FACTORY FLANNELS for SMrls and Sliirts at °- ""■ ^^^^^^^^^ * «on 

528 Main St. 


Dozier David J (Mattie E), jeweler J M Wampler, res Ills 

Dozois Charles, elk l)ostoii 8ture, rooms 101 s Ninth. 
Doyle see also Doil. 

Doyle John (Mai'v), engineer, res k5evastoj)ol. 

Doyle flolm 1*], eni;ineer liicUe vt Dougan, I'es Se\'asto]^ol. 

Drake Frank A (Nannie C), musie <^«)o(ls, 5 u Eighth, res 1315 

Drake ItheniarJS (Sarah 0), |)liysieian, res P>12]i Thirteenth. 
Draper Jt)hn M (BeUe A), brakenian C 11 ik D lly, res 114 s 

Drathring Chris (Annie), i-es 421 s Tenth. 
Drathring \\'illiatn (Lizzie), I'es 411 s Tentli. 
Drifmeyer Adam (Catharine), wholesale and retail tobaccos and 

cio-ars, (]()!) Alain, re^, V2C) s iMahth. 
Drit'nieyer John, res l'i() s Ljghtli. 

Drit'iiieyer John H, cigar maker A Drifmeyer, res 12G s Eighth. 
Drifmeyer JMiss Lillie, res 414 s k^ighth. 
Drifmeyer Lt)iiisa (wid flenry), res 114 s Eighth. 
Drifmeyer Miss Mary, res I'Jtl s Eighth. 
Drifmeyer Miss jMary E, res 411 s kjghth. 
Drifmeyer AVilliam (Mary), cigar maker A Drifmeyer. res 212 

; s i). 

Droester Geoi'ge, cutter 11 Paj)er Mill, res81G .\rain. 

Droste Eernhart 11 (Wilhelmina), lah, res W Richmond. 
• Droste Charles II, wks lloosier Drill ( 'o, i'es AV Richmond. 

Droste Henry, upholsterer E K Dalhy, res W Richmond. 

Droste eJohn II, uj)holsterer 1^] E Dalhy, res \V Eichmond. 
:^ Drudy ATiss Minnie, waiter Ehillij)s Mouse. 

Druley ^liss Lihhie, res 121 n I'welftli. 

Druley N^athan (Nancy), res 121 n 4\v('lfth. 
k Drury AFiss Alice L, res 210 n k^levHMith. 

' Drury Isaac N (Frances E), bridge builder and contractor, res 
211) u Eleventh. . ' 

Dudley Miss Jennie, res 34 s Sixteenth. 
'■ Dudley Airs Ruth (wid Isaac), ns :)4 s Sixteenth. 

Duenzelmann Henry (Maggie), wks Cha^e Piano faciory, res 310 
B Thii'd. 

Duey Win (Ann Al), wagon maker \ {',] Vl Wayne ave, res 121 n 

Dulfec; Alexander (Sarah), carpenter, res iMl n ImI'iIi. 

Dulfee Aliss ICmma, res 214 n ImHIi. 

HoUand'B Gold Pon8 and PimcllB n\ "KTi nVi a1 oat^ P, T^va '^''*^^ ^'^'" 
Pockot Booka and Curd Uasori dl IN ICllOiSuIl 6^ JjiO. Htioot. 

Mather Bros. Sell COAL CHEAP 


I^utfoe John kS (Auiiie), cjirpenter Garr, Scott ife Co, res 205 ii 

Dugdale fhiuies K, res 207 n Fit'teenth. 
J.)iii;,(lale J\Liss Mary K, res 207 ii Fii'teeiith. 
Duliadway Caleb S (Priscilla), accouiitaiit and bkpr, res 40 s 

Diilladway Charles K (Allie M), bkpr First Natl Bank, res 23 s' 

JJiike (Jliarles (Etiie), painter, res 221 n Fourth. 
Dnlin Cliarles 11 (Julia A), carp, res lOO s Fifteenth. . : 

Dulin Howard, res 106 s Fifteenth. 
Dulin J\riss Isa, res 100 s Fifteenth. 
Dulin ]\[iss Jessie E, res 215 n Twelfth. 
Dulin Washington I (liebecca) (McNeal & Dulin), res 215 n 

Dunbar ^Miss Cyrilda (col), res 1230 s 1. 
Dunbar Frank W (col), ])oiter Huntington House, res 332 s 

Dunbar Harry (col) (Mary A), stone mason, res 1230 s I. 
Dundon Edward (Bridget), wks Wayne Agrl AVorks, res 541 n 

Dundon IMiss Maggie A, res 541 n Fourteenth. 
Dundon Maggie, domestic, 330 n Eleventh. 
Dundon Thonuis J, res 541 n Fourteenth. 
Dunham Jildward (Olive), grocer, Sevasto])ol, res same. 
F)unhani George H (Fannie J»), res 20 n Tenth. 
Dunham Gilbert T (Emma), (Smith & Dunham), res 22 n 

Dunham Miss Grace M, distributing elk post ollice, res 227 n 

Dunham Ilannahreta (wid Alanson F), res 300 n Ninth. 
Dunham J\[ary A (wid James), res 227 n Third. 
Dunham V\' A, wks E Smith & Co. 
Duning August sr, janitor (Jeoige 11 Knollenberg, res 433 s 

Duning August, elk Geo 11 lvnolleid>erg, res 433 s Eleventh. 
Duning William, wks (Jaar, Scott & Co, bds 018 s Eighth. 
Duning William 11 (Lizzie), wks J M llutton & Co, res 305 s 

Dunlai) Charles AV^, trav ai^t Chris Schaefer, bds Arlington 

Dunlap Alfred S (Mary C), carriage painter, res "20 s Tenth. 



^l/r'/.i.Vil.^.'.l'"' D. B. CRAWFOED & SON, 'faS5.ri.1? 


Dunlap Miss Jennie Al, student, res '20 s Tenth. 

Dunlevy Miss Maggie M, res 105 n Thirteenth, 

J)iinlevy Sarah, domestic 33 n Twelfth. 

J)unn Ariss Ann, liousekeeper 710 n A. 

Dunn j\liss (Ellen), res 400 n Sixth. 

Dunn George, boilerniaker, res 400 n Sixth. 

Dunn John, wks (leo II Grant, lleni])lenian ct Co, res Sevas- 

Dunn Michael (Catharine), blacksmith, res 400 n Sixth and D. 

Dunn ]\Liss Rosa I^, wks R City Mill Works, res 213 n Third. 

Dunn Thomas, machinist, res 400 n Sixth. 

Dunn Wm M (Sarah D), constable, res 201 n Third. 

Dun wins William, wks E Smith & Co, res 325 s Thirteenth. 

Durkin Martin (Mary), wks Union Depot, res 813 n G. 

Durkin Patrick (Ellen), lab C St L & V Ry, res 320 n Third. 

Dutcher John II, carpenter, res 210 s Twelfth, 

Durvelius Charles K. machinist Gaar, Scott & Co, res 207 s 

Dwiggins James F (Sallie), Agt Western Assurance Co, 

11 n Eighth, tel 55, res 118 n Seventeenth. 
Dwiggins ]\[oses E (Eva S), physician and surgeon, 202 n Eighth, 

res same. 
Dwyre Dennis (Anna), lab, res 1420 n G- 
Dwyre Ellen (wid John), i-es 018 n Thirteenth. 
Dwyre James, 618 n Thirteenth, 
Dye Rebecca (wid Elson), res 105 n Eourteenth. 

Eadler Albert, wks J M llutton & Co, res 520 n Nineteenth, 
Eadler Edward, wks J ]\[ llutton & Co, res 520 n Nineteenth. 
Eadler George W (Barbara A), farmer, res 520 n Nineteenth. 
Eadler Leander (Lizzie), carpenter, I'es 322 n Nineteenth 
Eagan Martin (Bridget), wks W U Tel Co, res 2 10 n Seventeenth. 
Eagan William, lireman C St 1^ ik P Ry, res 210 n Seventeenth. 
Eagle William (Sadie), '*Eagle Market," dressed chickens, 

oysters, I'resh fish and meats of all kinds, 424 ]\fain, res 205 

n Twelftli. 
Eagleman John B (Mary L), lab, res 102 s Fourth. 
Earlham College, one mile west of city, on s s Natl road, Jos 

J Milks ])res. 
Early Ei-ank (Mary), mechanic AVayne Agrl Works, res 200 n 


^'-^'fW.T^lT^/iBES^'kSolFJ""' at NICHOLSON & BRO. 'ft-r" 

Our Coal always Pleases— Mather Bros. 


Early George P, stenogniplier Gaar, Scott tSc Co, res 219 ii 

Early William T (Susie), wks llayne, Spencer & Co, res SIO n 

Earnist Eliza A (wid Abraio), rea 18 ii Sixth. 
Earnist John (Mary), wks Gaar, Scott & Co, res GStt s Tenth. 
Eaton SauHiel (Almii'a), carpenter, res 1523 n A. 
Eckel Everett A (Lizzie), Geo Eckel & Son, res 23 n Twentieth. 
Eckel George (Mary W). ((.}eo Eckel S: Son), res over U23 ]\rain. 
Eckel ]\Iiss eJosephine W, res over 023 Alain. 
Eckel George & Son, (George Eckel, E A Eckel), tinners, 923 

Eckles Edward E (Anna), machinist, bds IIG n Fourteenth. 
Eckels Elizal)eth (wid Archihald), res 415 n D. 
Eckels Miss Margareta, res 910 n Twelfth. 
Eckels AVilliam (Hester), farmer, res 91(> n Twelfth. 
Eckles Wm, night elk Grand IJotel, bds same. 
Eckhard Edward (Annie), res 12 s Ninth. 
Eckhard Harry, elk Bryson House. 
Eddington Frank, tel opr, res 38 n Seventh. 
Edmunds Miss E Grace, res 300 n Fourteenth. 
P^chnunds Miss Edith C, res 300 n Fourteenth. 
Edmunds Miss Florence, les 300 n Fourteenth. 
Edmunds Thomas 11 (Caroline), prop Chair Factory Centcrville, 

res 30() n Fourteenth. 
Edmunds William W, res 300 n Fourteenth. 
Edinondson Anna, (wid Samuel), res 10 Ft Wayne ave. 
Edsal Fuller, (Hannah), cooper, res 13 s Fourth, 
lulward Albert, res 33 n Sixth. 
Edwards Alfred, (Elizabeth), res 100 n Second. 
Edwards Aiiss Belle, res 109 n Thii'd. 
Edwards David, (Mary), blacksmith Wavne AgrM AVoi-ks, res 

Edwards David, (Cordelia), blacksmith Sinex Flow Co, res cor 

Third and n Fifth. 
Edwards Elizabeth, (wid Enis), dressmaker, res 2(K) s Eleventh. 
Edwards Mrs Elizabeth, carpet weaver, 100 n Seconal. 
Edwards ]^]lizal)eth J (wid Thomas), res 109 n Third. 
Edwards Isaac, (col), wks and bds 321 n Tenth. 
Edwards James T (Eliza), carpenter, res t)20 n Thirteenth. 
Edwards .Joseph, wks lloosier Drill Co, res 100 n Second. 
Edwards Miss J^aura, res cor Thiid and n Fifth. 

'i-a°n\^&)"i:rArTJrn^t8"rg>i; t W. T. BARBEE iron ani Wire Works, 


Flttinara, Ornam'tl Roof Creatinga 



Try the Aurora Carpet Sweeper, °- ^f^^'ZL^'i^t^'' 


Edwaids Li(l;i P (wid Win II), res 78 Ft Wayne ave. 

Edwards Miss Mary E, res 28 n .Sixth. 

Edwards Kel)ecca (wid William), l)uardiii»>- house, 28 n Sixtli. 

Edwards Tlios W, res 101> n Third. 

Edwards AV^ni, res cor Third and n Eit'th. 

Egberts Casino, at (lien Miller adjoining the city on the eitst, 
^t^l'et cai's running to the grounds. 

Egbert C ft (Julia A), prop Egberts Casino, res Glen Miller. 

Eggenieyer Alice, domestic 9;]<) ]\Iain. 
■ Ea'gonieyei- August, wks Gaar, Scott <fc Co, res 12-i s Fourth. 

Eggeineyer Edward II, elk J M F]gge!neyer, res 418 s Fourth. 
, Eggenieyer F^dward II, farmer, res 1127 s J. 

F^ggemeyer Emma, domestic 100 s lughth. 

F]ggemeyer F'red (Mary), wks AViggins ik Co, res 12J: a F'ourth. 

Eggeineyer George II, coal, wood, cemen.t, A:c. 18G to 192 Fort 
Wayne ave. Tele))hone 20, res 418 s Fourth. 

Eggenieyer Henry G, elk ,J Eggeineyer, res 418 s F^jurth. 

F^ggemeyer John (Caroline), farmer, res 1427 s J. 
. F^ggeme'yer John i\I (Carrie), u-rocer 4<H and 402 Main, Tel f>9, 
res*12(; s Third. 

F^ggemeyer Miss Sarah F\ res 1427 s J. 
' Eggenieyer AYm (', elk J M Eggenieyer, res 418 s Fourth. 

Egleman Lydia, domestic 22 s Ninth. 

Egli F]mma, domestic 32:5 ii Ninth. 

Eglv Frank, wks \l City Chaii' Co, res 1110 ii J. 

Egly Joseph (Eli/aheth). wks U City Chair Co, res 1110 ii J. 

ligly ]\liss Minnie, res 1110 n J. 
,. F]isermann Ilarman, wks Geo \l Grant, Mempleman tfe Co, bda 
110 n Eighth. 

Eiseiinaiin Wm, tailor Simon Fox, bds 110 n Eighth. 

Elder James (Eliza J), ])ublisher llichmond Democrat 5;)7 

Main, res 220 s Fifth. 7) , / 

Elder J Fi-ank, elk supt ollice C St L & P \ly, res 2i) s Twelfth. /,^, 
I Elder Miss JNlary E, res 220 s Fifth. / '"' 

■ Elderkin Mary (wid John C), res 128 s Ninth. 
. Elderkin MisslMary K, school teacher, res 128 a Ninth. 

Eldorado Steam Laundry and Bath Rooms, Tluo McCMel- 

lan proj), 10 n l^ighth. 
Eliason Corydon A (Rachel A), painter lloosier Drill Co, res 

527 n Eighteenth. 
F^liason Paulina (wid F]benzer), res 111 n Ninth. 
Ell Mathias (Levina), painter, res 400 ii Fourth. 

WEDDING. BlFiTHDAY AND ■Mii^hnlcann Rt "Rt'O 

No. 720 Main 

Everybody tuys their COAL of Mather Bros. 


Elliiii^er Eliza (vvid Phili])), res cor Third and n Filth. 

Elliiii^er ^liss Einiiia, wks '\Vig<>ins & Co, res 514 u Fifth. 

Elliott Eva, domestic 1115 s A. 

Elliott Miss irettie, res 710 ii Thirteentli. 

Elliott John (Eunice), Township Trustee, res 100 s Seventh. 

Elliott Josiah T (Marv), res 37 s Twelfth. 

Elliott Miss ]\lariette, di'cssniaker, res 47 s Eleventh. 

Elliott Newton II, paper hanger, res 328 s JSinth. 

Elliot Ollie K, cash boy L E Leonard Sl Co, res 37 s Twelfth. 

Elliott Thomas (Sarah), paper han^rer, res llOli n G. 

Elliott Tlios C (Sarah J), ])aper hanger, I'es 328 s Nintli. 

Elliott Walter, paper hanger, res 328 s Ninth. 

Ellis Mrs Cornelia W, res 122 n Thirteenth. 

Ellis Matthew W (Matilda J), peddler, res 1218 n F. 

Ellis Oliver (Lizzie), ex-driver, res 205 n Fourth. 

Ellis AV^illiam 1) (Lydia M), carpenter, contractor and builder, res 

231 n Ninteenth. 
Elmer Willard (Mary F), asst ticket agent Union Depot, res 

218 n Eleventli. 
Elstro Adam, cash boy Lou M Emmons, res 441 s Eleventh. 
Elstro Anna, domestic 118 n Eighth. 
Elstro Chris (Mary), brickmason, res 441 s Eleventh. 
Elstro Miss Fannie, printer Evening Item, res 121 s Fifth. 
Elstro Fi'ank (Louisa) stonemason, res 1220 s J. 
Elstro Fj-ank 11, wks K Roller Skate and C Co, res 441 s 

Elstro George, wks R Roller Skate and C Co, res 441 s Eleventh. 
Elstro Henry (Sarah) stonemason, res 405 s Tenth. 
Elstro Louisa, domestic 800 s E. 
Elstro Rose, domestic 10 n Tenth. 
Elwarner Wm, bds 403 n Eighth. 
Emke Jose])h (Lizzie), lab, res 713 s Ninth. 
Emmons Edward, brakeman, bds 122 Ft Wayne ave. 
Emmons Joshua (Louisa) physician, 21s Eighth res same. 
Emmons Lou M, clothing and gents furnibhing goods 700 ]\lain, 

res 21 s Eighth. 
Emmons Miss Afary A, dressmaker, res 123 n Sixth. 
Emrick Henry ((Catharine), shoiMiiaker, I'Cs over s Fil'lh. 
Emrick Frank (.Jennie), res 205 s Fifth. 
Emson George (Belle), res 133 s Sixth. 
Emswiler George R, res 213 u Tenth. 
Engelbert Frank, molder lloosier Drill Co, rt^s W Richmond. 

T5^T;*^/^ P/sM/^ri Whioow (UiardH. wire t^lgiiH, Storo 1 W. T. HAHHFK, 

W ire UOOCIS. Fixtures, Flower JStanda. Floral Dcalgna. \ Iron and Wire Wcrki. 

YARNS, all colors and qualities, °l2§SSf?S?. 



Eiulsloy Theodore J (Florence) tireni;ai (J St L & P Ily, res 27(i 

Ft Wayne av e. 
En^elhert Frank, cigar maker Peter Young, res 887 s Sixth. 
iMigi'lbert Ilari-y 11, niolder Gaar, Scott c^ Co, res AY Richmond. 
ICngelhert Henry 11 (Julia)^ cii^'ai- mtg 1;} n Fightli, res 201 s 

Fit til. 
Engelhert John i> (Lizzie) mohkir (laar, Scott & Co, res W 

luigelhert Jose])li (Fliz:d)eth), res \v Jiichmond. 
Eiigelhert Joseph, fir, moulder lloosiei- Di'ill Co, res w Picli- 

Engelbert Jose])h (Kate), blacksmith, res 707 s jNintli. 
Engelbert Lliss Lizzie M, i-es A\^ Richmond. 
Engelbert Theodore, cigar maker se Rogers, res 837 s Sixth. 
k^Uiiclbert AYilliam, molder, res AV Riclnnond. 
Engle Harry, elk Hitt" Pros, res 447 s Ninth. ' • 

Engle AErs Kate (wid ^V^illiam), music teacher, i-es 447 s Ninth. 
English Kitchen Restaurant, I 'en P Pethge i>rop, 01(3 Main, 

hot meals, oysters and lunch at all hours. 
F]nnis John, elk J II Moorman, bds same. 
F^nnis Maggie, domestic ;>0 s Fifteenth. 
F]nuis Sai'ah J, domestic 1707 Main. 
Enoch Alfred (Ai-tie), ])arcel e.\])ress, res 24 n Sixth. ' 
Enoch Fred, res 24 n Sixth, 
k'noch Miss Katie, res 24 n Sixth. 

Enoch J\Iiss Sot^da, wks AV^iggins & Co, res 24 n Sixth. 
Ep])ingC]has J (Annie E) wks M C Henley, 540 n Fourteenth. 
E|)])ing Henry (Mai-y 1'), lab, res 44G s Fifth. 
E[))'ing Henry, jr, res 4-l() s 1^'ifth. 
E[)j)ing Mii-s ^linnie, i'es-140s I'il'th. 
Epj)ing Minnie P, donu^stic 'Ml n Fjghtli. 
E]){)ing AV^illiam (Pern;irdina) shoenudcer Pen Maag, res 235 s 

Ej)ps Mrs Anna, (col), (wid Thom:is), res 320 s Thirteenth. 
F]pps Jesse (Mai'y), lab, res 1 130 n 1. 
Epps IMary, domestic 24 s Ninth. 
Erbso Albert, carpenter, res 430 s 1^'deventh. 
F^rbse Miss Annie M, elk (ieo l\iu)llenberg, res 430 s Elexenth. 
Erbse David (Minnie) carpenter, res 43)0 s j^^leventh. 
Erbse iMiss Lena R, res -13)0 s l']hn(;n(h. 
Erbse Jjizzi(!, domestic 34 n Frighth. 
Erbse l^ouis, car])enter, i'c;s 430 s Eleventh. 

School Books and School Supplies 

720 Main fciiroet 



Erbse Eusa, domestic 21 n Twelfth. 

Erk Miss Carrie, res 40 4 s Sexeiitli, 

Erk Charles 11, wks E Smith vfe Co, res 205 s Thirteeiitli. 

Erk Edward II, elk Creamer & Clemence, res 205 s Thirteenth. 

Erk Frederick, cigar maker A JJrifmeyer, res 404 s Seventh. 

Erk Mrs Gertrude (wid Frederick), res 214 s Fourth. 

Erk llai-moii II (Kate E) grocer, 205 s Thirteenth, res same. 

Erk Henry F, elk Harmon Erk,, res 205 s Thirteenth. 

Erk Miss Mary, res 404 s Seventh. 

Erk Miss Matilda, res 205 s Thirteenth. 

Erk Eudolph A, elk Harmon Erk, res 205 s Thirteenth. 

Erk Wm (Mary), wks Guar, Scott tfc Co, res 714 s Eighth. 

Ertel ]\Iiss Harriet, res w s llillsburough Pike, 1 n bridge. 

Ertel Sarah (wid Jermiah), i-es w s llillsburuugh Pike, 1 n 

Erwin Albert (Julia), wks Hoosier Drill Co, res 421 n 

Essau Edward, machinist Gaar, Scott & Co, res 113 s Third. 
Essau Joseph sr (l^ousia), molder Gaar, Scott <k Co, res 114 s 

Essau Joseph jr, wks J M Ilutton & Co, res 113 s Third. 
Essau Miss Josephine, res 113 s Third. 

Essenmacher Charles (Louisa), butcher, 318 s Fifth, res 602 s E. 
Essenmacher Joseph sr, res Oil s A. 
Essenmacher Joseph jr, boilermaker, res Oil s A. 
Essenmacher Joseph (Cari-iti), wks Wm (yain, res 314 s Seventh. 
Essenmacher Julius (Katie 1), machinist K City Mill Works, res 

1130 n J. 
Essenmacher Peter (Lizzie), wks Chai'les S Farnham, res -108 s 

Essenmacher Peter, parcel ex])ress, res Oil s A. 
Essmaker Charles 11 (Frances P), elk Chas Pader, res 411 n D. 
Essmaker Miss M U, elk M E Ponsall, res 411 n 1). 
Essteb Jacob (JMattie), live stock dealei", res 220 n Fourteenth. 
Estell Pros (John J and Charles P), boots and shoes, 403 Main. 
Estell Charles B (Estell Pros), res 20 Ft Wayne ave. 
Estell Elizabeth (wid AV^m), res 100 s Eighth. 
Estell Harry, wks Plair Pros, res 100 s l\ighth. 
Estell Homer, elk Wm Trindel, res 20 Ft Wayne ave. 
Estell John J (Estell Pros), res 20 Ft Wayne ave. 
Estell Mary L) (wid Charles), res 20 Ft Wayne ave. 
Estell Miss Mary F, res 100 s Eighth. 

TTTirP Pnnrlc! C^ialrs and Setteoa, summer Housos.i W. T. BARBEE, 

tDcreona, and aU kinds ot Wiro Cloth, ] ikun anu wikl wohks. 

Dress Goods, Black I Fancy Silks, 

D. B. Crawford & Son 

528 Main Street. 



Estell Uebecca (wid Jlicluird), res over (>2() ]\hiin. 

Estell Uieliard (Fannie), res Id Ft AV^ayne ave. 

Estron Jennie, duniestie 1J(»(J Main. 

Elder Jjouis (Eizzie), car])enter, res 134 s Ei<^litli. 

Eva Thomas, foreman J fl Iviissell, res 81 s Seventeenth. 

Evans jVIiss Ardelhi, res 120 s Tenth. 

Evans Charles (iMerihah), res 212 n Twelt'tli. 

Evans Charles, wks Ld Templeton, res West Richmond. 

Evans Eli W (Mary C), hoise sheer rear 13 ii JN'inth, res 120 s 

Evans Mi's Elizabeth (wid Asbey), res Sevastopol. 

Evans Frank', lal), res Sevasto])ol. 

F]vans Miss Idel 0, res OlO^ s Seventli. 

Evans John (Esther), day yard conductor C St L i& P 11 II, res 

Evans John (llattie), res Sevastopol. 

Evans John, wks Gaar, Scott & Cu, bds 33 n Seventh. 

Evans John, machinist (Jaar, Scott c\i Co, res 37 ii Sixth. 

Evans Jonathan C (Anna), farmer, res AV^est Richmond. 

Evans "Mary A (wid Isaac R), res S])rin<i,' Cruve. 

Evans Newton, wks Gaar, Scott c'C- Cu, bds 33 n Seventh. '- 

Evans Newton, wks (iaai-, Scott cK:. Co, res 37 n Sixth. 

Evans Miss Rosa, res Sevastoj)ol. 

l]vans Ryan, res Sevasto,})ol. 

F^vaiis Miss Sarah C, res Sprin«>- Grove. . 

Evans Wm E. farmer, res \V Richmond. 

Evans, Ferguson & Reeves, (estate J P Evans. Clement ^V 
Fei-gnson and dames !*' Reeves), ])roi)S Si)i-ing Grove Oil 
Mills, Fomitain (Jity pike, n of brid<^^e, tc^l 11. 

Evening Item, 1 Klein ju-opr and publisher, J A lladley edi- 
tor, over 807 Main, lei 78. 

Eversman Ellen (wid IJenry) res 207 s Third. 

Eversman George (Ivatie), machinist Gaar, Scott & Co, res 209 s 

Eyden William (Elvina), sign ])ainter, res over lOG Main. 

Ezra Smith & Co Mfg Association, V.^vi Smith nres, dames 

Smith secy and tieas, cnllin mfg, n e ror s A and Ninth. 

Fagan Joseph (Mary), foreman Robinson & Co, res 12() n Third. 
Eager Miss Emma, res over 1532 Main. 

Wall Paper and Curtain Goods, 


7120 Main HI 

BEST Screened Aiitliraclte COAL < MATHER BROS. 


Fiihicn llei'inan J, elk Boston 8t(jre, res S'il s Eleventh. 

Kuhien Jolui (Miiry), wks ILiynes, Spencer & Co, res l>21 s 

Faliien Miss Kate, res e s Twenty-lirst, 8 s Main. 
Fahien Louisa, domestic 107 n Twelfth. 
Fahean Mary (wiel Jacoh), res e s Twenty-lirst, <> s Main. 
Fahlsin^z; Caroline (wid Wni), res o08 n Twentieth. 
Fahlsing- Henry W, lab, res 308 n Ninth. 
Fahlsing Wni F, shoemaker J ]> Gilbert, bds4l9 s Seventh. 
Fanning Wallace W (Alferetta), carpenter and contractor, I'es 17 

s Seventeenth, 
Farlow Frank ]\I, wks II Shofer, i-es 22 s Third. 
Farlow James M (Catharjne IJ), horse dentist, res 22 s Third. 
Farmer Henry, res 802 u Tw^elith. 
Farnham Charles S (ilebecca J), lumber, lath, shingles, sash, 

doors and blinds, s \v cor Tenth and n E, tel 0, res 101 n 

Farnham ]\liss Hattie E, res 401 n Thirteenth. 
Farquhar AVilliam L (Margaret), auctioneer, res 17 s Seventeenth. 
Farrall Delia, domestic 322 n ]^]ighth. 
Farrel Ella, domestic 202 n Fifteenth. 
Farrell Hugh (Ann), lab, res 308 n Sixteenth. 
Farrell Michael, day brakenian C St L & P ii 11. 
Earwig Hernum (Cari'ie M), tanner, res 319 s Sixth. 
Faske Bernard (Hannah), tailor, 28 s Sixth, res 117 s Fifth. 
Fast George W (Kate C), engineer C St L tfe 1* Ry, res 210 s 

Favorite Laura (wid Asa), res 413 Main. 
Favorite Laura, wks L Rogers, res 413 Main. 
Fay Jonathan (Jane), lab, res 735 n Fourteenth. 
Feathers Miss Anna M, bkpr G W Mashmejer & Co, res 205 w 

Feaselmann Garret, farmer, res 423 s Sixth. 
Fee Elijah T (Emila M), carpenter, I'cs 232 s Ninth. 
Fee George E, carpenter, res 232 s Ninth. 
Fe.e Harry M, elk Geo JJrown, res 232 s Ninth. 
Fee ]\[iss Ida M, elk F A Knabe. res 2;;2 s Ninth. 
Fee William A, car|)enter, res 2;)2 s Ninth. 
Feiler John M (Matilda 1)), teamster, les 221 n Second. ^ 
Feldhaus Miss Anna, elk Geo Knollenberg, res 135 s Fiftli. 
Feldhaus Arnold (Dinah), shoenudcer S n Sixth, res 135 b Fifih. 
Feldmann Beniiman, molder, res (U)l s J. 



^8??o'i"^g.t-17 B. B. CHAWFORD & SON, M^^. 


FeldiiKum Henry, res (JOl s J. 

Feldman liciiry (Miii'y), bout iind shoe maker, 705 s C, res 301 s 

Feldman Jt)lin 1>, bkpr (Jlias 8 Farnliam, res 301 s Seventli. 

Feldmann Miss Lonisa, res 301 s Seventh. 

Feldmann J\lrs Alary (wid John), res 001 s J. 

Feltmann J\l iss Annuuhi, res ii-ll s Second. 

Feltman David (iMary A), wksCiaar, Scott Sl Co, res 322 s Third. 

leltman Eliza, domestic 1202 J\Iain. 

Feltmann Ella, domestic 113 s E^leventli. 

Feltnnmn JNIiss E^lla, res 211 s Second. 

Feltman Miss Ella M, res 322 s Third. 

Feltmann Henry, wks (Jaar, Scott A: Co, res 241 s Second. 

Feltman John E, ci<;ar maker, res 322 s Third. 

Feltmann Mary (wid Eenjamin), res 2-11 s Second. 

Feltmann William, wks Caar, Scott cV: Co, j'es 211 s Second. 

Fennimore Miss Sai'ali, res o\er 020 Main. 

Fensier Fred, wks Chani]>ion Uoller AIillin<j,' Co. 

Fei-guson Andj-ew (col), hai-Oer, at res 404 s Sixth, 

Fei'guson C (coi), wks Caj)ins, rooms over 817 Main. 

P'er«^Mison Caleb (i, porter J A Cai)en. 

Ferguson Clements W (Miss(niri), vice pres First Nat'l Eaidc, 
and Evans, Fei'^uson iSL lleeves, res 115 s Sixteenth. 

Fert^nson Miss Indie, res 115 s Sixteenth. 

Ferguson J (col) rooms over 817 Main. 

Fej'guson James C, I'cs e s Sixteenth, Ins 111. 

Ferguson INlartha It (wid Thomas), res e s Sixteenth, 1 n s E. 

Ferguson Paul (col), lab, bds 200 s Ninth. 

Ferguson Thomas A, elk First Natl Eank, res 115 s Sixteenth. 

Ferguson AV'm (), elk First Natl Eank, res 115 s Sixteenth. 

E'erris Charles E (Eelle), bk[>r G U Eggemeyer, res 404 n Fif- 

Fetta Alfred H, plumber 11 11 Meerhoir, res 18 s Eighth. 

Fetta Anna M (wid Henry), res 31 T s Isjurth. 

Fetta Christian (Louisa), brickyard, res 1002 Main. 

Fetta Harmon (Anna), cigars an^l tobaccos, jcl l-'l \Vayi»eave and 
n Eighth, res 412 s lA>urth. 

Fetta Henry H (Mciry h^), real estate b^.ught and i-xchanged, 
notary public, 18 s JMghth, res same. 

Fetta John 11 (Isabelle C),' elk L E Leonard c^ Co, res 15 s Six- 
teenth. ; .. " 

Fetta Louis, elk 11 Fetta, res 317 s Fourth. 

The Latest popular Books onSi al 


•i"JA) Main Mn«ol. 

Louisville and Portland CEMENT matIbr 



Fetzer llobert B (Alice A), eno-ineer 11 City M\\\ Wks, res 313 n 

Four tee 11 til. 
Fiddler Frank, architect S L Wiley Construction Co, res near 

Fifer l.ouis (Pauline), lab, res 338 n Third. 

Filby George R (Sarah J), wks lloosier Drill Co, res 749 n Four- 
Finley Mrs Julia, res 40 n Sixth. , 

Finley Miss Julia II, res 40 n Sixth. 
Finn James, wks AVayne Agrl Wks, res 1322 n ¥. 
Finn John (]\[ary), lab, res 1322 n F. 
Finn Thomas J, elk Jas J Varley, res 1322 n F. 
Finney JMiss Ida F, res 27" s ^Jinth. 

Finney Joel J (Sallie A), chief ])olice, res 27 s Ninth. 
First National Bank, James C ltee\'es i)io8, C W Ferguson 

vice ])res, J F lieevescash, n w cor Seventh and ]\lain,tcl 15. 
Fisher Charles W, tinner, res over 189 Ft AV^iyne ave. 
Fisher Cliristian K (Sarah A), carj)entei' lloosier Drill Co, res 

309 n Fleventh. 
Fisher Edgar, wks Quaker City Chair Co, res 541 n Eighth. 
Fisher George, car])enter lloosier Drill Co, 
Fisher Ilerschel I, real estate Mgt, bds Huntington House. 
Fisher James I'Emeline), ear]>enter, res 207 n Second. 
Fisher Joseph, shoemaker, bds 201 n Ninth. 
Fisher J\Irs Louisa (wid John), res 547 s E. 
Fisher Linn II, molder lloosier Drill (Jo, res 309 n Eleventh. 
Fisher Ora L, wks Fry Bros, res 3)09 n Eleventh. 
Fisher Sarah (wid), bds Huntington IL^use. 
Fisher Thomas, l)roommaker lloosier l>room Wks, bds 407 s 

Fisher Toner D, elk Thompson cV: Good, res 309 n Eleventh. 
Fisher Win P, ])lasterer, bds over (MO Main. 
Fitz Albert J (Viola), machinist l[(»osier Drill ('o, res t)l s Si.\- 

Fitz Theodore S (Minerva), wks lKH)sier Drill Co. res 212 n 

Fitzgerald John, res I02S n G. 
Fitzgerald Miss Julia, res 102s n G. 
Fitzgerahl Miss Katie, res 102S n G. 
Fitzgerald Miss Maggie, res 102S n G. 
Fitzgerald Michael (Emily), wks (biar, Scott .V: C\>, res 721 n 

Nicholson & Bro. <^^^tr Office Supplies, ^i 

71' 9 Main 


Carpets and Dry Goods 

at 528 Main 




Fitzgerald Michael (Julia), watcliinan, res 1028 n G. 

Fitzgerald l^itrick, lab, res 1^29 n Secuiid. 

Fitzgibbuiis .lohij, printer Falladiuin, res Sevastopol. 

Fitzgibbons ^lieliael (i\[argaret), inillei*, res West Jiielnuond. 

Fitzgibbons ]\liss Xora, res AVest liiebinoiid. 

Fitziiiorris ]\liss Ella, dressmaker, res 225 u Fourth. 

Fitziuorris Juhii (Mary), tanner AViggins tt Co, res 225 n Fourth. 

Fitzniorris Miss Mary, dressmaker, res 225 ii Fcnirth. 

Fitzmorris Patrick, tanner, res 225 n Fourth 

Fitzpatrick Mary A, domestic P)21 n Tenth. 

Flagg Elizabetli' (wid AVm), milliner IT M Miller, res 1517 n A. 

Flanagan Juhn, res 1314 s 1. 

Flanagan John 0, res 1314 s I. 

Flanigan jMiss Mary, res 131-1 s I. 

Fhiniuigan Morton, wks AVm Eagle. 

Fhmnagan Patrick (Margaret), dry goods and notions, 430 Main, 

res same. 
Flasch llaymond (Carrie), school teacher, res 245 s Fourth. 
Flatley Miss Celia, res Sevastopol. 
Flatley John, gardener, res Sevastopol. 
Flatley John (Bridget), res Spring Grove. 
Flatley ]\[iss Kate, dressmaker, res Sevastopol. 
Flatley Miss ]\raggie T, res Sevastopol. 
Flatley AVni (Margaret), wks R City ]\[ill Works, 


Flatley AVm J, check elk G \l cV: 1 R Pi, res Sevastopol. 
Flederham AVilliam F, wks ^layne^, Spencer i\: Co, res 216 s 

Fleecy Dale Woolen Factory, E Aikin 

Fleming Albert, blacksmith, res 38 n Sixth. 
Fleming ]\liss Alice A, res 320 n Tenth. 
Fleming David, ])rinter Palladium, bds 811 
Fleming George W (Lizzie A), lirenuin, res 
Fleming John C (]\lary J), res 32() n Tenth. 
Fleming John G, res 119 s Eighth. 
Fleming Miss Josie, res 1I9 s Eighth. 
Fleming Robert, machinist, bds Philli]>s House. 
FlemiuL' Thonuis AV, foreman Uichmond Telegram, res 119 s 

res 509 n Sev 

prop, n e cor city 

n A. 

14 n Second. 


Fletcher Henry (col), barber Jamc: 

Weaver, bds Huntington 

TTT'n^^^ n^^Ar* Window Guards, Wire Signs, store 4 W. T BARBEE. 

W 116 UOOClS. Fixtures, Flower Stands. Floral Designs. \ Iron Ml Wire Wcrii. 

Mather Bros. Sell COAL CHEAP. 


Fletcher Samuel F (Elizabeth D), real estate ao-t, res 107 n 

Fletcher William, wks U S Ex olHce, bds Pliilli]:>s House. 
Fletcher William T, del elk U S and P Ex Cos, bds Phillips 

Flohr Charles, elk Tucli Pros, bds Iluntino^toii House. 
Flohr Samuel, mauag-er Tuch Bros, bds Huutiiigton House. 
Flora Miss Ella, res 229 s 1). 
Flora Emma, domestic 102 n Eleventh. 

Flora AVilliam (Caroline), wks Wayne Ai^nd AVks, res 229 s D. 
Foley John E (Aijnes). night train dispatcher C St L & P Py, 

res 300 n Thirteenth. 
Ford Albert J (Hattie), wks Hoosier Hrill Co, res 210 u Seconll. 
Ford Clias, lal) Hoosier Drill Co. 
Ford Ellen (wid Samuel), res 218 n Second. 
Ford Elmer, wks Hoosier Drill Co, res 218 ii Second. 
Ford George, wks Hoosier Drill Co, res 218 n Second. 
Food Henry (Emma), wks Gaar, Scott «& Co, res 329 n A. 
Ford j\riss Ida, res 218 n Second. 
Ford James G (Ella N), baggage nuister Union De|)ot, res 

Glen ]\Iiller. 
Ford JVIiss JNTaggie, res 329 n A. 
Ford Samuel S (Ettie E), trav agt E Smith & Co, res 105 ii 

Forehand John A, tel oi)r W U T Co, bds 132(1 j\Iain. 
Forkner Mi-s Elizabeth (wid James), res Sevastopol. 
Forkner Miss Nellie, dept county recorder, res 225 n Fif- 
Forkner Poss E (Julia), trav agt Cranor, Gaar & Co, res 222 

II Fifteenth. 
Forkner Sarah (wid Amer), res 408 n Fifteenth. 
Fornshil Thomas M (Amanda C), wks II\»osier Drill Co, les 2LM) 

n Sixth. 
Foske, see Faske. 

Fosbenkamper Harry, press l)oy T ]^] DeYarmon. 

Fossenkainper Henry (Maria), wks Gaar, Scott iSc Co, res 220 n 

Foster Eunice (wid \Vm), res 115 n Sixth. 
Foster Harriet (wid ('hai'les), res 310 n bMfteenth. 
Foster James L (Elhi), wks Haynes, Sj)eucer cV: Co, res over 829 

11 E. 

Iron Shutters, Balconies. Gratin^rs, 
Bank Work, Area RailinKs, fcitablo 
1^'ittings, Ornam'tl Roof Crestings. 

i W. T, BARBEE Iron and Wiic Works, 

) lAtAYtl U, IMUANA. , , 

Bottom Prices on all Domestics, °- b- %?^}yi,?|iP,ef son 



Foster Joel, col (Ellen N), lab, res 533 s Seventh. 

Foster Joel, col (Ellen), buhs driver, res 101) s Sixth. 

Foster Martha, col (wid John), res G21 s Seventh. 

Foster Thonnis (col), porter John AV Gruhhs & Co, res 021 s 

Fonlke ATiss ITattie E, school teacher, res Spring Grove. 

Fonlke John T, mail a-t, res 1015 s A. 

Foiilke John W(Ahioai) (W W Fonlke c^ Co), res 118 ri Fiftli. 

Fonlke Joshua (Sarah A), snpt liichniond lientwood Co,reslUl5 

Eonlhe Miss Lizzie E, school teacher, res Spring Grove. 

Foulke William Dudley (^Fary T K) (Fuulke .t llupe), State 
Senator, res s end s Eighteenth, J/mden llill, tel 74. 

Foulke Wm W (Mary E) [W W Fonlke & Co), res Spring 

Foulke & Rupe (Win Dudley Fonlke, John j^ Kupe), attys at 
law, over 1st Natl F>ank, tel 103. 

Foulke W W & Co (Wm W Foulke, John W Eoiilke), iron, 
steel, spriiii^s, axles, sera]) iron, wheels', felloes, shafts, etc, 
20 S Ft AN'ayne ave. 

Fonts Joseph M (Kate M), painter P Schneider, res 201 s 

Fowler Arthur I) (Jane), papei' hanger, res 322 ii Sixteenth. 

Fowler Arthur D (Rachel J), confectionery and fruit D27 Main, 
res over same. 

Fowler Laura (wid John), domestic 202 n Seventh. 

Fox & Brother, Samuel Fox manager, elothing and gents fur- 
nishing goods (521 Main. 

Fox Frederick, student, res W Richmond. 

Fox Francis L, studeut. res W Eichmond. 

Fox Gcoi-ge, elk S Fox ik Co, res 40 s Thirteenth. 

Fox Henry C (Helen S) lawyer, over SOO) Main, res AV Rich- 

Fox Jacob, elk Fox & r»ro, res 40 s Thirteenth. 

Fox John, machinist Gaar, Scott & Co, bds Fhillii)S House. 

Fox Jonas W, elk Simon Fox, res 30 s Tenth. 

Fox Robert, wks Hatlicdd S^ Vaughan, bds restaurant. 

Fox Miss Sallie, res 40 s Thirteenth. 

Fox Samuel (Sarah), manager, Fox ct Rrolher, res over 024 

Fox Saul (Rosa), manager S Fox .^', (\), res 40 s Thirteenth. 

Fox Wm, hostler C St L vfc P Ry, bds 001 n Twelllh. 

All kinds of BLANK BOOKS Nicholson jlbro. 



Fox Simon (Theresa), mercluiiit tailor 714 Main, tel 180, res 

;U) s Tenth. 
Fox S & Co (Simon Fox) hats, caps and i>;euts furnishing goods, 

CliS Main. 
Francis Alary W (vvid Edward), res llo s Seventh. 
F'raiicis Miss Serena !>, res 111) s Seventh. 
Francisco Mrs Abbie .1 (wid Lonis J), res 35 s Seventh. 
Francisco Charles A (Hannah D), bookkeeper J Dickinson & 

Co, res 28 s Eleventh. 
Francisco Frank M, manager Glen Miller Transfer Co and 

Combination Stables, res 85 s Seventh. 
Frank Anna, domestic 21) n Twelfth. 
Frank Charles, wks (iaar, Scott & Co, res P>28 s Fourth. 
Frank John AV (Elizabeth), wks Gaar, Scott & Co, res 323 s 

Franklin Jacob (Emma), res 35 s Twelfth. 
Fraidvlin Prince, (col) lab. res 25 s Sixth. 

Fraumann Charles (Mary), (Sieweke cVs Co), res 117 Liberty ave. 
Fraumann David (Elizabeth E), wks J M llutton & Co, res 314 

s Fourth. 
Fraumann Edward, sr, (Eliza), res 232 s Third. 
Fraumann Edward, jr, wks lloosier Drill Co, res 232 s Third. 
Fraumann Miss Ella, elk L E Leoiuird & Co, res 232 s Tliii'd. 
F^'auinann George, wks Sieweke & Co, res 117 Liberty ave. 
Fraumann John II (Anna M). wks lloosier Drill Co, res 520 s 

Frazier JVtiss Anna, res Sevasto[)ol. 
Frazier Charles, res Sevasto])ol. 
Frazier Miss Eva, bds 811 n A- 
Frazier John, wks lloosier Drill Co, I'es Sevastopol. 
Frazier Mrs Maggie (wid John) bds 811 n A. 
Frazier Philij) (Bridget), grocer, Sevastopol, res same. 
F'reak Henry (Frances), res 37 n Third. 
Freak John, wks lloosier Drill Co, res 37 n Third. 
Freak Wm, res 37 n Third. 
Freck Wm (Pauline), res 318 s Fifth. 
Eredermann Frederick (^Lizzie), wks (Jaar, Scott cV: Co, res 710 s 

Freeling Lavina, domestic 1415 Main. 
Freeman Miss Ella, res 17 s Fifth. 

Freeman Eugene G, i)ressnKin Daily Palladium, res 402 n 

Tlfr;%,« ri^^;j n window Guarda. Wire SJ^fUrf. Store 1 W. T. IVAKBKE. 

W irG UOOUS. Fixtures. Flower atando, Floral DebignB, ] Iron and Wire Worij. 

Gents' Suits made to Order, ^ ^^?SSf><*st"°" RICHMOND 


Freenuiii lilversoii S (L^lizabeth), res 17 s Fifth . 

.Freeiiiaii George W (^Nettie), con C St L Sl P ily, bcls Brysou 

Freeman J\[iss Mina, res 1514: n E. 
Freeman Perry J (Mattie II), lawyer and notary pul)lic, 508 

Main, res 17 South Fii'th, 
Freeman lliehard (Sarali), grocer, 501 n Fifteenth, res 1514 n F. 
Fj'eema4i Solomon U (lleni'ietta L), ell; Nicholson & Ih'o, res 

402 n Fourteenth. 
Freier Giistave (Harbara), shoemakei", 3 s Eighth, res l^'U s 

French Mrs Anna S (wid Ivichard), res :i'22 s Tenth. 
Frese Harmon, molder U (Jity ^Mill Works, res nr Jst Toll Gate 

on National Uoad. 
Frick Alexander (IFannah), stone cutter 1501 n F, res 531 n 

Fricke Henry (Francis), res 37 n Third. 
Fricke John, wks Iloosier Drill Go, res 37 n Third. 
Fricke Wm, res 37 n Third. 

Froinmei- Gharles 1) (Mary A), res 117 Eiherty ave. 
Fry Andrew, (col), lab, res 730 n Fil'teenth. 
Fry Armstad (Martha J), (col), res 730 n Fil'teenth. 
Fry Brothers, (James and Oliver), ])laning mill, sash, door and 

blind mlg 13 and J 5 s Eleventh, tel 53. 
Fry Cyalvin (Anna), engineer Fry Pros, res 20 s Fleventli. 
Fry Charles x\, (Sarah A), j)ro}) Excelsior Dairy, res 107 s 

Fry Frank A (Florence L), machine hand h'ry Hrothers, res 201 

s Twell'tli. 
Fry Frances J, (col), res 730 n Fifteenth. 
Fry Frank (), (Minnie), machinist Dille & Mc(}uirc Mfg Go, res 

11 Ft Wayne ave. 
Fry Geo E, wks Fry l>ros, res 3)5 s h^leventh. 
Fry James (AFaggie), [I'vy Ib-os), res 30 s Eleventh. 
Fry Oliver (J, wks Fry Ib'os, res 35 s l^leventh. 
Fry Oliver H (Elizabeth (J), (Ery r»ro.s), res 35 s Flleventli. 
Ery Wm (J, wks V'vy r>ros, res 35 s Eleventh. 
Fry Wm W (Mary 11), teamster, r(;s .s30 n Twelfth. 
Fryar Ghas, machinist, res 21 s Sixteenth. 
Fryar Miss F'annie, j-es 305 s Eighth. 
Fryar Miss Eloi-a G, res 204 n Seventh. 
Fryar James 11, res 305 s Eighth. 

HoUand's Gold Pt3n8 and Pencils n\ 'Mip'hAlcnn J?/ T\rr\ '^'i^ ^'»*" 
Pocket Books and Card Cases (11 IN ICIlOibOIl CJ JJi U. Streot. 

Our Coal always Pleases.— Mather Bros. 


Fryar John (Sanili C), carpenter, res 204: n Seventh. 

Fi'jar Miss Laura Belle, res 1^04- n Seventh. 

bVyar ]\Iiss Mdvy E, res 12 n Tenth. 

Fuehrer Mrs Anna (wid Charles), res 70l s Sixth. 

Fuessler Fred (Susan) lab, res 101) s Fifth. 

Fuessler Miss Lena, res 101) s Fii'th. 

Fuessler Lena, domestic 42 s Thirteenth, 

Fuessler Signiund, baker D J lloerner, bds 37 s Fourth. 

Ful<z;huni Albert (llattie), wks Hamilton & Grant, res 1317 n IL 

Fulyhum Francona L, l)k[)r llenchnian ^fe Cox, res 47 s Eleventh. 

Fulghum Frank, bkpr liehchnuin *S:. Cox, res n e cor s Eleventh, 

and A. 
Fulghum Frederick C (Kebecca E), (Barber & Fulghum and 

John K Leek & Co,) res 4-7 s Eleventh. 
Fulghum Jesse P (Emma It), designer Wayne Agrl Works, res 

1203 Main. 
Fulghum Mollie J (wid William), res 270 Et W^ayne ave. 
Fulghum Orla B (Mary L), agent AVhite sewing machine, 1)01 

Main, res 59 s Sixteenth. 
Fulghum Oscar E, manager Richmond Telegra])h Institute, 

res 4:7 s Eleventh. 
Fuller Emisire, (col), porter B II Moorman A: Co, res 404 s 

Fuller Ilarriette, (col), bds 23 s Sixth. 
Fuller James (Johanna), lab, res Clifton, W Richmond. 
Fuller James, lab, res Clifton, W Richmond. 
Fuller Mrs Mary (wid Reuben), res 20 s Thirteenth. 
Fuller Mary, domestic 4o2 n Eleventh. 
Fuller Wm (Eliza), res end Liberty ave. 

Fully Henry, wks Hill ik (yo, res Liberty ave 1 w city linnts. 
Fulton Boiler Works, Jerry Cowing & Co projjrs, mfrs steam 

boilers, lard tanks, coolers, etc, Et Wayne ave n of [Inion 

Furher Miss Carrie, school teacher, bds 10 s Tenth. 
Furlong Wm, wks C St L & P Uy, bds 131() n F. 
Furnas Miss Eunice, taxidermist, res 70 s Sixteenth. 
Furnas Miss Phebe, instructor Earlham Frei)aratory School, 

res 70 s Sixteenth. 
Furnas Robert F (Bethiah), ])hysician, 70 s Sixteenth, res same, 

tel 145. 
Fuson Edward (Annie), brakenum C St L Sl V yards, res 1214 

n F. 

Chairs and Setteoa. Summer Houaes, ) W. T. BARBEE, 

TtTn-v^fs r</^/^/5l« Chairs and Setteoa. aummer iiouaes,) w. I. UAKt 
YV irC UOOCIS. Screens, and nU kinds of Wire Cloth. ) ihon ano wiri: w 




Futioii James L (l.otta), wks C St J. & P Ey, res 1820 ii F. 
Fye F>enj (KatiO, stonemason, res (518 n Fourteenth. 
Fye Clem, res ()1S n Fourteenth. ' 

....,.: .:; . (^ 

Gaar Abram (Agnes), president Gaar, Scott & Co, res New 

Fans Fike, 1 mile n e city, tel M(). 
Gaar Clem A (Fannie), (Craner, Gaar & Co), res 202 n 

Gaar Fielding (Mary), (Gaar, Scott & Co.) 

Gaar Miss Jennie I, res 2(5 n Fighth. 

Gaar John M (Helen ]\[) treas Gaar, Scott & Co, res 2G ii 

Gaar Jolm M, jr, res 20 n Fighth. 

Gaar Oliver P (xVlice), ((iaar, Scott & Co), res 302 n Twelfth. 
Gaar Samuel W (Flizaheth), (Gaar, Scott Sl (Jo), res 302 n 

Gaar Samuel W, collection elk 2d Nat Bank, res New Paris 

pike, 1 mile n e of city. 
Gaar Wm, res 20 n Fi-iith. . 
Gaar William W (JuHu M), (Gaar, Scott .1- Co), res 29 ti 

Gaar, Scott & Co, mfe steam engines, thrasliers, saw mill, and 

clover hullers: A Gaar, i)res; W G Scott, secy; J M C^aar, 

treas; cor n F and Washing-ton ave, tel 1. 
Gabert IVlartin, lab, bds 227 s Sixth. ^ . . 

Gaffaner Miss Susie, dressmakei', res over 000 ^[ain. 
Gagen Sarah, domestic (50 s Twelfth. ; 

Gaines Purton, night elk P Merkle & Co. 
Gaines Clamar D (Nancy M), res 218 n Sixteenth. 
Gaines C A, elk Jos A Knabe, res 218 n Sixteenth. 
Gaines Wm, (col), stonemason, res 732 n Fifteenth. 
Gaines Wm T (Cornelia A), (col), carp, res 722 n Fourteenth. 
Galigher John, brakeman, res rear 10 s Tenth. ^^ 
Galigher Mrs Fydia (wid Hugh), res rear 10 s Tenth. 
Galigher Wm, machinist, res 10 s Teutli. 
Cialvin Anna, domestic 118 s Third. 
Galvin Daniel, del elk Jas J Farley, res 322 n Fifth. 
Galvin Miss Flla, res 322 n Fiah. 
Galvin Ivatie, domestic 233 n Tenth. 
Galvin Uiivy (wid John), res 322 n Fifth. 

''EfsVil^r^hESkl^^'' at NICHOLSON & BRO. 'i&^^t' 

Telentioiie to MATHER BROS' for COA L 


Galyean Elswortli (Jeniiit^), tinner, res 723 n Tenth. 

Gill yean Marion F, res 840 n Tenth. 

Galyean Mllo L (Eliza A), cooper Geisler & Stout, res 840 n 

Gans Joseph T (Sarah F), elk, res 1300 Main. 

Gans Miss Lulu, student, res 1300 JVtain. ^ 

Gard Fraid-:, elk John (JMIarra, res 33 s Sixth. 
Gard John (Delihn, lah, res 33 s Sixth. 
Gardner Alonzo M, law student, bds 47 s Eleventh. 
Gardner Rev Benjamin, (eol), (Sarah), lja}>tist minister, res 

233 s Third. 
Gardner j\Iiss Clara, res 312 Main. 
Gardner l^eter (Catharine), huteher John O'lTarra, res 403 s 

Garhan Andrew, wks water works, bds 419 n Fifteenth. 
Garner iMiss Annie E, seamstress, res 104 n Eighteenth. 
Garner J\liss JMary J, res 104 n Eighteenth. 
Garner AVintield S (Mary), ear])enter (laar, Scott & Co, res 104 

n Eighteenth. 
Garret John, (col), (Kosie), res ()i7 s A. 
Garrett John 11 (Addie), trav agt Wm R Swan & Co, res 130 8 

Garrett John ]\t, printer, bds 202 n Seventh. 
Garrett Theadore O (Annie E), res 233 s Filth. 
Gartner Peter (Kate), butcher, res 403 s Tenth. 
Gartner William, res 403 s Tenth. 
Gartside Wm N, pattern maker K City Mill Works, bds 402 n 

Garver Jacob (Lizzie), blacksmith Richmond Machine Wks, res 

412 n D. 
Gaston Ellis D, bkpr Pogue & Miller, bds Arlington Hotel. 
Gaston Isaac N (Mary E), trav agt 1 11 Howard Sl Co, res 123 s 

Gaston ^Vm W, bill elk I R Howard & Co, res 123 s Seventh. 
Gates Charles R, wks Itaynes, Spencei- & ('o, res 914 n Eleventh. 
Gates Daniel S (Mary L), res 914 n Eleventh. 
Gates Daniel S, jr, wks llaynes, Spencer Sl Co, res 9H n 

Gates Mi$s Nellie C, res 913 n Eleventh. ^ 
Gatzek Joseph (Rosa), tailor, res 317 s Fifth. 
Gar.ding J\Iiss (Jarrie, res 31 n Sixth. 
Gauding Charles, boilermaker Gaar, Scott c^ Co, res 29 n Si.xth. 



Home-made Hose & Socks, Buck & Seal Skin T\ T> PirjofTrfn-nfl J^ Qnn 
Drivinir Gloves. Collai-s. Rucbes & Ties, at U- IJ. UldWlUlU QL OUJi 


(TaiKlin<j; Henry (Fiizzie), wks Gaar, 8cutt iSz Co, res 31 ii Sixth. 

(laudiiii; Miss ].ena, ves '21) ii Sixth. 

CJaiuliiii!: AV^illiain (Oaroliiui), tailor, res '21) n Sixth. 

(:iau(lini»- AVilliain J, wks (ieo AV^ilsoii l^ Son, res 31 n Sixth. 

Gaudin^i^ AVilliain F, jr (^Tattle), wks (laar, Scott A: (Jo, res 37 s 

(Jause (Charles S, res 215 n Thirteenth, 
(xause Eliza (wid Solomon), res 4t) s Thirteenth. 
Gause Isaac V (Jennie U), res 215 n Thii-teenth. 
(iausepohl Edward, carpenter, res 245 s Fourth 
Gausepohl Frank (Kate), elk J 1> (iansepohl, res 22f) s Sixth. 
Gausepohl John B (Mary A), clothing and gents' furnishing 

goods, 022 Main, res 245 s lA)Ui-th. 
Gaynor John (Maggie), wks lloosier Drill Co, res 201) n Fourth. 
Geary Miss F]ninia^M, res 217 s Twelt'th. 
Geary Solomon n (AnnaC), res 217 s Twellth. 
Geary IMiss Tilara, res 215 s Twelt'th. 
Geary Miss Viola E, res 217 s Twelt'lh. 
Gearthwaith Elizaheth (wid Henry), res Natl ])ike, 1st toll gate 

w city. 
Geathers Lettie, domestic 42 s Fourteenth. 
Gee Daniel (]\raggie), lab, res 15 s Second. 
Gee Edwanl, lab, res AV Richmond. 
Gee James (Minerva A), lab AV Richmond. 
Gee James A, wks llaynes, S[)encer & Co, res 15 s Second. 
Gee John (col), lab, res 40 s Sixth. 
Gee Miss Lavina, (col), r(!s 40 s Sixth. 
Gee J\lrs Mary, (col), (wid Jose])h), j-es 40 b Sixth. 
Gee Mary, (col), domestic 1 13 n Twelfth. . , 

Gee Miss Mary ]>, res 15 s Second. 

Geers Harmon 11 (Christena), res 431 .s li. , 

Geers llvnvy (Mary), car])enter, res 111 s Fifth, 
(leier C^har/es, butcher C J Geier, res 135 Sixth. 
Geier Charles J (Eva), meat market, fruits and vegetables, 713 

Main, res 135 s Sixth. 
Geier Josej)h (Kate), meat market, rear 230 s (\ res 325 s iMghth. 
Geier Reter (Lizzie M), baker, res 321) s Twelfth. 
Geier Wm, butcher C J Gi'ier, rer 135 s Sixth. 
Geisler dohn C, ((Jeisler c^^- Stout), res Hagerstown. 
Geisler & Stout, (John C Geisler, Wm Stout), coopers s e cor J 

and n Tenth. •; f, 

Genu Clarence AV, ])rinter, res 1517 n A. 

"'''" '^I^^^^Sl^^^i:^'"''' at NICHOLSON & BEO. 'd^^S.t 

Fire Brick and Clay -^t- MATHER BROS. 


Goiin David W (Malinda), wks Iloosier Drill C(j, res 1517 ii A. 
(101111 Dorces (Jessie), iiiokler Iloosier Drill Co, res 1517 n A. 
(ieiiii John C (Ilainuih), niacliinist Iloosier Drill Co, res 222 11 

Genu Will C. machinist Iloosier Drill Co, i-es 1517 n A. 
Genst fit)!!!! W, trav iii^t llaynes, lSj)eneei- & Co, bds Arlingtan 

Genther Cassias M, night watchman Gaar, Scott & Co, rins 129 

n Sixth. 
Gentry Tlarry J, elk L J Templeton, rins ll-ln Sixth. 
Gentry John M (Cora K), elk L E Leonard iSz Co, res Centerville 
(ieorge iJritania (wid iVngnstns), res 27 n Eighth. 
Gepiiart Alonzo. niolder R IMachine Wks, res 211 n Seventh. 
Ge])hart AVilliani (Anna), lumber dealei', res 211 n Seventh. 
Gerard Harry At (Ella), wks Sedgwick A: Bro, res 1315 n 11. 
Germania Hotel, Ilebchner Frank ])ro|>, 10, 14 and lij s Fifth. 
Cierring William (Minnie), lab, res 420 s Eleventh. 
Getling John (Louisa), wks Gaar, Scot & Co, i-es W Richmond. 
Getz Jacob (Letta), grocer, 829 n Tenth, res same. 
Getz John J, elk Jacob (Jetz, i-es 829 n Tenth. 
Gibbard Miss Bessie, dressmaker, res 223 AFain. 
Gibbard Atiss Bessie, seamstress, I'cs 42 n Seventh. 
Gibbard Elizabeth (wid William), res 223 J\[ain. 
Gibbard Harry (Frank), tailoi*, res 223 jMain. 
Gibbard Harry jr, tailor, res 223 Alain. 
(Tibbins Aliss Annie AI, res 212 s Fourteenth. 
Gil)bins Homer, res 212 s Fourteenth. 
Gibbons Aliss Alice I>, stenographer, res 442 s Eleventh. 
Gibbons Enoch II (Debbie), wks Haynes, S{)encer & Co, res 412 

s Eleventh. 
Gibbons Frank E ((iibbons & Theobold), res 442 s Eleventh. 
Gibbons & Theobold (Frank E Gibbons, Anthony Theobold), 

wholesale contectioners, 14 n Ninth. 
Gibbs Thomas (Ellen), wks Gaar, Scott & Co, res 500 n 1). 
Gibson Alary (wid Alexander), res 13)20 n J. 
Gii>son Harrison (Elizabeth), lab, res 1320 n J. 
Gilford Benjamin A (Adaline S). res 314 n Fourth. 
Giilord Charles C, wks \i CJas Co, res 314 11 Fourth. 
Gifibrd Aliss Roda C, res 314 n Fourth. 
(Jilbert Frank 1>, res 110 11 Third. 
(Gilbert Harry W, elk J P> (iilbert, res 102 n Fit'teenth. 

Iron Shutters, Balconies, Gratlng-s, 
Bank Work, Area RailinKs, tJtable 
Fittings, Ornam'tl Roof Crestlnga. 

i f . T, BARBEE Iron anil Wire Worts, 

J LAhAMl 1 L, INtilANA. 


S8?Po^^°?g?c^.? D. B. CRAWFORD & SON. mS^^. 


Gilbert J B (Lizzie C), luanlr and deulcr in l^oots and shoes, 820 
j\fain. The largest stock in the city to select from; tel 155, 
res 102 n l*"ifteenth. 

Gilhert Joseph AV (Elizaheth), res 119 n Third. 

Gilbert AVarner M, elk J 13 Gilbert, res 102 n Fifteenth. 

Gilchrist Rev Alexander, pastor U P Chnrch, bds Hunting- 
ton House. 

Gildenhaar Gharles (Mary), res 415 s Tenth. 

Gillam Rev Nelson (Judith A), retired M E minister, res 
Sj)ring Grove. 

Gintlier Cass M, bds 16 n Fitth. 

Girardin Frank J (Anna M), painter Iloosier Drill Co, res 319 
n Eigliteenth. 

Giron J II, foreman on Water Works, bds Indiana House. 

Girty IMarcella, domestic 51 s llrth. 

Githens Joseph H (Emiline), ])rop Arlington House, opposite 
Union 13e))ot, res same. 

Githens Susan (wid Elisha), res 130 s Seventh. 

Glander George, bartender II H Eost, res same. 

Glander Katie, res 18 s Sixth. 

Glass Frank H, bkpr 2nd Nat Baidv, res 120 n Tenth. 

Glenn Miller Grove, John F Miller prop, n s National Pike, 
1 sq e of city limits, tel 159. 

Glen Miller Transfer Co and Combination Stables, 15, 17 

and 19 s Seventh, J no F Aliller prop, F M Francisco 

Gluys James U (Linnie), engineer Earlham College, res \V 

Goatz William II, lab, bds 233 s Seventh. 
Godemann Andrew, res 801 s Sixth. 
Godemann Bernard, draughtsman, i-es 313 s Sixth. 
Godenumn Mrs (iertrude [wid Joseph), res 301 s Sixth. 
Gohner Jno, wks Hoosier Drill Co, res 209 ii Fnurth. 
Gohner John (Elizabeth), grocer, 227 s Seventh, res same. 
Coins Cliarles D, (col), (Mary), hostler, res 221 s Twelfth. 
Coins Fannie (col), res 320 s Thirteenth. 
Coins John A, (col), plasterer, res -129 s Sixth. 
Coins Lalayutte, (col), res 429 s Sixth. 

Coins ]\Iajor T, (col), (Jennie), wks II Scholler, res 244 s fourth 
Coins Martin A, (col), (Tmma E), teamster, res 709 s Seventh 
Coins Zachariah, (col), .plasterer, res 320 s Thirteentli. 
Golden John, wks 242 s Fifth. 

The Latest popular Books SX^^a at 


720 Mttin btroeL. 

( .1 

x„ I... 






















1— ^"^ 

































. . ^ 

Louisville and Portland G EMEMT " '' - 



(ioklen Jolni, wks IvoMiisou & C)o, hds Coiniuercial 
Golden ]\Iiss Katie F, res 2i)\) i\ SecuiKl. 
Golden T\Iiss Maiu-ie M, res i^Oi) n Second. 

Golden ralrick (Brid^-et), iirenian li Paper Mill, res 200 n Sec- 
Golden JVIiss SamantliaJ, res 201) n Second. 
Golden Thomas G (Elizabeth), res 101 s 'ienth. 
Goldrick Edward (Bridi;'et), horseshoer, 123 Et AVayne ave, res 

216 n Third. 
Goldsmith ]\riss Jennie, elk William Cavanaugh, res 222 s 

Good Lawrence P (Elsie A), (Thom])Son & Good), res 1224 Main. 
Goodin IMary, domestic over 18 n Ninth. 
Goodman Joseph (Ellen JM), machinist Gaar, Scott & Co, res 224 

8 Eleventh. 
Goodrich John E, elk L E Leonard & Co, bds 222 n Seventh. 
Good well Charley A (Lizzie J), wlv§ llaynes & Spencer, res 14-12 

n D. 
Goodwin Andrew, lab, res 3o() n Third. 
Goodwin B L, helper Jerry Cowlii^' <fe Co. 
Goodwin George (Lonisa), res 830 n Third. 
Goodwin James, chain maker, res 3130 n Third. 
Goodwin ]\Iiss Lonisa, res 330 n Third. 
Goodwin ]\[ary, domestic 21 n Seventh. 
Goodwin l^osa, domestic 227 n Ninth. 
Gordon Miss Anna, res 538 n Fourteenth. 
Gordon B, wks Eldorado Lanndi'y. 
Gordon Charles E (Nancy), res 123 n Seventeenth. 
Gordon George ^Y, wks Garr Scott ct Co, res liOO n Eighth. 
Gordon James (Winnie), lab, res r)38 n Eo\irteenth. 
Gordon John, col (Ida), porter Huntington House, res 113 s 

Gordon Miss Lizzie M, res 201) n Eighth. 
Gordon Thaddeus J [(Sarah E) (Dunham Sl Gordon), res 200 n 

Gordan William li, elk Irvin Keed cV: Sons, res 2O0 n Eight. 
Gornnin Hannah (wid Eatrick), res 114 n Eit'th. 
Gorman Isaac Alex (Mary E), sherilf Wayne county, res 33 

s Second. 
Gorman Josejjh \i (Mary), bhu-ksmilh (Jaar, Scott vS: Co, res 810 

n I. 
Gorman Michael, switchman, res 414 n Eil'th. 



YARNS, all colors and qualities, ^•l2g's;S 

ford & Sou, 


(jossett Ju.siali, wks Win Gain, res 334 s Ninth. 

Gosrinian John, niesscni;er iVdanis I^]\|)rcss (Jo. 

Goui;'e lliu-rison, lab, Ixls 73*J n h'iftt'enth. 

Gi'abainan \V^illiani, blacksniitli. 

Grace John G (Jane), lab, res Sll n A, 

Grace Miss J\lary E, res 81 1 n A. 

(J rati' Anton (Louisa), ci^i^-ar maker, res 525 s E. 

Grair ]\Iarcus W, res 115 s Eourtli. 

Graff Paul C (kanra A), agt Adams Express Co, res 115 sEour- 

Graham A 11, yard brakeman St E Sl P R 11. 
Graham Georg-e (Anna), niolit yai'd coiidr G St \j & P Tly, res 

101 11 D. 
Graham Gri-sakla (wid James), res 101 n 1). 
Graham llnbert (Anna), car inspectoi' Union ])e])ot, i-es 3J2 s 

Graham jMiss Eena, i-es 312 s J^]le\'enth. 
Graham John, engineer, bds 201 n Ninth. 
Graham Robert E, elk P iMerkle & Co, i-es 312 s. Eleventh. 
Graham Samuel J, waiter P Alcjrkle ^V: (-o, res 312 s Eleventh. 
Graham William, painter, res 101 n i). 
Grand Hotel, John \l Phiibrooks, ]>ro}), (511) and (121 Main, tel 

Grand Opera House, Wm H Bradbury & Son, pro})s and 

manau'crs, s e coi* Ei^litb and n A. 

Grand Eapids and Indiana E 11, genl olhces (^rand Rapids, 

Ind, G L JiOck\v<)t)d i;en j>assagt. 

Gi'andtleld George 11 (Eliza), l)rickui;is(ni, res 72 s Seventeenth. 

Grant Gharles E, \vks(jieo IL (ii'ant, lleni})leuian <^ (Jo, res 117 
n Eleventh. 

Gvant Edward (.., res lOl sk]I«4'hth. 

Grant George 11 (Mary J) ((Jeo 11 Grant, Hemplenian it Go), res 
101 slughth. 

Grant Jesse, tel opr G St E & 1' Ry, ]'esll7 n h^leventh. ■ 

Grant Louis, \vl;s Geo 11 (ii-anl, 1 lenrpleman ct (/o. 

Grant George 11, lEnnpleman <\5(U) ((Jeorge II (Ji-ant, Aaron W 
Ilempleman, k]li Jay), mig diui-eh liiruil luv, cor Washing- 
ton a\e and n iMghth, ne;ir uiii<in dtjiot. 

Grapperhaus Benjamin ( Kennepobl iV: (ua]tiUM-haus), res 113 
s 1). 

Grapperhaus (jatharino (wid KriMl), res 113 s D. 

Grap])erhaus Joseph E, collee roaster, 113s D. res same. 


School Books and School Supplies '"■ ''^^i^:^^^^ 




Grapperhaus Henry (Josephine 0), wks Gaar, Scott & Go, res 
'218 s Seventh. 

Grapperhaus Miss Ivate, res 413 s D. 

Grather Henry, wks lloosier Drill Co, res 223 n Seventh. 

G rather Sarah (wid Nicholas), res 223 n Seventh. 

Grau Jacob, wks M C Henley, bds Gonnuercial House. ^ 

Grave Allen AN'', ])lasterer, res 38 n Fifth. 

Grave Hannah ISl (wid David), res 3S n Fifth. 

Graves Miss Ehna, school teacher, res 207 n Nintli. 

Graves James W (Ellen S), hostler H & D round house, res 
609 n Thirteenth. 

Graves Judith M (wid George), res 230 s Fifth. 

Graves Miss Lizzie, school teacher, res 207 n Ninth. 

Graves Miss Lillie II, res 230 s Fifth. 

Graves Lydia M (wid Kersey), res 207 n Ninth. 

Graves Sarah E (wid John W), res Spring Grove. 

Gray Ellis N, trav agt, res 219 n Eleventh. 

Gray James II, tailor Simon Fox, bds 110 n Eighth. 

Gray Mrs Katharine, humorous and dramatic reader and elo- 
cution instructor, 317 n Ninth, res same. 

Green Charles L, tel opr St L & 1^ R R, res 115 n Thirteenth. 

Green Miss Ella W, domestic llO s Eighth. 

Green Frank, candy maker Henchman & Cox, bds 10 s Ninth. 

Green Henry T (Susan), trav agt, res 31G n Ninth. 

Green James G, wks Ft W'ayne Agrl Co, bds Sevastopol. 

Green Miller II (Miranda), res 211 n Sixteenth. 

Green Oren (Edith) wks lloosier Drill Go, res Sevastopol. 

Green Thomas J (Esther J ), wks J M Hutton & Co, res 115 n 

Green Wm, helper Jerry Cowhig & Co. 

Greene Chai'les H, bkj)r, res 31 n Third. 

Greene Edwin C, carpenter Robinson & Co, res 31 n Third. 

Greene Julia A (wid Clurk), res 31 n Third. 

Greenhoif xMexander (Augusta), wks RCity Mill AVorks, res 425 
s Tenth. 

GreeiihoH* Miss Anna, res 020 s Sixth. 

Greenholf ]\lrs Ellen (wid John), res 020 s Sixtli. 

Greenhoif Geo, blacksmith, It City Mills Wks, res (520 s Sixth. 

Gregg Albert W, elk IJoston Store, bds 38 n Seventh. 

Gregory Charles E, engineer C St E Sl F Ry, i-es (MO n Tenth. 

Gregory EdwiU-d N (Elmira F), res 010 n Tenth. 

Gregory Harry S, machinist Gaar, Scott cSt Co, res 0-10 n Tenth. 

TTTTn i^fs r* ^^A « Chairs and Settees. Summer Hou3<)3, 
YV ire uOOCLS. screens, and all kinds ot Wire Clotti. 


IRON andWIHI£ works. 

Carpets and Dry Goods ''' %feT'' D. B. CRAWFORD & SON 


(-Jreincr Henry J (Adda A), bkpr K F Dalljoy, res 138 s Seventh. 

(ireiner Kate, doinestie t) 1- s Fii'tli. 

CJreive Edward, cabinet maker llaynes, S[)encer &; Co, res 323 s 

Grcive (ieorge, boiler maker, res 323 s Sixth. 
G reive Henry W (I^'llen), cabinet maker llaynes, Spencer & C'o, 

res 323 s Sixtli. 
Greive Louis, cabinet maker llaynes, Spencer <fe Co, res 323 s 

Gresavall Adan:i (Ellen), wks Gaar Scott & Co, res 035 s Sixth. 
Grevy Ucnjamin E, blacksmith, res Jil, bet Ninth and Tenth. 
Grevy Jolm, niolder \i Machine Works. 
Grey Jacob, wks MC Henley, l)ds Commercial House. 
Grey AErs Jane, res 812 s Ninth. 
Grieve J'Jarney (Lizzie M), i-es 4-1-i s Ninth. 
Grieve l^enjamin, blacksmith, res44-i s Ninth. 
Grieve Henry, teamster, res 4-lL s Nintli. 
Grieve Herman (Kate), lab, res 312 s Sixth. 
Grieve llei-man jr, (Emnni), lab, res 310 s Sixth. 
Grieve Aliss ]\lary E, dressnniker, res IH-I s Ninth. 
Griiliu Afiss Anna, res West Itichmond. 
Gritthi Daniel E (Annie), blacksmith foreman U City Mill Wks, 

res 215 n Seventeenth. 
Griffin Jamea F (i^Liry), <^^as and steam ])ipe litter and ])himber, 

!)22 and ;)21 Main, tel 181), res *J2L Main. 
Grillin Airs Johanna (,\vi<l Michael), res 217 s lH)urth. 
I Grillin John (Kate), lab, res West Kichmond. 

Grillin John, jr, wks K Pa]>er Mill, res West Richmond. 
Grihin Miss Josie, dress maker Mi'S E A Erown, res 217 s 

Grillin Ma<;-gie T, domestic 30 n Tenth. ' 
Grilhii Mary, .domestic 1708 Main. • 

i Grillin 'Mary, domestic 3-1 s Tenth. 

Grillin Atichael, printer Ealladium, res 217 s Eourlh. 

Grillin Morris elk J M Ew-gemeyer, res 217 s Eourlh. 

Griilis James 11 (Minnie), "i-es 23 n Seventh. 

Gritlith Miss Annjt J, school teacher, res 21!) n Seventh. 

Grillith Ellen (wid Paul), res 04 Lt Wayne ave. 

Griliith John W (Keziah), res 2E) n SevaMilh. 

Grillith Miss Lizzie li, res 219 n Seventh. 

Grill'y Luke, cai-[), bds 813 n E. 

Grillith Miss Matie L, school teacher, res 219 n Seventh. 

Nicholson i Bro. qSSt^Str Office Supplies, ^^ 

7:^0 Malu 

All kinds of Building Material at Mather Bros. 


Gritiy Natliaii (Sarali), res 330 n Third. 

(Iriggsby Alexander, (col), lab, bds 244 s Fourth. 

Grimes Isaac M, liostler, bds Jxites Eng-lish Ivitcheii. 

Grimes Jacob, wks water works, res 114 ii Seventeenth. 

Grimes iMinnie G, domestic 1308 Main. 

Grimm Joseph (Henrietta), furniture and upholsterer 829 Main^ 
res over same. 

Griswell Lewis E (Ida), wks J M Ilutton ct Co, res 520 s Ninth. 

Grooms Miss l\[amie S, elk Y^aryan <.*v: Yaryan, res 300 n Ninth. 

Grooms Miss ^lary E, elk res 3()0 n Ninth. 

Grooms Moses M, printer, res 300 n Ninth. 

Gross Emily, domestic 43 s Fifth. 

Gross J E, artist, over 935 Main, bds 110 n Tenth. 

Gross Lewis (Euo-ene), wks Chase Fiano Co, res 304 s Fourtii. 

Gross Louis, jr, wks j\I C Henley, res 304 s Fourth. 

Gross ]\liss Sophia, res 304 s Fourth. 

Gross Miss Tilda, hair dresser, res 304 s Fourth. 

Gross Wm, wks Chase Piano Co, res 3u4 s Foui-tii. 

Grosvenor Elmer B, homtopathic physician and surgeon, over 
.^24 Main, bds 28 n ]SMnth. 

Grothaus Ferdinand, elk G (irothaus, res 33 s Fifth. 

Grothaus Gerard (Kate), furniture, 31 s Fifth, res 33 s Fifth. 

Grothaus Herman 11 (Atai'v E) nnichinist, i-es 719 s II. 

Grottendick Geo, wks d I\t Ilutton A: Co, res 29 s Tenth. 

Grottendick John, elk IJ H Mourman ^ Co, res 29 s Tenth. 

Grottendick Aliss l^izzie, elk Boston Store, res 29 s Tenth. 

Grottendick Mrs Mary (wid Henry), res 29 s Tenth. 

Grottendick JMary (wid W^m), res 1023 s A. 

Grottendick Wm 11 (Anna C), elk J I] Gilbert, res 329 s Thir- 

Groutman Christian (Catharine), gardener, res 1011 s J. 

Groutman Henry (Leiui), gardener, rt^,s 1011 s J. 

Gruber Olin, elk Boston Store, rms 101 s Ninth. 

Grul)bs Miss Greeley F, res 205 n Tenth. 

Grubbs John W, (/l no W Gmbbs ct Co), res 205 n Tenth, tel 137. 

Grubbs Miss Leota B, res 2o5 n Tenth. 

Grubbs Wra W, (L)hn W Gmbbs ik Co,) res 205 n Tenth. 

Grubbs John W & Co, (.L'lin A\^ Grubbs, Wm W (iiubbs, 
Wm F Starr, J A CoHin), wholesale grocers, s w cor Ninth 
and n E, 831 and 833 n E, tel 33. 

Gulliver Aaron, lab, res 433 s Sixth. 

Iron Shutters, Balconios. Gi 
Bank. Work, Area Rtuliiig^s 
Fittings, Ornam'tl Root" Creating- 

rsiss& i W, T. BARBEE Iron M Wire Woiis, 

eating'ti. ) laiailite, imuana. 


D. B. Crawford &, Son 

Dress Goods, Black I Fancy Silks, ° ^^Wl^i^rA 


(tuiiii John, wks iln\ lies, Si)cncer c^ Co. hds Brysuii House. 
Unrmaii ()eor<2;e (K;itu), lab, res (13-} s 8ixtli. 
Guthrie lleiiry (SaraJi), (col), lab, i-es 905 n Sixteenth. 
Guthrie ^lichael (Mari^-aret), brakeiuau iSt \j vfc P yards, res 

549 11 Twelftli. 
Gnyer Chas, sr, meat market, res 135 s Sixth. 
Giiyer ('has, jr, wks C (Juyer, res i;)5 s Sixth. 
Guyer Frank, painter, res 135 s Sixth, 
Guyer John, mohler Gaar, Seott S: Go, res 135 s Sixth. 
Guyer Jonii, bds 133 s Fifth. 
Guyer Joseph (Kate), butcher, res 325 s Eighth. 
Guyer Wm, wks G Guyer, res 135 s Sixth. 


Haas Miss Mao-o-ie, dressmaker, res 135 s Ei^dith. 

Habbeler see also Hebbeler. 

liabbeler Adam (AFary), lab, res 230 s Third. 

Ilaberkerii J\Iiss Garrie, res 'J17 s Third. 

Haberkern Ghas (Matilda), (ILiberkern & Son), res 217 s Third. 

Ilaberkern Ghas, jr, t.iaveling a;^ent, res 217 s Third. 

Haberkern Miss Emma, elk 1. M Jones & Go, res 217s Third. 

Ilaberkern (leo A, wks llobinson *S6 Go, res 217 s Third. 

Haberkern Martin (Annie 1>), (Haberkern & Son), res 205 s 

Haberkern Miss Matilda, ros 217 h Third. 
Ilaberkern Wm H, elk Thomi)son .V: Good, res 217 s Third. 
Haberkern & Son, ((Miark'S and Martin), stone yard, 2()S s Sixth. 
Habighorst Heni-y, bds 0()5 s Fi<;hth. 
Hackinann Frederick (Annie L), cabinet maker, res ()20 s 

Ilackmann Lizzie, domestic 39 n TtMith. 
Uadh^y Miss Anna M, res 1113 s A. 

Hadloy (Mark H (Flizabeth), (Nordyke & Hadley), res 221 s Vk 
lladley I\Iiss (.\)ra I\[, res 52 s lM-j;hth. 

Hadley Edwin (Jemima D), physician, 1111 s A, res 1 1 13 s A. 
HadU;y Edwin G, student, res II i;> s A. 
lladley Miss Eliza I), res 1 I 13 s A. 
Hadh^y r]hv(.od (Fani-a), res 52 ^ I'jghth. 
Hadley James A (Fydia F), editor Fveniu^- Item, res 103 s 

Hadley John G (Emeline), (Nordyke & Ihulley,) res 221 s IJ, tel 

WEDDINCI, BlCiTHDAY AND lSJir»"hrklQr>n Xj RrO N^. 720 Miilu 
HOLIDAY GlFTiS AT iNlCiiOibOIl C6 JDl U. atroot. 

Everybody buys their COAL of Mather Bros. 


Had ley Louis E, student, res 52 s Eiglitli. 

lladley Turner AV^ del elk C 11 Cluunbors, res 1113 s A. 

Hadley Wm B (Kobeeca J), (Quaker City Chair Co), res 125 n 

Hadley Wm L, asst postmaster, res 221 s B. ' . ■ 

llat'ele Joseph, l)k])r Chris F Sehaefer, hds 128 s Sixth, ^ 

Haider Herman II (Lizzie A), niolder, res 1)20 s H. • 

Ha^er John, tailor, res 707 s Ninth, 
llaii^ernian Chas J (Ethleen), earp, res 320 s Eiijflith. 
Hahn Abner B (Ellen), special agent Home Insuj'ance Co, N 

r, res 23 s Sixteenth. 
ILihn Christian (Nancy D), cigars, tobaccos and confectionci'v, 

531) n Twelfth, res same. 
Llaines Ella, domestic l-i-J- Ft Wayne ave. 
Haines Joshua W (Mary P), res IS n Thirteentli. 
Ilaisley JVIiss Anna L, res 730 n Fourteenth. 
ILiisley Freeman, elk Adam 11 Bartel & Co, bds -lO s Seventh, 
llaisley Joseph (Sarah), wks Chai'les S Farnham, res 730 n 

Hale Chas W (Alice), wks Bichmond Ciiair Co, res rear 

1534 JMain. 
Hale Miss Minnie E, res 111 n Fourt(^enth. 
Hale Wm 11 (Anna C), real estate agent, G n Seventh, res 114 ii -i 

Fourteenth. ' 

Hall Albert (Lucy), engineer llaynes, Spencer tfc Co, res 015 n I 

Thirteenth. ' [ 

Hall Arthur (Lillie), (col), wks R Chair Co, res 55G n Thirteenth. 4 

Hall Chas, slater W AV Alexander, res s Tenth. ' 

Hall Miss Lue A, res 220 n Fourth. 
Hall Oliver (Melissa), wks Grant, Hempleman & Co, res 220 n 

Hall Taylor, (col), engineer llaynes, S[)encer & Co, res 1401 

11 F. 
Hall Wesley, (Sarah), (col), wks street car stable, res 105 s Sixth, 
llaller John W (Henrietta), cuo])er, res 413 n Filth, 
llalstead Sallie E, (wid John A), seamstress, res 713 n F. 
Halteman Jacob L (llattie ('), wholesale and retail wines, 

liquors and line cigars, 17 n iMghth, bds 27 n Sixth, res 

Milton, Ind. 
Ham Benjamin F (Emma G), bkpr Thomas Jordan, res 110 s 

Hamblin Walter S, elk Arlington House, bds same. 

TTT;v»/% n^^^n Window (iiiaiUs, VVlro ttiKni«. fc>ioio \ w.T. iw\ivi»i<;h; 

W IrG UOUUS. Fixturet), Flower SUinds, Floral DcslgriitJ, | Iron and Wire Worke 





Gas i Steam Fitter 

— DEALEll IN — 

And all kinds of 

Iron and Wood Pnmps, Iron and lead Pipes, 

Dr/'ye Wells, Sewer Pipe, &c. Also Agent for the 

9 South 9th St, {^-^'^.Pl""" } Richmond, Ind. 



Parlor Furniture, 

Single and Double Lounges; 

Easy and Arm Chairs, Ottomans and Foot Rests, or any kind of 
Odd Pieces to Order, Also Draperies, Lambrequins, 
rand Awnings. Dealer in 

"cr:E=» lEi o XjSTE t^it^ 

Decoration and Heavy ('lutain Mtitoiiala, Window Shades, J^ace ('nr- 
tains, Cornices, Poles, and all kinds of General Trininiings. 
Uphoisterinff and liepairing in all its brancln^s. Spring;-, 
' • " llair and Moss Mattresses to order. Woik done sub- 
' ; stantially and artistically, at reasonnblo prices. 

0.u^XSI=ET IFITTinsrO- and Il..A."^^I3SrO-, 



: V - Wine and Beer Saloon. 
QmUtarmi^ Wimes ami Brmmiim si Bp&eialiy, 
GEO. L. KLEIN, Proprietor, X. 

^OS nvv<i:ai3:i. Street, I^IOXinv^O^^ID, Xl^TlD. 

XIiEIN & BKCAg^euts' for Weber's Celebrated Cincinnati La^er 
Beer. AH orders by mail promptly attended to. ■ 

Toxaii^ s:E=^:H3is3ijiisra- 

' Tonsorial Artist, 

No. 9 North 
Eighth Street, 


Youslionld see my complete Btook of 



Which coniprises some p;irtioularly nice designs in medium priced tradi^s. 

^Si^VIS^^SS^V -l!; ^ - RICHMOND, IND. 

m i 

3 patent unlaundered Shirt, "the boss." °- ^- i\^oN^°^° 


Ilamci- Oliver r (Annie), molder lluubier Drill Co, res 906 n 
Eleven ih. 

Hamiltou Charles M (Julia E), dentist, over 821 Main, res 44 

s ^'intii. 
Ilammann Miss Lulu, res 1518 n A. . 

Ilannnann j\liss Tilda M, res 30 s Fifth. 

llaniuiuns Geurire T (colj, barber T J ^Morton, rms over 815 n E. 
iianuiiitt Ueoro-e W, blioeniaker J M AVilliains, bds Pliillips 

Hampton Addison (Mary), slii])pin^ elk Sedgwick Eros, res 402 n 

Hampton Susan R, matron Home of the Friendless, 306 s 

Tenth, res same. 
Hancock l>ethiali (wid Elisha), res 223 n Seventh. 
Handley, see also Hanley. 

Handle}- Albert E, painter, res HI n Sixth. 

Handley Evan J (]\Lar<^-aret J), res 117 n Sixth. 

Hand Turner, ct^l (Leary), lab, res 318 s Eleventh. 

Haner Miss Alice E, elk G ^V Washmeyer & Co, res 301 s Third. 

Haner Benjamin (Schnurr ik Haner), res 240 s Seventh. 

Haner J\liss Bertha K, res 217 n Fourtlj. 

Haner Miss Carrie, res 220 s Eighth. 

Haner Charles H, watch repairer and engraver, 506 Main, res 220 

n Eighth. 
Haner Ciuudotta (wid Fred), res 220 s Eighth. 
Haner David (Mary), lab, res 240 s Seventh. 
Haner J\liss Emma, res 220 s Eighth. 
Haner George (Minnie), painter, res 229 s Fourth. 
Haner George (Frances), niulder (iaar, Scott & Co, res 240 s 

Haner Henry (Wilhelmina), lab, res 602 s Eleventh. 
Haner Henry G, saloon 611 Main, res 238 s Seventh. 
Haner Henry J, wks Gaar, Scott & Co, res 238 s Seventh. 
Haner Jolm D (Lydia A), wks Hoobier Drill Co, res 217 n 

Haner John D (Anna), l;ar tender Continental saloon, res 238 s 

Haner John Fred (Mrs Luuisa), city nmrshal, res 1019 b A. 
Haner Miss Lizzie, res 602 s Eleventh. 
Haner William, collar maker, res 240 s Seventh. 
Hanlbrd Miss Hattie B, res 21 b Tentli. 
Hanford John M (Julia A), trav agt, res 21 s Tenth. 

PAPER BOXES MADE TO ORDER dl ll lUflULJjUll & DnlJ, Stroet. 

TelepHone tc MA'x'HER BROS' for CO^L 


Hanley see also Handley. 

Ilauley Frank, tireiiiaii C St L & P My, bds GOl ii Twelfth. 
llaniiis Hldwaixi G, elk l^oston Store, bds 35 s Ninth. 
Ilaniiberg Miss Ennna I), res 130 s Thirteenth. 
Ilansche William II (Josephine), foreman T E DeYarman, res 

109 s Ninth. 
Hausemann Henry (Sophia), carpenter, res 825 s E. 
Hanson Miss Jennie, res 735 n Fourteenth. 
Hanson Solomon (Amanda), res 735 n Fourteenth. 
Hanson Thomas P, grain dealer, bds Huntington House. 
Hantzsche Charles F (Mary 0), lab, res 307 s Sixth. 
Happe Carrie (wid John), res -118 s Tenth. 
Happe [Jenry, wks E Smith & Co, res US s Tenth. 
Harber Thomas W (Lewola), baggage master C St L & PPy? I'cs 

403 n Fourteenth. 
Harden Miss Addie L, res 119 n Twelfth. 
Harden Earl II, elk eivil eng offiee C St L & P Ily, res 119 n 

Harden Edward N, carriage trimmer, res 119 n Twelfth. 
Harden Wni H, ins agt, res 119 n T\\'elfth. 

Hardy Andrew, wks Evans, Ferguson & Peeves, res Linden Hill. 
Hardy Richard, wks and bds Sj)ring Grove. 
Hargrave AV^illiam B (Mary A), salesman Singer Mfg Co, res 437 

8 Sixth. 
Harmeyer Luis, lab, res 411 s Tenth. 
Harmeyer Otto, wks E S Smith Co, res 411 s Tenth. 
Harmon John (col), porter Arlington House, bds same. 
Harj)'Miss Clara E, milliner, res 121 n Fourteenth. 
Harp Hiram F (Mary E), carpenter, res 121 n Foui'teenth. 
Harr Elmer (IMaggie), wks Gaar, Scott & Co, res 30 A\^ashington 

Harrell Van (Mary J), res 731 n Fourteenth. 
Harrington John J (Anna M). wholesale leather, findings and 

saddlery hardwai-e, 715 Main, res 120 n Seventh. 
Harrington John S, wdvs E Aikin, res New Paris ])ikc, i mile c 

city limits. 
Harrington Timothy, res 802 n F. 

Harrington Timotiiy F, elk Jno J Harrington, bds 201 n Ninth. 
Harris Albert, (col), (Elizabeth), lab, res 432 s Sixlh. 
Harris Allen M (Rebecca), farmer, res 101 n Thirteenth. 
Harris Benjamin, (Hannah), farmer, res Sevastopol. 

Iron Shutters, Balconies, Gratings, 
Bank Work, Area Railln 
FitUntfB, Ornam'tl Eoof Ciestlnga. 

iS'^lSEr^ i W, T. BARBEE Iron aod Wire Works, 


Carpets made and laid on short notice. n O 0^r.^t,-fr\frl J?. Qnt% 
Oil Cloth Patterns for under Stoves. ^' Q- KjIdWJUlU QL OUIL 


Harris Benjamin F (Olivo F), (Newnian ^ Harris), res 118 h 

Harris Charles II, (col), (Kllen), lab, res 1317 n J. 

Harris l»[iss Ella D, res 101 n Thli'teenth. 

Harris Geo E (Helen), ])ainter, res 1^03 s Eourteentli. 

Harris tfames H (Ella), res Vl^ s Ei<;lith. 

Harris Lewis ]v(Mary E), foi-enian Hoosier Drill Co, res 300 u 

Harris J^ewis W (Lizzie), Nvks lloosier Drill Co, res 300 n Nine- 

Harris S(|uire, (col), Lizzie), barber AV'iley Thompson, res s 

Harris William (Jennie), painter II I) Co, res 321 s Ninth. 

Harrison Alexander, broonimaker lloosier Broom Wks, res 404 
s Ei<^hth. 

Harrison ^(Am (Amanchi), M E minister, res PJ9 n Eighteenth. 

Harrison Lucius C (iVlina L), school teacher, res 129 n Eigh- 

Harrison Mrs Naomi (wid Timothy), res W Richmond. 

Ilariison Thomas, res W Hichmoud, tel 187. 

Harrold Cyrus N (Elvira S), ])hysician, 31 s Nintli, res same, 
tel 1()7. 

Harrold Emma L (wid Eugene), res 211 n Fifteenth. 

Hart David (AFary),, res 25 n Second. 

Hart James (Abigail), wks \l City Mill AVorks, res n F, 1 e City 
]\lill Works. 

Hart Janu's N (Bessie), millwright, res 324 ii Eighteenth. 

Hart Mary (col), dvimestic 100 n Seventh. 

Hart Uicl'iard N, U S letter carrier oth district. 

Hartkurn John B (Uose), bk{)r Lichtenlels & Co, res 45 s Tenth. 

Hartman Ilenr}', elk Cunningham c^ Son, res 508 8 B. 

Hartman Louisa, domestic 214 s I'ourth. 

Hartnumn Henry, elk (hmningham Al Son, l)ds 018 s Eighth. 

Hartung Frederick, Avks E K Kosa, res -133 s Fourth. 

Hartzler Amos, wks Wayne Agrl Works, bds 53J) n Twelfth. 

Ilartzler Charles L (Ada); mechanic \l City Mill AV^orks, i-es 521 
n Eighteenth. 

Hartzler Henry (Kate), foreman Wayne Agi'l AVorks, res 500 n 

Ilartzhu- William (Kate), machinist AVayne Agrl Works, res 835 
n Twelfth. 

Harvey Anna (wid Thomas), res Sevastopol. 

Ollico uiMl N4>lioul !Sciut<-li irooliH n\ TJipUnT QflM 9, PPfl '^^^"^ ^^'^^^ 
]lll.s<'ellaiieuiii4, Itluiik «!: .School liookn Ql iHUllUhOUil tt DUU. Stroia. 


All kinds of Building HAateriaK at Mather Bros. 


Ilarvey Charles, wks M C Henley, bds 227 n Ninth. 

illiirvey IMiss Einnui. res 320 n Fonrteenth. 
JlarNcy Sai'ah A (wid Elijah R), res 32(1 n Fourteenth. 
Harvey William E (Rhoda E) (Ray ife Harvey), bds 1)30 M'dln. 
V llarwood Alvira (wid), res 230 s Filth. 

f Harwood John T (Jessie F), trav ag-t Barnes tSz Co, Chicago, res 

i 15 n Fifteenth. 

', Ilasecoster ]\liss Annie M, res 209 s Thirteenth. 

^ IJasecoster Chris, niolder Gaar, Seott ik Co, res 23 J s Twelfth. 

I Ilasecoster Harmon (Elizabeth), car|)enter, res 43 J s Tenth. 

I Ilasecoster Henry J (Rike), car})enter, res 23J s Twelfth. 

[ Ilasecoster Ida, nurse over 91 (> Main. 

^ Ilasecoster John A, arcliitect, 8 n JSeventh, res 33 s Eleventli. 

1 Ilasecoster John F (Kate E), carpenter, res 209 s Thirteenth. 

; Ilasemeier Chris (Eliza), elk Geo 11 Enollenberg, res e s Twent}^- 

1 Urst, Linden Hill. 

' nasemeier Edward (Hannah), wks Gaar, Scott & Co, res 412 s 

f Seventh. 

J Ilasemeier Fred, molder Gaar, Scott & Co, res 412 s Seventh. 

i Ilasemeier John F, elk Geo II Knollenbei-g-, i"es 412 s Seventh. 

■ Ilasemeier Louisa E, domestic llS n F]leventh. 
V Ilasemeier Miss Louisa, res 412 s Seventli. 

■ Hasty Adeline (wid Martin), res 1204 n F. 
Ilast}^ Byron L, machinist, res 1204 n F\ 

Hasty Miss Lizzie A, school teachei", res 1204 n F. 

Hasty Marcus L, elk Henchman & Cox, res 1204 n F. 

Hasty Oscar, elk Henchman c^ Co, res 1204 n F. 

Hatch F W, cutter Simon Fox, bds Huntington House. 

Ilatcebaut Mary, domestic 18 s Ninth. 

Hatfield Elizabeth (wid John), res 1(115 s A. 

Hattield Frank M (tailor), J H Hatlield, res 29 n Twelfth. 

Hatiield Harry, elk J H Hatlield, res 29 n Twelfth. 

Hatlield John (Mary J) (Hatiield iSz Vaughan), res 144 Ft AVayne 

Hatfield John II (Mary J), merchant tailor, 91G Mum, res 29 n 

Hatfield ]\[iss Luella, res 29 n Twelfth. 
Hatlield A: Vaughan (John Hatlield, John I) Vaughan) livery, 

feed and sale stable, 14 n Eighth. 
Ilatke John G, elk J A Kna])e, bds 43 s Fourth. 
Hatwood Lizzie (col), domestic 22 n Fourteenth. 
Ilauragan Mary, domestic 112 Ft Wayne ave. 



FACTORY FLANNELS for Stills M Shirts at ^- ^ ^^-'^^'^^^ * «°^ 

528 Main St. 



llauer 1), machine hand Jloorfier Drill Co. 

ilaiig'h Frank, wks E Smith & Co. 

ILawekotte Edward L, painter \V U ilawckottu, res 4S s Ei«^ht- 

Ilawekotte George F, elk Irvin Kecd & Sons, res 25 s Seven- 
llawekutte llarnion E (Mary), wks liaynes, Sj)encer & Co, res 

425 s Elex'enth. 
Hawekotte John R (Catharine E), (Adam 11 IJartel & Co), res 

25 s St!\eiiteenth. 
Ilawekotte AVilliani II (LonisaC), painter and grainer, over 605 

Main, res 4S s Eigliteenth. 
Ilawer O P, n:older Iloosier Drill Co. 
liawke George P (l\Iary), file inanfr, 402 n Eighth, res 43 s 

Hawkins Miss Anna, res Whitewater Pike toll gate. 
Hawkins Anna, domestic 20 s Eleventh. 
Hawkins Alice E (wid Eli), res 532 n Nineteenth. 
Hawkins David (Sarah) (Prannon & Hawkins), res 310 n 

Hawkins Daniel A (Tempy J), express driver, res 114 s Funrth. 
Hawkins John, wks Prannun & Hawkins, res 310 n Eighth. 
Hawkins Levi (Sarah C), farmer, res cor n F and Nineteenth. 
Hawkins iNathan, res 532 n Nineteenth. 
Hawkins Ste])hen (Lizzie) res Whitewater })ike toll gate. 
Hawkins Stej)hen, blacksmith Iloosier Drill Va). 
Hawkins Springs, John Hawkins prop, I mile n e city limits. 
Hawley J F, auditors agt J M ^5 I and 1 Sl V Ivys, union dej»(.)t, 

bds Huntington House. 
Ilaxton Ezra S (Alice S), car])enter, res 407 n Sixth. 
Haxton Hosea (Miranda), I'cs rear 124 n Eighth. 

Hayes, see also Hays. ;.. 

Ha)es Miss I]liza, i-es Sevasto])ol. 

Hayes Charles T (Mertie), wks E Smitli & Co, res 440 s Eleventh. 

Hayes Harry H (Lottie), restaurant, 410 n Eighth, res over 

Hayes Joseph R (Delia), bakery and ccmiectionery, !M>^ Main, 

tel 121, res 32 n Tenth. 
Hayes William (l>ridg(it), blacksmith, res Sevastopol. 
Hayes William, wks^iaar, Scott & Co, res Sevastopol. 
Haymeyer William (Sarah), lab, res 313 n A. 
Haynes Harry 0, (Pearl) (Moon & Haynes), res 3)2 n Seventh. 

Wall Paper and Curtain Goods, ^^^^S^JI^.^.^^.t^^'^ 

Our Coal al^ivays Pleases— Mather Bros. 


llayiiea Ira, (Mai'cliant & Ilayiies), res Lebanon, Ohio. 

llaynes John T, les 1()13 ^lain, 

llaynes ^Miss Ln M, res 1013 Main. 

Haynes Moses H (Lizzie), ])hysician, 1013 Main, res same. 

Haynes Turner W (M'^O' ^') (ILiynes, Spencer & Co), res 327 n 

Haynes, Spencer & Co, inant<^- church, hall and school furni- 
ture and The AVooten Desk, T W llaynes pres, C 11 Cottin 
vice-pres, W F Spencer secy and treas, cor Twelfth and n E, 
tel G6. 

Hays see also Hayes. 

Hays F C, wks E Smith ct Co. 

Hays Wm, boilermaker Jerry Cuwhi^^vfe Co, res Sevastopol. 

liayward Henry J (llattie M), lawyer, res 107 s Eighth. 

11 azelton Arthur, ex messenger, res 310 ii Seventeenth. 

llazelton Miss Josephine E, res 310 n Seventeenth. 

llazlett Philip C (Lydia W), lab, res Willianibberg Pike, near 

Ist Toll Gate. 
Heard Emma (wid George), res 71: n Ft Wayne uve. 
Heard Eugene, res 71 n Ft AVayne ave. 
llearn Ed P, messenger G K & I It U tel dept, Unicni Depot, res 

915 n Tenth. 
Hearn Philip S (Mary), Itoilermaker C St L & P Py, res 913 

II Tenth. 
Heath James (Nancy A), car inspector C St L S: P Ry, res 12 12 

II F. 
Heavner Alpheus J (Emma L), groceries and ])rovisons, 301 n 

Eighteenth, tel 139, J'es same. 
Ilebbeler Adam (Alary), res 230 s Third. 
Hebbeler Charles H (CatJiariue E), iii'eman No 2 engine house, 

res 38 s Fifth. 
Hebbeler Edward (Ella), bartender J W Place, res 2-lG s Third. 
Hebbeler George 11 (Alary), wood workman P City Alill AVorks, 

res 111 n Twentieth. 
Hebbeler Miss Mary A, elk Geo H Enollenberg, res 38 s Fifth. 
Heck Miss Annie, res 20l s Sixth. 
Heckman Aliss xVnnie, res 210 s lliird. 
Heckmann Annie, dumerDtic, 311 n I'enth. 
Heckman Eliza (wid John), res 210 s I'hi rd. 

Heckmann Frederick (Annie), wks (i Grothaus, res (520 s Seventh. 
Heckman John, painter, j-es 210 s Third. 
Heckman ]\liss Mary, res 216 s Third. 

TKT^-^^ n^^An WincowGuards.Whe Si^ns. store t W. T BAHBEE. 

W llw UOOCLS. Fixtui-ea, Flower Standfc), Floral Dcaikfiib. | Iron and Wire Work*. 

Dress Goods, Black I Fancy Silks, ° ^^'^^'a^i^re^^"" 


Ilecknniii Miss Lillit, res 240 s Tliird. , 

Ileckinaii Alary, (loiiiestic VA n Elevejitli. 

Hedge Warrington .8 (i^^elyn V) (Yeates, Dozois iK: IJedge) 

res 108 s Tweirth. 
lledrick Miss lAfable, res 424 n Tliird. 
Ileet John' II (Louisa), boiler maker Gaar, Seott tfe Co, res 222 n 

llelierineyer l^red, lariuer, res 423 s Sixth, 
riefter Miss Elizabeth, elk AVilliani ('avanangh, res 222 8 

Ileger John T (S Jane), wks Ilaynes, Spencer & Co, res lloSn J. 
Ilegger John, stone mason, res 42U s Tenth. 
Ilegger John B (Clara), trav agt, res 48 s Fifth, 
lleggie Willis, hostler, hds 20 s Eleventh, 
lleidelmann Ida, domestic 201 s Tenth. 
Ileidelmann John T (Mary A), lab, res 528 s Fifth, 
lleidelmann John jr, res 528 s Fifth. 
Ileines ]\[iss Kate, res Sevastoj)ol. 
Ileines AVilliam (Bridget), wks (iaar, Scott Sz Co, res Sevasto- 


Ileiser Sarah (wid John), res 1525 n A. 

Ileitbriid^ Adam II (F^lla 1\I), tanner, res 708 Eighth. 

Ileitbrink Miss F]lizabeth, res 708 Eighth. 

Ileitbrink F]mma A, domestic 1 1 n Eleventh. 

Ileitbrink Miss Emma, res o20 s Seventh. 

Ileitbrink Fred, engineer Wiggins & Son, res 320 s Seventh. 

Ileitbrink Henry, res 320 s Seventh. 

IleitbrirdNJohnF (Annie), engineer Wiggins & Son, res 320 s 

Seventh. ^ 
Ileitbrink Miss Katie, res 320 s Seventli. 
Ileithans Miss Augusta, res 439 s Seventh. 
Ileithaus Bennet II (Mary A), wks J M Ilutton iSz, Co, res 441 s 

Ileithouse David, wks Wiggins & Son, res 520 s Ninth. 
Ileithaus Frederick (Mary), wks d M Ilutton c^ Co, res 439 s 

Ileithaus Miss Lizzie, res 439 s Seventli. 
Ileithaus Lcjuis, wks J M Ilutton c^:, (\>, res 439 s Seventh. 
Ileithaus Miss Mary, res 439 s Seventh. 
Ilelmich Adam (Louise M), res 744 s Sixth. 

liempleman Aaron W (Elizabeth K), (Cieo II Urant, Ilemple- 
■ ''"' man & Co), res 1215 J\hiin. 

All kinds of BLANK BOOKS nicholsoh & bro. 

Everybody buys their COAL of Mather Bros. 


! . i 

, llein]>leinaii INFiss Lena B, res 1215 Muiii. i 

i IIeiiij)leiiian Ola ]\[, coiiti'actor vaniish dept Geo II Grant, ' 

j Ilenipleinan & Co, res 1215 ]\[ain. 

I Ilenclinian Charles T (Mary A), (llenclnnan & Cox), res 211: s I 

i Eighth, 

Henchman ^[iss Georgia C, res 214 s Eighth, 
llenclnnan ife Cox, (C T Henchman, A Cox), nifg confct 921 
Main, tel 152. 
• Henderson David (Eveline), cont and builder, res 120 s Eighth. 

- Henderson Mrs Eliza, res oS Ft AVayne ave. 

Henderson James M (col), barbei* Wiley Thompson, bds 736 n 

Henderson James W (Fannie), (Henderson & Ogborn), res 217 

n kSeventh. 
Henderson Joseph H (Josephine), blacksmith, res Sevastopol. 
Henderson Miss ]\Iattie, res 120 s Eiglith. 
Henderson AV^illiam, carpenter, bds Sll n A. 
Henderson AVilliam 11, painter P Schneider, res 3S Ft Wayne 

Henderson William 11, painter, res 38 Ft Wayne ave. 
Henderson & Ogborn (James A7 Henderson, AV^m H Ogborn), 

attys at law, over 71(5 Atain. 
Ilenegan John F, night elk Huntington House, res same. 
Henesy John, wks water works, bds 131(5 n F. 
Hening Frederick (Afary), collar maker, res 501 s Fifth. 
Henley Alva J, bds oS s Sixteenth. 

Henley Charles F (Sallie), foreman M C Henley, res 220 n Thir- 
Henley Edgar (Gertrude L), Kichmond Fence Co, res 110 s 

Henley John (Miriam W), lumber, lath and shingles, 1001 iMain, 

tel 57, res 72 s Sixteenth. 
Henley Miss Laura, res 301) n Fourteenth. 
Henley Lucy Ann (wid Henry), res 301) n Fourteenth. 
Henley Micajah C (Addie W), manfg and patentee Henley 
; " Challenge Roller Skate, ollice and factory 523 to 533 n Six- 

teenth, tel 91, res n E, cor 210 n Thirteenth. 
Ilennigar Henry, wks 1415 JMaiii, bds same. 
llennigar James A (Elizabeth), car})enter, res 34 n Tenth. 
Henry Alvern, brickmaker, res 811 n Eighth. 
Henry Ellen, domestic Arlington House, bds same. 
Henry Frank (Clara), molder Gaar, Scott & Co, res Sevastopol. 

TT7;*,« ^'/i^*^Jr. Chalrs und Seltees. Summer HouHC'ti. I W. T. B A R B E E , 
VV llG UOOUS. Screens, and all kinds ol Wire Cloth. 1 ikon anoWIRL wuKKb. 

3 patent unlaundered Shirt/^theboss." ""■ 

& SON. 


Henry Win II (Lizzie), ouiulnctor St L & T Ey, res 32 WasL- 
ini^ton [i\'e. 

Henshaw see also Hinshaw. 

Henshaw Charles E (.lennie M), dealer in groceries, cigars, 
tobaccos, lloiir, teed, fruits and vegetables, (J28 n Tenth, res 

Ilensley Wni (Angeline), wks Iloosier Drill Co, res 142G n G. 

llenson ]\[isb Itosetta, res 918 n Eleventh. 

Ilenson Thomas J (Catharine L), wks Gaar, Scott & Co, res 918 n 

llermesch Mrs Katie, res 115 n Second. 

llermesch l^ouis J (Hertha), brickmason, res 1:01 Ninth. 

Ilermish Kate, domestic 218 u Eleventh. 

llerold Ferdinand (Sarah E), wks Chase Piano Co, res 229 s Sec- 

Jlerold John II, res 229 s Second. 

llerold Miss Mary M, dressmaker, res 229 s Second. 

Ilerschel William (Caroline), engineer C St L Sl V Hy, res 1001 
n Fourteenth. 

llershlield Henry (Mary), wks CJaar, Scott & Co, res Mt Auburn 
n w city. 

llervey Clarence W (Emma), linisher J M llutton & Co, res 408 
s Fourteenth. 

llerzier William (Anna L), upholsterer Kichmond Carpet Co, res 
-[')8 s Eighth. 

Iless Lotta(wid Frank), res 025 n Ninth. 

llessman Charles, p^iinter, res 31 n Filth. 

llessinan Henry, res 31 n Fifth. 

Hessman Louis, painter, res 31 n Fifth. 

Hessman Louisa (wid Henry), res 31 n Fiftli. 

Hessnnm AVilliam, pattern maker, res 31 n Fifth. 

Hester Michael (Ellen), res 314 s Tenth. 

Hewitt Ambrose !R(Mary E), timekeeper 1st, 3rd and 5th div- 
isions C St L iSz V Ky, union depot, res 24 n Twelfth. 

Hewitt Archibald (Carrie), fruit stand, res over 400 Main. 

Hewitt Archibald (NaiK'y), fruit stand, res 400 n Fourth. 

Hewitt Eliza (wid), canvasser, res 32 n Third. 

Heying Fred, wks Wiggins A Co, res-- s Fifth, 

lliatt Ceorge, col (Almedia), wks Ellis Thomas, res 310 n Seventh. 

Hiatt Henry (Emma ('), res 25 s Seventh. 

Hiatt James (Emma), teamster, res 10 Ft AVayne ave. 

lliatt James A (Jennie), elk ^1 V> Lallard, res" 30 n Twelfth. 

^ i^fy^^f % ^S^^^ at NICHOLSON & BRO. 'i^^^^t' 

Everybody buys their COAL of Mather Bros. 


lliatt James II, (cul), bus driver, J F Miller, bds 828 s Eighth. 

lliatt Joseph, (col), (Jane), wks Thomas Pickens, res 412 s Sixth. 

lliatt Miss :Mertie, (col), res 412 s Sixth. 

lliatt Wm F, (Frances L), groceries and provisions, 807 Main, tel 
120, res 22 s JSlinth. 

lliatt AV'illiam J (Eliza W), res Earlham Place. 
\ Hibberd Elgar G (Elizabeth), (Ueid, IWder & Co), res 322 n 

I Twelfth, tel 112. 

' Hibberd James F (Elizabeth L). ])hysician, TIG n A, tel 11 res 

I 102 n Eighth. 

i» Hibberd Miss Jane, res 12 s Eighteenth. 
.} llickey Miss Catharine, res G28 n Eighth. 
^ llickey Miss Mary, res 623 n Eightli. 

\ llickey Michael, wks Hayne, Spencer & Co, res 623 n Eighth. 
\ llickey Thomas (Catharine), lab, res 623 n Eighth. 
; Hidehouse David, tanner, bds 202 n Seventh. 
; llieger AYilliani C (Eliza M), wks llaynes, Spencer & Co, res 
I . . 429 s Eleventh. 

• Iliers Joseph 1) (Alice R), molder CTaar, Scott & Co, res 718 
n Tenth. 

lliggs Miss Emma, res 1212 n G. . - 

Iliggs Eliza (wid Robert), res 1212 n G. 
" Ilig-gs Miss Elizabeth A, res 1212 n G. 

lliggs Miss Mary J, res 1212 n G. 

llildermann Henry, tailor, bds 133 s Fifth. 

Ilileman Jefferson (Ardie ]\I), lal), res 61) Ft Wayne ave. 

Ililes Charles, wks Thomas Rose. 

Hill Aaron, wks Sedgwick Pros. 

Hill Miss Anna E, res 12 s Eighteenth. 

Hill Penjamin C (Mary W), livery, feed and sale stable, 1014 
Main, res 12 n Ninth. 

Hill Charles (Jemima), res 43 8 Fifteenth. 

Hill Charles, res over 9 n Fifteenth. 

Hill David (Gertrude) res 126 s Twelfth. 

Hill Dan C (Sal lie), livery, feed and boarding stable, 1111) and 
1121 Main, res 31 s Sixteenth. 

Ililll Daniel (col), lab, res 2201 ]\lain. 

Hill Edward G (Eliza) (Hill .V: Cu), res s s Main, bet Twentieth 
and Twenty-iirst, tel 105. 

Hill Edward, wks M C Henley, res 411) n Fourteenth. 

Hill Elam P, painter, res 43 s Fifteenth. 

Iron Shutters, Balconies, Grating's 
Bank Work, Area Railinf^s, Stable 
FlttinsB, Ornam'tl Root Ci-estlng 

ffe i W. T, BARBEE IroD anil Wire Worlfs, 

Jb. J LA^Ay^nE, Indiana. 



Hill James M (AnuuKla T). manager AV U Tel Co, res 106 u 

Kill John T (Eliza R), iiiacliinist C St L ^^ P shops, res 406 n 

Hill Joseph (Jane) (Hill v.^: Co), res s s ]\Ltin. bet Twentieth and 

Hill Joseph B i^Uebecca), Lai'})euter, res 33 s Sixteenth. 
Hill ^liss Lizzie M, res 43 s Eiiteenth. 
Hill Lou, domestic Coniniereial Huu^e. 
Hill Eobert, (col), (Velia), lab, rc:= 414 s Sixth. . / 
Hill Kobert, (col), (Sophia), wks J A\^ Grubbs. 
Hill S, res 22S n Nineteenth. 
Hill Samuel (Anna), patentee wathing niaehine, res over 9 ii 

Hill Mrs Tracy B (wid George), res l::i s Eighteenth. 
HillThaddeusV (Belle), blacksmith Gaar, Scott & Co, res 

4LJ 11 Fourteenth. 
Hill AVilliam S (Marv). farmer, res s s llillsburron^di Pike, "2 n 

Hill AVilliain (Nancy), res 711 n F. 
Hill A: Co, (Joseph ct Edward), llorists, s s ^Liin, bet Twentieth 

and Twenty tir^t. 
Hilterman Henry, tailor B Kreimeier, res 131 s Fifth. 
Hindman Saniuel B (Samantha A), fureman Gaar, Scott »S: Co, 

res 4UJ» n Fourteenth. 
Hindman AVilliam 1), wks Gaar, Scott ^: Co, res 4U1) n Four- 
Hinkle Jennie, dumestic 220 s Ninth. 
Ilines Isiuic 1) (Laura A), painter lloM^jer Drill (\), res o2'"» n 

nines Will, helper Jerry Cuwhig c^ Co, res Sevastopol. 
Hinmon House,' 403 n Eighth, A Hinmon prop. 
Hinmon Alfred J, boarding house, 4(>3 n Eighth, res same. 
Hinshaw see also Henshaw. 

Hinshaw ]\[i.-s Mattie, res Sevastopol. 

Hinshaw Minnie, domestic L-T) s Twelfth. 

Hinshaw Philander (Emma), cari)enter, res S»>4 n Fourteenth. 

Hirsidileld Miss Louisa, res 231 s Sixth. 

Hirst .Miss Caroline, res 217 n Eighth. 

Hirst Elisha F (Abl)ie Mj, jeweler, 012 IMain, res 27 n Tenth. 

Hirst Jonathan (( ■liarh.tte)', res 207 n Eighth. 

llochland Paul (Katie), tailor, res 3;)0 s Twelfth. 

7'20 Main 

Nicholson i Bro. <,fuu- "."'?J,- Office Supplies, s^.o'i? 



llittle Omar L (Mamie L), broker, room 1 Ilittle blk, res over 

8o2 Main, Illttles blk 
llobbs M W, pbysician, 24: s Eio-hth, bahxnce information with- 
Hockett Albert (Mary), elk Nordyke & Had ley, res 15 n 

Hockett Eugene, res 216 n Fourteenth. 
Hockett Jesse M (Tamer), lal>, res 620 n Thirteenth. 
Hockett Junius A, wks J J llussell, res 620 n Thirteenth. 
Hockett William (Ellen), manager Central Union Telephone 

Exchange, tel 210, res 216 n Fourteentli. 
Ilodapp William (Kate), wks Chase Piano Co, res 27 s Second. 
Hodge Miss lloxie, wks B Arnold, res 616 n Sixth. 
Ilodgin Amy (wid Tilmas), res Spring Grove. 
Hodgin Charles P, wks C St L & P sliops, bds 208 n Ninth. 
Hodgin Cyrus W (Carrie E), princii)al Richmond Normal 

School, res 1st house n 1st toll gate, Fountain City pike. 
Hodgin Daniel W (Lydia E). shop elk C St L & P shops, res 818 

n F. 
Hodgin Edward B (Ellen M), elk frt dept G R & I Ky, res 3U n 

Ilodgin Edward (Ellen M), bill elk Little Miami Pty, res 518 n 

Hodgin Joseph N (Emma), contractor and builder, 1020 Main , 

tel 73, res 122 n Soventeenth. 
Hodgin Miss Mary E, res 1025 n I. 
Hodgin Robert (Minerva), foreman C St L & P Ry shops, res 

1025 n I. 
Ilodgin Wm P (Lizzie), carj), res S])ring Grove. 
Hoelscher Frank, helper R Pai)er ]\[ill, res s Ninth. 
Iloerner Chas M, shi])ping elk M C Henley, res 25 s Fourth. 
Iloerner David F (Mary J), foreman D J Hoerncr, res 105 s 

Iloerner David J (Catharine), bakery 13 s Fifth, res 37 s Fourth. 
Iloerner Miss Flora U, elk I) J Iloerner, res 37 s Fourth. 
Iloerner John, elk D J Iloerner, i-es 37 s Foiirtli. 
IloHerd Wm, lamp lighter R City Gas Co. 
Iloif Henry (Mary), wks llaynes, S[)encer & Co, res 822 n 

Hoif John (Carrie), res 713 s H. 

llort'mann Adam, wks Iloosier Drill C^o, res 231 s Ninth, 
lloiihiann Albert N, wks M C Henley, bds 107 n Fourteenth. 

TTr;vi« n^As/^ln Window Guards. Wire Sierns, store tW.T.BARBEE. 

YV IrG UOOCIS. Fixtures, Flower 53tanda. Florul Designs. \ lion and Wire Works. 

Gents' Suits made to Order, ''■\%^Z'SS^ii^''" RICHMOND 


lIolYman Au^aist (Minnie), machinist Iloosier J3rill Co, res 843 

n Twelfth. 
Iloffniiin A J, stoves and tinware, Oi^O Main, res 1724 Main, 
llotfnian Fred (Alice), tinner, res 1724 Main. 
IfoU'inan Fred, jr, elk A J Jlolihian, res 1724 Main. 
llolVniann John (K\a) grocer, 231 s Kinth, res same. 
lioUinan Miss Katie 0^ res 1132 ]\[ain. 
llotinian Peter S (Jane W), nitg regalia, 9 n Ninth, res 1132 

Hoffmann Miss Rosa, elk John Huffman, res 231 s Ninth. 
Hoffman AVm F (Emma), wks Wayne Agrl A\^urks, res 138 s 

Hoffman Wni (Emma L) ])rop Indiana House, 429 Main, res 

Hofiieinz Christopher C (Carrie C), car inspector C St L & P lly, 

res 316 s Ninth. 
Hofiieinz Frederick A, lab, res 417 s Seventeenth. 
Ilofheinz ]\[iss Mary C, res 31G s Ninth. 
Hofiieinz Miss ^lary, domestic 113 s Ninth. 
Hofiieinz Miss MoUie L, res 310 s Ninth. 
Ilogan John B (Minnie), tbreman foundry dejjartment 11 Machine 

AV^orks, res 327 n A. 
Holbrook Geo W, elk J A Knabe, bds Piiillips Honse. 
HoHand Mrs Elizabeth (wid George), res 3S s Tenth. 
Holhirn ]\Iiss Alaggie, res 408 n Third. 
HoUarn Michael (Hannah), stonemason, res 408 n Third. 
Holhirn 44iomas, res 408 n Third. 

Holler ]\Iiss Dora, wks Item ollice, res over 327 s Seventii. 
Holler Miss Edith, wks M CuUaton & Co, res 327 s Seventh. 
Holler Airs Alary (wid Caswel), di-e^smaker, res over 327 s 

Ilidlings worth Aliss i)elle, dressmaker, 305 n Seventh, res same. 
HoUingsworth Elias (luichel A), carj>, res 225 n Eigliteenth. 
Ilollingswortii Franic AI, patteiii maker Gaar, Scott vfe Co, res 

305 n Seventh. 
Ilollingswurth Omar (Alice C), treas Hoosier Drill Co, res 5! 6 

Ilollingsworth Susan AI, (wid Milton), res 305 n Seventii. 
ILdlingswoi'th Zimri (Sarah), earn, res 205 s Eigiith. 
Hollopeter Horace T, wks AI C Henley, res 415 n Fourteentii. 
Holloj)eter John C, (Hollopeter iSz, Donovan), res 25 s Fourth. 
Hollopeter Airs Zi])ha (wid Joim), res 25 s i^urtii. 

always nf NICHOLSON <L BRO. 

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Our Coal al^ivays Pleases.— Mather Bros. 


Ilollopcter Win W (Lydia), wks J U llnttou & Co, res 415 n 

llollopeter tV: J.)onovan, (J C llollopeter and D Donovan,) mn% 

niarhleized, enameled slate and iron mantels, 426 Main, 
llolloway George (col), (Julia), lab, res 920 s JNintli. 
llollowell John, nu^rhle polisher Stace Sl Crocker, bds l^hillips" 

llollowell John, marble cutter, res 38 n Sixth, 
llollowell Miss Mary, res 110 s Twelfth, 
llollowell Mary E, domestic 522 n Sixth, 
llolley Eobert E, elk Arlington Hotel, rms 201 n Ninth. 
Holly A\^m A (Jennie E), bai-ber, res 010 s C. 
Holmes ]\tiss Ellira, school teacher, i*es 39 s Tenth. 
Holmes Mrs Mary J (wid Walker), res 39 s Tenth, 
llolsher Frank (Annie), wks paper mill, res 1023 s A. 
Holt John (Harriet), (col), lab, res 735 n Fifteenth. 
lloltcamp Casper (Mary), teamster, res 400 s Seventh. 
Holtcamp Frederick (Mary), lab, res 317 Third. 
Holteree Lizzie, domestic 135 s Eleventh, 
lloltgreive Miss Annie, res 223 s Sixth, 
lloltgreive John 11 (Louisa), wks Gaar, Scott & Co, res 223 s 

Holtgreive Miss Mary, res 223 s Sixth. 
Holthouse Barney (Alinnie) elk John 11 Dickman, res 108 s 


3" Sixth 

Holthouse George, wks Evens, Ferguson & Reeves, res 1008 
s J. 

Holthouse Gertrude (wid lline), res 108 s Seventh. 

Holthouse j\Iiss ^Fai-y, dressmaker Mrs F] A Ih'uwn, res 1008 s J. 

lloltmeyer Frank (Lizzie), wks llaynes, Spencer ik Co, res 442 
s F]ighth. 

Holton C:ha3 X (Alma T), elk Gaar, Scott iSc Co, res 48 Wabash 

lloltzinger Lenj, (col), broom maker lloosier Broom Works, res 
320 n Eighth. 

Holzapfel Henry, tinner 11 F Oesting. 

Homan Mrs JMartitia M, res over 1532 Main. 

Homo of the Friendless, 300 s TiMith, Susan 11 Hampton, 

Hoos Mary E, domestic 303 n Tenth. 

Hoosier Drill Co, mfg grain drills, corn drills, broadcast seed- 
ers and sulky hay rakes, 13tM) n E, tel 131. 

TTT5*^« Hf^^Ae^ Chairs and Settees, eurumerHoubes,! W. T. BARBEE, 
VV IrG UOOuS. Screens, and all kinds ot Wire Cloth, 1 ihon anoWiHL works. 

ttome-made Hose & Hocka, Buck «Sc Seal Skin T\ p r^wnTrr-PA-nrl A Qrkn 
Drivlngr Gloves, Collars, Ruches & Ties, at If' JJ- L;IdWIOra <B OOU 


Hoover Mrs Eniiiia, doniestic Vii'<iiiiia House, res 813 n E. 

Hoover Olias E (Emma), elk H H Moorman & Co, res over n w 
cor N in til and n E. 

Hoover Harry H (Anna J>), ])ri!iter Palladiinn, res 408 s Ninth. 

Hoover Leander, niacliinist C St L & P shoj^s, bds Arlini^ton 
House. , 

IFoover Mrs Lydia (wid Henry), res 30 ii Tenth. 

IIot)ver IMau^^ie, domestic s e cor Afain and T\v(intieth. 

Hopkins Mrs Kh'/abeth (wid Ui(diard), res 10 s Sixteenth. 

Horh^r Fred (J\Iaggie), wks Haynes, Sjjencer & Co, res 211 n 

Honnan Frederick (Carrie), wks Gaar, Scott & Co, res e s Twen- 
ty-First 10 s Main. 

Horn Clias H (:Mao-gie E), baker, res 300 s Nintli. 

Horn Valentine K(Anna C^), wks (Jaar, Scott & Co, res Sevas- 


Horn Miss Yesta M, res 201 s Eleventh. 

Horner Philip L i'Ellen S), tinner, Williamsberi^ Pike, near firs 
Toll Gate. 

Horney Anna, domestic 48 s Eleventh. 

Horney David 1) (Ann M), res 327 n Ei<^dith. 

Horney Mias Eliza, bkpr Zeller & Co, res 111 s Eleventh. 

Horney Miss Lizzie L, school teacher, 327 n Eii'-hth. 

Horney Miss Mattie, principal Fifth ward school, res 327 n 

Horney Solomon (Ruth W), res 111 s Eleventh. 

Horney l\[iss Susie, school teacher, res 327 n Eighth. 

Horr Wm () (Emma M), machinist Gaar, Scott A: Co, res 30 
. Wabash ave. 

Ilorton Harry P, elk Haynes, Spencer & Co, res 30 s Fifteenth. 

Horton Miss Anna, res 30 s Fifteenth. 

Horton Lewis D, manager Wooten Desk dept Haynes, Spencer 
&Co, res 30 s Fifteenth. 
j Horton Lewis P, res 30 s Fifteenth. 

I Horton Louis V, wks Haynes, Spencer c^ Co, res 30 s Fifteenth. 
I Horton Mrs Sophia (wid Harry), res 30 s Fifteenth. 

I Horton Wm H {Mary A), supt Kichmond ( Jas Co, res over 818 

I Main. 

j. Hotap]) Wm, cabinet maker C/hase Piano Co, 
i Hough lAliss Edith L, res 153() Main. 

j Hough George W (Amelia ,1), carp Wayne Agrl (\), res 1530 

WEDDING, BIRTHDAY AND •KTi/^'hr^lQr^n Rt RrO No. 720 Main 
HOLIDAY GIFTS AT ^ ICllUloUIl 06 SDL U. fcitroot. 

All kinds of Building Material at Mather Bros. 


Hough Hannah Mendenliall (wid Hiram), res 118 s Seventh. 
Hongh Miss Alaniie, res IS^itJ Main. 

Houston Lattinioi-e (Carrie), Cranor, Gaar & Co, res 110 s Ninth. 
Houston Samuel Ij (Carrie M), wks (Cranor, Gaar iS:, Co, bds 27 n 

Houston Jolm, candy mkr Henchman & Cox, res 110 s Nintl). , 
Howard Miss Fannie E, res 321 n Tentli. 

Howard Isaac K (Mnvy), (1 U Howard ik Co), res 821 n Tenth. 
Howard John I, elk I U Howard & ('o, res 321 n Tenth. 
Howard John K, elk 1 li Howard & Co, res 1321 n Tenth. 
Howard Miss Nellie E, res 821 n Tenth. 
Howard Sarah, (col), domestic, 100 n Seventh. 
Howard Sarah, (col), domestic 216 n Eleventh. 
Howard William A, (Wayne (yi-eamer}- Co), res 2 m n city limits. 
Howai-d 1 R ite Co, (Isaac 11 Howard), wholesale grocers 200 to 

20() Ft Wayne ave, tel 32. 
Howe Gideon, painter G A Pierce, bds Bryson House. 
Howe William J (Mary S), Minister Christian Church, res 208 

n I. 
llowells Miss Hattie S, res 314 n Ninth. 
Howells Joseph, homeopatliic physician and surgeon, 314 n 

HOWELLS JULIUS M, City Civil Engineer, room 4, 
city building, res 314 n Ninth. 

Hroder John (Kate), plasterer, res 305 s Fourteenth. 

Hubbard Henry F, cari)enter, res 222 s Ninth. 

Hubbard Miss Mary A, res 222 s Ninth. 

Hubbard William sr (Amanda), carpenter, res 222 s Ninth. 

Hubbard William S jr, stenogra])her, res 222 n Ninth. • 

Hubble Isaac, engineer Champion Roller Milling Co, bds 813 

Huber Miss Carrie, res 237 s Third. 

Huber Emil F, boiler nuiker Hoosier Drill Co, res 237 a Third. 
Huber Fred L, machinist R City Mill Works, res 237 s Third. 
Huber Fred (Elizabeth), res 237 s Third. 
Huber dohn A (INFaggie), cabinet maker, res over 31 s Sixth, 
Huber Kate, domestic 205 n Tenth. 
Huber Lizzie C, domestic 127 n Tenth. 
Huck Emil (Mary), saloon, 323 n E, dealer in line wines, cigars 

and liquors, res 121 \\ Seventh. 



Bottom Prices on all Domestics, ^- °- ^^S^WnPSP^e.^ ^on 


Huckeineycr Henry (Oatliarine), lab, 41G s Scventli. 
IIiK'koineyer John, (!ii»arinaker, res 41G s Seventh. 
Ihu'lcenieyer ]\Iiss Ivatie, res 4l() s Seventh. 
Ihiddleston Frank J) (ElLi R), wks Iloosier Drill Co, res 409 n 

Iluddleston Isaac (Martha), machinist AV'ayr.e Agrl Works, res 

30t> n Sixteenth. ' ' ' 

][\i(idleston Miss Lnella, res 302 n Sixteenth. 
Huddleston Orlando C (Mary J), mlV and dealer in all kinds 

ot'pnni]»s, pipes, sinks, driven wells and g-as litting, also agt 

tor llalladay's Standard Wind Eng'ine, 212 n Sixteenth, res 

Hudson Athcron E, wks (Quaker City Chair Co, Ids 107 n Four- 
Hudson Charles, carpenter, bds 813 u E. 
Hudson Georo^e AV (Rosa E), carriage trimmer P Schneider, res 

123 s Eiirhth. 
Hudson Miss Jennie, res 23 s Nintli. 

Hudson Martin (Emma), (Hudson & Ireton), res 33 n Third. 
Hudson Mrs Mary (wid Nicholas), res 23 s Nintli. 
Hudson (fc Ireton, (Martin Hudson, James Ireton), painteis over 

812 Main. 
Iluel Minie, domestic 101 s Tenth. 
Huff John, lab C St L & P shops. 
Hutford AVilliam, wksdias AVorks, res 100 n Second. 
Huff'man Pichey M, elk Adam H Partel ife Co, bds 204 n Seventh. 
Hughes Rev Dr Isaac M (Jane C), pastor 1st Presbyterian 

Church, res 323 n Ninth, 
liuglies James B, res 23 n Sixth. 
Hughes Jasper S (Emma E), (Shumai'd Sash Balance Co), res 203 

n Twelfth. 
Hughes Miss (Phoebe), res 23 n Sixth. 
Hughes Miss Susan, res 28 n Fifth. 

Hugnes Staidey S, student Earlham College, res 323 n Ninth. 
llugon John (Anna M), nuxchinist, res 1516 n C. 
Hugon Miss Emma E, cashier Boston Store, res 845 n Twelfth. 
Hugon Frederick AV, machinist J E Hugon, res S55 n Twelfth, 
llugon John, machinist J E Hugon, res 1510 n C. 
Hugon John E (Mary), mnfr Hugun's j)atent governor, 857 n 

Twelfth, res 855*n Twelfth. 
Huls Henry (Sarah E), blacksmith Sevastopol, res same. 
Iluls Miss Ida M, res Sevasto])ol. 

HAVE YOUR MAGAZINES BOUND n| VTOlinj OfllJ Q. X\X)(\ 720 Main 




IIiils Irwin, l)l;ickstiiitli, res JSuvastupitl. 

lliilso Jumch, builor iiinker Jerry (^jwiiii;' ^V: (\). 

lliiinl)L'l C/luirk'S A (Lulu A), liMi>lii r lIa\iio^, Spunecr &, Co, rt'b 

S4-1 n Twelftli. 
llunnncl Adolpli (Caroline), niuchimVt K ^-'ity i\[iil Works, reo 

10:20 n Sixteenth. 
llumpe Henry sr, l>l:iek:,;niitli (ui;ir, Seott ^: (.a», res 4:27 :3 Sixth. 
lliiin|)e ]Ienry jr, carj)enter, res 427 ^ Sixth. 
llunipe Jolin, res 427 s Sixtli. 
Jlunipe ^Iis.-5 Lizzie, res 427 s Sixth. 
]luni|te Lizzie, duuiestic 2i"5 n Tenth. 
Humphrey John N. ^npt l'ni<»n L\.');ut (liiiiu_; [);irl«)rs and 

restaurant, bds same, ruuins i'(j>s n Ninth. 
Iliuienieyer elohn (So))hia G), lab, res o\er 212 s Seventh. 
llunemeyer AVm F (Ca^^ie), typo .1 M Cue, res 212 s Seventh. 
llnni^erl'ui'd AlisS r)ertha Jv, res IMI ii Fifth. 
lluni^-crtbrd j\Iiss Ma^-^ae L, res oil n b'itLli. 
iriuii^erford AVin Ii (Sallie J\ inaehini.-t (Jaar, Scott c*v: Co, res 

311 u Fifth, 
llunkler Frank, tinner City ]\[ill Works, b<]s 102 u Fourteenth. 
Jlunineutt William, wks Wiij,uins c^ Co, Ixla Philli}>b iIou.-e. 
]hint Albert 11 (Emily F), res^^;;i) .^ Tenth. 
Hunt Alexander, wks ^Matthews. AVindci- i\: Co. 
Hunt Alvin T, j)rinter, 44ie F\'enin:r Item, re.^ loll s A. 
Hunt Amelia F (wid Lhialij, re.- 41;> Main. 
Hunt Clayton, res 3r\ n Seventh. 
Hunt Clayton \> (Fannie ('), re.. 40 s Ninth. 
lluntL]dgar, printer, re.- lol 1 s A. 
Hunt ALiss Emma, res ;)07 n SeNxnU mth. 
Hunt Frank J], inventor Kiehnnjnd Sullcy Flow. 42l n l\!ghth, 

rcs 50 s Twelfth. 
Hunt Frank J, student, bd.-^ 50 s Twelfth. 
llnnt John (Rebecca), I'es Se\astop(d. 

Hunt John T (Arinnie), wk^ lio..>ier Drill (\», res :M(^. s Third. 
Hunt Joshua (Lucy), ]>rinter T 1 )e\'ai iu;in, ris li»l i s A. 
Hunt Joslina G, (Moj'jIs c^ Hunt), IkF ;;;i n Sexcnth. 
lluntl\[iss Laura, res loll s A. 
Hunt Laura, domestic 11:.' V[ Wayne a\e. 
Hunt i\torton, res 307 n SevenOenlh. 
Hunt Oliver C, res 413 ]\Lun. 

Hunt Orlando V> ((irace), tarmer. re.- >37 n 4\iith. 
Hunt Samuel (Cornelia), wks J M .Moore, res OvMl s Eleventh. 



YARNS, all colors and qaalities, "^gSS-ee? 



I llmit/riiuiiias (Ilattie), pi'inlor Ar Oiillatoii & Co, res over 520 

I Main. 

I Hunt Will, wks J W ]\[()()re, res (KK; s Klovcntli. 

j Hunter Ann(\\'i(l Henry), res SiM n Teiitli. 

j HunliM- Klizaheth (wiJ J'a(^k^on), res :VJ5 s 'IVMitli. 

I Hunter Samuel W (eol), wk:,,iii(> I'' Miller, res ;>25 S Tentli. 

I Hunter William H (Kutli ), maeliinist (iaar, Scoil cVs Oo, I'es 1)02 

I n 'JV'utli. 

i Hunter V/illiam '["(Lydia), tailor and renovator, 5 s Ki^lith, res 

i ±'A s Tliirteentli. 

I Huntington House, John H PhillOrooks propj-, s e (M)r Seventh 

! and Alain, tel i\l . 

! ILuntsnnin Mi's Sarah i^wid dohn), I'es Sevastopol. 

i Hurly iMrs i\iagg-ie, res (;o I n Twelfth. 

j Jlurle_y Steplien (col), 'cook .Vrlinii'ton House, Ixls same. 

i JHir^tin-i;- iVnthony (Alary A), re--, ;)1 Liherty a\ e. 

I H.ursting Frank H, \\]:s J M Jluttori dc CJo, rc!s 'M liiberty a\'e. 

! Hurstin^' Henry (Dena), wks (Jaar, Scott c^ ( -o, res SdT s Sixth. 

j JLursting Miss Josie A, I'es ol Liheity a\'e. 

j- Hurstinij;' Miss Theresa, rc^ ^H Lihei'ty ave. 

j lluss Ida, domestic Sevastopol. 

[ llusson i\^ixon, kaker P Ihisson, bds ^^2:5 A[ain, rms cor l^deventli 

I and 8 Jk 

Husson Peter (Mary A), bakei'y and coidectionery, 823 Main, 
[, tel l;;S, res 20 1 .s i'deventh. " 

i Huston John, ca,ndy maker, kds ids Ninth. 

^ Huston Samuel L (Ckirrie), wks Oranor, (iaar & ( ^o, res 27 n 
j i\intJi. 

llutehens Janjiis iM , carpenter Yates Sl Son, res A[a\well a\e, 
[ Marlham idace. 

I Hutchins Ki'ank, eui^ineer St L S: V Ky, ImIn Ooj n Tweinii. 

I Hutchins Widiam (Marv A ), turner, re^^ r> 11 n 1). 

i Hutchinson Edward B (Mary K), tdaim a-e-nt St L .^ 1* \l 

! U, llidon Depot, res 2 kS n ka-lith 

i Hutchison John, wks (iaai-, Scntt .V (^), re.^ Vo I'd Wayne ave. 

j Hutchison John M, mechanic^ (iaai-, Svo(tiV:(\>, res 70 I'd, Wayne; 

I ave. 

i Hutchkson Miss Lydia, di'es^makei', res 70 I'd, Wayne ave. 

Hutchison Mary () (wid Heniy), n^^ 70 I'd, Wayne ave. 

Hutchison Wilson (Idiehe) shoemaker, res DlO s H. 

Hutlelter i^d'cd (S*)phia), painter, res 10 I s l\i<doh. 

Hutton Albert 11, (KoNy ^'c Hutton), res 20 1 n d\veirih. 

Wall Paper and Ourtain Goods, ^'^^^\V 

NlcaU)!/ ON \' I3RO. 
9 M;.iu SI. 

All kinds of Building Material at Mather Bros. 


lliittoii ]\Liss Oainilhi II, res 814: n Tenth. 

lluttoii Edward P, II S letter carrier 3rd dist, res 201 ii Twelfth. 

Hutton Jesse M (Ivebecca 1j), prcs J M llutton & Co, res 314: 

11 Tenth, tel 157. 
llutton John II, wks Champion Itoller Skate and Wagon Co, 

les 201 n Twelfth, 
llutton Noah II (Anna), transfer U S Mail agt Union Depot, res 

110 Ft Wayne ave. 
llutton Sarah A_E (wid John), res 201 n Twelfth, 
llutton AV^dter J, res 308 n Tenth. 
Hutton William P (Emma S), treas J M llutton ^^ Co, res 308 

n Tenth. 
Hutton J M & Co, (J AI llutton pres, M^ II Dill secy, W P 

llutton treas), otlice and works s e cor Twelfth and n E, lei 

Iluy Anthony F (Lizzie M), butcher, res 031 s Eighth. 
Hyde Ami B, U S Ex messenger, res 107 s Seventh. 
Hyde Caroline (wid), res 107 s Seventli. 
Hyde William (col), barber. 

Ibaugh Frank (Jennie), wks E Smith & Co, res 318 s Fourteenth. 

Igelman John H (Adaline), elk Thonuis C Lichtenfels, res 310 s 

Iggleman Carrie, douiestic 29 n Twelfth. 

Ililf Bros (John E and AVilbur S), toys and notions, 538 Main. 

Iliff John E(Flora K) (Ililf Bros), res 130 s Third. 

Iliflf Joseph F (Jennie) (J P IIUY & Co), res 100 s Fifteenth, 
tel 214. 

Iliif Wilber S (Iliif Bros), res 21 n Seventh. 

Iliff J P & Co (Joseph P Ililf, Wm II Stanley), commission bro- 
kers, rooms 4 and 5 Tremont blk, tel 214. 

Imliolf ilnna, domestic, 225 n Eleventh. 

Imholl" Bernadena, domestic 134: s Seventh. 

Imhotl Miss Elizabeth, res 74:7 s Sixth, 

Iniholf Joseph (Mary), lab, res 74:7 s Sixth. 

hnholf Miss Louisa, res 747 s Sixth. 

Indioti William (Euphemia B), cabinet maker, res 045 s E. 

Inderstrodt George G (Lnderstrodt ik Lindeman), res 400 s 

Inderstrodt Mary, domestic 25 s Seventh. 

Iron Shutters, Balconied, Grtiting-e, 
Bank. Work, Aroii Railings, t>tablo 
Fittings. Ornam'tl Roof Crestings. 

if, T.BARBEE Iron anfl Wire Works, 


Carpets and Dry Goods •''^^.T" D.B, CRAWFORD & SON 


liKlorritrodt A: Lindeiiian (Ucur^-o G Inderstrodt, John li Linde- 
iiKiii), cigar iiuiiitrs, s \\\dOv n Eighth and Ft AVayne ave. 

Indiana House, liortman \Vm F propr, 421) Main. 

Ingle (leorge, cooper, res AVillianisherg j)ike, near 1st toll gate. 

ingel Jut^e])h, cooj)er, res Willianisberg Pike, near 1st toll gate. 

Ingelheig- Theodore (Jane), lab, res 81)7 s Sixth. 

Ingellnirt Henry (Julia), res 1:101 s Fifth. 

Ingersoll Edward S (Elizabeth J), ex{)ressnian, res 33 s Eigh- 

Iredell John 8 (Sidney D), shipping elk llaynes, Spencer c^ Co, 

res 505 n Fifteenth. 
Ireland Miss llattie C), res 402 n Twelfth. 
Ireland John V (Nancy Fj, carj^enter Middleton & Co, res 402 n 

Ireton Fee, wks Shute lioUer Skate Co. * 

Ireton Harry E, stoves and tinware, 1027 Main, res 1025 Main. 
Ireton ALary (wid James), res 1025 Main. 
Ireton Sandi, domestic 103 s Sixteenth. 

Ireton Thomas (Jennie), (Hudson it Ireton), res 50G n Sixteenth. 
Irk William, wks Enquire. 

Irvin Ambrose, res s end Eighteenth and Nineteenth. 
Irvin Emma, domestic, res Sevastopol. 
Irvin Lottie, domestic s end Eighteenth and Nineteenth. 
Irwin Emma, domestic J C Uatlilf, res same. 
Irwin Marietta (wid John), res lids Eighth. 
Irwin Miss Ola, res 414 n Sixteenth. 
Irwin AVm (Jennie), bkpr, res 87 n Ft Wayne ave. 
Isermann Ferdinand F (Sophia E), tailor, res 227 s Twelfth. 
Isermann Henry, cabinet maker, bds 21L s Sixth. 
lutzi Joseph (Maggie L), physician, 100 s Eighth, res same, 

tel 183. 
Ives Joseph T(Angeline T), secy and treas Matthews, Winder Sl 

Co, res Williamsburg pike, 3 m n w city. 

■ J" 

Jackson Miss Abbie, res HOG Main. 
Jackson Andiew, car inspeiitor, bdh !)12 n (J. 
Jackson Anna J\I (wid Richard), res 11 0(1 Main. 
Jackson Alonzo. lab (/oi'uelius llatliif jr. 

Jackson Charles A (Ella), brakeman C St J. cV V Ky, res 24G 8 

^'"''^^^^^^^Sl^'''"' at NICHOLSON & BRO. ■'if,?h':!;:'.!;f '• 


Everybody buys their GOAL of Mather Bros. 


Jackson ('liarlos A (Lillic). res 20;i n Elovont]i. 

Jjicksuii ({curiae (Edith), wks (uiar, ScolL Sl Cu, res 817 ii 1. 

Jackson Miss Ivate, res 201) ii E^leventh. 

Jackson Richard A (Anna V) (Nciedham iSz Jackson), i-es 1-1 s 

Jackson Sanuiel W (Florence J), res 114 s Eighth. 

Jackson Zne (Sallie), wks llaynes, Si)en(;er ^^. Co, res lllrS Kii^litli. 

•Jacobs John K (Alice M) (Saniks & Jacobs), res 123 n Thir- 

Jacono Francisco, lab, I'es s s E, ])et Fourteenth and Fifteenth. 

Jagemann Hans G G Va.n. ]'rotXJennan, l^\'ench and ITistoi-y 
Earlhani College, re.^ W Kichniond. 

Jahnke Fred (^Mary), ibieman llaynes, Spencer iSz ()o, res 7o5 n 

James Louis, col (Anna), lab, I'es 45 s Fiftli. 

Jarrett Andrew J (Uutli A), wks j\[ C Henley, res 52*.) n Seven- 

Jarrett Elizabeth (wid David), res S])ring Grove. 

Jarrett Mrs Ida (wid), res V/oi n Third. 

Jarrett Miss Atary, res S[)rini;' (irove. 

Jay Allen, supt and treas lilarlhani CoUeg-e, res same. 

Jay Eli, wks (ieo II Grant, llemijleman eV; (Jo, res W Riclimond 

Jay Jose])h W (Jane iM), dentist ovei- 71S ]\Iuin, res AV'est Uich- 

Jay Martha A, matron Earlham Oolleo-e, res same. 

Jay William, dentist, bds Flijlli])s House. 

Jay William C (Anna F), physician, 1H)1) n A, res ;U n Seventh, 
tel 122. 

Jay AVm r, dentist J W Jay, res West Uichmond. 

Jeanii,-eon Elysee (Olenujnce), res 210 n Seventeenth. 

Jeanson Charles E, wks Gaar, Scott & Go, bds 110 n Ei-hth. 

Jellers Abraham S (Edith), farmer, res 48 s Seventeenth. 

Jelfers Itcidjen (Levina), farnu'r, res 415 s Sixth. 

Jefferson Delila, (col), dressmaker, 12;; s 4\-uth, res same. ' 

Jefferson Philip, (col), (Alice), cook lluntin-ton House, res 22:i 


Jemison Allen W (Kate (i), ]>ainter ll(»osior Drill ( \), res 'Mh n 

Jenkins Charles M (Anna E), mana«^-er S N elenkiub, res KUi s 

Jenkins Evans II, jeweler S N Jenkins, bds n Ninth. 
Jenkins Geor^-e (Sada), i)ainter Hoosier Drill Co, res ot) n Fifth. 

T7rr;«« n^^;^n chairs and Selteos. summer nouses,, W. T. BARBEE, 

W ire UOOClS. Scroens, uud ah kinds ot Wa-o Cloth, 1 uu>u anoWihi: \woh>m,. 

Try the Aurora torpet Sweeper, "^ 

528 Main Sti-eet 


.loiikins Misri I(l:i, res ()li> n KointiHMitli. 

Jenkins John (IMarv), driMT liose carl No 2, res o'J n Fifth. 

Jenkins Lney (wid Williani), res (] 1 2 n lA)urteent,h. 

Jenkins Kohert L, jeweli'r, 8 N Jenkins, Ixks n N intli. 

Jenkins S N (iSopliia A), jeweler, i'rJM Main, tel (iO, res Andei-sun, 
( ' AT J(Mikins inana--er. 

Jenkins W' ni, wks Jlaynt'.s, vSpeneer s!<^ Co, res 89 n Filth. 

Jenkin.-on Frank n,]n()l(ier iloosier Di'ill (\), hdsolK^n Fle\enlh. 

Jeilkiuson Isaac (Narc.issa 1)), culilui- and propr Daily and 
Weekly Falladinin, lei lil, bds II uiitiiivton House, rnis 45 

Jeidcihson Wni E, (iVrtei-lield & Jenkinson), lulsoO^ n Fleventh. 

Jenks David C (Rosana), real estate a^ent, over (TFi Main, res 
l;',()!J Alain. 

' .Jenks k^lnier 1'], pressman J M (Joe, les lo(l2 ]\[ain. 

V Jenlw-3 Miss J\Iinnie, res J;;oi> Alain. 

i Jessnp David 1] (Fninia), wks \l (Jity Alill Wks, res []V2 n Finh- 

I teenth. 

> Jessnp Flwood (Finnia), lab, ivs 27 n Fifth. 

I Jessup Sarah (wid Da\id 15), res n F, 1 e U (Jity ^Alill Woi-ks. 

I Jester ]\[iss Jennie, res iMl> n A. 

I efestcr John, res 211) n A. 

Jester Miss Susan, waiter lLuntinij;toii Jlouse, hds same. 

Jestei" Shernnui, res 2l;5 n A. 
I Jewell Edward A, lal) (T U c^ I Uy, res 1 10 s Twelfth, 

j Jewell (leo AV, res 1 lo s Tweltth. ' ^ • " 

eJewell Pai-me'lia (wid George), res 1 lO s Twelflli. 
! Johannes George (Carrie M), stone yard and (Contractor, s 15, 

; het Sixth and Seventh, res 201 s Sixth. 

I Johannes Airs Alary (wid), res 20i s Sixth. 

j Johannini( Henry, wks and Ixls 407 ii Tenth. 

I Johanninii; Henry, jxnier A^anlixem S: (;o, res 420 s Tenth. 

I rlohaninn:^' flolin, (dk 1) l5o\vH'rs, i-es 420 s Tenth. 

; John Aliss Eihhie F, res 10 s 4\'nt]i. ^ ^ ' 

I John Wm L (1^1 iza), res 10 s Tenth. 

Johnson Ahram ((Jai-rie M), tinner, I'es 201 s rdeveaith. 

rlohnson Aliss x\my, res 205 ii l^]le\-enlh. 
■ Johnson Benjamin (Elizalieth), ((i W Avi-y A: (\)), contractor 

i U K cross ties, ();i;> Alain, res 2(»5 n hdeseidh. 

*' Johnson Calvin R (Sarah E), hK'al editor Falladinm, res 44 s 
I Second. 

Johnson l^jhvard 0, wks CJhase Piano (Jo, I'es 44 s Secontl. 

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7lU) Main s;itvi>t. 

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Johnson Miss Enuna, res 20d s Seventh. 

Johnson iMiss Eninia, (col), res 221 s Tenth. 

Johnson J\Irs Fannie J (w kl J> N), res iOO n Eleventli. 

Johnson Geo, (col), wks John llenley, res s F, bet ISeventh and 

Johnson Miss Hannah ]\[, res 225 n Twelfth. 
Johnson Hannah N, domestic 46 s Tliirteenth. 
Johnson Henry M (Catharine), shoemaker, ()00 n 13, res same. 
Johnson Henry U (Helen C), lawyer and notary public, 508 

-Main, res 35 n Tenth. 
Johnson John, (col), waiter Arlington House, bds same. 
Johnson John II, bkpr B Johnson, res 205 n Eleventh. 
Johnson Miss Jessie, res 17 s Seventeenth. 
Johnson Joseph i\[, barber, 903 n E, res 709 n F. 
Johnson Julia, (col), domestic 219 n Eleventh. 
Johnson Miss Lizzie, res 209 s Seventh. 
John Miss Lucy, elk Airs Miller, res 44 s Second. 
Johnson Miss Lulu, milliner, res 44 s Second. 
Jolmson Miss Alary, res 35 s Tenth. 
Johnson Oliver (Gusta), bridge foreman C St L S: P Ry, res 445 

n Eighteenth. 
Johnson Peter (Alary A), (Johnson vfe Woodhurst), res 108 s 

Johnson Sarah, domestic 215 n Thirteenth. 
Johnson Sarah C, (col), res 235 s Eleventh. 
Johnson Thos II (Lucy A), (col), tinner A^anUxem ct Co, res 221 

s Tenth. 
Johnson Walter A (Alice L), machinist Robinson & Co, res 1614 

Johnson AVm (Keziali), whitewasher, res 411 s I). 
Johnson AVm C (Emma R), machinist Gaar, Scott & Co, res 215 

n Third. 
Johnson & Woodhurst, (Peter Johnson, Theo R Woodhurst), 

stoves, tinware, galvanized iron work, tin and shite rooting, 

810 Alain, tel 37. 
Johnston Aliss Abbie, res 301 n Twell'th, 

Johnston D Bird, painter Gaar, Scott & Co, res 301 n Twelfth. 
Johnston Daid W (Jane E), forennui paint shop Gaar, Scott & 

Co, res 301 n Twelfth. 
Johnston David R (Ellen), saloon 199 Ft AVaync ave, res Wash- 
ington ave. 
Jones Miss Alma E, res 34 s Tentii. 

ntr'n^^ n^^/3 « window Guanis. Wire SiKiis. Store I W. T BARnEE. 

W 116 UOOUS- Fixtures, Flower Stunda, Florul Dcalgn«, \ Iron and Wire Wcrks. 

mm mim md shawls at d. b. Crawford & son, B.c^i?^oTa%s'., 


Jones AllVed I* (Cynthia A), gi'ocL'i" 187 Ft AVayne ave, res 131 

n Ki:;]itli. 
Jones Andrew, elk I^ryson House, Ixls same. 

Jones Andrew JC (Allie A), earp lloosier Drill Co, res 2U2 n Sixth. 
Jones Calvin, (col)^ (Susan), barber 'J3 s Sixth, res same. 
Jones Mrs (3 A, grocei'ies and provisions, 187 Ft Wayne a\'C, res 

l;U n Eighth. 
Jones Daniel, {)orter Hryson House. 
Jones Eli F (Ellen), carp, res 211 n Seventeenth. 
Jones Aliss lilnini:i J, r(!S e end J\[ain. 

Jones George F (l^iulina), tbrenmn Falhi.dium, res 410 s Ninth. 
Jones iMiss 11 j\lari;i, school teacher, res 315 nJNinth. 
Jones Mrs Hannah, iniitron ()i-j)lians Home, ^\^est iiichmond. 
Jones Harry (Binie), jnimp dealer, j-es 7 n Fii'teentli. 
elones Isaac A[ (Mattie A), trav agt, res 31: s Tenth. 
Jones J Everett {Com L), foreman rejjair dept Gaar, Scott & 

Co, res 3i;> n Ninth. 
Jones Jonas E (Cora), machinist Gaar, Scott & Co, res 313 n 

Jones Joseph (Sarah K), toll gate kee[)er AVayne County Turn- 

])ike, gate No ], res e end iilain. 
Jones Levi M (ICllen I), (L M Jones & Co), res t^li5 n Eleventh. 
Jones Eevi l\l (Alice M), carp, res Sevastopol. 
Jones Miss Lizzie, 214 n Eighth. 

Jones Miss J^izzie, domestic 211 n Seventh. . ' 

Jones ]\[argaret (wid), res 214 n Eighth. 
Jones Miss Mai-y, res :H4 n Sixt(;enlh. 
Jones jMiss J\lai-y A, res 321 n ^]ighth. 

Jones Nathaniel, (col), (l^]!i/.abelhj, shoemaker, res 249 s Third. 
Jones OlivcH- (Fannie A), 210 n I^^leventh. 
Jones Otto, lab, bds 811 n A. 
Jones Faul, res 7 n Fifteenth. 
Jones Rebecca (wid Morgan), res 315 n Ninth. 
Jones Kobert E, elk liay'& Harvey, res 210 n Fleventh. 
Jones Miss Hose E, res 210 n h^leventh. 
Jones Samuel T (Rebecca), painter, (Jaar, Scott & Co, res 315 

n Ninth. 
Jones Sharon E(Ma!iiie l^])clk Pogue c'C' Miller, res 223 s Twelfih. 
Jones Sylvanus (Achsah), g:u'deni!r, rc-s 311 n Sixteenth. 
Jones Sylvester H (Mary),'wks lloosier Drill (\), res Sevastopol. 
Jones Walter E, nnichinidt (Jaar, Scot t .^ ("'-o, res 210 n RleNculh. 
Jones \Vm C (Alice M), lab, res 2l(>s Second. 

HoUand'a Gold Peiib and Poiu.ilB nf 'KTi .'''hnl orm ^ T(vr\ '^o9 ^^V^^" 
Pockot Bookti and Oaid Uayow dl IN lUllUibOli U^ JJiU. totieot. 

All kinds of Building Material. at|<B/[at her Bros. 


Jones Win E, tel opr, res 214 n Eii^Jitli. 

Jones AN^'ni II (Mollie), liagnian ..Washington ave crussing, res 

540 n Eighth. 
Jones L M & Co, (Levi M Jones), dry goods, notions and car- 
pets, ~cl\ Alain, tel 18(>. 
Junott Joseph (Annie j\[), wks Harmon Shuter, res Tti Et Wayne 

Jordan Albert, elk J J Jordan, res o3 n Sixth. 
Jordan Mrs D M, editor Daily and AW'kly Independent, res 

33 n Sixth. 
Jordan J as II, trav agt, res 33 n Sixth. 
Jordan James J, (E) A[), confectionery and oyster saloon, 52() 

iMain, and conncihnan 2d ward, res 33 n Sixth. 
Jordan Paul AV, elk J J Jordan, res 33 n Sixtli. 
Jordan Thos (Ida A), ]:)rop Richmond Graiii Exchange, res 27 

s Twelfth, tel ()2. 
Jordan Thos (Ida J), roller skate mfr, res 27 s Twelfth. 
Joy Edward 11, lab C St L ifc P sho])S. 
Jrabamann Erancis, farmer, res 1204 s I. 
Jrabamann i\[iss Henrietta, res 12(>4 s 1. 
Julian Isaac N, foreman Eichniund Poller Mills, bds Cummer- 

cial House. 
Jurgans Elizabeth (wid Garret), res 405 s Fourth. 
Jurgens Jolm A (Alary E), tinner, res 442 s Eifth. 
Jurgens Katharine E (wid Christopher), res 22S s Eourth. 
Jurgens Miss Lizzie A, elk Geo Mashmeyer & Go, res 405 s 

Jurgens Aliss Alary E, schoul teacher, res 405 s Eourth. 
Jurgens 'J'homas, tinner, bds 442 s Fifth. 
Jui'gens William (Ivatherine E), res 22S s Fourth. 
Jurling Bernard (F]u])hemia), carpenter, res 634 s Sixth. 
Jurling Aliss Dena, res 034 s Sixth. 
Jurling Aliss Elizabeth, res 034 s Sixth. 
Jurling Vincent II, wks Telegram oflice, res 034 s Sixth. 
Justice Lizzie (wid Alfred), i*es 203 s Ninth. 


Kahle Catherine (wid John), res 15 s Tenth. 

Kahle Henry, tailor, bds 410 s Sixth. ^ * 

Kahle Josej>h (Theresa), tailor, res 410 s Sixth. 

Kaicer Aliss Annie, res 540 s E. '' 

Kain, see also Kane and Cain. 

TXriir«ft r^AArln Chairs and SttLecs, iSumuitr Housed, ^ W. T. BARDEt, 

YV 11 w UUUub. Screens, and all kinds ol Wire Cloth, ( imon A^o wiuc Wumkj? , 

Gents' Suits made to Order, ''■%%^^S^'i^°'' RICHMOND 


Kaiii Miss Aiiiui 1j, elk Geo IL iCTiolleiiberg, res 813 n Tenth. 
Ivaiii Miss Lizzie, res 813 n Tenth. 

Kaiser see also Kaicer, Keiser and Kiser. 

ivaiser C'harles (Carrie), lal), i-es 11)2 Libei'ty ave. 

Kaiser JMiss Kate, diessniaker over b23 T\Iain. 

Kaiser Mrs llebecca (wid Georg-u), res over 823 Main. 

Kallbk Mt, wks K Oiiair Co. 

Kalckbrenner Herman (Lonisa), elk G II Snyder, res 319 s 

Kamp August (Rachel 11), (Wni II Middleton & Co), res 539 s 

Kamp August II, jr, machinist, res 539 s Sixth. 
Kamp Carrie, domestic 1225 Main. 
Kamp Airs Christena (wid Henry), res 409 s Sixth. 
Kamp David (Pauline), wks J M Ilntton & Co, res 409 s Sixth. 
Kamp Henry wks E Smith & Co, res 409 s Sixth. 
Kamp Henry F, machinist, res 539 s Sixth. 
Kamp Jolm W, machinist, i-es 539 s Sixtli. 
Kamper Floi-ence (wid Wm), res over 189 Ft Wayne ave. 
Kandler Theodore (Lizzie), res 1405 n G. 
Kanney Anthony, bds 131(5 n F. 
Kates Miss Gertrude (i, res 302 n Ninth. 
Kates Henry S (Anna W), trav agt (J St L & F Ry, Union Line, 

G K &'l and L M. Kys, res 302 n ]NMnth. 
K^te Miss Ella, wks Wiggins & Co, res 13 s Second. 
Katte Charles C (Mary), cigarnnd<er, res 203 n Nineteenth. 
Kauilhian Harry, car])enter, bds I'hillij^s House. 
Kaull'man John" K (Lizzie), wks Iloosier Drill Co, res 405 n Four- 
Kauli'man William S (Eva A), supt Insane Asylum, res 100 s 

Keelor George II (Harriet M), carpenter and builder, over 911 

Main, res 192G iMain. 
Keelor Harry, carpenter, bds 1920 Main. 
Keever William II (Clara), carj)enter (laar, Scott & Co, res 042 

n Tenth. 
Kehlenbriidc Miss Annie M, elk G H Knollenberg, res 22 n 

Kehlenbrinjv David J (Mary A), wks Ilaynes, Spencer ^"vl Co, res 

43S s Eleventh. 
Ivehlenbrink Frank (Kate), lal), res 433 s Seventh. 
Kehleid)rink Henry, taimcr, res 220 s Second. 

Ollice uiKl School ScraU-Ii liooUs nf TJinUni SlflM 8/ RRfl '^o? ^^'^'" 
MiscellaiieOHM, IJIank A' School Uookf» Cll lllbllULOUll (X DIlU. blreoL. 

Louisville and Portland GEMEWT MATi^^BBos. 


Kclileubrink Frank (CaruliiK;), wks 11 City Mill Works, res 435 

s Ninth. 
Jvehlenbrink Frederick W (Elizabeth), niokler Iloosier Di-ill Co, 

res 19U Main. 
Ivehlenbi'ink Henry J (Dora T), wks llaynes, Spencer & Co, res 

'2'2 n Twentieth. ' . ' 

Kehlenbrink Miss JAUiisa, res 22() s Second. 
Ivehlenbriidf J\[iss Mary L, res :i'2 n Twentieth. 
Kehlenbrink Wni (Henrietta), lab, res '22() s Second. 
Keichner Charles (Cliriste) (Ceo II (xrant, Ueniplenian & Co), res 

20 s First. 

Keiser, see also Kaiser, Kaicer and Kiser. 

Keiser William (Mary E), machinist (xaar, Scott cV: Co, res 220 
n Nineteenth. 

Keller John A (Margaret), wks Gaar, Scott & Co, res 221 n Sec- 

Keller John A jr, blacksmith, res 221 n Second. 

Kelley Frederick (Lizzie), wks Gaar, Scott & Co, res AVilliams- 
berg pike, near 1st toll gate. 

Kelly James, (col), (Lon), plastei'er, res 813 s E. 

Kelley Mrs Kate (wid John), res Sevastopol. 

Kelley JMrs Lou, (col), cook Virginia House, I'es Slo n E. 

Kelley Aliss Maggie, res 115 n Second. 

Kelley Miss Mary, res 115 n Second. 

Kelley Mary, domestic 00 s SeventiM^nth. 

Kelley Miss Mary, dressimdvcr, res 401 n I). 

Kelley Miss Mary, res Sc^vastopol. 

Kelley Fat rick, res Sevusto[)ol. 

Kelley Thomas, wks U (lias Works, res 115 n Second. 

Kelley Timothy, wks Iloi)sier Drill (^o, res Sevasto])ok 

Kelley Walter (Mollie), lab Chas(^ Fiano Co, res same. 

Kelly Miss Abl)ey, res 128 s Tenth. 

Kelly Albert (Lucinda F), wks Chase Fiano Co, res 201 s Ik 

Kelly Albert \\ (Jennie), painter, res 008 n Tweli'th. 

Kelly l>ridget (wid Tinu)thy), res 101 n 1). 

Kelly Dennis (IJridget), lab, res 317 n Seveuteenth. 

Kelly Essie, donuistic 22ti u TweHlli. 

Kelly Ethan C (Lucinda), (iCellv .V. llutton), res 128 sTei»lh. 

Kelly Uari-y, strip])er Fetei' Young, j-es 41(1 s Seventh. 

Kelly Miss Irene, res 32 s ll^leventh. 

Kelly John J, molder \l City i\lill Works, res 317 n Seven- 

mmi \m f shoes, w. t, burbee iron & wire w orks^ '-"'Kr-' 

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528 Main St. 


Kelly J\Iiss Julia, res 4U1 u 1). , ■ , ■ ■ 

Kelly Miss Kate, res 401 11 J). ' ' ' '' " 

Kelly Kate, domestic 115 ii Tenth. 

Kelly Leroy R (JSamaiitha), res ;5j{ s Kleventli. 

Kelly Miss Alary A, dressmaker Miss K Deeds, res 410 u J). 

Kelly Ottie, wks C^uaker City Chair Factory, reslJOl s []. 

Kelly & HuttOll (Fthan (J 'k'elly, Albert U llutton) real estate, 

insurance and loan agts, o\'er ToO Main. 
Kelsey I^everett 8 (Carrie), physician, 10 s Seventh, tel ll)(>, res 

34 11 Seventh. 
Kelsmer Wil'liam F (Maria), painter, res 524 n Kighteenth. 
Keltner Samuel C (Ida M), carj>enter, res i:U s Eighth. 
Kem Kandolph II, law student, hds 114 n I^leventh. 
Kem Thomas, second miller Kichmond Roller Mills, bds Com- 
mercial House. 
Kemp Rev Benjamin A, pastor 1st ]\I E Churcii, res lio n 

Kemp Herman, hostler iJr J Emmons. 
Kemper Adam H (Louisa), saloon, 12 and 14 s Sixth, res 311 s 

Kemper Anthony (Dina), watchman Keid, jjoeler & Co, res 905 

n Tenth. 
Kemper August, wks llaynes, S])encer & Co, res 905 n Tenth. 
Kemper Fred, res 1J05 n Tenth. 

Kemper John (Caroline), wks J M llutton c^ Co, res 331 s Fourth. 
I Kem})er IMiss Matie, res 331 s F'ourtli. 

\ Kemper W^m, elk L M Jones Sl Co, res — s Fifth. 

i Kendall George, bds 403 n Eigiilh. 

Kendall Win N, general manager Chamj)ion lioller Milling 
; Co, res 110 n Teiitli. 

. Kennedy Mis (wid), wks Huntington House, bds same. 

• Ivennedy James, lab, res 410 n 1). 

I Kennedy James E, elk Winsett cKs Kennedy, res 410 n l). 

! Kenneely ALiss Jeannette, res 105 s Third. 

Kennedy J Stuart, day elk Huntington House, res same. 
Kennedy Michael (Katie), engineer C W tSc 1) Ky, res S3I n 

Kennedy Thomas (M^'Hy), (Winsett Si Kennedy), res 014 11 

Kennepohl & Grapperhaus, (I>ei-iiei(l A Kemu'pohl, llenja- 

min Ci'apperhaus), ])i'oj)s 4'he iVibor Sample iioom, cigiirs 
and tobaccos, .S05 Main. 

§8??o'i^g£fc^I D. B. CilAWFORD & SON, u^i^.. 

Mather Bros. Sell COAL CHEAP. 



Kennepohl Bernerd A (Amelia), (Ivonnepohl & Grappcrlums), 

res 2(Hi 11 KiuiU. 
Keniiey Eilvvard R, boiler maker, res Sevasto])ol. 
Keiniey John (Kate), wks St L tk, P Jl Iv, res Sevastopol. 
iveiiney Thomas L, boiler maker, res Se\^asto|)ol. 
Kenworthy Charles J, del elk J II Dickmaii, res 515 ii Fitu.'eiit'h. 
Kenwt)rthy John D, del elk AV' 11 ivenworthy, res 515 n Fif- 
Kenworthy Miss Lillie E, res 515 n Fifteenth. 
Kenworthy Miss Fillie J\r, res Sj^ring (Ji-ove. 
Kenworthy Miss Margaret J, res Sj)rin<i,- (irovc. 
Kenworthy Miss Mary A, res S]>i-ing Grove. 
, Iven worthy A[ary E (wid Jesse J), res Spring (J rove, 
'"' Kenvvurthy Silas S, wks The Wayne Ci'eamery Co, res 515 n Fif- 
' Kenworthy WmH (Mrs II C), eommission merchant whole- 
sale and retail dealer in foi-eign and domestic frnits, vege- 
tables, poultry, butter and eggs, lOoi Main, tel 217, res 515 
n Fifteenth. 
Kepler, see also Kipler. 
" Kei)ler llenry J, res 1^05 n Twelfth. 

' Kepler Jacob C (^ragdeline), i)atentee mill burr grit, res 205 n 
Koplinger Maggie, domestic 405 Main. 
' Keplinger Michael, stone cutter, res -105 Main. 
■ Ke[>linger Theodore (Rose), carpentcu-, SI 1 n I. : 

' Kern Miss Jennie, res oO s Tenth. 
Kern Joe C, elk Simon F'ox. bds oO s Tenth. 
Kern Samuel L, elk Fox & l>ro, bds 'M) s Tenth. 
Kersey Charles A, physician, 15 n Tenth, res same, tel 148. 
Kei-sey Victoria (col), domestic JUS n Fifteenth. 
Kersey Miss Virginia, res 15 n Tenth. 

; Kershner, see also Kirscbner. 

' Kershner Menry, teamster, I'es 2;'>0 n Fourth. 

,' Kershner Miss Mattie, les 21)0 i\ F<Mnth. 

!; Kessler James (May), machinist (iaar, Scott c'v: Ca\ res !)0!) n (i. 

*' Kessler Walter, bds lluntingtim l[ous(«. 

, Ketler (Christopher, del cdk \Vm II Middk'lon v^ Co, res (uV2 s 

; Kettlefordel Anna, domestic 212 n Twelfth. 

Kettle Enrdice (wid TlK)mas), res over llS s Sixth. 

Kettle Lillie, wks U Pai)er Mill, nss over 3S s Sixth. 

Tirr;*»^ r«^^;ir, window GuurdH. wire SigrnH, store I W. T IJ/\UHEE 

W irG uOOClS. Fixtures. Flower StnndH. Fjoral DcsIltius, \ Iron and Wire V7ork« 

Carpets and Dry Goods '^' ^^'^ D, B. CRAWFORD & SON 


Keys Charles A (Carrie 1)), harness, saddles, \vhii)S, etc, 018 Main, 

res 4L> s Twelftli. 
Ke3\s John li, ])ass hrakenian C 8t Jj A: 1* Uy, res 321 s Eiglith. 

Keys (wid), res 12.08 n F. 

Keyt Daniel \i (Kate E), mantel and grate setter,' res 131 s 

Kibhey Frank C, law student with Joseph U Kibbey, res 142G 

Kibby Judge John F (Caroline E), Judge Wayne Circuit 

Court, res 142() Main, tel 181. 
jvibbey Joseph 11 (Nora ])), attorney at law, notary ]jublic and 
city attorney, room (> A^aughan's new block, res 1 13 n Twelfth. 
Kidder Peter C (Emily ]>), (Kidder ifel.eetle), res 2U5 n Thir- 
Kidder Charles S, bkpr Ivichmond Macliine Works, res 205 n 

Kidder & Beetle, (Peter C Jvi<ldle, Edward E Heetle), carj)en- 

ters, contractors and builders. Ml 2 n C. 
Kielhorn August (IMargaret A), barber, 512 Main, res 525 J\Iain. 
Kielhorn ]\I A, millinery 525 ^[ain, I'cs same. 
Kieid^er Harmon II (Henrietta L), wks Uoosier Drill Co, res 

320 s Thirteenth. . 
Kiger Andrew (Mary E), lab, res 31 s Sixth. 
Kilgalon John W, wks M C Henley. 
Kilgus Charles, res 450 s Fifth. 

Ivilgus John (Elizabeth), lab, res 450 s Fifth. , _ 

Kilgus Joseph, res 450 s Eifth. 
Kilgus ]\[iss Katie, res 450 s Fifth. ■ ' 

Kilgus JMiss Eizzie, res -150 s Fifth. . 

Kilgus Lizzie, domestic 20 n l<]ight. • 

Kilgus Sophia, domestic 20 n Eight. 
Kilmer Miss Jennie E, res 115 n Ninth. 
Jvilmer John, drayman, res 115 u Ninth. 
Kilmer John W, res 115 n Ninth. 
Kimball Charlotte (wid William), res 121 s Twelfth. 
Kimble William V (Emma D), blacksmith Iloosier Drill (V>, res 

Kimbrougii Arthur (Louisa), carpenter Caar, Scott iSi Co, res 13 

Washington ave. 
Kimm llernuin (Christena), res 233 s .Seveuth. 
Kimmerle August (Ihisch & Kimmerle), res 1)05) Main. 
Ivincade Henry W (Harriett) car|)enter, res 1025 n H. 

Nicholson Sl Bro. ^^^tr Oifice Supplies, 

7'.>>9 Main 

TeWoiie ic MATHER BROS' for OOA-L 


ICiiKllcv i\[iBs IMargaret, res 31 s Ninth. ^ . .. 

Kin-- Miss Alice 8, res K522 Main. 

Jvini^ Charles (col) (Lizzie), lab, res 12 s Sixth. 

Kin*^ Edward (), machinist Riclunund City JMili Works, res 818 
n Twelfth. 

King Ehner E, niolder Iloosier Drill Co, res 1322 Main. 

Kin«^ Miss Esther, res 118 n Eleventh. 

King James E, ])hysician,24 n Tenth, rooms 21 s Seventli. 

King James M (Harriet M), city measnrer, res 31 n Second. 

Jvini;- James 1^ (Martha M), hostler, res 10 s Eleventh. 

Kin«^ Jobe])h O (Eh'zaheth), wks llayni;s. Spencer it Co, res 818 
n Twelfth. 

King Miss Josephine, res 1322 iMain. 

King Miss Lillie (col), res 42 s Sixth. 

King Lonis C, printer J JM Coe, res 1322 Main. 

KiEg Richard H (Mary A), city clerk, res 1322 Main. 
r King llnfns E, bds 31 n Second, 

i King Scott (Carrie), elk J llalteman, res 114 n Sixth. 

j. ]Cing Sylvanus (Elizii A), res 118 n Eleventh, 

j Kinley Seth C (Nora), ])ainter lloosler Drill Co, res 3U) n Eif- 

I teenth, 

I Kinsel Patrick, fireman R U yards, rms 703 n E. 
I Kinsella Patrick, iireman C St L & P iiy. 
I Kinsey John C, farmer, res *J23 s A. 

I Kinsey Thomas E (Margaret S), supt Sj)ring Grove Oil Mills, 

, res 205 n Eighth. 

\ Kipler, see also Kepler. 

1 Jvipler (Jasper, bartender Schover S: Co, res 311 n Fourth. 

;■ Kipler John, wks Iloosier Drill (a), res 311 n Fourth, 

t. Kiplinger Slaten, ])ainter P Schneider, res 222 n Fifth. 

Kirk Charles W (Rachel). ])hysician, AV^ Richmond, res same. 
, Kirk ]\[iss Anna P, school teacher, res 118 s Thirteenth. 

; Jvirk Miss A Ethal, res W Richmond. 

t Kirkland James, bds 749 n Fourteenth. 

i Kirkman Albert ^V (Mary), carpenter, res 225 n Seventeenth. 

I Kirkman Ollie, fruit dealer, bds Commeicial House. 

I Kirkimm Wm, fiuit dealer, bds Commercial House. 

i Kirn Anna (wid John), res 220 s Tenth. 

1 Kirn Miss Dora A, res 220 s Tenth. 

[ Kirn Peter P (F Missouri), Treasurer Wayne county, res s o 

1 cor Sixteenth and s E. 

^i^S^iSs^^XiS^;:s^ i W, T, BARBEE iron and Wire forte, 

Fittlng-a, Ornam'll lioof Crestlngu. ) iaiayli il, Indiana. 

Dress Goods, Black I Fancy Silks, ° ^^'^X^^^ret 

ord &. Son 


Kirn Jolin, wks G K Grant, llenn)]enian & Go, res 2"2() u Tenth. 

Kirn Ulysses G, lal), res 220 s Tentli. 

Kirschner, see also Kersliner. 

Kirschner Gliai-les (Ohristeiia), linislier G II Grant, lleni])lenian 

A: Go, res 20 s Fonrtli. 
Kiser see also Kaicer, Kaiser and Keiser. 

Kiser Daniel (C'atharine), wks (iaar, Scott v.^: Co, res 43;} n Ei<^litii. 

Jvitson i\[iss Aliee, res J2(> n Third. 

Kitson Edwin (Lanra A), niokler, res 235 s Thirteenth. 

Kitson Frank (^Tary), machinist Gaar, Scott v.t (Jo, res 1021 ]i I. 

Jvitson Jlerbert T, res 1)00 n G. 

Kitson Wni (Rebecca J), machinist Gaar, Scott it Co, res t)00 
n G. 

Kittle Enrydice (wid Thomas), dressmaker, res over 1138 Main. 

Kittle Miss Lillie L, dressmaker over 11 38 Main. 

Kittle Miss Itoxie S, res over 1138 Main. 

Ivlatt Jacoh (J)ora), car])enter, res 307 s Sixth. 

Jvhmk John, haker I) J Iloener, hds 37 s Fonrtli. 

Ivlehlbth Edward II (Eliza), wks Gaar, Scott ^ Oo, res 220 s 

Kleht'oth Ella, domestic 308 n Tenth, res 220 s Fourth. 

Klein see also Kline. 

Klein Edward W, (Ivlein & r>ro), bds 401) Main. 

Jvlein Edward, wks AViggins & Son. ' 

Klein Fiank, hds Ih-ysun House. 

Klein George L (Lena), (Klein & l>ro), res 401) Main. 

Jvlein James, elk Samuel Jvlein, res 311) n Seventh, 

Klein Katie, domestic 104 s Thirteenth. 

Klein Samuel, confectioner and news depot, 811) n E, res 311) n 

Klein Solomon (Matilda), res 311) n Seventh. 

Klein & Bro, (George L, Edward W), agt Webors Cincin- 
nati Lager Beer, loi) Main. 

Klemann Eredrick (Mary), res W Richmond. 

Kline and Klein. 

Ivline Edward, horse shoer E Goldrick. res 301) n^ I). 

Kline Isaac (Jennie), i>r()])r and ])iihlisher the Evening Item, res 

30 u Fourteenth, tel 78. 
Kline AVm, machinist Iloosier Drill ('o. 
Kling William, elk (Jnion r)ei)ot check room, hds lluntin-lon 

Klingman Henry, painter, res 413 Main. 

^''''^SS^^^J^S^^^SZ'""' at NICHOLSON & BRO, Tn^u^;<t\"'- 

MATHER BROS. -"""- COAL,^'"^?.'S°"'^' 


KlingebiolJacol) (Frances), wks St L & P lly, res s hank of 
river, bet Eleventh and n Twelfth. 

Kloecker Miss Anna J, elk Geo 11 ivnollenl)erij^, i-es (j-lG s J. 

Kloecker J\Iiss Emma, elk Geo IL KnoUenher^-, res (J4«j s J. 

Kloecker Eredk W (Anna), res CAC) s J. 

Ivloeeker Miss Ilosina, elk Geo II Knollenberg, res ijW> s J. 

Klo})]) Chris, ci<>'arniaker, res 427 s Eio-htli. 

Klopp Henry (Mary, lab, res 427 s lilighth. 

Ivlopj) Henry J (Anna M), blacksmith C St L & V shops, res 
534 s Ninth. 

Klopj) Miss Mary, res 427 s Eightli. 

Klopj) AV^ni (Uacliel), molder Gaar, Scott iS^ Co, res 423 s Eighth. 

Klote John (Anna), wks Gaar, Scott & Co, i-es 304: s Twelfth. 

Klnck Casimir (Anna), tailor, res over 217 Main. 

Klnesener Cari'ie, domestic 101 n Ninth. - 

Khiesener Miss Carrie, res 443 s Fifth. 

Kluesener Jos, sr, (Elizabeth) res 443 s F'ifth. 

Khiesener Jos, jr, res 443 s Eiftli. 

Kluesener Miss Ivose, res 443 s Eifth. 

Klnte Miss Amelia, res 31G s Twelfth. 

Klute Edward II (I.izzie), lab, res e s Twenty-first, 1) s Main. 

Klute F^dward 11, jr, wks J M llutton A: (vo, res e s Twenty .lirst 
8 Main. 

Klute Elizabeth (wid Chris), res 301 s Eightli. 

Klute Henry, wks Gaar, Scott & Co, res 523 s Sixth. 

Klute John 11, elk Morris & Hunt, res e s Twenty- first, 1) s 

Klute Miss Kate M, elk Geo H Knolleidjerg, res e s Twenty- 
first, 9 8 Main. ■ ( 

Klute Miss Louisa, res 423 s Sixth. 

Klute Mary (wid Herman, res e s Twenty first, s Main. 

Klute Miss Mary A, res e s Twenty lirst, I) s Main. 

Klute Miss Minnie, elk Geo 11 Knollenberg, res e s Twenty- 
first, 9 8 Main. 

Kluter Adam (Anna), cigarmaker, res 430 s Tenth. 

Kluter Eliza, domestic s e cor IMain and Eighteenth. 

Kluter Miss Ella, res 330 s Fouitli. 

Kluter Henry, elk Geo 11 Knollenberg, res 430 s Tenth. 

Kluter Mrs Mary (wid Henry), res 330 s Fourth. 

Kluter John J (Delia), molder, res 305 n F'ourth. 

Kluter Wm, wks Nicholson c't Bros l)indery, res 430 s Tenth. 

Knabe Frank A (Louisa), Hazar, 539 ]\rain, res 31 s Fourth. 

HoUand'8 Gold Pens and PoncUs q[ ITinTinl cat-* J?, "Rm 
Pocket Books and Card Cases (11 IN ICJiOioOIl & JJl 0. 

720 Main 

Try the Aurora Carpet Sweeper, 

o23 Main Street. 


IviialiO Alhi'i-t, elk FA Knabe, res 31 s rouitli. 

Kliabe Joseph (Marv E), whulesale aiui retail ^i-ucer, 511 

Main, tel 42. "^ 

Knabe Mary, doincbtie o\or 107 Ft A\'ayno ave. • 
Kiiaj>}) Harry, street ear driver, Fliillips House. 
lviiaul»er AVin, car]), \)d^ (')]'> s Seveiitii. 
Knight Frederiek 11 (C.Vn'a 1"). wk:, AViu Scutt. res 015 s C. 
Knob Mr:r Kate (wid llenrv), res :25 s Filch. 
Knude Oliver T, elk Frank-A Drake, bds 1315 Minn. 
Knoll Lizzie, cook Indiana House, bd^ -auiL-. 
Knoll Undulpli, coUai- maker, bds Gerniaiiia Ib't^l. 
KnoUenberi^ iJros (Charles and John), blackL-niith.-:, 30 s Slxtli. 
Knolleid)ei'ir Charles II (Rr»siiia). (Ivnuilciibt-ri: re^ liT s 

Fifth. ^ 
luu-liL-nberg Chas H. jr. ( Rosina), blaek:^iiiiili. res 453 6 Fifth. 
Knollenberg George H, dry i^a»od^ and nutiuns, S09 and bll 

Main, tel IT'J, res 132 s Fuurth. 
Knollenberg Geo J (Emma C), luuMer, res 410 s Thirteenth. 
Knollenberg Henry (Anna), elk Cl-u II luiullciiberg, re^ 1'20 3 

Knollenberg llarniun, wks R City Mill Works, res 42' > s Eighth. 
Knollenberg John 1) (Knollenberg Bros), res 035 s J, 
Knollenberi,^ John AV ^Lena), grocer, 217 s Fifth, tel 1S5, res 

43> s Eiuhth. 
Knollenberg ^Valter G, elk George IL Knollenberg, res 214 s 

Knojd Albert, butcher, res 72«i s Fiftli. 
Knopf Chas il (C II Kno])f A: i'o.) rc.^ 25 n Sixth. 
Knopf Louis (Wilhelniina). stone 4iiarry, re? 720 s Fifth. 
Knopf Louis jr, printer Evening heni, re^ 720 s Filth. 
Knoi)f Mi:.s Matilda, wks Wiggins A: Co, reb 720 s Fifth. 
Knopf ]\[iss Mena, res 72o b Fifth. 
Kiiopl Robert, a>st shi})})ing elk Zeller ifc Co. 
Knopf C 11 \' Co. meat market. 51" Main. 
Knott Elizabeth (wid Eenjj, les 11 UO Main. 
Knott Wm, (rsabelle), contractor and builder, res 1)22 s Ninth. 
Knott AVmjr, res Ji22 s Ninth. 
Koehi'imc Garret (Lizzie), wks Ciaar, iScott A: Co, res 4L> s 

Koeliri'wg Harmon (Ciaia), lab, 422 s Fleventh. 
Koehring Henry (Luuiba), engineer J M Hutton c^' C%), res 305 s 


The Latest popular Books o/n/anu al 


Vi'i* Mam Sirttot. 

Fire Brick and Clay --■^- - MATHER BROS. 


Koeliring John G (Mary), del elk E F Rosa, res 018 s Eighth. 

Koehring John G, elk Jos ritman, res 80.5 s Seventh. 

Ivoehring J\liss Laura A, res 305 s Seventh. 

Koeliring Aliss Lydia E, res 018 s Eighth. 

Koeliring Miss ]\laria, res 419 s Fourth. 

Koehring liobt J (Minnie A), wks W 11 Middleton & Co, res 537 
s Sixth. 

Koehring W^ni E, del elk D ]> Crawford & Son, res 018 s Eighth. 

Koehring AVni 11, wks J M llutton & Co, res 305 s Seventh. 

Koehring William H, elk D 1] Crawford & Son, res 311 s 

Koenigkranier Ernest (Mary L), lab, res 4^3-1 s Ninth. 

Koenigkranier Henry, wks 1j C Hill, res 424 8 Ninth. 

Koenigkranier Miss Mary E, res 424 s Ninth. 

Koe])])e Win (Elizabeth), tailor, res 415 s Seventh. 

Koerner Catharine (wid John G) res 40t) n Eleventh. 

Kofski Gus, waiter English Kitchen Restaurant, res W Richmond. 

Kolde Fnink (Mary), stune cutter Stacy ^fe Crocker, res i)OS n 

Kollstedt Miss Mary, res 1019 s Ninth. 
' Kollstedt Michael (Minnie), res 1019 s Ninth. 

r Koogle Miss Einnia 1], res 320 n Thirteenth. 

f Koogle John W (Jennie E), shipping elk llaynes, Spencer & Co, 

i res 320 n Thirteenth.. 

Koontz Geo W (Cynthia), elk Trankel & Co, res 134 s Fifth. 
\ Koontz Miss Mollie, res 134 s Fiith. 

5 Kortliaus Wni K (Mai-y), (Korthaus i^ Schwegnian), res 34 s 

i. Fifth. 

I Korthaus & Schwegnian (Wni K and John G), ice house, w s 
I AVhitewater ])ike, 2 n bridge. 

Korves Wni (Lizzie), blacksmith, res 410 s Fifth. 
' Kottay Julius (Mary), lab, res 13 s Second. 

[. Kraas ]\liss Alice, res 129 s Fifth. 
i Kramer Charles, school teacher, resEarlham I*iace. 

I Kramer Airs Fannie (wid Wm), res Eai-lham Place. 

Kramer Oscar A (Anna M), wks J J\r Ihitton iSi Co, res 330 s 

Kramer Mrs Sophia (wid Wm), res 338 s Tenth. 

Kramer Wm N (Minnie), painter and ])ai)er hanger, res 338 s 
'' Tenth. 
! Kraft Ton ey (Louisa), cigar maker, res over 535 s E. • 

Krakauer Nathan, tailor Simon Vox^ bds Huntington House. 

TTrr^v^/s /**««/3« ChairB and SoLLee.y.Suuimer Houses, ) W. T. BARBEE, 
YY llo UOOCIS. Screens, and all kinds ol VVlro Cloth. I iron ANDWirtt-: wohks. 

YARNS, all colors and qualities, ^•f2§ss;?l?rt!°"' 


Ivrcjo^cn- Annii (wid Fi'cd), res o-il s Tenth. . , - 

Kreilkanij) John, chair niiikei', res 11501 s J. 

Ivreilkanij) Mi's Mary (wid Beiij), res 1:101 s J. 

Kreimeier Bernard (Mary), merchant tailor and dealer in 

ready made clothini;', i^ents t'lii-nishin^' ^-oods, etc, 423 and 

4'2^) Main, res same. 
Ivreimeitu- Ohris, wholesale ard retail ci<^ars and tobaccos, 10 n 

iSixtli, i-es4i^3 Main. 
Kreimeier Edward (Kate), cigar maker C Kreimeier, res 400 s 

Kreimeier Harry (Uose), elk !> Ivreimeier, res 158 s Sixtli. 
Krick Oonrad (4]lizabeth), extra mail carrier, res 320 s Tentli. 
Krivel Kizzie, domcbtic 33 s Kleventh. 
Kroeger, see also Krueger. 
Kroei^er Anna (wid Fred), res 341 s J. 
Kromer Emil, res 113 n Twentieth. 

Kronier Louis (Malanea), wks Uaar, Scott iSi Co, res l\It Auburn. 
Krone Adolf, vvdvs J M llutton Sl Co, res 413 s Fourth. 
Ivrone ]^]i'ed (), elk J I] Gause])ohl, res f)14 s Eighth. 
Krone Christopher (Eliza), wks M E Faigis, res 113 s Fouilh. 
Krueger see also Kroeger. 

Krueger Fred (Carrie), biaclcsmith, i-es 130 s Foui'th. 
Kruthous Fred, molder U City Mill Works. 
Kruter Adam J (Anna C), cigar maker, res 430 s Tenth. 
Kruter Henry T, elk (ieo Knollenberg, rt^s 4;)0 s Tenth. 
Kruter AV^illiam F, res 430 s Tenth. 
Kruvel Fred (Fizzie), lab, res 240 s Third. 
Kruvel Frederick (Elizabeth), bartender 1^' Fosselman, I'es 240 s 

Kruvel John, lab, res 240 s Thiid. 
Kruvel ]\liss Lizzie, res 240 s Third. 
JCuhl Deborah (wid James), res 40(» n I). 
Kuhl Catharine, res 400 n D. 
Kuhl Hannah, res 400 n J). 
Kuhl John, cigai-maker, res 400 n 1). 
Kuhl Miss Mary, jjrinter l*^n(juirer, res 400 n 1). 
Kuhl Thomas, res (OO n D. 
Kuhlenbeck George (Katej, wks U (Jity Chair Factory, res AV 

Kuhlenbeck Henry II, i-es l(tl n ScNcnleenth. 
Kuhlenbeck Josejih (Hina), nu)likji- K C^ity Mill Works, res lOl n 


Wall Paper and Curtain Goods, "''^i;^<US?,^,*«,"'"' 


SEWER PIPE MatSeriros. Richmond, Ind. 


I Ivubliiuin Charles A (Ainelia), wood carver, res 425 s Ninth. 

Kuliliuaii Lawrence C, ])rinter MCiiUaton iSi Co, res 203 n Six- 

Iviihhnan John V (Mary E), niacliinist Gaar, Scott c^ Go, res 822 
n Tenth. 

Kuhlnian John P (Eliza), ])olicenian, res 203 n Sixteenth 

Ivuhlniau AValter, messenger W U Tel Co, res 822 n Tenth. 

Kuhhnan William C, machinist Gaar, Scott A: Co, res 822 n 

Jvulilow Frederick J (Mary E), lab, res J 38 s Ninth. 

Kuhlovv Miss liosa, vest maker, res 438 s Ninth. 

Knnk Anthony (Ellen), (Kunk & Menke), res 704 s Sixth. 

Knidv Miss Kate A, res 704 s Sixth. 

Kunk & Menke, (Anthoney ife llenry), painters over 603 Main. 

Kuth William (Lillie E), wks Chas Carpenter, res 237 s Eourtli. 

Kute Lizzie, domestic 102 n Eighth. 

Kute ALaggie, domestic 136 s Third. 

Kute Itosa, domestic 905 n A. 

Kutter Albert, lal), res 428 s Ninth. 

Kutter Jacob (Theresa) machinist \i City Mill Works, res 428 s 

Kutter Miss Theresa, res 42S s Ninth. . 

' ■ ■'■"■' ' ■■ - L ■'■ ■ 

Lucey Robert M (Ella M), agt Domestic sewing machine, 530 

Main, res 22 n Seventeenth. 
Lacky Park R (Mary), dep county treas, res 1005 s A. 
J.acy James 1\[ (C'atharine), ((Jlark Sl Lacy), res 2 m n Eountain 

'City. ' , 

liadd James (col), res 440 s Sixth. 
Ladd Mrs Lizzie, (col), (wid IMihon), res 446 s Sixtii. 
Ladd Miss Luzenie, (col), res 446 s Sixth. 
J.add Milton, (c(d), lab, res 446 s Sixth. 
Lallerty C C, marble cutter, res 20!) n Ninth. 
Lahrmann Eernard (Lizzie), wks (iaar, Scott cV: Co, res over 300 

s Sixth. 
Lalirmann Clemence, stone cutter, bds 333 s Sixth. 
Lahrnnmn Jose|)h (Jennie), wks Quakei- C'ity ('hair Co, res oxer 

309 s Fil'th. ,, ^ . , 

Lake, see also Llaick. 

is:if^l^;^}^Xlil?i^'^SS [ ¥. T. BARBEE Iron M Wire WoiT(s. 

Filtlntfo, Ornam'Ll Boot" Cieating'd. ) i ai au m, im.iana. 

1 • ■■ ^ 

Bottom Prices on all Domestics, »• ^' %^A^^.S?^,?eet: ^^^ 


J.ako Thomas, (col), lab, bds 505 ii Third. 

Laker Win (Sarah), lab, ros l()^24,ii J. Miss Lizzie, Jonu\stic 4')() Main. 

Lally May, duniestic 110 11 Tenth. 

Lamb INTrs Anna (wid Samr.el), res Se\'a^t()|)(d. 

Lamb Aaron S (Jane ()), carj)ent(.;r, res 2lS s Thirteenth. 

J>amb Llmer li, ear])enter, res 818 n M 

Land) Isaac (Jtebeeea), res West Uichmond. 

Lamb ,lose])li (Nanino'), lab, res *1:0() s Sixth. 

Lamb Newton (Angle), res West Iwichmond. 

Tamb Phineas (Sarah), gai'denei", res AVest Itichmond. 

Tamb Miss Sallie 1, bds 215 s Ei--hth. 

Land) Samuel (Eliz;d>eth), cai'j) Fry l>ros, res 215 s Eiii,-hth. 

Lamb Thoiiias (Lizzie), con O St T & V liy, res West itichmond. 

Lammert Chris (Annie), g-rocc^i', cor iMi^-hth and s h\ res same. 

Lammei't William (Henrietta), res \:\?> Liberty ave. 

Ltimmei-t William, jr, (Elizabeth), ^lucer, S;U s E, res same. 

Lam]>arter John (Ohristena), wks lloosier Drill Co, res Sevasto- 

Lam])arter ]\[iss So])hia, i-es Se\'asto})ol. 
Lamson Josej.b W (Adella), iivi-ht elk C LI & \) \i R, res 101 n 

Lancaster Chatfield (Allie), ]>oli('ennin, res 228 s Tenth. 
Ltmcaster Elwood (Anna), st s])i-inklei-, res K>0 Ft Wayne ave. 
Lancaster Miss Jenine, res 17 s Tenth. 

Lancaster Jiebecca J (wid Wrig-ht), res l;>0 Ft Wayne ave. 
Lancaster William S (Lucinda), j-es 125 s Third. 
Lancaster AVilliam S (Ennna), st sprinkler, res 11^0 Ft Wayneave. 
l^and Eenjamin F, Ibrciman eng-ine construction, (laar, Scott c^ 

(Jo, res 522 n Sixth. 
Land Frank, machinist Gaar, Scott Sl Co, res 522 n Sixth. 
Land Harry, vcf^ 522 n Sixth. 
Land Horatio N (Emeline), oenl sui)t ( Jaar, Scott ifc (a), res 522 

n Sixth. 
Land Leroy (Alice), t'oreman machine shops (iaar, Scott A: Co, 

res 101) n Thirteenth. 
Landis Ella N (wid F.enjamin), res -nin Third. 
J.andwehr Anthony J, ci<^armaker S E Uogei's, res 18 s L]leventli. 
Eandwelir Miss Catharine, res 12{> s Fil'thl 
Landwehr Miss Katie, elk iioston Store, ivs 201 s Elevi-nth. 
Laiidwehr Williaiii (Mnvy) elk S E Ko-'cr.-^, res 18 s Eleventh. 
Lane (Jeor-e II (Malinda), wks (iaar, Scott .V: Co, res LU n 


"'''i''i;^Sf'iii'i"of .^^i^i^lkU*^"'^'^ ill NICHOLSON & BRO, '^^i-r" 

Everybody buys their COAL of Mather Bros. 


Laiio Richard (Margai-et E), wks Thonipsuii & Uuod, res 131 s 

Lane William P (ICate), barber, ii Sixth, res 42 n Fifth. 
Laniiii,^ Isaac S, tinner AY W Alexander, l)ds -103 n Eii^-lith. ,. 
Lantz Isaac (Anna M), carpenter, i-es '23(5 s Fonrteenth. 
Lantz Louis F (JA)uie), Deputy County kSiieriH', res 44- s Thir-- 

Larbes Joseph (Mary), chairniakcr, res 310 s Seventh. 
Farl)es ^[iss Rose, elk F A Knabe. res 310 s Seventli. 
Larrison J\Iary (wid AV^illiani), res 42 n Fifth. 
Larsh Miss Alice, seamstress, res 129 s Ei<i,lith. 
i^arsh Henry P (Mina E), carriage mfr, 15^ and 100 Ft AV^ayne 

ave, res 119 n Fourteenth. 
Larsh John II, blacksmith II Larsh, res 129 s Eighth. 
Larsh Lcroy M, millwright, res 129 s Eighth. 
J^arsh Lewis A (Lucinda E), car))e?iter, i-es 500 n Fifth. 
Lasley Samuel E, wks llaynes, Si)encer & Co, bds 24 s Fifth. 
Latshaw Joseph (Uarl)ara), res 21 s Sixteenth. 
Lan William (col) (Ellen), lab, res 402 s Sixth. 
Laudig Theodore jr (Jennie Ii), painter lloosier Drill Co, res 16 

s Eleventh. 
Laughlin, see also Loughlin. 
Laughlin John, wks II Shofer, bds Tudiana House. 
Lank Anton (Augusta), cabinetmaker llaynes, Spencer & Co, res 

417 s Ninth. 
Lank Otto, cabinetmaker, res 417 s Ninth. 
Lavender AVinnie, domestic 102 n Eighth. ■; ( 

Lavender Sarah, domestic 227 n Tenth. ' ] '^ 

J^avin John, l)oilermaker, res 1022 n G. 
Lawder John (Kate), lireman R Pa])er Mill, res Sevastopol. 
Lawler John AV^, wks Caar, Scott & (>o, les Sevastopol. 
Lawler Lawrence (Anna), wks Wayne Agrl Co, res 09 Liberty 

Lawler Miss Mary, wks Ivichmond City J\Iill Co, res 09 Liberty 

Lawler Miss Mary A, res Sevastopol. 
Lawler Steven T (Katie), machinist (laar, Scott iS^ Co, res -100 

» n A 

Lawler Thomas F, wks Sedgwick l>ros, res 09 Liberty ave. 
I^aAvler Timothy, res 09 Liberty ave. 

Lawrence Chris (Mary I*]), wks R (las Co, res n Second. 
Lawrence Dan S (Mary J), night watchman Wayne Agrl Co, 
res 141 3 n (L ^ 

t7Pr;«« n^^;^ « window GuardH, Wire Slj,^ns, Store I W. T. BAUBEE 

W ire UOOCIS. Fixtures, Flower t3ta :ds, Floral DeHl^^rny,} lion and Wire Works 




Opposite Passenger Depot, 

WCor.lOtliauOoillESts., miOND.IND. 

Keep on hand a choice stock of 


Lath and Shingles. 

Special Bargains in BARN BOARDS 

Window and Door Frames 

„ « \/ % ■ ■ -ALSO KEEP- . ; n -: ^ ; . 

Sash, Doors and Blinds, 

All of which I sell CHEAP, and tlcsiiv an iiisjX'c- 
.- - .«.-« tion of niy stock. 1 also kecj) 




P. W. J. HAUCK, 

\'i(( -rrcsiilcnt. 











Also aprent for the Celebrated Export Bottle Beer, an excellent stimulant 
for medicinal purposes Goods delivered to any part of the city. 



Coal, Coke and Wood 

Lime and Cement. 

V' C- H.\; 

ISTo. 112 SoTJLtlx Ttl:! Street. 


TEXjIBIPIiOlSriE! 171. .;t/l'^tft€#'it 

Gents' Suits made to Order, ''■%'^VSSf^^.^°'' RICHMOND 


Lawrence Dillard, (col), wks unci Ixis 326 ii Eleventh. 
J.awroncL' Miss Ilannali, dressmaker, res 223 s Ninth. 
Lawrence Levi L (Susan I), pres Wayne Ao-rl Cu, res Linden 

Mill, tel 178. 
Lawrence Minerva, domestic 126 s Twelfth. 

Lawrence Oliver, (col), wks and bds L Woodards, Spring Grove. 
Laws Alice (wid Edgar G), res 112 n Eighth. 
Laws Joanna (wid John ]\l), res 712 n A. 
Laws AVilliam I\ res 712 ii A. 

Lawton Elijah (Kate), molder Gaar, Scott & Co, i-es 906 n G. 
Lawton Harry S, res 906 n G. 

Lavman IVFrs Bridget (wid Frederick), res OS Liberty ave. 
Layman E ^\\ lamp tender C St L Sl V U 11. 
Layman John, wks llaynes, Spencer <Sl Co, I'es 68 Liberty ave. 
Layman ]\[iss Lizzie, laundress Huntington llijuse, bds same. 
Layman ]\Iiss JNellie, laundi-ess Huntington House, bds same. 
Leah Christian E (Mary ]\I), wks Hoosier Drill Co, res 525 n 

League Esther (wid John W), res S])ring Grove. 
League George S (Hattie L), engineer Dille &, McGuire Mi'g Co, 

^•es 838 n Tenth. 
League ]\Ieliss;i (wid John), res 1142 n J, 

League Thomas II (Mollie), lab Hoosier Drill Co, res 1142 n J. 
Led man Miss Clara, res 424 n Eourteenth. 
Lee Alfred E (Laura C), wks G R cV: T Uy, res 317 n Eiilh. 
Lee Charles, blacksmith, res 56 Washington ave. 
Lee ^liss Cora, res 303 n Eourteenth. 
Lee Miss Ella, res 317 n Fifth, 
l^ee Harry, res 317 n Eifth. 
Lee James, car])enter, bds 536 n Sixth. 
Lee James, blacksmitb, res 56 Washington ave. 
Lee ]\[iss Mollie, res 56 AV^ashington ave. 
Lee iNathan D (Jane), blacksmith, res 56 Washington ave. 
Lee Miss Rose, res 56 Washington ave. 
Lee Miss Susan, res 56 Washington ave. 
Lee WilHam G, mfg cement pavement. Cement work 

of all kinds done and satisfaction guaranteed, leave 

ordej-s 536 n Sixth, iv-s same. 
Leeds Charles E (Mary L), wks R (^4ty Mill Works, res -110 n 

Leeds George H, millwrigbt, res Sevastopol. 
Leeds Holly R (Rebecca A), wks Gaar, Scott cV: Co, res Scnasto- 


Nicholson & Bro. ^^S^. Office Supplies, 

are Head- A.flC>^^ C>.-«>-.a1-;/%« 7'20 Main 

Mather Bros. Sell COAL CHEAP. 


Leeds William IJ, draiij^htsiiiaii C 8t L & P Iwy, bds with J J\I 

Lel^evi-e Alfred 11 (Florence), trav ag-t, i-es 1 137 Main. 
Leiierts Ednmnd (Uebecea), contractor and builder, 1035 Main, 

res 1008 Alain. 
Lefker Fred, machinist, res 180 s Fourth. 
Leftwitch Oliver A (Clara E), trav a^'t, res 310 n Sixteenth. 
Lehman AFiss Annie, res 102 n Third. 
Lehman David E (llattie), carpenter, contractor and builder, res 

102 n Third. 
LehmannMiss Lena, res 328 s Seventh. 
Lehmann Luuisa (wid Francis), res 328 Seventh. 
Leibluirdt Frank, ])ainter llousier Di'ill Co, rms 28 n Tenth. 
Leive Aliss Alice, res 122 s Fifth. 
Leive Charles (Catharine), res 122 s Fifth. 
Leive Miss Emma, bkpr Thompson & Good, res 122 s Fiftli. 
Lieve Henry, wks Dille c^ AIcGuire Mfg Co, res 122 s Filth. 
Leive John, wks Robinson & Co, res 122 s Fii"th. 
Leive Miss Lida E, school teacher, res 122 s Fifth. 
Lemon Annie, domestic 32 n Seventh. 

Lemon Charles E (Anna M) (Lemon & Clark), res 311 n Eighth. 
Lemon David W (Tal)itha J), machinist Chase Piano Co, res W 

Lemon Hamlin T (Anna M), trav agt RCity Mill Works, res 110 

n Sixteenth. 
Lemon Joseph G (Ida Z), pres Richmond City ALU A7ks, res 

30 s Twelfth, tel 114. 
Lemon Leonard F (Martha 1^]), sec and treas Richmond City 

Alill Wks, res 215 n Fifteenth. 
Lemon Miss Leta L L, res West Richmond. 
Lemon Orange Y (Ida M), shij) elk R City Alill Wks, i-es 10 s 

Lemon Rev Orange V, retired, (Mary), res n Thirteenth. 
Lemon & Clark, (Charles E Lemon, (J J^ Clark), lire insuiance 

agents, room 1, Odd Fellows blk, tel 77. 
lendeehr Frederick (Mary), res -140 s Seventh. 
Lendeehr AV^illiam, teams'tei-, res 410 s Seventh. 
Lenkert Charles E, machinist Wayne Agrl Co, i'es211 n Second. 
Leidcert Miss Mary A, res 2 11 n Second. 

Lenkert Richard C (Mary), tanner Wiggins Sl Co, res 211 n Sec- 
Lenkert Richard P, machinist, res 211 n Second. 



Carpets and Dry Goods '''l?eelr D. B. CRAWFORD & SON 


Leiikert Miss Tillie M, res ^1 1 ii Second. 

LL'iinard Pclor (Isabcllo). salouii, [:ii)'2 n F, res siinie. ,. , 

Letiz ('hristiaii F (I\[ary A), lal), res 8-Jo s I<]levcntli. '" 

Leonard, see also Leniiard. 

Feonai'd Miss Annie, res ooO s Ninth. 
J.eonard Ji>lin, I'es tVM) s Ninth. 
Leonard Johnjr, lab, res ol^o s Ninth. 
Jjeonard Jonathan, slioeniaker, hds l^S n Fifth: 
Leonard Miss Fatie. j\I, elk JJoston Store, res :VM) s INintli. 
Leonard Louis E, (L F Leunanl A: (Jo), res 115 n Tenth. 
Leonard Nathaniel, (1^ h^ Leonard Sl Co), res 115 n Tenth. 
Leonard L E & Co, (1^ 1^^ Leonard, N Leonaid), dry goods and 
notions, 81!) and SiM Main. 

Lepart, see also Libbert and Lippert. 

Lepart Fred, res Sll n Fourteenth. ., , ,,/ 

Lepart Miss Mary, res 811 n Foni'teenth. 

Le|)art AVilliani (JMary), lab, res 811 n Fourtcentli. 

Leseli Miss Carrie 0, res 2-iO n Ninth. 

Leseh diaries (Mary), j)ainter 1* Schneider, I'es 019 s C 

Lesseure Daniel, fireman, res GOl Ji T\vell"th.' 

Lester Miss Fnrina, res -110 n Fleventh. 

Lester i\lary A (\vi<l John), res dlO n Fleventh. 

Le vision James M, eity wood measurer, bds 25 s Seventli. 

Lewis Aaron W (Mary), wks 11, S S: C-o, res -15 s Fitteentli. 

Lewis Miss Ida, blvpr (Jranor, Liaar & (Jo, res 817 n Tenth. 

Lewis Adner M (Mary F), hd), res 02(1 n Thirteenth. 

Lewis Annie U (wid William A), res 00-1 s Ninth. 

Lewds (Jharles 11 (Fmma F), Idacksmith, res 201 n Sixth. 

Lewis Mrs Emma B, practicing j)hysician; calls promptly at- 

t(Mid(id either day or lught; o\'er 1030 .Main, res same. 
Lewis Miss Minnie E, blqjr xMatber Fros, res 817 n Tenth. 
Lewis Nimrod (col), lab, I'os 228 s Fleventh. 
L(3wis Samuel, (col), (Sarah), lab, res 145 Ft Wayne ave. 
i^ewis Thonnis F (l<]mma 1>), lumber dealer, res over 1030 Main. 

Libberl, see also Lepart and Lippert. 

Libbert Oliai'les A, cigarmaker, res 3(H) s Tenth. 

Libbert l^Jrnst (Louisa), wks (Jaar, Scott «X: (.'o, I'cs 1)00 sTiMitli. 

Libbert Fred, molder, res 300 s Tenth. 

Libbei't Ihirman, molder, res 300 s Tenth. 

Libbert Kate, domestic 400 s Ninth. 

Jjibscond) Daniel (col), barl)er. 

Lichtenrels l\liss (Jaroline 0, res 230 Ft Wayne ave. 

OfH4u^ anil Sfhnol Sci-3ii<-h HooKn ot U 101101 ^^flM tf. T^Dfl 720 Main 
MisC(i'llaii«M>ii.s, i;iaiiU .1- S<;JiiH»i Ha«k?? (11 lllbllUhljUll & DllU. Street. 



Liclitentelis Charles, baker, res 22^1: s Eightli. 

Liclitenibls Charles C, blacksmith Eli Evans, res 230 Ft Wayne 

Lichteniels Christina, domestic 213 n Sixth. 
Lichteniels Gottlieb (Caroline), wks Gaar, Scott & Co, res 230 Ft 

AV'ayne ave. 
Lichteniels Jacob 11 (Anna), butcher 1 11 Paxson, res 524 b 

Lichteniels John (Mary), molder, res 228 s Eighth. 
Lichteniels John 11, wks Gaar, Scott & Co, res 230 Ft Wayne 

Lichteniels Kate, domestic 101: Ft Wayne ave. 
Lichteniels Mrs Lena (wid Christopher), res 524 s Seventh. 
J^ichtenl'elts Lucy, domestic 115 s Fourth. 
Lichtenfels Peter (Josephine F), (P Lichteniels «i; Co), res 135 s 

Lichteniels Miss Rosa K, res 521: s Seventh. 
LichteDfels Thomas C (i^ona), dealer in line imported and do- 
mestic wines, liquors and cigars, 821 n E, opp Union l)ej)ot, 

res 230 s Eighth. 
Lichtenfels P & Co, (Peter Lichteniels,) clothing, gents 

furnishing goods, hats, caps, trunks, valises, etc, 832 Main. 

jSee adv out side front cover. 
Liendecker Mrs Catharine (wid Charles), res 130 s Thirteenth. 
Lieneman Albert A, shoenuxker, res 811 s E. 
Lieneman John (Anna), shoemaker, res 811 s E. 
Lienemann John, jr, shoemaker, res 811 s E. 
Likius John H (Elnora S), cashier frt dept G P & I R R, 

res 213 n Seventh. 
Lincoln Charles AV (Mary), machinist, res 15 n Tenth. 
Lincoln AVm ]\I (Emma L)) wks lloosier Drill Co, bds 230 s 

Lindeman Miss Anna, res 223 s D. 
Lindeman Anna L, domestic 117 n Seventh. 
Lindenum Henry, painter, res 223 s D. 

Lindeman Henry 11, (Indei'strodt <Sl Lindeman), res 223 b D. 
Lindeman John jr,cigar mnl'g, res 223 s 1). 
Lindemuth Arthur C, lawyer, res 130 s Twelfth. 
Lindemuth Aliss Emma E, res 130 s Twelfth. 
Lindemuth John, wks G AV Avey & Co, res 130 s Twelfth. 
Lindemuth Miss Victoria, school teacher, i"es 130 s Twelftli. 
Lindsay Benj J (Eliza E), res 31 n Fifteenth. 

TTfTi-wrt PrsA;!lrt Window Guards, Wire Sl«:ns, store ) W. T. BARIiEE 

YV 110 UOOdSa Fixtures, Flower Standa, Floral Designs. \ Iron aad Wire Worki 

Home-made Hose & Socks, Buck ii Seal Skin rv "R PriQTiTfn-nfl J^ Q/\n 
DriviniT Gloves. Collars. Ruches & Ties, at JJ - '->- UldWiUiU. Gi OUU 


j.iiie Alexander E (Oelia E), tniv a<^t, res 105 ii Ninth. 

l.inebur<^- Jvate (wicl Julin), res 803 n V. 

J.iniek Frantz, tailor ejoliii E Peltz, hds i'2[) s Tenth. 

].instroni John, wks liaynes, S]>eneer & Co, bds 110 n Ei<^hth. 

Linting Chas ii, res 520 n JSineteenth. 

Linton Lora (Emma), j)ainter, res 8evasto])ol. 

Li})|)incott Afiss (Mai'a, res 20 n Ninth. 

Lipi)incott Samuel U (Eliza V), undertaker, 20 n Ninth, res 

Lippincott Samuel Ivjr, cashier L E J^eonaid & (Jo, res 20 n 
Lippert, see also Lepart. 

! ]Jppert Louisa, domestie 12 n Eighth. 

I Lipscomb Daniel (ILittie), (col), barber, res 15 n Second. 

I Liss Aloysius, \vd«:s J\l C Henley, res 802 s Sixth. 

I Liss l>ernard (Mary E)^ carp, res 8Ii> s sixth. 

j Liss Clemence (Jennie), lal), res 811) s Sixth. 

I Liss Mrs Catharine (wid Benedict), res 802 s Sixth. 

' Liss ^liss Carrie, res 8lo s Sixth. 

Liss Josejdiine, domestic 25 s Sixteenth, 

j Liss Lewis, cigar maker, res 8 Li s Sixth. 

j Liss Maggie, domestic 222 n Tenth. 

I Ijittle Chas C (Martha J), ])aper hanger Nicholson iSc l>ro, res 
! , over 1034 Main, 

i Little j\Iiss Eloi'ence, res 30 n Eleventh. 

; Little (jeorge, ])ainter, bds 131 s Eighth. 

I J^ittle Joseph (Uebecca), paper hanger, res 30 n Eleventh. 

j Little Nathan, ])ainter, bds rhilli}.s House. 

I Little Newton D, contractor and l>uilder, 131 s Eighth. 

■ Jjittle Mrs Kebecca (wid lleni-};), res 23 s l^'ifth. 

I Little Ti'avis 11 (llattie), decorator and paper hanger, res over 008 

Littleton Miss Laui'a «I, wks Zeller ife Co, res 20(5 n Sixth. 

I Littleton Wm (Elizabeth J), res 200 n Sixth. 

I Llaick, see also Lake. 

i Llaick Jos C (Adaline), barber, res -1:13 s Sevcjuth. 

Llewellyn Mary K (wid' Frank), res 010 n (J. 

jdoyd l]<lward (h'llen), teamster, res 203 n Second. 
! Loar Dr ApollOS (llattie), physician, ollice 232 s Se\enlh, les 

same, makes a specialt}^ ol'all chronic diseases, tel 153. 
) Locier F^dward (Etite) tinner, res 221 s I'll'teenth. 

Locier Kate (wid David), dressmaker, 201 n Eighth, res same. 

liOcier Miss Mai'y A, dressmaker, rc;s 201 n Eighth. 



BEST Screened Aiittacitc COAL ^MATHER BEOS. 


Locklaiul Timotliy, teanister, bds AVMlliainsberg pike, near 1st 
toll o-ate. 

].oebker llenry, wks Gaar, Scott c^ Co, hda 138 s Fil'tli, 

l.oelile Mis« Annie, wis 458 s Fifth. 

Loelile Ohas H, elk C Loehle, res -158 s l^^il'tli. 

Loehle Cliai'les F, <4Toeer, AW s Filtli, res 4ot^ s Fifth. 

Loeliie Henry, niachinist Waj'no Ai^rl (Jo, res 458 s Fiftli. 

Loehr Adam (Carrie), wlcs F Smith ^Sl Co, res 'J 11 s Sixth. 

Loehr llenry, moUler Uaar, Scott A: C(^, res ^IL s Sixth. 

Loelir John, wks Gaar, Scott cV: (yo, res 211 s Sixth. 

Loehr Wm D, elk AV Mash meyer, res 211 s Sixth. 

Loftus Michael (Mary), rt!s 2()8 n T'ourth. 

Logan Jas S (Ida F), painter, res 025 s Seventh. 

Logan John A, wks Gaar, Scott Sl C^o, res 804 n thirteenth. 

Logan Miss Lizzie 1>, milliner Mvs \l \l Vansant, I'es 814: n 

Loa"an ]\riss Maiz-^ic, res 804 n Thii'teenth. 

Logan ]\riss iMinnie, milliner U It \^ansant, res 804 n Thir- 

Logan Thos F (Mai-y), foreman boiler slio])S Gaar, Scott & Co, 
res 304 n Thirteenth. 

Logan Jas S (Ida F), ])ainter lloosier Drill (>o, res 005 n Thir- 

Logan A\^m 1> (Louis S), barber A Stanber, res 008 n Thirteenth. 

Lohman, see also Lowman. 

l^ohmjin llenry (Fmma), brickmason, i"es 188 s Filth. 

liohman Dena, domestic 1288 Alain. 

Lolir John II, res 208 s Sexenth. 

Lohr Victor J 1) (JMary F), molder (laar, Scott S: (Jo, res 208 s 

Loisen Au'i'nist, res 734 n Fifteenth. 

Lombard franklin (Flizabeth J), i-etirevl, res 111 s Ninth. 
London Koxie, (col), domestic 122 n Fifteenth. 
Long ]\Iiss Addie M, res 2i) s Ninth. , , 

iA)ng Miss Fmma 15, school teachei", res 29 s Ninth. 
Long Josiah C, foreman F Smith & ('o, les 20 s Ninth. 
Long Miss Nettie, res 2i) s Ninth. 
Long Fierce (I4oia), wks Mathews, Winder Sl Co, res Oil n 

Longfellow Cornelius (Fhebe F), wks Witham Sl Anderson, res 

101 n Sixth. 
Looby Michael (Maria A), boiler maker, res 80In Fifth. 

T7^ir»o nr\r\Ao ^^^^^^^'^ wn«-\ Settet-s, fcunmur Housos.j W. T. BARBEI:, 
VV J.10 UUUUo. Screens, uiul all khula ol Wire Cloth. ( ii.un anuWirl wuhk.s. 

uoi{^^hE^^SSSS^'.t D. B. CRAWFORD & SON. 528 Main St. 



I lA.oinis David (Klizti), res 80 n Tenth. 

I Lord Mrs Nancy xV (wid Wm \l), res 21 s Tenth. 

\ Lornian AEiss l<]ninia N, elk M E Honsall, res 1)15 s A. 

i Liirnian Jolm F (]\[ar)), cii^ar maker, res 1)15 s A. 

I Lornian Miss Laura, res 015 s A. 
Lornian AFiss Afollie, I'es 1)15 s A. 

j Lorson, see also Loisen- 

I Lott Osear A, hill maker Ilichniond Gas Co, res 121 s Ei<i:lith. 

j Lott Miss Susie, res 121 s Li<;hth. 

j Louck l>enj, i-es 310 n Ei<^-hteenth, 

I Louck Ehon (Alice E), contractor and huilder, res 310 n Ei<^li- 

' teenth. 

i lA)Ui4ii John W (Ite.hecca), sasii and l)lind maker Ery ]>ros, res 

j 'ill n Eleventh. 

I Lougli \Vm V (Sallie E), ])aiiiter, res 322 n Seventeenth. 

i Loughlin, see also Laughlin. 

[ J,out;hlin Jolm (Mary), machinist, res 720 n Twelfth. 

Louke Geo, carp, hd§ -LOo n lOiu'hth. 

Love Nelson E (^Mary), cai'}), res Sevastopol. 

Lovett John, res 203 s Ninth. 

Lowe Alice, wks U Pai)er Mill, res 1521 n A. 

Lowe Miss Elora, dressmidvcr Mrs K A Erown, res 1521 n A. 

Lowman, see also Lohman. 

Lowman II, wks U Chair (yo. 

Lownuni <L)e, wks U ('hair (yO. ■ 

Luhkert Ered, ])ainter, hds 133 s Eiftii. 

Liicar,' Saml C (Amelia), cal)inetnud<er, res 22 n Seventh. 

Luddini^ton A T, carp Wayne A^-rl Co, hds 813 n E. 

Lnehkemann Wm, tailor \\ Ivreimeir, hds Phillips House. 

Luken Augustus G (Lizzie) (A G Luken A: Co), res ILls Thir- 

Luken John II (Lizzie K), j)hysician, 205 s Seventh, res same. 

Luken A G & Co (Augustus G Luken, Joscj)!! Kamler), whole- 
sale and retail drugs, nuMliciiu's, paints, oils, \'arnishes, etc., 
030 Main, tel Li. ' 

Lupton Miss AiUKi M, school teacher, res 20S n Eourteenth. 

Lu]>ton l^^lizaheth 11 (wid Ahijah), res 20S n k'ourteenth. 

Lu|>ton Miss Jean P, elk \V\n 11 l)i-adhury v^ Son, res 208 n Eour- 

Lupton Miss Jennie II, res 20S n Eourteenth. 

Lui)ton Miss Nora 11, school teacher, res 20S n Eourteenth. 

Lupton Uichard, res 115 n Thirteenth. 

School Books and School Supplies 

at, NlCniOLSON ifz BRO. 
729 Main Stroot. 

Sunday Creek Coal »«»/T,."iJ,„,,.. Ricliioilfl, M. 


Luring Oharles, elk Geo Knollenberg, res IIG s Fourth. 

Lui'ing Miss Ella, music teacher, res IK) s ]'\)urth. 

louring Henry (Athelia), buggies Jind carriages, 51 n Eighth, res 

\W s Fourth. 
Luring William, piano tuner. Chase Piano Co, res llG s Fourth. 
]jutthans Amelia (wid John), res 425 s Seventh. 
Lux George (ALuy L), stone mason, res 615 s Tenth. 
Lux John, stone mason, res f)l 8 s Tenth. 
Lux Kate, domestic 38 s Tenth. ' 

Lux ]\latthias, res () 18 s Tenth. 
Lybrook Philip, res 24 n Twelfth. 

Lyle John S, justice of the Peace, 5 n Fifth, res 109 n Fifth. 
Lynum Frederick ^V (Marinda E), wks C St L & P lly, res over 

200 Ft Wayne ave. 
Lyman George C, res over 200 Ft Wayne ave. 
Lynde Harry (Mary), stenographer Iloosier Drill Co, res 114 n 

Ninth. ' ■ ' 

Lynde Mrs Mary (wid William W), res 21 s Twelfth. 
Lynde Mary C (wid Henry), res 114 n Ninth. 
Lynde Samuel W (Sarah), res 211 n Fifteenth. 
Lynde AVilliam IT, bds 21 s Twelfth. 

Lyndstrow Jno A, wksllaynes, Spencer & Co, bds 110 n Eighth. 
Lynn Mavy (wid llobert C), res 1519 n A. 
Lyon Charles W (Maggie L), (Lyon & Co), res Westcott blk. 
Lyon M L, (l^yon cV: Co), res AV^estcott block. 
Lyon & Co, (C W Lyon, M L Lyon), druggists, 001 Main. 
Lytic Miss Ella, res 108 n Ninth." 
Lythe Lesley (Mary), res 108 n Nineteenth. 
Lytic Joseph, rms 88 s Ninth. 
Lytic Joseph, carpenter, bds Phillips House. 

■:;:■:':: ''^' ■ mc 

McAdams William (Fvate), poultry inctibater, res 800 n Eighth. 
McAllister Daniel J (Maggie A), tcl line rei)airer, res 547 n 

McAllister Kate (wid Wallace), res 313 n lu)urth. 
McAlpine Frank E (Hattie O), night train disp C St L cV. 1* \l 

R, res 114s Fo u rte(;i i th . 
McAlpine James H (Mary), chii4' train disi)atcher C St L A: P 

U R, res 105 s Twelfth, tel 188. 

Iron Shutters, Balconies, Gratlnys, 
Bank Work, Area RaUinK-s, Stable 
Fittings, Ornani'tl Roof Cl'eatin^^s. 

i W, T. BARBEE Iron and Wire Worts, 



Carpets made and laid on short notice. n D P^niAyf^yr^ JP. Q/^r, 
Oil Cloth Patterns for under Stoves. ^' ^' UraW/OrU (k OOfl. 


McAvuy i5i-i<.l«^-et (wid Miclimd), I'csSKJii Fit'te(jiit.h. : , 

]\LcAvoy Alartin, ros 81(5 ii Firteeiith. 

IMcArtliur W J, stovo dept It II W. . 

J\IcOuliry John, (cul), lab, res 55G ii Thirteen tli. . 

MeOail John, lab, bds Ot^T n Eighth. " ' . 

]\IcOann Andrew, wks (i II Grant, lleinplenian ife Co. 

McCarty James, blacksniitli R City Mill WHsis, bdri ISd Ft Wayne 

McCarthy John F, The Grocer, dealer in fruits, provis- 
ions, flour and feed, 413 n Eighth, res 1)11 n G. 

McCarthy Miss Mary A, elk Thomas & Runge, res Sevastopol. 

McCarthy Thomas (Nora), engineer Jv Machine AVorks, res Sevas- 

McCarthy William, boiler maker, bds SevastOj)ol. 

McCarty Caleb (Martha A), asst bag master Union Depot, res 
221 n Seventeenth. 

McCyauley Carrie (wid John), res 333 s Fourteenth. 

McCauley George, wks and bds 314 n Tenth. 

]\[cClane .^[iss Julia A, dressmaker, res 313 n A. 

McClane Margaret (wid James), res 313 n A. 

McCIane AVm 11, lab, res 313 n A. 

AFcClellan Frank T, wks M C Henley, res 118 s Fourteenth. 

J\[cCleHan George M, wks M C Henley, res 118 s Fuiirteenth. 

McClelhin Jolm (Jane S), shoe maker, res lis s Fourteenth. 

McClellan Theo (Kate), ])ropr F^klurado Steam Laundiy and 
l>alh Kooms, 10 n Eigiith, I'es 225 s Thirteenth. 

McClelkand Wm E (Sarali A), res 302 n Fourteenth. 

McClure Elbert L, trav agt A II IJartel & Co, bds 204 n Seventh. 

McClure Mrs F]lizabeth L, res 17 s Eighth. 

McComas David (elennie) res AVest Uichmond. 

McComas Miss Ida, res West Richmond. 

]\lcComas ]\liss Jessie, res West Richmond. 

McComas Thomas T (Mary), I'armer, res West Richmond. 

McCone, see also McKone- 

McCone Maggie, domestic 110 s Ninth. 

McCone Thomas, wks William Sholei-, bds 118 s Seventh. 

McConlogue John (Margai"et E), machinist (^aar, Scolt A: Co, 

res 531 n Sixth. 
McConlogue Miss Maggie A, res 531 n Sixth. 
McCormick Rridget M (wid Michael), res 414 n Sixth. 
McCormick Cassie, domestic 1208 Main. 
McCormick Charles N (Eaura C), })rinter, res 111) s Eleventh. 



Sunday Creek Coal .w^^w «,.>..., Riclimiil, M. 


]\[cO()rinick Miss Ella, wks M. Cullatun Sl Co, IhIs U n FilUi. 

McConnick IMary, domestic o21 w Eleventh. 

McCorniick Mary (\v'i(l ]\ricliael), res 11 II u G. 

JMcOonnick Uichard, wks lloosier Di-ill Oo, bds Phillips Kuuse. 

McCoy Miss Alice, wks AViogins ct. C'o, i-es 226 n Seventh. 

McCoy Miss Blanche A, res 22(5 n Seventh. 

McCoy C, wks M C Henley. '^ • ' . 

McCoy Daniel S, carriage blacksmith and general repair shop, 

101)5 Main, bds P llnsson's liestaurant'. 
McCoy Frank E (llattie), night yard master C St E & P Uy, res 

611 n Twelfth. 
McCoy Geo, painter lloosier Drill Co. 
McCoy Miss Ida A, res 226 n Seventh. 

McCoy James, del elk Thojnpson c^ Good, bds 421 n Eleventh. 
McCoy Lizzie, domestic 233 s Fourth. 
McCoy Mary, domestic 33 s Second. 
]\[cCoy Sarah (wid Daniel), res IT s E'ifth. 
]VIcCoy Sarah J (wid John), boarding house, 226 n Seventh, res 

McCoy Sarah (wid James W), dressmaker, over 27 n Fifteenth, 

res same 
McCoy Ulysses G, switchman C St L & P yards, res 226 n 

McCraight EM, wks R City Mill Wks, res 221 n Seventeenth. 
McCidlough Miss Amanda* res 319 n Eighth. 
McCullough J\[iss Carrie M, res 319 n Eighth. 
JMcCullough Elmer F, jeweler (xeorge C McCullough, bds 31 n 

McCullough Geo C (Ella), jeweler, 7 n Eighth, tel 83, res 323 

n IsTinth. 
McCullough James, machine tender \i Paper ]\Iill, res 319 n 

McCullough Jesse M (Ella It), timier "W W Alexander, res 319 n 

McCullough Louis (Mary II), electrician, res 34 n Third. 
McCullough Miller J (Christina), res 319 n Eighth. 
McCullough Morris M, wks M C Henley, res 3*19 n Eighth. 
McCullough Miss JMatie, res 31 n Third'. 
McDaniel John II, carpenter, res 215 s Second. • 

McDermott Daniel (Cathai ine), lab, res 1316 n F. 
]\lcI)ermott Timothy, brakeman, I'es 131 () n F. 
McDivittE G (Elmira), ])hysician, 23 s Eighth, res same. 

DISPLAY IN SEASON <*>^ rilKj ilV LjOV Vi Oi DaU. Richmoncl, 

Carpets and Dry Goods '" t?.^" D. B. CRAWFORD & SON 


McDivitt Isaac M (Aiv^'m), carpenter, res West Richmond. 

McDivitt Jolni (Maggie), wks Mather Ih'os, res 2G(> Ft Wayne 

McDivitt Margaret, domestic 4()S Fourteenth. 

j\rcl)i\'itt j\[iss Nora, carpenter, res AVest Iticlimond. 

McDonald dolm (Marv), lab Uiclimond ]\racliiiie Wks, res OlS 
s E. " 

JMcDonakl Miss Maggie, (h)mestic Ijiyson House. 

.J\lcJ)onnald J\[iss i\[argaret, res Giy s K.'^ 

]\Lcl3onald Uobcrt, wks JIussell *k Oo, bds s Eleventh. 

NEcDonnald Miss Kose, res 618 s E. 

]\lcDonald Samuel L (Margaret), retired farmer, res 32 s Thir- 

McDonnell Tiiomas F, elk J M AVampler, res Sevastopol. 

McDonnell Miss Annie, student, res Sevastopol. 

]\IcDonnell Miss ^faggie, dressmaker, res Sevastopol. 

McDonnell Miss Mai-)' J, dressmaker over 720 ]\[ain, res Sevas- 

McDonnell Michael (Ih'idget), lab, res SevastojX)]. 

McDonnell Tliomas, elk, res Sevast()])ol. 

]\Icl)owell Mrs Anna (wid Charles), res 1)1 Eibcrty ave. 

Mcl^]lin Katie, domestic -110 n Fifteenth. 

JMcFall Samuel (Alar}' J), lab, res Sevastopol, 

]\[c(ia\v Ohas (Naoma),.tel opr, res 17 s Sixteenth. 

]\Ic(jJee Abi-aham (Anna K), lab, I'cs 1215 n (x. 

Mctice Miss Emma J, diess maker, res 1215 n (1. 

AlcGee Esther, domestic, 72 s Sixteenth. 

Mc(iee Frank, wks English Kitchen Kestaurant. 

McUee Miss Ida, res 312 n Sixteenth. '.] 

McUee AVm D, wks P Snydcj', res 1215 n 0. 

McGir Thomas (Hannah), engineer Jei'i'y (Jowhig iSz, Co. 

Mc(iirr Miss Hannah, matron St Stej)lien's Hospital, res same. 

J\Lc(ii-ag riohn S (Mary A), wks Caar, Scott iS^ Co, res IG n 

McCraw Ih'idget, domestic 10(1 s Seventh. 

AlcCiraw Miss Mary E, res 2G s Tenth. 

AlcCraw Rebecca (wid (Jeorgi^), res 2() s Teilth. 

McCxreevy John (Margaret), molder, res 1)23 n Fil'th. 

McCi-eevy Miss Mary, wks Nicdioison iJros, res 1)23 n Fifth. 

Mc(Ji'ew Miss Fannie, res 401 n l<]le\enth. 

JMcCirew George W (lUnilah), bridgci supt (^ St L As P Ry, res 
•104 n I^:ieventh. 

WEDDING, BIRTHDAY AND 'Mir»'h/-\1 c-rMT kr T^r*r\ No. 720 Main 
HOLIDAY UJFTa AT INlCnOlbOll Oi r>rO. fcitreet. 



Louisville and Portland C EMENT ~ *" 



JMoGrew ^[iss JNIaria, I'cs rear Ilio-li School building. 
McGrew & Mendenhall (William 11 McGrew, Fred B Men- 

dcidiall), c'oni'ectiunerv and oyster biiy, 827 Alain. 
McGrew Wm H (MeGrew & j\"[endeidiall), res -iOi n Eleventh. 
McGrew Wni S, janitor llit>h School, i-es rear same. 
McGrew William S, janitor Morrison Library, res High School 


McGuire Elwood W (Esther), secy and treas Dille & McGuire 

Man%Co, res 3181 n Ei^^hth. ' 
McGuire Ezekiel W, gen agent G II & D Ey, pres Dille vfe 

McGuire JMani'g Go, bds Arlington House. 
McGuire Harry I, ticket agent G II & I) E W Union IJepot, 

res 318 n Eighth. 
McGuire James (Mary), lab, res 1422 n G. 
McGuire John, wks Wm Osborn, bds 720 s Eighth. 
McGuire Miss Katie, chaml)er maid Grand Hotel, bds same. • 
McGuire Mrs ]\Iary (wid John C), res 115 n Tenth. 

Mc(Turand , wks Sedwick Bros. 

McIIugh Ella, domestic, 512 n D. 

]\lcllugh Miss Ella, res Sevastopol. 

McIIugh Ataggie, domestic 117 n Thirteenth. 

AlcIIugh Aliss Maggie, res Sevasto])ol. 

AlcIIugh Aliss Alaiy A, res Sevastoj)ol. 

AlcIIugh Thomas, wks G II & I) R II, res Sevastopol. 

Alcllugli Timothy, lab, res Sevasto})oL 

Mcllwain Wm P, res 117 n Twelfth. 

Alclvay Airs Amanda I], res 40 s Seventh. 

AIcKee Archibald, res 700 n E. 

AIcKhamm Andrew (Ettie J), wks Geo 11 Grant, Ilempelman & 

Go, res 218 s Tenth. 
AIcKhamm Frank, res 218 s Tenth. 
AIcKhamm John W, teamster, res 218 s Eighteenth. 
AlcKinley Andrew^, key nudvcrGhase Piano Go, res W Richmond. 
AIcKinley Elmer, piano maker, bds Gommercial House, 
AlcKinley Patrick (Susan), machinist, res 810^ n D. 
AIcKinney Alvin (Mary), stone mason, res tUO n 'I'enth. 
AlcKinney George, wks lloosier Drill Go, bds -111 n Tliirteenth, 
AIcKinney Gr J, watchman II Paper Llill, res Sevastopol 
AlcKinney Aliss Ida G, res 1028 n J. 
AIcKinney Jackson (Elizabeth), hd), res Sevastopol. 
AIcKinney Otho, wks Ilaynes, Spencer tKs Go, res 1(128 n J. 
AIcKinnie Aliss Carrie, res 117 s Eighth. 

TTiTiriQ r*r\r\f\ci Chairs and Settees. Summer Houses, » W. T. BARBEii, 
YV J.i U SJUUUO. Screens, and aU kinds of Wire Cloth. | iron and wire works. 


S8??o'J?g^i^^I D. B. CRAWFORD & SON, Mii%. 


McKinnie Andrew J (l.ouiriu), stair builder and dealer in all 
kinds of stair matei'ial, s e cor s ^V and Fourteenth, res 117 
s Eiglith. 

McKone, see also McCone. 

AIcKone John (Agnes), buteher W L Morgan, res ()'20,s Sixth. 

]\IcKone J^izzie, domestic 2S n Jille\'enth. 

IMcLauglilin liridget, domestic, Spring Grove. 

McLaughlin Lizzie, domestic, 1017 Main. 

INLcLoy Elizabeth (wid Danitd), i-es 725 s Twelfth. 

JMc^Fahon Miss Anna, res 512 n Fourteenth. 

]\IcI\lahon Michael (Nora), lab, res 542 n Fourteenth. 

IMcMahon Miss Sallie, res 542 n Fourteenth. 

McMahon Thonnis (Anna), wks "SI C Henley, res 542 n Fonr- 

MclMahan Wm S, lab 11 D Go, i-es 38 n Fifth. 

McfMannis Gharles, boiler maker, res 112 AFain. 

MciNfannis Daniel, lab, res 112 Main. 

MciMannis John (Anna), lab, res 112 Main. 

Mcl\rannis John, jr, lab, res 112 ]\[ain. 

McMannis i^[iss Mary, res 112 Main. 

McMannis Silas, boiler nuiker Jerry Gowhig^.^: Go. 

]\[c^lannisThon)as, lab, ros 112 AFain. 

]\rc]\[asters Nancy (wid Morgan), liousekee])er 102 n Sixth. 

McMeans AltVed L, (Ann F), trav agt Granor, (iaar it Go, res 
110 s Ninth. 

McMeans Miss Ftlie L, stenograj)her J Dickinson ct Cvo, res 144 
s Ninth. 

McMeans Marshal E, atty Gaar, Scott & Go, res 44 s Ninth. 

McMillan George L (Etta M), agt (Jhio Farmers Insurance Go, 
()13 Main, res 321) sTwelftln 

Mc]\Iinn Harry, res 211 n Thirteenth. 

McMinn Howard A, wks Hoosier Drill iSz Go, rms 230 n Four- 

McMinn John, carpenter Fi-y Fros, res 211 n Thirteenth. 

McMinnic Jesse U, baggageman G St L <fe F lly, bds 114 ii 

]\lcMullen Dominick, j»oiU;r Kay c*v:. Harvey, I'es (123 n Thir- 

McMullen Thomas H, boiler maker Gowhig ik. Go, res ()23 n 

McMullen Wm E, res 023 n Thii4eenth. 

McNamara Miss Maggie, domestic 1724 Main. 


All kinds of Building Material at Mather Bros. 


McNamara Timothy (Mai'y), wks St L & P Ky, res 401) ii J). 
JMcNeai'iiey James, wks Sed<^wick IJros, res 408 n I). 
McNearney Joliii (Ellen), sliij)])iiig toremnn Gaar, Scott Ot Co, 

res 408 n D. 
McNearney Miss Mary, res 408 n 1). 
McNeil Harry, res 24 s Thirteenth. 
]\rcNeil Howard, res 24 s Thirteenth. 

]\lcNeil James (Mary), (^^cMeil Sl Dnlin), res 24 s Thirteentli. 
McNeil JMiss Mattie, res 404 s Eighth. 
McNeil Ivobert, res 404 s Eighth. 

^LcNeil Thomas (Lizzie), brakeman, res 404 s Eighth. 
AFcNeil S: Dnlin, (James AtcNeil, W I J)nlin), i-eal estate and 

loan agts, room 3 ILittle's block. 
McNeill Ilai-ry T, elk yard master otlice St L &V R Ii, res 24 

s Thirteenth. 
McNesba Joseph, painter lloosier l)i-ill Go, res 319 n Eight(ienth. 
MclNally JVlrs Margarette (wid John), res SevastO[)ol. * 

ISlcNally Thonnis, wks Gaar, Scott cV: Go, res Sevastopol. 
]\lcNally AN^illiam, harness maker, res Sevasto]X)l. 
McNally AVilliam, \vks Wiggins & Go, res Sevasto]jol. 

McPherson see also Macpherson. 

McPherson Adrian A (I^onisa), i-es 311 n Eighteenth. 
McPherson Horace G, wks M G Henley, res 311 n Eighteenth. 
McSim])Son I)r John, (col), physician 42()-i- Main, j-es same. 
McSmitli John (col), (Erances), A M E minister, res 113 s Sixth. 
McTaiig'art Alpheus (Garulina), school teacher, res Earlham 

McTurner AYm, canvasser, bds 227 n Ninth. 
McWhinney Miss Georgie, res 24 s Eourteenth. 
McWhinney Isaac N (Emma L), trav agt, res 43 s Tenth. 
McWhinney Mrs Jane (wid DeWitt G), res 24 s Eonrteentli. 
McWhinney Miss Lettie, res 211 a Twelfth. 

IMcWhinney Lonise E (wid James), res n w cor Eighth and s A. 
McWhinney Miss L E, millinery and notiojis, 70*J Main, res n 

w cor Eighth and s A. 
McWhinney Miss Leota, bds 102 s Twelfth. ^-.^i, 

McWhinney Mattie E (wid Omar R) res 320 n Emirttn^nth. 
McWhinney Mrs Phebe (wid James H), nt^ 211 s 4\vcllth. 
McWhinney Knssell E, elk T \) Scott, res 24 t^ Eonrteentli. 


Maag Ben (Carrie), boots and shoes, 014 Main, res 207 b P. 

TTfTi-Tft rr\r\Aci Window Guard8, Wire Slt^ns, store ) W. T. BARBEE 

YV irU WTUOUb- F'ixtures, Flower tft.undH, Floral Dosi|jri\s, | Iron and Wire Works 

FACTORY FLANNELS for SKirls iiM SMrts at ">■ 

528 Main St. 


Maa*^' Frank (Ciariic), carj), res '2'Sl a Tliiid. 

I\faag Frank (], res 2?,^^ s Seventh. 

Maag Frederick (('avliarinc), ])ruj)r Uielimond Daily and Weekly 

rncle[)en(.lent and Iticlinn)nd Volkszeitun^- ((iennan), oilice 

over (JOG jMain, tel 1)1, res '2:i s 8e\'entli. 
IMaao- Jolm, elk P> Maa<,^ res 207 s B. 
IMaa^' John B, ])rinter Volkszeituno-, res 22 s Seventh. 
iMaao- John F, elk F>en Maao-, res 207 s l). 
Maas Albert J (Kate M), wks llaynes, Spencer & Co, res 417 s 

Mal)ey'josej)h (Eliza IM), res 330 n Third. 
J\lal)le Miss Florence, i-es Sevastopol. 
]\Iac<i:regor Donald Iv, bkpr Wayne A^-rl Co, l)ds Arlington 

Mack J\lrs, laundress Huntington House, bds same. 
Mack Eliza, clianiberniaid Huntington House, bds same. 
Mack Joseph, ])ainter Hoosier Drill Co. 
Macke Miss Anna M, res 542 s E. 
Alacke Edward, elk Union Paciiic Tea Co, res 552 s E. 
Macke Frank J (J H Macke ct Son), res 513 s E. 
Macke John F, elk Macke e^ Son, i-es 512 s E. 
Macke John F, elk J 11 Moorman, res 537 s E. 
Macke John F (Catharine), saloon and pool room, 013 Main, res 

3'J n Sixth. 
Macke John H (Ellen), (J llMacke & Son), res 542 s E. 
Macke Mrs Lizzie (wid Frank), res over 38 s Sixth. 
Macke ]\[iss Lizzie i\[, res 547 s E. ^ . 

Macke Mrs Mary (wid Francis), I'es 547 s E. 
Macke Llartin H, elk J H Macke Sl Son, res 543 s E. 
Macke Miss Rosa, res over 38 s Sixth. 
Macke Thos 11, car]), i-es 542 s E. , / . 

Macke J H iSL Son (John H and Fraidv J), hats, caps and gents 

lurnishinii- iioods, 53(j Main. 
Mackelein Martin (Ellen), lab, res Sevastopol. 

Macpherson, see also McPherson. 

JMacpherson Miss lieulah, dressmakei', I'es 111) s '^i'hird. 

Macpherson John C, county supt schools, res 110 s Third. 

Madden Anthony (Kate), i-es 71 I n Tenth. 

Madden Michael (Delia), lab, res Sevasto[)ol. ,'/ i. , 

Madden Miss Mary A^ i-es 221 n Second. 

Madden Sarah, domestic 205 n Eleventh. 

Madden Thos (Mary), wks 1^ F Deal it Co, res 221 n Second. 

All kinds of BLANK BOOKS nicholson^ibro. 

Telephone lo MATHER BROS' for OO^L 


]\[u(ldock Miss JMattie E, res 318 ii "Ninth. 

Maddock Joliii (itacliol), res ;]18 n Ninth. ' ' 

Mudigiin Muvy (wid Juliii), res 230 n Seventh. 

]\Iadson John (Sarah), wks C St L Sl I* \ly shops, res 522 n Six- 

Magee l\[iss Etta, res over 41 n Eiglith. 

Magee Mrs Iveheoca A (wid Jolm), dressmaker, over 41 u Eighth, 
res same. 

JMalian D Clifton, del elk E R JMathews, res 026 n Tenth. 

]\[alian Jas A (Sallie E), drayman, res G2() n Tenth. 

I\rahan Thos B (Nora), printer, res 213 s Twelfth. 

]\laher Miss Anna, res 14 s Tenth. 

Maher John, butcher, res 712 s E. 

Maher rlohn, butcher, res 14 s Tenth. 

Alaher Miss Mary, res 14 s Tenth. 

]\raher Tlios (Anna), wks Gaar, Scott & Co, res 14 s Tenth. 

Maher Tlios jr, (Anna B), butcher, 712 s E, res same. 

Mahoney Gabe, machinist Iloosier l)rill Co, bds 39 n Eifth. 

Maier, see also Meier, Meyer, Mayer and Myer. 

]\laier i\[iss Annie M, res 447 s Eouith. 

Maier George (Lucmda), school teacher, res 447 s Eourtli. 

J\Iaier John W, student, res 447 s Eourth. 

Main Street Coal Yard, Charles H Moore, proper, 1022, 

1024, 102(), 1028 Main, tel 40. 
Males Samuel R (Jennie), wks R City Mill Works, res 520 n 

Maley James (Mary), bar tender J E Miicke^ res 224 s Sixth. 
J\ra]ey Alary, domestic 120 n Eleventli. 

Alaley , bds Grand Hotel. 

M alone Miss Annie, res Sevastapol. 

Malone James, wks Gaar, Scott & Co, res Sevastojujl. 

M alone Thomas, res Sevasto])ol. 

IMalone Thomas, stone mason, bds Indiana House. • 

Malone Thomas jr, res Sevastopol. 

Maloy John, hib, res 1018 n G. 

Manii]g Miss Dora, res 129 s Nintli. 

Mann Leonidas S (Mary E), ])hysician 111 n Ninth, res same. 

Mansell Chas, res 215 n Third.' 

Manslield Leroy R (Lizzie A), bkpr 2nd Nat Hank, res Linden 

Mansfield AVm, res 303 n Ninth. 

Iron Shutters, Balconies, Gratingrs, 
Bank Work, Area Railing's, Stable 
Fittings, Ornam'tl Ilool' Cresting-a, 

;iW.T. BARBEE Iron and Wire Worh. 


Try the Aurora Carpet Sweeper, °- ''5^li;sr„°ft?e?t."°'^ 


Mansfield Martin W (Carrie), civil en-^ineer C 8t L&T lly, 

res ',]()?> u Ninth. 
]\[arclijiiit Frederick A\^ (Mary I), res 4 s Eigliteeiitli. 
IMarcliaiit ,Jose[)li (Oliarlutte C), pres- Ricliuiuiid J toller Skate *Sl 

Caster Co, and Marcliaiit & Ilaynes, les 1;U2 ]\[ain. 
Marcliaiit Josepii jr, elk Marchaiit & Ilaynes res 1312 Main, 
^lai'cliant & Jlaynes (doseph TNTarchnnt and Ira Ilaynes), nini*<j; 

bakin<i; j)()\vder and teas, 1031 Main. 
Marcille Edward, machinist Conner l>ros, res 23 n Ninth. 
Marcus Alex, elk A L Pogue, res b-l s Twelfth. 
Marcus Miss. Emma, res OO s Twelfth. 
]\IarcusMiss llattie, res 6G s Twelfth. 
Llarcus Julius (I>ettie); clothing and gents fui-nishing goods, S25 

]\rain, res C>Cj s Twelfth. 
Marcus Max, elk J Marcus, res 00 s Twelfth. 
Mardeschang Joseph, l)k]n' (^ II Ivno])f»Xs Co, res 25 n Sixth. 
Markman Charles (Nellie), foreman Ilaynes, Sj)encer A: Co, res 

201 s Fourteenth. 
Markle Cluirles J\I, brakeman II ct 1) lly, res 034 n Tenth. 
Markle Frank, yard brakeman (J St L & F lly, res 034 n Tenth. 
JMarkle Margaret (wid Amos), res 034 n Tenth. 
Markle Miss ]\Iary A, res 034 n Tenth. 

Marlatt Alvin A, blacksmith Gaar, Scott & Co, res 300 n Fifth. 
Marlatt Charles E (Ellen J), foreman bhicksmith sho]) Gaar, 

Scott & Co, res 2J5 n Ninth. 
Marlatt Edwin O, blacksmith S Marlatt, res 30() n Fifth. 
Marlatt Frank M, machinist II Machine AVks, res 300 n l^'ifth. 
Marlatt Mary (wid James), res 408 ji Fifth. 
JNIarlatt Miss Mary, res 4()S n Fifth. 
Marlatt Samuel (Uester II), councilman 2nd ward and mnfr 

iron fences, railings, doors, shuttcM's, grates, I'oof crestings, 

etc, 182 Ft Wayne ave, res 300 n Fifth. 
Marlow^ Aliss Anide, res 11)8 s Twelfth. 
Marlow Cornelius (Fhebe), wks (Jaar, Scott & Co, res 138 s 

Marlow William J, res 138 s Twelfth. 
Marr William, bds 403 n Eighth. 
Marrain Ellen, domestic lU2 n Fifteenth. 
Marsh Adeline (wid Timothy), res 101 s Third. 
Marsh Miss Mary 11, res 101 s Third. ' 

Marshall Henjanun W, tinner, bds 101) s Seventh. 
Marshall Hugo (Emma), wks K (Jity J\iill Wks, res 430 s Eighth. 

Wall Paper and Curtain Goods, '''''^Si''iSl% 



Fire Brick and Clay - '^'" MATHER BROS. 


l\hirsl)all (/luu'les (i (Oiirrie S), wks (ia;ir, Scott & Co, i-(!S 213 s 

]\[artiii I>enjauiin F, trav a^t llousier Drill Co. 
Martin Daniel C (Mai>-i^ie 11), cancer s]>ecialist, 21S n Thirteenth, 

res same, 
^fartin Miss Drudenee, res Sevastopol. 
Martin Edwin C (Mattie), editor and j)roj)r Uichniond Tele^i^rani, 

26 n Thirteenth. 
Martin Isaac V (Lavina), teamster, res Sevasto])ol. 
Martin James M, wks M C Henley, res 104 n FiTth. 
]\rartin ^Frs Minnie, res 38 n Fil'tli. 
Martin Ju)bert B (Mary J), frnit dealer, 40G Main, tel 21(), res 

404 n Fifteenth. 
]\rartin Miss Samantha, res Sevasto])ol. 
Martin Simon (Mary), res 213 n Twelfth. 
Martin William II (Mary L), trav agt Kichmond Chair Co, res 

lie s Fourteenth. 
IVlarting Herman (Mary) wks Gaar, Scott 6i Co, les 321 sTl^ighth. 
Martins Fena (wid llem-y), boarding house, 32f) Main, 
^lartischang Joseph, res 25 n Sixth. 
JMartischang JMargaret (wid), res 315 s Eighth. 
Marx Henry (Francis), trav agt Giiar, Scott iK: Co, res 31 s 

Mashmeyer Garret H (Elizabeth) (G W Alashmeyer Sl Co), res 

204 s Seventh. 
Mashmeyer George W (Amelia) (G W Mashmeyer & (Jo), res 109 

8 Fourth. 
Mashmeyer John II, elk George W JMashmeyer ct Co, res 201 s 

Mashmeyer Oscar E, cabinet maker, res 204 s Seventh. 
Mashmeyer G W & Co ((leoige W Mashmeyer, Garret H Mash- 
meyer), dry goods and notions, s w cor lOighth and i\lain. 
Masker Benjamin (Lizzie), lab, res 731) s Sixth. 
Masker Fraidv, wks J M Hutton & Co, res 730 s Sixth. 
Masker Henry, wks Gaar, Scott iS: (.o, res 731) s Sixth. 
Masker Mary, domestic 29 s Twelfth. 
Masker IMiss Mary A, res 739 s Sixtli. 
Mason Mrs Agnes (wid William), res 15 n Tenth. 
Mason (:ieorge \) (C'ora), molder Wayne Agrl (/o, res 22 s Tjiird. 
Mason Henry, molder Hoosier Drill Co, bda 402 n Twellth. 
JVIasou John H, saw filing, 8 s Third, res same. 
Mason Miss Mamie, wks Wii^gins & (X>, res 412 n A. 

tJCrir»G flrtn/^c Cliaira and Settees, SuiiiniorHovisea, ) W. T. BARBEE, 
YY 11 U WTUUUk). Screens, and all kinds ot Wire Cloth, ( iron ANoWK^d W0Ki\S, 


3 patent unlaundered Shirt, "the boss." ""-^ 'S'i^ 


Mason Miss iNLjittie, (cul), bds 329 s Eleventh. 

Mason Thomas, cabinetmaker, res 22 s Eleventh. 

iMatchett An^nista E, (wid C G), res 318 n Fifteenth. 

Matchett Dell S, elk ft dept St L & P Uy, res 318 n Fifteenth. 

Mather Bros, (David As Jlenry), coal, wood, lime, cement, 
plaster, bewer ])ipe, vtc, 200 1^'t AV^ayne ave, tel 49. 

Mather David L (Emma E), (^ratller Hros), res 820 n F. 

Mather Henry (dennie (J), (Afather Hi'os), I'es 311 n Eleventh. 

Mathers Joseph (Ann), lab, res 1038 n J. 

Mathers l^hineas It, farmer, bds 327 n Eighth. 

Mathews iVliss Ellen E, res 500 n A. ' . • ■ 

Mathews J\liss iMary G, res 500 n A. 

Alatson John, machinist heljKir (J St L & F sho])S. 

iMatt Frederick (Kate), hdj, res 715 s JSMnth. 

Matthews Edward U (liachel M), coal and wood yai-d, cor n F and 
Fifteenth, tel 10, res 215 n Sixteenth. 

Matthews Miss Esther, res 215 n Sixteenth. 

Matthews Loii N, nuichinist U City Mill Works, res 24 n Four- 

Matthews Miss Mary E, res 215 n Sixteenth. 

Matthews William W (Lydia K), res 2-1: n Fourteenth. 

Matthews, Winder & C'0,(ylai'k Hunt pres, cJose]jh T Ives secy 
and treas, ml'rs linseed oil and meal, cor Eleventh and n G. 

Mattis IJenjamin, millwright R Fajjer Mill, res Sevastopol. 

Mattis Mrs Sai'ah, I'es Sevastoi)ol. 

Mattis Octavius (Flanche), tanner Fickle & Dougan, res Sevasto- 

Maule Isaac P (India), plasterei", res 37 s Seventh. 

Maiizj Mary It (wid James L), res 1010 Main. 

Mai'tz John (lunitha), boiler makei" Gaar, Scott & Co, res 810 n I. 

.Mawhood J I) (Mary E), trav agt R (h'tyMill AVks, bds Fryson 

Maxwell Joseph S (Sarah), wks llaynes, Si)encer ct Co, res 127 
s Tenth. 

Maxwell Robert M, elk Adam 11 l>a,rtel & Co, res W liiclimond. 

May August (Augusta), molder (Jaar, Scott iVr. (^o, res 82«) n 

May John b\ iile cutter, 3n n Seventh, bds 321 n Kighth. 

Mayer, see also Maier, Meier, Meyer aud Myer. 

Mayer August II (Mary), blacksmith, res II;; s Ninth. 
Mayer Henry, wks lloosier Drill (!o, res 413 s Ninth. 
Mayer Miss Mary, res 413) s Ninth. 

HoUand's (iold Pens and Poncila nf "KTi aT-» a1 n^r^ P T5v^/^ 720 Main 
Pocket Books and Uiird Cases (11 IN ICIlOibOIi O* JjIO. blreot. 

SEWER PIPE Mather Bros. Richmond, Ind. 


Miiyer IMiss jMai'y A, res 30 s Fifth. 

Ahiyer riuil (Caroline), stiloon 30 s Fifth, res 32 s Fifth. 

Mayerstein Albert A, printer M CuHaton it Ou, bds Arling- 
ton House. 

Majlievv Lorenzo A (Lizzie), car])enter lloosier Di'ill Co. • 

i\Leagan Mary (wid James), ivs 541) n Twelfth. 

J\Iea_i»'an Jennie, waiter Fnglish Kitchen Uestaurant, res same. 

JMedearis IMiss Allie, res 45 s Tweltth, 

jNledearis Chas W, elk L M Jones A: Co, res 45 s Twelfth. 

Medearis l^'letcher, jeweler E I^ Hirst, res 45 s Twelfth, 

j\Jedearis Jelferson, hai'ness maker C A Keys, res 45 s Twelfth. 

JMedearis O B (Ilennie), elk J 1> Gausepohl, res 21 s Seveiith. 

Medearis Oscar It, wks Moore ik II ad ley, res 45 s Twelfth. 

Medearis AVilliam J (Martha M), harness maker, i-es 45 s Twelfth. 

Meek Jessie (Sarah i^), res UK) s Fifth. 

Meek Owen, Ixis i^hillips House. 

Meerhotf Miss Carrie, res 119 s Tenth. 

Meerholf Charles E, elk Nicholson & Bro, res 119 s Tenth. 

JVIeerholf George, wks 11 II Meerholf, res 119 s Tenth. 

JNLeerhoir Henry U, elk W H lioss, bds 119 s Tenth. 

Meerhoflf Herman H (Eliza), plumber, gas and steam fitter 9 s 
Ninth, res 119 s Tenth, tel 174. 

Meerholf John H (Eliza), wks H H Meerholf, res 42G s Eighth. 

Meggenbold Benjamin, wdvs Quaker City Chair Co, res 323 s 

Meggenbold Mary E (wid r)enjamin), res 323 s Twelfth. 

JNLehin William, gas and steam litter James F Grillin. 

Meier Mary Iv, domestic 30 s Tenth. 

]\[elle Frank H (Elizabeth), foreman Evans, Ferguson & Reeves, 
res 1140 n J. 

Mellc Henry, carrier Ilichmond Daily Independent, res 400 s 

Melle John H (Mary), foreman Ahitthews, Winder & Co, res O'M 
s (Sixth. 

Melle Julius, shoemaker Ben Maag, bds 400 s Fifth. 

JVIelle Louis, molder Gaar, Scott ife (>o, res 400 s Fiftli. 

Melle JNlary (wid Bernard H), res 400 s Fifth. 

Melle K, grinder Hoobier Diiil C 


Melia John, wks AVater Works, bds 13IG n E. 
Mendell Charles I) (Uosa), ])ainter, res 231 n Si.xteenth. 
Mendenliall Amanda (wicl Charles), domestic 412 n Twentieth. 
Mendenhall Albert G (Mrs K), trav agt, res 227 s Thirteenth. 

TTTTn-Mrt n^fsA r. Window Guardb, Wire Sig-na, Storo j W. T. BARHEE 

YV irS UuULlo. Fixtures, Flowwr SUinda, Floral Uoalarna. J Iron and Wire Worki 




Mondenhiill Anna M, ros 228 s Ninth. 
j\[L"iulcnliall ('hini E (wicl l.indley I J), res over 1112 Main. 
Meiulenhall h'.dwin, elk James J tloiiian, res 110 s Eighth. 
JNTenihuihall Miss l^^lizabeth A, res IKS s Tliirteentli. 

Mendenhall Frederick B (McGrew cSi Alenclenliall), res 312 n 

Mondenliall (ieorge A (Uaeliel L), elk J J Harrington, res 227 s 

'thirteen til. 
Mondenliall llarr}^ 11, trav agt, res ;>M: n J^^ighth. 
]\Iendenhall Joseph C (Jennie A), res 2;:>l s Thirteenth. 
Mendenhall Miss Eillian 11, elk Mrs N J Mendenhall, res 314 n 


Mendenhall Mrs Mai-y 11, nmsie teaclier, res bi21 n A. 

Mendenhall Naoniia J (wid Jvirk), millinery and notions, 312 ii 
Eighth, res 314 n Eighth. 

Mendenhall P, mach hand J J Unssell, 

Mendenhall Miss Sarah E, res 821 n A. - 

JMendenhall Miss Sarah J, res 118 s Tliirteentli. v 

Mendenhall Miss Sarah T (wid l)r J II), res S21 n A. 

Mendenhall William, res 118 s Seventh. 
[ ]\lendenluill W O'N (Lydia J), physician and snrgeon, 11(1 s 

i Eighth, res same. 

I Menke Miss Carrie, res \S Ft Wayne ave. 

[ Menke Cliristo])her (l)ena), lab, res 331 s Third. 

I Menke Edward II (Mary E), shoemaker, res 18 Ft Wayne ave. 

I ]\Ienke Edward 11, wks ilaynes, Speneei- c^ Co,. ]-es 532 s 

; Seventh. . . . 

I Menke Mrs Eliza (wid Henry), res 532 s Seventh. 

j Menke Emma, domestic 101) n Tenth. 

j Menke Frank J 11^ wks John Si)erling, res 381 s 1). 

j Menke Ceorge 11, wks Ilaynes, Spencer <S6 (Jo, res 53)2 s Seventh. 

: Menke Henry (Maggie), wks J M llntton c^ ('o, i-es 127 s Fom-th. 

I Menke fJohn F, (Eliza), shoemaker, res 3)0 n Third. 

I Menke John ii (Mary), |)ainter, res 718 s Sixth. 

I Menke Ijizzie, domestic 208 s Tenth. ■ 

JVfenke William, res 18 Ft Wayne ave. 

Menker Frederick, lab, l)ds 441) s Seventh. 
I Mentcer l)a\ id (Itebecca «J), res Eailham i*lace. 

Mentendick Mary (wid Henry), res 704 s ThirtcMMitli. 
; Mercer Ado J (Maggie), machinist (laar, Scott c^('0, res 805 n H. 

i J\leredith Elizabeth^wid Finley), res -lo2 n 1). 

Meredith J Frank, elk CJeo ii knollenbeig-. bds 1320 Main. 

WEDDING, BIRTHDAY AND Mir»lT/^l arM-i Jir "R-no No. VliO T 
HOLIDAY (UKTS AT IN lOllOibUIl 06 J3I U. fotreot 


All kinds of Building; Material at Mather Bros. 


JNIereditli Jeniiio (wid Samuel B), boarding lioiuse, 2'27 n Ninth. 

iMeredith Miss J\Iary L, res 4(>2 n D. 

]\Lereditli Samuel, wks M C Henley, bds 102 n Fourteenth. 

NFeredith Samuel A[, chair maker, res 402 n J). 

Mei-edith Solomon E, jockey, res 227 n Ninth. 

IMeredith William E, wks (Jaar, Scott A: (jo, Ixls {>.'] n Seventh. \ 

Merkle P (I* Merkle ^ Co), res Columbus Ohio. 

Merkle P & Co (P I\Ierkle), dinin<^' rooms and restaurant, Union 

Merriman Eli, scliool teacher, bds 8 Hi n E. 
Mesker Joseph (Amelia), wks llajnes, Spencer & Co, res 1010 s 

Alessman llenr}' (Josephine), res 34 AVashington av^e. 
Mtitz Adam (L)ena), cigarnud^er A Drit'meyer, res 335 s Eightli, 
Metz Conrad (Jennie), wks Claar, Sc(jtt A: C\>, res 5()(i n Filth. . 
Metz Henry, tailor J 11 llatlield. 
Metz Micliael, tjiilor J II liallield, res 50(1 n Fifth. 

Meyer, see also Meyers, Maier, Meier, Mayer and Myer. 

Meyer August il (Mary), blacksmith, (J 14 s E, res 443 s Ninth. 

Meyer Adolph W (Lena), Itu^hmond Car|)et Co, 727 J^Fain, res 
415 s Eleventh. 

Meyer Miss Clara, wks Nicholson & liro's biiulery, res 2010 e 

Meyer David, bds 230 s Seventh. 

Meyer Edward, elk J W Knollenberg, res 421) s Seventh. 

Meyer Mrs Elizabeth (wid Henry), res 421 s Seventh. 

Meyer Miss Ella, wks Nicholson & IJro, res 2010 Main. 

Meyer ]\[iss Fannie, res s e cor Eleventh and s E. 

JMeyer Frank (Minnie), cigarmaker, res 429 s Seventh. 

Meyer Frank LI, elk Creamer vfe (Jlemance, res 524 s Ninth. 

Meyer Frank J (LEary A), grocer, 73)7 s Fifth, res same. 

Meyer Mrs Gertrude (wid Charles), rt^s 314 s Tenth. 

Meyer Gustave W (Eouisa), foreman Nicholson cK: Bro's bind- 
ery, res 2010 Main. 

Meyer Harmon, trav agt Ilay A:, llai'vey, res s e cor Eleventh 
and s E. 

Meyer Henry (Matilda), nudder Caar, Scott ^ Co, res 327 s 
Tenth. ' 

Meyer Henry (Nora), wks Hoosier Di-ill Co, res 815 n {'four- 

Meyer Herman, lab, bds 42 s Third. 

Meyer John O, wks E Smith ^l^; Co. 



Bottom Prices on all Domestics, •>• «• H^^^i°§,?^J^ son 


Meyer John 1*, ci<;';innaker, res 524 ri Ninth. . 

jMeyer ]\ate (wid . I ohn), domestic 411) s Fourth. 

]\K'vei- l.eah (wid Ferdinand), les s e cor FJleventh and s E. . - 

Mc3'(.'r Leslie, student, ivs s e cor Eleventh an<l s 41 

l\[eyer ]\liss Lizzie, elk (4 \V Mahhineyer, re^: 73(1 s Sixth. 

Afeyer ]\fiss Lizzie Ji, res 524 s Nintli. 

]\Ieyer JA)uis, wks Kay & ILirvey, res 20 s First. 

]\Ieyer Louis F (Afary M), collar maker, res 520 s Ninth. 

J\Ieyer Miss J\Jinnie, di-essmaker, les 421> s Seventh. 

JMeyer So[>hia (wid liennett), I'es oil s Seventh. 

^leyer Sophia (wid John), res 20 s b'irst. 

Meyer A AV c'v: Co (A W Meyer), projM's Richmond Cari)et Co, 

727 ]\rain. 
Meyer Adolph W (Lena) (Llichmond Car])et Co), res 415 s 


Meyers, see also Maier, Mayer, Meir, Meyer and Myers. 

Meyers JJenjaniin (Sarah Iv), car|)enter, res 204 s 'lenth. 

Meyei'S Chai'les I^' (Annie), blacksmith, res \M4 sl'enth. 

Meyers JMiss 4]lla L, wks 1> Arnold, res 204 s lYnth. 

JMeyers Ellen (wid John 11), res 7l]() s Sixth. 

]\leyers Herman, trav iiii;t Uay & Harvey, 

Meyej'S H W, tanner, hds Commei-cial J louse. .■ 

]\reyers (r S, wks 4] Smith c'v^ Co. 

]\reyers James (Ida), wks Oaar, Scott 6l Co, res Sevastopol. 

]\leyers James U, baker J It Jlayes, res 204 s IVnth. 

IVLeyers Joseph, elk O Jtentzsch. 

Meyers Miss Lizzie, res 73() s Sixth 

]\Ieyers Louis, moKhir Caar, Scott c^ Co, I'es ;j21 n A. 

Meyei-s Louis, ])orter Lay ^^ Haivey. 

]\[eyers Louis F, wk-- Wi^-^-ins & Co, res 524 s Ninth. 

AFeyers J\lary, domestic o(l s 4\nirteenth. 

TVLiyei's ^Villiam, wks Wi;:;ij;ins & Son. 

Michigan Lumber Yard, Chas S Farnham ])roi), s w cor 

4V'nth and n K. 

]\liddlelon Joscjjh T, ^-unsmith, res 120 s Thirteenth. 

Middleton Wm H (Susanna T), (\Vm H Middleton iSc Co), res 
120 s 4'hirtecnth. 

Middleton Wm H & Co, (Wm 11 Middletou. Silas F> Wil- 
liamson, llezekiah W Talhelm, August Lamp), idanin«»: 
mill and ml"*;- of doors, sash, blinds and mouldings, 1()2 
and 1()4 Ft AVayne ave, tel (>. - 

Miggenburg, see Mueggenbury. 

The Latest popular Books iuTS al 


720 Main blroui. 

Teleplioiie lo MATHER BROS' for OOA.L 



IMikcsell ]\Iiss Jennie, wks M Culhiton Sl Cu, res cor Fourth and 

Milleson Royal 11 (Florence F), printer M Cnllaton & Co, res 
121 s Ninth. 

Miller, see also Mueller. 

]\[iller , elk, bds 25 n Ninth. 

Miller Alfred 11 (Maoo-Ie F), wks M C Henley, res 545 n Thir- 

Aliller An^nst, wks Fn<^ene Morel, res 425 s Seventh. 

iMiller Au^^ust A, res 425 s Seventh. 

]Miller F, messenger Adams Fxpress Co. 

Miller Charles Y (Lou M), wks Gaar, Scott & Co, res 207 n Six- 

IMiller Miss Clara, milliner ]\l A Kielhorn. 

Miller Daniel W, painter Iloosier Drill Co, res 405 n A. 

Miller David A (Rebecca W), asst engineer No 1 engine liouse, 
res 402 n FightJi. 

Miller Deny (wid Wm), res 210 s Twelfth. 

Miller Drncilla, (col). (wid John),[schooi teacher, res 105 s Sixth. 

Miller F, wks M C Henley. 

JMiller Miss Emma, res 417 s Ninth. 

Miller Fredk A (Mary), street contractor, res 51() s Seventh. 

Miller Fredk A, wks Champion Holler Mills, res 813 s Sixth. 

Miller Fi-edk (Mary), wks llaynes. S|)encer Sl Co, res 33 (J s 

Miller Fredk jr, wks llaynes, Spencer & Co, res 33(3 s Tenth. 

JMiller Geo S, wks F Smith & Co. 

Miller Geo AV (Anna), (Rogue e^ Miller), res 24 s Tentli. 

Miller Miss Grace F, res 122 n Fifteenth. 

Miller Harry I^ (May), asst civil engineer C St L & F Ky, res 33 
n Fiftli. 

IMiller IMrs H W, millinei-y, 31) n Fighth, res same. 

IMiller Mrs Hannah (wid Florance), res 425 s Seventh. 

Miller Henry (Louisa), teamster, i"es 227 s Sixth. 

JMiller Henry (Lizzie x\) wks Chase l^iano Co, res 443 s Fourth. 

Miller Henry (Maggie) ])ottery 1017 n H, res 1023 n 11. 

Miller Henry (Flizaheth), lal), res 235 s Sixth. 

Miller Henry J (Reriuuline), wks Cham])ion Roller Mills, i-es 313 
s Sixth. 

Miller Henry J (Lena ]M), molder, res 323 s Fourteenth. 

Miller Henry M C (Mary), res 1020 n 11. 

Iron Shutters, Balconies, Qratlnfrs 
Bank Work, Area RaUin 
Fittlnj^d, Ornam'tl Root 

\^^& i W. T, BARBEE Iron and Wire Works. 

Carpets and Dry Goods =^' T^^" D, B. CRAWFORD & SON 


Miller Henry P, wks OluimjMon Uuller ]\Iills, res 313 s Sixth. 

]\Iiller iMiss'Kbi M, res \2'2 n Firteenth. 

Miller Jack, luickman, picnic ])arties a S])eci:ilty, I liave a tent 

lii X 20 I'or rent, leave orders at 435 s Tenth, res same. 
Miller Jacob (Emily O), res 120 s Eleventh. 
]\liller Jacob, lab, bds 618 s Ei<^hth. 
Miller James M (Mary), lab, res S30 s Ninth. 
]\liller Jane (wid Baltzer), res 40, j n A. 
JMiller Jerry J\I (Lonie, M), ])ainter lluosier Drill Co, res 414 n 

Miller John (Lizzie), wks Gaar, Scott & Co, res 1020 n II. 
Miller .lohn, wks Ilaynes, Spencer Sl Co, bds 110 s Eighth. 
Miller John, parcel express, l)ds 117 s Seventh, 
]\liller John E, tinishei- (Jeo II Orant, IIemi)leman & Co, bds s 

Miller John F (Almira G), snpt eastern division St L & V 

liy, pro]>r street railway and omiidjus lines, and (jHen Alil- 

ler, res 122 n Fifteenth, tel res 24, otUce 01. 
]\riller John Z (Elizabeth W), wood workman P Schneider, res 

1414 s B. 
Miller John T, wks John Yahn, res 405 n A. 
Miller J\liss Kate, res 235 s Sixth. 

]\liller Lawrance, wks lloosier Drill (vo, res 318 n Fonrth. 
Miller Miss Lydia A, res 405 n A. 
Miller i\Iiss Mary, I'os 21)5 s Sixth. 
i\[iller Mary A, dressmaker l\Irs l\lcCoy, res 1511) n A. 
Miller Mathias, shoemaker, res 2;)5 s Sixth. 
]\liller j\[iss Nellie, res 517 n 1). 
Miller JMiss Nettie, res Sevastopol. 
Miller Noah B (Mary A), bridge carp C St L & V Fty, res 123 

n Sixth. 
Miller Miss Sadie E, res 405 n A. . 

Miller Thos 15 (Lizzie), saloon, 418 Alain, res 214 n Seventeenth. 
j\riller AVm A, gas titter, bds Commercial House. 
Aliller AVm F (Kate AI), molder, res 512 s Seventh. 
Alilligan IVliss Annie, domestic 39 n Tenth. 
Alilliken Jose])h II (Mary F.), foreman set up dept Ifoosirr Drill 

Cvo, res 130 s 4]le\enth. 
Mills Joseph J, ]>res Eiirlham College, res W Richmond. 
Alilton Henry, (col), (Louisa), lab, res 242 s Fourth. 
Alilton Jesse, wks Nathan Doan. ' ' 

Alilton AVm, (col), wks and bds 122 n Fifteenth. 

TheLargestLme of JUVENILE BOOKS n\ ■MinUnTCtnM 9, RDfl ^liO Main 
A FuH Uno of 5SOUAP BOOKS (11 lUUflUhklUn & DuU. Stroet 

All kinds of Building Material at Mather Bros. 


Minck Emil, sr (Margaret), Main St Hi'owery, I'c.s 111 Main. 

J\linek Kinil, jr, wks E IMinck, rcri 1 11 T^Fain. 

IMinck Louis (Allie), wks E Minck, res 2S s Second. 

^^inck AVni 11, wks E Minck, res 111 Main. 

l\Iinderniann ^Irs Lizzie (wid (-lirist()])lier), res 013 s (J. 

Minner Andrew, bnlclier, bds 708 s Filth. 

Minner Frank (Mai»-o-ie), collar maker, res 328 s Fil'tli. 

IMinner Jacob, butclier, res 70S s Fil'tli. 

Minner Jacob (Anna), butcher, res 512 s Seventh. 

Minner John, wks Wiggins ef (Jo, res 512 s Se\entli. 

Minner Joseph, boiler maker, res 004 s E. 

]\Linner Jose])]i, wks L Smithmeyer, bds 004 s E. . 

Minner Miss Mary, tailoress, res 004 s E. 

Minner Silas (l^>arbara), tallow renderer, 004 s E, res same. 

Minnick Geo (Mary E), kd), res 838 s Ninth. 

Mithell Adolphns O (Mai'y), sliip and bill elk lloosier Drill Co, 

res 300 n F'ifteenth. 
Mitchell Albert, wks Gaar, Scott c<: Co, res 1)10 n Eleventh. 
MitcJjell Albert II (Maggie S), asst supt lloosier Drill Co, res 

219 n Thirteenth. 
Mitchell Miss Ann, res 120 n Seventh. 
Mitchell Chas, elk John ^IcCarthy, res Sevastopol. 
Mitchell Chas, teamster, rtss Se\'astopol. 
Mitchell Daniel R (Matie), wks ILiynes, Spencer c^ Co, res 019 n 

Mitchell Ella, domestic 404 n Fifteenth. 

Mitchell Elmer, machinist Caar, Scott c^: Co, res 910 n r^leventh. 
Mitchell Erank, res Se\'astopv>k 

Mitchell Henry F, wks lloosier Drill (!o. res 119 n Fifteenth. 
IMitchell John'L (Ella), cooper sho]), 411 n Third, res 418 n D. 
Mitchell Lucy (wid Harry), res 121 s Tenth. 
Mitchell Mark (Laura), blacksmith Gaar, Scott <Sc Co, res 910 n 

Mitchell Miss IVFaiy, res 1210 Main. 
Mitchell Miss l\Liry, res Sevastopol. 
Mitchell Miss IMinnie A, res 300 n FiftecMith. 
Mitcliell Oliver E (M A), U S letter carrier 2d Dist, res 123 s 

Mitchell Patrick M (Mary), drayman 1 K Howard Sl (\>, res 

Mitchell Thomas C, elk D L (h-awl'ord .*(: Son, res 1208 ALun. 
Mitcliell Ursula E, res 119 n Fifteenth. 


YARNS, all colors and qualities, ^fs^SS^^i^rfer' 


IVlitdidl \Vm M (Siirali), wks lloobior Drill Clo, res 119 n F'li- 

]\[o(lllii Jt»sc])li (Mui'y I) painter lluosier Drill Co, res 200 ii 

]\[oelk lleni'v, wks llaynes, Speneer ik (Jo, res 725 s II. 
Moelk llei-iiiaii J (Mary), wks ,) M llv.ittoii Sl do, i-es e Tweiity- 

lirst, 10 s Main. 
Moelk Will (Louisa), lab, res 725 s 11. 
Moelk Will J, wks (Jaar, fScott ,^ (Jo, res 725 s II. 
Moelleriiio- Fix^d J (Mary), lah, res 422 s Seventh. 
Moffitt William (Louisa), tieket receiver (J St L tt P Ry, and 

r Sl St L Ry, Union Depot, res 107 n Fil'te'enth. 
i\Ioffitt Abijah (Lyc'lia R), ros W Riehnioiui. 
Mollitt Aliss Annie F, res \V^ Richinond. 
Mollitt Miss Jennie V, res \V UichinoiKl. 
]\loliitt John E, res AV^ Richnioiid. 
Moliit Margaret (w'id John), res (> 1 s L'il'teenth. 
Mogle (Joliiinbus, car))enter, bds 1 KJ s Eighth. 
Molilow Sophia (wid Frederick), res 055 s J. 

Monroe , bds (iraiid Uotel. 

Montnieinn Henry 11 (Ellen M ), stone de[>tint R CJity Mill AV^ks, 

res 005 s Eighth. 
Moody Thomas (Fannie), wks ( Jaar, K^cott & (Jo, i-es 123 ii Seventh. 
AFoon Miss Llanche D, (rpr (J LI Tel FJx, les 21() n F\nii-teentli. 
Moon Hiram E (Anna E) (Moon ct llaynes), res 700 n Thir- 
Moon Miss Maggie, res 700 n Thii-t(;enth. 
Moon & Kaynes (11 E Moon, 11 O llaynes), mtg map and, 

eiiart cases, s w cor l^lkn'enth and n E. tel 1)(). 
IMooiK^y llenlea- (wid), res 3 1 I s l^^le\e!ith. 

Mooney /lames, ]M-inter The Independent, nis l>14 s Fleventh. 
iAfooney Miss Maggie, school leaclier, res 314 s Eleventh. 
Moore'Aaron II (Fllen), trav agt Wayne Agrl Co, res 113J) 

Moore Albert R, wks lloosier Di-ill (Jo, bds 110 n Eighth. 
l\loore Alfred (col) (Lucy), lab, res 442 s Sixth. 
Moore Anna, wks Nicholson iSc l»ro, bindery, res 410 n D. 
JvloOre IJelle, domestic 11 1 n 1^'il'th. 
Moori! ('amiu (Susan li), painter, res oU n Fil'teenth. 
Moore Charles H (Lama F), pr(»p Main St (\)al yard, dt>aler in 

coal, coke, wood, lime, cement and sew(>r pij)i', 1022, 1(»2L 

1020 and 1028 Main, tel 10, res 24 s Twelfth. 

All kinds of BLANK BOOKS Nicholson j^bro. 

Fire Brick and Clay -^■' - MATHER BROS. 


Moore Charles H, M D, (Elizabeth A), oculist and aurist, 28 

11 Tenth, ]'es same. 
Moore Miss Clara J, dressnniker, res 31 i n Fifteenth. 
]\loore ]\Iiss ])el)orah A, res 47 s Sixteenth. 
Moore Edward W (Ida AL), wks Gaar, Scott & Co, res 822 n G. 
JMoore iMiss Emeline, res 111 n Seventh. 
J\[oore Frank A (Laura D), res Sevastopol. 
]\loore FraidvHn, bkpr J AV Moore, res 80 s Twelfth. 
Moore George II (Adaline), wks It City Mill AVks, res 509 n 

Moore Henry A, elk Iloosier Drill Co, res 33 n Twelfth. 
Moure Ira (i\Iary), res 47 s Sixteenth. 

]\Iooj'e Jacob (Jane E), carpenter, i-es 710 n Thirteenth. f 

Moore James AV (Louisa J), (Quaker City Chair Co), res 33 n f 

Twelfth, tel 18. ^ 

Moore Mrs Jane E, bonnetmaker 710 n Thirteenth, res same. 
JSIoore John, teamster, bds Sevastopol. 
J\[oore John (Lizzie), carpenter, res 307 n Eighteenth. 
Moore John, jr, }>ainter, j-es 41J) n D. 
Moore John, sr, (Mary), shoemaker, res 419 n D. 
Moore John C, (col), (JS^mnie), tinner V'^anUxem & Co, res 312 s 

Moore John F (Sarah T), boot and shoe manfr, 713 JMain, res 125 

s Twelfth. 
Moore John G (Hannah), harness maker AViggins & Co, res 39 s 

Moore Joseph (Mary T), res Earlham Place, 
^[oore Joseph F], student, res Earlham Place. 
Moore Joseph W (Piiscilla i\l), dealer in wood, coal, lime and 

cement, SI Ft W^ayne ave, res 3() s Twelfth, tel 18. 
Moore L, res 307 n Eighteenth. 
Moore Lillie (col) (vvid George), res 140() n F\ 
ALoore Mahlon AV, physician, 318 n Nineteenth, res same. 
jAIoore Mark, res 419 n I). 
Moore ]\[iss Mary, res 419 n I). 
]\[oore Nellie (vvid James), bds 121 s Tenth. 

Moore Otto AV, brakeman C St L cV P Ky, res 314 n Fifteonth. 
]\loore Oscar (col), ])ainter H C Larsh. 
Moore Kichard L (Emma M), mulder Wayne Agrl Co, res 218 n 

Moore AValter H, chair maker, res 314 n Fifteenth. 
Moormaiin Andrew F (Ella), elk J II Moormann, res 200 8 Tenth. 

^TtriY^fi r*r\r\Ao Chairs and Setteoa. Summer Housoa.i W. T. BARBEE, 

YY li U WTUOLlb. Screens, uud ah kinds of Wire Cloth, i ihon and wmt wohks. 


Dress Goods, Black I Fancy Silks, •*- ^5^^'a^'.°i??,.e^c^°" 


' Moorinaiin ]\riss Aniiie S, res over 5^0 Main. 

I ]\Iounnaiin l)cn]aiuiii II (Nettie) (I) II iMuurniann c^ Co), res 11 13 

; Main. 

Moorniann Miss Glara T, elk J J I IMoormainu res over 520 INFain. 

Moorniaiin James 11, elk J 11 Nroornian, res over 520 JMain. 

Mooi'inaiin Joel II, cai-pentcr, Ixls 153 n Seventh. 
i Moorniann John 11 (Kaehel M), books and stationery, 522 Main, 

j tel 209, res over 520 INiain. 

Moorman John ll(ltiiehel M), grocer, 520 Main, res same. 

Moorman Joseph, sample, billiard and pool room, VJh n Eio-hth, 
; bds Phillips House. 

i Moerman Miss Peniia, matron Orphans Home, res West 

i Kichmond. 

I Moorman Miss Sarah, sujjt curriers Tost ( )ltice, res 200 s Tenth 

Moorman AVilliam 8 (Uetta), elk L* Lichtenl'els & Co, res 205 s 

Moorman lUI & Co, (B II Moorman,,! 11 Philbrooks), Grand 
' Hotel Par and I)illiard Parlors, CJrand Hotel. 

Moran Anna, domestic 120 n Tenth, 
k JMoran Mary, domestic 217 n Tenth. 

: N JMorehead Albert H (Alary S), bkpr J W Criibbs Sl Co, res 217 
I n Tenth. 

Morehead Thomas, (eol), (Anna), barber James Weaver, res n w 
I cor Fourteenth and n (i. 

j Morel Edward (Josephine), saloon, 405 Main, res same. 

I Morel Eugene (Louisa), dealer in wood, coal, coke, lime, cement, 

i etc, and a^t for The John llauck P>rewin<i; ('o's (Jelel)rated 

i Cincinnati Lag-er iJeei', ,sce (/do, 112 s Ele\enth, tel 171, res 

I 17 s Fourth. 

; Moreland Milton (Anna), tanner Wiij^gins tSi Co, res 208 n Fifth. 

Morgan Penjaniin F (Annie W), school teacher, res 05 n Vl 
\Vayne ave. 

Morgan ('harles, wks Zeller it Co, 
I Morgan Charles W (Ida M), trav agt I U Howard & Co, res 10 

' n Tenth. 

■ Morgan Francis M, brick mohler, rooms over 10 s Sixth. 

Morgan Frank T, (T F Morgan ^t. Son), i-es II n Twelfth. 

Morgan George \V (Ludie I>), elk N Morgan, res lil n l^'il'lh. 
Morgan John ('(Mary), res Sevastopol. 

Morgan John J, ])astor ('hristian ('hurch. 

]\1 organ Nathan (Frances 1), res 21 n ImHIi. ^ 

]\Iorgan Samuel Iv (Ella), res Sevastopol 

720 Mnln 

Nicholson & Bro. <^^^iT^r Office fiupplies, ^^,^1 

SEWER PIPE MatheViros. Richmond, Ind. 


Mui'iJ^:in Nutlian jr, meat market, ISI) Kt Waviie avo, i-es 24 ii 

Morgan Thomas F (Eli/a) (V V Mor^-an iS^ Son), res 14 n 

Moro-jin W^asliin^'toii, plumhor T F ]\ror^aii iSz iSnm, res II n 
Twelfth. ' ^ ' . 

Morgan William B, ]n\>i' mathematies l^]arlhani C(>lleii;e, res 
\V Uiehiiiond. 

Aroro-aii William F (Eva S), meat iriarket, Ui):\ Main, res GOD s 

Morgan T F & Son (Tiiomas V and Frank T), {)lu miners aiul 
o-as iitters, \S n iS'intii. 

Aroru-enroth Herman II (Flizabeth), res S'>l) s Sixth. 

]\[()riey Miss A^^-nes, IhIs 131 s l<]i<i,hth. 

IMurrey liobei't, elk Van 1) r>ru\vn, I'es 101) s Ninth. 

JNIorris Miss i>elle, res 1^02 s Eighth. 

Morris Elwood (Esther AV 11) (Morris vK: Unnt), res 30 s Four- 

Morris Frank, parcel express, res 202 s Eightli. 

JVlorris Frank, lab, Ixis 328 s Eii^hth. 

Morris Henry A (Carrie), lab, I'es over 400 Main. 

Morris 1 IJen, lawyei', over 2n(l Natl F):ink, bds Arlington 

Morris Jehiel W, bntcher J G Oxer ^^ Son, res 31!) s Twelfth. 

avLorris John W (Jennie), carpenter, I'es 003 n D. 

Moi'ris Lavina (wid Samnel M), res 215 s Ninth. 

Morris J\Iiss Meta A, res U) s 4\vellth. 

Morris Robert R (Anna M), auditors a^-t C St L cV:; P U U, 
Union Depot, res 113r> Main. 

Morris Miss JUith, school teacher, res 215 s Ninth. 

]\lorris Samuel ]> (Isabella), carj^enter, res 202 s Eighth. 

Morris Samuel E, trav a<^t, res 215 s Ninth. 

Morris Wm, del elk W 1*' Uiatt, res IJll) s Twelfth. 

Morris William II (Friscilla), carpenter, res Sevastopol. 

]\lorris c^ Hunt, (El wood JMorris, Joshua U llnnf), books, sta- 
tionery, wall paj)er and art materials, T20 Main. 

Morrison Miss IJelle, res 102 s Second. 

Morrison l\liss lielle, tejicher Normal School, res 221 n k\Mir- 

Morrison Charles, wks lloosiei* Drill Co, bds 411 n Thirteenth. 

Morrison Edwin S (Mar«^-aret VV), pr(»p Noianal Club lh)use, res 
221 11 Fourteenth. 

WlTP Tnnrlc: window Guards, Wlro RI^^uh, Sl,oro j W. T. BAlilUOE 

Fixluroa, Fiowwr tDttiiids, Floral DoHij-vna, | Iron and Wire Wcrka 

Home-made Hose & aocks, Buck & Seal Skin "H "R Pi^n-nri'n-nrl J^ Qr^n 
Driving Gloves, Collars. Ruchea <Si Ties, at ■L'- -'->• trlclWlUlU d OUll 


Monison Eli (Lizzie), I'cs 'Mi) 8 Kuurteeiitli. 

Morrison Jnincs J. (Ljdiu C). res I01> n JN'intli, tei 111. 

JMorrison Joliii 1) (I )(«llio), nioldcr lloDsicr Drill Ou, rcb ii05 n 

J\Iol•l•i^f^,>ll Miss Katie, I't'b '-^21 n l^\jui'teeiitli. ..'. . 

M(>rris(»n Lewi^, (eul), lab, res S:::!? s F. 

Morrison's Library, ^ w eor kSixrh and u \, Jessie P Siddal 
)>i-es, T iN ieliolsoii seey, eluhii ]^'lli(jtt treas, JMi^s Sarali A 
AV]"ii>'ley librarian, Miss Sarali K lV»e jisst. 

]\Iorrisoii jMiss Lydia, res [()'2 s Seeoiid. 

Mori-ison JMiss Louisa Z, teaeher ])ul) school, res 221 u Four- 

AForrisoii JMiss Mai;oie F, les 221 n Fourteenth. 

JMorrisou Williaui, maeliinist lloosiei- Drill Co, bds (11 s Six- 

Morrow Albert T (Alice V), bkpr AV ^V Alexander, i-es 311) n 

Morrow ( 'larencc E, car])enter, res lol4 n II. 

Morrow Elijah (Hannah 11) (E Atorrow & Son), res 333 ii 

Mori'ow John E (Diana E) (E Morrow vt Son), res 2o7 u Four- 

Mori'ow janies W , elk F] JMori'ow iSc Son, res 333 u Seventh. 

Morr«)W Minnie, domestics s Main, 2 w Second. 

Moi-row Mitchell (Sarali M), car[)enter, res 1314 n IL 

Moi'row Sarah J , physician, 14 s JNinth, res sanu^. 

Morrow E c^ Son (Elihu Morrow, John E Morrow), grocers, 175 
Ft \Vayiie ave. 

Morse Lucius, lab-C St L ^S^ L shops. 

Morse Ituth A (wid 1 Ij), marble wks, loT s Seventh, res same. 

Morton Miss Alice (), res 1-1 n Twellth. 

Morton Charles F, res 14 n Twtdfth. 

Morton I'rank T, les 14 n Twellth. 

Morton JMiss Katie W, i-es 14 n Twelfth. 

JMorton Mary, cook C/omnuircial House, bds same. 

Morton Thoinas 1*' (Eliza), rc^s 14 n Twelfth. 

I\lorton James M (col) (Mary J), barber 4' J Morton, rms Tem- 
perance House. 

Morton Mary J (t'ol) (wid (Jeorii-e), res 542 n 44iirteentli. 

Moi'ton Thonuis (col) (i^dorancc;), res 320 n T'oiirth. 

Morton Thomas J (col) (Mary J), barlna- 815 ii E, res 320 n 

i1liMcelluiieoii>4, ISIaiik «!: Soiiool Itoiili^ dl luullUliOUll (X DilU. 

720 Muin 

Telentioiie to MATHER BBOS' for CO^JL- 


Moss IJoniard (I\rary), shoemaker, res m'er 330 s Fifth. 

Mossvlosej'h, (col), waiter Arlington House, bds same. 

]\[ossman Mrs ISarah (wid Alexander), res 3i) s Klevcnth. 

Mote I'elle II (wid Henry D), dressmaker, res 020 a B. 

ATote ('hirence L, wke LA ]\Iote, i-es 333 s I^'ourteenth. 

Mote Elishti J (Ilannali), ])hotoii'ra|)her, 1)17 s A, res same. 

Mote ]\irk L, res 333 s Fourteenth. 

]\Iote Leslie C, res 333 s b'onrteenth. 

Alote Louis A (Anna E), blaeksmith, cari'iaii^e, wagon and repair 

shop, 322 n Seventh, res 15 n Sixteenth. 
Mote Marcus (Uhoda 8), artist and ])orti-ait ]>ainter over 718 

]\rain, res 32 s Fourteenth. 
JNLote i\[iss iVfinnie, res 333 s F(jurteenth. 
Mote On-in S (Mattie J), machinist Dilie & McGuire M% Co", 

res 421 n Thirteenth. 
]\lott Mary, res 321 n Thirteenth. 
Mott Thomas Abbott, lawyer and j)rinc Sevast(jpol [)ublic school, 

bds J Ilatliir. 
Mott AVilliam L (Mary), machinist Gaar, Scott & Co, res 802 

n F. 
Moycr Henry, lab, Iloosier Drill Ct>. 
Muckridge James B (Isabelle), wks JLiynes, Spencer & Co, res 

713 n Fourteenth. 
Mueggenburg Mrs Agnes (wid John II), res 400 s Tenth, 
Mueggenburg Lenjamin, wks (^)uaker City Chair Co, res 323 s 

Mueggenburg Ilenj-y (Mary), wks llaynes, Spencer & Co, res 

over 201 s Sixtii. 
Mueggenburg Mis.s Jennie A, res 300 s Tenth. 
Mueggenburg Jennie, domestic 229 s Fifth. 
Mueggenburg ]\riss Kate ^1, res 400 s Tenth. 
Mueggenburg Miss Lizzie M, res 400 s Tenth. 
Mueggenburg Mary F (wid Lenj), res 323 s Twelfth. 
Mueller, see also Miller. 

JMueller Aliss Augusta, res 132 s Fourth. , 

Mueller Miss Clara, res 132 s Fourth. 
Mueller Miss Lla, res 132 s Fourtli. 
Mueller Mary (wid August), res 132 s Fourth, 
Midd George F (Carrie), collar maker, res 241 s Seventh. 
]\Iulford Benjamin, trav agt Lay i\: Harvey, bds Arlington House. 
Mulford James (Emily M), elk J II Dickman, res 204 n Seventh. 

Iron Shutters, Balconies, Grating's, 
Bank Work, Area Rallin 
Fittings, Ornam'tl Roof 

^i.SSTe i W, T. B&RBEE Iron anil Wire Works. 

; Crestings. ) i.AiAvmt, mu\^HA. 



Mull ]\Iiss Carrie, elk E Arnold, res 24:1 s Seventh. 

Mull (leor^e (Hannah), foreman l>rannon tfe Hawkins, res 241 s 
I Se\enth. 

\ Mullen (yharles, wks Hill:' i>ros, res over 15 s Fifth. 

Mullen Mrs Jennie, res over 15 s I'ifth. 

Mullen Miss Rose, cook Philli})s House, res over 15 s Fifth. 
I JMullen Elizaheth O (wid Frances), res 28 s Fifth. 

) ATuller Inirnard (Ma»^<j;ie J), physician, es Twenty-iirst, 2 s Main, 

j res same. 

; ]\[ullii>an Miss Annie A, res 540 n Fourteenth. 

j Mullii^-an Aniui, domestic oD n Tenth. 

i Mulligan David (Ella), vard master St F & V lly, res 1428 

i n (4. 

! Mulligan J\liss lazzie, dressmaker, res 540 n Fourteenth. 

Mulligan ]\liss Mary B, res 110 s Fifth. 
I Mulligan Miss Sallie, domestic Philli])S lloustj. 

i Mulligan Thonuis (Mary), lab, res 540 u Fourteenth. 

; Mulligan j\linnie, domestic 21) n Ninth. 

^lulligan Miss AFinjiie 1>, res 540 n Fourteenth. 

i\lulrooney Daniel, sr, (Rose), machinist (laar, Scott & Co, res 
413 n D. 

Mulrooney Daniel, jr, res 413 n 1). ' ' 

Mumford'Miss Mattie, res 302 n Tenth. 

Murley Frank, ])ainter lloosier Drill Co, res 33 n Fifteenth. 

j\Iurphoy Francis, machine tender, U Pa])er Mill, res Sevasto})ol. 

Murphy Fi-aidv (Louisa), machinist, res Sevastopol. 

Murj>hy ^liss Jennie, domestic 31 n Eleventh, res 510 n Eigh- 

Murphy Miss Julia', res 510 n Eighteenth. " 

JMurphy Julia, domestic loO n Thii'teenth. 

IMurphy Kate, wks U Paper Mills, res Sevastopol. 

Murphy Kezia (wid John), res 118 n haghth. 

Murphy Robert, cutter \i Paper Mill, res Sevastopol. 

Murphy Thomas, I'cs 510 u Eighteenth. 

Miirray Mi^s Myrtle, wks Wiggins v"(.', Co, res 832 n Tenth. 

Murray Philip AF (Angeline), engineer C St L eV: i* yardb, res 
832 n Tenth. 

Murray Wm, mach hand J J Pusscll, res Cambriilge. 

Murrell Ueuben (Pelle (^), wks C St L & P Uy, res^ 1111 s 1. 

Murrey (Jharles, tui-nkey c^ity jail, I'cs 33 s Second. 

Murray Naiu-y (col) (wid Pliilip), res OOt) s A. 

Murrian Almedo, res Earlham Place. 

WEDDING, BIRTHDAY AND ■KTir^Vir^lc-r-^rt Jir "Ri-r-. Mo- 7i^0 Main 
HOLIDAY (ilFTa AT INlCllOlbOn CL JDI O. auoel. 

All kinds of Building Material at Mather Bros. 


]\[urry A\^illiaiu T, \vks J^riuinon & Hawkins. 

Miisser jNFiss Einniii, res 1;>1S n JI. 

Musser William jr (Laretta), lab, res 1318 n 11. 

Miisser William si-(]\lary J), lab, res 1318 n 11. 

]\[uslar Henry, lab, bds 41:9 s Seventh. 

^[nstai'd Joseph r(Dollie A), lloosier iJroum AVks 320 sEighth, 
res 407 s Eightli. ' " 

i\[ute Louis, lab, bds 241 s Sixth. 

Muth ]\riss Flora, res 20() n Thirteenth. 

Mutli Peter P (Sophia), ci)ntract».)r and builder, res 2()G n Thir- 

Muy Jolin P, wks (Quaker City Chair Co, res b38 s iSinth. 

Muye Elizabeth (wid George), res 114 s x\. 

^luye Wni, lab lloosier Drill Co. 

Myers, see also Maier, Meier, Mayer and Meyer. 

Myers Edgar, carpt^nter, res Sevastopol. 

Myers Emma (wid), music teacher, rms 24 n Fourteenth. 

Myers' Miss Frances G, res Sevasto])ol. 

Myers George S (Elva 11), wks E Smith it Co, res Sevasto[tol. 

Myers Isaac, wks Zeller & (Jo. 

Myers James (Levina), cabinet maker, res Sevasto])ol. 

Myers John O (Ella E), wks E Smith A: Co, res 413 s 

Myers ]\[iss Lizzie, res Sevastoj)ol. 

Myers Thos (Kate), wks Gaar, Scott c"»k: Co, res r>(>2 n Filth. 
]\[yrick IJenj J^, ji', (Sarah M), de])t county auditor, les 3i!(l n 

NFyrick Layton (Ida P) bkpr, res 31 n Thirteenth. .■• 
Myrick Reuben, (Alabama), bkj)i' 1st Natl Hank and sec'y and 

ti'cas Chann»ion Itolier Skate and AVagon Co, res 103 s 

Sixteenth. , , ' 

Naber Henry (EJzzie), wks C St L & V shops, res W Ptichmond. 

Nace James, bds Philli])S House. 

Nardin Chas E (]\Liiy J^), wks Haynes, Spi-nciT vV: Co, I'cs ^M) n 

Nation Esra, foreman Dan Hill, re^ 1111) Main. 
Nation Flora, res 114 Main. 
Nay Herschel F, elk Jo^e|)ll Nay, res 813 n F. 
Nay Joseph (11 yj)olite), Virginia House, 8 U) n J^, res same. 

Neal, see also Neel. 

T7^Ti•M/^ Hmi^An Wiudow Guarda, Wire Siyrns, Store 

VV ire UOOCIS. textures, Flow«r Standa, Floral Deyi^M 


US. 1 Iron Md Wire Works 

Try the Aurora Carpet Sweeper, °- ''fis''Zl?iSef. 



I Neal Aloiizo T, taniiei-, res 120 .s Third. 

; Ncal Miss Dora, di-ossiiiakcr, res 120 s Tliii-d. ' 

Neal 1^ 11 (Uuiiriutta), iiioldcr Wayni! A^rl (Jo, res 71) Ft AVayne 

Neal Edward S (n;»nnalj), dealer in fruits and veo-et:d)les, ISt) 
l''t Wayne ave, res ,")<IS n I<'it'teentli. 
. Neal MissKvaline, w ks J M Ilulton cV: Oo, res 120 s Third. 

» Neal l<'jank I), tannei-, res liiO s Second. 

Neal James, wks Ihaiinun t^ Hawkins, res 272 1^'t Wayne ave. 
j I^eal .Janies, whs ];>rannoii tV Jlawkins, res 20S F't Wayne ave. 

i J^eal Jane (wid Januis), j-es 2()S Ft, W^ayne ave. 

■ >leal Jolm (Anna), res 222 s Fifth. 

i Neal Miss Mattie J, elk 1) i^ (Crawford ,Kl Sou, res 508 n Fif- 

1 teeiith. 

I Neal Miss Nettie, res 120 s Third. 

I Neal Norman F (Jennie ]\l), tanner, J>ickle A: Doiigan, res W 

I Uiehmond. 

j Neal Taylor, wks J G Nehr, res F2<) s Second. 

'■ Neal 'i'h'os L, wks \> F Deal iSc Oo, res 2t;s Vt Wayne ave. 

Neal William (Catharine), foi'cman AViggins iS: Son, res 120 s 
I Second. 

i Neanan 11, machinist II Mai^hine Works, res OlS ii Tenth. 

Neanen ffohn (Sallie), machinist \l Alachine Works, res 018 ii 

Neanan Morris (]\fary), lah, res Sevastoi)ol. 

Neari-y James (Kate), lab, res Sevastopol, 

Neddermeyer (Ihas A, fresco j)ainter, res 814- Main. 

Neddermeyer Albert, wks Wayne Aj^-rl (/o, res IH-l IVFain. 

Neddermeyei- ]\ri's Ifeni'ietta, ]-es lUl Main. 

Neddermeyer Miss F.ottie, I'es l>li Main. 

Neddermeyer IMiss "Minnie, i-es [> 11 !\lain. 

Needham Ivlward F>, ti'a\' salesman, rms 214 n Seventh, bds 
Ai-lin*;-t()n Hotel. 

Neeilham J\liss Fiizabeth, bds s w cor TwcMity-lirst and J\lain. 

Nee<lham Miss JiJla, elk Wm (t Needham, res 22 s Thirteimth. 

Needham J\liss ll^mma, dressmaker, res 12 n Seventh. 

Needham George S, (NeedliMm S: riackson), rms 211 u SeviMith. 

Needham Harry F, wks (] U Tel k:xchanoe, res 22 s Thir- 

Needham Wm F (Flla F), barber (] Schramm, res TOS n F). 

Needham Wm (J (Oha,rlotte F), absti'act of titles, I 1 n Fi-Fth, 
res 22 s Thirteenth. 

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. always of NICHOLSON &. BRO. 

7LM» Main !Stri>ol. 



Needham & Jackson, (Ctco S Neediiam, UicliarJ A Jackson), 
allunieys at law. notaries ])nbllc and collection agents, over 
1st Nat r.ank. 

Neel, see also Neal. 

JMoel ]\Iiss Ettie M, wks Wi^-o-ins c^ Co, res 14 Ft Wayne ave. 

Neekanip Gleni A, tailor \\ Ivreinieicr. bds 227 s Sixth. 

Neel John S (Sarali J), dri\ er II and L wagun, res 14 Ft Wayne 

JMett' Fraid^' J, wks Grant, neni])e]inan & Co, res 411 s Twelfth. 

Neiter Henry, bds e s Twenty-lirst, 7 s Alain. 

Ncivelmer Ella, domestic 33 n Fifth. 

Nelson Miss Cora P, res 321 n Eighth. 

Nelson Edward (Lonisa J), wks Wayne Agrl Co, res C2G n Thir- 
■ teenth. 

Nelson John, blacksmith, res 39 s Sixteenth. 

Nelson John, lab, i-es <)2() n Thirteenth. 

Nelson Sarah (wid G), res 020 n Thirteenth. 

Nelson Wilbur M (Emma 11), ])ainter Wayne Agrl Co, res 33 
s Fifth. 

Nelson William B (Mary J), carj) Wayne Agrl Co, res 837 n 

Nestor i^ridget (wid Thomas), res 73 Ft Wayne ave. 

Nestor Thomas A, wm(m1 turner Iiichmund Chair Co, res 73 Ft 
Wayne ave. 

Newby Albert, res 15 Ft Wayne ave. 

Newby Mrs Esther A, (Plants ct Newby), res 408 IMain. 

Newby L-aac U (Alai-y E), wks Itichmond City Mills, res 510 
s A. 

Newby Miss Lillie C, res 222 s Seventh. 

Newby Samuel (Carrie), pr()])r street sprinkler, res 222 s Seventh. 

Newby Susannah (wid), yes 15 Ft Wayne ave. 

Newcomb Miss Carrie, res 1st toll gate Williamsberg pike. 

Newcomb Charles, wks lloosier Drill Co, I'es 1st toll gate Wil- 
liamsberg ])ike. 

Newcomb Hannah (wid Jacolj) 1st toll gate kee])cr Williamsberg 
pike, res same. 

Newcomb Miss Ida, res 1st toll gate Williamsberg pike. 

Newcomb Louis (Sarah), wks (hiar, Sciott iSz Co, res 231 s Seventh. 

Newlin iulgar S, student, res 30 s Eleventh. 

Newlin b'iidey (Emma A) dept county auditor, res 30 s Eleventh. 

Newlin James, res 27 s Thirteenth. 

Iron Shutters, Balconies, Gratin^rs, 
Bank Work, Area Railings. tSiable 
Fitting-s, Ornam'll Root Crestinj^s 

;fe i W. T, BARBEE li'ou M Wire Woiis, 


Bottom Prices on all Domestics, •>• »• %U^f°^,°,e^ son 


Newiniil Elizabeth (w id V^inceiit (i), res 724 u Tenth. 

Newman INliss Annie, res 2(> s Tentii. 

Newman Miss Annii AT, res 2.5 n Sixteenth. 

Newman Au<j,Mist (Minnie), wks ira3'n(js, 8]>encer & Co, res w s 

Twenty-scconcl, 2 n Main. 
Newman C)has E (bVances), wood turner, Ki n Seventh, res 21 n 

Newman J)avid, wks J M Mutton ife Co, res 28 n Sixth. 
Newman Edii^ar M, wood turner (Quaker City (Jhair (vo, i-es 25 n 

Newman Miss Emma O, school teacher, res 25 n Sixteenth. 
Newman Gustave ((Justie), wks J i\r Mutton & Co, I'es w s 

Twenty-second, I n Main. 
Newman .Fonathan W (Alice), (Newman \Sz IFai'ris), res n Eif- 

Newman Rut'us A (Mai-y S), driver engine No 2 tire de])t, res ()*l 

Et Wayne ave. 
Newman Kutledge, pattern maker IToosier Drill Co, bds 402 n 

Twelfth,, rms 23;*> n Tenth. 
Newman Theodore ('I'anr/cn), ((Quaker City Chair Co), res 25 n 

Newman iV: Harris (Jonathan W Newman, Benjamin F Harris), 

attorneys at law and notaries ])ublic, I'oom -i Vaughans 

Newman Walter 11, wks C E Newman, res 21 n Sixteenth. 
Newman Wm, wks dt!])ot restaurant, res w s Twenty-second, 2 n 

Newman Miss Grace J^, res ii Twelfth. 
Newport Jas 11, artist, res 517 n 1). 

Newton Abiier N (Sarah 11), dentist 40 s Eighth, res same. - 
Newton Eugene M (Mary E), dentist, res (> n Twelfth. 
Niamann Uichard (Louisa), bi'ick ])av('i-, res 1)00 s Twelfth. 
Michol AVm (Jidia), baker Porterlield c^ Co, res <)0S n Kighth. 
Nicholas Eachel, (col), (wid Ualph), res ;U:> s Ninth. 
Nichols Jas W (]\lattie P), res 227 n Third. 
Nichols John 11, (col), baiber W Tate, res Ijl^i 6 Ninth. 
Nicliolson Menry, r(;s 7-11 n Fourtei'iith. 
Nicholson Henry, brick molder, bds Sevastopol. 
Nicholson James M (Sallie A), carpenter, 1005 Main, I'Cs n e cur 

Seventeenth and J. 
Nicholson John H (Kdith 15), (Nidudson <.V IJro), ri's 22!> n 


A BEAUTIFUL HOLIDAY of TsITPR(lT ^OM ^ U"R O 720 Miiin fcJt. 
DISPLAY IN SEASON dl iNlUllUijOUil 01 DtiU. Kichmond. 


Fire Brick and Clay -^'- - MATHER BROS. 


Nicholson Joseph W, (Nicholson <Sl r>ro), res 182 s Nintli. 
Nicholsuii AI iss b^arali, I'cs 74 1 ii FourUienlli. 
Nicholson Thomas 0, (NIcliolson Sl 1>i-o), ros 132 s Nintli. 
Nicholson Timothy (I\[ary W), (Nicholson c^ Ih-o), nis l;i2 s 

Nicholson AVni (i\r;u*y), res 741 n Koni'toontli. 
Nicholson & Bro, (Timothy Nicholson, John II Nicliolson), 

book binders, hlank book Jind ])a{)ei' box ini"^", ll), 11:5 and 14 

s Eighth, tcl 2!). 
Nicholson & Bro, (Timothy Nicholson, J \V Nicholson, T () 

Nicholson), book sellers and stationers, dealers in wall ])a- 

])a|)er, curtains, artist materials etc, 729 Main, tel 29. 
l>;ichter Francis (P]lizabeth J), lab, res 829 s Sixth. 
Niehans Bernard (Annie), boot and shoe makei", 30(1 s Sixth, res 

JMielson Jolin T (Jessie K), blacksmith, res s Seventeenth. 
Nicmeyer Elizabeth (wid Joseph), res 021 s Sixth. 
Niemeyer Miss Lizzie 1\[, res ()21 s Sixth. 
Niermann William II (Fiorina J), teamster, res 719 s Ninth. 
Nieter David (Louisa W), lab, res 228 s Seventh. 
Ts'ieter lleni-y J, res 228 s Seventh. ■ . . 

Nieter ]\Iiss Louisa, res 228 s Seventh. 
Nieter Miss ]\[ary E, res 228 s Seventh, 

Nietemeyer Henry (Mary), ])ainter, res 549 s E. ■ . ' 

Nievoehner Henry, elk II Cutter, res 027 s J . 
Niewohner Henry II (Ellcji), udvs Gaar, Scott & (\), res 027 s J. 
Niewohner Henry JI jr, wks Henry Gutter, res 027 s J. 
Niewohner Frederick (Anna), carpenter, res 55 l^iberty ave. 
Niswonger 4)ale (), elk Chris Schaeter vfe Co, rms 94 I't Wayne 

ave, bds Philli])S House. 

Nixon Henry, wks Ilenclnnan ct Cox, I'cs ^ . 

Nixon Nicholas R, foi-eman U Faj)er Mill, bds l*hillips House. 

Nixon N M, wks K Pai)er Mill, bds Phillips House. 

Nixon Orville S, candy makei", I'es 214 s Ninth. 

Nixon Samuel L (Lavenia A), engineer, res 214 s Ninth. 

Nixon Miss Susan, res 110 i'^t Wayne ave. 

Nixon Thomas J (Elizabeth A), conductor (i U cV: 1 Ivy, res 225 

n Eighth. 
Noakes Arthur L (Estell), car|)enter, res 533 n I]ighteeiith. 
No[d<es Miss Lucy E, res 533 n Eighteenth. 
Nobbe Henry A (Maggie A), foreman Dailv lndej)endent, res 30 I 

n Filth." 

^TJriT^Q Paa/^c Chairs and Settees, yuniiiier Houses, ) W. T. BARBEE, 
VY Ii C uOOUb- Screens, and all kinds ot Wire Cloth.] iron ANov/if^t: works. 

Gents' Suits made to Order, " %'iW'lk'S^^i'.^'' RICHMOND 


Noble Omar G, elk Van 1) lirowii, ras oOU n Twelfth. 
I Ni)l)le Klioda (w'id Tliuinas (t), I'es Oli s kSixteeiitli. 

I Noble William K ('Aiiij^ie K), elk Get)r<>-e lCiiolIenl>er<^-, res 41 y 

j Eleventh. 

I Noble William F (Nora E), Glk Wayne county, res 110 sThir- 

I teenth. 

Nolan xVndrew A (IVIary A), wks Gaar, Scott & Co, res 809 n G. 
Nolan l)rid»^et (wid r>ernard), res 805 n l^'ourth. 
! Nolan James A (J\[ary x\), wks R City Mill AVorks, res 555 n 

I Twellth. 

( Nolan Maii'j^^'ie, cook Kn<^-lish Ivitchen Restaurant, bds same. 

I Nolan ]\Iiss ]\Iary, ])astrycook lInntin*^'ton House, bds same. 

• Noland JamesF (Atiu-y), yard master St L & P, (3 II A I), 

G \l S: I and L M Kys, Union Depot, res 501) n Fifteenth. 
NolteAnna, domestic 82 n Fifth. 
Nolte (yharles A, elk J Grimm, res 808 s Fourth. 
Nolte JMiss Emma, res 808 s Fourth. 
Nolte Georo-e 11, elk L ]\L Jones c^ Co, res 808 s Fourth. 
Nolte Henry (Flizabeth), teamstei", res 23?) s J^^leventh. 
Nolte Henry jr, teamster, res 2oo s Eleventh. 
Nolte John M (Elizabeth), shoe nninfg, 7 s Ei^lith, res 80S s 

Noonan Ellen, domestic 215 s Fifth. 

Nordyke David (Lydia J) (Nordyke c^ Iladley), res 220 n Six- 
teenth. . ., . 
Nordyke Miss IJei'nice, res 222 n Sixteenth. 
Nordyke Cathai-ine (wid Ellis), res 102 s Second. 
Nordyke Micajah T (Sarah), foreman Wayne A^-rl Co, res 114 

n lM«;hteenth. 
Nordyke cV: iladley (David Nordyke, John C Iladley), furniture, 

410 ]\[ain, tel' IDO. 
Normandice Henry E (Ai^nes L), pressman M Cullaton & (;o, 

bds 815 s Ninth. 
North Miss Hannah, keeper iirst toll i^ate Fountain City pike, 

I'cs Spring (irove. 
North Mary (wid J'^lijah), res 588 n Fourteenth. 
Noi-th William 11 (Annie), wks Water Works, res 588 n lA>ur- 

Northrup James 1* (Agnes J), brick molder, res 511 n Ninth. 
Norrit ('atharine A (wid Wni), res 117 n Thirteenth. 
Norris James (lleni-ietta), warehousenuin liichmond Roller ^lill, 
res Sevastopol. 

PAPER BOXES MADE TO ORDER (11 nibnULuUil & DitU. Street. 

SEWER PIPE Mather iros. Eichmoiid, Ind. 



i ■ 

Noiris William (llaiiiiah J), orocer, (529 ii Ninth, res same. 

Noss Miss J^^mma, di-essmaker, res 11 22 u J. 

Noss Jacob (Margaret), wks Grant, lleni})leman & Co, res 1122 

n J. 
Noss John, molcler Gaar, Scott & Co, res 1122 n J 
Noverre Albert, wks T E DeYarman, res 22J: s Ninth. ' ': v 
NoNcrre John, music teacher, res 221 s Ninth. 
Nuland J no, wks It Chair Co. 
Nultey Henry (Matilda), lab, res 531 s Sixth. 
Nutting Samuel F, grocer, 32-1: Main, res same. 
Nye Edward, painter, rms over 512 Main. 

Nye Edward, fireman C St L & P Ry, bds Commercial Uouse. 
Nye Ralph W (Julia ,1), elk A L Pogue, res 41 s Twelfth. 
NyeZadock A (Rebecca), res Earlham Place. 


O'Brien Miss Alice, elk FA Knabe. 

O'Prien Michael (Sarah), wks James M Starr, res 402 n Third. 

O'iJrien JMichael J (Mary E), supt Richmond Chair Co, res 205 

s Fourteenth. 
O'Brien Patrick J, manager Union Paciiic Tea Co, 523 Main, 

res 225 n Tenth. 
O'Brien W L, wks R Chair Co, res 205 s Fourteenth. 
O'Connell (yornelius (]\[ary), shoemaker, res 327 n Third. 
O'Cminell Eugene (Malinda), molder lloosier Drill Co, res 218 n 

O'Connell John F, lab res West Richmond. 
O'Connell Miss ICate, res West Richmond. 

O'Connell Patrick (Catharine), stone mason, res West Rich- 
O'Connell Timothy, sr, paver, res 327 n Third. 
O'Connell Timothy, jr, phuaber, res 327 n Third. 
O'Connor John (Bridget), lah, res 622 n Tenth. 
()'(x)nner William, brickmaker, res S20 n Fifteentli. 
O'Day Patrick, wks Wiggins & Son. 
O'llarra James (Mary), machinist R Machine Works, res IS u 

O'Harra John, wholesale and retail meats, fruits, vegetables, 

oysters, hsh and game in season, 812 and 811 INlain, tel 

105, res ()12.V Main. 
O'LearyElla, res 507 n Third. ' ' 
O'Laughlin Miss INfaria, res W Richmond. 






DAILY market: S#^^^^ 

Wholesale and Retail 

Meats, Fruits and Vegetables, '! 

Oysters, Fish and Game In Season, v *: . . • i 

All cousignmeuts will receive prompt attention 

Patronage respectfully SolicitecL _ f--\'"':''. 

.*cn' . 

S12 a.3n.d. Bl-^ Ix^a-irL Street, 

Charles T. Price, Jr., k Son, 

Wholosak' iiiid Itetail Di'alers in 

"V^v .V 

Confectioneries, Foreign and Domestic Fruits. Fresh 

Baltimore Oysters in Season, ice Cream 

made by Steam Power. 

No. 808 Main St., RICHMOND, IND. 


No. 911 Main Sti^eet. .;..•■■;■.. r 

r A. J. MeKmnie,- 

r:::. ST AIM BUII.1) 

Newels, Balusters, and all kinds of Stair Materials. 

■■ All work promptly done in superior manner 
South-East Corner A and 14th Sts. 

f -PROPRIETOR OF- •'■., ■••,'■ 

[Union Bakery and Restaurant 

No 823 Main SireeL, RICHMOND, IND.* '■'.;•;.. ■ .-. 

fr ■' ■ '; .J Makes a specialty of Weddiug aud Party Cakes. Most complete 
f " Dining liooni and Restanrant in the City. Oysters in Season. Special 
'. attention paid to commercial patronage. 


Merchant Tailor 1 


Thomas C. Lichtenfels, Prop'r. . ^''»'v 

Fine Liquors, Wine, Beer, Cigars, Etc, " -i 

No. 821 North E Street, V^ 

Opposite Union Depot, - RICHMOND, IND. 


Holii^'€^^'^lgTtTJL°o^fs%t D, B. CRAWFORD & SON, 528 Main St, 


O'Laii^lilin Thoinas (Anna), gardener, res AV Richmond. 
O'J.anglilin William, wks Ivohinson tt Co, I'es W Eiclimond. 
(3'Ma11ey ]\[ichael (Lena), cutter B Ivreimeier, bds Huntington 

' House. 
O'Melia Anna, domestic 26 n Thirteenth. 
O'Neal John W (Mary), foreman IToosier Drill Co, res 413 n. 

O'Neal Watson P (Hattie), mechrnic lEoosier Drill Co, res 220 n 

O'Neill Dennis, brakeman C 11 & D Ky, res 555 n ^i'hirteenth. 
O'Neill John (Mary), lab, res 555 n Thirteenth. 
O'NeillJohn J, machinist, res 555 n Thirteenth. 
O'Neill Miss Maggie, res 555 n Thirteenth. 
Oalces John D (Ellen), carpenter, res 415 n Sixth. 
Oakey James (Delila), stone mason, res 1028 n J . 
Oates Kate, domestic, over 70() JMain. 

Odorless Excavating Co, W D Ellis manager, office 14 n 

Oehl lienry J (Elizabeth M), lab, res 242 s Eighth. 
Oehl Miss Mamie, res 242 s Eighth. 

Oel Oeorge (Lizzie), wks Wayne Agrl Co, res 309 s Eleventh. 
Oel GecM-ge, ji", res 30i> s Eleventh. 
Oelklans Rudolph II (IMary), cabinet maker Ilaynes, Spencer & 

Co, res 402 s Tenth. 
Oelklaus Wm, errand l)oy Creamer <^ Clements, res 402 Tenth. 
Oesting Frederick (Nelly), foreman City Mill Wks, res 317 s 

Oesting Henry T (Eliza), junk dealer and dealer in hides and tal- 
low, 14 and 10 n Third, res 220 s Second. 
Ogborn Albert G (Emma), machinist Gaar, Scott & Co, res 25 

P't Wayne ave. 
Ogborn Argus C (Alice A), machinist Gaar, Scott & Co, res 724 

n Tenth. 
Ogborn* 11 airison (Rhoda C), vice-})res l^onanza Skate Co, res 

124 n Eighth. 
Ogborn Joseph (Catharine), res West Richmond. 
Ogborn Miss Melissa, res 909 s Ninth. 

•Ogborn Samuel A (Emma), shoemaker, res over S20 ]\[ain. 
Ogborn William E (Nancy), shoemaker, res 909 s Ninth. 
Ogborn William E (Nancy), vinegar s w cor Seventh and n A, 

res 909 s T^inth. 
Old John S, wks Hoosier Drill Co, res 35 n Third. 


School Books and School Supplies "^ '^v^J'SJ^ff^'.^flJut 

All kinds of Building flVSaterial at Mather Bros. 


Ogborn Wm H (Oluni O), (lleiHlor^on Sl Qoboni), nvs 12-1- a 

Oldenian Sarah, (col), cook P Tlusseu, res 141 Ft Wayne ave. 
Oldham Mrs Jeiiiuc 11 (wid Jose])h), res LMO s Thirteenth. 
Oldham John P, res 210 s Thirteenth. 
0])penheimer Benjamin {Caroline), bartender 11 lJj)haus, res ?>C> 

s Third. 
Ortman Frank (Jennie), res ()25 8 Sixth. ^. 

Ortman John II (Ajina), lal), res 411 s Fifth. 
Ortinan IMiss Katie, res 411 s Fifth. 

Orphan's Home, Central ave, Farlham Place, AV Uichmond, 
]\liss Hannah Jones jind ]\liss Penna Muornian matrons, tel 
Osborn Miss Abbie, res 1109 s A. 
Osborn JNFiss Emnni, res 110 s A. 

Osborn AVilliam (Hannah F), horse trainer, res 720 s Eighth. 
Osborn William F (Maggia F), trav agt Caar, Scott & C^o, res 

101 s Eleventh. 
Ostrander James S (Susannah), supt 11 Pa])er Mills, res 121 n 

Ott ]\[iss Carrie M, res 310 n Fifth. 
Ott Daniel P (Mary A), trav agt llayncs, Spencer & Co, res 325 s 

Otte Frederick (Eliza), res 525 s Twelfth. 
Otte William, clkS Vansant, res 525 s Twelfth. ' .... 
Often Annie, domestic 111 n Eii^hth. 

Otten Henry, carriagci blacksmith P Schneider, bds . 

Ottenjohn llenry l/(Laura A), res 1002 Main. 

Outten Pryant (col), whitewasher, res 320 n Seventh. 

Outland Alfred, col), (Margaret), barber T J Morton, res n J ). 

Outland Calvin, (col), (Eliza), res 1314 n d. 

Outland Mary, (col), (wid Alfred), res 224 s Tenth. 

Outland Philander, (col), barber and hair dresser, 1 s Eighth, 

bds llussen Restaurant. 
Ovei'holts George, peddler, res 214 s Fifth. 
Overholts Nellie, domestic, res Earlham l*lace. 
Overholtz Richard (llarriette), janitor First Ward School, res 

214 s Fifth. 
Overly Edward, boots and shoes, res 51 s Fifteiinth. 
Overman Agnes, domestic 3)2() n 4]leventh. 
Overman Albert P, tciimster, bds 530 s Sixth. 
Overmann Anthony (Agnes), saloon 401 s Fifth, I'cs same. 

TTTn^y^f^ H^^A.-h ChairB and Scttoos, Summor Houaos, I W. T. BARBEIi, 
VV IrG UOOCIS. Screens, and all kinds) ot Wire Cloth, i iron ^w wiul vvuuiNb. 


3 patent unlaundered Shirt, "the boss." ""-^ TioV. 


I ()\onii;in Sallie, cook P llusson, res Ft AVayiio uve. 

I Owen r\liss (Joni J\l, i"es !21 I s Thirteciiili. 

! Owen Ilcury (Kebccca), res West Uicliiiioiul. 

! Owen 'Ihoiniis M (Alary 1>), j>lasterer, res 2()4 s Fourteenth. 

; Owen Willlani JJ ((yan'ie I)), street s])rinkler, res 214 s Tliir- 

[ teenth. 

I Owens Angeniinc, (col), lab, res 241 s Third. , , 

I Owens Fli 8 (Julia), teamster, res W^t.'st Richnion*!. 

j 0\\(!ns llenr}' 1* (Kebecca), trav a^t AVayne Ai^rl Co, res W 

j Uichniond. 

Owens John 8 (Sarah F), elk John II Uoling-, res 100 n Nine- 
I teenth. 

[ Oxendine Sinison (col) (]\Iary J), stone mason, res 717 s Seventh. 

I Oxer John G (I^ucy) (J (i Oxer Sl Son), res 13)5 s Twelfth. 

: Oxer Orange E (J O Oxav & Son), res 138 s Twelfth. 

j Oxer J G & Son (John (J Oxer, Orani^e F Oxer), meat market, 
: dealers in liesh and salt meats, |)ouItry, etc, 1036 Main. 

Pacific Express Co, Thonnis Davis agt, 704 Main. 

I'ack Oharles (haura A), res 510 s A. 

l-^ack Mrs l^aura, res 27 n Sixth. 

Paddock Charles F (Faura F), dentist, 40 n Fighth, res s vv cor 

I\Lain aiid Tu^enty- first, 
l^uhlock Charles 11 (AFary A), res s w cor Twenty-lirst and Main. 
Pa^-e Fllas 11 (l\[ary A), plasterer, res 48 s Fil'th. 
Pa^'C AFsri Hannah S, retoucher Swain's photo ^-allery, res s e cor 

Twentyhi'st and Main. 
l^i<2,'e John (J(Lucinda O), detective', othce over 730 Main, res s e 

coi' Tvventydirst and jMain. 
Page Fouis M"(Flla), shii)i)ino' elk AVayne A«i,rl Co, res 214 n 

Fourteenth. * ^ 

Page Millie A (wid (leorge), I'cs 534^11 Fourteenth, 
r^ige Park (Carrie), wd^sZellerife ('<►, res ll(i n l^^ighteenth. 
Pa^e William, ])lasterer, bds 48 s r'ifth. 
Paige Miss Fillie F, res 308 n TwellUi. 
Paige Ualmai'o, lawyer, r)37 Main, res 308 n 4\velfth. 
Paige Italph A (Mary F), res 308 n Twelftii. 
Paine, see also Payne. 

l^line Charles S, tailor, ovei" 8l>7 Main, I'ooms same. 
l*ainter flames L, wdcs Fli Fvans, i-es 1210 n F. 

Oilao*" and School Scruich ItooliN n\ mnUC]] OflM 9. liDO 729 Main 
AliscelliiiM'Oiis, HlaiiU «V- School Itooks (ll iNluIlUhOUil tt DllU. dtroot. 

SEWER PIPE MatheV iros. Richmond, Ind. 


i'aiiiter riiilip (Mary), lab, res 1210 u F. 

Painter Miss Sarah J, res I'JIO n F. 

Painter Thouias (Elizahetli), lab, res 400 n Fourth. 

Painter Thomas (Elizabeth), lab, res over 400 Mjiin. 

Palmer Edwin D (Ellen J), postmaster, res 115 n Fifteenth, 

tel PJ7. 
Palmer Harry E, iireman C St L & P Uy, res 115 n Fifteenth. 
Palmer Minnie (wid Ward), res 30 n Sixth. 
Palmer Rebeeca (wid Josej)h), res 101 s Sixth. 
Parcels Daniel (Mary), molder, res 22 n Seventh. 
Parcels ^\^illiam, blacksmith, res 22 n Seventh. 
Pardieck Aloysius (B Pai-dieck & Sons), res 207 s Fifth. 
Pardieck Bernard (Lizzie) (Pardieck it Sons), res 207 s Fifth. 
Pardieck Miss Carrie, res 2()7 s Fifth. 
Pardieck Frank, carria(j!;e blacksmith P Schneider. 
Pai'dieck Fi-ed (Bernandenia), chair factory 110 s Fifth, res same. 
Pardieck Henry (Pardieck <fe Sons), res 207 s Fifth. 
Pardieck & Sons (Bernard, Henry and Oloysins), fnrnitiire, 

505 and 507 Main. 
IVish Mary (wid Wm), res 403, cor Third and n 1). 
Park Edward, wks Dan Hill, res 17 Ft AVayne ave. 
Park Edwin, sr, (Lydia), wks Patterson & Co, res 17 Ft Wayne 

Park Harry, res 412 Main. 

Parkes Harry, elk Quaker City Chair Co, bds Germania Hotel. 
Parker Miss Aldali V, res Sevasto})ol. 
Parker j\liss Alice, student, res ]^]ai'lham Place. 
Parker Miss Carrie, res 32 s Eleventh. 
Pai'ker C'has O, wks Wayne Creamery Co. 
l-*arker Columbus L (Sadie A), painter, res 523 n Eighteenth. 
Parker Daniel 11 (Mary A), res 32 s Eleventh. 
Parker Edwin E (Carrie E), local editor Daily ]*alladium, res 

220 s Niidh. 
Parker E W, elk Po^^ue & Miller, bds 33 n Seventh. 
Parker Franklin, student, res Eai-lham J^lace. 
Parker Geo, (col), (Elizabeth), lab, res 449 s Fourteenth. 
Parker John P (Mary J), res Earlham Place. 
Parker Oscar, (col), (Abbey), lab, res 827 s F. 
Parker Patrick (Mai-y), lab, res Sevastopol. 
Parker Rebecca, domestic 35 s ICleventh. 
Parker Samuel (Nancy E), res Sevastopol. , 
Parker Miss S Murry, res Earlham Place. 

T)fT;*srt n^^An XA^indow Guards, Wlro aJsrns. store \ w.T. tJAKiiWW 

VV ire UOOCIS. Fixtures, Flower SttindH, Floral Dfatyrns, | Iron and Wire Works 


GOOD opops AT jj g CRAWFORD & SON, "■"' 

HOTTOM PRICES. U. D. trIVil W rV/XlJJ <X OUJl • Main St. 


P;irker '^riieodoro C (Lizzie V^), res Sevastopol, 

I'ai'ker J'^lislia (Martha), t'annei-, res Sj)riiig Crrove. 

]*arrish Susa'n J (will Natliaiiiel), res Sprin^- Grove. 

Parry (Jlias M, elk Rieluiioiid Truck (,V>, hds 1008 Main. 

Parry (Jolonel, btis iOOS Main. 

i'arr'y Miss Esther, res 220 n Ninth. 

J*arry Isaac, ])lasterer l^irry & (\), res 2'20 n Ninth. 

Parry Robert (Esther \'), (Parry ct Co), res 220 ii Ninth. 

Parry Webster (,Lou M), notary pnOlic, and sec'y Piehniond 

Truck Co, 1001 Main, res IOOS IMain. 
Parry William, fanner, |)res C P & Et W Ily, otHce Union 

De])ot, res Union ])ike, 2 ni n cit)-. 
Parry Wni, jr, elk St L A: P Uy, res 220 n Ninth. 
Parry AVni P, elk C St L Sl P liy, res 220 n Ninth. 
Parsiiall Daniel T (Sarah A), cai-p Gaai', Scott eV: Co, res P20 n 

Parshall i\Uss Olive P, res 120 n Eitth. 
l*ar?hall Nathaniel (Anjanet), cai-p, i-es bOS n I. 
Parshall Ulysses L, lah," res 808 n 1. 
Parson Saines (Susan), engineer No 2, i-es 17 n I'ifth. 
Parsons Wni, blacksmith, res 22 u Seventh. 
Pasther II, wks E Smith iSz Co. 
Patent Elue Thind)le Co, 1)33 ]\lain, Geo Eckid, ])i'es, John I 

Yaryan, tieas, John L Pupe, sec'y. 
Patterson Anthony el. wks lloosier Drill Co, res 2o7 n Eit'th. 
Patterson Chas, teamster J VV AFoore, ivs 207 n 1^'ifth, 
Patters(Mi Elwood (Sai'ah U), (E Patterson ^S: Co), res 118 n 

Patterson Miss Emma II, res 118 n Seventh. 
Patterson Hannah (wid Wni), res 207 n Eit'th. 
Pattersoii ^liss Ily M L, res 207 n Eiflh. 
I*attersun John C (Sai'ah), trav ageiO:, bds 10 s Seventh. 
Patterson »Iohn W, tra\' agt E Patterson c^ CJo, i-es 118 n Seventh. 
Patterson Miss May E, i-es 2o7 n Eii'th. 
Patterson Miss Nellie, res 1421 n (E 
Patterson Samuel T (ATary A), cai-p, res 1121 n (E 
Patterson ]\[rs Sylvia J (wid llobeit), njs ](> s Ninth. 
Patterson Hannah (wid Isaac), res 37 s iMghth. 
Patty ,]c»seph(Mie, I'es over 22 n Ninth. 
Pauline Ered (^[ary), baker P liusson, bds 828 Main. 
Paulus Walker, ])aintei' (Jaar, Scott cV; (>«), bds 1518 n A. 
Paust Au<;-ust (Eliza U), res 003 s Eleventh. 

Nicholson &. Bro. ^^il^^^tr Office Supplies, 'sn 




TclCDtioiie to MATHER BROS' for CO^L 


i'avey Cluis, wks M ironley. 

1/avey 8:unl (Anna), l)rick mason, res lOS n Sixteenth. 

J*avcy Win (I'^llen), hrick mason, res GO s Sixtcu'iilli. 

I'axson (ieo L, ras ^1() n Eleventh. 

Paxson ]\[iss Gertriule 11, I'es '2'^'^ n Tenth 

Paxson Miss lona ]\r, res 2 I(> n Ele\'ent!i. 

J^ixson Isaac II (Ellen 0), m(iat market, ISl Et V»^ayne ave, res 

lilt) n Eleventh. 
Eaxson John JM (Elizabeth), wliolosale meat mai-ket, 179 Et 

Wayne ave, res eor Tenth and 0. 
Paxson ^liss Susie S E-, res 21(j n Eleventh. 

i*axson Wm T, machinist Gaar, Seott Sl (Jo, res :21G n Eleventh. 
Payne, see also Paine 
Payne Pxiiij J\l, l)k|)i- S L Wiley, Construction ('o, bds Arlim^ton 

Payne Everett H, bk])r M Oullaton & Co, res 1120 Main. 
Payne Hermon B (Amy), (i\t Cullaton ^^Co), attorney :it law, 

notai'y public, and U S commissioiiei', o\'er 72-1: .Main, tel 

IIG, res 1120 Main. 
Payton Isaac, (col), lab, res 730 n Eifteentli. 
Peacock Miss Emma L, i-es o2S n Sixteenth. 
Peacock Osro (Jennie), tireman U K, res 12 s i^inth. 
Peacock Peter A (jMary), carp, res 1(5 n Nineteenth. 
Peacock Thos (Emeline E), carj), res 328 n Sixteenth. 
Peacock Win E, res 323 n Sixteenth. 
Peck Miss Carrie, res Commeicial House. 
Peck Elorence E, elk M E JM^n^all, res (Commercial House. 
l*eck Leslie E, elk Commercial lloui^e. 
Peele David, (col), driver Ceo Eggemeyer, bds 127 Et Wayne 

Peele Miss Mattie L, res lO-fc s Thirteenth. 
Peelle Chas E (Jose])liine E), wks roller skate factory, res 225 s 

Peelle William A (Eveline), (Peelle ct Robbing,), res lU-1 s 

Peelle & Bobbins, (Wm A Pi^elle, John E Ivobl^ins), lawyei's, 

over 5(10 JNlain. 
Peer Jacob (Mary), carp E Smith iSc (a), res 125 s Tenth. 
Peer Miss Laura L, res 125 s 'ienth. 
Pein Ei-ed (Lena), res 802 n Eighth. 
Pein Geor<^-e, car|)enter, res 802 n Ei<^hth. 
Pein Matthew (Sophia C), wks Chase Piano Co, res 015 s Seventh. 




Dress Goods, Black I Fancy Silks, ° %2'^X''itr.'^t^''" 


IV'irci' Samuel (Lillic;), hrick inuklcr, res lUT n Nineteenth. 
I Feltz Joseph (Wilhelmina), tailor J E J\;ltz, res \'2i) s Tenth. 

Peltz John E (Anna), merchant tailor, 001 Main, res 'Jll s 
I Elexenth. 

, Pence Miss Ella, (i^ence Sisters), rooms 121) n Sixth. 

Pence Miss Kate, (Pence Sisters), rooms PJl) n Sixth, 
I Pence Mahaley (wid John), rooms P2i) n Sixth. 

Pence Sisters (Ella, Jvate), dressmakers over 8P,) Main. 
\ ^ Pennell Mark (Oallie ()), elk Irvin, Peed & Sons, res 33 b 
j Seventh. 

Pentland dacol) K (^[artha J), carpenter, res 807 n G. 
I Perham William, ni-ht elk P Merkle Sc Co, res 909 n G. 

I Pei'kins Lyman \] (j\[innie C), miller, res 415 n I). 

Perry Benjamin P (Eli/abetli K), ])resident Pichmond Machine 
Works, res 403 n Eleventh. 

Perr}' Charles C, snptC [I Tel (\^, res 26 n Seventh, tel 175. 
I Perry James, lawyer, ollice 400 ]^Jain, res 102 u Sixth. 

'' Perry James, res 203 s Ninth. 

: Perry JNFis Martha, res 121 s Tenth. 

I - Perry Miss JMary E, school teacher, i-es 20 n Seventli. 
j Perry Mrs Kutli M, res 20 n Seventh. 

! Perry William (col) (Edna), lah, res 220 s Thirteenth. 

Personett Charles U (Elizabeth) (Uiclimond Cai-pet Co), res 48 
s Seventh. 
! Personett James (Rebecca), wks Gaar, Scott »Sl Co, res Sevasto- 

I J^ersonett Jose])h (elane), res Sevastopol. _ , 

i Personett Jjore.nzo 1) (INFary E), res 48 s Seventh. 

' Pei'sonett Miss Minnie J\I, res Sevastopol. 

I I^ersonett r^Iiss Snsan, res Sevastopol. 

I Personett Thaddeus C (Kate), <^-rocer, Sevasto])ol. 

j Petchell James A (Isabella L),' res 211 s Seventh. 

j Peters An<^ust (Rosana), carver Chase Pnmo Co, bds (Jermania 

? Hotel. 

I Peter StepluMi, wks A Frick, res 421 n Eleventh. 

I Peterson Albert, wks E Smith & Co. res 200 s Fourtli. 

I ^Peterson (diaries A, <:rocer, 427 Main, res 200 s Fourth. 

I Peterson Charles P (Sandi Jv), siipt Richmond Foundry 

I Co, patentee and Manfg Peterson's Belt Holder, 1106 

n E, rt;s 1300 Main. 
Peterson Edward (IJUa F), carpenter, res 108 s Fourth. 
Peterson Miss Grace, bkprC P Paterson, res 1300 Alain. 

All kinds of BLANK BOOKS Nicholson a bro. 


Sunday Creek Coal Mot/^^nros., Ricllllioilfl, M. 


Peterson l\[i«s Ida, rus 100 s Fourtli. 
Petei'so!] John G, I'os 200 s Fourth. 
IVtei'tson Jolm V, res 1()(> s Fourth. 
Peterson Louis J, machinist, res 100 s Fourth. 
Peterson Miss Mary L, res 100 s Fourth. 
Peterson ]\Iiss ]\Ioliie, res 200 s Fourth. 
Peterson AVilliani II, nuicliinist, i-es 1()0 s Fourtii. 
Peterson AVni (Fllen), painter, res 103 n Sixth. 
Pteitler ]\[ax J (Julia), varnisherOha^e Piano Co, res 24 n Third. 
'Phihhs Kate, donii'Stic s Fil'teenth. 
Philbrooks Edward R (Lizzie), day elk Grand Hotel, res 

lluntiuii^'ton House. 
Philbrooks John H (Jeannette), ])ro))r JIuntinfrton and Grand 

Hotels n e cor Seventh and JNIain and Oil) J\[ain, res Hun- 
tington House. 
Phillips Andrew (llattie), res 1)01 n Thirteenth. 
I*hillips Elwood C, su])t U Polltir Skate & i) Co, bds Pryson 

Philli])s House, John Cregniile propr, 14 and 16 n Sixth. 
Phillips James (Dora), lab, res 12!) Ft AV^ayne ave. 
llnllips John, wks ^V U Tel Co, bds lliill'ii.s House. 
Phillips' Opera House, over 004,000 and ()08 Main, Dobbins 

Pros managers, 
l^ickens Maria (wid Kobert), res 721 s Seventh. 
Pickins Thomas (Kittie), ])ro])r Pailroad feed and sale stable, 

411 n F:ighth, re* 401) n Eighth. 
Pickett Albert J (Han-iette E), real estate, loan and collection, 

4 s F^ighth, res 40 s Fifth. 
Pickett ]\Iiss Clemy A, notary public, res 52 n A. 
l*ickett John T (Nancy A), lumber dealer, res 52 n A. 
Pickett Miss Lizzie, res 310 n Thirteenth. 
Pickett Miss Lulu, res 310 n Thirteenth. 
Pickett Martha J (wid Eenjamin), res 310 n Thirteenth. 
Pickett Oliver P (ALiry J), wks lloosier Di'ill Co, res 004 s 

Pickett William II, res 310 n Thirteenth. 
Piehl Albert (Sarah A), teamster, res 317 n A. 
Piehl Miss Ella, bkpr J P> Gilbert, res 1221t s Thirteenth. 
Piehl J\Iiss Emnui, res 1220 s Thirteenth. 
Piehl George W, molder, res 1221) s Thirteenth. 
Piehl John F (Louisa), molder, res 122l> s Thirteenth. 

Iron ShutterB. Balconies. Gratings. , ^^ rf^ g|^JJgp^£ Jp^jj g||j ^jjg ^Qpjjj^ 

Bank Work, Area RaUinjars, Stuble 

Fittlii^B. Ornam'tl Ivool' Crestintja. ) LAiAvtiiE. inuiana. 

Gents' Suits made to Order, ° •^^S'S'SJ'.^.""" RICHMOND 


Tielil William 1*^ (Anna l^]), l)kj)i- K F Uo.^a, res 518 s Ei<i:litli. 
PieniiiLC ('Iiarlos (Josepliine M), brick huriier, r(3s (517 s Ninth. 
Pierce (ieorirc! A (C-harity E), ])ainter, room II) TiL-mont lUock, 

res 125KS Nintli. 
]*iei-ce lisaae (Itebecca), lab, ren (>0;> .s Sixth. 

Tierce Samuel F (Lillie D), l)rick niolder, i-es IU7 n Nineteeiitlu 
Pierson Charles, lireman C II & D Py,lHls41(>n Eleventh. 
Pierson DcMiiseyJ (Lydia), wks lloosier Di'ill Co, res o\er PJlO 

Pierson Edwai'd A\^ (Ruth M), res 400 n Eleventh. 
Pierson Miss Mai^-i>ie, res 4(H) n Elevinith. 
Pierson Samuel M, grocer, PJo Ft Wayne ave, tel 35, I'es 4(>0 ii 

Pierson Stephen P (Kate), (tond 1* iJ iSz, St L Jl It, bds Arlington 

Pilgrim (Jlenience (Anna), wks (iai'i", Scott A: Co, res 1)20 s Four- 
Pille Fraidv II (Anna M), cigai' maker, les 319 s Fourteenth. 
Pills I) F, carpenter Kichmond Machine AVoi'ks. 
Pinkhani Arthur K, printer En([uirer, res West llichmond. 
Pitman Hiram (Maggie E), teamster, res ^Villiamshel•g ]>ike, 

near 1st tt)ll gate. 
Pitnjan Joseph A (Mary), tnc^at market, 313 s Seventli, res same. 
l*itman Levi S, meat market 10 U> Main, bds 3)17 s Seventh. 
Pitman Mori'is (riennie), teamster, res AVilliaml>ei'g pike, liear 1st 

toll gate. 
Pitts Penjamin F (Sarah I]), Avks Iticdimond Machine Wks, i'(;s 

'2'M n Fil'th. 
I'itts ]\nss Mattie, milliner I\I A Kielhorn, res 21^4 n Filth. 
Pitts Miss Kena, res '22\ n Filth. 
Place James W (Ivate), saloon and ])ool room, b07 J\lain, res 

1115s A. 
J^lacke Harmon (Anna), lab, res 73(1 s Sixth. 
Placke Henry ((.arrie), ciirar uiaker, res 421 s Eleventh. 
Plants John S (Flizab(4h 11) (Plants .V:, Newby), res 4()S Main. 
Plants & Newby (Jno S l^lanls, E N Newby), cash grocery, 

lOS Main. A lull line' ofgri>ceries always on hand, to be sold 

chea)) for cash. 
Pleasants ]\[rs Anna, res s Main bet P^ighteenth and Nineteenth. 
l*leasants I]van E (Lydia, 1^}), painlei-, 103;) Main, res (M) s Seven 

I^leasants ,1 Arthur, messenger Fiist NaFl Lank, res w s Seveu^ 

teenth, Linden Hill. 

DISPLAY IN SEASON a,l VilKj LlV LiOV Vi 01 DltU. Richmond. 



Mather Bros. Sell COAL CHEAP. 


Pleasants James A,, res ()0 s Seventeenth. 

JMeasants James A, rnis s Main, bet Kii>liteenth and jNineteenth. 

Pleasants Julm 11, student, res w s s Seventeenth, l^inden L 

Pliekebaum Louis, elk J d Yehr, bds lo*J s Piftii. 

Plummer Oliver S (Emily). earria*^-e blacksmith P Schneider, res 

13{)s Fifth. 
Phuikett llu>]jh, molder, res Sevastopol. 
Plunkett Peter (Anna), res Sevasto|)ol. 
Poe Miss Amanda, stenographer U ^^^ity Mill AVorks, res 4'J n 

Poe ^fiss Sallie, res 42 n h^leventh. 
Poe Miss Sarah E, asst libi-arian Morrisson Library, res s w cor 

Eleventh and n A. 
Pogue Americus L (Frances), chiiui, glass and (jueensware, '717 

l\Liin, res 141(5 INTain. 
Pogue Charles 11 (Adda B), (Pogue & IMiller), res 1304 J\Liin. 
Pogue Miss Frances 0, res 141() Main. 
Pogue George N, manager A L Pogue's (jueensware store, 717 

Main, res 141 (> Main. 
Pogue & Miller, (Charles II Pogue, Geori^e W Miller), whole- 
sale hardware, 900 and 902^.Main, tel 93. 
Poinier Charles P, printer j\l Cnllaton & Co, res 24 n Wintli 
Poinier George LI (Ida M), res 24 n Ninth. 
Pohbneyer Airs Dena (wid Harmon 11), res (510 s Sixth. 
Pohlmeyer John II (Mary E), wks 11 ay nes, Spencer A: Co, res 

()ld s Sixth. 
J*olk L")alas, (col), (Anumda), lab, res 218 s Twelfth. 
Polley Charles C (Mary J), tarmer, res over 91(5 Main. 
I'oUock John G (Sarah K), o])erator W L Tel (Jo, res 127 s 

Pollock Miss Isabel, drcissmaker, res 200 s Eleventh. 
Pollock Joseph, carpenter, res 224 n Sixteenth. 
Pollock Martha (wid Joseph), res 119 s Ninth. 
IVdly George, (col), |)orter Joe Moorman, res P Ilussons Ues- 

Pope Mrs Sarah (wid James), keeper 1st tollgate, west city on 

National Pike, res same. 
Popp George C, elk II A Thomas, i-es over 4 s b'it'th. 
Popp John I) (Elizabeth), elk William (Uvanaugh, res 330 s 

Popp Mary (wid John), res 25 s Fil'th. 
Port Carl, res Phillii)S House. 

TTTi-wft nr\f^Aci ChairBtind aolLoos. Sumnior Housea, 1 W. T. BARBEE, 
VV iro uOOUb- Screens, and ail kinda of Wire Clolh. | iron and wiHt wouKS, 


528 Main St. ' 
. Richmond, Ind. 


Port. Miss Gipsey, res Pliilli])s House. 

Port Mortimer, wks II City Chair Co, res Phillips House. 
J^orled l^^zekiel, iiuichinist \i City Mill Works. 
J^orter James Ci, machinist, res K and ii J. 

Porter ]\[iss Lizzie A, dressmaker, Miss (J E Deeds, res cor Sev- 
enteenth and n J. 
Porter Miss Sallie, res -1^03 cor 'i'liird and n J^. 
Porter Samuel (Anna), wks K Aiken, res end n J. 
Porter Scott (Eliza), cooper (ieisler iSc Stout, res Paris pike, near 

Fleecy Dale W^n.len Mills. 
Porterlield Elizabeth A (vvid John L), boarding house, 411 n 

Porterlield Fred W, wks Chase Piano Co, res 303 n Eleventh. 
Porterlield Homer (Portertield & Co), res 303 n Eleventh. 
Porterlield Miss Lida, res 411 n Thirteenth. 
Portertield Marcus, painter, res 411 n Thirteenth. 
Porterlield ^Marcus C (Cora), blacksmith Wm C Starr & Son, 

res 230 n Twentieth. 
Porterlield Minerva J (wid David A), res 303 n Eleventh. 
Portertield Oscar G, res 303 n Eleventh. 
Porterlield & Co (Homer Porterlield, \V ni E Jenkinson), bakery 

and lunch rocjm, li)5 Ft Wayne ave. 
Posell John 11 (Maliss;i), carpenter, res 31 n Fifteenth. 
Posey Miss Delia, school teacher, bds 100 n Fil'teenth. 

l*ost Elias E (]\[ary K), lawyer o\'er (> n Seventh, res . 

Post Samuel, insurance a^l, rooms 21 s Seventh. 

Post Swain A, insurance L A Post tfe Co, bds 25 n JSfinth. 

Post S A & Co, (Swain A, Elias !<]), insui'ance af>'ts over G n 

Post Office, Edwin I) Palmer ])ostmaster, s e cor n A and 

Ei<^hth, tel TO. 
Posther Henry, wks E Smith ^Sc (Jo, res 309 s Eighth. 
J\)sther Louis, blacksmith H C L:irsh, res 300 s Eighth. 
Posther JVriss Mary, vv,:^ 300 s Eighth. 
Posther Wilhelmina(wid iu-cd), res 300 s Eighth. 
l\)tts Elizabeth (wid John), res 10()S Ninth. ' 
Potts John, (John i'otts sSl Son), res (jver Oil Main. 
Potts Joseph H, (John Potts c^ Son), res Oil Main. 
Potts John & Son, (John Potts, Joseph H Potts), stoves and 

tinwaie, house I'urnishing goods, Oil ALiin. 
Poulter Milton 1) (Mary K), grocer, lo20 Main, res same. 
]*oundstone John Y ((ieorgie), cashier h\ i\r\)t C^- St L c^: P My, 

res 205 n Tenth, tel 137. 

WEDDING, BIRTHDAY AND lSTir»Vi rkla r^r» ^t "Rrrk No. 729 Main 
HOLIDAY GIFT« AT INlCIlOlbUIl 06 SDLU, tftroet. 

BESTScreeiieilAuttiracilc COAL < MATHER BROS. 


IVwell Alhurt (Luciiida), brick luason, res n w cor J> and 

Powell Charles, wks llayiies, S})eiicer ct (Jo, bds over Sl29 ii E. 

Powell Edward J (Julia), brick mason, res 823 s Thirteenth. 

Powell George (Ella L), tinner, res 234 s Ei^dith. 

Powell John (col), lab Odorless Ex Co, bds GUU s A. 

Powell Miss Maria C, groceries, provisions and notions, 505 n 
kSeventeenth, res same. 

Powers Pen ben P (Tean (J), res 302 n Tenth. 

l*i'att x\ (Mary A), manager grocery, 83G Main, res over 918 

Pratt Charles, res ovei- 918 JNIain. 

Pratt John 11 (Alice 1>), elk i\[orris & Hunt, res 210 s Thirteenth. 

Prescott Harry D, del elk Van I) Ihown, res lUO s ISinth. 

Prescott Miss Mary E, res 100 s Nintii. , . 

Preston Dewitt B, i-es S[)riiig Grove. 

Preston J P (Mary V), manager AV^estern Ins Co, Cincinnati, res 
Spring Grove, tel 1(J9. 

Preston Maggie (wid l>el"uard), dressmaker, res 313 n Eoni'th. 

l*reston Miss Mary, res Spring Grove. 

l^reston Spencer E, res Sj)ring (irove. 

Preston William, bartender J A (Japen, bds Phillips House. 

Pretzl'elder Ennmuel (llachel), elk Erankel & Co, res 523 n D. 

l*retztelder Ephriam, elk Fi'aidvel cfe Co, res 523 n 1). 

Price Charles T, jr, (^Clara E), (Charles T Price, jr, & Son), res 
J 9 n Thii'teenth. 

Price David (Kebecca), lab, res 1310 n J. 

Price Eugene W, (Charles T Price, jr, c^ Son), res 19 n Thir- 

Price Mrs IClizabeth !> (wid David), res 51 s Eighth. 

Price Louis E, elk Charles T Price, jr, c^:; Son, res 19 n Thir- 

Price Melville C (Fannie C), hardware, paints and oils 810 l^lain, 
tel 95, res 51s Eightetuith. 

Price IMilton K, lab, bds 131G n J. 

Price Philip W (Mary A), bk])r Philip lirookens, res 320 b 

Price Samuel (Mary J), junk dealer, res 030 n Tenth. 

Price Thomas, imichifie tender II i' ]\Iill, bds n Ninth. 

1/rice William, tailor, res 25 n Fifth. 

Price Charles T, jr, & Son, (Charles T Price, jr, Eugene W 
Price), wholesale and j-etail conlectioners anil I'oreign ami 
— domestic fruit, 808 Main. 



FACTORY FLANNELS for Skirts and Shirts at «■ 

528 Main St. 


Primrose John (Sanili), furniture, res 412 n Eleventh. 

J^-oney Cynthia (wid Peter), res o\er 171) Ft ^\^ayne ave. 

Prus Frederick (Clara), hih, res 13P> s J. 

Pruri Lizzie, domestic 88 s Sixteenth, 
j" Prnyn Francis (Achsa ^V), wks (iaar, Sccjtt S: Co, res 45 s 

-j Seventh. 

I Pryoi- iVlexandei', res 325 n A, 

I l*i'yoi- Caroline (wid Emory), res 115 s Fourth. 

I Pi-yor Isaac (Afary). teamster, res 325 n A. 

Pryor Isaac, teamster, hds til 2 n Twelfth. 

Pi-yor Rose, wks R l*a]ter ^^ill, res (>(i'J n Thirteenth. 
j Pryor JVliss Rose, vi^s ;>25 n A. 

' Pui^di Edward I), as.-t transfer elk U 8 and Pacilic Ex Co, res 40 

I ^ We^tcott Ploek. 

! Pu«;-h John 11 (Saniantlia), millinery, 710 Main, res thit 33, \7est- 

j cott Block. 

I l*urliam Miss I4enri6tta, seamstress, bds 122 Ft AVayne ave. 

! Purnell (^liai-les E (Jennie C), elk \V II Ivenwurthy, res IG n 

] Fifth. 

•• Purnell Isaac R (Mai-y), wks Quaker City (-hair Co, res 10 n 

! Fifth. 

Puthoti" Frank (lJ|)heniia), wks J M liutton A: Co,' res 028 n 
* , Pyle Elizabeth J\I (wid Henry d), res 2o7 s Eleventh. 
: Pyle .Miss Ella, wks Wi-oins c^^ Co, re^, 2 s Fifth. 

■ Q 

Quaker City Chair Co (\Vm P lladley, dames W Arooi-e/riieo 

Newman). 15 and 17s hde\enth. 

Quaker City Laundry, P>l:dr J'ros ])i'()ps. mo Main. 

(juill Hannah, domestic 2."'/2 n Tenth. 

(^uill J (dm, cii^ar m;d^er, res ino n I). 

(^uill Miss Mary, wks iMnjuii-er, les -100 n 1). 

(^uill Thomas I), ci«^armaker Peter Youfi^^, res 4(»0 n D. 

(}uinn pK'rnard (Mary), ti'av a^t, res 21 0> s Tenth. 

(^uinn Miss Cassie L, I'cs 210 s Tenth. 

(]uinn Felix F, trav ai;,t, res2l(> s Tenth. \ ' " 

(^uinn jMiss Hannah C, res 210 s Tenth. 

(Juinn James 15, ti-a\' ;iut, res 210 s Tinth. ■ - 

(Jiunn ^^ary, (col), (wiil), res 221 s 8i\teeiith. ^^'•■•■•' 

The Latest popular Books ^S!i al ''''^^\:^^f^.^:^''- 



lliulka Lonit^ (Anna), lal), res West liichmoiid. 

R:uly Miss Kate A, j-es Sevasto|)ol. 

Uady Miss Ma^'gie, i"es 8'2S n Tenth. 

luuiy IMiss Mary, res 328 n Tenth. 

Jlady Mi'S M'dvy (vvid Dennis), res Sevastopoh 

Kady Patrick, hih, res 8evast()|)oL ' 

Itady Timothy (l\Iar<»-aret), lab, res 828 n Tenth. 

Rafter ]\[iss Mary, res 14 s Seventh. 

lva<nnan David, lal), hds 10,5 s Sixth. 

Ragan James B (May K), associate principal Richmond Nor- 
mal Scliool, res Pi'eston J^lace, l^'ountain (Jity ])ike. 

Ragen Mary, domestic 28 n Thirteenth. 

Ragstall Catliarine, (col), domestic 322 n Sixteenth. 

llailshack Dick S, elk S Fox Sl Co, res 125 ts Third. 

Railshack John II, conductor (J St L \k V Ry, hds Arlington 

Kailroad J.ivery, Feed and Sale Stable, Thomas Fickens ])roj)r, 
-ill n Eiohth. 

Rakars John (Louisa), wks (laar, Scott iSz Co, res 513 s 0. 

jtamler Chas, elk Luken cV: Co, res 1220 Main. 

Ramler Edward W, elk A G Fuken Sl Co, res r22(; Main. 

Ramler Joseph (Elizabeth), (A G Luken Sl Co), res 1220 Main. 

Ramler Miss ffosie, res 1220 Main. 

Jiammert Victor (Elizabeth), wks Gaar, Scott Sl (Jo, res 017 s 

RaniBey David AV (Maggie A), teamster, res 219 s Ninth. 

Jtandail Virnetta (wid), res 403 n Eighth. 

Rankin Fi'ank M (NLii-tha G), lab, res 547 n Fourteenth. 

liankin Martin (Mary E), wks Wayne Agrl C'o, n^s IH 1 n Six- 

Rankin Wm, niolder R Machine Works, res country. 

RankoptMohn B (Annie), res s C, bet Second and Tliird. 

Jta])p August, elk Kennej)()hl S: (iti'aj)perhaus, res (541 s I^. 

Rapp Fannie (wid Louis), res (54 1 s K. 

Ra])j) Louis, jr. wks liaynes, Spenc(!r tXr. Co, res 041 s E. 

Rash l)i(lama(wid Walter), res 701) n F. 

Rash Miss Essie, res 701) n F. 

Ratliff Benjamin S, farmer, res i m n w Sevastopol. 

Iron Shatters, Balconies, Gratlnprs, 
Bank Work. Area Railinprs, Stable 
Fittings, Ornam'tl Roof Crestiiig^s. 

[ W, T. BARBEE IroD anil Wire Worts, 

Bottom Prices on all Domestics, ^- »• %^t^.Tn?§t?eef: ^^^ 


Katlitr (\)i'nelius, rir, (Mary), faiMuer, Williaiiisl)t'r<i: ])ikc, ^ iii n 

\v city. 
Ratlili' (A>rnL'liiis, jr, (Sarah), fai'inoi", AV^illiainsbei-g j)ike, h, in n 

w city. 
Ratliff Joseph C (Mary V), pres Wayne ('onnty Tui-npike (Jo, 

and hoard (liroetoi's l*ni-ihuj UniviM-^lty, LaFayctte, Ind, res, 

I ]\i n w lSi^-\a8to})ol, tcl 141. 
Ratliff Walter S,dii>"'Ji^-^ i'^^ i »»i " ^\' SevastopoL 
liattiay William 11 (Amelia), hk]>r (Miase Piano Co, re.s 4()4 n 

Kiittnxy Wni AV (Carolina S), collector liichmond Gas Co, res 

4()2 n Eleventh. 
Raughinn'ton Miss Annie, wks Ilnntini^ton ILonse, hds same. 
Ranghington Aliss JNfaggie, 2d co(>k Huntington Jlonse, hds 

Raukopf Eliza (wid George), vest maker, res 221) s D. 
K.anko})f Miss Ida, res 300 s Third. 
Jlanko])h John (Annie), barber, res 311 s Se\enth. 
j llausch Adam (Catliarine), wks Wayne Agrl Co, res 530 s Sixth. 

^ Eausch Chas, wks Cliase Piano (Jo, res 530 s Sixth, 

j Ivawn Frank T (Mary A), switchman at bridge C St L v.^ P Lty, 

j res 412 n Eit'tli. 

Rawn Geo E, wks Gaar, Scott & Co, res 412 n Fifth. 
Ray Nathan H (Afary), (Ray ,S^ Harvey), i-es 103 n Fifteenth. 
Ray & Harvey, (Nathan II iiay and Will F Harvey), whole- 
sale lancy groceries, 4PJ n Eighth and 801> n F], tel 151. 

i Reading Room Free, W C T LJ. over 90l .Main. 

I" Reaga Delia, domestic llDn Third. 

' • Eeckers Joseph (Anna), boots anil shoes, 330 s Fifth, res .same. 

I . Reddinghaus F]lizal)eth (wid Harmon), res 1008 J. 

' Eeddinghans Penjamin (Margaret), pro[)r brick yard, res 1323 

! s J. 

I Eeddinghans Erank, res 1323 s J. ■ 

lieddinghans Miss Mary M, res 1323 s J. 
' Eeddish Sanford (Martha A), elk claim agt ollice C St L Sl P Ry, 

Union Depot, res 135 s Seventh. 
Eedman (Jeo AV (l\rary L), contractor, res 210 n TwellVh. 
Eeed Adam (Abigail), stone mason, res Sevastopol. 
Eeed Alonzo A\^ (Isabelle A), blacksmith foreman Wayne Agrl 

C/O, res 320 n Niiu'teenth. 
Raad Penjamin (Sarali F), blacksmith Wayne Agrl Co, res 1212 

II G.' 

tfE^^-fc? ^^ at NICHOLSON & BRO. 

PAPER BOXES MADE TO ORDER Ql lllUllUljOUn tt UllU. btioel. 

Fire Brick and Clay -"' MATHER BROS. 


lieeil C^:ilviii, (cul), stone niusoii, res w s llillsboruui^li pike, 1 ii 

lloed (Ti-eeii, (col), eollectiuii agt nns over (>3i jNTaiii. 
Iveed Fi-aiik (Laura), ^\•ks Gaar, Scott & Oo, res 8evastoj3ol. 
Reed Frank I, (Irwin Reed & Sons), 1-es 42 11 Eiirhth. 
Reed Irwiu (Mary INI), (Irwin Keed Sl Sons), res 42 n Eighth. , 
Keed James A (Mattie), })histerer, res 50 s Seventli. 
Iveed Jusej)h E, j)histerer, res SevastopoL 
Keed Miss Mary, res 22 s Seventh. 
Reed Miss Mattie E, res 42 n Eighth. 
Rqed Sarah, domestic s end Eighteenth and Nineteenth. 
Reed Miss Stelhi J, res 1^20 n "Nineteenth. 
Reed Steven (Lizzie), machinist, bds 114 n Eleventh. 
Reed Wn'i M, machinist, res SevastopoL 
Reed Irwin & Sons, (Irwin, Frank), hardware, nails, glass and 

agrl implements, 031 and C)'^'^ Main, tel 71. 
Reeder Chas (Ella), engineei- C 11 S: D lly, res n s ii 1, 1 w 

Reers Anton B, stone mastjn, res 1<)8 n Seventeenth. 
Rees Samuel (Elizabeth), hatter, Id s Seventh, res same. 
Reese Miss Cassie V, school teachei-, res 401 s Eleventh. 
Reese Harry, lawn mower, res 210 s Eleventh. 
Reese Joseph II, molder, res 401 s Eleventh. 
Reese Miss Katie, res 210 s Eleventh. 

Reese Miss Laura Y, masquerade costumes, res 210 s Eleventh. 
Reese Wm, farmer, I'es Hillsborough pike, 4 n bridge. 
Reese Wm E, (Mary), res 401 s Eleventh. 
Reese Wm F, molder Wayne vVgrl C^o, res 401 s F^leventh. 
Reeves Arthur M, sec'y Cham))ion Roller Milling Co, res Reeve- 

ston, s end Sixteenth. 
Reeves James E (Hannah E), pres 1st Nat Rank, and ])res 

lioller T^Iilling Co, res 222 n Tenth. 
Reeves James F (^I^i^'y I^ A), cash 1st Nat l)aid;, ])res C/ham- 

pion Roller Skate and A\^agon (Jo, and Evans, h'erguson iSc 

Reeves, res 223 n Thirteenth. 
Reeves Miss May, res 222 n Tenth. 
Reeves Orange D (Matilda), trav agt Hoosier Drill CV), res ir>24 

Reeves Orange I), sec'y and treas Richmond Rollei* Skate and 

Castor Co, res 220 n Thirteenth. 
Reeves AVm P, res 222 n Tenth. 
Reichert Chas II, butcher, res 225 s Twelfth. 

TTT^-vsn r^f^Art Window Guarda. Wire Siyns. store j W. T. BARBEE 

YV irc UOOU-O. Fixtures, Flower atuncis, Floral Designs, j lion and Wire Works 

Ho'it^f.hh^^^T^J'SSS^v^^t D. B. CRAWFORD & SON, 528 Main St. 


Reicliert John C (Mao-daloiic), butcher, res i^25 s Twelfth. ' 

Ueichert ^[iss I.ulu A, res iii^f) s Twelfth. 

Reichl^' Louis (Anna M), wks St 1. A: T Ity, res U4 Liberty 

Iveid Alexander S, shipj)iii«^' elk John W Grubbs & Co, res New- 

|)t)rt ])ike, 1^ ni n city. " « v 

Llcid Mrs Alice, n3S 408 s Fifth, 
lleid Annie (wid Andi'ew), res 600 n 1). 
Keid Ann G (wid Daniel), res 100 s Ei-hth. 
Reid Daniel G (Elhi C), teller 2d Nat Laid<, res 227 n Tenth. 
Lieid dames 1* (Alice), trav ai^t, res 000 n D. 
Lieid Lucy, domestic ?y2 s Eleventh. 
Lieid ]\[iss Mary A J, res 20 s Eleventh, 
lieid Atiss Nettie, res 408 s Fifth, 
lieid Kichard 0, res 820 n Eleventh. 
Reid William S (Sarah d), (lleid, Leeler iS^ Go), res :o2G n 

Reid, Beeler & Co, (VV^m S Keid, Ghristopher G F)eeler, John 

F Smith, L]dgar G ilibberd), pork j)ackers, 421 n Eiij^hth, 

ofHce tel 03, pork house O-V.]. 
lleider Albert, teamstei*, bds 312 Main. 
Reif, see also Rife. 

Reif (Caroline (wid George), res 229 n Sixth. 

lieif Fredk A (Emma E), bakery and confectionery, 404 n Eighth, 

res 218 n Seventh. 
Reif Miss Mary, res 221) n Sixth. 
Reitter L M, wks E Smith c^ Go. 

Relyea Miss M II, hair (b-esser, 25 n Eighth, res same. 
Renk Andrew, wks R (;ity Mill Works, res 507 n Seventeenth. 
I^enk Fred, wks Zeller & Go, res 307 s Ninth. 
Renk (Jeo (Amelia), butcher, res 405 s Eighth. 
Renk Geo (Alice), foi-eman E Smith & Go, res 415 s Ninth. 
l>ei>k Margai'et (wid (ieorge), i'(!S 507 n Sc'venteenth. 
Renk Margaret (wid Simon) res r>07 s Ninth. 
Itenk Simon, butcher J (J Oxer iSL Son, res 307 s Ninth. 
Reneker Henry, (col), (^Llry), lab, res 21 L B Tenth. 
Rentzrich Otto, dry goods and notions, 004 and 1)0(1 Main, bds 

Arlington House. 

Reynolds -, wks Hoosier Drill Go, res 205 s Ninth. 

Reynolds (wid), res 808 n 1). 

Reynolds iHnijamin (Ida), barber, res 320 n Seventh. 
Reynolds George W (Ester), lab, res Sevasto])ol. 

Ollico ami Nvliool Soi-ali-li UooKn nf XTTPUnT QOM ?, RDfl ^'^^^ ^^•^•^^ 
JUIlNcellaiicouH, ItluiiU «l: School UooliM d I illbnULOUil (X DilU. Stroul. 

Everybody buys their COAL of Mather Bros. 


Reynolds Erie L (IJllie 11), hoots and shoes, 530 Main, res 1007 
s A. 

Keynol^ls George W (col), j^orter liuntino^ton House, hds same. 

Iveynolds Atorris 1> (Kacliel J) photofr;i-apher. cor Ft Wayne ave 
and Sixth, res 101 Ft Wayne ave. 

Tveynt'lds Stewart, wks Wni l>axtor, W Richmond, 

Reynolds William F, school teacher, hds 2(J s Thirteenth. 

Rhoads Elizaheth (wid Silas S), res 25 n Third. 

Rhoads dames S, mail ng-t, res 'J5 n Third. ' , , 

Rhoder Chris, wks A¥ii2^i>ins ik Son. 

Rhoder Henry, wks Witrgins tfc Son. 

Rice Daniel (col), barber, 543 n Twelfth, bds same. 

Rice Rufus (col), res 80S n Sixteenth. 

Rice AV^illiam (ITettie A), lumber dealer, res 114 s Twelfth, 

Rich Daniel C (Esther A), carpenter J N l[oil;i,in, res cor Fourth 
and A. 

Rich Harvey (Plestcr), carpenter, res 101 s Fourth. 

Rich ]\Iiss Lillie ]\1, seamstress, res 207 n Sixth. 

Rich Peter (Ann AI), carpenter Gaar, Scott & Co, res 207 n 

Ricli Reuben (Lucetta), wks Gaar, Scott & Co, res 1021) n L 

Richardson Joseph W, molder Hoosier iJrill Co, res 20 n Seven- 

Richardson Lewis H (Susanna), res 2(3 n Seventeenth. 

Richey P^verett A (Alice J), dejnity elk Wayne (Jircuit Court, 
res 28 n Thirteenth. 

Richey Louis, wi]:»er St ]j & P slio|)s, i-es 108 Ft AV^ayne ave. 

Richey Susan (wid), res 125 s Second. 

Richey Walter M (Jenide), engineer C S L c^ P Ry, res l08 Vt 
Wayne ave. 

Hichie Malcomb, typo Palladium. 

Richmond Bentwood Co, L R ]\lansiield prop, mfrs spokes, 
felloes and bent wood, 203 and 2(j5 n Third. 

Richmond Business College and Telegraph Institute, 
over 725, 727 and 721) Main, J K Reck l^: Co, props. 

Richmond Brass and Babbitt AVorks, ,)ohn 11 VVooler prop, 1018 

Richmond Carpet Co, A W Meyer <Sc Co, ]iro|), 727 JMain. 

Richmond Chair Co, dames E Thomas pres, 1) Surface secy and 
treas, manf<; of Double Caned (Miairs, 1233 n E, tel 15V». 

Richmond Check Rower Co, Hem-y Farmer j)res, W C Shoe- 
maker secy and treas, 1104 to 1110 n K. 

TKT\y^a r*r\r\r\c> Chairs and Settees, Sumnit^r Hoiisoa, i W. T. BARBEE, 

YV irU WTUULlo. Screens, and all kinds of Wire (Jlotti, i ikon and wirl works. 

3 patent unlaundered Shirt/'thetoss." °-^ i^oT"^'^ 


Iviclinioiul City P)ill Posters, J^obhins JJios, ollice Phillips Opera 

Kichinond City Dye Konse, Conrad Winkler propr, 1011 s 0. 
Richmond City Mill Works, nif^; and dealer in flouring mill 

machinery, IdOl n h\ ,] (i Lemon pres, L T Lemon secy and 

ti-eas, C F Walters median ic;;il manager, tel 2. 
Riclimond City Street It R Co, J P Miller ])res, Jas Katlili' 

vice pi'cs, ll 1 Mil lei' treas and see}', oUice 15 s Seventh. 
Richmond City Water Works, J ^I llntton pres, W P llut- 

tun treas, .1 I> ('raigliead, ^cc)\ 
Richmond Democrat, elames IClder ])ublisher, 537 JMain. 
Richmond Daily and Weekly Independent, Frederick 

]\iaag ])i-opi-, Mrs 1) M Joi'dan editor, over ClOU Main, tel 94. 
Richmond Enquirer, (weekly), over GUI Alain, Edward War- 
wick editor and ]»ro{)r. 
Richmond Evening Item, see Evening Item, tel 78. 
Richmond Fence Co (L^lgur Henley, Alva J Henley), mnfrs 

Uichniond combination Fence, 1000 ALain. 
Richmond Foundry Co, Charles H ColHn })res, W C Shoe- 

nndver sec and treas, 1104 to 1110 n E. 
Richmond Gas Co, works cor First and Main, oilicc 81S Main, 

J M Starr ])n^<, C C Binkley secy, Penj Starr treas. 
llichmond Grain Exchange, Thonnis Jordan ])ro])r, room 1 Tre- 

mont Block. 

Richmond Gutter Hanger, Van Uxem & Co, 025 Main. 
Richmond Machine Works, i> F Ferry pres, L II Hunyan 

secy, mtrs balanced valve engines, saw mills, tile mills etc, 

on railroad, n e Fnion Depot, tel 4. 
Richmond Meat Market, I'nsch S: Kimmeile proj^rs, 1)09 


Richmond Normal School, n F, bet Eleventh and Twelith. 

; Richmond Palladium, (daily and weekly), .s;U and ^33 Main, 

Isaac jL-nkiiiton, tul and pro]), tel 21. 
i Richmond Paper B'lill, James S Ostrander, snpt Willianis- 
': Inirg Fike, neai' city limits. 

; Richmond Roller Mills, C G Carpenter manager, numlVs 

Fancy Roller Flour, n w cor Second and n C 
■[ llichmond Roller Skate and Caster Co, mi'rs Holler Skate.-, and 

casters, KXH n F, oflice 10!^ Main. 

1 Richmond Shirt Factory, I^ F Demson prop, 010 J\Liin. 
Richmond Street Railway and Transfer Co, 15, 17 and \\) 

s Sevenlh. 

T2i) Main 

Nicholson ^ Bro. q'ZStr Office Supplies, '''iulil 

Sunday Creek Coal MutM^ruros., RiclmiODd, M. 


Richmond Sunday Register, M Cullatou ^ Co props, 11 and 
His Eighth. 

Richmond Telephone Exchange, see Central Telephone Ex- 

Richmond Telegram, (weekly), over 017 and i)19 Main, E C 
iMarlin, ed and pro]). 

Richmond Truck Mfg Co, 1001 Main, Jno Henley ]nes, 
David 11 Hill treas, Wehster Parry seey. 

Richmond Vidette, Eelix V Anderson niang, J 1> Collett ed, 
«)17 ]\laiu. 

Richmond Volkszeitung, (weekly), over OOO Main, E Maag 
pi'o]), Eeter Young editor. 

Richmond Weather Strip Co, W T iJennis pres, Erank Den- 
nis secy and treas, Joseph E Kowlett genl agt lO-t ]\i.ain. 

Iliclimond Woolen Mills, Test & Eros jn'oprs, on AV^hite Kiver, 
^ mile s w city limits. 

Kick Henry (Annie), butcher, res 427 s 11. ' . 

llider Albert, wks Odorless Excavating Co. ; ' 

Kider Miss .Delia, res 110 b Sixth. • ' ' 

llider Eli, wks Thomas Pickens, res 719 n Eighth. 

Itider James A, forennin Odorless Excavating Co, res 312 I\[ain. 

llider Jennie, domestic, 40 s Eleventh. 

llider John 11 (Sarah), lab, res West llichmond. 

Kider William (Anna), horse buyer, res 11(5 s Sixth. 

Itieger Henry (Magdalena), lab, res 701 s Eighth. 

Itieger Miss Lena, res 701 s Eighth. 

Kietmann John, wks II II Meerholi*. bds 119 6 Tenth. 

Rief, see also Reif. 

Eife Daniel W (Mary L), wks Ery Bros, res 404 s Twelfth. 

Kidle Chauncey (Sarah), cabinet maker llaynes, Si)cncer Sc Co, 
res 24 n Seventeenth. 

Riiile Miss ]\Iabel, res 24 n Seventeenth. 

RiggS A B (Eucy P), manager The Singer IVIanlg Co, 707 
Main, res 21 Westcott blk, 

Kiley Alicia (wid James), res 014 s 1>. 

Iviley Miss Kate, dressmaker, res 014 s \\. 

Kiley Phillips, lab Insane Asylum, res (314 s 11 

Kiner Kussell M (Maggie A), contractor, res 31() n Plinth. 

Kinghot' John (Mary), wks Wiggins e'*: Son, res 204 s Sec- 

Kitchie Malcolm (Jennie), j)rinter Daily l*alladium, res 219 n 


D. B. Crawford Sl Son 

Dress Goods, Black I Fancy Silks, ^- ^^'^'Si.^i^rit^, 


Hitter Albert J, carriage blac^ksinitli i* iScliiieider, bds riiillips 

Ivitter Peter (Mary J), res 118 s Twelfth. 
liitz Peter (Theresa), wood carver, res UUO ii Twell'th, 
Jtivels Daniel (col), stone mason, res 7;>5 n Fifteenth. 

Jtobbins Collins- (Eva), lab, res . 

lu)l)bins Elliott (Neliaj, c.arj)entei", I'e;^ Wh n Sixth. 
liobbins Miss Elorance, res o5 n Sixth. 
Kobbins (nxtve W (Enuna Jil), cari)enter, i-es 20i n Sixth, 
llobbins James K (Louisa), lab, res Sevastopol. 
Hobbius John F (Ilena G) (Peelle ct llobbins), res 131 n Thir- 
liobbins Leah (col), domestic IMI s Ei<;hth. 
Kobbins Miss Sarah (col), res 240 s Fourth. 
Ittibbins Uuben, wks IJrannon As Hawkins, res Sevastopol. 
Itobbins Silas (Amanda), carpenter, res 35 n Sixth. 
lloberts Charles A (Mary L), painter, res '1\^> n Eleventh. 
Itoberts Eli (Mary A), farmej-, res 41> s Thirteenth. 
lioberts Eli (col) (Anna), turnkey city jail, res 331 s Eleventh. 
Itobei-ts Horace M (Julia), (II ]\[ Poberts ^ Son), res IL^O n 

lloberts John B (Allie A), res 73() n Tenth. 
Kobert Jonathan (Mai-y), retii'ed farmer, res 41) s Thii-teenth. 
Huberts Lucius AV (Margaret C), (H A[ Kolierts A: Son), res 122 

11 Eleventh. 
Itoberts Melson, (col), lab, res 1230 s J. 
Roberts Thomas W (Lucinda L) contractor and builder, and 

councilman VA ward, res 215 n Eleventh. 
lioberts H M ^ Son (Horace M and L W), limdu-r, 421 n Eighth, 

tel 8. 
Robertson (iilbert (L^lizabelh), wks Kol lei' Skate I'actory, res 131) 

s Third. 
Ivobertson Lemuel, wks U Poller Skate ^ C (^o, res 805 n (L 
itobertson ]\I.iss Lizzie 1\ it's S()5 n (i. 
Jtobertson l^olly, (col), (wid Robert),) res T3)L) n Fil'leenth. 
Itobertst)!! Sarah, res 805 n (L 
Pobertson Thos (ftcbecca), lab, res h05 n C. 
Robie William J (Alice N), sale.Hnan and shipper (Liar, ScoU 

c\: (yo, i-es 11 V n Thirteenth. 
Pobinson Miss, res 4t)T n Tenth. • 

Kobinson (Calvin (Polly A), (col), lab, res over 151 Ft Wayne 


All kinds of BLANK BOOKS Nicholson a bro. 

TeWoiie to MATHER BROS' for CO^L 


Kobiiisoii Miss Eleiioi'ii II, bkpr {incl stcii«)^r;ii>li(!i' Uul>in.soii & 

Co, res 242 s Fifth. 
Kol)iii?()ii Miss F;iiinie M, res 242 s Kiftli. 
Robinson Francis W (Susan 1>), (ItuliinsoTi (.V: Co), i-es 242 s 


llobinson Fi'aiicis (Katie), res 21() s Third. 

liul)iiis(>ii 4'i-aiik P), res 407 n Tenth. 

Robinson Henry E (l^^niiim 1>), (Itohiuson S: (Jt*), res 407 n 

llobinson Luc} (wid Win), res 107 n 1^'it'teenth. 
Itobinson JNfiss Nora II, ivs 242 s Filth. 
Fiobinson Seott, wks M C Henley, ros 718 s Eighth. 
Kol>inson W^ni E (Ainan(hi), res 18 s 41iird. 
Robinson & Co, (I^'raneis W and Henry E), nifrs })oi1able and 

traction engines, threshers and saw mills, 210 to 228 Alain, 

tel 5. 
Robson Miss Alice res W liiclmiond. 
KobsonMiss Jane, res W Kichniond. 
Itobson John, res. \V Itielnnond. 
Itobson iticliard (Caroline), tailor, res W Uiclunond. 
Rockhill Miss Jennie, domestic 2;>1 n Tenth. 
4tockhill Fizzie, domestic lUi'J n Tenth. 
Rockn|)p ]\riss Mary (wid (Jhas), res oOO s I'hird. 
Itode Miss Mary i), res 3o3 s Sixth. 

Itodeteld August, horse shoer Eli Evans, bds Fhillips House. 
Kodenberger John W (Maria), (Kodenberg cV: Fogart), res 807 

11 F. " 
Kodenberg Joseph (Manda), res Si)ring (Irovc. 
Itodenberg Stephen 1), elk tVt dept Ci It c^ I liy, res 807 n F. 
liodenberger ife I^ogart (John W Rodenl)erger, Albert A Fogail), 

saloon, HU Ft Wayne ave. 
llodlield Gus, blacksmith, bds 4Miillips House, 
lioders AHchael, hib (J St F iSc V Ivy, res IFll n (F 
Jwogison Clarence, elk Mrs AF F Dick, 
liogers Douglass S, baker V llusson, res 109 b Seventh. 
Jlogers l]li (Eunice), i)rick ma-son, paver and contractor, res 1100 

Kodgers Faura F (wid James), res lot) s Seventh, 
llogers Fill (Maggie) restaurant, 515 Main, res n E. 
iiogers Michael, wks C St F .V: 1* Uy, bds 414 n Sixth. 
Rogers Sylvester E (Marg(M-y), cigars and tobaccos, Fi n Eight ii, 

res iOlO Main. 

TTr;%i*« r»«/H/3« window GimrdH. wire StKna. store I W. T. B AHHKK 

W irS UOOdS. Flxturod, Flowwr Stundo, Floral Dl;bl^fn3, | lion ati Wire Worki 



Itohe Miss Aiiiiic M, res 3315 s Sixtli. 

Rohe Mis l)in;i (wld Frank), rc3S 33l> s Sixth. 

Kolio lleiii'Y, wks (raar, Scott ct Co, Inh 333 s Sixth. 

Kohe flosoj^h (Mary), molder, res 118 n Tliird. 

liohe Miss Lena J], trimmer Aliss L E McWhinney, res 48 s 

Rohe Mrs Mary (wid Frardc 11), res W Kiclnnond. 
Roling John H (Mary A), wlicdesale and lu^tail hardware, afrrl 

Jm[)lemeiits, ]>aints, oils, etc, ()()G and (JOS Main and 11 and 

13 n Sixth, tel 85, res 38 s Seventh. 
Roll Casper (Belle), l)agga<remaM C St L c^ P Ky, res 530 s 

Iwollins Miss Eva, cook John II Scott, res 311) s Tenth. 
lu)lson Joseph (Ilattie), teamster, res -108 Tvveltth. 
Rolson Martha (col) (wid Ganes), res rear li08 s Eleventh. 
Romberg C'arrie, domestic 211 s Eleventh. 
Uomberiij Henry 11 (Mary E), molder Gaar, Scott & Co, res 324 

s Tenth. 
Roney Ed«i-ar E, news a^t, res 111 ii Seventh. 
Roney James W (Mary E), city editor and hnsiness manager 

Riclimond Telegram, res 32 11 Eiilh. 
lumey dolin A (Lnly A), j)ainter, i-es 512 s Thirteenth. 
Roney John J (Catharine), news and insurance agt, 1)05 u E, res 

11 1 n Seventh. 
Rosa Miss Caroline, vest maker, j'cs -133 s Fourth. 
Itosa Eliza, domestic, 1221 Main. 
Rosa Miss Emma 11, res 501) s Ninth. 

Rosa I'l-nest F (Deborah), (vonncilman 1st wanl and mantV min- 
eral watei-s, J33 to 43:) s Foni-th, tel :;i), res -j;;3 s l'\)nrth. 
Rosa Ileni-y, wks G 11 Wefel, i-es II 1 s Tenth. 
Rosa flolin H (Louisa), foreman Reed, IJeeler iS:. ('o, res 32r) s 

Rosa Afiss Lizzie, elk (Jeo lvnolleid)erg, res 32(> s Sixth. 
Rosa Miss Mai-y, res 4;^3> s Fourth. 
Ivosa AVilliam 11, machinist, I'es -133 s Fourth. 
Rosc(»e Marian (wid StepluMi C), res !)7 n 1^'t Wayne ave. 
Roscoe Miss Ruth, dressmaker, I'ts !IT n I'^l Wayne a\(>.. 
Ivose Henry (Louisa), molder, i-es 111 s Tenth. 
Rose Thonias, lively, feed and sale stable, s w cor Seventh and n 

A, tel 17(), bds Ai-lington House. 
Roscu" Andrew, i-es 21) n S(!\enth. 
Roser Edward 11 (Malinda), elk Emil Huck, res 21) n Sevenlli. 

School Books and School Supplies 

rAi) Mulu tStroot. 

SEWER PIPE Mather' iros. Richmoiid, Ind. 


Rosor Emilia, domestic 48 AVashingtoii avc. 

looser ]\l.iss Emqia, res 29 ii Seventh. 

looser Mi s^ Fjiniiie, res 29 n Seventh. 

Jioser Ffiinces, domestic 522 n Sixth. 

Ivoser Phil]i|), molder, res 29 n Seventh. 

Koser Miss Kicke, res 29 n Seventli. 

Uoss Miss Edith, res 512 n Sixteenth. 

Uoss James K (Mary J), pliysieian, 512 n Sixteentli, res same. 

Uoss Afiss Eeota, student, res 1225 Main. 

Uoss Tliomas E (Louisa), ])ilot Hook and Ladder No 2, res 44 n 

Ross Wm II (Alice C), drugs 804 ]\Iain, res 1225 ]\Lain. 
Uoss Wm M, student, res 1225 Main. 

Itost Albert F, elk F Lichtentels & Co, res 501 s Eleventii. 
Uost F)'ank S, res 501 s Eleventh. 
Uost Frederick F (Anna), cigar factory, 404 Main, res 501 s 

Uost Henry (Louisa), lab, res 418 s Eleventh. 
Uost Henry jr, elk Hiif Uros, res 418 s Eleventh. 
Uost Herman H, saloon, 1(> and 18 s Sixth, res same. 
Uost Louis, tailor, I'es 418 s Eleventh. 

Uost William F, wks Haynes Spencer & Co, res 501 s Eleventh. 
Uost H H & Co (Herman H Uost), saloon, IG and \S s Sixth. 
Uother Anna, domestic 239 s ThirteeTith. 

Uothert Henry sr (Anna), wks Wiggins' tannery, res 439 s Ninth. 
Uothert Henry jr, molder (ia^ir, Scott cVs Co, res 439 s Ninth. 
Uothert Mary E, domestic 119 n Sixteenth. 
Uother Miss Mary, res 439 s Ninth. 
Itothert Christoj)her (Augar), lab, n^s 542 s Sixth. 
Kottinghaus Miss Alice, wks B Ariu)ld, res 037 s E. 
Uottinahaus Fi'ank J (Mary K), lab, res 037 s E. 
Uowe James (Margaret), lab Wntvv Works, res 139 8 Third. 
Rowlett Jacob V, (Anna E), manager (Jhampion iioller Skate 

and Wagon Co, res 209 s Twelfth. 
Uovvlett Joseph F (Carrie N), genl agt Uiclimond Weather Strip 

(a), res 232 s Fourth. 
Rowlett Oliver U (Hannah A) (Uiclnnond Check Uower C'o), res 

212 n Twelfth. 
Uowlett William F, wks Uichnu>nd Weather Strip (-o, res 232 s 

Uowlett Miss Minnie, bkpr (Jhampjon UoUer Skate and Wagon 

Co, res 209 s Twelfth. 

'sss^S^'^:'^:^^^^^::^^ \ W. T. BARBEE iron M Wire Works. 

FlttingB, Ornam'tl Rool" Creslint^H. 

Gents' Suits made to Order, °- =5§g^CiS*s'?.^°" RICHMOND 


Iwoyan Wihird, iinishor lliiynes, Spencer & Co, bds 202 ii Nine- 

Eiiby Alvin W, wks P Schneider,, res 229 s Ninth. ; 

Kuby Ambrose (Rose A), res 110 s Fiftli. 

Kuby Miss Nettie E, res 221) s Ninth. . ■ 

KiibyAVilliani T (Rose A), res 22!) s Ninth. 

Ruckle Afrs Ahu^ (wid John), res 1)3 s Second. 

Ruddick John J (May 0), carpenter skate factory, res 18 n Fli'- 

Riuk)l])h AFary (wid Anton), res 310 s Seventh. 

Ruii'ner Ileiny E (Alice), machinist Richmond .Machine AVks, 
res 312 n Seventeentli. 

Ruml)ero' Anna AT, domestic s end s Eighteenth. 

Rnmmel Emma, domestic 44 s Thirteenth. 

Rummel Harry, machinist Gaar, Scott & Co, bds n s n I, 1 w 

Runge Miss Annie, res 639 s J. 

Runge Henry H (Josephine), (Thomas & Runge), res 224 n 

Rnnge Jolm 11 (Adeline), (Louis Runge <& Son), res 639 s J. 

Runge Louis II (k^llen), (Louis Rnnge ^^ Son), res 639 s J. 

Runge Louis As Son (Louis 11 i^ John 11), llonr aiul Iced 14 n 

Runnels Do Witt, wks lloosier Drill Co, res 205 s Ninth. 

Runnels ,]ane (wid AV^illiam), res 30 n Sixth. 
I Runnels William, res 30 n Sixth. 

I Runyan Lurton 1) (Mary E), ]'(!s 52() n Eighteenth. 

I Runyan William, engineer, bds 201 n Ninth. 

i Rupe John L (Emma) (Foul ke c^ Rujx-), eity mayor and atty 

' at law, olhce public l)ldg, res 34 n l^levinitb. 

Ru]>e Judson R (Isabella), bkpr lloosier Drill ('O, res 24 n Thir- 

Rusche Henry (Louisa), carriage trimmer R Schneider, res 222 s 
I ' Filth. 

I Rusche John, ])ainter W 11 llawekotte, res Eaton Tike. 

Rusk Miss Annie E, physician, n e cor Twelfth and n A, res 
, same. 

Rusk Lattis L (k^lizabetli W), res n e cor Twelflh and n A. 

Rusk Francis M, wks M () Henley, res n e cor Twelfth and n A. 

Rusk (ieorge W, physician and surgeon, I'es n e eoi* 4\vi'lfth and 
n A. 

Russell Miss Annie E, elk Geo lvnollen])erg, res 3 13 n Sixteenth. 

The Latest popular Books ^^S al '''^n^\^m 




Knssell Eliza (wid William), res 113 ii Sixteenth. 
Russell Geor<>,e W (G W Jliissel A: Co), res 217 n Tliirteeiitli. 
Russell Geo W (G AV Knssell v^ Co), \>As K; s Seventh. 
Russell James J (^largaret E), planing niill, 515 n Twelfth, tel 

7, res 112 n Seventh. 
Russell John (Lizzie), cai"])Cnter, res 310 n Thirteenth. 
Russell Joseph (Sadie), wks Wayne Agrl Co, I'es Sevastopol. 
Russell Lida (wid James), ]'es 42 n Eiith. 
Russell Aliss Minnie, res -12 n Fifth. 

Russell Robert 0, machinist Alill Works, res 313 n Sixteenth. 
Russell Simon, carpenter Cox tt Smith, res 313 n Sixteenth. 
Russell Wm E (Marinda), machinist lloosier Drill Co, res 20G n 

Russell Geo W & Co, (Geo W Russell), livery, feed and 

sale stable 15 s Se\ enth, tel 82. 
Rutter Eliza S (wid James), res 315 n T'hirteenth. 
Rutter Mortimer L (Jennie M), wks Smith & Co, res 315 n 

Ruve Henry (Lizzie), stone cutter, res 429 s Fourth. 
Ryan Aliss Anna, elk LE Leonard & Co, res 825 n G. 
Ryan Edward, wks Rodgers Restaurant, res 14 Ft A\^ayne ave. 
Ryan James (Hannah), watchman 1\L C Henley, res 825 n G. 
Ryan James F, elk S M. Pierson, res 825 n G.. 
Ryan John, lab, res 225 s Eleventh. 
Ryan JVIiss IMargaret, res 224 n Eighth. 
Ryan Sarah A (wid John), res 224 n Eiuhlh. 
Ryder Eh E, wks T i^ickuns, j-es 711) n F. 
Ryder Daniel (Josephine S), ])liot()grapher over 72U ]\Liin, res 

Ryder J\[iss Jennie, dressmaker, res 710 n 1^\ 
Ryder Jonathan (Martha A), lab, res 711) n F. 
Ryder ]\liss Mariam M. dressnud<er, res 71!) n F. 
Ryder Otho E, elk Jno E Peltz, bds 25 n iXinth, rms over 720 

Rynearson Alton J, ])orter Van Uxem S: Co, res 1()5 n Second. 
Rynearson Ellsworth, hostler, 1410 Main, bds same. 
Ryves Rev John, ])astor St Mary's Catholic Church, res 710 

n A. 

Iron Shuttera, Bulconlos, Gratint^s, 
Uank Work, Area RaUin>?s. Stable 
FittlnffB, Ornam'tl Roof Creatings 

te i W, T. BARBEE Iron M Wire Worts. 


Carpets and Dry Goods ^^l^eeT"" D, B. CRAWFORD & SON 



Sackiriiiii Corwiii L (Anna A), wks [fayiies, Sponcer & Co, res 
t)l<) 11 Ninth. 

Sackinaii S (', bench liaiul ,] J llussel, res (jPJ n Ninth. 

Sa(]ie Mary, domestic i\:i n Foiirteentli. 

Saddler Mrs Fannie, rnis *i(> s kSeventh. ' 

Sailes Theopliilns (col) (Martha C), carpenter, res 23(1 s Eleventh. 

Sailes James (col) (^Lnella), carj)enler, i-es 2.j(i s Eleventh. 

Sailes ]\liss Uachel (col), res 230 s Eleventh. 

Sain Sidne}^ (col) (Ency A), lal), res 705 s Thirteenth. 

Saleg Margaretta, domestic 130:i: Main. 

Salter ]\liss Carrie E, school teacher, res 11) n Fifth. 

Salter Edward J (Sallie), wks Champion lioller Skate and Wagon 
Co, res 19n Eifth. 

Salter Miss Elora E, dressmaker, res 11) n Fifth. 

Samnis Sarah (J (wid Eewis), res EtOl) n C 

Sample Earl, ^machinist E Machine Works. 

Sanders Clinton (Ella), machinist Iloosier Di'ill Co, res i 00 u 

Sanders M i"S Ellen (Cxeorge), res 21 s Sixteenth. 

Sanders Miss lilmnia, waiter ihintington llonse, bds same. 

Sanders Lee, machinist, res. 21 s Sixteenth. 

Sanders Mary (wid F'rederick), res 013 s C 

Sands Benjamin (M;iry E), (Sands Sl Jacobs), res 105 n Fif- 

Sands Foiiisa (wid J)avid), res 113 n Seventh. 

Sands Samnel A (Mary F), res li) s Eenth. 

Sands & Jacobs, (i»ciijamiii Sands, John Iv Jacobs), grocers 
and meat market, 1500 Main, tel 132. 

Sater (leorge C, book agent, rooms 1521^ n A. 

Sanber Eaiira M (wid VV iv), res 302 n F'ourteenth. 

Saner Adam (Farbara), fruit stand, res 301 n Fourth. 

Saner Miss Annie (', res 30 t n Fourth. 

Saner Anna, domestic 104 n Fleventh. 

Saner (Christopher, lab, bd^ 111* s Seventli. 

Saner David (Flla), watchman C St L & E Ey, res 1031 n If. 

Saner George, wks O K Ntnvmau, res 227 s S(!Cond. 

S;iner John (Ophia), farnujr, res VV Eichmond. 

Saner John A(lam (JKirbara), news stand, cor Eighth and Main, 
r(!s 301 n b'onrth. 

WEDDING. BIRTHDAY AND "KTinhrilcirxn Ar "Rro No. 71^.0 Muln 
HOLIDAY Uil<"ra AT iNlCIlUlbUIl 06 JDl U. atrcot. 

BEST Screeuei Aiitbracitc COAL < MATHER BROS, 


8aucr Julni P, res 301 ii Fuiirth. 

Saner Lawrence (Sarah N), wks Cliase Piano Co, res 227 s Sec- 
ond. ' , : - ., ; ^ .; _ 

Sauer Miss Mary, res 227 s Second. 

Sauer Miss ]VIary M, res 301 n Fourth. 

Sauer Miss Mollie, res 227 s Second. 

Sauer Mollie, domestic 301 n Twelfth. 

SauerSj see also Sowers. 

Sauei'S Frank (Katie), varnisher Chase JMano Co, res 24 n Third. 

Sauers Katie, res 227 s Second. 

Sauers IVIary, domestic 1221 Main. 

Saunders ALiss Agnes, elk L E J^eonard & Co, res 24 n Four- 

Saunders John i> (Ella J\I) (Daron & Saundcj-s), res 204 n 

Saunders Kobert, carriage blacksmith P Schneider, res 24 s Six- 

Savage John S (Hannah), agt Dayton Hedge Co, res 14 s Seventh. 

Savage William (col), waitej' Arlington House, bds same. 

Sawyer Jose])h (col), whitewasher, res 1412 n F. 

Saylor John 11 (i\[inta), elk (ioo Knollenl)erg, res 4(S s Sixteenth. 

Sayman Mrs Sarah, re})aii"er umbrellas and j)arasols, 8 s Fifth, 
res same. 

Sayre Wm A (Marthr E), nnichinist Gaar, Scott & Co, res 324 
■ nA. 

Sceifer Enos (Lena), wks Gaar, Scott (Sl Co, res AVilliamsberg 
pike, near 1st toll gate. 

Schaefer, see also Shafer. 

Schaefer. Christian F (Maggie P), wholesale notions, 417 n 
Eighth, res 128 s 1>, tel U)4. 

Schaifer James C (JNTatilda), lab, res 322 n Fourteenth. 

Schatfer Lindley, lab, res 321 n Fourth. 

Schalck, see also Shalck. 

Schalk Edgar (Lizzie). ))ainter lloosier Drill Works, res 122 n 

Schalk Frank, painter lloosier Drill Co, rms 233 n Tenth. 
Schai'f Frederick (Mary), cabinetmaker, res lOl s Fifth. 
Schatlel Peter (Lena), taih)r Simon 1h)X, i"es 311) n A. 
Schatz William (Annie), machinist, res 130 s Thirteenlli. 
Scheibler Fraidv (Minner), (Schcibler cV: Co), res 70s s Fifth. 
Sclieilhei- Miss Uachel, wks Wiggins c^ ('o, res vS n Ninth. 
Schell Miss (iei'trude, res 1303 ]\lain. 



Home-made Hose & Socks, Buck <fe Seal Skin Ti "P H'^n-m-Pr^^A P, C»o.v» 
Driving Gloves, Collars, Ruches «Si Ties, at ■L'- £>• L>raWIOrU Ot OOIl 


Scliell Ileiiiy ((TCi-tnide), boot and blioeriiaker, -10() n Eiglitli, 

res 180* J IMaiii. 
Schell John J I, shoemaker lienry Schell, res 808 ii Eiglitli. 
Schell Miss Liilie B, res 1303 Main. 
Schell Matthew, student, res 1303 Main. 
Schell Jlenry (Jose[)hine), shoemaker, res SOS n Eighth. 
Schepman George W, mei-chant tailor, 407. Main, res same. 
Sehepniiin Homer, elk (Jeo JSchepman, res 407 Main. 
Schepman John (Minnie), ^vks \l City Mill Wks, res 320 n Sev- 
Schepman John F (Laura li), wks (yhampion l^oller Skate ct 

Wagon Co, res 318 s Third. 
Schepman John 11 (Mary E), tailor Ceo A\^ Schepman, res 407 

Schepman Oran, wks U City ]\lill Wks, res 320 n Seventeenth. . 
Scherb Daniel, wks Chase Piano Co, res 532 s Sixth. 
Scherb Henry (iMary), wks E E llosa, res 400 s Fourth. 
Scherb Eizzie (wid i^hillip), res 532 s Sixth. 
Scherb Miss Louisa J, res 532 s Sixth. 
Scherb Fhillip r (Anna M), shoemaker J L (Gilbert, res 210 s 

Scherer August (Helena), res 300 s Seventh. 
Scheuermann John II (Clai'a 1), cook V Merkle it Co, res .s25 ii 

Scliiefner Lt. a, domestic 115 n Fifteenth. 
Schiet'ner Miss T^ena, res 322 s Seventh. 
Schiet'ner Louis (Larbara), harness maker Wiggansifc Co, res 301 

s Ninth. 
Scliiefner Mary (wid Theodoi'e), res 322 s Seventh. 
Scliiefner AFiss Rachel, res 301 s Ninth. 

Schiller Jacob F (Sarah), check elk C 11 ^ I) U E, i-es 002 s E. 
Schlang Daniel, painter lloosier Drill Co. 
Schlater AVni 11 (Mai'ia L), lawyer, notary })nl)lic and ccuinty elk 

elect, room 3 over 2nd Nat Lank, res 21 s Twelfth. 
Schlater William L 1', res 21 s Twelfth. 

Schmidt, see also Smith, 

Schmidt ( )tlo, musician, )(;s 102 n i^aghth. • 

Schmitt Miss Kate L, res 315 s Liltli. 
Schmitt Ste|)li;in (Kate), grocer, 315 s Fifth, res same. 
Schmittker lazzie (wid William), res (!27 s Sev(;ntli. 

Schnider, see also Schneider, Sneider, Snider and Sny- 

HAVE YOUR MAGAZINES BOUND nf Xliniini QflM 9 DDH 7120 Main 
PAPER BOXEa MADE TO OliDEU (11 nil/iiUhljUll & DnU. Wtroot. 

Fire Brick and Clay ---^ ^ BIATHER BROS. 


Seliiiider Henry (Anna, M), street contractor, i"es 055 s J. 

Schnider John Cr, niacliinist, res 055 s J. 

Sc'linicler l\[iss Lida, res 055 s J. 

Schneider, see also Schnider, Sneider, Snider and Sny- 

Schneider J\Liss Alice, res 215 s Eleventh. 

Schneider Ueorge, tinner, I'es 015 s J. 

Schneider (Jeori^c, boik'i' maker Jerry CJowhi^c^' Co. 

Schneider (Jeoi-ge (Fannie), ])ainter P Sclmeidei-, i'es515 n Third. 

Schneidei' J(,)hn II A (Dora) res (Jl5 s J. 

Schneider Joseph V (Mai-y), inolder, res 000 s Ninth. 

Schneider J^hilip (Kate), carriage maker, !) s Sixth, res 215 s 

Schneider AV^m 11, teamster, res 015 s J. 

Schnelle, see also Snell. 

Schnelle Mrs Eliza C (wid Garret II), res 300 s Fonrth. 
Schnelle Ella M, domestic L Woodards, Sprino- Gi'ove. 
Schnelle Miss Emma M, res 300 s Fonrth. 
Schnelle John (Mary), res -iOJ) s Tenth. 
Schnelle John F, wks Gaar, Scott it (yo, res 300 s Foni'th. 
Schnelle Miss Mary M, wks Wi<i-gins & Co, res 300 s Fourth. 
Schneller John (Lena), wks Gaar, Scott sSl Co, res 122 n Sixth. 
Schiieyer Louis J (Clara B), wks Champion R S iS^ W Co, res 

113 s Seventh. 
Schnvirr Albert jr, (Mary), cabinetmaker, res over 20 s Sixth. 
Schnurr Albert H (Jane),(Schnurr & II aiier), res over 22 s Sixth. 
Schnurr Edward, cigar maker, res ovei- 20 s Sixth. 
Schnurr Miss Sarah, wks Nicholson 15ro's tSz bindery, res 20 s 

Schriurr & Haner, (Albert Schnurr and J»enjamin llaner), 

saloon and summer gai'den, 20 and 22 s Sixth. 

Schofer, see also Shofer. 

Shofer j\liss Katie, milliner M A Eielhorn, res 207 s Third. 

Schofer JMiniue (wid Garrett), res 2o7 s Third. 

Schotield Miss Annie, school teacher, res 222 s Third. 

Schotield Miss Maggie L, school teacher, res 222 s Thii'd. 

Schoing llermon (Charlotte), res over 217 s Filth. 

Schooley Wm T (Alice) nnudiinist, I'cs SO!) n I. 

Schooley AVilson I), model a,nd ] attern nnd^er, M!) Ft Wayne 

ave, res same. 
Scholl Jacob, shoemaker, imus' n s Main. 
Scholl .Maggie, domestic 215 n Fifteenth. ^ '^ ' • 

TTTfUnirt r^r^nAn Chuirs and Setteea. Summer HoviHoa, i W. T. BARBEE, 
VV irG wTUOUo. Bcroena, and all kinds of Wire Clotli. | ihoN and WIRl works. 


YARNS, all colors and qualities, '^IsgSSffgtte? 


Scliopf Al)raliain, lab llousier Drill Co. 

Schopf Anna E (^^■i^l Abraham ^V), l)oar(]i)ig liuiibO, 201 ii 

iNiiith. res same, boarding' by day, week or meal. 
Schopf ]\[iss Mary, res 2U] n Niiith." 
Schopf .^^iss Mattie, res 201 11 Ninth. 
Schott Jacob, ])aiiiter lloosiei- l>rill Co. 
Scharch ^[rs (jhri.-rtina, nils IT s J^ghth. 
Schra<ler ^Eiss Carrie, res 012 s J. 
Sehi-ailer C'has (Mary C), lab, res over 30 1 s Sixth. 
Schrader (.'has (Snjdiia), wks Gaar, Scott & Co, res 711 s J. 
Schrader Geo (Elizabeth), wks liichmond City J\[ill Co, res Slli 

s Sixth. 
Schrader Geo (Theresa), carpenter, res 612 s J. 
Schrader Henry (('arrie), cooper, res 307 si. 
Schi-ader John F, lab over 301 s Sixth. 
Schra<ler Miss Lizzie, res 612 s J. 
Schrader ]\liss ]\Iinnie, res 612 s J. 
Schraeder Henry (Dena), lab, res 720 s Seventh. 
Schraeder Joseph, wks J M Ilntton & Co, res 720 s Seventh. 
Schi-aeder ^[i.>.- Lizzie, res 720 s Seventh. 
Schramm Charles C(I\rolIie), bai-ber 15 n Eighth, res o4 n 

Schramm llarry 11. barber 1> Schramm, res 34 n Eifth. 
Schramm Lonis, wks C Schi-amm, res 3-1: n 1^'ifth. 
Schramm Lonis B (^llelen L). res 325 s Eleventh. 
Schi-amm ]\[iss IMaggie. I'cs 34 n I'^ifth. 
Schramm AVm C, wks E Smith ct Co, iX'S 325 s k^leventh. 
Schr;itz .Matthew, j^ainter, bd,^ 331 s Ninth. 
Schroeder Angnst II, vvk^ J M lluttoii ^^ (\), res 534 s Ninth. 
Schroeder Leiijamin, moldcr. res 5(J4 r? Eiltli. 
Schroeder Gai-ret (Catharine), hd), res 3;>() s Lliird. 
Schroeder Henry, res 330 ^ L'hird. 
Schroeder Henry 11 ((Caroline), cdoper, 307 s 1. 
Schroeder Justine (wid W'm), res 5-)4 s Ninth. 
Schroeder jMiss Lani'a A, res 534 s Ninth. 
Schroeder J\Iiss Yettie C, I'es 534 s Nintii. 
Schnerman, see also Schurman and Sherman. 

Schuerman Miss Anna, res 317 s i^lcn'enth. 

Schnerman (-icorge jr, elk I, on M Lmmons. res 31 T s lOleventh. 

Schnerman (Jeorge, supt wood wuiking dept J M lluttoii A: Co, 

vc^ i)17 .-^ 10k'\ eiitli. 
Schnerman Henry ^Lizzie), wks Gaar, Scott A: C.'O, res 3»22 

- t> 



Mather Bros. Sell COAL CHEAP. 


Schultz Adolph F, lab, res 328 s Tenth. 

Scliiiltz Aiulrew, (^Margaret), res tU I ii Fourth. 

Schultz ]\[i6s Aunie J), school teacher, res 828 s Tenth. 

Schultz Fred (Ilattie), en-^ineer It & 1^ iiy, res 222 n Fifth. 

Schultz Frederick J (Mai-y L,) lab, res 328 s Tenth. 

Schultz Frederick W, wks Gaar, Scott A: Co, res hO Liberty ave. 

Schultz P^reilk II, wks Ilaynes, Spencer <& Co, res 328 s Tenth. 

Schultz Henry (Mary), res -±22 s Seventh. 

Schultz Jacob F (Fliza), lab, res 80 Libert}^ ave. 

Schultz John C (Anna E), elk Emil lluck, res over 823 n E. 

Schultz John J (iMary E), foreman W W Alexander, res 236 s 

Schultz John (Ellen), tinner, res 230 s Seventh. 
Schultz Miss Mary E, dressmaker, res 328 s Tenth. 
Schultz A\"m. cigar maker, bds 228 s Eighth. 
Schumaker, see also Shoemaker, 
Schumaker J\[iss xVlvina, res OOl s Tenth. 
Schumaker Charles II, res ()01 s Eighth. 
Schumaker Henry (Minnie ), janitor 4th ward school, res bOl s 

Schunudver Henry, niolder res 001 s Eighth. 
Schumaker Miss Mai'y Iv, res 001 s Eighth. 
Schumann, see also Shumann and Shewman. 

Schunuinn John (Kosa), tailoi-, les 3()0 s Ninth. 

Schumann ]\[iss Bertha, res 300 s Ninth. 

Schumann Miss Dina, res 300 s Ninth. 

Schumann Otto F, elk Chris Schaefer c^ Co, bds 128 s Sixth. 

Sehurman, see also Schuerman and Sherman. 

Schm-man George (Dora C), wks J j\f Hutton Sl Co, res 317 s 

Schurnuin Fredk (Annie), wks E Smith &, Co, res 321 s Seventh. 
Sehurman Harmon, wiper C; St L S: V Uy siiops. 
Sehurman Henry, wks J M Hutton Sl Co, res 317 s Eleventh. 
Schurg Fredk (1> S), helper C St L & P Uy sho[)S. 
Schutte, see also Shute. 

Scliutte Bros (John and Henry), wagon makei'S, 30 and II s 

Schutte Henry (Dena), (Schutte Bros), res OoO s Eighth. 
Schutte John, (Louisa), (Schutte Bros), res 2t) s Sixth. 
Schwal'tz, see also Swartz. 
Scliwartz Frank A, elk sui)t otlice C St L ct B Ivy, res 2B^ n 


TTTTivso n^^A n Window Guards. Wire Si^iis, Storo S W. T. BARHEE 

YV iro UUUClb. Fixturija, Flower atundd, Floral Dubigna, J Iron aad Wire Worka 

Dress Goods, Black I Fancy Silks, °- %\M 

Crawford Sc Son 

Main Street. 


Sc-liwartz J..I111 11 ^.Mila), chief elk siipt utiice C St L A: P ily, 
ivs Ills TwL'lt'th. 

Schwartz Li Hie, (.loiuestic, res Sevastopol. 

Soli\vei:;maii Anna (wid Christian), res ot)G s Fit'th. 

Schwegman Christian (Kate), tlour and feed, county agt ior 
llavoiis hoi'^u, L'atrle and ])oultry food, .309 s Fourth, res 313 
s Fourth. 

Sehwei^^inan Frank (ALcnes), hutoher, res 301 s Fourth. 

Sehwoij-nian Geori^e, wks V Seh Weinman, res 313 s Fuurtli. 

Schweginan John G (^lary), (Kortlums^ ^^ S^hwei^iuan). coun- 
cilman 1st ward, res 35 s Si.xth. 

Schwenker Christ (Kate), res 231 s Sixth. 

Schwerin Earnest (Rica), wks llaynes, Spencer & Co, res 51G 
n Seventeenth. 

Schwerin John J C (Mary), boot and shoe mnfr, 110 n Sixtli, res 

Schwilk ^liss Minnie, school teacher, bds 430 s Fifth. 

Sct)tt , res 110 n Fifteenth. 

Scott Agrippa G (Sarah E), wks li City ]\rill AVks, res 21b u 

Scott Andrew F (Martha), ]>res I'nd .Natl Bank, res li!() ii 

Scott ^[iss Anna M, res 'JlS n Sixteenti). 

Scott Augustus C, farmer, res 12 G n Tenth. 

Scott Charles, painter, i-e.s 411> s Fifth. 

Scott Deli la 11 (wid John), res 404 n A. 

Scott Ed, carpenter Ii City Mill Wks. 

Scott Elizabeth (cul) (wid Ivame), re> 1402 n F. 

Scott Miss Ella, res 419 s Fifth. 

Scott Ellsworth G, millwri^^-ht, res 218 n Twentieth. 

Scott George, cigar maker S E llogers, res 410 s Fifth. 

Scott (4eorge L (Kate), machinist, Scutt c^' Co, res 212 n 
Fifth. ^ 

Scott George P (Alice), tailor, res 233 s .Ninth. 

Scott Gib il (Ola), confectioner, 018 Main, res 20 n Eighteenth. 

Scott llarvey (Anna), blacksmith, res 4P9 s Fifth. 

Scott Ilarvev () (Lillie), i)lacksmith Gaar, Scott vfc C-o, res 4i»4 
n A. 

Scott Harry S. train dispatcher, C St \, ^ P Ry, bds 102 n Four- 
teen iIl 

Scott James S, res W Uichnu)nd. 

Scott John H (Fliza), restaurant confectionery auil ovster bay, 
'.'1^ Main, res 24 s Eleventh. 

720 Main 

Nicholson & Bro. ^^S^t. Office Suijplies, 'Sivrt' 

Everybody buys their COAL of Mather Bros, 


Scott Nancy 11 (wid Jortlnia), res 018 ii Sixtcentli. 

Scutt IMi'ri Kacliel E (wid ,Jaiiu3s), res Ruse Hill. 

Scott Thomas \l (Afarj F), ladies fiirnisliin«j^ and fancy ^oods, 
817 Main, res 22 n Tliirteentli. 

Scott Thomas C (col) (Jei'usha), lab, res 21) n Second. 

Scott William (c(d), rms over 15 s Sixth. 

Scott William G (Clara A), secy (laar, Scott & Co, res 200 n 

Scott William S, foreman Water Wks, bds (Commercial llonse. 

Scott Wm S C, machinist (raaj-, Scott & Co, bds 321 n Eighth. 

Scroeder Lizzie, domestic 35 s Ninth 

Scroll Sawing and Tnrning, Brown Wesley, ()10 n A. 

Scull Stephen M (Alice J), tinner Allbrigiit & Zeller, res 322 n 

Seagman John, cabinetmaker, res 1023 s A. 

Seaman Charles T (Elizabeth), constable, res 35 n Third. 

Seaman John S (Mary E), wks lloosier Drill Co, res 318 n Eigh- 

Seaman Miss Julia E, res 218 n Eighteenth. 

Seaton Miss Flora, res 31 n Ninth. 

Seaton James A (Eliza A), res 31 n Ninth. 

Sebastian David, res 201) Main. 

Sebastian John L (Elizabeth), painter lloosier Drill Co, res 200 

Second National Bank, A F Scott pres, J 1> Dougan cashr, 

n w cor Eighth and ]\Iain, tel 10. 

Sedgwick Miss Annie E, bkpr Sedgwick Bros, res 112 n Fif- 

Sedgwick Bros (Kichard and Isham), mfr wire net fencing, 1517 
n Ninth, tel 87. 

Sedgwick Isham (Viola J), (Sedgwick I>ros), res 304: n Fifteentii. 

Sedgwick John (Margaret), res 112 n Fifteenth. 

Sedgwick liicliard (Sedgwick Bros), res 112 n Fil'teenth. 

Seelioth Fred (Mary), res 310 s Eleventh. 

Seefloth John, wks E Smith & Co, res 301 s Eleventh. 

Seelioth Miss Lizzie, res 301 s Eleventh. 

Seefloth Miss So])hia, res 301 s Eleventh. 

Seelioth Wm, res 301 b Eleventh, '• ' 

Seefloth John II (Mary A) (Seefloth iSc Bayer), res 131 s Ninth. 

Seelioth c^ Bayer (J no II Seelioth, ,) no C l^ayer), bakery, 21 n 
Eighth, tel 20(). 

Seeker Christo])her (Mena), lab, res 400 s Eleventh. 


FACTORY FLANNELS for Slirts and Sliirls at 

528 Main St. 


Seeker Wm C, cashier G II Kiiollenhei'g, res 400 b Eleveiitli. 

Seihertz Miss Lenia, res 240 s iSixtli. 

Seibertz Henry J, pastor St Andrew's Olnirch, res 240 s Sixth. 

SeilerC; II, painter IE D Go. 

Selby i\[ary F, res '21S n Thirtecfith. 

SellGharkvs IF, wks M G ITenley, res 220 n Fourteenth. 

Sell Dayton ]\f, mechanic ITaynes, Sj)enc(;r &. Go, res 405 n Thir- 

Sell Fi-ancis M (Gharlotte), harness maker, 43 s Sixth, res 220 n 

Fourteenth. '- 

Sell Miss Jlettie Iv, seamstress, res 107 n Twentieth. 
Sell Miss Lizzie F, res 220 n Fourteenth. 

Sell Miss Luella M, wks Mrs A P Gole, res 220 n Fourteenth. 
Sell John (Sarah E), res lOT n Twentieth. 
Sell John W (Elizabeth A), niohler lloosier Drill Go. res 203 s 

Senters Wm (Sarah), brick moldei", I'es 12G n Second. 
Sering Mrs Anna (wid Abner), res Sevastopol. 
Sering ]\Iiss Lizzie, res Sevastopol. 
Sering Miss Atattie, res Sevasto])oL 
Sessnan Miss Katie, elk F A Knobe. 

Settle William II (col) (Josie F), farmer, res 505 s Twelfth. 
Severding Miss Annie, dressmaker, res 424 s Tenth. 
Severding ]\[rs Eliza (wid ilenry), res 424 s Tenth. 
Severding Miss Ella N, res' 424"s Tenth. 
Severding John (Van Uxem & Go), res 424 s Tenth. 
Severding Miss Lou E, res 424 s Tenth. 
Severding Miss Minnie A, dressmak(3i-, res 424 s Tenth. 
Shad (Jeorge, lab, bds 132 s Fourth. 
Shafer, see Schaefer. 

Shafer Amos (Louisa), car])enter, res 44 s Seventh. 
Shatei-/]liarles K, (Lebecca 15), res 214 n Twentieth. 
Shafer John, wks Sedg\\'ick I>i-os. 
Shafer Miss Uela. res'21 1 n Twentieth. 
Sliafer Robert L (Sarah), tinner, res 214 n Twentieth. 
Shafer 4'headore, bricklayer, bds Mil n A. 

Shafer Warren J (Alice), (Shafer cV: Stranahan), res 52 8 Sixteenth. 
Shafer ik Sti'anaban, (Warren J Shafei', John 11 Stranahan), 

grocei-s 1338 Main, t(;l 141). 
Shaffer Andrew, plasterer, bds Fhilli|)s House. 
Shaifer. Theodoi'c, plasterer , bds I'hillips House. 
Shalck, see also Schalk. 

All kinds of BLANK BOOKS Nicholson abro. 

Telciilioiie to MATHER BROS' for OOA.L 


Slialck Potcr, blacksmith Wayne A*;t1 Co, IjcIs 102 n Foui'teenth. 

Shalck Win, painter lloosier Drill Co, bds 102 n Fonrteentli. 

Shannon Krank, foreman The Eveninii,- Item, bds Phillips House. 

(Sharp Niehcdas, carver Chase Piano Co. 

Shaver James (Amanda), res 117 s Fifth. 

Shaver Jjydia, domestic ('omelins Katliif, jr. 

Shaw Albert G, machinist, res 105 n Thii'd. 

Shaw Edward (Peninnah 11), mfr Shaw's Pailroad Liniment, res 

300 n Twentieth. 
Shaw Fred N, vvks M C Henley, res 77 n Ft Wayne ave. 
Shaw Henry C (Nannie), wks Smith & Co, res 303 n Thirteenth. 
Shaw Robert II, carpenter M C Henley, res 300 n Twentieth. 
Shaw Miss Susan B, res 300 n Twentietli, 
Shaw Wm H (Luella), machinist Gaar, Scott Sl Co, res 105 n 

Shawvan S (Lillian), trav a^j^t, res 817 n Tenth. 
Shay Jerry (Mary E), lab J Cowhi<^ & Co, res Sevastopol. 
Shearon Elizabeth (wid Caleb), res 127 n Tenth. 
Shearon ]\liss Ida Y, res 219 s Twelfth. 
Shearon John II (Adilade Y), carpenter, res 219 s Twelfth. 
Sliearon Oliver C, carpenter, I'cs 119 s Twelfth. 

Shearer, see also Sherer. 

Shearer Andrew (An^elinc E), carpenter, res Sevasto])ol. 

Shearer John 11, trav at^t lloosier Di'ill Co. 

Shearer William J (Mary J), wks Gaar, Scott & Co, res Sevasto- 

Sheifer Jacob (Mary), res 110 n Seventh. 

Shelier Oran, res 409 s Eighth. 

Sheller Sai'ah (wid iMartin), res 409 s Eighth. 

Sheldon George W (Elizabeth A), barber and hair dresser, res 
110 n Sixth. 

Shellenback M, machinist R City Mill Works. 

Shellenback Otho C, wks R City'Mill Works, res 424 n Four- 

Shellenback Peter (Florence L), ibreman R City Mill Works, res 
424 n Fourteenth. 

Shelley Elizabeth (wid Nathan), res 204 s Tenth. ' 

Shelley George G, carjxuiter, contractor and builder, rear 230 
s Lenth, rc^s same. 

Shelley ,fohn, apprentice J F Griilin, res 207 s Tenth. 

Shelley John F, i)ainter G A Pierce, res 207 s Tenth. 

Shelley Linney, elk Jose|)h (jreier, res 325 s Eighth. 

tUty^vHA nf\r\An Window Guards, Wire Siyns. store 

YY ir O U UUU.b- Fixtures, Flower Stands, Floral Deslg-na, 


Iron anl Wire Wcrii 

5l8?.?o^%TcM D. B. CRAWFORB & SON. uS^.. 


81ie])pai-d Will n (Ijuella), wks lioosicr Drill (yO, res W liicli- 

8he])lierd diaries (Jennie), carpenter, res 215 s Eighth. 
Shepherd IMiss ]\lay LL, res 215 s Kii<litli. 
Sliei)herd Isaac, carpenter iw ^l \V, bds Phillips House. 
81iej>herd 8 Lewis, elk Pogue & iMillei-, I'cs 215 s lilighth. 
{Shepherd William G (Emma P>), patent ri«^lit, res over 43 8 

Shepherd AV^illiam W, elk A II Bartel & Co, res 215 6 Ei-hth. 
Sherer, see also Shearer. 

Sherer Charles L, elk J no II Scott, res 225 n Tenth. 
Sherer Joseph G (E Erances), res 225 n Tenth. 

Sheridan (wid), res 027 n Eighth. 

Sheridan Michael, Vv'ks llutton it Oo, I'cs (527 n Eighth. 
Sheridan Miss Maggie, res 027 n iMghth. 
Sheridan JVIaggie, domestic 81 1 n Ninth. 
Sherman, see also Schiireman and Schurman. 

Shernnin Samuel T (I\lai'}' ('), wks Ilaynes, Spcuicei' i^j; (/O, res 

807 s E. 
Sherry ^liss Cora, res 220 n I'hird. 

Sherwood Caroline M (wid W^ulti-i*), res 312 n Seveiiteenth. 
Showman, see also Schuman and Shuman. 

Shewnum Joseph L, wks liaynes, Sptjncer eV: (Jo, res 112 n i^'ifth. 

Shewman Thonuis C, (Addie M), carpenter, I'cs ;>l() n Eigh- 
teenth. ' 

Shiller Anna, <lomestic 233 s Seventh. 

Shimeall Andrew (Minerva), carpenter, res 111 n Nineteenth. 

Shimeall James W, lah, res 114 n Nineteenth. 

Shinn Amos (Phehe E), draynum, res 223 s Thirteenth. 

Shinn William II, res 223 s Thirteenth. 

Shirtnnan ,james, carpenter, hds 813 n K. ■ 

Sliiveley Charles IC (Lillie Li), attorney at law, room 5 Vaugh- 
an's new block, t(d 208, res 4<> s Eourteenth. 

Shmutzler Alhin, school teacher, hds 328 s Seventh. 

Shock Peter, rms 21 n Eourteenth. 

Shock William, wks Iloosier, Drill (-o, rms 21 n h'ourtemth. 

Shoeeraft, see also Shucraft. 

Shoecraft Miss Isahele (col), res 731) n Eil'teenth. 
Shoecrat't John (col) (Addie), barhci-, I'es I'rW^ n r'H'teiMith. 
Shoecraft Joseph (col), stoiii; mason, res 73ll n I'^ilU'i nlh. 
Shoecrait William S (h^lizabcth), teamster, res 813 n iMltecnth. 

Shoemaker, see also Shumaker. 

School Books and School Supplies 

at NICH0L80N ,S; BKO. 
V'JO Main atruot. 

Sunday Creek Coal .untueriir.s., Rjctmioilil, M. 


Sliot'iiiaker Charles II, res 214 ii Xiiitli. 

Shoemaker FreJ, res 435 s Eii^-hrli. 

Slioeniaker Fi-lmI (Henrietta), niirht watc-hiuan lluttuirs c<jflnj 

factory, rt-- 4:35 s Eighth. 
Slioeniaker John, res 435 s Eighth. 
Shoeniakei- ^[iss iMary. res Iwone llilh 

Shoemaker 4iul)ert 11* (Mary E) (E ^^mith ^i Cu), res Ruse Hilh 
Shot-maker AValter S. student, r^-.^ hiu^e Hill. 
Shoemaker William C (UachL'l J Jj, >Ai]>i ilaynes Spencer d: 

Co, res 214 n Ninth. 
Shofer, see also Schofer. 
Sliotur ('hristo]»her G (Julia A). nioMur Cit}- Mill Co, res 42G s 

Slioler Georire. wks Eonis Tinnc-o <^: Son. res 200 s Funrth. 
Sholbr Harmon (Ivate M). lixcry .-tal)le. 47 and 4'J .-- Sixtli. tel 88, 

res (51G s A. 
Shofer Eouisa (wid Euuis) res 201 s Fifth. 
Sh.-fer Adulter C, wks C\)rthaus & Swe.irman. res 201 s Fifth. 
Shafer William (Mary), livery stal»lc II n Suxt-nth, rcs 11:^ s 

Shofer William & Co, saloon and pool room lU s Sixth. 
Shover Elmer E, teamster, res 48 s ThirtLcnth. 
Shover Miss Emma A, res 48 s Thirteenth. 
Sliover Henry, res 48 s Thirteenth. 
Shover ^liss Rachel J, res 48 s Thirteenth. 
Sh(jrt Miss Katie, dressmaker, res 203 s Ninth. 
Showe James (Elizabeth), lali. res 135 Ft Wayne ave. 
Show Eouis, machinist liC M W. 

Showalter Eevi, wks City Mill Works, l)ds 102 n Funrteenth. 
Shroyer Jolin (Mary A), (1 R Howard A: Co), ics 231 n Tenth. 
Shubert Theresa, domestic 210 ii Eighth. 
Shucraft, see also Shueeraft. 

Shiicraft Albert (Frescilla) ^col),,wks L Mathers, res 10»>2 n Four- 

Shucraft John C (col) (Addie), l)arl)er Jose])h J(Jinson, res 73!* n 

Shutlth AVm, mach hand J J Fcu^^ell. 

Shu-rarts Wm (Susan), bds 114 n Sixth. 

Shultz, see Schultz and Shutz. 

Shumaker, see also Shoemaker and Schumaker. 

Shuman, see also Schumai n and Shewman. 

Shiunan Mis& Caiade, res o\er (io7 AFOn. 

T^Tiro ^t'^r^r^o Chairs and Settees. t^umm.>r * W. T. BARBEE, 

VV ii C U JUUo. Screens, and ah kinds ol Wire Cloth, t iron asc v/iRd woK^s. 


3 patent unlaundered Shirt, "the toss." ""^ Ti^ 


Sliumaii Henry (]\[ariii L), wks lluusier Drill Cu, res o-iT n 

ShuiiKin Henry (Maria J^), wks lluosier Drill Co, res 1425 n G. 
Sliuniard (leor<;e II (Stella E), wks Slunnard Sash Balance Co, 

res 405 n Thirteenth. 
Slninianl Miss JjMa, res 111 s Ninth. 

Shuniard S 8 (Shuniard Sash Halance Co), res 204 li Eleventh. 
Siumianl Sash Balance Co (S Shuniard, J S Hughes), 1112 and 

1114 n E. 
Shuniard Warren (Sarah S), res 204 n Eleventh. 
Shuniard AVarren (Sarah S) (Snumard Sash Balance Co), res 204 

n P^leventh. 
Shiinuite A[ary (wid Samuel), boarding house, over 412 ^[ain. 
Shute, see also Schutte. 
Shnte Aaron S, stock dealer, res ()4 s Twelfth. 
Shute Amos (Mattie INI), stock buyer, res 120 s Twelfth. 
Shute Charles (Wayne Creamery Co), bds 110 n Eighth. 
Shute (diaries, rms 33 n Tenth. 

Shute Charles H (Anna II), farmer, res 4G sThirteentli. 
Shute Elias H, wks Grand Opera Hall, res 231) sThirteentli. 
Shute AFrs Elizabeth 11 (wid Charles), res 64 s Twelfth. 
Shute Emma K, res s Nineteenth. 

Shute Iloword, agt Adams Ex office, bds 33 n Seventh. 
Shute John H, bill elk Adams Express (]o, res s e cor Main and 

s Twentieth, Linden Hill. 
Shute Lucindia (wid Elias 11), res 231) s Thirteenth. 
Shute Robert C (Orinda d), res s Nineteenth. 
Shute Samuel, sr (Deborah), res s e cor Main and Twentieth. 
Sliute Samuel E (Mary F), carriage and wagon mlV 1-17 1^'t Wayne 

ave, res 1003 e Main. 
Shute William E, bill ])oster, res 230 s Thirteenth. 
Shutz Charles L (Ella M), machinist Wayne Agrl Co, res 1 130 

n J. 
Shutz Henry (Paulina), coo])er Geisler iSc Stout, res 1 130 n d. 
Shutz William E, machinibt Gaar, Scott cfe Co, res 1130 n J. 
Sickmann Anna, domestic 232 s Eifth. 
Sickmaiiu Carrie, domestic 105 s iMghth. 
Sickmann John, elk Heiii-y Wilke, res 31(> s Sixth. 
Sickmann Margarette (wid Erederick), res 310 s Sixth. 
Siekmami Henry U, elk Geo H Knollenberg rms s w cor s !> 

and Twelfth. 
Siekmann William (Kate U), lab C li S^ D \l K, res 230 s Third. 

Odicc and Scliool Scral«-li itoolis nt XlTnUnT k^flM P r^Dfi 720 Main 
MiNCcllaiicouM, llluiik «\: Ncli4»ul Hooks (11 lUbllUhuUll U DHU. SUool. 

SEWER PIPE Mather' iros. Richmoiid, Ini 


SkUljill Jesse r (Oiiroline J.), res 1120 Main. 
Sidholi'CliaHes (Caroline), res 301 s Third. 

Sieck Louis (Siulhoif), wks Alkens' Woolen Mills, res 119 s Sixth. 
Sieck John (IJzzie), nioldei' Gaar, Scott Sl Co, res 127 s Sixth. 
Sieck William (Lizzie), lab, res 127 s Sixtli. 

Siepjel Miss Lizzie E, elk (leo II KnolIen])er>^% res 505 n Seven- 
Sieweke Charles F, clkAV'ni V Sieweke, res 201 n Thirteenth. 
Sieweke Charles II, elk Wni F Sieweke, res 201 n Thii'teenth. 
Sieweke Miss Fniina L, res 201 n Thiiteentli. 
Sieweke Fred W (Elizabeth) (Sieweke c^ Fraunian), res 201 n 

Sieweke Ilarnian (Sofa), teamster, res 431 s Eighth. 
Sieweke Wm F, propr (Jliam))ion notion and grocery store, 122 

n Fourteenth, tel 1('>5, res 201 n Thirteenth. 
Sieweke vK: Co (F W Sieweke, C I^'rauman), wai^on m%, 13 s 

Silberman Wm E (Mary), ^vks llayncs, Spencer & Co, res 321 n 

Simons Albert (Maggie), boiler maker, I'es n w cor Glen JNTiller. 
Simons J(jhn (Annie), res 120 n Second. 
Simons II L, painter lEoosier J)rill (Jo. 
Simons Wm, boiler maker, res n w cor Glen Miller. 
Simpson A B, specialist over 713 Main, rms same. 
Simpson Charles E (Kate), shi})ping elk Zeller vfc Co, res 812 n 

Simpson Elma E (wid Edward) res 101 Ft Wayne ave. 
Seims Miss Kate, (col), i-es 22S s Eleventh. 
Sinex Chas (Kate C), res 32i) n Nintii. 
Sinox Frederick A, res 320 n Ninth. 
Sinex John B (Anna B)., (Sinex Flow Co), res 130 Ft Wayne 

Sinex Plow Co, William Sinex, pros; John B Sinex, sec'y and 

treas; mnfVs original empire steed plow, 171 and 170 Ft 

Wayne ave. 
Sinex William (Eliza), (Sinex IMow Co), res 130 Ft Wayne 

Singer Fred, grinder Uoosier Drill (Jo, res 105 Main. 
Singer Manfg Co The, A I) itiggs manager, 707 Main. 
Singer Wm (J (Mary \\ \u>st\v,v J no F Miller, res 023 s A. 
Singleton Edward, machinist Wayne Agi'l (;o, bds 112 n Twelfth 

rms 24 n Eleventh. 

Iron Shutters, Balconies, Gratlnp;a, 
Bank Work. Area RailinR-s, Stablo 
Fitting's, Ornam'll Rool" Crestuit^s. 

if, T. BARBEEIroiiaiiilWireMs, 

J LAI AU 1 11 , l^('l'v^^. 

Improved High Arm 

Family Sewing Machine 

Just being Introduced. 

Possesses tli« following Advantag'es over all other Machines. 

1st, Uses the shortest needle ot any hock Stitch Machine. 

'2d. Carries a liner needle with a ^'iven si/e thread. 

3d. Uses a greater number of .sizes of tlnead witli one si/.e neeilh\ 

4th. Will close a seam tifjhter with linen tlnead than any other niaelune will with 


nth. The Shuttle holds the most thread. " 

(ith. Draws the needle thread both down and up while tlie needle is out of the goods, 
therefore there is less friction on the needle and threat!, consequently a tighter and more 
elastic seam. 

Ttli. It has a positive feed that will not choke in sewing any material. 

8tli. Sews faster and with U'ss noise than any other shuttle machine. 

itth. Will sew a greatc;r number ol si/es of thread without change of ten.«<iou. 
loth. Will nt)t change tension when seuing witli a short or long stitch at varying 

The Singer Manufacturing Company. 

707 Main Street/ [' RICHMOND, IND. 
A. B. Rices, A^ent. 

Shorthand Business College, 


Only 59 Miles ffom Chicago, on tlie Lake Shor^e and 
Michigan Southern Railr^oad. 

This school gives thorough instiuction in I'lacticai Verbatim Re- 
porting, lUisiness and Type-Writing. (Graduates get the l)est i)ositiojis. 
Send for the ^'Shorthand ]5usiness ,Iournal." Address 

:, : : JOHN B. HOLMES, Pmcipal,LaPorle,M 

Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Cole, 


Lessons given on the Piano and Organ, 

Vocal Culture, Musical Theory, Harmony, Etc. 

Residence and Music Rooms, I I 2 South 9th St., 

Oyster Bay ilce Cream Parlors 

We make u Si>ecialty of Fiiu* 

' ' Canflies, Foreiiii ai Domestic Friiils, Ills ai Cisars. 

We have one of the best appointed OYSTER HAVS in the City. 
Call and see us.^ 



, G. W. Avey & Co. 

Manufacturers of Walrmt and Ash 

Picture Frame, Looking Glass 

■ And Show Card Mouldings, 
162 Fort Wayne Avenue, RICHMOND, INDIANA. 


Gents' Suits made to Order, °- ''5?#SSI.''^^.^°" RICHMOND 


Singleton James V (Flora E), machinist Wayne Agrl Co, res 204 

n Eighteen til. 
Sisk Gt'orge W (Luna J), druggist 1032 Main, res 88 Ft Wayne 


Sister of St Frances, res 228 s Sixth. 

Sittloh (.\ithariiie (wid Ik'njainin), res 408 s F]ightli, 

Sittloh David (Louisa), teamster, res 21 n Second. 

Sittloh David J (Eliza), lab, res 321) s Sixth. 

Sittloh Emma, domestic 128 s 1>. 

Sittloh Miss Emma C, res 38 s Third. 

Sittloh FVedk J (Hannah), foreman Kichmond City Mills, res 38 

s Third. 
Sittloh Harmon (Elvira), lab, res 021 s J. 
Sittloh Henry, res 621 s J. 

Sittloh John, wks 11 Shoier, bds Indiana House. 
Sittloh Mary (wid Henry), res 428 s Fifth. 
Sidles Miss Bessie, music teacher, res 27 n Eleventh. 
Skiles M A (wid Thomas), music teacher, res 27 n Eleventh. 
Skilieus Joseph, (col), (Eliza), lab, 433 s Sixth. 
Skinner Ohas L, l)ki)r J M Eggemeyer, res W Richmond. 
Skinner James (Sarah), court bailiif, I'cs W Richmond. 
Skinner John (J, res 105 s Eighth. 

Skinner John L (Annie M), peddler, res 40 Liberty ave. 
Slaick Joseph C (Adda), barber Schramm, res 413 s Seventh. 
Slatler L 1), bds 403 n Eighth. 
Sligar John W (Catharine), stock dealer, res e entrance Glen 

Sliv«jr Albert (Minide), plasterer, res 20 n 1^'il'th. 
Sliver Jas M (Maria), ]>lasterer, res 138 s Fifth. 
Sliver John L, blacksmith, Hoosier Drill Co, bds 1;>8 s Fifth. 
Sloan Brainard 1) (Laura D), will wright ikiiliss cV: Vaughan, res 

703 n F. 
Sloan Chas F, carp, res 717 n F. 
Sloan Chas C, elk L Doscher, res 703 n F. 
Sloan Frank P (Laura 1>), wks Wayne Agrl Co, res Williamsberg 

pike, n 1st toll gate. 
Sloan (iuilford J (Ida J), res 81(1 n Eighth. 
Small Jas H, (col), (Rebecca), ])lasterer, res 243 s Third. 
Smellcer Chas, bds 34 s Se\enth. 

Smith, see also Schmidt and Schmitt. 

Smith Adam ({jizzie M), butcher, res 741 s Sixth. 

WEDDlNCi, BIRTHDAY AND ISJl r>V» rkl QOn Xr "Rm ^'^- '^^^^ ^^"'" 

Mather Bros. Sell COAL CHEAP. 


Siuitli Albert A, (col), (]\[attie A), lab, res OOG s Eleveiitli. 

Smith Auianda (wid John), I'cs 541 ii Eighth. 

Smith Kev IJeiijamin (Mary A), res 7Ul s Thirteenth. ' 

Smith Jh'iton (Jane), (col), res 1418 n F. 

Smith Chas P, ]);iintei', bds. Philli])S House. 

Smith Charlotte, (col), (wid Wm), res 40ii s Seventh. 

Smith ]\Iiss Cora L, les 22li s Seventh. 

Smith Daniel, ])ainter 11 C Larsh. 

Smith Edward, wks Oil Mill, bds 814 ii 1. 

Smith Edwin II (Susan V), trav agt Ezi'a Smith S: Co, res 120 s 

Smith Eli (Adelia), lab Gaar, Scott & Co, res 400 n Sixth. 
Smith Eliza A (wid Ezra), bds 25 s Seventh. 
Smith Ezra (IVrai-garet), pres Ezra Smith ife Co mnt'g assr>ciation, 

res 124 n Ninth. 
Smith Erances, domestic 43 s Tenth. 

Smith Frank (Mary), wks lloosier Drill Co, rms 113 n Seventh. 
Smith Frank (Laura), (col), waiter Huntington House, res 243 s 

Smith Frank L, (col), lab, res 224 s Tenth. 
Smith Fred, tailor, res 1023 s A. 
Smitli George, wks Evans, Ferguson & lleeves. 
Smith George W (Arolee), tinner Albright A: Co, res n A. 
Smith Gustave II, foreman Witham *Sl Anderson Co, bds l>ryson 

Smith Ilamikon F (Elmira 1>), (Smith Sl Cox), res 300 n Nine- 
Smith Miss Ilattie, seamstress, res over 825 n E. 
Smith Iran II (Kate), lab, res Sevastopol. 
Smith Isaac (Lucinda), lab, res 245 s Third. 
Smith Jacob, wks Gaar, Scott & Co, bds 133 s Fifth. 
Smith Jacob G (Albiry E), tailor, res 723 s Seventh. 
Smith James (Jane), carj)enter, res 230 s Tenth. 
Smith James (Sarah J), res I]arlhani Place. 
Smith James (Beulali A), sec'y and treas E Smith i\: Co mnfg 

association, res 120 s Ninth. 
Smith Jas II (Grace), carpenter, res 203 n Seventh. 
Smith Jas M (Mollie E), painter, res 323;.s Seventh. 
Smith James W (Abbie F), corres])onding elk 2d 

res 108 s Sixth. 
Smitli Jere, lab lloosier Drill Co. 
Smith Jerome, switchman, bds 811 n A. 




YARNS, all colors and qualities, 

D. B. Crawford & Son, 
528 Main Street, 


Smitli Job (Aiiiiii J), teamster lllll, res llli u Seventeeiitli. 

Sniitli Joliu (col), wks J l> (vraii»'liead. 

8initli Joliii, cooper (Jeisler S^ JStout, res Centerville. 

Siiiitli JdIui, coroiiiakei', res iSevastoj)ol. 

Smith John A, (col), (Sarah J), lab, kls '240 s Fourth. 

Smith John 10 (Ivate), muldei', res Sevastopol. 

Smitli JohnP, (Ueid, J>eeler A: (Jo), res J m w city. 

Smith Joseph L (Martha J), (Smith S: 1 )un]iam), res 104: n 

Smith Miss Lelilia, res 211) n Eighth. 

Smith Martha AV (v/id Sidney), res 108 s Sixth. 

Smitli Miss ]\linnie (i, res tiOo n Seventh. 

Smith l\rorgaii T, sn]>t ilnishini;- dept h] Smith A: Co Mnlg As- 
sociation, I'cs ll^O s Ninth. 

Snnth Oliver r (Elizabeth), huckst(M-, res 228 s Eii'teenth. 

Smith Ivachel (wid John), res lo;>8 n J. 

Smith Itebecca (wid Hazel), (col), wks P llussen, rms 127 Ft 
AVayne ave, bds 823 Main. 

Smith l\riss Itosa M, res Sevastopol. ^ 

Smith Sanuiel, wks M C Henley, bds Commercial House. 

Snith Sidney, res 2-1 n Ninth. 

Smith Thos E, wks E Smith cV: Co, bds 25 s Seventh. 

Smith AV^dter A, res 223 s Seventh. 

Snnth AV^m (Cynthia),, wks lloosier Drill Co, res 759 n Seven- 

Smith AValter S (Emma D), blacksmith, res 2t) n Fifteenth. 

Smith A\'m jr, wks Richmond City J\[ill Works, res 75D ii Fonr- 

Smith AVm F (Lnln), ])aper hanger^ res'230 s Tenth. 

Smith Wm II (Snnth Sl Mitchedl) room 2 Tremont block, bds 
Commercial House. 

Snnth AV^m J (Mary) snrt^'ical ap])li:uices, 18 n i^'itth, i-es same. 

Smith AV Ori'ison (Ennna), res s Tenth. 

Smith & Dunham, (Joseph E Smith, Gilbert T Dunham,) all 
kinds I'ui-niture, (527 Main. 

Snnth Sl Mitchell (Wm H Snntli, Harry Mitchell), ])aper mana- 
^•(.M's, room 2 Tremont l)lk. 

Smithers Edwin P, veterinary sur<^-eon, -11 8 Sixth, iv.h same. 

Snuthmeier Anton E (FhilonuMia), contractor and buihler, cor a 
jSeventh and s 1>, res 137 s Seventh. 

Smithmeyer John F, elk John H Koling-, res 223 s Second. 

Smitlnney(!r Jose})h ((yatharine), carpenter, res 223 s Sec(md. 

HAVE YOUli MAGAZINES BOUND n\ ITTpilfll QflM P. PDIl "^'-'^ Main 
PAPEU^BOXhS MADE TO ORDKU (11 llibllUhijUll & DUlJ. SUoot. 

Fire Brick and Clay -■^•'- MATHER BROS. 


Sniitluneyer Miss Kiitie, res 223 s Second. 

Smithmeyer Louis H, dealer in coal, wood, lime, ce- 
ment, flour and feed, 407 s Fifth, tel 170, bds 223 s Sec- 

SmithiueyerMiss Mary, elk L K Leoniird & Co, res 223 s Second. 

Sniithnieyer Miss Rose, res 223 s Second. 

Sniitluneyer Theresa, domestic 28 n Nintli. ' - 

Smothers Rev Samuel M (col) (Annie), pastor A M E Chnrh, 
i-es rear 307 s Tenth. 

Smothers Tasie (col), wks Eldorado Laundry, res rear 307 8 Tenth. 

Snarely John G (Georgia), special detective C St L i^ P iiy, 
Union De]:>ot, res 202 s Eleventh. 

Snavely Miss J^annie, res 202 s Eleventh. 

Snediker Charles N, grocer, 001 n Thii'teentli, res over same. 

Sneider, see also Schneider, Schnieder, Snider and Sny- 

Sneider .Joseph, wks II 11 Meerholt. 

Snell, see also Schnelle. 

Snell James (Frances), lireman L M lly, res 31G n Nineteenth. 

Siielle John li>, jr, (Sarah), lab, res 231 s Second. 

Snider, see also Schneider, Schnider, Snyder and Sneider. 

Snider George (Katie), res 308 s Twelfth. 

Snider Joseph (Dab), res 314 n Eighteenth. 

Snider Mrs Mary F, res 115 s Eleventh. 

Snodt Charles, res 830 s Ninth. 

Snook Millard F (llattie A), lireman, res 531 n Eighteenth. 

Snow Miss Alice M, milliner, res 48 n Fil'tli. 

Snow Edmund, res 48 n Eil'th. 

Snow Miss Ella, res 403 cor Third and n 1). ' ■ . ^ 

Snow Ezra N, res 48 n Fifth. 

Snow Hercules, printer Ealladium, res 48 n Fifth. 

Snow Miss Laura L, bkpr Singer IVianl'g Co, res 48 n Fifth. 

Snyder, see also Schnider, Schneider, Sneider and Sni- 

Snyder Miss Emma, elk G Snyder, res 308 s Eighth 

Snyder Garrett U (Carrie), grocer, 308 s Eighth, res same, tel 

Snyder Joseph T, lab, res 121 s Eighth. 

Snyder Miss Mary, res 23 n iVinth. , 

Snyder l\Irs Susan, res 23 n Ninth. 

Snyder AV'm II (Victoria), tel O])erator C St L & P Ky, res n2() 
n J. 

"YTtrn-wft Prtft/^c* Window Guard.s, Wire Sitjny, store J W. T. BAKBI-IE 

YV 11 U UOUUb. Fixtures, Flower tituiidH, Floral DeaitfiiH, \ Iron and Wire Worii 

Carpets and Dry Goods "' ^^'^ D. B. CRAWFORD & SOH 


Snyder William J, wks Gaar, Scutt & Co, res oOS s Eicrhtli. 
Siiydci- AVni T, elk T J .Dale, res 23 ii Ninth. 
JSolaii r> 1), carpenter Uichniund Machine AV^orks. 

Soniers , wks Singer Sewing Co, hds 1(5 n 1^'it'th. 

Sonlxirg ir, wks il (Jhair C^o. 

Sostnieyer AFarcns (.losepliine). cari)enter, i-es (507 h Sixth. 

Sotcher Peaula (wid lujbert), res 12'J n Se\ entt;enlh. 

SijiillVain Miss Ellen, res 505 n b'onrteeiith. 

South wick AVm E (Amanda), lab, res 108 n Sixteenth. 

Sowers, see Sauers. 

Sowei'S Salem, wks llichmond Chair Co, hds 819 n L'ifteenth. 
S{)angler Charles II, brick mason, res 527 n Seventeenth. 
Spangler elohn A (Lydia A), carpenter Kidder ct lleetle, I'es 527 

n Seventeenth. 
Sparks Emma (wid Wni P), res 412 n Eleventh. 
S})arks Miss Etta M, res loo s Twelfth. 
S})arks Lncy (wid David), res 133 s Twtdt'th. 

Sj)arks Itul'us E (col), wks Josejdi JohnsOn, res 230 s Thirteentli. 
S])arks Samuel (col) (Klizabeth), lab, res 230 s Thirteenth. 
Spekenhier Erank E, printer M Cullatun iK: ('o, res 219 s 

Spekenhier,! Albert, elk C St L & P Uy, res 219 s Eleventh. 
Spekenhiei- Maggie (wid J«)hn), res 219 s l^^leventh. 
Sj)encer Miss Elizabeth E, bkpr Ilaynes, Spcncei' e^ Co, I'cs 312 

n Eleventh. 
S})encer l\[iss Gertrude E, res 312 n k^leventh. 
Spencer Miss May T, res 312 n I^]leventli. 
Spencer William F (('hristina), secy and treas ilaynes, Sj»encer 

iSc (vo, les ;>12 n Eleventh. 
Sperling Miss Emma, res 3>17 s Ninth. 
Sperling John H (l^^mma), tonsorial artist^ 9 n Eighth, res 317 

s Ninth. 
Sperling L(M)nard ((/atharine), tailor, 3)17 s i\inth, res same. 
Spinning Frank W, wholesale and retail deidei- in all kinds ut' 

grain and mill leed, 11 and 13 n Ninth, t(d 199, res lol s 

Spinning Miss Kate, res 101 s Tweltlh. 
Si>inning Mary A (wid William), res lOl s'i\velt'lh. 
Sj)ivey Miss (Jlara, res 510 n Seventeenth. 
Spivey Edward E, carpenter Wayne Agil Wks, res 1515 n \\. 
Spivey George II (Itebecca), carpenter, res 510 n Se\ iMileenlh. 
Spivey Herbert, wks J\t C lleidey, res 510 n Seventeenth. 

The Latest popular Books SX^a at 

nlways .jf NICHOLSON <&. BRO 

TAi^ MiLtn tsiiooi. 

BEST Screened Aiilhracite COAL '< MATHER BROS, 


Spivoy ,lohn R (Carrie), carpenter, res 150'2 ]\[ain. 

Spivey Miss ]\Iattie 0, res 1515 n E. 

8pivey YiiiDedoe (Susan), c'arj)enter Wayne A^rl Co, res 1515 

n E. 
Spivey William S, niacliinist lloosier Drill Co, res 1515 n E. 
Sponenberger Peter (A(laline), conductor C li & D Ivy, i-es 30li 

s IsMnth. 
Spotts Anna, domestic. 
Sj)otts Agnes, domestic i25 s Sixteenth. 
Spotts Jennie, domestic, i-es 4rS s Sixteenth. 
Spring Grove Oil Mills, Evans, Eerguson & Eeevesproprs, La- 

Eountain ])ike, n of bridge. 
Springer Erank 1), elk Smith tS: Dunham, res 318 n Ninth. 
Springer Mary G (wid John), res 318 n Ninth. 
Sprong Alex j\[ (Augusta), machinist Kichmond IMai-hine Wks, 

res 710 n Twelfth. 
Sprong Martha (wid Henry), res 710 ii Twelfth. 
S})rouse Timothy E (Susan S), foreman wagon shop Gaar, Scott 

& Co, res 24 s Eifth. 
Spyre Carrie, wks K Paper Mill. 
Staacke Charles C (Mary E), ])attern maker Gaar, Scott it C(», 

res 812 n G. 
Staacke George W, machinist Pichmond JVlachine Works, res 

812 n G. 
Staats George P (Lizzie), chief elk civil engineer's ollice C St L 

it P Py, res 301) n Twelfth. 
Stace Gehring(Stace & Crocker), bds P) n Eifth. 
Stace & Crocker (Gehring Stace, ()liv(!r P Cnjcker), marble wks, 

10 n Ninth. 

Stack Patrick (Ellen), res 121 ii Second. . ' 

Stalford Ereling 11 (Emma W), ])roj)r Quaker City Mills, n 

Twelfth, 1 n bridge, tcl 44, res opp mill. 
Staiford Miss Lillie, clkF A Knabe. 
Stafhorst August C (Mary), wks Ilaynes, Si)encer it Co, res 133 

11 Eighteenth. 

Stahl Miss Anna, dressmaker, res n3 s Tenth. 

Stahl Edward J, elk .1 d Varley, bds4P) Main.^ 

Stahl Jacob (Pegu la), fresco j)ainter, res 113 s Tenth. 

Stahl Miss Lina, scliool teacher, res 113 s Tenth. 

Stahl ]\Iiss Mnry,(li'essmaker, res 113 s Tenth. 

Staley George, lab, bds 818 n Fifteenth. 

Staniback Alfred E, res 101 Et Wayne ave. ' » 

TTTTirtft PArtrlr. Chairs and Sell e's. Summer IlouBGS. I W. T. BARBEE, 
YV 11 O UUUUb. Screens, und ah ktuda of Wire Cloth, j ihon and wire works. 

TABLE LiNB=>, AND TOWELS, j,^ g^ CRAWFORD & SON, 528 Mail! St. 



8taml>ack Miss Belle E, school teacher, res 101 Ft Wayne ave. 

8tanier Caroline, domestic Sevastoi)ol. ,^,- ,,/ .^ j 

Stamer Miss Carrie, res Se\ :ist'j])ol. 

Stanicr AVilliani A (Bridget), wks Caar, Scott A: (Jo, res Sevas- 
topol. . ,, 

Stanley Charles (), teamster, res l-}7 n Sixteenth. 

Stanley Daniel (Sarah L), teamster, )-es 127 n Sixteenth. 

Stanley Miss Nora B, res 127 n Sixteenth. 

Stanley Wm H (KHa A), (d B J lift" & Co), res 1G s Twelfth. 

Stanton Miss C'arrie, res 314 n Tweli'th. 

Stanton Miss Celia A, dressmaker Miss C E Deeds, res 229 n 

Stanton Edward (l''hebe A), j)aihter, reslUl n Twellth. 

Stanton Eliza (wid (Jharles), res 012 n C 

Stanton Henry A (Henrietta), ])ressman F E DeYarmon, res oil 
n Twelfth. 

Stanton James, machinist lloosier Drill Co, res 701 n Twelfth. 

Stanton James M, res 229 n Second. 

Stanton John (Delia), flagman Ft Wayne ave crossing, res 7()4: n 

Stanton John F, res 229 n Second. 

Stanton John W, wks F]ldorado Laundry, res 712 n (1. 

Stanton Miss Kate E, school teacher Sevastopol, res 229 n Sec- 

Stanton Miss ]\lamie E, res 70-1 n Twelfth. 

Stanton Mary (wid James), res 229 n Second. 

Stanton Miss Mary K, dressmaker, res 311 n Twelfth. 

Stanton Morris E, wks M C Henley, res 314 n Twellth. 

Stanton Batrick (B)ridget), lab, res 222 n Third. 

Stanton Richard O (( Catharine), lab, res 19 s Ninth. 

Stanton Ulick U, machinist \i City JMill AVorks, res 229 n Sec- 

Stanton William F], night yard conductor C St LA: B By, res 
704 n Twelfth. 

Stark Benjamin E (Mary F), wks W H Middleton & Co, res 39 
Washington ave. 

Starr B)enjamin, res 114 n Fifth. 

Starr Benjamin (Mary B L), secy and treas Chase i^iano Co, 
res 40() n Tentli. 

Starr Charles (Anna E), wks Caar, Scott Sl Co, res Sj)ring (Jrove. 

Starr Miss Cora A, res 114 n Fifth. 

Starr Edwin M, asstsuj)t Bichmond (ras(\), res cor First and 

DISPLAY IN SEASON ill iNlUllUljOUiN OlDIVU. Ulclinioml. 



Starr Klizal)eth (wid L), i-es lU n Fifth. 

Starr Horace {Mixy E T), (V\^ Starr & Sun), res ii B, bet 
Eleventli and Twelltli. 

Starr J Albert, elk O J) Starr ife Co, res 223 ii Tenth. 

Starr James M (Sara J), })rest liiehmond Gas Co and Chase 
Piano Co. res eor First and Main, tel 135. 

Stan- , lames S (Sarah E), res 223 n Tenth. . .y, 

Starr John sr, res 824 n Eleventh. 

Starr John sr, res 1031 n II. 

Starr ,Iohn jr (Jennie), drayman, res 1020 n 11. 

Starr Mrs Laura A, bk])r AVni C Starr cV: Son, res 323 n Thir- 
teenth. , ^ 

Starr Miss i^ydia, res 406 n Tenth. 

Starr Oliver D, (O 1) Starr Sl (Jo), res 223 n Tenth. 

Starr Wni C (Anna M), (W C Staar ct Son), res lOJ) n Twelfth. 

Starr Wm F (Florence G), (J W Grubbs Sl Co), res 203 n Fif- 

Starr 0D& Co, (Oliver D Starr Sl Co), clothing, hats, caps 
and gents turnishini; goods, 020 Main. 

Starr W C & Soii, (W C Starr, Horace C Starr), nifg of chains, 
hanies and harrows, cor n Thirteenth and liy, tel 52. 

Staub Anton, carpenter, res over 27 s Fifth. 

Staub Mrs Barbara (wid John), res over 27 s Fifth. 

Stanb Kate, domestic Germania Hotel. . 

Staub Ollie, machinist, res over 27 s L'ifth. 

Stauber Albert, sr, (Mary), barber 11) n Eighth, res 327 s 

Stauber Albert, jr, res 327 s Seventh. 

Stauber August (Lizzie), engineer Smith's Collin factory, res 132 
s Third. 

Staubau George (Mary), conductor, res 317 n Eighteenth. 

Stanfer Annie (wid llarry), res 203 s Ninth. 

Steele Miss Maggie, res 325 n Third. 

Steele ]\Iichael, brakenum C St L Sc V Uy, res 325 n Third. 

Steele Patrick (Margaret), lab, res 325 n Third. 

Steen Miss Agnes, res 333 s Ninth. 

Steen Albert !■> (Mary M), mohler Gaar, Scott vfc Co, res 110 n 

Steen Miss Bertha, res 333 s Ninth 

Steen l^^mil (Lizzie), wks K Paper Mill, i*es 111: n Twentieth. 

Steen William 11 (Margaret), tailor, 335 6 Ninth, res 333 s Ninth 

Ii-oii Shutters, Balconies, Gratini^s, 
Bank Work, Ai-ea RailiiurB, Stable 
b'llting'S, Ornam'tl tioof Crestings. 

i W. T, BARBEE li'ou M Wire Works, 



3 patent unlaundered Shirt/'theboss." °'= i«s1S^°«° 


Steginaiin Edward 11, wks J M llutton ife Co, res 322 s Thir- 
teen tli. 
Steginami Mary (wid Harmon), res 322 s Thirteenth. 
Stein, see also Stien and Stiens. 

Stein Edward, tinner, bds 405 s Ninth. 

Stein ^[iss Fk)ra, res 204 s Thirteenth. 

Stein Frederick W (Rose D), carpenter, res 204 s Thirteenth. 

Stein Gerliard, elk Geo Schepnian, res 330 s Fifth. 

Stein ]\Iiss Libbie M, res 204 s Thirteenth. 

Steinbrink Miss Emma M, res 509 s Ninth. 

Steinbrink Mary (wid John), res 509 s Ninth. 

Steinkamp Carrie, domestic 38 s Twelfth. 

Steinbrink William (Kiite), teamster, res s G, bet Seventh and 

Steinkamp Miss Ella, res e s Twenty-lirst, 7 s Main. 
Steiidvamj) Emma, domestic, 122 n Eleventh. 
Steinkamp ^liss Emma F, res e s Twenty-lirst, 7 s Main. 
Steinkamp Fraidv II (Anna), plasterer, res e s Twenty-iirst, 4 s 

Steinkamp Henry S (Louisa), res e s Twenty-iirst, 7 s Main. 
Steinkamp John F (Kate), ])lasterer, res 29 s Seventeenth. 
Steinkamp Minnie, domestic 302 n Twelfth. 
Steins, see also Stein, Stien, Stiens and Stines. 

Steins (Jasper (Elizabeth), bhoemaker, res 439 s Eleventh. 
Steins Henry, elk E R IJeynolds, res 439 s Eleventh. 
Steins John, wks 11 Chair Co. 

Stephens, see also Stevens. 

Stephens Albert, wks lluusier Drill Co, res 220 s Twelfth. 

Ste|)hens Miss Alice, res 220 s Twelfth. 

Stephens Frank W, wd^s Adams Ex Co, res Spring Grove. 

Ste])hens Ira 1] (Semantlia), res 220 s Twelfth. 

Stephens Jacob (Caroline), res Spring (trove. 

StejJiensAVm L, (Lizzie (.)), ]>ainter Iloosier Drill Co, res 1220 

n F. 
Sterling Henry E (Cora), collector The Singer Manfg (^o, res 

900 n Tenth. 
Stevens, see also Stephens. 

Stevens Francis L (JVIary \\), car|>enter, res 4L5 n Fifteenth. 
Stevens Fraidv A, wks U (Jity Mill Works, res 532 n Nineteenth. 
Stevens GJeorge C (Lnda Yj), (The AVayne Creamery), res 101 n 

Stevens James (Mary J), carpenter, res 315 s Ninth. 

Nicholson & Bro. ^^^tr Office Supplies, 'iuSit 

Sunday Creek Coal jiatn<^rnros., Rictlllioilfl, M. 


Stevens Kosetta, domestic Spring' Grove. 

Stevenson ^liss Ella, res l;U4 Main. 

Stevenson George, teamster, res 401 s Twellth. - 

Stevenson George W, res 1314 Main. 

Stevenson James, wks ITaynes, Spencer tt Co, bds Hryson lloase. 

Stevenson Jose])h G (Esther Ann), res 17()7 Main. 

Stevenson John W, farmer, res 1314 l\lain. 

Stevenson Miss Jnlia E, res 1314 ^lain. 

Stevenson Miss ]\[ellie, res 1314 Main. 

Stevenson AVarner (col), lab, bds 244 s Funrth. 

Stever Annie M (wid John II), res 21 G s Sixth. 

Stevers Anthony, wks Ilaynes, Spencer & Co, bds U) n Filth. 

Stewart, see also Stuart. 

Stewai't Amanda (wid Albert), res 714 n Twelfth. 

Stewart Miss Antta L, res 221 n Twelfth. 

Stewart Andrew, wks II F Oesting. 

Stewart Miss Florence M, dressmaker, res 221 n Twelfth. 

Stewart Miss Lizzie, res 714 n Twelfth. 

Stewart Miss Nettie M, res 221 n Twell'th. 

Stewart K A, sewing machine agt, bds Huntington House. 

Stewart Wellington (]\[ina), car[)enter, res 221 n Twelfth. 

Stuart William (Lydia), wks Grant, llem pieman tK: Qo, res 017 n 

Stibbens Roll, wks Wayne Agrl Wks, bds 411 n Thirteenth. 
Stidham Mrs Jane, res 38 n Fifth. 
Stidham Miss Minnie, res 38 n Fifth. . ^'. 

Stieder John D, car])enter, res 413 s Sixth. 
Stieder Margarette (wid David), res 413 s Sixth. ■. ' 
Stien, see also Stein. 
Stien Catherine, domestic 200 n Ninth. 
Stien Garrett, tailor, res over 328 s Fifth. - ' • '/ 

Stien Ifarnion, lab, res over 328 s Fifth. 
Stien John \\ (Kate), res over 328 s Fii'th. ' • 

Stiens, see also Steins and Stines. 

Stiens Anna M (wid l)ernard), i-es 28 s Fii'th. 

Stiens Casj)er (Elizabeth), shoemaker, res 43!) s Eleventh. 

Stiens Henry (^fary), paintt»r, res 28 s l^'ifth. 

Stiens Henry, elk E K lieynolds, wa 13!) s Eleventh. 

Stiens Louisa, wks Nicholson As Ih'o bindeiy, res 430 s Eleventh. 

Stigleman Edward W (lone), photogra[)her G W Stigleman, res 

22 n Fourtcentl 

Iron Shutters, Balconies, Grating"a, 
Bank Work, Area Ralling-s, Stable 
Fittings, Ornam'tl Uoof Creatings. 

i f , T. BARBEE Iron mi Wire Works, 


Dress Goods, Black I Fancy Silks, ° %%'^'Sil''S?r^t 



Stigle.niiiM Geoi'go AV ((yiU'rie), pliotogi'jiplier sw cor JVlain tiiul 

Sixth, res 28 n Foiirteeiitli. 
St|o-loinaii (ieoi-ge W, jr. |)lu»togra])lier (I W Stigleinaii, res 22 ii 

8ti<>-leuiaii italeiji'h E, res 22 ii Fourteentli. 
Stines, see also Steins and Stiens. 

Stiiies lieiiry, \vks K JSinith Sl Co, res 411 s Eleventh. 

Stines Miss Lillie, res 411 s Ei^'hth. i. 

Stines ]\rary, domestic 101) n I^'ilU.'enth. 

Stines AVni (J\lary), car[)enter, res 411 s Ei<>lith. 

Stilwell Jas A (Mary A), wks lloosiei- Drill (Jo, res 712 n Four- 

Stock Jacob (Maro-aret), carriage nuiker, res 734 s Sixth. 

Stock Miss Louisa, res 734 s Sixth. 

Stock ]\[iss Mary, res 734 s Sixth. 

Stoker Ira 4) (Laura), blacksmith, res Sevasto])ol. 

Stoker John J, car])enter, res Sevastopol. 

Stokes Chas D, wks il Chair Co, bds 520 n Eig-hteenth. 

Stoks Miss 4]lla, bds 244 s Fourth. 

Stokes Eredk U (C'harlotte M), model nudvcr, res 121 s Twelfth. 

Stokes Harry M, bkpr J S Taylor jr, res 317 s Twelfth. 

Stokes John E (DeWitt & Stokes), res 115 n Seventh. 

Stokes John AV, elk A G Luken ^ Co, bds 40 s Ninth. 

Stokes Lydia (wid Alexander), res 1.15 n Seventh. 

Stokes Miss Sarah W, res 115 n Seventh. 

Stoot Wm, hack driver John Miller, bds 435 s Tenth. 

Stone CAuxs AV^, cigars and tobaccos, ()23 Main res ]\Iain. 

Stotter Henry (Mary A), gardener, res Sevasto))ol. 

Story AVm U, ])nblisliei' ll(jdgins System of Maj^ Drawing, res 
318 n Ninth. 

Stortz Wm (Barbara), ])iano maker Clnise l^iano Co, res 415 s 

Stough Jacobin (Lallie 1^), Ibreman lloosier Drill (Jo, res 50 6 

Stout George E, cooper Geisler Stout, res 902 n l^leventh. 

Stout Miss Ciracie, res Sevastopol. 

Stout Harry (Lillie 11), machinist Richmond City Mill Works, 
res 217 n 4'hirteenth. 

Stout Miss Sallie, res 25 n Fifth. 

Stout Win (lOlizabeth), (Jeisleri^ Stout), res 1)02 n Eleventh. 

Stowes Thos (col), molder, bds SI3 n M 

Stranahan Jolm 11 (Othellia R), (Shafer i^'; Stranahan), res 25 s 

Hlis<'cliaiie4»iiM, Iklitiili «1 

.'■■^:.:uv>r.r..., al NICHOLSON & BRO, "'S^.-SJ^I 

SEWER PIPE Mather iros. Hichmond, Ind, 


Strasburg Miss Laura J, corresponding elk Sedgvviek l^ros, res 

112 n Fifteenth. 
Strattan Abe S, iVnit and ornamental trees, grapes, roses, etc, 

25 s Seventh. 
Strattan Benjamin^ room 1 Odd Fellows building, notary, 

real estate, loan, collection and insurance agent, res 222 n 

Strattan Daniel B (Rebecca), blacksmith and -agri implements, 

1018 Miiin, res 38 n Eleventh. 
Strattan Elizabeth (wid Abraham), wks Mrs A P Cole, res 1218 

Stratton Miss Elizabeth, wks Wiggins & Co, res 118 a Fifth. 
Strattan Hannah (wid Zimi'i), res 118 s Fifth. 
Stratton Herbert E, elk Odorless Excavating Co, res 21 n Seventh. 
Strattan Kate II (wid Jose])h), res 511 n 1). 
Strattan M Lathrop (Satie), res 833 n Tenth. 
Strattan Martha M (wid Joseph), res 308 n Tenth. 
Strattan Russel W, molder, bds 217 s Twelfth. 
Strattan Stephen S (Matilda E), carriage mnfr, 1018 Main, res 

•112 s Ninth. 
Strecker Henry (Mary), lab, res 216 s Sixth. . , 

Street Clias N (Martha J), res 803 n Tenth. ; . ■ 

Street Frank L, res 803 n Tenth. 
Strickland Miss Anna A, res 31 n Eleventh. 
Strickland Miss Lizzie, res 31 n Eleventh. 
Strickland IVIartha J (wid Chas H), res 31 n Eleventh. 
Strohm Win F (Anna R), lab, res 511) s Sixth. 
Strome JMoali (Mary), res nevastopol. 
Strothaus Bertha, res 027 s C. , „ . 

Strothaus Edward, res 027 s C. " '' 

Strothaus Henriette (wid Henry), res 027 s C. 
Stuart, see also Stewart ' ' 

Stuart Miss Carrie A, bds 314 n Sevnth. 
Stubbs Miss Carrie, school teacher, res 29 n Nineteenth. 
Stubbs Eli (Anna F), res 1200 n G. 
Stubbs Lewis D (Emily A), lawyer, over 500 Main, res 18 s 

Ninth, tel 104. 
Stubbs Marniaduke E, printer En(|uirer, res 318 n Ninth. 
Stubbs J C, bds 403 n Eighth. 

Stubbs Miss Mary A, teacher high school, res 1200 n (L 
Studt Adolph (Sofa), tailor Sinv.)n Fox, res 12i) s Second. 
Studt Miss Mary, re8l29 8 Second. 





Study Abel L (Mary A), attorney iit law and notai-y, room 3 Odd 
Fellows block, res s e cor IMain and Eig-hteenth. 

Study Addison H (Alice J), county surveyor, res 121 n Fit- 
teenth, tel 211. 

Study Justin N (Belle), su])t public scliool, res 215 s Fifth. 

Study Thomas J (Thereba A), lawyer, 587 Main, res lOU n Thir- 

Stumpt' Conrad E (Lizzie J), piano maker, res 130 s Thirteenth. 

Sturm Augustus, wks Uaynes, Spencer iSi (Jo, bds 707 s E. 

Sudhoir Ohas K, (Carrie), elk I R Howard & Co, res 431 s Ninth. 

Sudholl"Fred (Ellen\ wks Wm Cain, res 301 s Tenth. 

Sudhoff Gerhard (Elizabeth), lal), res 133 s Third. 

SudhotrCeo F, elk W^'m H Sudhuti" res 133 s Third. 

Sudhofi'Geo G, receivin^j;- elk I \l Howard & Co, res 301 s Third. 

Sudhott* Henry (Emma A), wks J M llutton A: Co, res Lii^ s 

Sudhoff Henry W, elk Win li Sudhotf, res 133 s Third. 

Sudhoti* John F, book binder Nicholson ife Bro, res 133 s Third. 

Sudholl' Miss Mary E, wks AVig^-ins & Co, res 301 s Third. 

Sudhoir Wm II, druggist, 435 Main, bds 133 s Third. 

Sullivan Daniel , wks lloosier Drill Co. 

Sullivan Miss Hannah N, res 504 n Fifth. 

Sullivan Gabriel, express wagon, res 504 n Fifth. 

Sullivan James (Catliarine), lab. 528 n Thirteenth. 

Sullivan Jeremiah (Hannah), janitor 8th street j)ublic school, res 
504 n Fifth. 

Sullivan John (Nora), blacksmith, res Sevastoi)ol. 

Sullivan John S (Mary A), blacksmith C St L c^ V Uy shops, 
res 308 n Sixteenth. 

Sullivan Miss Maggie, tailoress J Peltz, res 504 n Fifth. 

Sullivan INfollie, domestic 121 n Thirteenth. 

Sullivan Patrick (Theresa), blacksmith C St L iSc V My shops, 
res 913 n G. 

Sullivan Timothy E, wks Grant, llemi>lenuin Ot Co, res 538 n Thir- 

Sullagar Wm, gas titter, bds Commercial House. 

Sulser Mary (wid Harrison), res W Kichmond. 

Summers Jacob, salesman Singer Mnfg C'o. 

Sundernumn A(lam E (Eliza F), res 117 Liberty ave. 

Surendorf AVilliam (Eouisa), core maker R (/ M W, res 504 8 

Surface Daniel S (Kate), sec'y and treas ivichard ('hair Co, res 

20J_^ Tenth. _^ _ 

All kinds of BLANK BOOKS Nicholson a bro. 


T7rTs**« r^0Sf>,A r. Window GvinrdH. Wire Sltrn.s, Store 

W 116 UOOCLS. Fixtures, Flower tStundB.'.Floral Design 

W. T. liAHBFE a: 

Iron and Wire Worki 


Surtiice lulwiird, brakemaii C Jl t^ I) iiy, IkIs Ii>2 Ft Wayne 

Surface Jessie K, student, res 201 Tenth. 

iSutterineister C, painter K Oity Mill Works. .; 

Sutton John G (JVlary E), trav ai;,! Wayne A<i,r] Oo, res 41 s | 

Swain, see also Sway ne. ; 

Swain Chas, lab, res 14 Ft AVayne ave. . ' ■ 

Swain Chas G (C^hira E), niolder, res •l'.^5 s Thirteentli. 

Swain Elizabeth 11 (wid Uichai-d), res 25 s Tenth. ' ' 

Swain Ella (wid Win), res 14 Ft Wayne ave. 

Swain Marry B, shippin«^ elk lujbinson S:, (Jo, res 42 s Thirteenth. 

Swaine J 11 (AFargaret), photo^raj)her over 7o<) Main, res 1 FJ n 

Swan Mrs Sarah j\I, res cor s Third and B. 
Swan William R, (W R Swan Sl (/o), res eor Forty-Second 

and Fil'th ave. New York city. 
Swan William R & Co, (Wm U Swan, A Daniels), ])ianos, i 

organs, music and musical instruments, 935 Main. ! 

Swartz, see also Schwartz. 

Swartz Frank, bds 2FJ n Sixth. 

Swartz James, vvks Gaar, Scott & Co, bds 1530 Main. ', 

Swartz James, wks Chair (aj, bds 411 n Thirteenth. i 

Swayne, see also Swain. -, 

Swayne Harry B, res 42 s Thirteenth. ^ 

SwaynieF^ranklin 11 (Hannah), molder Wayne Agrl Works, res 
504 n Fifteenth. 

Swaynie S Edward (Susan), bkpr U City Mill Wks, res 42 s Thir- 

Swaynie Wilson, molder Wayne Agrl Wks, res 504 n Fifteenth. 

Swicker Harmon II (Anna M), wks Gaar, Scott & Co, res G47 
s J. 

Swift Albert L (Clara S), mail agt, res 1310 Main. 

Swift Miss Clara E, res 20 » Ninth. , 1 

Swift John ]] (]\[aria), express agt, res 128 n Seventh. 

Swift Miss Lizzie A, res 26 s Ninth. 

Swift Kichard 11 (Hannah H), res 20 s Ninth. ,, . > . 

Swim Miss Hannah (col), res 125 Ft Wayne a\ci. 

Swimm James (Emily), wks AVm 1* lI\itton, res 319 n Fourth. 

Swimmllaria (col) (wid), res 125 Ft AVayne ave. 

Swinn Adam (Uebecca), res 304 n Eighteenth. !,'«i 

FACTORS FLANNELS for Siirtii auil Sliirts at °- ^- 1^^l?f g.^ ^°'^ 



Tag^tirt Juliii (Elizabeth), moldei, res 414 n I). 

'J\ii^i(art John F, wks IToosier Drill Co, red 414 ii D. . 
' Taggart Miss Josie, res 414 ii D. 

Tag^art Miss ]\[ag<rie A, res 414 n D. 
: Tagiciii't AVilliaui (Eva), iiiolder Iloosier Drill Co, res 603 n 11. 

Tahobard xViidre\v, ciindy maker, res ()0(J s Tenth. 

Tahobard George (,[ennie), res (lOO s Tenth. 

Talhert Samnel A (Lydia E), cabinet jnaker (irant, lleni])lenian 
; & Co, res 407 n Thirteenth. 

Talhelni Edward F, car])entcr, mis G n Twelfth. 

Talhelm Hezekiah W (Wm 11 Middleton S: Co), res 114 n 

i JSixth. 

. Talhelni llessev, carpenter, contractor and builder, rooms 6 n 

] ' Tallielm Miss Laura J, res G n Twelfth, 

j - Tangcnman ]\Iiss Amelia, res lU' n Third. 

. ■. Tangeman Eouirf J (Lillie), bartender Continental Saloon, res 205 
■ ■ ■ ■ n Second. 

: Tangeinan I'rederick (Ellen C), machinist, res 'JIG s Fourth. 

. Tapy Annie, domestic 122 s Seventh, 
j Tapy ]\riss Carrie J\r, res 1213 s J. 

i "^'M^y Fredei'ick, lab, I'es 1213 s J. 

j Tapy John, lab, res 1213 s J. 

Tapy ]\liss Lizzie, res 1213 s J. 
I Tarrer George, bartender Feter Lennard, res s Eighth. 

• Tate Jane (col) (wid), i-es 218 s Twelfth, 

i Tate Louis (col), Nvks 34 n Eighth. 

Tate :^^ilton' (Maggie), res 3FJ s Tenth. 

Tate A\^m (Virginia), l)arber, 803 iMain, I'es 32S s Eleventh. 

Tauer Miss Lena, res G04 s Sixth. 

Tauer Oscar (Josie A), wks C>hase Fiano Co, res (104 s Sixth. 

Tauer Faul, salesman Singer M fg Co, res G04 s Sixth. 

Taylor Miss Alice, res IIG s A. 

Taylor Charles L, gardener, res 20 s Eighth. 

Taylor (Charles 1 1, yard elk Union Depot, rms 28 n Thirteenth, 
bds Arlingtt^n House. 

Taylor Enos F (Leora !'"), exjiress messenger, res 207 s Twi'lfth. 

Taylor Hugh F(Kmm:i), lab, res 1)20 s Ninth. 

Taylor James E (Gertruile E), piiysician, 21 n 'ienth, res same, 
tel 80. 

School Books and School Supplies 

lit NICHOl.aON cNt BRO. 
7liU Muiti iSlroot 

Everybody tuys their COAL of Mather Bros, 


Taylor John (Nellie), res 44 s Seventh. 

Taylor John W (Angeline), express messenger, res 314: n A. 

Taylor Julius S, jr, (Caroline), carriage wood work and heavy 

hai-dware, 825 n E, tel 109, i-es 21() n Eighth. 
Taylor ^liss Lizzie, elk Geo II Knollenberg, res 20 s Eighth. 
Taylor IMaria (col) (wid Thomas), res 431 s Sixth. 
Taylor Martha (wid Hugh), res 12 n Tenth. 

Taylor T A, supt S L Wiley Construction Co, res near junction. 
Taylor Thomas (col), wks Water AVorks, bds 132S n G. 
Taylor Wesley, elk R E Davis, res 305 s Eighth. 
7'aylor William E (Lydia), gardener, res 32 s Ninth. 
Taylor William J, machinist, res IK) s A. 
Taylor Wm P, carpenter Kidder & Beetle, rms 202 n Sixth. 
Taylor William S (Mary), saloon, pool room and cigar store, 

35 n Eighth, res 208 s Tenth. 
Taylor William T (Jane), machinist, res 116 s A. 
Taylor Zacharius, (Brown A: Tayloi"), res over 156 Ft Wayne 

Teagle Leander A (Sarah), machinist, res Sevastopol. 
Teague Edwin T, student, res 905 n A. 
Teague Isaac C (Johanna M), ])hysician, 909 n A, res same, tel 

Teale Miss Anna, res 31 n Nineteenth. 
Teale Charles (Ellen), machinist Gaar, Scott <& Co, res 31 n 

Teamann Benjamin, wks J M Ilutton iSi Co, res 75 Liberty ave. 
Teamann Henry (Cliarlottc), lal), res 329 s Sixth. 
Teaman Kate (wid l)CnjamiTi), res 75 Liberty ave. 
Team inn Henry, bds 321 s Eighth. 
Tehigh Mary (wid), res 404 u I). 

Teldmann Fred J, printer Volkszeitung, res 301 s Seventh. 
Telegram Job Rooms, 915,917 and 919 Main, tel 58, J M 

Coe proprietor. 
Temme Edward H (Sophia), asst mailing elk V O, res 420 s 

Temme Frank I), elk C A Peterson, res 219 s Eighth. 
Temme Henry H (Kate L), councilman 4th ward, wks E Smith 

ct Co, res 219 s Eightli. 
Temmelman Miss Clara, tailoress, res 414 s Fifth. 
Tern mel man Harmon (Margaret), wks Gaar, Scott it Co, res 

414 s Fifth. 
Temmelman Joseph, wks Gaar, Scott & Co, res 414 8 Fiftii. 

TTfr-iT^o Prtnrip Choirs and Sottetis, Summer HousoB. t W. T. BARBEE, 
VV irC vTOULlb. Screeno, and uU kinda of Wire Cloth, ) ihon ANowiFit wuhks. 

3 patent unlaundered SMrt/'thetoss.'"^-^- 'S'ioV 


Toin])lctoii Leo J (]\[ary), (L J Tcmpleton & Co), res 42 s Four- 

Templeton Leonard I> (Elizabetli), res 1017 Main. 

Tenii)leton L J & Co, coniuiission merchants, 41 n Eiglith, tel 
lO'i, res 42 s Fourteenth. 

Tengnian Henry (Annie), wksGaar, Scott & Co, res 128 n Third. 

Ten<i^eniiian Herman (Alary), wks Caar JScott & Co, res 3!) u 

Tennant 11 J-^, machinist Gaar, Scott & Co, hds 813 n E. 

Tenne Henry, wks E Smith & C(j, res 518 s Eighth. 

Tenne JNlary (wid Edward), res 518 s Eighth. 

Tennis Charles A (Emma S), trav agt Creamer & Clements, res 
102 n Eighth. 

Tennis Israel (Mary E), physician, 37 s Eighth, res same. 

Tennis Miss Mary E, res 37 s Eighth. 

Terry Coleman A, wks lloosier Dilll Co, res 01s Fifteenth. 

Test Miss Alice, res 620 s Ninth, 

Test Erastus, M S, M D, (Mary T), principal academic dept 
Kichmond Normal School, res Earlham Fhice, w \i. 

Test Aliss Alargaret A, rcb 02r) s Nintli. 

Test Aliss Mattie, res 020 s Ninth. 

Test Zaccheus (Sarah A), german school teacher, res 026 b Ninth. 

Testing Frank, wks Wm Shofer, res 013 s C. 

Textor Louis, baker J K Hayes, bds 618 s Eighth. 

Thasse Henry, lab, res 442 s Tenth. 

Thatcher Absalom M (Mattie J), nuichinist II City Mill Works, 
res 321 n Thirteenth. 

Thatcher Edward J (Emma), res 232 s Fifth. 

Thatcher Joseph E (Mrs E E), elk Wiggins & Co, res 232 s Fifth. 

Thayer Alexander T, wks llaynes, Spencer tS^ Co, bds 201 n 

The Arbor, Ivennepohl & Gra])penhaus ])ro])rs, 405 Main. 

The Earlhamite (montlHy), Earlham College, S E Nicholson 
editor, 11 11 Hill business manager. 

The Evening Item, Isaac Kline propr, James A Had ley edi- 
tor, over 807 Main. 

Theis Charles A, tinner A J Holfman, res 1721 --. 

Theis Josei>h E (Mary), cari)enter, res 128 n Seventeenth. 

Theobold Anthony (Gibbons .V: Theobuld), res 600 s Tenllh 

Theobuld Miss Jusej)hine, elk L E Leonard c*v: Co, res 634 s E. 

Thesing Charles (Elizabeth), wks llaynes, Spencer vt Co, res 507 
n Fourteenth. 

71:50 Main 

Nicholson & Bro. ^^t;. Office Supplies, '^i^i 

SEWER PIPE Mather'' iros. Rlchmond, Ind, 


Thcurer Miss Adiiliiio, res tjl5 s Eii^litli. 

'J'hciirer (leorge, btirteuder Petor Luoiiarfl, res 315 s Eighth. 

Theiircr Miss'Mary, res 315 s Ei«>litli. 

Thielike Tleiiry (Alary D). aardener res 725 s II. 

Thistlethwaite John P (Mary J ), bki>r daily and weekly 

ralladiuiji, res ti3o s Ei<>lilh. , , * 

Thomas Aloiizo L, student, IkIs 110 n Eia;litli. 
Thomas Alphevis C (Lizzie A), passr conductor Little Miami Uy, 

res 408 n Fifteenth. 
Thomas Anna, domestic 105 s Twelfth. 
Thomas Mrs Annie E, dressmaker, 221 s Ninth, res same. 
Thomas August, molder Gaar, 8cott & Co, bds 422 n Fourteenth. 
Thomas August, barber W I^ Lane, res 410 s Tenth. 
Thomas August F, l)arber, res 410 s Tenth. 
Thomas B F, wks Witham & Anderson Co. 
Thomas Barney J (Ilenriette), night w^atchman J M Iluttun & 

Co, res 410 s Tenth. 
Thomas Barbara (wid Nathan), res 1012 n I. 
Thomas Belle, domestic 1200 n G. 
Thomas Benjamin, machinist, res 21 s Sixteenth. 
Thomas Charles, res cor Sixteenth and n 11. 
Thomas Rev Charles H (Carrie W) pastor A M E church, res 

200 s Sixth. 
'i'honuis Clarence, wks Gaar, Scott & Co, res Sevastopol, 
^riiouuis Clark, wks Gaar, Scott & (yo, res Sevastoj^ol. 
Thomas Dora J (wid John F), res 414 n Sixteenth. 
'J'homas Eber (Emma), plasterei*, I'es Sevasto|'o]. 
Thomas Eli (Anna E), carpenter Yates & Son, res 221 s Ninth. 
Thomas Ella (wid Scott), res 733 s Ninth. 
Thomas Miss Ella, bkpr V^an D Li'own, i*es 31 n Thirteenth. 
Thomas Miss Ella, res s e cor Sixteenth and s E. 
Thomas Emily (wid Nelson), res 1410 ]\[ain. 
Thomas Miss Emma, res 314 s Seventh. 
Thomas Miss Emma W, res Spring Grove. 
Thomas Miss Emnui II, res 410 s Tenth. 
Thomas Ellis (Emily W), res 21S ji Eleventh. 
Thomas Enos (Lydia R), life insurance agent, M u 1'hirteenlh, 

res same. 
Thomas Ev (Emma), plasterer, res Sevastopol. 
Thomas Miss Fannie, elk F A Ueif, bds 218 n Seventh. 
Thomas Florance (Anna), lab, res 1307 s I. 

}i?,?k^rrk':\?„^''s:if,?%'irft'iv«^^^ i W. T, BARBEEIi'oh aiii wire Works, 

bittlnga, Oiniam'tl Roof Creatinga. ) LAKAvimi., Indiana. 


BOTTOM PRICES. JL/. iJ. liXViX VV X: WXtl/ Ot >3\fL't . Main St 


Thomas George S (Elizahetli), riU]>t Wayne Agrl Go, res 310 n 

Thomas J\Iiss Harriet E, res 310 n Fifteenth. - 
Thomas Ilei»ry (col), wks Iv l>lisss. 
Thomas lleiu-y (col) (Delilah), lab, res 400 s Sixth. 
Thomas lluston A (Martha J), meat market, 4 s Fiftli, res G3S-S 

Thomas Anna (col) (Moll ie), res 1317 n I. 

Thomas James 1], elk W'itham S: Anderson Go, bds 110 n Eighth. 
Thomas James (J (Euthemy), lab, res 408 n Sixteenth. 
Thomas James E (Alice Al), pres Richmond Ghair Go, res J mile 

w Iticlimond. 
Thomas John, lab, res 431 s Sixth. 
Thomas John (col) (Gatharine), lab, res 1317 n 1. 
Thomas John I) (xVbbie E), wks Gaar, Scott & Go, res 812 n I. 
Thomas John J (Nettie J), car inspector G St L & I* Ity, res 714 

n Thirteenth. 
Thomas Jose])h, carpenter and bnilder, G05 n D, res 408 8 

Thomas Joseph A (Mary), teamster, res Sevastopol. 
Thomas Levi A (Emma I^), carpenter Gaar, Scott & Go, res n s 

n 1, 1 \v Tenth. 
Tliomas Miss Lillie (col), res 4317 ii I. 
Thomas Lizzie, domestic i^23 n T(inth. 

Thomas LutherL(Lulu M), elk \l V Davis, res 30 8 Eighth. 
Thomas Martin (Agnes), wks 11 ay nes, Spencer iSc CJo, res oi^l) n 

Thomas _Miss IMary, res 21 s Sixteenth. 
Thomas IMiss Mattie E, dressmaker, rc;s 000 n Twelfth. 
4'homas Morris (ACary), engineer 11 Paper Mill, res 305 s Tenth. 
Thomas Missouri (^wid Scutt \V), res 40S n Sixteenth. 
Thomas Oliver, wks (laar, Scott e^ Go, res Se\'astopol. 
Thomas l*n,'sley (col) (Ida), porter J llalteman, ros 1317 n l. 
Thomas Preston (Ida), bartender, res 1317 n 1. 
4'homas Samuel ((5ol), briekmaker, res 1317 n 1. 
Thomas i^^iss Sadie, res 312 Main.* 

Thomas Scott (col), waiter Arlington House, bds same. 
Thomas Stephen F (INfai-y), engineer Zeller v^' Co, res 77 Wash- 
ington a\e. 
Thomas Miss Susie, res 21 4't Wayne ave. 
Thomas Susjin (vvid John H), res 201 n Sixth.. 
4'homas William, wks 1'] Smith Sl Go, bds 449 s Sevcntli. 

All kinds of BLANK BOOKS 


Everybody buys their COAL of Mather Bros. 


Tlioiiiixs William (col) (Sarah), lab, res 432 s Sixth. 

Thoiuas William (col), brick maker, res 1317 n I. 

'i^homas AVilliam (Maggie), wks IFoosIer Drill Co, res Sevastopol. 

Thomas William A, res 00() n Twelfth. 

Thomas William F (Catharine) (Thomas & Kunge), res 422 ii 

Thomas William II, millwriglit, res 410 s Tenth. 
Thomas William L (Frances), chief engineer fire dept, res 21 

Ft ^V^ayne ave. 
Thomas William P (Phoebe A), drayman, res 60G n Twelfth. 
Thomas Zephaniah (Minerva C), boot and shoe manfr, 513 n 

Twelfth, res e end n Eighth. 
Thomas & Runge, dry goods and notions, ladies' and 

gents' furnishing goods, hats and caps, cor Eighth and 
■ n E. 
Thom])son Brown, sewing machine agt, with D Thompson, res 

112 s Twelfth. 
Thompson Cliarles V, elk Thompson & Good, res 25 n Twelfth. 
Thompson Daniel (Mrs A. M), agt Wheeler & Wilson Manfg Co, 

710 Main, res lOG s Twelfth. 
Thompson George W, bds 410 n Eleventh. 
Thompson Miss llattie, res 100 s Twelfth. 
Thompson Henry B (Jennie), trav agt lloosier Drill Co, res 28 

n Eleventh. 
Thompson John L (Olivia), city commissioner, res 102 n 

Thompson John W (Isabella), night foreman C St L & P shops, 

res 012 n Twelfth. 
Thom})Son John W (Mary E), wks Sedgwick Pros, res rear 1518 

Thompson Miss Lizzie, res lOG s Twelfth-. . 
Thompson Miss Kosa 13, res 25 n Twelfth. 
Thompson Scott (col) ((yatharine), head waiter Arlington Ilonse, 

res 1402 ii F. 
Thompson Thomas G (Mary F), supt Y M C A, res 31 n Thir- 
Thom])son Wiley (col) (Mary J), barber, 807 n E, res 323 n 

Thompson Wm M (Lucinda), (Thomj)son t!k Good), res 25 n 

Thompson & Good, (Wm M Thomj)son, Lawrence P (u>oil), 

grocers, 822 and 824 Main, tel 10. 

TTTTi-wft HnnAn Clialra und SettoeH, buinmor liouHoa, i W. T. BARBEE, 
VV iiO UUOUb. Screens, aiid ull kinds ol Wire Cloth, | iron and wire Wohk3. 

Dress Goods, Black I Fancy Silks, "■ %--2^'Ss;l''&?.it.^''" 


Tlionnan Henry, ]):irtencler Fred IJesaleman, bds 405 s Niiitli. 
Tlionie Selane (wid Benjairiin), bds 34 s iSixteciitli. 
Tiiornbui-g Miss Florence, res »>'2d n Eighteenth. 
Thornl)urg Jesse C (I\r:irtha Cy), cai-puiiter, res S03 n F. 
Thorid)nr<j!;h Orlistus ^V'^, (Nettie), hai'iiess maker, res 110 n Fonr- 

Thornburg Wni M (Josepliine), carpenter, res 125 n Eighteenth. 
Thori)e Coleman J\[ (Eh'zabeth L), elk iM Price, res 21() n Fifth. 
Thiirman Henry, wks F Bessellman, bds 4()5 s Ninth. 
Tiemann Ifenry J (Maggie 11), wks Gaar, Scott A: ('o, res 028 s 

Tiernan Patrick (Margaret), drayman, res 020 n Ninth. 
Tiernan William, bi'ass moldei- John 11 Woolcr, res 020 ii 

Tingle (^ary P, tel o})r W IJ Tel Co, res SOO n Twelfth. 
Tingle Frank E, machinist P Machine Wks, res 800 n Twelfth. 
Tingle Harry S, messenger W LJ Tel (Jo, res 800 n Twelfth. 
Tingle John W (Mary L), carjienter J J Pnssell, res 800 n 

Tingle Samuel L, wks P Sash Palance Alfg Co, res SOu ii 

Tinnaper William (Pollen), stonemason, res 200 s Second. 
Tinney Aixlrew J (Mary E), wks J M Hutton Sl Co, res 401 s P. 
Tiniiey Miss Ida P, l)kpr J as J Varley, res4(>4 s 1j. 
Tinney Miss Pizzie, res 404 s P. 
Titsch Mary (wid Pawrence), I'cs rear 10 a l^^hnenth. 
Tobey Rev Reuben (Nettie M), M E minister, res 203 n 


Tobin Edward, lab, res 117 n Second. ■' 

Tobin Ceorge, lab, res 117 n Second. 

Tobin Michael (Pridget), lab, res J 17 n Sci'.ond. 

Todd Hamilton (Susan), trav agt, res 24 n blU.'scnth. 

Todd Miss India A, res 24 n 4]leventh. 

Todd ]\iiss Kate, res 24 n Eleventh. 

Todd Itobert P(Mattie), marble cutter, res 2P) s Thirteenlh. 

Todd Wm W, elk S L Wiley Construction C.., bds Arlington 

Toland Owen N (Jennie E) brakeman C St L Sl V Py, res :{S Ft 

Wayne ave. 
TolesChas, carpenter Yates & Son, bds 222 n Sevtjntb. 
Toll Wm, lab, res 87 n Ft W^ayne ave. 
'J'olley (ieo C, trav ;igt, res 315 n l']leventh. 

SIlNl'ellHIK'WIIH, ItlUIlk «1- S«*lliM»l H4»(»liM 




Tolley Miss Ollie M, res [Mi) u Eleventh. 

Tolley Whitiield A (Sarah 0), trav a^-t, res 315 ii Eleventh. 

'J'onilinson Hubert (Ellen), engineer Palladium, res 312 n Six- 

Tompkins Nelson (Angnsta), hats, caps and gents furnishing 
goods, 815 ]\rain, res ii5 n Thirteenth. 

Toms Jose|)h (Lizzie), hutcher, res 4^2 n Seventh. ' 

Torheck Henry U (Lizzie M), wks J M Ilutton ife Co, res 7 15 s E. 

Toi'heck Joseph, wks Nicholson iK: lii'o hindery, i-es &2C> s Sixtii. 

Torheck Ivate (wid Henry), i-es 201 s i>. 

Torheck Lena, domestic 44 AVashington ave. 

Torheck Wm II, foreman finishing dept J J\[ Ilutton & Co, res 
303 s Twelfth. 

Toschler Henry (Sophia i\I), tailor, res -144 s Eighth. 

Tosky Thos (Elizabeth), cabinet nudcer, res 415 Main. 

Towl Chas, carpenter, bds 33 n Seventh. 

Townsend Chas, wks and bds 102 n Eifteenth. 

Tovvnsend Dora, painter, hds 227 n Ninth. 

Townsend Horace H, ])ainter, hds 218 s Thirteenth. 

Townsend P, wks E Chaii- Co. 

Townsend James M (Cornelia A), res 510 s Ninth. 

Township Trustee Office, 511) n A. 

Tracy Jas N (Annie), piano tuner Chase Piano Co, res 205 s 

Tracy John B (Theresa), driver hose I'cel fire dei)t, res 412 n 

Tracy Samuel (Sarah), trav agt Chase Piano Co, res 2(> s Thir- 

Treiher Peter (Sarah), wks Gaar, Scott iSc Co, res 38 n Sixth. 

Tremans Wm, cabinet maker, bds 227 s Sixth. 

Trevaii Joseph (Mary J), lab, i-es 1222 s J. 

Trevan Lizzie (col) domestic 132() JVIain. ' 

Tribel Alice (col) (wid Charles), n^s 332 s Eighth •• ' 

Trindle John B (Jessie), tel o[)r Union Depot, res 222 n Nine- 

Trindle William H (Ida I), grocer, 1238 Main, tel 111, res 38 
s Thirteenth. 

Triplett Emma, domestic 44 s Seventh. ' 

Trueblood Miss ^Luy, teacher normal school, res 10 s Tenth. 

Trueblood William N (Emma K), prof English liteiatuie and 
elocution Karlham college, res 721 n Twelfth. "' ' ' ^^ ' 

Truitt Ebert M, res 538 n Eighth. 

TTT;*.^ r«#s#^/3« WindowGuardH, Who JSlt'iiti, Stort? ( W. T BARVn<lE 

VV 116 UOOCIS. Mxtures, FlowtfrlStandd, EloiiUDot^lbnis. J Iron and Wire Wcrkt 

FACTORY FLANNELS for Skirts M Shirts at °- ""■ ^^^^^^^-^ * ««« 

528 Main St. 


Tniitt Caroline (vvicl John), res 5158 n Eighth. 

Tnini]) ^Minnie (wid (icorge), bds 110 n Eic^hth. 

Truxoll Sanili (wid Henry), hair dresser, 15 s Fifth. 

Tuhesiiig Wni (Ellen), res 32 s Tenth. 

Tuch Eros (ALorris, Jacob and Isaac), ch)thini^ and gents fur- 
nishing goods, Sannicl Ek)hr manager, 72G Main. 

Tucker ]\Iiss Annie, res 30 ^Washington a\x'. 

Tucker Ai-thur L, wks Gaar, Scott A: (a>, res 105 n Fourteenth. 

Tucker Charles, hds 138 Ft AVayne ave. 

Tucker Charles AV, res 105 n Fourteenth. 

Tucker Geo li (Ilattie F), harness maker, res 105 n Fourteenth. 

Tucker Geo W (Harriet L), boot and shoemaker, 226 Ft Wayne 
ave, res 30 Wabhington ave. 

Tucker Viola, domestic 33 n Seventh. ' . ' 

Tulghum Albert, wks Geo II Grant, liempleman & Co. 

Tulghum Geo, wks J M lluttoii cV: Co, res 276 Ft Wayne ave. 

Tulledge Alfred, res 126 s Tweltth. 

Tullis Elmer, lab, res 41 Ft Wayne ave. 

TullisThos A (Martha), wks (.^ 11 Moore, res 44 Ft Wayne ave. 

Turner Auirust A (Sadie), machinist Gaar, Scott ifc Co, res 1022 
11 J. 

Turner Edward F, elk Boston Store, res 420 s Eighth. 

Turner Edward 11 (l\Iary E), wks Garr, Scott & Co, res 235 s 

Turner Edward II (Lucetta), carpenter, res 1118 n J. 

Turner Mjss Ellen, res 1118 n J. 

Turner John W (Ida M), wks Richmond Chair Co, res 819 n 

Turner Louis, barber, res 420 s Eighth. 

Turner M C (col) (wid Burrow), millinery and fancy goods, 27 n 
Eighth, res same. 

Turner AVm II, elk Geo Knollenberg, res 420 s Eighth. 

Turner AVm II, boiler maker Gaar, Scott ife Co, res 1118 n J. 

Turpin Edward T (Ivate), wks Richmond Chair Co, res 611 s A 

Turpin' Rachel (wid John), r'es 1131 Main. 

Tuttle JMary J, domestic c s Sixteenth, 1 n s E. 

Twehus Henry, wks Hoosier Drill <"!o, res 4!tls Sixth. 

Twehus Herman (Agne.^), n^s 419 s Sixth. 

Twist Kate, domestic 111 s Twelfth. i . 

Twist Mary, domestic 302 n Ninth. 

Tyler Joseph, asst bkpr I R Howard Sl Co, bds 402 n Twelfth. 


School Books and School Supplies 

720 Main Stroot. 

Sunday Creek Coal uatUvrwos.. RiclmiODi, M. 


u ........... 

Ubde Anna, domestic s end Ki<j;litocntli. 

Ulido AM<;ii8t (i\[innie), wks (laar, Scott & Go, res W Richmond. 

IJlide Ilunnon, nioldor U City I\[ill Works, res W Riclimond. 

lldheOtto, blacksmith, res W Richmond. 

Uhlenbrock Miss Anna, res 509 s 8i\tli. 

Uiilenbrock Renj 11 (Jvate A), painter, res 705 s Seventh. 

l]hlenbrt)ck Kate (wid Henj), «;-rocer, 500 s Sixth, res same. 

Uhte Amelia, domestic 55 s Sixteenth. 

Uhte Henry L, cabinet maker, res 2'2()0 Main. 

Uhte Louis 11 (So])hia ]\1), sexton Ma])le Grove Gemetery, res 

2200 Alain. 
Union Depot, n s n E, bet n Tenth and Twelftii, P G & St L 

\l)\ G St L & P Ry, G It & 1 Ry, and i) 11 & D Ry. 
Union Depot Check Room, John P Miller ])ropr. 
Union Depot Dining and Lunch Room, P Merkle ct Go, 

Union Pacific Tea Co, 528 Main, J J O'Brien mauiiger. 
United States Express Co, Thomas G Davis agent, 701 Main, 

tel 51. 
Unthank Geo J (Viola A), mechanic Ghampion Skate Go, les n 

sP, 2 e of Mill Works. 
Unthank Rachel (wid John), res n s P, 2 e of Mill Works. 
Unvarzngt llenry, nd<s J jM llutton & Go, bds 419 s Seventh. 
Uj)haus llernian (]\Iary), saloon, 3() s Sixth, 
lltley Dndley ]j (col) (Sai-ah), whitewasher, res ISG Pt Wanye 

Utz Wm J (Lucy M), carpenter, res 72G n Pourteenth. 

'.,:.:■-.... .. ^ ,■. 

Valentine Miss Georii^ia, res Spring Grove. 

Valentine John (Mai-tha), fai-niei", res S{)rinur Grove. 

Valker Josej)h, wks Gity Mill Works, res ;508 s Twelfth. 

VauAernam Miss Gora, I'ms 43 s Tenth. 

VanAernam llulda (wid Thos V), rms 43 s Tenth. 

VanAllen Alvin (Ghrlstena), wks Zellers ^fe (vo, res 10(5 n Third. 

Vance Dudley N, elk J ]\L Hernard, res 112 n Third. 

Vance Geo T, dept county ck^rk, res 112 n Third. 

Vance Miss ]\Iary, res 112 n Third. 

Vance Thos P (Arthelia), mail a^t, res 112 n Third. 



Carpets and Dry Goods ^'IfeoT'" D.B, CRAWFORD & SON 


V.iuDusen James (Sopliia), hkpr, res 21 s Fiftli. 
VauDiisen ^[iss Kate, bkpr ALarchaiit ct Ilayiies, res 21 s Fifth. 
VaiiDiiben Miss ]\lary, elk J It llayiies, res 21 s Fifth. 
VaiiEtteii Daniel 8 (Florence A), machinist Gaar, Scott & Co, 

res 813 n f. 

Yanllarlini^^er — , rms 211 n Sixtli. 

Yanllarlinii'er , rms 211 n Sixtli. 

VanHarlingen James M (Alice 1)), chief elk train dispt office, 

res 1(>7 n Thirteenth. 
Yanlfarlin^en John It, tel opr St L & P lly, bds Arlington 

VanMeter Alfred H, salesman J Taylor jr, bds 218 n Eighth. 
Vanneman Andrew J, hames and grain cradles, 28 s Eighth, res 

Vanneman Miss Emma, res 28 s Eighth. 

Vanneman John H, wks W C Starr & Co, res 119 6 Twelfth. 
Vanneman Samuel G, res 100 n Fourteenth. 
Vanneman AV^illiam C (Harriet C), foreman W Starr ife Co, 

res 119 s Twelfth. 
Vanneman AVilliam II, cai-penter, res 100 n l^ourteenth. 
Vansant (irace P (wid Cornelius), hoarding house, 209 n Tenth. 
Vansant Mrs 11 R, milliner, 31 n Eighth. 

Vansant Kichard R (Augusta), confectionery and ice cream par- 
lor, 711 Main, res 2V>9 n Tenth. 
Vansant Samuel (Emma E), confectionery, 1127 Main, res same. 
Vansickels ]\liss Helen, res Williamsherg pike, near lirst toll 

Vansickels Jolin, res Williamsherg pike, near lirst toll gate. 
Vansickels JNTary (wid AVilliam), res Williamsherg' ])ike, near tii'st 

toll gate. 
Vansickles William, lab, res "Williamsherg ]nke, near lirst toll 

Van Tress A(Allie C), wks M C Henley, res 25 n Fifteenth. 
Van llxem Altred (Ada), wks Wayne Agrl Wks, res 15 s l^ight- 

Van Uxem (Elizabeth N) (wid James), res 304 n Eighth. 
Van Uxem Frank (Emma W) (Van Uxem & Co), res 302 n 

Van Uxem James (Emily J), res s e eor M;iin and Sev(Miteen(h. 
VanUxeni Frank & Co, (Frank Van Uxem, .lolm Severding), 

stoves, ranges, grates, mantels and furnaces, 025 Main, tel 


The Latest popular Books in i^i^.d at 

alwuya nj NICHOLSON <fc ERO«« 

■ 720 Main iMri-oi. 

Louisville and Portland CEMEHT MAxi^rBRos. 


Yaiizaiit Oatliariiie (wid Ziba), res over KUG Main. 

Vaiizant IMiss Catharine, res over IGIG ^[ain. 

Yaiizant Miss Elizabeth, res over 10 10 Main. 

Yaiizant Garret (Lucy E), wks llichniond Chair lactor}^, res 718 

11 Thirteentli. 
Yanzant James II (Anna), teamster J W Griibbs i^ Co, res 540 

11 Thirteentli. 
Yanzant James I (Lizzie), wks Iloosier Drill Co, res 133 s 

Yanzant Ralph M (Mary M), linisher Ilaynes, Sj)encer & Co, res 

227 n Eighteenth. 
Varley A Morton (Catharine), res -111 n Kintli. 
Yarley Miss Annie, wks Cesnam c^ Varley, res 208 n Second. 
Varley Miss Anna C, dressmaker, res 208 n Second. 
Varley Catharine (wid lildvvard), res n w cor Fifth and B. 
Yarley Miss Ella, elk M A Kielhorn, res 208 n Second. 
Yarley James (Anna), drayman, res 208 n Second. 
Yarley James J, grocer, 197 Ft Wayne ave and 412 n Eighth, 

tel 34, res 300 n Fifth. 
Varley Miss Kate, wks Cesnam &. Varley, res 208 n Second. 
Yarley Maggie, domestic 102 n Ninth. 

Yarley Miss Mary A, dressmaker, res n w cor Fifth and IJ. 
Yasgrena Henry (Thresa), res 424 s Fifth. 
Yaiighan Miss Annie E, res 103 n Tenth. 
Yanghan Anna M (wid Andrew F), res 103 n Terith. 
Yaughan Miss Carrie B, res 103 n Tenth. 

Yaughan Edward G (Phuebe), res 31) n Tenth, tel DO, oihce tel 50 
Yaughan Edward G (I'hoebe C), res 31) n A. 
Yaughan Frank C, res 3D n Tenth. . 
Vaughan John D (Nanie C) (Ilatiield it Vaughan), res 41 n 

Yaughan Miss Kitty M, res 41 n Twelfth. 
Yaughan Walter S, res 3D ii Tenth. 
Vebkar John II (Henrietta), res 43D s Tenth. 
Yedor Harmon (Henrietta), car])ei)ter Yates S: Son, res 208 ii 

Vehr John G (Kate), boots and shoes, D2D Main, res 13D s 

Veregge Catharine (wid Frederick), res 222 s Seventh. 
Yeregge Frederick (Eliza), res 200 s Seventh. 
Veregge John II (Anna), carj)enter U City Mill Wks, res •13() s 


"IJlTinfl HnnAo Chairs and Settees, Summer Houses,! W. T. BARBEE, 
VV 11 C wTUUllo. Screens, and all kinds of Wire Cloth. | iron and WiRii WOHKJj. 

Gents* Suits made to Order, "■ =5S?f£S'n\^."°° RICHMOND 


Verco-o'c Winfield (Lizzie), iiuicliinist Guar, Scott & Co^ res 432 b 

Yerii iieiuy E, uj)liuisterei' J Griiuni, bds cor n iMinth and B. 

Yesjolui Anna (wid llonry), res 31 s Fourth. 

Vietze AVilliani (]\[ar}), wks Ilayiies, S[)L'iicer & Co, res 445 s 

Vickers John M (Julia A), boiler maker, res Sevastopol. 

A^inceiit (iunnain (Christena), i-es 101 s Fourth. 

Vincent Victui", blacksniitii, res 30 n Fifth. 

Yincent Victor, blacksmith, res 101 s Fourth. 

Vinson Miss Julia, res A\^est llichmond. 

Vinson Meredeth (Jane F), cooper, res AV^est llichmond. 

Vinson Itobert, wks Iloosier Drill Go, rea West llichmond. 

Vogg John (Kate), wks j\r C Henley, res 506j n Seventeenth. 

Vogelman Joseph (Lizzie J\l), cabinet nniker, res 717 s E. 

Yonderwhite AiUurt, engineer Jerry Cowhig ^: Co. 

Yore Aliss xllicti, res 921 s A. 

V^ore Jacob J (Hannah li), tL-umster cont of sand, res 921 s A. 

Yore A\^m I) (Hannah A), car])enter, res 732 n Tenth. 

Vore Wni C, rus 732 n Tenth. 

\\)smeier A (Wilhelmina E), saloon 311 s Fifth, res 309 s Fifth. 

Yosmeyer Augu&t (i\[innie), res 427 s Fourth. 

Vosmejer Theodore (Aniui). stonecutter Stace & Crocker, res 324 
s Third. 

Vosmeyer John, carrier ruchmond Daily lnde})endent, res 324 s 

Yossler Lash brook W, wks Gaar, Scott &, Co, res qver 13 n Fif- 

■ Wade Eliza (wid William), res lOlO s A. ' 

AVadkins Anna (col), cook Yirginia House, i\3S 813 n E. 

AV^agner Charles, car})enter, res 133 s Fifth. 

AV^igner Miss Dora, res 133 s Fifth. 

AV^agner AVilliam (Jennie), boarding house, 133 s Fifth. 

AV'^ak'efield ^liss Jennie, res 27 n Seeonth 
AVakelield JosejJi (M;ii'y), bi-i^-k mason, res 27 n Second. 

Wakefield ilev John B, (IsabL'Na W), rector St i^aul's Church, 
res 11 1 n luiilitli. 

Wakefield Mi>s Hannah, res 111 n Eighth. 
'' Waking- Fred (Hannah), cistern, well, vault and sink 
builder, 431 s Tenth, res same. 

WEDDING, BIRTHDAY AND ■Kli r» "h ol cs rvn >vr "Rm No. 7*JU Malu 

Fire Brick and Clay -•^^- • MATHER BROS. 


Waking Miss Mary, res 431 s Tenth. 

AYalden John \V (col) (Eliza A), barber, 7 s Sixth, res 404 s 

AValdun Morgen E (col) (Carrie 1), lab, res 400 s Sixth. 
Walden Wni (col), wks Eldorado Laundry. 
Walker Eliza (wid Augustus), res 823 n F. ., . 

AV^ilker Miss Eliza A, res 35 s Ninth. 

Walker John (Sarah 0), ex])ress wagon, res 329 n Seventli. 
Walker Aliss Martha J, res 35 s Ninth. 
Walker lieeson (col) (Elizabeth), lab, res 1328 n G. 
Walker Wni I (Ute), wks lloosier Drill Co, res 329 n Seventh. 
Wallace Ilariy W, switch tender, res 414 n 1). 
Wallace Jc>se})h S (llettie A), res 222 n Twelfth. 
AVallace Louis E (Olive A), brakenian C 11 & 1) Ry, res over 13 

n Fifteenth. 
Wallace Marion S (Belle), painter, res 55 s Sixteenth. 
Wallace Samuel (Elizabetli M), res 15 n Sixteenth. 
Wallace Turner (col), white washer, res 220 Ft Wayne ave. 
Wallace ^Vm 11 1> (Ella), switchman C St L Sc 1^ yards, res West 

Wallich David (Sarah), molder Ilaynes, Spencer & Co, res 42 

Ft Wayne ave. 
Walsh Edward II, molder Robinson & Co, res 553 n Twelfth. 
Walsh John F, blacksmith Robinson & Co, res 553 n Twelfth. 
AValsh Miss Mary E, elk, res 215 n Fourth. 
Walsh Miss Mary F, res 5£3 n Twelfth. 
Walsh Maurice (Catharine) res 153 n Twelfth. 
Walsh Michael, lab, res 215 n Fourth. 
VV^alsh Timothy, res 215 n l^^ourth. 
Walter Henry, wks Evans, Ferguson & Reeves. 
Walternumn Frederick (Hannah), lab, res 235 s Sixth. 
Waltermann Certrude (wid Henry), res W Richmond. 
Waltermann Harmon, trav agt S M Ruckley, res 235 s Sixth. 
Waltermann Henry A (l>ertha), wks J M 11 niton & Co, res 043 

Walteiinan Matthias, wks J M llutton it (Jo, res 235 8 Sixth. 
Waltermann William, barber, res 235 s Sixth. 
Walters Arthur, cari)enter R C M W. 
Walters Charles F (Adella S), mechanical manager Eiclnnond 

City Mill Wks, res 3J3 n Thirteenth. 
Walters Daniel, wks Gaar, Scott ct Co, bds Arlington House. 

Iron Shutters, Balconies 
ij.mlc Work, Arou Railincfi 
ii'lttlnjrs, Ornam'tl Roof Orestingu 

StSt i W. T. BARBEE Iron M Wire Works. 

IJresting'tJ. I lafayltte, Indiana. 


D.B. CRAWFORD yON, 528 Main St. 



Waltiii James M, baker, bds Commercial House. 

Wampler John M (Elizabetli E), dnii»s, jewelry, ]>aiiits, oils, 

etc, 730 Main, tel 117, res 125 n Seventh. 
Wanker Henry (Cai'oline), slioemaker, res 222 n Twentieth. 
AV anker Miss Ida M, dressmaker, res 222 n Twentieth. 
War Charles (col) (Mary J), shoemaker 417 Main, res 11 n 

Ward Miss Anna C, res 200 n Ninth. 
Ward Charles M (col) (Amanda J), lab 1280 s I. 
Ward Eva (col) (wid), res over 151 Ft Wayne ave. 
AVard Fred E, machinist (uiar, Scott 6c (yo, bds 308 n Eleventh, 

rooms over i)23 Main. 
AVard IMrs J W, res 200 n Ninth. 
Ward Jasj)er M (Mag^^ie), wks Richmond Ciiair Co, res 38 

Washington ave. 
AV^ard James B (Julia), physician, res 31 n Sixth. 
AVard John (Sarah), wks llaynes, S])encer ife Co, res 021: n Ninth. 
AVard John (col), wks Th()m])Son & (Jood, I'cs 325 s Tenth. 
AVard Lewis E, car[)enter Kidder & IJeetle, bds 201 n Ninth. 
AVard Thomas, printer M Cullaton c^ Co, bds 811 n A. 
Warder Harry, stone mason, bds Commercial House. 
AVarder Miss Ida M, res Sevastopol. 
AVarder James (J, stone mason, res Sevastopol. 
AVarder James ]■*, marble cutter, Stace iSc Crocker, res Sevasto- 
Warder Noah E (k^mma), elk, res Sevastopol. 
AVarder Thomas, elk, I'es Sevastopol. 
AVaring Miss Emnui, res 43 s Eighth. 
Waring ]\liss Gertrude, res 13 s Eighth, 
Waring \Vil!i:im 1* (Semii'a), ])hysician and surgeon, 13sl]ighth, 

tel 1 10, res same. 
Warlm James iM, baker, bds Commercial House. 
AVarner Asa G (Annie E), carpenter J M Hutton & Co, res 202 

n Sixteenth. 
Warner Jennie, domestic 11(> s Twell'th. 
Warner Miss Jennie W, res 202 n Sixteenth. 
AVarner John C, wks U City Mill Wks, res 202 n Sixteenth. 
Warner Josej>h jr (Li;<zie), tailor, n;s 118 s I'il'th. 
Warner ]\liss Lizzie C, res 202 n Sixteenth. 
Warner Oscar, switchnuui C St LA- V Ky, bds 122 Ft Wayne 

Warren Miss Hridget, res Sevastopol. 

HAVE YOUR MAGAZINES BOUND n\ 11101)01 00X1 V, RPfl ' •- ^* ^1"''* 
PAPER BOXES MADE TO OUDEli dl nlbnULljUil U DIIU. Strcut. 



Warren Bridget, domestic KM) 11 Twelfth. . , 

AV^iirreii Kllen, domestic 24 s Twelt'tli. 

AVarren Joseph, carpenter, bds 405 ii Fourteenth. , < 

Warren Miss Mary, res Sevastopol. 

AV^arren Mary A, domestic 323 n Thirteenth. 

AVarren l\[ichael (Mary), wks Gaar,- Scott A: Co, res Sevastoj)ol. 

A\'arren Timothy, wks Gaar, Scott tSi Co, res Sevasto])ol. 

Warwick Edward (Emma), ])rop the llichmond iMicpiire, cor 

Sixth and ^[ain, res 27 Westcott hlk. 
Waslibnrn Paul S (Maria 1)), (J Dickinson & Co), res 1708 

AVasson Jk'rt, telej)hone rej)airer, res 15 ii Twell'tli. 
AVasson John M (Anna), res 15 n Twelfth. 
Wasson William II, cari)enter T W Roberts, res 15 n Twelfth. 
Watkins Delhi (col), domestic, 318 n Eighth. 
AVatkins James (col) (Sarali), lab, res w s liillsburough ])ike, 1 n 

.AVatkins Kelita (Carrie), wks AVayne Agrl Co, res end of Eif- 

AVatkins Preston (col), ])oiter Arlington House. 
Watkins AVilliam, painter, Ixls 411 n Thii'teenth. 
AVatson Miss Anna, res 204 s Fourteen tli. 
Watson IVIiss Hannah K, dressmaker, i-es 551 n Thirteenth. 
AVatson Miss Mary E, res 551 n Thirteenth. 
AVatson Seth E (^lary), ])ianosand organs 45 n Eighth, res 123 s 

AVatson AVm A, res 551 n Thirteenth. 
Watson AVilliam B, piano tuner, res 123 s Eleventh. 
AVatt Miss Dellie, elk Henchman S: Cox, res 118 s Eiglith. 
Watt Frank N, elk R AV Yanzant, res 118 s Eighth. 
AVatt Harry AV, elk Geo Knollenberg, res 118 s Eighth. 
AVatt Miss Idell, res 118 s Eighth. ; 
AVatt Miss Irene, res 118 s Eiglith. . ■ 
Watt Norval L C (Frances S), groceries and notions. 12 n Sixth, 

res 118 s Eighth. 
Watt Miss Rena, elk Henchman ik Co, res 118 s Eighth. 
Watt Scott (Sarah), lab, I'cs 008 n Fourteenth. 
AVatters J\Iiss Allie, seamsti-ess, res 8 15 s \\. 
Watters Edward C, painter P Schneider, res 815 s 1>. 
AVattei'b k'rank, wks (iaar, Scott As Co, res 815 s 1>. 
Watters Miss Viola S, seamstress, res 815 s P. 
AVatters William E (Elizabeth), res 815 s P. 




YARNS, all colors and qualities, °-hE'^Z\?lirtT 


AVangh Charles (col) (Mary J), shueiuaker, res 44 Ft Wayne ave. 
Wayne Agricultural Co, I^ L Lawrence pres, Wm Baxter 

. vice ])res, T Wright secy and treas, 1500 to 1512 n F, tel 3. 
Wayne Creamery Co (F P Cluuullee, W A Iluwanl, George C 

Stevens, C F Slinte), nmfg creamery butter, 32S, 330 and 

332 iMain and 2 Ft Wayne ave, tel 81. 
Weavenger John 11 (Susan), res 504 s Thirteenth. ■ 
Weaver J'enjaniin, wksjMatthews, Winder & Co. 
AVeaver Flislia (col), wks 51() s Ninth. 
AVeaver Irvin M (Alice), blacksniitii, res 18 n Sixteenth. 
AA^eaver James i\l (col) (Clara), barber 621 ]\Iain, res 316 n Six- 
.. AVeaver Rebecca (wid Daniel), res 23 s Fifth 
''^•A\^eaver AVilliam S (Ida M) (Benjamin & Weaver), res 202 n 

AVebb Benjamin (Sarah AV), res 211 n Fleventh. 
AYebl) Dora, res Spring Grove. 

AVebb Henderson CMargaret). drayman, bds 208 n Ninth. 
AVebb JIngh C (Jane), parcel expressman, res 221 s Fourth. 
Webb John, res Sj)ring Grove. 
AVebb Mary (wid Theo), res 25 n Third. 
AVebb Sarah (wid William), res 13 s Tenth. 
AVebb Theodore, wks Evan?, Ferguson cV: lleevcs, res Newport 

^ AVebb AVilliam (Belle) engineer AVayne Agrl Co, res Spring 

AA^ebber Carrie E, domestic 204s Se\enth. 
AVcber George II, elk AVm Bockholi', res 529 s Sixth. 
,AVeber John W (Annie), propr street bprinkler, res 529 s Sixth. 
AVeber Miss Kittle, bds 1525 n A. 
AVeber Kate (wid Jacob), res 419 ]\[ain. 
AVeber Peter II (Mary A), res 42 s Third. : 
AVeber Miss Phebe, res 419 Main. 
. AVeber Tony, res 419 ]\Iain. 
AVebster Alice (-wid AVilliam), res 33 n Tenth. 
AVebbter Ella (wid Daniel), res 620 n Tldrtoenth. 
AVebster Miss Letta, dresstnaker, 172S Main, res same. 
AVebster Martin L (Sai'ah), carpenter, res 411 u Fifth. 
Webster Miss llillie, di'essnnd^er, res 1728 INIain. 
Wel)ster Sarah (wid Thomas), res 1728 Main. 
AVebster AValter, wks Kobinson S: Co. rms over 818 Main, bds 

Phillips House. 

^5S^Er^Y^4S^8f^^ at NICHOLSON & BRO. \i^c,^^^t- 

Mather Bros. Sell COAL CHEAP. 


Wedekind ^liss JMiiniie C, res 10:^ s Twelt'tli. 

AVce^-liiimn Au<,nist G (Eliza), blacksiiiitli S03 s E, res 618 6 

AVeeks C C), vetei-iuary surgeon, bds Brysoii Iluiise. 

AVeeks Oluii'les. millwrigJit, res (10 s Sixteeutli. 

Weeks Clmuncey, veterinary surgeon, bds 813 n E. 

\Veeks ^liss Cora, res 60 s Sixteenth. 

AVeeks Frank, wks E E Koney, res (li) s Sixteenth. 

Weeks ]\teri-iL'k C i^Eliza), ear|)enter, res <)0 s Sixteenth. 

^\^eeks ^[iss Minnie E, bkpr Geo 11 Knollenbei'g, res GO s Six- 

AVet'el Miss Annie M, res 2000 Main. 

AVefel Cliarles, wks G II AVetel, res L^OOd Main. 

Wefel Gerhard H (Anna G), pumps, ])hiniber and gas titter, 10 
s Ninth, res 2000 ^lain. 

AN'^elt* Jacob, bds Gerniania Hotel. 

AVeichman Henry (Luuisa), wks Haynes, S[)encer & Co, res 316 
s Twelfth. 

AVeidner Miss Amelia, res 100 Main. 

Weidner Gottlieb, candle mnt'g, lOO Main, res same. 

AVeidner Louis J C (Wilhelmina), tinner Johnson & Wood- 
hurst, res 610 s Eightli. 

AVeidner Miss Minnie, res lOO ]\tain. 

AVeidner AVilliam, res lOO Main. 

AVeily , painter, bds 20 s Eleventh. 

AVeiman Henry, lab, res e s Twenty-tirst, 4r s Main. 

Weirhaker Casper (Anna ]\1), i"es 72-3 s Sixth. 

AVeirhaker Herman, wks Wiggins & Co, res 725 s Sixth. 

AVeisbrod Adolph (Elizabeth), cabinet maker, res 334 s Eightli. 

AVeisbrod Charles, music teacher, res 331: s Eighth. 

AVeisbrod Henry (Mary A), barber, 2 s Fifth, res 312 s Eighth. 

AVeisbrod Louis, wks Richmond Chair Co, res 33L s Eighth. 

AVeishau])t Albei't (Sophia), macliinist Gaar, Scott & Co, res 103 
n Third. 

AVeiss Miss Bertha, res over 610 Main. 

AVeiss Catharine (wid l^ernard), res 219 s C. 

AVeiss Carrie, domestic 114 s Thirteenth. 

^WMss Fred, res 124 s IL 

AVeiss Jacob E (Adaline), engineer Grant, Hempleman ifc Co, res 
over 610 Main. 

AVeiss ^lary, domestic 311 n Eleventh. 

AVeiss Seigfreid (Anna), cabinet maker Chase Fiano Co, res 124 

s r>. 

TT^^v*/^ P/^/^/5n. Window Ctuurds, Wire SiyTHS, Storo j W. 

W irS UOOCIS. Fixtures, Flower Stands, Floral -Dealg-ns, | Iron 

ud Wire Worki 


FACTORY FLANNELS for Skirts anil Shirts at °- ''• ^^^'^^^^^ ^ ^°^ 

528 Main St. 


AVeibsgerbcr J no M (Sarah A), wks R City Mill Works, res 151D 

11 A. 
Weist Cliristoi)licr C (Annie E), wks Water Works, res 312 n 

AVeist Conrad, wks H Paper Mill, bds G24 s Seventh. 
AN^eist Harry II, student, res IIS n Ei<jjhth. 
Weist Jacob R (Sarah I), (Weist & iJoud), res 118 n Eighth, 

tel 48. 
Weist Nicholas, wks Gaar, Scott & Go, res 1407 s J. 
Weist & Bond, (Jacob U AYeist, (yliarles S Hond), physician 

and surgeon, 118 ii Eighth, tel 43. 
AVeiszhaar Uev Henry, res 600 s Seventh. 
AVelp Gerhardt, res 020 s Seventh. 
AYelch Ella, domestic 320 n l^ifth. 

AVelcli James (]\[artha), mill stone dresser, res 525 n Seventeenth. 
AW'lch Mary, domestic 326 n Tenth. 
AV^elch Alary, domestic Spring Grove. 
AVelcli Alary (wid l^itrick), res 516 n P]ighteeiith. 
AVelcli Sarah, domestic 30 n Thirteenth. 
AV^ellenkamp Mrs Carrie, res 242 s lilighth. 
AV^ellenkamp Alargaret (wid Henry), res 216 s Eourth. 
AVeller John L, elk R Vansant, res 23 n Third. 
AVeller Alary A, res 23 n Third. 
AYeller Ralph C (Theresa. C), machinist Gaar, Scott & Co, res 23 

11 Third. 
AYells John (col)( Josephine), brakeman C II & D Ry, res 417 s 

Welsh Bridget (wid Anthony), res 1032 n G. ■ ' 

AVelsh Mrs Bridget, res 1032 ii G. 
AYelsh Miss Bridget, domestic Arlington House. 
AVelsh Ilibberd, ])lasterer, bds 20 s l^^leventh. 
AVelsh James (Alary), res 318 n Fourth. 
AVelsh John (Ellen), wks Gaar, Scott & Co, res 1032 n (i. 
AVelsh Julia, domestic 22 ii Twelfth. 
AVelsh Miss Katie, res 1032 ii G. 
AVelsh Ivate, domestic 44 s Ninth. 
AVelsh Mary, domestic Arlington House, res same. 
AVenger Jacob, boot and shoe maker over 181 Ft Wayne ave, res 

AVenker Henry (Caroline), shoemaker, res 222 n Twentieth. 
AVentling Miss Clara, res 505 n 1). 
AVentling Jacob, wks Hayiies, Spencer Sl Co, res 505 ii 1). 

<Mlic«» niid Noliool S<>riU<-li ItooKs n\ Mfniini QfiM 9 DDfl 7l?9 Malu 
JtliM<;cllaiM'OiiN„ itluiiU*!- Sriiool HooU«* dl niUilULoUil & DltU. 8troot. 

Sunday Creek Coal j/<.f/7ci''«,.««., Ricllllioiicl, M. 


AW'utliii^'- llii'jLiu (llel)L'L'ca), iiiokk;!' llayiics, Spciiccr A: Co, J'os 

505^11 D. 
AVontlin^ Win, uiuldur, i\^b 505 n 1). 
AVoiJfcing Annie (wid), res '218 s Fifth. 
AVcnstas Fredk (Juliii A),, res 51^3 s Klevuntli. 
Werner Andrew (^lay A), wks llavnes, Spencer A: C'u, re6 132 s 

AVerner Andrew, bds German ia Hotel. 
AVerner JMiss Anna, res 425 s Fifth. 
"Werner Anna, domestic 12 n Se\'ciith. 
AVerner Isaac, wks K Oliair Co, I'Cb 125 s Fifth. 
Werner Joseph, sr, (('atliarine), merchant tailoi', iill Main, 

res 425 s Fifth. 
Werner Joseph, jr, (Elizabeth), tailor J Werner, sr, res s 

AVerner JMi&s i\fary, res 425 s Fifth. 
AVerner Mary, domestic 34 n Seventh. 
AVessel Chas D (Anna), shoenndcer, j-es 7»)7 s F. 
AVest AValter (col) (Mary E), runnei- Huntington and (irand 

Hotels, res 45 s Fifth. 
Westcott'AIbert, student, I'es 1415 Main. 
Westcott John M (Carrie), ])res lloosier Drill Co, res 1415 

AVestendoi"f Anton, cabinet nndvcr, bds TOT s E. 
AVestenberg ^liss Anna AI, dressnudcer, bds 323 s Sixth. 
AV^estenberg Henry J (Alargai-et J), night ])olice Union l)ei)ot, 

res 408 s Tenth. 
Western Union Telegraph Co, J M Hill, manager, oilice 

800 Main, t(d 20. 
AVestfall Clarence (Clara), carpenter, res 1 128 Alain. 
AVettig Miss Emma, I'es 420 s Tenth. 
AVettig George, wks I^] Smith & Co, res 420 s Tenth. 
Wettig ]\rary (wid Lonis), rt'S 420 s Tenth. 
Wettig Miss Minnie, icb 42(1 s T(;nth. 
AVetzel Garret (liose), carpenter, res 210 s Ninth. 
Wevers Andrew (Ivate), lab, res 525 s Si.\tli. 
We vers l>enj, lab, i-es 525 s Sixth. 
Wevers ^liss Johann.a, res 525 s Sixth. 
Wevers Miss Eizzie, res 525 s Sixth. 
Wevers IMiss Atary, res 525 s Sixth. 
Wliarry Miss J^ucy, music teacher, bds lOl s 4\velfth. 
Wharry Miss Lizzie, bds 101 s Twelfth. 

TTTTiv^n nt^r\Aa Window Guards. Wiro »iynB, iStoro I W T IJAUHEE 

VV irS UOOClb. Fixtures, Flower StandB. Floral Dositrns.l Iron »nd Wire Worki 

3 patent unlaundered Shirt, "the Idoss." ''■''■ ^\%'S 



Wheuton Ilattie (wid DcAVitt), res -it^O n Third. ' 

A\nieel:iii ]\[iss x\llie, res 1 108 s J. 

A\nu3elan David P (Oassie 1^.), res 22 ii Twelttli. 

Wheeleil Frank M, (Wheelen <^ Oouke), street commissioner, 

res I lOS s A. 
AVlieelan llarr}' (Mary G) brick miisoii, res 530 s Seventli. 
W'lieelaii Julm L (J'^lmii'a), builder and contiactur, res lloS s J. 
AVheelan c'^v: Cooke (Frank i\I Wheelen and Joseph Cooke), brick 

yard, s s E, bet Fuurtcenth and JMi'teL-nth. 
Wheeler Wm 11 (Ilattie), wks water works, hds 419 n Fifteenth. 
Wheeler & Wilson AEnf^- Co, \) Thom|)Son manai^-er, 71 J\lain. 
Wherry Wm T (Clara A), blacksmith, res ^V Richmond. 
A\'hitacre — - — -, res 207 s JN'inth. 
Whitacre iVlf J, elk, res 118 n Fourteenth. 

Whitacre A\'m E (Jennie), forennm Zeller & Co, res 118 n Four- 
AVhite Caroline (col), domestic 2G s Sev^entli. 
White Edward E, wks J F Miller, res l)J Ft Wayne ave. 
White Elihu (Esther), wks Evans, Ferguson & Ueeves, res 218 s 

AVhite Enuiline (col), domestic 24 n Tenth. 
WHiitc Ceoro-e, cabinet maker Itavnes, Spencer & Co, bds 402 n 

\Vhite Isiuic stone imison, luls Indiana House. 
White John (col) (Ilattie), wks lioosier Drill Co, res over 15 s 

White John E (IMillie S), molder, res OO Ft AV^ayne ave. 
White Josiah T, notar)- public, 4 s lui^-hth, res 58 s Sixteenth. 
AVhite Josiah T ji", I'cs 5S s Sixteenth. 
White Alary, domestic 1 lo s Thirteenth. 
White Alilton (col) (Mar-ery), lab, res :U4 s Thirteenth. 
AVhite Aliss IMiareba, teacher, res r)S s Sixteenth. 
White Kobei-t L (Alar}'), machinist lioosier Di'ill Co, res 717 n 

AVhite Aliss Sarah, res 4o:\ s Sixth. 

AVhit(,' William, collar nudau- Wii:i;ins iSc ('o, res 419 n Sixth. 
White Williain L (col), res lU 1 .-. Thirteenth. 
White William N (col), barbci-, res ;;i 1 s Thirteenth. 
Whitehead Lewis (Martha ('), painter, res 8S l\. Wayne avo. 
AVhitehead Miss Minej-xa, res 88 b\ Wayne a\i!. 
Whitman Nicholas M (Anna), teauister, res Williamsberi^ j)ike, 

near 1st toll gate. 

Nicholson S; Bro. <;,',S-,U.^ri'o.. Office Supplies, '^^^ 

Everybody buys their GOAL of Mather Bros. 


Wliitridge John (Mary A), attorney at law and notai-y ]>ublic, 

over 732 Main, res 105 s Eiolith. 
AVhitridge AVilliam T (Isola), tailor and renovatoi', 19 n Sixth, 

res same. 
A\^ibker Mrs Henrietta, res 315 s Eleventh. 

AVibker Frederick, del elk Geo II Xnollenbero-, res 315 s Eleventh. 
Wibker Louis, domestic 322 n Twelfth. 
AVickemeyer August, cabinet maker, res 31G s Fourth. 
Wickemeyer Rev Henry (llermine), ])astorSt John Lutheran 

Church, res 31G s Fourth. 
Wicket Ijenjamin (Etty), wks Iloosier Drill Co, res 804 n 

Wickett CJharles II (Emma), res 115 n Nineteenth. 
Wickett John (Clara), ])ainter, i-es 1)04 n Twelfth. 
Wickett Miss Margaretta A, res 170S iMain. 
AV^icket Thomas (Ella), wks Iloosier Drill Co, res 800 n Twelfth. 
AVidup Emmet S (Susan), trav agt Zeller tfe Co, res 1115 s A. 
AV'idup Maliiida (wid Samuel), res 721 s Seventh. 
AVidup AVm, painter, Iloosier Drill Co, bds 402 n Twelfth. 
AVidup William T, painter, res 721 s Se\'enth. 
AVierhake llarman, wks AViggins & Co, res 725 s Sixth. 
AViggans Cassius AI (Kate), l)lacksmith Sinex Flow Co, res 321 n 

AViggans Samuel C (Mollie), bartender A T I>eckett jr, res 112 8 

Wiggans Tinnie, elk C A Jones, res 822 n F. 
Wiggins Charles E, wks Alather ]*>ros, res 120G n F. 
Wiggins Charles (i\Liry M)(AViggins A; Co), res 232 s Fifth. 
Wiggins Charles P (Julia A), wks AVayne Agrl Co, res 1200 n F. 
Wiggins Miss Ella ]\1, bkpr Wiggins & Co, res 232 s Fitth. 
Wiggins Enima (wid Albert), res 127 n Tenth. 
Wiggins Frank (AViggins ik Co), res 232 s Fifth. 
Wiggins George (Eva) (Wiggins & Co), res 38 s Sixteenth. 
Wiggins Grant, wks S II Wiggins & Son, res 303 u Tenth. 
AViggins Henrietta (wid Philemon), res 38 n Seventh. 
AViggins Horace I> (Laura A), res 001 n Thirteenth. 
Wiggins Hugh II (S K AViggins S^ Son), res 303 n Tentli. 
Wiggins John D (Kuth A), city commissioner, res 127 n 'JVnth 
Wiggins John H (JSancy), blacksmith Gaar, Scott vV: Co, res 822 

11 F. 
Wiggins Stephen D (Kosetta), contractor C 11 c^ 1) Ky, res 017 

n Thirteenth. 

TJPTsv»rt r^f^r^Aci Chaira and Settees, Smumor HouBOH, t W. T. BARBEE, 
YV irG UOOClo. acreena.and all kinds otWiro Cloth. 1 iron a.noVvirl wohks. 



Wiggins Stephen \i (Deletliia), (S it Wiggins ^Sc Sou), res ',]{)>] n 

^ Tenth. 
Wiggins & Co, (Charles O, (leorge and Frank) ni% harness 
and saddles, nets, eollai's, whips, gnn cases and covers, 5(»i) 
Main, tel lOG 
Wiggins 8 U cV: Son, (StepluMi K, Hugh 11), White Water tannery, 

" \?>'2 s Second, tel 107. 
AVilcox ]\Iiss I\Iary, les IK; Ft Wayne ave. 
Wilcox AVilliain E (Martha), les 1 iC Ft Wayne ave. 
Wiley J\liss Edith A, res ;U5 n Twelfth. 
Wiley Solon L, ])rest S L Wiley ('onstrnction Co, otlice room 

'2 Vaughan's hlk, res 411 n Eleventh. 
AViley Solon L (Kate J\l), contractoi' and builder, res ?>\^> n 

Wiley S L, Construction Co, room '2 Yaughan's hlk, S L 

AViley, ])res add geid mang, iv iM Wile}' ti'eas and secy, con- 
structors Kichmond City Water Wks. 

AVMlhelm Margarette (wid Joseph), mfg hair goods, 18 s Fifth, 
rer same. 

Wilke Fred A (Jennie M), secy lloosier Drill (kj, res 50 s Fif- 

Wilke Henry (Carrie), (pieensware, 438 Main, res 51() s 1>. 

W^ilkemeyer I>ernard, wks llaynes, Spcncei* iSz (a), res 331) s 

Wilkemeyer Harmon (llcnii'iette), varnisher (i (Jrothaus, I'es 03i) 
s Eighth. 

Wilkemeyer Fred (Elizabeth), wks (iaar, Sc()tt ik (U), res 3311 s 

Wilkemeyer Henry (Susan), [xu'ter i K Jlowai'd & (a), res 
332 s Tenth. 

Wilkemeyer Mary, domestic 24 n Twelith. 

Wilkins Miss Carrie, di'essniaker, res 131) s Fourth. 

Wilkins Elizabi!th (wid Cranson), res 1311s lM»ur(h. 

Wilkins Miss Eva, elk (I Knollenbei'g, res 13*!) s Fourth. 

Wilkins Miss Hannah, res 2S n Fifth! 

Wilkins John, molder (iaai*, Scott it Co, res 2S n 1^'ifth. 

Wilkins Stacy 11 (Elenor), res 28 n Fifth. 

Wilkinson Mary J (wid Ezra), res D n FitU'cnth. 

Wilkinson Wiliiam, lab Hoosier Drill Co. 

Willcox Francis, res 1307 Main. 

Willett Miss Eliza, dressnniker, 1(5 s Seventh, res same. 

AVillett Aliss Henrietta, dressmaker, res 10 s Seventh. 

All kinds of BLANK BOOKS nicholson a bro- 

SEWER PIPE Mather Bros. Richmoiid, Ind. 


Willett Miss Kel)ccca, drcssinakei", res 10 s Sc-vcnth. 

AVilliaius , res 2'6{ u Tweiitietli. 

Williams Alexander (col) (Mary A), lal), res 21<": s Fuiirtli. 

AVilliains Anna (wid Julius), rtjs 1)27 s Eleventh. 

Williams Arthur G, ])n>t' actor and nnmager AFrs K Gray, 

817 n Ts'inth, res same. 
AVilliams Anonstus (Anna P), wks Phillips ^Sz M:ireh;int, res 

P)0 n Se\'enth. 
Williams Calvin (Esther), teamstei-, resS(»2 n II. 
AVilliams Ohandler (Sue), teamster, ivs S04 nil. 
AVilliams Miss Cynthia E, res Ml '2 n Ei-hteenth. 
Williams Miss Emma F, elk J) V> Crawtord S: Son, res 2l0 n 

A\^illiams Esther (wid Jesse), i-es ll-U ALain. 

Williams Frank II (Eva F), mai-hinist M C llenlcv, res P215n C 
Williams George (Mary A), dentist, res 1(12 n Eighth. 
Williams George (Annie d), stationary en:iineer, res 225 s Ninth. 
AV^illiams George C\ millwright il City^AEU AVks, hds 1 IC n 

Williams George IT, student, res 28 ii Penth. 
AVilliams George U (Lil):)ie (]), bk[)r J Af llulton .^ Co, res TIO 

n Fifteenth, 
AVilliams (iieorge AV (Mary A), denth-t, o\'er 700 Main, res 102 

n Eighth. 
Williams Hannah (wid Isaac); res 5815 n Sixth. 
AVilliams Hannah V (Frank AV), res 21:'> n Sixth. 
A\'illiams Henry J (Louis;i), \\-ks Hayiies, Spencer i^' C'o, I'es 

IM5 n Penth. 
AVilliams. Harry P, res 12 n PwellNi. 
Williams Homer, hakei-, hds 2o s Eh^cnth. 
Willian)S Homei' P, tcl opcratoi' C Si F .V P Py, ri's 'Ml n 

AVilliams James (Agnes S), wks llayiies, Spencer A' Co, r^-s 

;;()7 n Phirteeiith. 
Williams Jesse M (Marv K), hoo|< and shoes, 721 Minn, res 

1210 Main. 
Williams Jes^e A (I.innie), sptcial agt K V 1517' Ins Co, 

o\er 78)0 Main, res s e coi' Twentieth and n C. 
Williams Jcdin (col), hds 781) n Fifteenth. 
Williams JcPn, mechanic (iaai\ Scott ».V Co, res 218 n Sixth. 
Williams John P. res 821 s Thirteenth. 

W^^^IJS^'^^^^^^S^ i W. T. BARBEE Iron aiid Wiic Works. 

Paunyra. Ornam'tl Roof Cre«Lliu,''H. ) i ai fym. , .nw^na. 

Dress Goods, Black I Fancy Silks, ° ^•J'-^^f,°J?rot.^°" 


J AV^illiams J()hn \V (Surah A), wks lioosier Drill Ou, res Sevas- 

; ^ topol. 

; Wniliaiiis rioiiathaii A (Lytic), ba^-^'aL^-e niuritcr St L Sl V Uy, 

{ ' res 2-11 n SixUjcMitli.' 

i V AViJliain Kitty -I (wid llarvcyJ), elk Otto liciitzscli, res lolo 

! ^ Main. 

i AVilliauKS Laiuloiiia (col) (\vi(l), si'.Jiool t(!achui', rus "22\ s Sixth. 

I. Williaius Lillian U, artist ( ioo AV Sti^'loinaii, res 'JIO ii Fouv- 

'' tiH'nth. 

I AVilliams Mary K (wid K), n.-s :]ll n Ninth. 

I " ■ AVillianis Mary E (wid (iuori^c ()), ros :]2l u Li-:hth. 

*' ^\'illianls I\relville (Liilio ()), niarbh? cutter, res TKJ n F. 
Williams ALiss Myrtle K. r.s LJ n Twelfth. 

\Villianis Nathan S, (^ai-ptMitei* C St L & P sh()])s, l)ds ()2i) n 
' AV^illianis Miss Nellie 1<], -elocutionist, I'es J] 17 n Ninth. 
• ^' AVillianis Omar, wks ZelliM- ^^ (Jo, re's 127 s Lleventh. 

^Villiams Kicliard (i, Lk:zit,'. I^^, wks ILiynes. Spencer Sl (Jo, res 
LJ n Tweli'th. 
:' AV^illiams Sarah (wid dames I)), iH;s over 70() Main. 

Williams AVm l) (Susan K), a^t Se'di^wick Lros, res 210 n Foui-- 

Williams Wm iM (Lelle), ioreman Housier Drill Co, res 321 s 
. : . ddrirteenth. 

AViliiamson Miss Anna L, milliner-, res 118 n Sixth. 
Willinmson i^di \\ carpenter, res 1 IS n Sixth. 
Williamson Miss (iussie AT, bk])i- W m 11 Midilleton c^ C-o, res 
, •■ 118 n Sixth. 

AViiruimsoji Samuel 1* (dosejdiine), carpentei', res 17 n Sixteenth. 
.. Williamson Silas B (Sarah J), (W 11 Middleton Si (V,), res 1 18 
n Sixth. 

• ■ AVillis (dias .M (Ella K), wood tui-nei-. res 218 s Eleventh. 

Willis Mrs Lizzie, imina--er E Outlaiul Hair Mnlg, res 42i\k 
; Wills Dainel E (Laura ,1), can) Ery Eros, res 123 n Tweli'th. 
Wills lluhhard (col) (Adelia), j'aintor at Depot, res 201) s Ninth. 

• ■' Wilson , hds Ehillips House. 

Wilson Oatharine It (wid Joseph), I'us I Du Main. 

Wilson David (Sarah), hlacksmilh, res 720 n Twelfth. 

AVilson Edward (Elizahelh), res 120 n Sixth. 

Wilson Edward d, (-ar inspector (>Sl L c*v: E Ivy. res 28 n Seventh. 

AVilsou Elizabeth (wid Erior), res ;)(M n 1). 

School Books and School Supplies"' '^.^L"a!:S'^u-; 

lit NUniOL«()N .t UKO 

Telepliofle to MATHER BROS' for CO^L 


Wilson Mrs Eva, bkpr Ci'oainer & (Elements, res 215 n Sixtli. 

Wilson Frank, painter, I'es 28 n Seventh. 

Wilson Frank W, wks Wayne Agrl Co, res 501 D. 

Wilson George, driver tire dept, bds 321 n Eighth. 

Wilson (leoi'ge (Geo AViJson & Son), res 13 Ft AV^ayne ave. 

Wilson George AV, bds 321 n Eighth. 

Wilson llar\'ey (Fva), niaehinist Gaar, Scott & Co, res 215 n 

Wilson Herbert M, printer, res tl02 n Fifteenth. 
Wilson li-\\'in ]\I, ])aint<^r, res 207 n Seventcienth. 
Wilson Isaiah, wks llatiieUl & Vaughan. 
Wilson James il (Eva), trav agt Gaar, ^Scott *k Co, res 215 n 

Wilson James W (Eliza J), Recorder Wayne Co, les 200 s 

Wilson Jeileriii (Nettie 1>), (Geo AVilson & Son), res 3() n Fifth. 
AVilson John (Mary C) machinist R JMachine Works, res •l:i>2 n 

Wilson John, engineer ]\tathe\vs, AVinder & Co. 
AVilson John G (Jennie), horse trainer, res 20() n Nineteenth. 
AVilson Joseph (Lizzie), engineer Oil Mill, res i)01 n Tenth. 
Wilson Lee C (Mattie M), wks lloosier Drill Co, res 501 n 1). 
AVilson Lucy (wid Wm), res 207 n Seventeenth. 
AVilson Miss Maggie, res. 207 n Seventeenth. 
AV^ilson j\Iiss l\lary, res 11 Ft AVayne ave. 
AVilson Morris E (Mary E), transfei' elk Adams Express Co, 

Union Depot, res 120 n Sixtli. 
AV^ilson Thomas (Amanda), i-es 28 n Seventh. 
AV'ilson Thos 11 (Lavinia), wks llaynes, Sj)encer & Co, res 323 

n Eigliteenth. 
AV^ilson AVm (col) (Mattie), res 1027 n 11. 
AVilson Wm, wks lloosier Drill Co, res 207 n Seventeenth. 
AVilson AVm A, call driver Adams Express (\), res 501 n D. 
Wilson Wm B, day elk C(jmniercial House. 

Wilson Wm N (Ella T), dentist over 830 l\Iain,res 53 s Twelllh. 
AVilson George & Son (George and JetiVies), blacksmitht^, 15 n 

Wilstorf August (Bertha), lab, res -100 n Se\enteenth. 
Winans Charles A, city editoi- Daily Independent, bds Hun- 
tington House. 
Winburn Joseph 1> (col) (Martha), res 807 n Fourteenth. 
Windsor Miss lilmma, res 1 Ul s Eleventh. 




' Pump, Steam and Gas Fitters. 

18 North Ninth St., RICHIVIOND, IND. 

Lift, Force and Ohain Punips; Lead, I ron and Block Tin; Copper 

Pipe of all sizes; Iron Sinks; Water Closets: 

Sheet Lead, Etc, j Etc, 

Riehmond Enquirer 

Has a circulation superior to any other Weekl}' 
published in Richmond. 

We are prepared to do all kinds of Commercial Job Printing. 

l: r\ ■ ■ 

Soulh-East Corner Main and Sixth Sts., KICIIMONI), INI). 

Edward Warwick, PropV^ 


*--BARBI!R & FlILGllUM, 

/ i;.25j, 

■ Good Facilities for Large Loans. 

^o^^^^^&:^'S,&^ .,o\ Olllce No. 2, over 2(1 National Bank. 


p. GiiiGiii I m 

l)lv\l.K!;s IN 


We carry the largest assortment of CARRIAGE GOODS 
in the Oounty. 

Fine Ooach Colors and Varnishes. 

Orders "by mail will receive prompt attention. 


913 Main Street. - RICHMOND, IND. 


General Insurance 

-^iN X) 

Real Estate Agent ^^ Broker, 

1- Notary Public and Conveyancer. 

Loans Negotiated. Rents Collected, Etc. 

OITice No, 1 Odd Fellows' Building', 


Corner Mais and Fifth Sts 

Second Floor. 

Carpets and Dry Goods "' %i^T'' D. B, CRAWFORD & SON 


AViiulsor Lewis W, tin smith, bds over 1)23 Main. 
AVindsor Miss Lillie, res IIG s Eleventh. 
AVindsur Miss Myra, res IIG s Eleventh. 
Wing Sam, hiundry IT s Sixth, res same. 
AVinkie David M (]\rai,r^^'ie C), Wacksmith, res 821 n Q. 
Winkle Harry F, wks llaynes, !S})encer & Co, res 712 n Six- 
Winkle Ora L, tireman C St L & P yards, res 821 n G. 
A\^ inkle Truman M, machinist, res 821 n G. 
Winkle Samuel A (Sarah E), wks AVayne Agrl Co, res 712 n 

AV^inkler Carl, wks Conrad Winkler, res 1011 s C. 
Winkler Conrad (Elizabeth), proprietor City Dye House 1011 

B C, res same. 
AV^inkler Lew^ (Clara A), sign painter 8 s Seventh, res 317 s 

Winkler Miss Lizzie, res 1011 s C. 
Winn AVm (Caroline), lab, res 610 s E. 
Winnings Charles, rms 35 s Eighth. 
Winsett James M (Emma), (Winsett & Kennedy), res 212 n 

Winsett AVm J, elk depot restaurant, res 212 n Ninth. 
Winsett & Kennedy, (James ;M AVinsett, Thomas Kennedy), 

saloun 203 Ft Wavne ave and 418 n Eighth. 
AVinslow Geo C (col), barber T J Morton, res 202 s Tenth. 
A\^inslow Mrs II (col), hair dresser, 12 s Seventh, res same. 
AVinslow John M (IMary II) bk])r Wm Cain, res 1233 Main. 
Winslow MibS Leora V* (col), res 12 s Seventh. 
AVinslow Alartha (col) (wid Thot'alus), res 1408 n F. 
Winslow J\[ary (col) (wid Daniel), res 221) s Tenth. 
Winslow JMiss Mary (col), dressmaker, res 229 s Tenth. 
AVinslow Oliver II (col) (II arjiette), lab, rets 12 s Seventh. 
Winter Miss Chesty li, res 500 n Fifteenth. 
AVinter John (Helen ]\1), wks Wiggins A: Son, res Williamsberg 

pike, near 1st toll g;ite. 
Winter John, jr, tanner liickle & Dougan. 
AVinter Miss Testy C, res 500 n Fitteenth. 
AVinters Christine, wks Ft Paper Mill. 
Winters George E (Eliza), wks R City Mill AVorks, res 500 n 

AVinters Miss Kate, domestic, 520 n Sixteetith. 
AVishmeyer Edward (Mary E), lab, res 312 s Twelfth. 

The Latest popular Books in Sa at 

always q\ NICHOLSON .& BRO 

720 Main blruet. 


Mather Bros. Sell COAL CHEAP. 


AVisliiueyer JNIiss Lizzie, res 31^6 Twelttli. 

Wibhuiuyer Miss Louisa, ros 312 s Twult'th. 

AV^ishmeier Miss Ella, vcs West liiclnuoiid. 

Wishnieier Lizzie S, domestic 322 n Twelftii. 

AVishiuier AVilliain (Anna), res 230 s kSeci:»nd. 

AVisiier John G, carpenter Yates vK: Son, hds 32 Ft AVajne ave. 

AVisnerJolmO (Mary), wksAV II Middleton A: Go, res 32 Ft 

Wayne ave. 
AVithani Thomas II (Withani c^ Anderson Co), res Union City. 
AVitham & Anderson Co, AV II Anderson pres, T II AVitliam 

vice pi'es, E II Bowen secy and treas, lumber, lath and 

shingles corn Sixth and railroad. 
AVitte Augustus (Elizabeth), tinner W AV Alexander, res 135 s 

AVitte Miss Dena, res 233 s Fifth. 

AA^itte Gerhardt (Mary L), wks Gaar, Scott ct Co, res 024 s Sev- 
AVitte Miss Louisa, grocer, 233 s Fifth, res same. 
AV^itte Phillip G (Louisa M), blacksmith, res 233 s Fifth. 
AVolfe David F (Sarali Ej, collar maker, res 22 s Eighteenth. 
AVolfer Charles F (Mary J), blacksmith, 30U ]\[ain, res 2U n 

AVolfer Jacob F (Lydia A), harness maker, res 81 Ft AVayne ave. 
AVolfer Leonard (Christina), res 111 n Third. 
AVolfer ]\Iartin 11 (Sarah E), wagon and carriage maker, 304 

Main, res 515 n A. 
Wolter John, wks Quaker City Chair Co, res 114 s A. 
AVolter Miss Mary L, res 114 s A. 
AVolke Miss Lizzie L, res 11(> s Fifth. 
AVomboh John (Mary E), painter, res 400 Fourth. 
AVood David, wks Gaar, Scott & Co, res 100 n Ft AV^ayne ave. 
AVood Harry U, elk Thos McClellan, res 10 n Eighth. 
AVood John M (Cai'rie), cai'riage maker P Schneidei', res 220 s 

AVood ]\[artha (wid), res 100 Ft AVayne ave. 
AVood Morris, wks Gaar, Scott & Co, res 100 Ft AVayne ave. 
AVoodard Miss Ellen M, school teacher, res 324 s Ninth. 
AVoodard Isaac P (Lydia), man f Farmer Combination Maciiine, 

res 324 s Ninth. 
AVoodard Leander J (Anna B), del elk Champion Roller Mill Co, 

res Spring Grove. 
Woodard Miss Mattie J, school teacher, res 324 s Ninth. 

TICr;**A P/s^i^n Window Guarda. wire SlR-ns, store j W. T. BARBEE 

W irS UOOCLS. Fixtures, Flower tStuuds, Floral DeBl^fUH, | Irpn an4 Wir« Wcrki 


r. H" 


j Gents' Suits made to Order, ° \%^'^Si?it.'^'^ RICHMOND 


Woodard Oliver 0, iiii^-lit tniiif elk Adams Ex Co, res 'i\24: 8 
i Ninth. 

I AVoodard Aliss Rebecca, res 507 n Third. r 

1 AV^oodhurst Ann (wid John), res 101) S. 

Woodhurst Theodore K. (Mary Y), (Johnson & Woodlun-st), 
res 220 n iN^nth. 

AVoods Mrs Elizabeth (col) (wid Staii'ord), res 235 s Eleventh. 

Woods Geo)'ij;e Vi (col), lal), res 530 s Sixth. 

A\^)ods Isaac (xVn^'oline), painter, res 113 s Fifth. 

Woods Riley (]\lary J), wks Gas AVorks, res 10(i n Second. 

AV^oods ]\Liss Vinnie O, res 113 s Eifth. 

AVoods ]\Iiss Zeb, res 100 Ft Wayne ave. 
j AVoodson Emma, domestic Counnercial House. 

I AVoodson Robert (col) (Emma), wks J E ]\riller, res 328 s Ei^-lith. 

j AVoodward Aliss Ada, school teacher, res 21 n Ninth. 

I AVoodward Apollos (Sarah R), bkpr, res 21 n Ninth, 

Woodward Irving, student, res 21 n Ninth, 
j Woodyard Elmer, miller F 11 Staii'ard, n Tweltth, 1 n bridge. 

i AVoodyard ]\[rs Maria (wid Jeremiah), res 530 s Sixtli. 

i AVoofter (yharles L, artist, res 419 n Fii'teenth. 

I AVoofter Hannah L (wid jDaniel F), boarding house, 419 n Fif- 

j teenth. 

! AVooler John 11 (Mary), ])ropr Richmond Brass and Babbitt AVks, 

I 1018 ]\rain, res 307 s Eighth. 

j Woolman Miss Anna, boardin|^ house, 33 n Seventh, res 
j- ■■■ same. 

I Woolman Clayton, wks J A i^ulfkin, res 33 n Seventh. 

1 Woolman Aliss Alattie, res 33 n Seventh. 

I Woolman Uriah, broom factory, all kinds brooms and hrushes 

I made to order, 122 n Second, res 33 n Seventh. 

j ^ Wooton Desk Co, llaynes, Spencer vfe Co proprs and manfrs, 

n w cor TwelCth and n K. 
, AVooton Mrs Isjidorc Barnes, nninager sewing dept R C Mill 

AVks, res n Sixteenth. 

AVorkes Josej)h B (Lydia E), res 1510 n 1^]. 
^. AVorley George U (Jennie), blacksmith Gaar, Sc(>tl Sc Co, res 
j S02 n F. 

• AVorthington Jacob i> (S Eiinna), brick mason, res 51() n Nine- 

j I teenth. 

AVi-ede Louis, sr, (AuioUia), wks llaynes, S[>encer ^Vs (vO, res 715 
r • ^ n Tenth. 

AVrede Louis jr, wks Uaynes, Spencer <X: Co, res 715 n Tenth. 

T20 Main 

PAPER BOXES MADE TO ORDEli dl niunULuUll « DltU. iStiOHt. 




AV^right Amos, bds 40 s Ninth. 

AVri«^lit Miss Anna B, school teacher, res 211 n Eleventh. 

Wright Calvin, wks Geo II Grant, lleniplenian & Go, l)ds 40 s 

Wright Charles F, (Mollic J), cabinet maker Ilaynes, Sj3encer & 

Co, res 842 ii Twelfth. 
Wright Miss Elizabeth T, art teacher, 821 n A, res 211 n 

AVright Miss Esther, res 923 s A. 
Wright Mrs Lizzie, seamstress, res 30 n Twelfth. 
Wright ]\Iaggie, domestic 203 n Thirteenth. : . 

Wriglit Mary A (wid Isaac), res 923 s A. 
Wright Thaddeus (Elizabeth J), secy and treas Wayne Agrl Co, 

res 220 n Twelfth. 
Wriglit Trevor E, elk Thompson & Good, bds 40 s Ninth. 
Wrigley Mrs Sarah A, librarian Morrison Librai-y, res 40 n 

Wrothman Adam J (Lucy i)), gardener, res 725 s 11. 
Wyatt Barton, tire insurance, 4 s Eighth, res 211 n Eighth. 
Wyatt Charles T, res 211 n Eighth. 
AV^yatt Miss L Belle, res 211 n Eighth. 
AV^ysong David M, wks K 1> Martin, bds Commercial House 

" "'''''■' -■'■■'■'-^ ■' Y " 

Yager Clark (Martha), trav agt, res 43 n Eifth. 

Yager AValter, elk, res 43 n Eifth. 

Yaryan-Adamson Co, (John Yaryan, pres, Lee Yaryan 

treas, Alniun Samson secy), owners of j)atent new ju'ocess of 

manfg linseed oil, over 720 Main. 
Yaryan John (Sarah) (Yaryan vfc Yaryan), res 109 n Tenth, tel 

Yaryan Lee (Jennie M) (Yaryan & Yaryan), res 309 n Tentli, 

tel 110. 
Yaryan Miss Lena, res 309 n Tenth. 
Yaryan, Samson & Co, (John Yaryan pres, Ahnon Samson 

secy, Lee Yaryan treas), owiu^rs of patent new j)roccss of 

manfg linseed oil, ollice over 720 Main. 
Yaryan & Yaryan (J ohn and Lee), attorneys at law and notar- 
ies public, oilice over 720 Main, tel 11(5. 
Yates ^liss Lizzie L, res 320 n Sixteenth. 
Yates Oliver (Iwe L) (O Yates iS:, Son), res 320 n Sixteenth. 






Yiites Steplien O (Louisa) (O Yates & Son), res 3i22 ii Sixteentli. 
Yates ife Son (Oliver Yates, Ste|)lien () Yates), contractors and 

builders, rear [V2i) n Sixteentli. 
Yeager ]\[iss Annie, res 37 AVashington ave. 
Yeager C^harles, wks Smith cV; JJunhani, I'es 37 n Sixth. 
Y eager George AV (Ann), res 37 Washington a\e. 
Yeager John 11, wks liobinson & Co, hds Indiana House. 
Yeager Thomas (Sophia), })()liceman, res 37 n Sixth. 
Yeager AValter 0, del cik S M Tiersun. 
Yeargin IMiss Laura, res .138 s Fifth. 
Yeargin John (Deborah), plasterer, res L38 s Fiftii. 
Yeargin AYalter, plasterer, res 13S s Fil'th. 
Yeates, Dozois & Hedge, (AYm C Yeates, J N Dozois, W B 

Hedge), dry guuds and notions, S2G Main. 
Yeo Emily (vvid Jonas AV), les IK* s 'J'enth. 
Y^eo Harry, res IK) s Tenth. 
Yeo Sarah, domestic 23 n Tenth. 

Yerby Robert J (]\[ary), stewart Huntington CJrand, res Hunt- 
ington House. 
Yingling George A (Helen M), engineer C 11 Sl T) Ity, res 535 n 

Yost Peter (Ketta), blacksmith Sevastopol, res same. 
Yost Keuben (I^ouisa), res 228 s Twelfth. 
Young Miss Ella, cigar maker, res 121 s Fifth. 
Young Florance, domestic 125 s Third. 
Young George, transfer elk IJ S and Facilic E.\ Co, rms AVest- 

cott blk. 
Young Henry H (Viola I\l), elk U S Ex, rms 32 W^'stcott blk. 
Young Rev John J (Elizabeth), pastor St Faul ICvangLdical 

Lutheran Church, res 333 s Seventh. 
Young John F, cigarnudvcr SE llogers, res 121 s Tifth. 
Young Joseph L (col) (Aniui), teamster, res 2;)h s Thirteenth. 
Young JMiss Nettie, typo Item, res 121 s Fifth. 
Young Peter (Alagdahine), editor and foreman The A^)lkszeitiing, 

cigar manfr and dealer, 121 s 1^'ifth, res same. 
Young Ivufus, (col), res 230 s Thirteenth. 

Young AVilliam (Abbie), res 233 s Fitth. ^ I 

Young AVilliam F, cigarmaker, res l2l s b'iflh. 
Young AVilliam K ((Miristina), ])hotographcr 532 Main, res same. 
Youngilesh Frank sr, (j\l aggie), taili)r Simon Fox, res 314 s 

Youngilesh Frank jr, tailor Simon Fox, res 3U s Tenth. 

No. 7LH) MuUi 

WEDDING. BIRTHDAY AND 'Miphnlqnn Rt. Bfo ^°- P" i 

HOLIDAY UlKTa AT IN IL/llUlOUll CX/ JJl W. btrtiot, 

Fire Brick and Clay --^^ MATHER BROS. 


YoiuigtlL'sli Ileury, tailor Simon Fox, res 314 s Tenth. 
Youn^liesli ]\[iss ^[avy ]\r, dressmaker Mrs E A l>ru\vii, res w s 

Tentli. 2 s Home of Friendless. 
Y M C A Rooms, over 901 ^Main, T G Tlioinpsun sii])t. 
Yurlan^' IJarney, earpenter Geo G Shelly. 


Zane Austin B (^tary), lineman G IJ Tel (Jo, res 100 s Fifth. 

Zane Lewis B, wks Ih-annon cV lIa^vkiIl^, res loO s i'itth. 

Zeek John M, lab, ros 221) n Sixth. 

Zeek Lydia (wid Jelterson), res 221) n Sixth. 

Zeller Daniel K (Mary G). (Zeller dz G(j), res 409 n Eleventh. 

Zellur Emma G, res 4(»9 n Eleventh. 

Zeller Jacob A (Henrietta T), res 114 s xsinth. 

Zeller John G (Abbie P) (Zeller & Go), res over 91 (J Main. 

Zeller Jose}>h S (Albricrht A: Go), res "JFJ n Tenth. 

Zeller ]\[iss Lenina, res 114 s Ninth. 

Zeller Silas A, del elk Zeller ^^ Go, res 409 n Eleventh. 

Zeller & Co (Daniel K, John G), wholesale eonfeetioners and 

steam cracker and biscuit mt'g, 915 and 917 Alain, tel 30. 
Zeyen John X (AEargaret) (J Zeyen *sl l>ro), res 431 s Fitth. 
Zeyen Joseph (Mary E) (Zeyen <te Bro), res 419 s Tenth. 
Zeyen Jose])h II, finisher, Ghase l^iano Go, res 431 s Fifth. 
Zeyen Luuis, wks l>rannon S: ILuvkins, res 431 s Fifth. 
Zeyen J A: Bro (Josejdi Zeyen, John Zeyen), merchant tailoi'S, 51G 

Zimmer Ghristian (Ellen 11), real estate and loan office, 51 n 

Eighth, res 210 s Thirteenth. 
Zimmerman Ghris E, elk John GTlarra, rms ()12J Main. 
Zimmerman AVm AV (Gyrena J), cabinet maker J M llutton A: 

Go, res 20 s Seventeenth. 
Znttermeister Gharles F, ])aintei-, res 21)0 s Ninth. 
Zuttermeister Elizabeth (wid Henry) re.-, 2O0 a Ninth. 
Znttermeister Henry 1), lab, i-es 20(i s xXintli. 
Zuttermeister James ([da M), wks ll(»osier Drill Go, red 012 s 

Zwissler Joim, elk P .Merkle w^ Co, res 304 s J-^levcnth. 

'^^^^^'}S^S^i^'^SS^ ( W. T. BAIiBEElroii aii4 WJie Worts. 

PitLinjfd, Ornam'tl Kool' Creatiiiga.' \ lAiA^tTit, inuiana. 

YARNS, all colors and qualities, ° l2ri5Sf?itt?,°"' 



Classified Business Directory 



IE3Ieaid.ixi.g-s n:^a,r!k:ed. tli.-u.s* Specia,!. 


Doan I C, over 824 Main, tul 132. 
Kceilham ^Vm G, J 1 u Kii^litli. 


i Reed Irvin & Sons, ()•'>! and i\X> Main, tel 71. 

! Rolling John H, «J()0 and 0()8 Alain, and 11 and 13 n Sixth, 

[ tcl S5. 

Strattoii 1) B, 1018 i\[ain. 

." AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS -Manufacturers of. 

i Gaar, Scott & Co, junctiun Washing-ton ave, Sixth and n F, 

; tel 1. 

'• Hoosier Drill Co, l3oo a E, tel 131. 

I Robinson & Co, 210 to 228 Main, tel 5. 

I Starr W Sl Son, cor Thirteenth and railway. 

' Sinex Plow Co, 171 and 17() Ft W^ayne ave. 

AVaynti Agricultural Go, 15uO to 1512 n F, tel 3. 

AMUSEMENTS— Places of. 
i Egberts Casino, (Men Miller, e city limits. 

Phillips Opera House, se cor Ei-hth and n A. 
, Glen Miller Grove, l scjecity limits, tel i^J. 


llasccoster J no A, 8 n Seventh. 


Gi'ass J E, studio over 935 Main. 
Mate Marcus, studio over 718 Main. 

^Sfs^Yiri^'d^k^-^^ at NICHOLSON & BRO. -'^^^^t 


Louisville and Portland CEMENT matIer bros. 



Nicholson & Bro, T2l) Arain, tel 21). 

I f?v- rvM, V . ATTORNEYS AT LAW. * 

vSeo 1 awyoi's.) 

Glen Miller Transfer Co, 15 to 11) s Sevuntb, tel 41. 


See also Confectioners. 

Bellenger Clias, 822 Main. 

Hayes JR, JK)8 JMain. - ^ '^ ^> '■ • 

Iloerner 1) J, 13 s Fifth. 

Husson Peter, S2o Alain, tel 138. 

Porterlield & Co, 195 n Eleventh. 

lleifF A, 40tt n Eighth. 

Scefioth & Bayer 21 n Eighth, tel 2(1(5. 


Marchant tfe llaynes, 1031 Alain. 

First National Bank, n wcor Seventh and AFain, tel 15. 
Second National Bank, n wcui- Eighth and Main, tel IG. 


Conner's Military Band and Orchestra, llittles blk. 


Becker Geo, rear Huntington llonse. 
Brown & Taylor, 15(j Ft Wayne avc. 
Jones Calvin, 23 s Sixth. , i 

Johnson Joseph M, 903 n E. 
Kielhorn August, 512 Main. 
Lane Winr,^G n Sixth. 
MortonT J, 815 n E 
Outland Philander, 1 s Eighth, 
llice Daniel, 543 n Twelfth. 
Schramm Chas C, 15 n Eighth. 
^Sperling JohnH, n Eighth. 
Stauber Albert, 10 n Eighth. 
Tate Wni, 803 AFain. 
Thompson Wiley, 807 n E. 
Waldon J W, 7 s Sixth. 

AVeaver J Al, (;2l Alain. ^ ^ " ' ' 

AVeisbrod Henry 2 s Fifth. 

TTT;«« f^^^An Chairs and Settees. Summer Honyea.i W. T. BARBEIi, 
YY liO wOOClS. Screens, and all kinds of W iro Cloth, | iron and wire works. 

3 patent unlaundered Shirt/^theboss." "' 

& SON. 



Peterson Charles P, (patentee), Jioi; n E. 


Richmond Bent Wood Co, 203 and 205 n Third. 


Klein & Bro, 409 Main. 

Morel Eugene, 112 s Seventh, tel 171. 


Bader Charles, 829 n E. 
Beckett A T jr, 905 and 907 Main. 
Kemper Adam 11, 12 s Sixth. 
Macke J F, 013 Main. 
Moorman B II & Co, Grand Hotel. 
Moorman Jose])h, 19J n Eiglith. 
Place J W, 007 I\[ain. 
Shofer Wm & Co, 10 s Sixth. 
Taylor Wm S, 35 n Ei-hth. 

Dobbins Bros, Phillips ()i)era llonse. 

Bartel C A, rear 31 s Sixth. 
Daron & Saunders, 318 n Seventh. 
Evans Eli W, rear 13 n Ninth. 
Goldrick Edward, 123 Ft Wayne ave. 
(Jrevy Picnjamin F, s E, het Ninth and Tenth, 
lluls Henry, Sevastopol. ;> 

KnoUenhei-g Bros, 39 s Sixth. ' 

McCoy Daniel S, l<>(i5 Main. 
Marlatt S, 18li Ft AVayne ave. v ; ■ ,■ . 
]\[eyer August 11, G14 s E. - .' ' 

Mote Louis A, 322 n Seventh. 
Strattan 1) B, 1018 Main. 
Weeghman A G,803 s E. 

AVilson (jeo & Son, 15 u Sixth. , 'y, 

Woller Chas E, 300 Main. '^ 

Yost Peter, Sevastopol. 


Nicholson & Bro, 12 and M s Eighth. 

School Books and School Supplies 

7'JO Main iSlroot. 

SEWER PIPE MatheViros. Richmoiid, Ind. 



J^riglit Sarah E, 13S Ft Wayne axe. 

]Uii*tch Geo L, 102 ii Foarteeiirh. 

CoxAVm H. 202 n Seventh. 

Dean Mrs M E, 110 n Ei;.^]it]i. 

Dunlin Mrs Mar^ruret, OMl n Twelftli. 

P^dwards ^[rs Rebecca, 2^ n Eighth. 

Ilinniun A, -loS n Eighth. 

Junes Mrs Cyutliia A, 321 n Eighth. 

Meredith Mrs J C, 227 n ^MnthT 

Schopf Mrs A E, 201 u Xinth. 

Van.ant :Mrs G- P, 207 n Tentli. 

Wagner AVni, 133 s Fifth. 

Woofter II L, 419 n Fit'tuenth. 

Woohnan Mrs Aniui; 33 n Se\cnth. " 


See alio machine shops. 

Cowhig Jerry & Co, Ft A\\vne ave. n L'niun De])ut. 

^ :v\ BOOK BINDERS. . 

Nicholson & Bro,, 12 and 14 s Eighth, tol 29. 


^luornian J II, d2'J, Main. 
Morris & Hunt. 720 ^fain. 
Nicholson & Bro, 729 Main, tel 29. 

Boii'l forpl lie Solid Leier Sloe Store 


^. e* YMHKs 

Manufacturer of and Dealer in 

Ladies/Gents.'Misses' n A AmO QlJApC Slippers, 

Boys' and Ctiildrens' JJUv lIJi IJllV/JuIJi ei 

Hand-Sewed \Vork to Order, at the most Kiast. 
jne at lowest prices. Your liadu is respect fullj 

929 Main Street, RICHMOND, IND 

Gent's Fine Hand-Sewed \Vork to Order, at the most KiasonaMe I'ernis. 
llepairing done at lowest prices. Your tiadu is respectfully solicited. 

TTrriY^A PAAr^d Window GuarcLs. wire SiBTnd, store 1 W. T. BARBEE 

VV 11 C UUUUb. Fixtures. Flower Stands, Floral Deslgrna, ( ItcL aad Wire Wcrki 

Dress Goods, Black I Fancy Silks, °- l-J-'ar??, 

ord Sl Son 




Abbey E F, 23 n Eiu-hth. 
(/nimiiio-hani &, Sun, 52*,* ]\Liiii. 
Davis R F, 725 Main. 
Estell I'ros, 403 ]\Iain. 
Gilbert J B, ^2<» :^rain. 
J\Laai^- Eon, ol4 Main. 
Eeckers Joseph, 330 s Fiftli. 
Revnulds E L. 530 ^[ain. . 

Vehr John G, i^'2'j :Nrain. « • 
Williams J M, 724 Alain. 

l)un"t forget the SOLID LEATHER SHOE STOllE. 

Tu Save money, go to 

J. Gr. A/ BHR, 

M;iuuf;ietuier of and Dealer lu 

Ladies,' Gents/ Misses/ Boys' and Children's 
,. / , . Boots, ShoeS; Slippers, Etc. 

Gents' Fine Hand-Sewed Work to Order, at the most reasonable terma,. Re- 
pairing done at lowest prices. Your trade is respectfully solicited. 

' 929 Main Street, RICHMOND, IND. 


Din^ley Edward, iuli AEiin. 
1 Gilbert J B, ^20 Main, tul 155. 
MuurcJ E, 7E^ Afain. 
Vehr John G, i'2;> :\[ain. f v . • 


. Ballard Acliilles, 10 n Ninth. 

' Eeldhaiis Arnold, b n Sixth. 

Eehhnann llunry, 705 & (J. 

Freir Gnstave, 3 s Eighth, 

Johnson Henry M, t)00 n I). 

Neihus Ijernard, 300 b Si.xth. 

JMolte J no M, 7 s Eighth. 

Uecker-s Joseph, 320 s Fifth. 

Nicholson & Bro. <:s;^^rt. Office Supplies, 'i"r^?'" 

TeWoiie lo MATHER BROS' for CO^L 


Schell Henry, 400 n Eiglitli. • . 

Schwerin John J C, 110 ii Sixth. ' 

Tlioinas Z, 513 ii Twell'th. 

Tucker G W, 220 Ft Wayne ave. . ; . [} 

AVar Cliarles, 417 Main. 

Wenger Jacob, over 181 Ft Wayne ave. / 


Nicholson & Bro, 12 and M s Eighth, tel 2l>. 


Wooler John II, 1018 Main. 


Minck Eniil, s s Main, bet First and Second. 


Ansterman B, res TIT n J. 

Bentkage Henry, end s Thirteentli. 

Wheeler & Cooke, s s E, between Fonrteentli and Fifteen tli. 


Hittle O L, room 1, Ilittles Block. a:''<j^: ; . • ; 

Mustard Joseph F, 320 s Eightli. 
Woolman Uriah, 122 n Second. 


Richmond Business College, over T25, T27 and T29 Main. 


Wayne Creamery Co, 328 and 330 Main, tel 81. 


Weidner G, 100 M.ain. ^ :^^.^^^. M^,r-^^TA--'.-^:jLy. 


Cronin Timothy, 230 n Seventh. 

Johnson Benjamiii, 033 Main. 

Johannes George, s I>, bet Sixtli and Seventli. 

Kidder & Beetle, 1412 n i). 

Lcirerts Ethnund, 1035 Main. 

Lelinian D E, 102 n Third. 

Nicholson James, 1005 Main. 

TT?:-i-. r*^^^r* ClialrBftndSetteoB. Sumnior HoiiHtH. ) W. T. BARBEE, 
W IrG UOOCIS- Screens, and all kinds ol Wire (Jlotli, I if<oN and wire wcnks. 


?.8??o'l??gfc^l D. B. CRAWFORD & SON. u^. 


Ilodgins J N, 1020 Main. 

Roberts Thomas W, 215 n Eleventh. 

Shelley George G, loar 230 s Tenth. 

kSinithuijer Anton L, cor Seventh und s B. . ' ^ 

Tliomas Joseph, 005 n 1). 

Yates ik Son, rear 320 n Sixteenth. • ' 


Crawford D B & Son, 52s iMain, tel 198. 
Jones L M & Co. 721 I^Fain, tel 130. 
Richmond Carpet Co, 727 Alain. 


Grimm Joseph, 829 Main. 


Brein John, 37 s Fifth. 

Giiibrd Mrs 1) A, 314 n Fourth. 


Crocker P & Co, 013 Main. 


Champion Roller Skate and Wagon Co, (ehiMrens), J V 

Kowlett agt, 1122 and 1121 n 1^. 
Larsh 11 0, 158 and 100 Ft Wayne ave. 
Alote liOuis A, 322 n Seventh. 
Sehneider Philip, 1) s Sixth. ■ 
Shute S E, 147 Ft AV^iyne ave. . . 

Stratton S S, 1018 s Main. 
AW^lver Martin 11, 304 l^^ain. 


Lee William G, 530 n Si\th. 


Starr W C & Son, cor n Thirteenth and \ly, tel 52. 


J^irdieck Fred, 110 s Filth. 

Kichmond Chair Co, 1233 n E, tel 150. 

Quaker City Chair Co, 15 and 17 s EU^\enth. 


Union Depot, John F MiUor j)r(»pi'. 

All kinds of BLANK BOOKS Nicholson * bro 

Sunday Creek Coal MatJ^^nros., Ricliinou4/M. 



Richmond Check Rower Co, Hol to 1] lo n E. 


Pogue A L, 717 Main. 
AVilke llcnry, 433 J\Iain. 


Geo 11 Grant, lleni])lenian & Co, cor n Ei«i,litli and Wa.sliinf^ton 
ave, to] 127. 
. Haynes, Spencer & Co, n w cor Twelfth and n E, tel GG. 



Buckley S M, 801 Main. 
Drifmeyer Adam, GO*) Main. 

Kreinieier Chris, 10 u Sixth. - 

Young Peter, 121 8 Eifth. ; . . 


(See also drug-gista, grocers and saloons.) 

Buckley S M, 801 Main. 

(Joblentz Thomas L, 817 n E. 

Deuker Henry W, 121 Et Wayne ave. 

Drifmeyer Adam, Gou Main. 

Eetta 11, junction Et A\^ayne ave and n Iu«^lith. 

Eowler A D, 927 Main. 

Ilahn 0, 539 u Twelfth. 

Henshaw Chas E, G2S n Tenth. 

Kennepohl & Grapperhaus, 805 Main. 

Kreinieier Chris, 10 n JSixth. 
llogers S E, lluutin^i^ton House. 
Stoue Chas W, G23 Main. 
Thomas Joseph, 305 s 1). .^ ^ 

Taylor Wm S, 35 u Ei-hth. 
Young Peter, 121 s Eifth. 


Corel 1 US ITenry A, 1530 e Main. 
Drifmeyer Adam, (509 Main. 

En<;ellH3rt II 11, 13 n Ei-hth. 

Inderstrodt Sl Liudeman, s w cor n Ei<;hth and Et Wayne ave. 

'ASS^X!'}SS^S2^:^'Si:^& [ W. T. BARBEE Ii'Oii aiirt Wire Woit. 

I'itllng'a, Ornain'tl Roof Crestiiigs.' \ lAiAynit, Indiana. 

FACTORY FLANNELS for Mt ni Sdirts at °- °- ^Vs'^JS.fM.'^ "°" 


lioo-ors 8 K, l;> 11 Eii!:htli. 
luKst Fj-ed F, 404 Main. 
Young Peter, 11^ I « Filth. • 


Waking Fred, 4;n 8 Tuiith. 


•Eninions Lou J\l, 706 Miun. 
Fox & Brother, 0L^4 Main. 
Gausepohl J B, 0J2 Main. 
Kreimeier B, 4^3 and 425 ]\lain. 
Lichtenfels P & Co, 832 ^lain. 

MarciKs J, 825 ^lain. 

Starr D & Co, 02o r>[ain. 

Tucli l)rus. 7)^i) Main. 
A\nnklei- Conrad, 1011 s 0. 

CLOVER HULLERS— Manufacturers of. 

Gaar, Scott & Co, n F autlAV^abhin^ton, tel 1. 


Brookens Pliilip, lis Ninth. 

C]cvenfz:er & Son, 21 s Sixth. 

Dicks Wni,512 n A. 

Doan Nathan, 212 s Tenth, tel 108. 

Ei^-i^unujyer (ico 11, 180 and 104 Ft Way no avc, tel 20. 

Mather Bros, 2G0 Ft AV^ayne ave, tel 4*0. 

]\[atlie\\s F U, cor n F and Fifteenth, tel 10. . 

Moore C H, 1022 to 1028 Main, tel 40. 

Moore J W, 81 Ft Wayne ave, tel 18. 

Morel Eugene, J 12 s Seventh, tel 171. 

Smithmeyer Louis H, 107 s Filth, tul 170. 


Brown Van D, s w cor Main ami Ninth, tel 38. 
Cii'ai)})ei"haus Jos F, 413 s D. 

Hutton J M & Co, ollice s e coi- 4\veirtli an^d n F, factory s w 

coi-Tweirih and n F, warei\»()in n e cor Twell'th and s F, tel 

The Ezra Smith & Co iMlk Association, ne cor s A and Nmtii. 

9IlseollHii<M>iis, lllaiiili. 

r;^:.'.uv";.i;r.u, at NICHOLSON & BRO, '^^ 

Everybody buys their COAL of Mather Bros. 



Morel Eugene, 112 s Seventh. 


' (See also Miscollaiioovis Directory.) 

Earlham College, one mile west city on a s National road, 
Joseph J J\lillb pres, tel 08. 


Wiggins & Co, 501l Main, tel lOG. 


Bradbury Wm H & Son, rooms I and 3 Westcott blk, tel 124. 

Coale George, over GOO l\[ain. 

Needham & Jackson, over 1st Natl Baidv. 

Pickett A J, 4 s Eighth. 

Shively Chas E, room 5, Vanohan's new blk, tel 208 

Stratton Benjamin, room i 1 O O F l^Uli^. 

AYhitridge John C, over 732 Main. 


Iliff J P & Co, rooms 4 and 5 Tremont Block, tel 214. 

Kenworthy W H, 1034 Alain, tel 217. 

Alartin Robert li,40() Main. 

O'Harra John, 812 and 814 Main, tel 11)5. 

Templeton L J & Co, 41 n Eighth, tel 102. 


• ^ Retail. 

U.''.v .'■::■: ■; V (See also Bakeries and GrocorieB.) 

l?ernard J M, 109 Ft AVayne ave. 

liliss Kingsbury, 33 n Eighth. 

Fowler A 1), 927 Main. 

Jordan J J, 520 Main. 

Klein Samuel, 819 n E. ' 

McGrew & Mendenhall, 827 Main. , 

Price Chas T jr & Son, 808 Main. 

Scott John H, 918 Main. 

Vansant K U, 711 Main. 

Vansant Samuel, 1127 Main. 




YARNS, all colors and qualities, ''hE'Si^i^S^rtf. 




Wholesale and Miiiiufacturera. 

Gibbons & Theobold, U n NintL. 
Uenclniiiin & Cox, i)21 i\Iaiii, ttjl 152. 
Price Charles T jr & Son, SOS ]\rain. 
Zeller & Co, 1)15 and DIT Main,tel 30. 


Geislcr & Stout, s e cor J and n Tenth. 
Mitchel John P>, 111 n Third. 


De Witt, Stokes & Co, 415 n Eio-lith. 


Wayne Creamery Co, 328 and 330 Arain, tel 81. 

CRACKERS AND CAKES— Manufacturers of. 

Zeller & Co, 1)15 and OlT Main, tel 30. 


Brookiiis J M, room 2, Westcott hlk. 
Hamilton C M, over 821 Main. 
Jay J W, over 718 Main. 
Newton A N, -10 s Ei-'htli. 
]\uldaek C E, 4'J n Eiohtli. 
Williams (I W, over TOG I\rain. 
AVilson Wm Tvl, over 830 Main. 


HayEOS, Spencer & Co, n w cor Twelt'tli and n E, tel GG. 


Page John C, over 730 Main. 


Union Depot, P Merkle et l>o props. 


Ayter Mrs Kate, over 52t> Main. 
Brown Mrs E A, over 815 Main. 
CaseMiss Julia, 1527 n A. 
(V'ssnam &, Vurley, over 51 1 Main. 
Cole JMrs (x AV, over 3J) n Eighth. 

WEDDING, BIRTHDAY AND TSJi ph ol Cinn Rt T^m ^" '^'^*^ ^'""^ 
HOLIDAY GIFTS AT IN lOllUlbUil 06 JDiU, btivot. 


Fire Brick and Clay --^'' ■ MATHER BROS. 


Crawtbrd l\lrs I), over 817 Main. 

Decker Mrs Margaret, 200 11 Fifth. 

Deeds Miss Celia E, rooms 10 and 12 Westcott block. 

llollingswortl) ]\Iiss P>elle, 305 ii Seventh. 

<leiierson Delika, 123 s Tentli. 

League Mrs T II, 1U2 ii J. , i , ^ ., 

Locier Mrs Kate, 201 n Eiohth. 

McCoy Mrs J W, over 27 ii Fit'teentli. 

McDonnell Miss M J, over 726 Main. 

MacPherson Miss Bnhih, 119 s Third, r 

Magee Mrs E A, over 41 n Eighth. 

Pence Misses, over 819 Main. 

Kicliey Airs, over 528 Main. 

Ilogers ]\Iiss M, over 22 n Ninth. 

Savage Mrs Hannah, 1-1 s Seventh. 

Scott Mrs S E, 218 n Twentieth. '^ " 

Thomas Annie E, 221 s Ninth. / ' 

Webster Misses, 1728 Main. 

Willett Miss Eliza, 16 s Seventh. '^^ 


Hoosier Drill Co, 1300 n E, tel 131. 

Huddleston C, 212 n Sixteenth. ^ . . 



Luken A G & Co, 630 Main, tel 13. 

Ballard M B,201 Ft Wayne ave and 116 n Eighth. 
BoppartDr A, 925 Main.' 
Dale T J, 912 Main. 
Luken A G& Co, 630 Main, tel 13. 
Lyon & Co, 601 Main. 
Eoss W II, 80-1 Main. ,, , , 
Sisk Geo W, 1032 Main. 
Sudhoil'Wm 11,435 Main. - / ' > 

Wampler J M. 730 Main, tel 117. 


!~ , ' Wholesale. 

Leonard L E & Co, 819 and 821 Main. 





(See also Fancy Goods and Notions;. 

Cavaiiaiio;]! William P, 222 s Eleventh. ' ' 

Crawford D B & Son, 528 Main, tel 198. 

Flanai>'an Patrick, 430 J\laiii. 

Jones L M & Co, 72 1 Main, tel 130. 

Knollenberg Geo H, 800 and 811 Main, tol 179. 

Leonard L E & Co, 819 and 821 ]\[ain. 

Mashnieyer G W cV: (Jo, s w cor Eighth it Main. 

Eentzsch Otto, 901 and 906 IMain. 

Thomas & Runge, cor Eighth and n E. 

Yeates, Dozois & Hedge, 82(5 JNfain. 


.;;,; Richmond City Dye llonse, 1011 s 0. 


Gray Mrs Katharine, 317 n Ninth. 

Odorless Excavating Co, W 1) Ellis manager, 1-1 n Eighth. 

Adams Express Co, Paul C Graff agent, SOG Main, tel 12, 

N I) tel 12J. 

Pacific Express Co, T C Davis agent, 704 ]\[ain, tel 51. 
United States Express Co, T C Davis agent, 7ol Main, tel 
K 51. 


- (See also Dry Goods and Notions.) 

Arnold B, 708 Main. 

iJicks Mrs Mary E, 428 Main. 

Scott T B, 817 Muin. 



Richmond Fence Co, lOOG Main. 


May John E, 318 n Seventh. 


llawke Geo \\ 402 n i:ii'hlh. 

^Sr^r^rik^'^k^H^ at NICHOLSON & BRO. '^S^^^^'- 

Mather Bros. Sell COAL CHEAP 



Cliaudlec AVebster agt Gaiiieniell Fire Alarm Telegraph. 

O'Harra John, 812 and 81 J: Main, tel 195. 

"-■ '^ ' FLORISTS. 

Beach Frank W, 901 s Ninth. 

Hill & Ou, s s Main, bet Twentieth and Twenty-first, tel 105. 


Benning John, 1S3 Ft Wayne ave. 
Doan Nathan, 212 s Tenth. 
Henshaw Chas E, 028 n Tenth. 
McCarthy John, 413 n Ei-hth. 
Kunge L & Sun, 1-1 n Seventh. 
Schwegman Christian, 309 s Fourth. 
Smithmeyer Louis H, 407 s Filth, tel 170. 
Spinning Frank W, 13 n Ninth, tel 199. 


Champion Roller Milling CJo, cor Ft Wayne ave and n Tenth. 
Richmond Roller Mills, n w cor Second and n 0. 
Stallbrd F 11, n Twelfth, In bridge tel 44. 


Richmond City Mill Works, lOOl n F, tel 2. 


Patent Flue Thimble Go, 923 Main. 


Richmond City Mill Works, 1701 n F. 
Richmond Foundry Co, 1 104 to 1 110 n E, tel 4. 


Stahl Jacob, 113 s Tenth. 



Kenworthy W H, 1134 Main, tel 217. 
O'Harra John, 812 and 814 Main, tel 195. 

'£^^^^'}S^^^i^'^ss& \ W. T. BARBEE Iron aiii Wire Works. 

Fittlntro. Ornam'tl Rool CreBtintja.' ) laia^litl, k^pian*. 


Carpets and Dry Goods '' l??ec^:"" D, B, CRAWFORD & SON 



Geier Charles J, 713 Main. ;- 

Hensliaw Charles E, <>28 n Tenth. 

Kenworthy W H, l<);i4 Main, tel 217. 

J\lor<i-an Wni L, IX)3 Main-. 

Neal E S, l«9 Ft Wayne ave. 

O'Harra John, S^J alid 8U Main, tel 195. 

Price C T jr & Son, sos Main. 


Brown Wesley, (Jlo n A. 


Dalbey Edwin F, 533 Main. 
Grimm Joseph, Si;9 Main. 
Grothaus Gerard, 31 s Fifth. 
Fanlieck it Suns, 505 and 507 ]\[ain. 
Smith & Dunham, 027 ]\lain. 


Alexander W W, iS5 Ft Wayne uve, tel 1.10. , 
Johnson & Woodhurst, SIO Main, tel 37. 
Van Uxem & Co, 025 Main, tel 89. 


(Seo Plumbers.) 


Daron & Saunders, 3 IS n JSeventh. 


Deiiison E P, 710 j\Iain, 
Emmons Lon ]\[, 700 iMain. 
Fox & Brother, 024 ]\Iain. 

FoxS & Co, 028 J\[ain. 
GausepohlJ P>, 022 Main. 
Kreimeier B, -1:23 and 425 Main. 
Lichtenfels P & Co, 832 Main. 

Macke J 11 & Son, 530) Main . 

Marcus J & Co, 825 Alain. 

Schepman Geo W, 4o7 Main. 

Starr D & Co, 020 j\[ain. 

Thomas &Runge, eor Ei-hth and n F. 

Tompkins N C, 815 Main. 

Tueh Hrori, 720 Main. 

Zeyen J Sl 13 ro, 51() Main. 

The Latest popular Books SXr. at 


72U Muln ytroel. 




llugoii Joliii E, 857 n Twelfth. 


Jordoii Thomas, room 1, Tremont hk>c,k. 


Vanimman A J, 28 s Ei<^dith. 


Spinning: Frank W, 11 and i;^ n Ninth, tel 109. 


Eckel Mrs U W, over 923 J\lain. ■ 


, : Wbolesale. 

Cranor, Gaar & Co, 212 Ft AV^iyneave, tel KJS. 
Doscher Louis, 9;u Alain, tel 215. 

Grubbs John W & Co, ^;31 and ^^33 n E, and s w cor Ninth 

and n E, tel 33. 
Howard I K <fe Co, 200 to 20(3 Et AV^ajno ave, tel 32. 
Knabe Joseph A, 511 Main. 
Ray & Harvey (Fancy Groceries), 419 n Ei<^hth and 809 n E, 

tel 151. ?. '.■ 



Ahaus Herman, 505 s Ninth. 

Aiie Mrs Frederick, Sevast()[)ol. 

BalHng George, 535 s E. 

Danks Joseph, 109 s Sixth. 

Benson C E <fe Bro, 151 Ft Wayne ave. 

Bergan Patrick, 405 n 1). 

BockhofnVilliam F, 404 s Eleventh, tel 129. 

Ih'ockschmidt George 11. 331 s Ninth. 

r>rook8 John F, 700 n Twellth. 

]U)wers I), 910 Main. 

Brown Van D, b w cor ]\lain an<l Ninth, tel 38. 

Brnggenkamj) Frederick, 309 s Sixth. 

Hnrkardt Charles W, 47 n Filth. 

Caster C E, 177 Ft Wayne ave. ' ■ 

Cavanangh William F,"222 s Eleventh. 

'^T7;*,« O,^^^^ Wlntlow Guards. Wiro Si.fu.s.SLoro \ W.T. BARHEE 

VV 11 Q UOUuS. Fixtui'oH. Flower Stands, Flornl DeHitfiis, ( Iroo aol Wire Wcrki 

Gents' Suits made to Order, "^^ "b^B-SiSl.^t^''" RICHMOND 


Ohambcrs C II. 1138 ^^aill. 

Cotton li-obert II, 75) \Vasliiii<^t()n ave. 

Cutter Henry, s e eor Foui'th ami s J), tel loo. 
j Deuker Henry W, 121 Ft W^ayne avo. 

i Dickman John H, (>'»;; iMuin, tei 48. 

I .Doscher Louis, 1>;M Main, tel !ji 15. 

I Dunham iMlwanl, Sevasto])ol. 

j Ei;-«;eme.yer John I\l, -101 ami 402 Main, tel iV,). 

' Erk Harmon II, 2(>5 s Thirteenth. 

j . Freeman U, 501 n Fil'teenth. 

I Frazier Philip, Sevastopol. 

j Getz Jac(^l), 821) n Tenth. ' . ; 

I (lohner John L, 227 s Seventh. ' ■ 

i Ilarrell Van, 731 n Fourteenth. 

I ' lleavner A J, 301 n Fi^hteenth. 

! Henshan Charles E, 028 n Tenth. 

I lliatt \V F, 807 J\Iain, tel 120. ■ . 

I Hoffmann John, 231 s Ninth. 

Joi»es C A, 187 Ft Wayne ave. : 

^ Knabe Joseph A, 5FI iMain, tel 42. 

j Knollenberg John W, 217 s Fifth, tel 185. 

I Lam inert C^hriri, cor Eighth and s E. 

! Lammert AVilliam, jr. 831 s E. • 

i . ; .• Loehle (Jharles F, 441) .s Fifth. 

McCarthy John F, 413 n Ei-hth. 
' . IMeyer I^'rank.l, 7l)7 s Fifth. 

j ■ JMoornninn John 11,520 Main. 

^lorrow E & Son, 175 Ft W^ayne ave. 
• " Norris William, 021) n Ninth. 

Nutting Samuel F, 324 ^Fain. 

Personett Thadeus C, Sevastopol. 

Peterson Charles A. 427 Main. 

I'ierson S M, 11)3 Ft Wayne ave, tel 35. 

Plants & Newby, 408'Main. 

'■ . Poulter Milton D. 1021) Main. 

Powell Miss Maria C, 505 n Seventeenth. ^-^-^ '^ ' 

Pratt A, 830 l\lain. ' 

i ^ Sands & Jacobs, 1500 Main. 

"^ Schmitt St(iphen, 315 s Filth.. 
I Shafer & Stranahan, 1538 Main, tel I li). ^^ ^. 

~ • . Sieweke AVilliam F, 122 n Fourteenth, tel 1()5. '""f- *^^^ 
:•. ■ Snediker C N, GOl n Thirteenth. 



Louisville and Portland CEMENT mother bros. 


Snyder G 11, 808 s Eii^^htli, tel 158. 

Thoinj^suii sk Good, S'2'2 cind 82-1 Main, tcl -lU. 

Trindle William H, 123S Alain, lA 141. 

Uhleiibrock ALi-s Kate, 50*J s Sixtli. 

Varlev James J, IDT Ft AS^avne ave and 412 u Eighth, tel 34. 

Watt"Xorval L 0, 12 ii Sixth. 

Witte Miss Eouisa, 233 s Fifth. 


Brumfield William H, over tJ13 Alain. 

Dickinson E C, 8 P't AVaynt; avc. 


Outland Philander, 1 s Eiglith." . 

Truxell Sarah, 15 s Fifth. 

Relyea Aliss Al II, 25 n Eio-htli. ' ' • 

AViihelin Airs Alarg-aret, is s Fifth. 

AVinslow Mrs II, 12 s Seventh. 


Starr W C ife Son, cor n Tiiii'ttjenth and ily. 


Wholesale and Retail. 

Creamer & Clements, TOO and To2 Alain, tcl 115. 

Pogne i\: Miller, l)0*> and 002 Alain, tel 03. 

Price M 0. 815 Alain, tel 05. 

Reed Irwin & Sons, ti:U and 033 Alain, tel Tl. 

Roling John H, 0t>6 and (')08 Alain and 11 and 13 n Sixth, tel 

Taylor J S, jr, 825 ii E. 



Perners William J vfc Sons, 1023 n E. 


Keys Charles A, 018 Alain. 
Sells Fi'ancis At, 43 s Sixth. 
Wiggins & Co, 500 Alain, tel 100. 


Starr A\" U A: Son, cor Thirteenth and Ky, tel 52. 

W:„-. r<AArJc Chairs and Settei'S.Sunniier Houses. « W. T. BARBEE, 
irC uOOUb. Screens, and all kinds oi Wire Cloth, i ikon anuWikl wokks. 




Kecs Samuel, 10 s Seventh. 


Doiiison E r, 716 Main. 

FoxS& Co, ()'i8 Main. . ^ 

Gausepohl J B, «5i32 Main. 

Lichtenfels P & Co, 832 Main. 

Macke J 11 A: Sun, 530 ]\lain. 

^larcus J, 825 Main. 

Starr D & Co, 620 Main. 

Tompkins N C, 815 Main. 

Thomas & Runge, cor Eighth and n E. 


Iloosier Drill Co, loOO n E. 


Arnold B, 70S Main. 


Arlington House, J It (Tithens propr, o|)p Union Depot, tel 86. 
Bryson House, Isaac Dryson pi"0|)r, Ft Wayne ave, opp Union 

Commercial House, 420 Main. 

Germania House, I*'iank Ijcschner proj)!-, 10, 14 and 16 s Fifth. 

llinman House, 403 n Ei<^htli. 

Huntington — Grand, «J IT IMiilbmoks propr, s e cor Seventh 

and Muin, tel 67, aiid ()16 and 621 AEain, tel 674. 
Indiana House, William F llolfman propr, 429 Main. 
Pliillij)s House, John Oregmilo pro])r, 14 and 16 n Sixth. 
Virginia House, J J^ Nay prop, 813 n E. 


Potts John & Son, 014 Main. 


Quaker City Ice Co, l^rannon & Hawkins, 272 Ft Wayne ave. 


Lite, B'lre, Accidoiit, &c. 

Barber J 0, s])ecial agent of the Northwestern Mutual Lite In- 
surance (/O of Milwaukee, room 2 over 2nd Natl Hank. 

All kinds of BLANK BOOKS Nicholson & bro 

Everybody buys their COAL of Mather Bros, 


r»ellis Samuel, lOO u Tenth, tel 125. 

Bradbury Wm H & Son, rooms 1 mid 3 Westcott J]lk, tel Ti I. 

Crocker A E, rooms 1 und 3 Vau^haii's l>)k, tel 05. 

Doan I C, over 82d J\raiii, tel 123. 

D Wiggins James F, 11 n Eiij^hth, tel 55. 

Hahn A B, S})ecial ai;'t Home, 23 s Sixteenth. 

Kelly &Hutton, '730 Main. 

Lemon & Clark (tire), room 1 Odd Fellow's Hlk, tel 77. 

McMillan Ci L, over 13 Main. 

Post S A & Co, over (> n Seventh. 

Roney J J, i)05 n E. 

Stratton Benjamin, room 1 Odd Fellow's l]lk, tel 77 

Thomas Enos, 30 n Thirteenth. 

W^illiams J O (life), over 730 Main. 

Wyatt Barton (tire), 4 s Ei-hth. 


Marlatt S, 182 Ft Wayne ave. 

Foulke W W & Co, 208 Ft Wayne ave. 


t , See Watches, Clocks and Jewelry. 


Oesting II F, U and 16 n Third. 

Goale George, over goo Maine. 


Crawford D B & Son, 528 Main, tel 1U8. 


Copliia Mrs Hannah J, 127 Ft W^ayne ave. 

Eldorado Steam Laundry and Bath Rooms, 10 n i<:i-l)th. 

l[untington House, s e cor Main and ScNcnth. 
Quaker City Laundry, P>lair l>ros i>roj)s, 'JIO Main. 
Wing Sam, 17 s Sixth. 


Richmond Star Lawn Mower, umf*^- l)y Dille ik Me(ruin 
Mt> Co, 537 and 539 n Thirteenth, tel 31. 

TTT;*«^ r<^«;i/^ chairs and settees, summer Hon^eH,! W. T. BARBEE, 
W ire UOOuS. screens, and aU kinds of Wire Cloth, I ihoN anuWihl works. 

Dress Goods, Black I Fancy Silks, 

D. B. Crawford Sl Son 

52B Main Street. 



Abbott L C, (113 ]\l;iin. 

AiKiersoii Felix Y, (io^ Main. 

Bennett Thomas W, 510 Main. 

Bickle William A, over 519 Main. 

Binkley C C, rooms 7 and 8 Vau^-lian's new bluck. 

Burchenal Charles H, over 50() Main. 

(^oniritock Daniel W, over 500 Main. 

Deal John T, over 537 IVLain. 

Fox Henry 0, over 5(H) Main. 

Foulke & Rupe, over 1st Natl Bank, tel 1(>3. 

L'reenian Fin'ry J, 508 Main. 

liayword Henry J, res 1()7 s Eii^-lith. 

Henderson & Ogborn, over 71b Main. 

Johnson Henry U, 508 Main. 

Kibbey eJosepli jf, room 0, Yauglian's new block, tel 208. 

Lindemuth Arthur 0, 631 Main. 

Me^^eans M 111, s Ninth. 

^lorris 1 IJen, over 2iul Natl Bank. • 

Needham & Jackson, over 1st Natl P>ank. 

Newman c^ Harris, room A Ya\i<^han's Block. ' - 

Faige Ualmaro, 537 JMain. 

Payne H B, over l-U Main, tel 110. 

Peelle & Bobbins, over 500 Main. 

Post Elias E, over 6 n Seventh. 

iSchlater Wm \l, room 3 over 2nd Nat IJank. 

Shiveley (Jhas E, room 5 Yaughan's new block, tel 208. 

Stubbs Lewis D, over 500 Main, tel 1G4. 

Study A L, room 3, Odd Fellows block. 

Study T J, 537 Main. 

Washburn Paul V, and 8 n Eio-hth. 

Whitridge John C, over 732 Main. 

Yaryan & Yaryan, over 720 Main, tel IK). 


Coil'man A J, 515 Main. 
Harrington J J, 715 Main. 



Besselman Fred, 31 s Sixth. 

Halteman Jacob L, 17 n la^hth. 

Luken A G &Co, ('»30 Main. 

Winsett & Kennedy, 20;; Fl Wayne ave and 118 n Ei-hth. 

Olllee and School Scralrit StooKs nf XHnilfll ^OIJ tf, PtRfl '^H^' 
IIIiN«'cllaii4H>ii!S, atlHiiK A .S<-liool HooUm dl IN l^bllULuUll tt DUU. Sti 

Mil In 




Carman James 0, 48 s iSixtli. 

Glen Miller Transfer Co and Combination Stables, 15, 17 

and 11) s Seventh, F M Francisco, manager, tel 4\. 
llatlield c*(: Vaiighan, 14 n Eio'litli. 
lliU B 0, 1014 Main. 
lliU Dan 0, 1119 and 1121 Main. 
l*ickens Thomas, 411 n Eiglith. 
Rose Thomas, s w cor Seventh and n A, tel 170. 
Russell Geo W & Co, 15 s Seventh, tel 82. 
Shofer Harmon, 47 and 49 s Sixth. 
Shoter William, 11 n Seventh. ^ / 


E<^gemeyerGeo II, I8G to 194 Ft Wayne ave, tel 20. 
Mather Bros, 200 Ft AVayne ave, tel 49. 
Moore C H, 1022-4-0-8 Main, tel 46. 
Moore Joseph W, 81 Ft Wayne ave, tel 18. 
Morel Eugene, 112 s Seventh, tel 171. 
Smithmeyer Louis, 407 s Filth, tel 179. 


Barber & Fulghum, room 2 over 2nd Natl Bank. 
Bradbury Wm H & Son, rooms 1 and 3 Westcott block, tel 

Crocker A E, rooms 1 and 3 Vaughan's bk)ck, tel 05. 
Dickinson J & Co, 6 and S n FJiiihtii, 
Kelly & Hutton, 730 Main. 
Lemon & Clark, room 1, Odd Fellows blk, ted 77. 
McNeil As Dulin, room 3, llittle block. 
Pickett A J, 4 s Eighth. 

Stratton Benjamin, room 1, Odd Fellows Block, tel 77. 
Zimmer Christian, 51 n Eighth. 


(See also Hard Wood Lumber.) 

Cain Wm, 1101 Main, tel 10. 

Farnham Chas S, s w cor Tenth and n F], tel 9. 

Henley John, lOOl Main, tel 57. 

Middleton WmH & Co, 102 and 104 Ft Wayne ave. 

Jloberts 11 M iSc Sons, 421 n Eighth, tel 8. 

Witiiam & Anderson Co, cor Sixth and Ky. 



3 patent unlaundered Shirt, "the boss;' ''•^' Tiol 




Dille & McGuire Mfg Co, 587 and 53i» n Tliirteentli, tel 31. 
Gaar, Scott & Co, Junction \\'asliiii<^ton avo, Sixth and ii F, 

ttd 1. 
Richmond City Mill Works, 1001 n F, tel 2. 
Richmond Machine Works, n o of Union I)cj>ot on Jly, tel 4. 
Robinson & Co, 2:^1 to 2:^8 Main, lei 5. 


Van Uxem & Co, 025 Main, tel 8*J. 


Ilollopetor <& Donovan, 120 iMain. 

i ■ Moon & Haynes, « w cor Eleventh and n F, tel \Hk 


I Morse IVFrs Ituth A, 1(>7 s Seventh. . 

Stace & Crocker, 10 n Nintl 



O'Harra John, 812 and 8U JMain, tel 105. 
Faxson John M, FTl) Ft Wayne Ave. 


Fuft'kiii J A, 017 ]\rain. 
Busch & Kimmerle, ooi) Main. 
Clark A Facy, r)U5 Main. 
Cutter Henry, 1314 s Fourth. 
Eagle Wmi 42 1 Main. 

Fb.sniacher Charki^, oKS s Fifth. ,,,,• :■■,: , ;. 

Geier Charles J, 713 Main. 

Geier Joseph, rear 23(t s C. 

Knopf (Ml & Co, 510 Main. - • • 

IVIaker Thomas jr, 712 s E. 

Mor-an W F, 1)03 Main. 

O'Harra John, 812 and 814 Main, tel 11)5. 

Oxer JG& Son, lo30 Main. 

I'axson 1 11, 181 Ft Wayne ave. 
Fitnian J A, 313 s Seventh. 

School Books and School Supplies 

al NU;HC)1.S0N cV bro. 
720 Main aircet. 

Sunday Cj-eek Coal .««f/7«!iJ,-«»., EiclliOllll, Illl 


ritinan L S, 1010 Main. .; ? i '^ ' - ' 

Saiidrf S^ Jacobs, 1500 ^Laiii. 
Tiiuinas II A, 4 s Fifth. 


BaniesGeo W, 9 and 11 s Fiflii. 


Fox Simon, 7U Main. 

IJatlield J 11, UIG ^Main. 
Kreimeier B, -I'iS and 425 ]\lain. 
Peltz J E, tH)l Main. 
SchepmanGeo W, 407 Main. 

Sperling- Leonard, 817 s Ninth. ' 

Steen Wni 11, 335 s Ninth. 
Werner Joseph sr, 911 Main. 

Whitei-idireWm T, 19 n Sixth. • ..•> • - ' ' 

Zeyen J & Bro, 510 Main. 


Atliey Mrs M R, 518 Main. ' ^ ^ ;. 

J>etzall Joseph, 413 Main. 

Bradbury M E, over 935 Main. : " ! 

Cole Mrs A P, 18 n Eiolith. 

Davis Mrs S A I, 17 n Seventh. \ 

Kielhorn M A, 525 Maiil^ 

McAVhinery Miss L E, 709 Main. ''' ' ' 

Mendenhali Mrs N J, 312 n Eiolith. 

Miller ]\Lrs II M, 39 n Ei-htli.' 

Puoh Mrs J II, 710 Main. 

Turner Mrs M 0, 27 n EightJi. 

Vansant ]\Lrs R A, 31 u Ei«,dith. 


Bosa Ernest E, 433 to ^139 s l^'oui-th. 


Wholosalo and. Kotail. 

Drake Frank A, 5 n Ei^iith. 
Swan Wm R & Co, 9;55 i\rain. 


Clark AB,, 412 ^^ain. 

TTTT'i'wo r*^f\An Window CiuardH, Wiro SiR:ns, store \ W. T. BARBEE 

YV irC UOOUb. Fixturea, l^'lower Stands, Floral DfHig-ua, ( Itcn »nd Wire Works 

FACTORY FLANNELS for Skirts aiifl SMrls at ^- ^' ««^^™«° * '^"n 

528 Main St. 



Cole G M, i\'2s Niiiili. 
Dicks Mrs Miivv h\ 42.S IMain. 


Klein S:iimiel,.810 n E. 

lu)i;erri 8 K, lluiiliiigtoii IL^iise. 

lioiicy J J, [)0:> 11 \C 


Evening Item, claily, Jt^aac Jvlinc [)iop and publisher, J A 

lladley. editor, over SOT Main, tel 78. 
Richmond Democrat, weekly, James Elder, ])ub'r, 537 Main. 
Richmond Enquirer, weekly, ovei- (>(»1 Main. 
Richmond Independent, daily and weekly, over GOO Main, 

tel 1)4. 
Richmond Palladium, dailj- and weekly, [sa:ic Jenkinsun, 

edittir and j)i-()j)r, S;>1 and Sl>:) Main, tel 21. 

Richmond SuDday Register, Sunday, 11 and 114 s Ei<^ldh, 

tel ()d. 
Richmond Telegram, weekly, over 017 and lilO Main, tel :.S. 
Richmond Vidette, weekly, (117 Main. 
Richmond Volkszeitung, weekly, (German), over ()».0 Main, 

tel IM. 
The Earlhamite, monthly, II 11 Hill, hussiness manager. 


Binkley C C, rooms 7 aiul 8 Vaughan's new block. 
Bradbury William H, rooms 1 and 3 Westcott block, tel 124. 
Bradbury W K, rooms 1 and o Westcott block, tel 124:. 

DealJohn T, over 5:57 Main.^_ 

Dickinson Joseph, i) and 8 n Eighth. ■. ^^ 

DoanIC, 822 and 821 M:un, tel 123. 

FettaHH, 18 s Eighth. _ • > : ' v' 

Erancisco C A, (I and 8 n iMghth. \ . 

Ereeman Perry d, 508 Main. 

Henderson J W, over 71 G Main. 

Johnson Henry N, 508 Midn. 

Kelly Etham C, over 730 Main. 

Kibbey Joseph U, room (J Vanghan's new block. 

Lemon Charles E, room 1 Odd b'ellows block, tel 77. 

McMeans M E, s JN'intli. 

7 -.^9 Main 

Nicholson & Bro. c/um- "S'fl-.- Office Siipulies, 'iueeV' 


SEWER PIPE Mather' Bros. Richmond, Ind. 


Needham & Jackson, over First NatioiKil iKink. 

Newiuaii & llnrris, rouni 4 Yuu^-liau l>Iock. 

Parry Webster, 1001 Un'm, tei 57. 

Payne H B, over 724 Main, tel 110. 

Sell later Win II, room 3 ov^er 2d Nat Bank. 

Stratton Benjamin, room 1 Odd Fellowb block, tel 77. 

Study A L, room 3 Odd Fellows block. 

Washbui'n Paul V, and 8 n Ei«^litli. 

White JT, 4 s Eiohth. 

Whitridn;e John 0, over 732 Main. 

Yaryan & Yaryan, over 720 Main, tel 110. 

Zimmer Christian, 51 n Eighth. 



Bartel Adam H & Co, 21U Ft Wayne ave, tel 182. 
Schaeler Chris F, 417 n Eighth, tel 194. 


, ■ . ' -. ' ' Retail. . ■ • 

See also dry goods and notions. 

Bonsall M E, 501 ]\Iain. .^ .. ,, , 

Case Miys Julia, 1527 n A. 

Knabe Frank A. 539 Main. 

Sieweke William F, 122 n Fourteenth. 


Gulbertson J W, Hi n Sixth. 
Moore C H, M D, 28 n Tenth. . . 


Evans, Ferguson & Reeves, S[)ring Grove Oil Mill, Fountain 

city pike, n of bridgt;, tel 14. 
Mathews, Winder & Co (linseed), cor Eleventh and n (1. 


•^'' ''• ' See miscellaneous dh^octory. 

Barton John M, 11 n Fifteenth. 

Stratton Abe S, 25 s Seventh. 

lion Shutters, Balconies, GratimTS, 
Bank Work, Area RallinR-s 
Fittings, Ornam'tl Roof Cresting 

rj^s I W, T, BARBEE Iron aii^ Wire Worts. 

'esting'S.' ) LAiAYtni;, Indiana. 


YARNS, all colors and qualities, ^lag'SX^iitr" 



Jordon James J, 520 Main. 
McGrew & Mendenhall, 827 Main. 
Scott John H, ins Mum. 


Luken A G & Co, 030 JMain, tel 13. 

Price M 0, .SlO Main. 

Roling J H, 000 and OOS Main, 11 and 13 n Sixtli, tel 85. 

Wampler John M, 730 Main, tel 117. 


J>akers E M, over 322 n Seventh. 

l)Utter\vortIi & Bartlow, s Seventh. 

J lawekutte Wni 11 (house), over 0U5 Main. 

iludsun c^ Ireton, over 812 Maiii. 

Kunk & Menke (house and sign), over 003 JNfain. 

IMeasants E E (liouse and sign), 1033 Main. 

riercG G A (house and sign), room ID Tremont block, 

Sniitli & Mitchell (paper hangers), 2 n Eighth. 

AVinkler Lew (sign writer), 8 s Seventh. 


Richmond Paper Mill, eJ S Ostrander, supt, Williamsberg 
pike, u])}) 1st toll gate. 


Conner Cros, n Union Depot. 


Davenport John F, 500 Main. 


r>radway Park S, 70tt Main. 

Mote E'lisha J, 917 s A. 

Reynolds M 1>, cor Ft Wayne ave and Sixth. 

Ryder D, over 720 Main. 

Stiglenian Geo W, s w cor Main and Sixth. 

Swaine J 11, over 730 Main. 

Young Win K, 532 Main. 


Baer Oliver P, 28 n Ninth. 

Ballard N H, lOl n Nintli, tel 193. 

HAVE YOUR MAGAZINI'3 BOUND nj XJIpIinT ^flN i WW{\ '^''^. ^'*^^" 
PAPER BOXES MADE TO ORDER dl lllUllUhOUll « DUU. tStreot. 

Louisville and Portland CEMENT mather bros 


Ballenger Wm L, 1132 Main. 

Benluini IT It, 5 ii Fifteenth. -, 

Eenhain Milton, 24 8 Ninth. . , . , 

Boppart A, 925 Main. 

Bowers Mrs M L, over 40in Eighth. ■ ' ^' 

Colburn Chirence, 10 n Fifth. ' ■ 

Davis T Henry, 1021 Main, tel 50. 

Dwiggins Moses E, 202 n Eightli, tel 202. 

Emmons Joshua, 21 s Eighth. 

Furnas Kobt F, 70 s Sixteenth, tel 145. 

Grosvenor E B, (homeopathic), over 824 Main. 

Iladley Edwin, 1111 s A. 

Ilarroid Cyrus N, 31 s Ninth, tel 167. , , . 

Haynes Moses H, 1013 Main. 

Hibbard James F, 716 n A, tel 11. 

Hobbs AV W. Information Withheld. 

Howells J, 314 n Ninth, tel 172. 

lutzi Joseph, 100 s.Eighth, tel 183. 

Jay William C, 909 n A, tel 122. 

Kelsey Leverett S, 10 s Seventh, tel 196. 

Kersey Olias A, 15 n Tenth, tel 148. 

King J E, 24 n Tenth. 

Kirk Chas W, West Eichmond. 

Lewis Mrs EmmaB, over 1030 Main. 

Loar Apollos, 232 s Seventh, tel 153. 

Luken ,K)hn 11, 205 s Seventh. 

Lytle L, 108 n Nineteenth. \ ' . ' 

McDivitt E G, 23 s Eighth. 

McSimpson John, 426^ Main. 

Mann L S, 111 n Ninth. 

Mendenhall W O'N, 110 s Eightli. 

Moore C H, 28 n Tenth. 

Moore M W, 318 n Nineteenth. 

Morrow Sarah J, 14 s Ninth. 

Mullen Bernard, e s Twenty-first, 2 s Main. 

Ross J K, 512 n Sixteenth. 

Eiisk Miss Anna E, n e cor Twelfth and n A. 

Sim])Son A I^over, 713 Main. 

Taylor J E, 24 n Tenth, tel 80. 

Teague Fsaac C, 909 n A, tel 113. - " -''■[ 

Tennis Israel, 37 s Eighth. 

Iron Shuttera, BalconieB, GratinHr«. 
Bank Work, Area RaillnKS, Stable 
Fittings, Ornam'tl Roof Creatinga.' 

if. T.BARBEE Iron ani Wire Works. 

) LAf Avm I, INDIANA. 

, Gents' Suits made to Order, ^- "s^S^ffZ^^."-^" RICHMOND 


j AVard James E, M a Sixth. 

' WarincrWm P, 48 s EiV-hth, tel 110. 

Weist & Bond, US irKighth, tel 43. 


I Chase Piano Co, <>0;i to 307 s l^'ii-bt, bets B and 0, tel 118.> 


Dicks Mrs Mary F, 428 Main. 
Swan Wm R & Co, 935 Main. 
j Watson S F, 45 n Eighth. 


INGS — Manufacturers of. 

Avey G W & Co, 10:2 Ft Wayne ave. 

\ Fry Bros, 13 and 15 s Eleventh, tel 53. 

i • Middleton Wm H & Co, It)^ and 164 Ft Wayne ave, tel G. 

I : liussell J J, 'oV2 n Twelfth, tel 7. 


i Original Empire Steel Plow, manufactured by Sinex 

I- * Plow Co, 174 and 170 Ft Wayne, ave. 

' \ ; PLUMBERS. 

f \'i .,! ii j^ -. ' • 

(Steam Gas and Water Pipe.) 

j . Byrnes John, 122 n Tliird, tel 191. 
I Griffin JF, 922 and 924 Main, ttil 18G. 

I Huddleston C, 212 n Sixteenth. 

. Meerhoff Herman H, 9 s Nintli, tel 174. 
^ Morgan TF & Son, 18 li Winth. 
Wefel G H, lo s Ninth. 


! Reid, Beeler & Co, 421 n Eighth, otlice tel 03, Pork House 



;;. Miller Henry, 1017 n 11. 


Cullaton M & Co, 1 1 and l EV s Eighth, tel (M. 
■ DeYarmon Thos E, 14 n Seventh, tel 72. 

WEDDING. BIRTHDAY AND TsTipholSOn &L BFO ^''- Jt^Sn?^*"" 


Fire Brick and Clay -^'-- MATHER BROS. 


Richmond Enquire, over 0)01 Main. 
Richmond Palladium, S31 nnd S3o Main, tel 21. 
Telegram Job Room, J M Coe prupr, uvei- 915, i>17 and yi9 
Main, tel 56. 


Deal D F & Co, 184 Ft Wayne ave, tel oil 


Barrett E L & Son, 49 n Eighth. 


Huddleston C, 212 n Sixteenth. 


Wefel GH, 10 s :Niuth. 


Van Uxem & Co, 025 Main, tel 89. 


Bradbury Wm H & Son, rooms 1 and 3 Westcutt Blk. tel 124: 

Coaie George, over ooo Main. 

Crocker A E, rooms 1 and 3 Yanghan's Blk, tel 05. 

Doan I C, 82-i Main, tel 133. . 

Fetta H H, 18 s Eighth. 

Hale AVni 11, n Fourteenth. ■ 

Jenks Daniel C, over 013 Main. 

Kelly & Hutton, over 730 ^lain. 

:\Ic.Nuil d: Diilin, room 3 Ilittle l>lk. 

Pickett A J, d s Eighth. 

Stratton Benj, room 1 Odd Fellow's I'lk, tel li. 

Zimmer Chrittian, 51 n Eighth. 


Hoii'man Peter S, 9 n Ninth. 


Bethge, Ben P, English Kitchen Restaurant, 010 .Main. 

llrown c^ rayh)r, 150 Ft Wayne a\e. 

Hayes Harry H, lio n Eighth. 
Husson Peter, b23 Main. 





uoEf^h^^l^y^SSSi/m-^ D. B, CRAWFORD & SON, 5?8 Main St, 


Kogers L, 515 Maiij. " 

Kost III], 1() s Sixth. 

Scott JohnH, i>18 Main. - 

Union Depot, P Merkle & Co proprs. 


Bonanza Skate Co,ji Union Deyx)!,. 
Cadwalader Howard, 50 s TwuUtli. 

Champion Roller Skate & Wagon Co, J V Rowlett man- 
ager, 111313 and lliM n E. 
Henley M C, 52o to 5^i;3 n Sixteenth, tel 91. 
Richmond Roller Skate & Caster Co, 1031 n E. 


Harrington J J, 715 iMain. 

Wiggins & Co, 5()<) Main, tel lOG. 


Bader Charles, 82!) n E. 
Balling George, 5:^7 s E. 

Beckett A T, jr, 905 and iHl7 TNlain 

J-Jescher Erank, .12 s Eit'tli. •"' 

Besselman Fred, -'^ i^ Sixth. 

Capen J A, Ooo Main. 

Ontter Henry, s c cor Eourtli and s !). 

llaner Henry G, (111 Main. 

Huck Emii, 82:'> n E 

Johnston David B, 199 Et Wayne ave. 

Kemper Adam 11, 12 and M s Sixth. 

Kennepohl & Grapperhaus ^'The Arbor,'' S05 Main. 

Klein George L, 409 Main. 

Eennard iVter, 1202 n E. ' '■ 

Lichtenfels Thos C, 821 n K. 

JMacke J E, OBi MaliL \ 

Mayer Paul, 30 s Eil'tli. 
. Miller Thomas, 418 Main. 
Moorman 13 li cK: Co, (Jrand llot(d. 
Morel E:d ward, 405 Main. . . 

Overman Anton, 401 s Eit'th. • 
IMace J W, 007 Main. 

Bodenherger cVs P)o^Mrt, 191 Et Wayne ave. 
Itost Uernnin II, 18 s Sixth. 

sfj^r^iTuSiki^yr at NICHOLSON & BRo. ^,s^,!jr;;i 

Wi; wi.'t ■», 


• 1 ■ ■ — — 


Scliinitt Stephen, 315 s Fifth. 
SchnuiT & Haner, '20 and 22 s Sixth. 
Shofer William & Co, lu s Sixth. 
Taylor Wm S, :>5 n Ei-htli. 

Dphaus Ilennan, 30 s Sixth. 

Yoriineier John A, 311 s Fifth. 

Winsett & Keonedy, 203 Ft Wayne ave and -118 n Eighth. 


Shuuiard Sash Inilance Co, 1112 and 111-1: n E. 


See also Planinjj Mills. 

Cain William, llOl ^[ain, tel 10. 

Farnham Charles S, s w cor Tenth and n E, tel 0. 

Fry Bros, 13 and 15 s Eleventh, tel 53. 

Henley John, lOoi Main, tel 57. 

Middleton Wm H & Co, 102 and IGi Ft Wayne ave, tel G. 

Roberts 11 M Oc Son, 421 n Eighth, tel 8. 

Withani ik Anderson Co, n Sixth, bet E and Ky. 


Gaar, Scott & Co, (-or n F and AN^ashiugton ave, tel 1. 
Richmond Machine Works, on Ity, n^e Union Depot, tel 4. 
Robinson & Co, 210 to -22^ Main, tel 5. 


Crocker IMartin L, 535 Main. 


Detch & Sons, 517 Main. 


Mather Bros, 200 Ft AVayne ave, tel ID. 
Moore € H, lo22 to lOi^S Afain, tel 40. 


mm B, (AVI 

Fulghnm B, (AVhite), !iol Main. 
Lacey Robert M, (Duniestic), 530 Maim. 
RiegS A B, (Singer), 7o7 Main. 
Thompson 1), (W & ^Y\ 710 Main. 


Richmond Shirt Factory, Olo Main. 


TTT;^« n^^;ir. WlndowGuardrf. wire signs, store t W. 'r. IJARBEE 

W 116 UOOCIS. Fixtures, Flower Stands, Floral Deslgna. \ Iron «4 Win Worki 



Carpets and Dry Goods "' l^?ee^;''" D, B, CRAWFORD & SON 



Bonanza Skate Co, n Union Depot. 


Albright & Co, 22 n Ninth, td 47. 


Dennis Wni T, 404 Main. 


Dennis Wni T, 404 Alain. 


McKinnie A J, s e e<.>r s A and l'\)urteentli. 


Dille & McGuire Mfg- Co, 537 and 531) n TldrtecntL, tel 31. 
Gaar, Scott & Co, ei>r n V and AVa.shiniiton ave, tel 1. 
Richmond City Mill Works, lOo n Fftel 2. 
Richmond Machine Works, on Uy, n e Union Depot, tel 14. 
Robinson & Co, (traction), lMO to '22S Main, tel 5. 


Brown Wesley, 010 n A. 


Johannes George, s r>, bet JSixth and Seventh. 


Frick Alexander, 1501 n K. , 

llal>erkern & Son, 208 s Sixth. 

Johannes George, s B, bet Sixth and Seventh. 


aee also tinware. 

. Bargis M E, 432 Main, tel 84. , . 

" Eckel Geoi-oe c^ Son, i>23 J\riiin. 

Uoil'nian A J, ()2l» ?^lain, tel 1(50. 

jreton Harry E, 101^7 Main. 

Johnson & Woodhurst, 8lo Main, tel 37. 

Potts John H & Son, '.>14 Main. 

3?anUxem & Co, 025 Main, tel 85). 

The Latest popular Books ^Z^^i at 


■ • -^' 72U Main Stroei. 

Mather Bros. Sell COAL CHEAP 



Schnurr & Haner, 20 and 22 s Sixth. 


study A H, 121 11 Filteenth. i ^: 


See Merchant Tailors. f 


Hickle & Dou<^an, 320 ii Tliird. 

White Water Tannery, S U Wi/rgins cV: Son, 132 6 Second, 
tel 107. 


Scliooley AV D, 140 Ft Wayne ave. : '- ;.. / ^ 


Union Pacific Tea Co, 532 Mmu. :■ ?' ' 


Wholesale, .;' ' "> 

March ant & Ilaynes, 1031 Main. 



Central Union, Tiemont r>lk. 


Western Union Telegraph Co, Union Depot, tel 2(). 


Richmond Business College, over 725, 727 and 729 Main. 


Patent Flue Thimble Co, 923 Afain. 

Gaar, Scott & Co, cor n F and Washington ave, tel 1. 

Robinson & Co, 210 to 228, tel 5. 


Richmond Machine Works, on Ky, n e Union Depot, tel 4. 

TTTTn-MA P^»/^/lfl Chairs and Bettc(rt. Sunin>er Hon.soH,^ W. T. BARBEE. 
VV irB UUOClo. Screens, and all kinds ol Wire Cloth. I ihon anoWIRL woHKb. 



DliAl.lLi: iN 

■ ■ ■ Lime, Cement, Flour and Feed, ' \ 

407 South Fifth St., Richmond, Ind. 

a?EX,Ei=noisrE; ive. 


> Vil ^=^, \ |ni-.iif»ifinnnnnn ■ '^ *V '3" "'", ■■. K\<I r i^l 

^ -li«V-^: 


No. 19 North Eighth Street, 



Complete Roller Sj^stem. 


Fancy Holler Flour, leal M M. 

C. C. CARPENTER, Manager. 

North-west Cor. 2d and North C Sts. i 

(Pure (Drugs, Fine Chemicals, v - - j 

Toilet Articles, ^ '". T^erfumery. ^| 

i Agent for Karsuer's Catarrh Cure, 

; Guaranteed in all stiiges of the disease. .-, . .: -, .;■. 

|;Non. Corrosive Paints 

\' Brightest and Best in the Wurld. 







Ladies' and Gents' Fine Shoes a Specially. 

. 725 Main Street, Odd Fellow's Block, 



Prescriptions a Specialty. v?i^K^^ ' '| 

730 Main street, - RICHMOND, IND. ■% 

D. B. Crawford Sl Son 

Dress Goods, Black I Fancy Silks, °- \M'i^l''i?r.%. 




Creamer & Clements, You and 701 Main. 


Detch & Sons, 517 Main. 
Hilt' Bros, 538 Main. 


Richmond Truck Mfg Co, 1001 Main. 


Keyes Cliarles A, <)18 ^Main. 
Lichtenfels P & Co, 832 Main. 
Starr B & Co, ()2u ]\rain. 

Wiggins & Co, 501) Main, tel 100. 


Downing H R & Son, 1<> n Eiohth, to! 75. 
Hutton J M & Co, s e cur TweUtli and n E, tel 76. 

LippincoLt 8anil It, 20 n iN'^inth. 


Cadwalader Howard, 50 s Twelfth. 
Grimm Joseph, 829 ]\tain. 


Binkley C C, rooms 7 and 8 Vauglian's new block. 
Payne Herman 1], over 721: Main, tel 110. 


(Sbe Excavating? Co's). 

Smithers E P, 44 s Sixth, tel 88. . , 
AVeeks Channcey, 813 n E. 

Oi>born Wm E, s w cor Seventh and n A. 


Duey Wm, 143 Ft Wayne ave. 
JNIote JA)uis A, 322 n Seventh. 

Nicholson S, Bro. ^^:^. Office Supplies, '"'^^^ 

Sunday Creek Coal Matue,^Ero^., RiclmiODd, M. 


Scliutte Bros, 39 and 41 s Sixth. 
Sluite S E, 147 Ft Wayne ave. ' ^^ -- ^ 

Sieweke tfe Co, 13 s Eiglith. <. ^ > 
AVolfer Martin 11, 304 Main. 


Morris & Hunt, 720 Main. 
Nicholson & Bro, T29 Main, tel 20. 


Dickinson A, 712 Main. 

Dickinson Robert B 523 Main. 

llaner II C, 506 Main. 

Hirst E F, 012 Main. 

Jenkins S iSf, 62() Main, tel 00. 

McCullough Geo C, 7n Eighth, tel 83. 

Wampler J M. 730 Main, tel 117. 


Richmond Weather Strip Co, 404 Main. 

Huddleston C, 212 n Sixteenth. 


Sedgwick Bros, 1517 n F, tel S7. 


Sedgwick Bros, 1517 n F, tel 87. 


Newmon Chas E, 16 n Seventh. 


Detch & Sons, 517 Main. 

j:>^..,. woolen hosiery MANUFACTURER. 

Arnold B, 708 Main. 


Fleecy Dale, E Aiken propr, n ecor city liniittJ. 
Test Wm & Bro, 4 nu\o s w city. 

TITf iT»ft rif\f\A e* tJhttirs and Setleoa, Summer Houboh, iW. T. BARBEE, 

VV lie wrUUUO. !Screens, and aU kinds of Wire Cloth, l iron and wire works. 

FACTORY FLANNELS for Stirts and SMrb at ^- ° '^^^^^o^^ * -^^ 

528 Main St. 



Barnes Geo W, 9 and 11 s Fifth. \j'['- 


W T Barbee, Iron and Wire Works, J.atayette, Jnd, make 
best wroiii^ht iron fences in Aniei'ica. Send for illustrated 
catalogue. Estinnites furnished on application. 

D. B. Crawford & Son 

Bee Hive Dry Gnoods Store, 
Carpets and Notions, 

628 Main Street, RICHMOND, IND. 

School Books and School Supplies "' '^^J'iJirSP^^uS.! 


- AT — 

Mather Bros. 

Richmond, Ind. 



>v 1885-86. : 


A Acres 

Abb Abington 

IJee lieeson 

Beth Bethel 

Bos Boston 

O. M Cox^s Mills 

('lies (Chester 

Cen Ceuterville 

C. Oy Cambridge ( -ity 

Dal l)altoii 

Dub Dublin 

E. G East (lermaiitowu 

Ecori Economy 

F. Cy. Fountain City 

Era Franklin 

(i . F Greens Fork 

Hag Ilagerstown 

Jac Jacksonburg 

Mil Milton 

O. II Olive Hill 

Kich llichmond 

AVeb Webster 

Wmsbg Williamsburg 

W. W White Water 

Wash AVashington 

Abbott Eliza, 80 a, Dal. 
Abbott Benjamin, Dal. 
Abbott Mrs Mary, Hag. 
Abbott Samuel, ilag. 
Abden Wm W, C'en. • 

Abrams Ivl C, Mil. 
Ackerman Frank, 50 a, C Cy. 
Adair CJeorge, Cen. 
Adair Wiliam, 2% a, Cen. 
Adair William H, C Cy. 
Adams Hannah A, C Cy. 
Adams J C, C Cy. 
Adams J H, C Cy. 
Adams J W, C Cy. 
A damson Wm E, WAV. 
Addleman B W, W W. 
Addlenum CUiarles A, 79 a, C M. 
Addleman Charles J , i a, W W. 
Addleman Charles 11, iJ8| a, C M. 
Addleman Charles J, W ^V. 
Addleman D C, W W. 
Addleman Frank i:, W W. 
Addleman (ieorge F, W W. 
Addleman Hannah U, ('hes. 
Addleman Jacob, est. 174 a, AV W. 
Addleman James B, W W. 
Addleman John (!, W W. 
Addleman John II, I a, AV W. 
Addleman John M, 7 a, W W. 
Addleman Joseph, liO-100 a, C M. 

Addleman Joseph P. 147 a, C M. 
Addleman JNlatilda J, AV W. 
Addleman Gran J>, 100 a,, (^ M. 
Addleman Thomas J, W W. 
Addleman Wm, 07i a, W W. 
Addleman Wm II, 10a, WAV. 
Addleman W 8,218 a, (^ M. 
x\ddington John, 5 a. Rich. 
Adkins A ilen l:o-100 a, llich. 
Ad lard \V (^ Cen. 
Admonson Pleasant M, 8o a, Econ. 
Aebi John, (' Cy. 
Agal Catharine, 10 a. E 0. 
Agal Catharine, et al, 54 a, E G. 
Agal (Jeorge, heirs, 87 a, E (}. 
Agal (Jeorge, C Cy. 
Agal Peter, E G. 
Agal Peter, C Cy. 
Aicher John N, F Cy. 
Aiken Ezekiel, 81 a, Uich. 
A ken P C, C Cy. 
Albecker John, Kich. 
Albert Philin, Mil. 
Albertson Albert K, 3 a, G F. 
Albertson ( -yius, 80 a, Cen. 
Albcrtson J*^l\vood,07 a, G F. 
Albeilson Josei)h 8, L]con. 
Albertson OC. (J F. 
Albertson 8arah, 57 a, G F. 
Albright John, Bos. 

Wire Goods. 

Window Guards, Wire Sl^na, Store 
Fixtures,SFlower Btands^ Flox-ul'DeHlgnB, 


Iron anl Wire V7otU 

3 patent unlaundered Shirt/'theboss. 

& SON. 



Albright JMiirgiiret, 40 a, liich. 
Albright iMichuel, Rich. 
Allien Williiiin 11, Cen. 
Alexuiuler G C, et iil, 40 a, Rich. 
Alexander O 1>, et ai, 40 a, Rich. 
Alexander 8 (-, et al, 40 a, Rich. 
Alexander 8 E, et al, 40 a, Rich. 
Alexander AVm, 80 a,C M. 
Allen Frank R, G F. 
Allen Jacob, 80 a, Hag. 
Allen Catharine, 80 a, I Fag. 
Allen Jacob, 11^7 a, Jack. 
Allen James. C Cy. 
Allen James A, C'en. 
Allen John, 380 80-100, (; R. 
Allen John, 22 a, Hag. 
Allen John R, Hag, 
Allen Iv 0, 12;]^ a. Hag. 
Allen Marshal, Web. 
Allen Orlander, Abb. . 

Allen Richard. F Cy. 
Allen Thomas, Rich. 
Allen Thos R, 80 27-100 a, Hag. 
Allen Tlios L, Hag. 
Allen Wm, Abb. 
Allen Willis, C Cy. 
Allen & Co, Hag. 
Allen & Thombnrg, Hag. 
Allert R Thomas, F Cy. 
Alley Monroe D, C Cy. 
Ammerman Andrew, Jack, 
Am merman Freeman, Jack. 
Ammerman Herschel, Jack. 
Ammerman L, Jack. 
Ammon L C, C Cy. 
Ammerman Mary. C Cy, 
Ampy Margaret, ¥ Cy. 
Anderson Rarton 8, 100 20 100, Reth 
Anderson Chas F, Reth. 
Anderson J'^lizabeth, Hag. 
Anderson F'raidv, li a, Retli. 
Anderson (leo, 7 a. Rich. 
Anderson H F, R(;th, 
Anderson Jacob, 20^ a, Reth. 
Anderson Jane, Reth. 
Anderson Jeannette, 52 a, ReLli.^ 
Anderson John E, 100 a, Reth. 
Anderson John II, ReLh. 
Anderson Lafayette, Reth. 
Anderson Leander, 40 a, Relh. 
Anderson Lorenzo, 142A a, Heth. 
Anderson May M, 1 lot, Hcth. 
Anderson iMilton, Wnisbg. 
Anderson jN.ilhan, est, 80 a, l»elh. 
Anderson Oliver F, Reth. 
Anderson Tlios J, C Cy. 

Anderson Sarah, 1 lot, Reth. 
Anderson Wm, 240 a, Reth. 
Anderson Joseph 1>, 118 a, Dal. 
Antliony John R, Cen. 
Apel Frank A, Rich. 
Arclie i^arkin, 4 a. Rich. 
Armstrong Chas C, 25-100 a, Rich 
Armstrong Harmon, Mil. 
Armacrist J W, C Cy. 
Armstrong Ira J, iNIil. 
Arnath Tlios, ¥ Vy. 
Arnett Chas, R Cy. 
Arnett Deborah, 80 a, Wmsbg. 
Arnett Mahlon, F Cy. 
Arnett Mahlon, lo a, F('y. 
Arnold Robert, Rich. 
Artist llillard, 2 a, C M. 
Atkinson Ark, 48Hi, Web. 
Atkinson Ark, 80 a, Wmsbg. 
Atkinson C J, Mil. 
Atkinson Charity, 12 a, AVeb. 
Atkinson Donald, i) Cy. 
iVtkinson Rli/abeth, Mil. 
Atkinson Henry, F Cy. 
Atkinson J T, C ¥. 
Atkinson James, 80 a, Econ. 
Atkinson John, 10 a, Wmsbg. 
Atkinson John T, Cen. 
Atkinson Martha A, 50 a, Econ. 
Atkinson Melton, U a, AVeb. 
.Vtkinson Newman, iMil. 
Atkinson Rebecca, 8 a, G F. 
Atkinson W II, (J F. 
Atatts John jr, 2 a, Cen. 
Aiilt Mary E, 50 a. Hag. 
.\ustel Cloe, CCy. 
Anstin Chas E, W W. 
Austin Jesse, Wmsbg. 
Austin John R, .Mil. 
Austin John O, 100 a, Cen. 
Anstin Mary l^^lizabeth, C Cy. 
Austin Sarah, C Cy. 
Austin W G, Dub. 
Austin Wairen 15, Dub. 
Aust(;rman Wm, Kich. 
Ayers James M, Rich. 

Babbitt Thos S, C Cy. 

r,abco('k E A, CCy. 

jiabcoek Ellen, V (]y. 

Rachuieier (Caroline, 20 18-U)0 a, 

Rackenstoii Augusta I'], Hag. 
Hackenstoe Charles, Hag. 
Racon David, C^-y. 
Racon Omar, C Cy. 

Oflicc and ^icliool Sci'titeli MooKm 
SliHcellHiicoiiM, llluiili. «V' Si>lk4»ol lltkokd 

at mCllOLSON & BRO. 

7'20 Miiln 

feienlioiie to MATHER BROS' for C O^L 



IJiideii Henry, Rich, 
liafffoid (lalviii S, Hag. 
Jiailey Alpheus, Wash. 
Bailey C M, C Oy. 
IJuiley David L, U^h a, Econ 
IJailey Kllswoilh, Wnisb^. 
Baihjy Evan, Wash. 
Bailey Henry H, Wmsbg. 
Bailey James iV, llich. 
Bailey J W, C (^y. 
liailey Josiah T, C Cy. 
iiailey Lewis, 87 a, (} F. 
Bailey liOuisa A, Rich. 
Jiailey ISIary, jSHI. 
Jiailey JMoses E and wifi 
Bailey RobtC,F(^y 

Ba, FCy 

]}aird Samuel, C Cy. 
Baird Sarah J, Dub. 
15aird Orange, Dub. 
Barnes John and Sidney, \\1^, 

F Cy. 
Baker Allen S, llich. 
Baker Benj F, Econ. 
Baker Claressa F, ('en 
Baker WO,AVW. 
Baker (ieo, C Cy. 
Baker Henry F, Cen. 
Baker Henry S, Mil. 
Baker Jacob A, Wash. " 
liaber Jacob L, C Cy. 
Baker James C, 0(1-100 a, Rich. 
Baker James J, W W. 
Baker James S, SO a, i\lil. 
Baker John F, W W. 
Baker Joseph, 100 a, W W. 
]5aker Leopold, Mii. 
Baker Oscar R, Wmsb^. 
Jiaker Thos jr, SO a, CM. 
Baker Viletta, Wash. 
JJaldridge Frank H. Hag. 
Baldridge ({eoS,C F. 
JJaldridge Josephine, Hag. 
Baldiidge Mary, 50 a, Hag. 
Baldridge MoUie R, Hag. .,; 
liahhidge Wm W. Hag. 
lialdwin A(,i, AVmsbg. 
Baldwin Adeline, 87 a, F Cy. 
Baldwin Bailey F, 87s a, O H. 
Baldwin Cyrus, (iO a, G F. 
Jialdvvin Calvin, Dal. 
lialdwin David, 17 a, Dal. 
Baldwin Flizabeth, 1^0 a, O H. 
Jialdwin Flias, 10 a, W W. 
Baldwin FUen, Dal. 
liahlwin Jabez N, 70a, Dal. 
Baldwin James A,81i a, O H. 

Baldwin ,Iohn sr, Dal. 
Baldwin John Dal. 
ialdwin John li, Hag. 


Baldwin Jonathan, 40 00-100 a, 

Baldwin Miss Lydia, Hag. 

Baldwin Mariah H, 80 a, C Cy. 

Baldwin Nathan, F C. 

Baldwin Natlian, 355 a, Dal. 

Baldwin Oliver, F ('y. 

Baldwin R(d)ecca, Web. 

Baldwin \Villiam, Dal. 

J5ales Barten, 40 a, Dal. 

Bales (ieorge R, Dub. 

Bales (ieorge W, IGO a, Dal. 

Bales Mary H, SO a, Dal. 

iiall David, Wmsbg. 

Ball Elkana, Mil. 

BallJesse, Bos. 

BallEynden,G F. 

Ball Lynden W. 5 a, Wmsbg. 

Ball Orland, Web. 

Ball Samuel B and Emma, 55 92-100 

a, Wmsbg. 
Ballard Wm, CCy. 
15allenger Alice, I a, Wmsbg. 
Ballenger Amos, Rich. 
Ballenger ('has B, 341 a, Wmsbg. 
Ballenger Charles, Cen. 
liallenger l']zra, 100 a, Wmsbg. 
Ballenger Francis S, (! (3y. 
Ballenger (ieo S, SO a, Econ. 
Ballenger Qua M, 75 a, Wmsbg. 
Ballenger Jacob S, 120 a Wmsbg. 
Ballenger Jonathan, 33 liO-100 a, 

illenger Jacob O, 41 a, Econ. 

.illenger Martha il 120 a, Wmsbg. 

allenger Mary M, Rich. 

illenger N B, Rich. 

illenger Nathan, Rich. 

illenger Robert, Rich. 

iillenger AVilliam, 1311 a, Econ. 

illenger W^illiam F, C Cy. 

ineiiger Williaui S, (/ Cy. 

illenger William S. Econ. 

iillentine ('lias A, Rich. 

immiiig Michael, SO a, Wmsbg. 

irefoot S 15, C Cy. 

uei'oot Walter, () Cy. 

ireloot Wm B, Cy. 

irge Alvin, Mil. 

irker JMlward. Mil. 

irker Mary, jNIil. 

uker Matthew M, 80 a, Ches. 

arnard James M, h'con. 





Main St. 



l5arnard John, Dub. 

Barnes Albt rt. Cen. 

Barnes John, 2() a, O II. 

Barnes John, F Cy. 

J5arnes Samuel F, :> 71-100 a, Web. 

Barnes Sanuiel F, 100 a, 1' Cy. 

Barnett A II, (!Cy. 

Burnett Ed, C^-y. 

Barnett O II, (Mly. 

J^arnett William, C; Cy. 

Barr Abraham O, Hag-. 

BarrDora B, Ila^. 

Barr Jolm, 75) a, Dal. 

Barrett CT, Dub. 

Barrett John, Cy. 

Barteh Adam, 207 a, C Cy. 

Bartch Reuben, 480 a, C Cy. 

Barthalmie II (r, W W. 

J3arton Andrew J, W W. 

]iarton Barnabas, 140 a, W W. 

Barton Daniel B, so a, C .M. 

liarton Daniel li. 41 1^ a, C M. 

Barton John, i' 20-100 a, C M. 

Barton Levin, W W. 

Barton Nancy Jj, Cen. 

Barton Theo, 20 a, Cen. 

Barton W F, 170 a, C M. 

Barton AVm T, 47 a, Cen. 

Bartsch Chas A,(] (Jy. 

Bartsch David, 157 a. Mil. 

Bartsch J J, (5 Cy. 

Bush Wrn, F (^y. - 

Bass James, 18 ji, F ('y. 

Batchtield Abraham, C Cy. . 

Batslield Chester, E G. 

Bates Alice IM, 74 a, Cen. 

Bates Lyman M, Cen. 

Bath Flias, C (^y. 

Batson Absolom, W W. 

Batson Amos W, C Cy. 

Batson John, Dub. 

Batter Mary Ann. 80 a, C M. 

Bans man Adam A, (} F. 

Banmer lknnett,7i) 40-100 a, llich. 

Baumer J 15, sr, 108 lO-lOo ;i, Ciies. 

Baunjer J 15 jr, 20 a,, Oil. 

Bauer Catharine, Hag-. 

Baxter Wni, 0;Ui-100a. Hich. 

Baylies I^iinma,, ''■)0 a, C M. 

Baylies Joseph F, Uich. 

Bayre , 7i) ;i7-100 a, Ches. 

Beale Ijcvvis F, C Cy. 
F»eam Samuel, Mil. 
Bean Catharine, Beth. 
Bean Elizabeth, E G. 
Bean John, 210 a, \Vmsbg. 

Jiean John, ;U) a, (4 F, 
Bean Susan, .Mil. 
Beajie John, Uich. 
B<'ans Mary E, Cen. 
Beans Timothy, Cen. 
Bear Amos, E G. 
Beahr Adoiphus, E G. 
Bear Jacob, E G. 
Bear J T, Mil. >k- 

Bear Mary (\ EG. 
Bear Susan E, C Cy. 
Beard Alma, Econ. 
Beard Enos,100 a, Jac. 
Beard (Jeo A, 7."^ a, Wmsbg. 
JJeard Henry, li a, Econ. 
Beard Isaac N". C Cy. 
Beard .James M, Econ. 
Beard John, 2O-100 a, Econ. 
Beard John W, 20 .i, Jac. 
Beard John II, Wmsbg. 
Beard John W, AVmsbg. 
Beard John, 201 27-100 a, Wmsbg. 
]5eard Levi W, (U^. 
JJeard Lucinda, 2^1 a, Econ. 
Beard Wm A. 107 a, Dub. 
Beard Wm I), Wmsbg. 
IJeatty Charlotte T,Mil. 
Beatly Geo W, Mil. 
Beatty Mary E, Mil. 
Becket xVbsolem, lill a, G F. 
Beck Beneville et al, 2 00-100 a Hag. 
Beck I^^lsworth, C Cy. 
Beck (i B, C Cy. 
Be(^k James A, Cen. 
Beck J A, Dub. 
Beck John W, Cen. ' 
Beck Mary, Hag. 
Beck Mary J, Hag. 
iieck Washington, 2 a.,E (t. 
Beck cK:. Stonebraker, Hag. 
Beck, Stonebraker & Co, Hag. 
Beddey, J II, 10 (L 
Bedford Wm S, Hag, 
Beeghly I C. 11 05-100 a, (3hes. 
Beesou" Augusta, 2;n a. Rich. 
BeeK;r Christopher C, olO a, Rich. 
Beeson B»'njamin. OH a, Bee. 
Beeson Benj B, 7(i!» a, Dal. 
Bcest)n Bcuj T,20S.^ a, Bee. 
Beisier C (\ 17 a, Bich. 
Beeson C'harles, Rich 
Beebont l<iben L, 2tii- a, Cen. 
Beeson lOlnuu' IC,8(da, Bee,. 
B(!esou l^Jwood, Bee. 
JJeeson l''loreuc(} and Kate, 1 1'.» 22- 
100 a, Bee. 

All kinds of BLANK BOOKS 


Everybody buys their COAL of Mather Bros, 



Heeson Florence H, 7o a, Mil. 

Heesoii (; W, Bee. 

Heasoii lleiuyA, l)ul. 

IJeesoii Jiibez, t»7 a, Jac. 

Heeson Jacob, l>ee. 

Jieeson John, Abb. 

Ueeson John W, Cy. 

lieeson Lafe, Jac. 

IJee.son Luln, 118 a, ]>ee. 

Heeson Mary A, 7H a, Cen. 

Heeson iMar(inis, liU a, liee. 

Heeson Marquis, 9;i a IJee. 

Heeson Othniel, 25U a, Hee. 

Heeson Oienn L, IGO a, liee. 

Heeson Oliver II, 2i)8Jr a, Hee. 

Heeler Peter 8, 12H7 a, Rich. 

Heeson Phcebcl^O a, liee. 

Peeson Roscoe M, 90 a, Hee. 

IJeeson Silas, Web. 

Ikieson Thomas, KiO a, IJee. 

IJeeson Vir^'il, Dal. 

Heeson Wisehart, 0!) a, Hag. 

IJeeson ^Villianl E, Hos. 

Heeson Zimri, Dal. 

IJeeson »fc Lamb, Dal. 

Hehman VV^, Rich. 

IJehnen Hennelt and Ciasena, Ilich. 

iJehnen IJernard, Rich. 

Helm Christian, E (r. 

Heitzeil Anna AI, Cen. 

IJeitzell Francisco, Cen. 

IJeitzell Alarellus, Cen. 

HelU^has W, Hag. 

Hell Isaac, Ilich 

I Jell Jeremiah, Hag. ' < ^ 

IJell JohnC, C (^.y. 

IJell John M. Dub. 

Hell Josiah, 146 a, Dub. 

Hell Mahlon, Ilich. 

Hell Richard J, Abb. 

IJell Rosetta C, Dub. 

Hell Samuel (\CCy. 

IJembo Arthur T, l"0() a, Hag. 

Henibo Jos II and Maria, !)() a, Hag 

Henbon (Jeo, Cen. 

Henbon Joseph II, Hag. 

IJenbon Powell, 8 a. Hag. 

Henbon William, Hag. 

Hendger A (t, Dub. 

Henge David M, L'U a, F Cy. 

IJengo Wm, C Cy. 

Hen ham Isaac V, Abb. 

Henham Samu(d A, ('en. 

Hennelt Anna M, 125 ;i, M. 

Hennett Edmund, Hos. 

IJennett (leo E, Ilich. 

IJennett Ilansell, Rich. 

IJennett llettie, Mil. 

lJenn(jtt Isaac, Dal. 

Hennett John, Hee. 

IJennett .Josei)h B, Rich. 

Hennett Josei)h ^V, IJos. 

IJennett liCvi M, Abb. 

Hennelt Lydia A, 20 a. Abb. 

Hennett Lydia J, 5 a, Rich. 

IJennett .Mary, (! Cy. 

Hennett Mav, (Jen. 

Hennett Wni II, IL' a. Rich. 

IJennett Wm M, 10 a, Dub. 

IJenning John 12-100 a, C/hes. 

IJeno A W, IJub. 

Henson Albert, F Cy. 

Henson Calvin, 10 a, W W. 

Henson Clark, 82 a, F Cy, 

IJenson (i W, C Cy. 

Henson (iuilielma, F Cy. 

Henson (iuilielina,o;) 61-100 a, F Cy. 

Henson William, FCy. 

Herger Henry, Alil. 

Herghahan Elizabeth, C Cy. 

IJernard Eli H, KiO a, Econ. 

1 Jerry Elizabeth, C Cy. 

Herry (jieo AV, Jac. 

Hcrry Mary F, C Cy. 

Hertram Albert, Cen. 

Hertram Geo, ('en. 

IJertsch Chas A, C Cy. 

Herlsch C F, Cen. 

Herlsch J J, C(;y. 

Herry Oliver, C Cy. 

Hertsi^h Sarah K, Cen. 

Herlsch it Co, C Cy. 

IJeeson S W, C Cy. 

Hesworlh Anstin, (iO a, I Jos. 

Hetlike Ijouis, Ili(;h. 

Heverlin Amanda, Wmsbg. 

Heverlin Mildred, Wmsbg. 

Heyer .A, C (3y. 

Hias Mary J, 40 a. Econ. 

Hickle Wm A, 170 a, Uich. 

Hicknell Lslherll, I a. Rich. 

Hicknell Mary, 10 a, Hos. 

Hicknell Wm,80a, Wmsbg. 

IJicknell William, 70 a, 1'^ Cy. 

IJicUnell Wm L, UW.h. 

liilby A (J, Dub. 

Hilby Herbert H,, Dub. 

Hieinan Harry, E (L 

Hillhinun- (ieo M, C (-y. 

Hillhcinu'r Solom, Dal. 

Hillheimer Svlvesler, Dal. 

IJinkly Charles C, 160 a, Rich. 

Iron Shutters, Balconies, GrathiKa, 
Bank Work, Area RalliUK'B, irftablo 
Fittings, Ornaiii'Ll Rool CroBtinga 

iiW, T.BftRBEE Iron and Wire Wiirlis, 

' ) LAI A"! LI 1 L, INDIANA. 

YARNS, all colors and qualities, ""• 

B. Crawford & Son 
528 Main Street, 



IJinkley Edwjird A, Hag. 

IJinkley I'liilip 8, KK) a, Jac. o : . 

Binkley 8arali, Dub. 

Hiiikley Sarah V, Mag-. 

]iiiikley Win II, Hag. < ^ 

Uiuiiegar riiillip, Alii. 

nirdsall Mary B, 4 a, Rich. 

Hirtsch AIouzo, (! (1y. 

liirtsch Ih'iiiy, ( ' Cy. 

liirtsc'h Jaiiu'S M, (! Cy. 

IJirtsch Joshua, (] Cy. 

I)irtsch Kouben M, C Cy. 

IJirtsch Thomas, C3 Cy. 

IJish tJeo W,(; F. 

JJish James A, G F. 

liish John, G F. 

]5ishop Isaac J, C Cy. 

IJishop -lacksoii, AVeb. 

J>ishop Milton, Web. y 

Bison Elmer, 5 a, E (t. 

l)isor (jJeorge W, C Cy. 

Jiitlner Abraham, Jac. 

Hitner J)avid, Kich. 

Black Albert, (U3n, 

IJlack Albert, I7i) 78-100 a. Uich. 

Black Eli/abeth, 20 a, Cen. 

]>lack Frank, \Vash. 

Black Isaac M, W W. 

Black ,)ames,AVW. 

I>lack James J, 1V2 a, Jac. 

Black James J, ISO a, Ctu. 

Black James and Aileyan, 120 a. Jac 

Black John M, 140 a, Cen. 

Black Joseph S, Cen. 

Black Joseph W. lOO a, Cen. 

Black Lorinda, 3 a, G F. 

Black Lycurgns, (J F. 

Black Mary C, KiO a, G F. 

Black Mary C/, 75 a, Jac. 

JJlackMaryC, Wash, 

Black William, Bos. 

Black AVm H, 5i a, Web. : . 

Bladel Hannah, C Cy. 

Blair (ieo M, Wmsbg. '^ ' * 

Blair Hannali,80 a, Wmsl^g. 

Blair W F, Wmsbg. 

Bledsoe Martha A, C Cy. 

Bloemer Frank II, Uich. 

Bloemer John H, Uich. 

Bloom Frederick J, Cen. 

Bloom Jacob, C Cy. 

Bloom Jacob, (Jen. 

Blose lOmmaE, W W. 

Blose H(!Mry \' James, 78.^ a, W W. 

lilose Henry, l:>5 a, W AV. 

Blose James JNL Beth. 

Blose John V,100.i a, W W. 

Blount (! N, Hag. 

Blue'li N, ('en. 

Borhofer AVilliam, 130 a, F Cy. 

]]otlon .\ugustus, (J (!y. 

Jioden (ieo H, (j ('y. 

Boden Sarah A, C (-y. 

Boden Sarah A, 57 a, xMil. 

Boggs Jackson, Mil. 

Boggs James E. JNlil. 

Boggs liali)h, Mil. 

Bohrer James T, Hag. 

Bolinger l^'rederick, (Jen. 

Bolinger Ida L, (! (Jy. 

Bolinger Ida L, li G. 

Bond Abner, 25u a, G F. 

Bond Allen I), et ai UOIO-lOO a. iJub 

Bond Arthur, G F. 

Bond Calvin, (J ('y. 

Bond Charles, Web. 

Jiond (Jornelius,L':i;^ a, Web. 

Bond l)(iWitt C, 7!).i a, W^msbg. 

Bond Eliza J, 17 lK; 100 a, Kich. 

Bond Elizabeth, C (^y. 

B(uid Flizabeth, 20-100 C M. 

Bond Iillla, ('en. 

Bond Erastus (-, Richmond. 

Jiond Frank. Web. 

Bond H I), C Cy. 

Jjond Henry, heirs, 142.i a, G F. 

Bond Henry F, I47i a, Jac. 

Bond J H, Wmsbg. 

Jioiid James, 18 a, AVmsbg. 

Bond Jehiel, Web. 

Bond John jr, 220 a, G F. 

Bonsnum John, G F. 

Bond J 11, (J Cy. 

Bond Larkin, 100 a, AVmsbg. 

Bond Earkin F, 100 a, G F. 

Bond Earkin sr, 87 a, G F. 

Bond Eevi, ()i) a. Web. 

Bond Eewis F, C 'Jy. 

Bond Eewis F, 80 a, Jac. 

Bond licwis T and Melissa J, 214 

a, C Cy. 
Bond Eindley. (iO a, Web. 
Bonsman Eydia, M 40-100, (i F. 
Bond Mahlon, Web. 
Bond Mahlon, (J B, W W. 
Bond Malilon H, 20^ a, CM. 
Bv)nd Mary C, G F. 
r.ond Mary H,CM. 
Bond Nathan, 00 a, (i F. 
Boml Nathan, 82 a. AVmsbg. 
Bond Bai'liel, ll.'ia, (; F. 
B(md Uebecca, C Cy. 

HAVE YOUR MAGAZINES BOUND nf 11101101 ^^flM P BDIl 720 Main 


Fire Brick and Clay -^^ MATHER BROS. 



J3ond Simon, (5 lots, Web. 

Bond Sarah M and John li^ 35 a, 

Bond Sarah M, C Cy. 
Hond Sarah M and Jolm 11, 834 50- 

100 a, C Cy. 
Bond Thomas, Web. 
Bond Will A, Web. 
Bond Win, 100 a, G F. 
Bond Wm C, 88 a, G F. 
Bond Willis J, 6 04-100 a, F Cy. 
Boone David, Cy. 
Boone Elizabeth 11, 31 10-100, a, 

Boone Mary J, Mil. 
Booth Theo Z, Mil. 
Ikioth Wm, Mil. 
Booth Wm E, Mil. 
Boren Alonz-o R, 48i a, F Cy. 
Boren John, W W. 
Boren Nancy 18 a, W W. 
Boren Sarah, Mil. 
Boren Sal M, F Cy. 
BorenTE,380a, FCy. 
Borger Mary L, C Cy. 
liorroughs John C, 50 a, Jac. 
Borroughs Thos, Econ. 
Borton Of red, Web. 
Borton Eber, Web. 
Borton Henry, F Cy. 
Borton Jesse, i a, Web. 
Borton Mary J, 3 (iO-lOO a, Rich. 
Borton Joe, Web. 
Borton Wm, Web. 
Bosdorter George, C Cy. 
Borolen John, Mil. 
Boswell Henry, W W. 
Bosworth John W, Bos. 
Bosworth Joseph, 12 a, Bos. - 
Boughner Chas, 150 a. Bee. 
Boughner Wm 11, C ('y. 
Boughner Chas. 423 80-100 a, Jac. 
Bowen Alice C, 74 a. Hag. 
Bowen Andrew 1), 07 30- 100 a, \V \V. 
Bowen Benjamin, C ( -y. 
Bowen Isaac and Emma E, 3 lots, 

Bowen Jas A, 135 a, Wmsbg. 
Bowen James R, 00 a, W \V. 
Bowen John, 03 a. Hag. 
Bowen Joseph A, Cen. 
Bowen Nancy K, Cen. 
Jiowen AVm C', 2 a, Econ. 
Bower Etholindo, ('en. 
Bower Francis, C Cy. 
Bower Francis, 15i a, Hag. 

Bower Francis, 3 50-100 a, C Cy. 
Bower Lydia, 40 a. Hag. 
Bowermaster Jacob, 90 a, Jac. 
liowermaster M L, Jac. 
Bo^vermaster, iMilton, Jac. 
liowers Aima, li a, Hag. 
Bowers Abraliain D, Cen. 
Bowers A W, C Cy. . . > 

Bowers David, Hag. 
Bowers Joseph, Hag. 
Bowers jMary L, Cen. 
Bowers Rachel L, Hag. 
Bowers W F, C Cy. 
Bowing Herman, Rich. 
Bowles John, C Cy. 
Bowlan Robert L, Mil. 
Bowlan AVin, Cen. 
Bowlin Edward S. Wmsbg. 
Bowlinger H J, Jac. 
Bowman Amanda, Mil. 
Bowman Benj, 2 a, Hag. 
Bowman David, E G. 
Bowman David, 50 30-100 a. Hag. 
Bowman It-rael, 1 30-100 a, Jac. 
iJowman Ithamer, Hag. 
Bowman John H, Mil. 
Bowman John, Hag. 
Bowman John V jr, C Cy. 
Bowman John A, Cen. 
Bowman INlartha A, Hag. 
Bowman Solomon, 23 a, C Cy. 
Bowman Solomon, 100 a, Hag. 
Bowman Theo K, C Cy. 
Bown Wm W, Bos. 
Bowsman & Harris, Wash. 
Boyd A 11 red D, 170 a, Jac. 
Boyd Abiram, 40 a, Jac. 
Boyd Abiram, C Cy. 
Boyd Calvin, Jac. 
Boyd Charley W, F Cy. 
Boyd Florence. 1 42-100 a, (i F. 
Boyd II B, CCy. 
Uoyd Homer, C Cy. 
Boyd Homer, Jac. 
Boyd Jas A, C Cy. 
Boyd Jas A, 150 a, C Cy. 
Boyd Jas A. 500 a. Jac. 
Boyd Jas A, 00 :i, ir F. 
!ioyd J l\ liich. 
Boyd John C. 170^ a, C M. 
Boyd John C, Rich. 
Boyd Julian, Mil. 
Boyd Lynn, Hag. 
Boyd Mary, 421 a. Hag. 
Boyd Mary A, Dub. 
Boyd Nancy, Dub. 

Wire Goods. 

Cbairs and Settees, Summer Houses, 
Screens, and all klnds^ of Wire Cloth. 




D.B.CRAWFORD HON, 528 Main St. 



JJoydRuth, Dub 

Boyd 8ie, Mil. 

Boyd S:irali, Cen. 

Boyd Sarah A, 1 a, C!en. 

Boyd Samuel sr. (Jen. 

Boyd Samuel, 3 Gii-lOU a, llaj?. 

Boyd Samuel M, 1(U a, Wuisbf^. 

Boyd S S, Dub. 

lk>yd Samuel S, C Cy. 

JJoyd Sauiuel S, 13.^ a, Cen. 

Boyd Wm, Wash. 

Boyd Wm A, Wu)«bg. 

Boyd Wm C, Rich. 

Boyd Wm K, Hag. 

BoydAVm M, O Cy. 

Boyd, Suiith *fe Co, C Cy. 

Boyd, Smith & Co, 113 a, C Cy. 

Boyer Cornelius, C Cy. 

Boyer Anna E, 20 a, C Cy. 

Boyer Dauiel, li a, Mil. 

Boyer Catharine, E (i. 

Boyer David, E (r. 

Boyer (Jeorge C, liich. 

Boyer John, E (i. 

Boyer John^ 43 a, C Cy. 

Boze Wm T, Rich. 

Bradbury A M, C Cy. 

Bradbury Albert W 76 a, E (r. 

Bradbury A W, C Cy. 

Bradbury Emma, C Cy. 

Bradbury llannah B, Wash. 

Bradbury Ilanruih, GO a, (} F. 

Jiradbury Lydia A, AVash. 

Bradbury Robert B, C Cy. 

Bradbury & Thornburg, C Cy. 

Braden John, C Cy. 

Bradheld Brenard, 25-l()U a, Econ. 

Bradtield W II, Econ. 

Bradford Peter, C ('y. 

Jkadley Jane, Jac. 

Bradley AVm, Jac. 

Bragg John W, 80 a, F Cy. 

Jiragg William, 2 a, Mil. 

Bragg Wm A, Mil. 

iUagg & Guyten, Mil. . . , . 

jkamwell Edwin, Mil. 

Braiidan C C, llag. 

Jirandan Nancy Jane, llag. 

Jirandenburg ('alvin. C- Cy. 

Brandenbuig John, (] Cy, 

lirannan James, H a, ('en. 

Jirannon W^m J, lii a, Ricli. 

Brannon Sc Hawkins, 2 a, Rich. 

Brannon James, Cen. 

Branson Isaiah, 30 3()-100 a, Ches. 

JUant Amanda, W W. 

J5rasier Elizabeth, Wash. 

Rrasier Elizabeth, 40 a, G F. 

Brasier JMary, Wasli. 

Brasher Wm R, Wash. 

Jhattain Ji C, IMil. 

Brattiiin James M, Mil. 

Brattain George, 47^ a. Bee. 

JJrazleton John N, Econ. 

Breen James, Abb. 

Breen John, 02i a, Abb. 

]3rehm John, Rich. 

Breitenbicher Rachel, 40 a. Mil. 

Bennan James F, Rich. 

Brewer Frances L and Jason W, 1 

a, Mil. 
Brenner i^hillip, 2k a, C Cy. 
J^riar Geo, 4 a, E G. 
Bridenbucker Geo, Mel. 
Bridget Catharine, C C'y. 
Bridget lleury, (/ Cy. 
Bridget James, C Cy. 
Bridgett Fhilip, C Cy. 
Bridget Samuel, C Cy. 
Bridget Washington, Hag. 
Bright Z R, C Cy. 
Britlain Isaac, Mel. 
Brittain James, 110 a, F Cy. 
Brittuin James II, 23 a, F C^y. 
Brittin Lydia, Wash. 
BrittonR li, Wash. 
Jirittain Sarah, W^msbg. 
Brittin W L, (TF. 
Brittain Y (J, F Cy. 
Biiscoe John, Dal. 
Brocamp Mary A, 10 a, Rich. 
Broemer E^mal R, Cen. 
Brohman Charles, AV AV. 
Broham Fred, 50 a, F Cly. 
Brohman Fred, 4(» a, W W. 
lirohman W^m F, Rich. 
Broker Edwd, 2 a, Rich. 
Broman Fredk, liich. 
BrookDavid, jr, G F. 
Brookley Wendall, JNIii. 
Urooks Ada, IJoh. 
Ihooks David, 17U a, G F. 
Brooks David A, 20 a. G F. 
Brooks E M, A3A a, (J F. 
r>rooks lsaa<% 2.")-100 a, C iM. 
r.iooks Jesse II, OD. a, Bich. 
llKM.ks John sr, IWI a, ci F, 
Brooks J W sr. Wash. 
Brooks John jr, 100 a, (i F. 
Brook.s J W jr, (i E. 
I hooks James E, C Cy. 
Brooks Joel, G F. 


at NICHOLSON & BRO. 'iS^,";;;;;.';]*'- 






IJrooks Mutlhew C, 84 3o-lU0 a, G F 

J>rooks Rachel. Wash. 

Ih-ooks W'lllaid. Abb. 

Ihown A ^. Dub. 

lirowu Alvt'iiiou C, 12i- a. Cen. 

lirowii Ann F, Sdji a, C M. 

Brown Bedtord. C Cy. 

iirown Benjamin. (.' Cy. 

Brown Benjamin, b7» a. Bos. 

Brown Calvin. «.' Cy. 

Brown Charley E. Abb. 

lirown Clay ion. o a. Rich. 

ISrown Clayton F. Bos. 

Brown Coin ley, Rich. 

Jhown David, llag. 

Brown David. C Cy. 

Brown Daniel S. Mil. 

Brown Eli. Mi a. O II. 

Brown Elislia. 10 a. Hag. 

Brown Flisha. Hag. 

Brown Elizabeth. H a. C Cy. 

J3ro\vu E'annie E. C Cy. 

J]rowu IVlix L, Rich. 

Brown Franklin J and Jas E, y3 ^4- 

lui. Rich. 
Brown Franklin J. Rich. 
]h-own Frederick. ^0 a. ^V W. 
Brown Ceorge W. Ccn. 
Firosvn Hannah. Wmsbg. 
Brown Heiu-y ^I, Dub. 
Brown James B. lmt a. Abb. 
Brown James H. C" Cy. 
Brown James 11 and Elizabeth A. 

1.3^ a. E G. 
Brown James U, Hag. 
Jirown Ann M, 46 a. Hag. 
Jhown Jane. G<J a. Rich. 
Brown Jeremiah, ^o a. Rich. 
Brown Jeremiah. U'oa. Rich. 
Brown Jerry ^I. u a. Rich. 
Brown Jesse E. llv a. Beth. 
Brown Jesse E jr. ^V AV. 
Brown Jesse R. hi a. Mil. 
Brown Jesse R. Ulf a. Ci F. 
Brown John E ct Jas E. oi> a. Dal. 
Brown JuhnM. bO a. W ^^ . 
Brown John. 2'-b! a. Mil. 
lirown John. .Mil. 
Brown John AV. C Cy. 
]Uown Joseph A, W W. 
Jirown Joseph sr, ITh) a, ^V W. 
lirown Joseph E. Rich. 
Brown J .'v: Son. Mil. 
Brown Mariel \\ Cen. 
Brown M C. Dub. 
Ihown Martha E. Rich. 

Browm ^lartha Ann. 31 44-lCH.) a 

Brown Martha H, 4 12-lu<) a. OH. 
ikown Martin V, ^lil. 
Brown Martin. Mil. 
Brown Morris T, Dub. 
Brown Xancy M! 7u-Uk3 Rich. 
Jirown Oliver W. Hag. 
Brown Oliver \V, 15 a, Dal. 
Jhown Fleasaut A. Rich. 
Brown Samuel. 17ii a, Dal. 
Brown Sarah U. 4vtt a, G F. 
Brown Seth. Rich. 
Ih'own Linsey. Rich. ■ 
Brown Solom'on, Dub. 
Brown T J. Dub. 
lirown \\ lu, 14o a. Abb. 
Jirown W iley. Dub. 
Brown \Vnrj, Cen. 
lirown AVm C. bO a, Bos. 
Brown W H. Jac. 
lirown Wm AV, Rich. 
Brown Zeri. G F. 
Brown ct Elmore. 27-100 a. Rich. 
Brown. Roots ct Smith. 1 bO UK) u. 

Brower Addie. Hag. 
]3rower Abraham. 50 a, F Cy. 
Brower Jas B, 80 a. Rich. 
Brower John. Ila^. 
lirower Jos. Sb a. Bos. 
Brucker Christian. Rich. 
Brucc John, Rich. 
Ihucker Eouisa. Rich. 
Brughner Chas. 300"a, E G. 
Brughner Frank, Jac. 
Brughner ^lahlon. lou a. E (J. 
Bruhiback Isaac. Hag. 
Brumback Susan. 11 ag. 
Jh'umback AVm. Hag. 
Brumback AVilliam.^l5'i a. Hag. 
Ihumheld David. 33t a, Abb. 
Brumlield Eliza. Cen. 
Ihiimiield l-'li/.a, 45 a. Cen. 
Brumlield Eliza and H, 27 a, Cen. 
Brumlield lleury, Cen. 
Ihumtield Henry, 1W2 i>'>-b>0 a. Abb. 
lirumliekl .lesse. Cen. 
Brumlield Margaret. Abb. 
ihumlield Millard F. 45i a. Cen. 
Brumtieki Marian, Web. 
Brunuieid Xancv, 7 a. Abb. 
Brumlield Oliver II, \m a, (Vn. 
Brumlield Omer, Cen. 
Ihyaut K B el al, 37 a, Ceu. 
Br \ ant Edward, Cen. 



good:goods at 




Main St. 



Bryant Eliza, Ceii. 

IJiyant James K, i a, Rich. 

Bryant Jos, (/ Cy. 

JJiyaut Lincoln, Oen. ^ . 

JU-yant J.orenzo 1), Wmsbg. ., 

Bryant liosetta, 8-> a ('en. , '. 

JJucliannan Clarissa, Hag. 

Buck Simon (', Unb. 

JJuckhoitz E (Jottliebe, 10l"|, a Rich 

Jiiickingham Levi \V, Abb. 

Buckmeyer Aiij2,ust, ir)a. Rich. 

JJntlingei- Agnes, Abb. 

Ijulfkm WmlV, Rich. 

Buhl George, Rich. 

Bulil Frank, -10 a, Cen. ,'; 

Buiil Josephine, Ricli. 

Buhl Josephine et al. Ill l()-l()Oa, 

Jiuhl^slary M, Wmsbg. 
Buhrer ('asper, C ('y. ' :' 

Bulhi Andy J, Rich. 
Bulla (Uias 11, Rich. •- ' 

Bulla Daniel, li;»i a, Rich, 
liulhi Jotm M, rJOa, Jios. 
Bulla Josepii M jr, Bos, 
JJuUa \V A, Rich. 
Jiulla & Parry, (50 a Rich. 
Bullen Lytlia, Cen. 
BuUerdick David, Vl>ih a, Rich. 
Bullerdick Jolm F, Hoi a, Rich. 
Bunch Sarah riaiie, oG a, Hag. 
Bunch Sarah J, Hag. 
Bunker Leander, C M. 
Bunker Rebecca, C JSL 
]iunker Samuel, lii a. Belli. 
lUmker Samuel,7l a, dies. 
Bunnell i^^ulass, 2;U) a, (r l\ 
liunnell luilass S, 120 a. llag. 
BuniK^l Lydia, 'JO-100 a, Wmsbg. 
Bunnell iiiiodes VV. Wash. 
Buniin Kdwin A, Wash. 
Buichardt Johannes. 1 a, Ricli. 
Buckholtz (iotlieb E, 2'i a, Cen. 
Burditt Jolin W, Hag. 
Burdsall Tlios II, Rich. 
Jiurdsall Wm S, Rich. 
J^urgSarah,77H() 100 a, C M. 
Burg Sarah (heirs ol' lot i:>) 

Burgeiistock S A, liO (iii-hto a 
IJurgess Andrew, \)l a,. Uicli. 
liurgess Ann B, -lA ;t. Rich. 
Burgess Chrislinn C, ;U) a, llag. 
Burgess iCli/a I), Dub. 
Jiurgess Frank S, Bos. 
liurgess Geo W, Hag. 

]5urgess James P, 40 54-100 a. Rich. 
Burgess Jas P, liO 85-100 a. Bos. 
Burgess John, All a, W W. 
Burgess Julieita est, 11 a, Rich. 
Burgess J L, Dub. 
Jhngess Liu^Ua B, (j9 a, Bos. 
Burgess Mary E and Frank S,- 40 

b;MOO, Rich. 
Burgess Richard, 180 a, Cen. 
Burgess William, Rich. 
Burgess William, Hag. 
Burhide Jolm H, l.'>0 ;i7-100 a, O H. 
Burke Clinton A, Rich. 
Burke Fllen, C Cy. 
Burke Wallace, 2(i 84-100 a. Rich. 
Burkett Absolom, 80 a. Hag. 
Burkett Frankie, 00-100 a, Dub. 
Burket Fri!derick,C Cy. 
Burket JiUcinda, 1 V a. res Mt A, p 

Burket Mary, 20 a. Dub. 
Burket N A,(M;y. 
Burket Rudoli)ti, C ('y. 
Jiurket Pvudolph, res iMt xY, p o Dub 
Burkhardt Albert E, Rich. 
JUirkhardt Charles, Rich. 
Burkhardt Mary A 4 3-100 a. Rich. 
Burkhart John, F ('y. 
Burnett James P, 40 a, Econ. 
Burney Benjamin, Mt A, p o Dub. 
Burney 4^]lizabeth. Dub. 
Rurney E F, res Mt A, [) o Dub. 
Burney Edward F, .Mt Aub. 
Jiurney Elizabeth, Mt Aub. 
Burney Edwin F, Dub. 
Burney E F, C Cy. 
Burney Hannah. resMt A, p oDub 

Burney John, res Mt A, p o Dut). 
Burney Johu, Mt .V. 
Burney John, Hub. 
Burney Mary E, (■ Cy. 

Burnham C A, Cen. 

Rums Caroline, Mil. 

Rurns (Jeoige M. C Cy. 

Burns Wm A, Mil. 

Burns William (J, 120a, llag. 

Burris Haul M, 100 a, Abb. 

Run is ls:iac IE ( 'en. 

Ibirris John E, Abb. 

r.unis Johu P. l")') a. Abb. 

Burris Lilly I). ( ■ Cy. 

Burris liUeina, 1 ;i, Ceu. 

Burris Thomas. 115 a. Ccu. 

r.unis Thos. SO a, Milton. 

Burris Wui Os:, wile. 77 a) 100a, Mil. 

llurroughs Chas, .'Ui a Dal. 

loi' a. 

Nicholson & Bro. cStSS^" 

fur Office Supplies, 

720 Main 

Telephone lo MATHER BROS' for COA.L 



Burroughs James M, 118V a, Dal. 

Burroughs Jane, ILS a, Dal. 

Busenbark Kate L, 7a «)0-100a, C Cy 

Butler & Binford, Rich. 

Burson Edward T, 4;^ a, Rich. 

Burton John W,C Cy. 

Burson Margl E, 10 80-100 a, Rich. 

Burson N E Rich. 

Byars Nathan, Bos. 

Byers Saridi A. Bos. 

By master C'harles (', Ricli. 

By ram Robert C Cy. 

Byram John, C Cy. 

J^yrd Ann, Web. 

Byrd David A, Hag. 

Byrd Sarah Alice, Wash. 

Byrd William, (i F. 

iiyrne ^lichael, C Cy. 

Byrne Michael, 2-1 a. Dub. 

Caats Lin d ley M, F Cy. 
Cabin John, 70 a, Wmsbg. 
Cadwalder Noah, ooi a, Web. 
Cadwalder R J, Rich. 
C'ain Albert, 70 a, G F. 
Cain Allen, IKi a, Fcon. 
Cain Aionzo, Web. 
Cain Deborah, Wasii. 
(^ain Fnos'V, Wash. 
Cain Elmer, Jac. 
Cain Francis, 02 a, Dal. 
Cain HA, 80 a, Wmsbg. 
Cain Henry, 182 a, Econ, 
Cain James, Dub. 
Cain John, Econ. 
Cain Milton, VA'M a Econ. 
C'ain Newell, Hag. 
Cain Oliver F, oO a, Wmsbg. 
Cain Rachel, Wash. 
Cain Wilson, (J^ F. 
Caldwell Albert. 25 a, liee. 
Caldwell Amanaa E, 04 a, Bee. 
Caldwell Amos, Mil. 
('aldwell iMary, 200 a, Bee. 
('aldwell Samuel, 70a, l>ee. 
Calhihan John, 127^ a, Mil. 
(^ale Charles O, Econ. 
Cale Edwin, Econ. 
Callaway (Ml, Mil. 
Callaway Ellen, Mil. 
Callaway Eli/aljeth 1^, iMil. 
Callaway Elizabeth E, Mil. 
Callaway (; W, Sons vSl Co, Mil. 
Calloway (i W, Mil. 
Calloway ,Iohn, (] Cy. 
Calloway John, 208 a. Mil. 

alio way John, 205 a C Cy. 
"alloway John C, C Cy. 
alio way Moses Mil. 
alloway M M. C Cy. 
alloway Robert. C Cy. 
alloway W J, Mil. 
idmeans Cieorge, Hag. 
alter John, Rich, 
ammack Nathan, oO-lOO a, C Cy. 
iinunack Priscilla, C Cy. 
ampbell Elizabeth, Mil. 
ampbell .lames A. C Cy. 
amijbell Jacol), Mil. 
ampbell James H. 109 a, Wmsbg. 
ampbell John A. 30 a, Wmsbg. 
ampbell Jonah W, 100 a, Wmsbg. 
ampbell JoshuaT, Wmsbg. 
ampbell Ralph, 4 a. Mil. 
ampbell Ralph, ]SIil. 
lampl)ell Wm B, Wmsbg. 
ianby Evan T, & II A, 178iaMil. 
iinady Lindsey, 101 a, Econ. 
anady Emanuel, :\'i a, Dal. 
imaday Enos jr, Dal. 
unaday Enos sr, Dal. 
(uiaday Jesse, E It. 
:inada Nathan F, Hag. 
mady Nathan F, 2 a. Hag, 
mady Walter. 00 a, Dal. 
mady Wm W, Econ. 
incy Ella, J\lil. 
inlield Elizabeth, C Cy. 
anna Richmond, Dub. 
lunaday Charles, Dub. 
iinnon (-ornelius, C Cy. 
[innon Elizabeth, OCy. 
iinnon John B, Rich, 
iinnon John Q jr, C Cy. 
annon Wm S, Rich, 
apeland John, 174 a. Hag. 
apelaud Solomon, 77 a. Hag. 
apelar Elizabeth V, Cen. 
apelar Fred, Cen. 
ajx'.lar <S: Baker, Cen. 
ipelar William A, (^en. 
ippick David J, F ('y. 
irey (ieo L. C Cy. 
rirey J H, C Cy. 
larey Mary, C ('y. 
larey Nathaniel, C Cy. 
uey Z Wesley, C Cy. 
arrington Freeman, Rich. 
urington SU'i)hen. 
n 1 John, l\ich. 
arl William, 
arlon Jacob, Mil. 


FACTORY FLANNELS for Skirts aat SMrls at 

528 Main St. 



riuian Patrick, Ceii. 
Carinon Win H & John ]5, H a, (Ihes 
Carinony David, Dub. 
Carnioiiv John ci. Dub. 
('ariH^s NVilliam, 81 a, Web. 
CariiHy AViii, llich. 
Carpenter, Dale & Keiscliner C Cy. 
Carpenter David W, ('('y. 
(\iri»enter Tetrio i) Cy. 
Carpenter II ('. Uich. 
Car[)enter Isaac. Mil. 
Carpenter Isabella. C Cy. 
Carpenter Joseph, (! Cy. 
Carpenter Kachel, E G. 
('arpenter Talbert S, Dub. 
Carpenter Wm, E G. 
Carpenter Walter P, m) a. Rich. 
Carper AV D,C Cy. 
Carr Jacob G, 40 a, Mil. 
Carr Joseph, Jac. 
Carr L. Cen. 
Carr Mary A, Jac. 
Carr Sanuiel. 264 93-100 a. Jac. 
CarrWm, EG. 
Carson J D. llich. 
Carson Sarah, Dub. 
Carter C, ('en. ' 

Carter Nathan P, W^ash. 
Carter & Kerr, Wash. 
Carty Joseph, Abb. 
CasyllC Mil. 
Casn Thomas, C Cy. 
Carsel Tliomas 11, C Cy. 
Casiier Clias II, h} a. Hag. 
Caster Emily. Ilag. 
Castor Jt)hn, IIa;jr. . 
Caster Solomon. ih\\x. 
('aster ^Vm I, Hag. 
Castator Amelia, Ilag. 
Castator Elijah, Hag. '' 

Castello i^drick, C Cy. 
Castle Mary, 5 a, () II. 
(^a swell M (i, C Cdy. 
Cate Eli, la, (J F. 
('ate Jesse, Econ. 
Cate Thomas J, 1(14 a, \Vmsbg. 
Cate Gavazzi, 41 a, Wmsbg. 
Cate Ei)hiaim, 100 a. ^Vmsbg. 
Gates Martha, 21.100 Cen. 
Gates John, Cen. 
Gates William S, G E. 
(\ates Jesse, 200 a, (J E. 
('ates Jesse, 20() a, Ilag. 
Gates Jesse, 75(5 a, Wmsbg. 
Gates Jesse J r, Wmsb';-. 
Gates Eremont, Wmsbg. 

(3ates (ieorge, Ven. 

Gates Silas. 24 a, Wmsbg. 

Gates Polly, 25-100 a, Wmsbg. 

Gates Arazzard. 120 a. Wmsbg. 

(^aty Martha, U a, Cen. 

Gaty Samuel. ISO a, W'msbg. 

Caty Sarah, Wmsbg. 

Gauley G, Dal. 

Gaveny Alexander, Wmsbg. 

Gaveny Joe. Uicli. 

Gecd A A, dal. 

Chambers J E JSI E and J AV, 80 a, 

Chambers William, (.en. 
Chamberlain Mary J, Dub. 
Ghand)('rlain S. Cen. 
Ghamness .Vlonzo A, Dal. 
Ghai)man Aiina 15, llich. 
Chandler Ann, 25 S3-100 a, llich. 
Ghapin A T, KM ;50-100 a, Ches. 
Ghamness A J, Wmsbg. 
Ghamness l^lijah, Econ. 
Chandler Edward E, 85 01 100 a, 

('harles Eliza l),0.i a, Rich. 
Chapman Eliza, 41 a, Rich. 
Chancelloi- Elizabeth J, llich. 
Ghamness (Jeo W, Dal. 
Gliapman Hannah Thorne, 113 a, 

G E. 
Chanmess John, Dal. 
Ghamness Jesse, CO a, Dal. 
('haniness Joseph A, Dal. 
C'hamness James, Dal. 
Ghamness Jack, Dal. 
(-harles John. (Wll a, Econ. 
Ghamness John 11. Hag. 
Chanmess Joshua. 1l:0 a, Wmsbg. 
Ghanmes Samuel R. 100 a, Dal. 
Chanmess Larkm, Dal. 
Chanuies Eeandi^r. Im'ou. 
('hamness Mary .M,llag. 
Chanmess Minerva. Dal. 
Ghamness Marselles, Dal. 
Chanmess Marvin E, Ilag. 
Charles Matthew. 435 a. Rich. 
Chase Millie W, llich. 
Chanmess Nelson P, 20 73-100 a, 

I'hailcs Nallian.5()8-100a, Rich. 
Ghamness Reub(Mi, 7i a, Dal. 
Ghamness Rily, Dal. 
Chancy Scott. Dal. 
Charles Sanuiel II, 34 a, Eich. 
Chanmess Wm G. 3 a, Dal. 
Ghamness Wm jr,4o a, Dal. 

The Latest popular Books m\^m^id at 


7'2l> Main bilri»ot. 


SEWER PIPE Mather' Sros. Richmoiid, Ind. 


Chamiiess Win J & G W, 15-100 ii, Clark (^hus M , 2o a. M. 

Dill. Clciik (Mareuce. C Cv. 

Chaniness Win 8, 1 a, Dal. Clark Eli. G F. 

('hainness ^Vnl Esq, 80 a, Dal. Claik Edinuiul, S8 a, Econ. 

('liarnness AVesIey, Dal. Clark Florence, 27 a. Rich. 

Chandler Webster, Rich. Clark (George A, G F. 

Chai)nian Win J, llich. Clark Geo F, til a, Fcon. 

Chainness Yonng J, AVinsbg. Clark (Jnliema. Rich. 

Champ (ieo W, Dub. Clark Geo M. lios. 

Chaini) J M. Dub. ,; . Clark ITaiinah. r)8 a, Ches. 

Chainp Fetre, Dub. . 'V, Clark Hannah J, C M. 

Champ T N, Dub. " ■ Clark Isaac and James IF lo^ a, 

Chapman Claude, C Cy. C Cy. 

Chai)man Isaac. C Cy. Clark Isaac, 20 a, C Cy. 

Chai)man John ll, G F. (Hark Isaac, C Cy. 

C-hapman Thomas, (J Cy. Clark Isaac, 10 a, Mil. 

Chapman W 11, C, Cy. Clark Isaac, C Cy. 

(Miaiies Daniel, F Cy. (Uark James M, i a, Feth. 

(^harleton Henry M, Hag. Clark John, 80 a Web. 

C/hartard Francis S, 2 a. Dub. (Maik John M, 72a, Econ. 

Chase John W, (i. (Mark Jont B, 128 a Econ. 

(^hatard Francis S, C Cy. Clark J li c\: J W, Fcon. 

Cheney Fhebe, (^eii. Clark Jesse M. 2") h C M. 

Chenoweth Flias, 105 a, W W. Clark James E. Ilaj,^ 

Chenoweth Isaac F, W W. Clark John, Jac. 

Chenoweth Jacob II, W W. Clark Jemimia,9!) 7;M00 a. F C. 

Chenoweth John M,8l a Feth. Clark J il .V' Isaac, 1 a, Mil. 

(Mienoweth J B, ;;i 90-100 a, F C^.y. Clark James H, C Cy. 

(Chenoweth J B, 142 a, Beth. CMark John W, C Cv- 

Chenoweth Feter, 100 a, Wmsbg. Clark J H & Co, (5 Cy. 

Chenoweth W 8, W W. Chirk Joel A. F Cy. . . 

Cherman Arthur C, Cen. Clark James II, C Cy. 

Cheiman ]\Iartha, Cen. Clawson John I'\ Wash. 

Chernnin Richard G, 182 a, Cen. (Mark James, Hag-. 

Cheesman Alex, Cen. (Mark Fouisa, li)| a, Econ 

(Jieesman Alexander, 2l0i a, Web. (]lark Fonsia, Miriam & Mary M,!)() 
Cheesman Charles, Web. a, Econ. 

Cheesman David, Hag-. Clark Monroe, C ('y. 

Cheesman Elizabeth, Hag. (Mark Mary J, (U'n. 

Cheesman Elizabeth, hSi a, Hag. Clark Miles, (' Cy. 

Cheesman Uehemiah, Hag. Clark Perry H, W W. 

Cheesman Richard C, 'SM^t a, Dal. (Mark h'hu, .S:M()0 a, Jac. 

Cheesman Richard C,2a, Hag. (Mark Robert M,()Oa, F Cy. 

Cheesman Ransom, 100 a. (» F. (Mark Silas W, 2o;{:| a. Mil. 

(Mieesman Vernon, 1(50 a, Web. (Mark Sarah Jane, F Cy. 

(Mieesman William, Web. Clark Thomas 112 o-J-100 a, Web. 

Cheesman Wallace, Dal. (Mark F 1^: and 15 W, iilO a, Econ. 

Crist David, Jac. (Mark Thomas E. Im-ou. 

(Uistmaii David C, Ricii. (Mark Wilkinson, 2a, Web. 

CUsce John W, 20a, Web. (Mark Williiim 1<: and Elizabeth, 37 
Cipa Isaac, Mt Aub. 87-100 :i, G F. 

Cissnia Mary, Cen. ,, (Mark William, hA'on. 

(Mapi)er David, Dal. .;' , . (Mark Wm E, Ri(Mi. 

(Man- Emanuel, Mil. '' Clark Wm, Rich. 

(May Henry C, C Cy. Clark Wm D, 2() ()7-liH) a, C M. 

Clark B W, Econ. Clark William, '15 a, Jac. 

TTr;*»,s nm^^An window CiuuidH. Wiro Bif?ns. store 4 W. T. BARHKK 

W Irs uOQClo. FlxturoB, B'lower JStanda, Floral Designs, | Iron Md Wire Worki 

Dress Goods, Black I FancySilks, 

D. B. Crawford Sc Son 

528 Main Street. 



Chuk Will ]5, Mil. 
(nark OP, ('en. 
Clark Win ir, (M^y. 
(Mark William. F Oy. 
(Mark W lI,FCy. , ,.., 

Clark Win, Mil. 
Clark Jk-()s, 5 a, Econ. 
Clark »fc Yaryan. 25 a, Rich, 
(•lark Si Smith, Ceii. 
Clawson Abner, 8U a, Wnisbg. 
Clawsoii Abner jr. KiO a, Web. 
Clawson Lenora, W^ash. . 

Clawson Mahlon, Kich. 
Clawson Matilda, F C. 
Clayton Miles. C Cy. 
Cleckner (Uiarles, llicli. 
Cleinheus John, 4 a, Web. 
('lenients Aneil, Wrnsbg. 
Clements Anthony, 56 a, Wrnsbg, 
(^/lements Ezra, Wrnsbg. 
Clements Emiline, 5 a, Wmsbg. 
demons Henry, MU. 
Clements Ira M, F Cy. 
Clements J fl, F Cy. 
Clements Samuel, Wmsbg. 
Clements W A, F Cy. 
Clements AVin J, 305 a, Wmsbg. 
('lendenen Huston, Hag. 
(Menderman Elizabeth, Hag. 
(Menny Amy, F (3y. 
(Uenny Wm, F Cy. 
Clevenger Henry, W W. 
(Revenger Joseph, 100 a, Mil. 
Clevenger Mary J, L>B a, W ^V^ 
(Revenger Ruth, Abb. 
(Mevenger Samuel S,2'J0a, Abb. 
Clevinger Samuel, IGO a, Abb. 
Clevenger TM, Abb. 
Clevenger Tliom;is J , 1\) a, ('en. 
Clifton Eiizal)eth, Ifag. 
Clifford Robert, Dub. 
Clifford Stella, Dub. 
(Mond Jonatlian, 10 a, C F. 
Cloud Joseph, AVasli. 
Cloud Josei)h, 110 a, (J F. 
Cloud Joseph, :; a, (Jen. 
Cloud Sarali A, Cen. 
Ct)als Ali(^e,;W a, Cen. 
(U)ate A y, F Cy. 
Coate Elijah, IS J a, F Cy. 
(JoateLindley M, m a F Cy. 
(joate Robert H, Kia, F Cy. 
Coate Vashtn 1^:, 1 SO-IOOa, Web. 
(Tehran Elizabeth, Mil. 
Coeiiran Elizabeth. Mil. 
(Jochran John, Dub. 

Coehran AVilliam A, C Cy. 

('oekefair Catharine, C (Jy. 

Cockefair Edgar O, C Cy. 

Cochran John W, Cen. 

Cockefair John, C ('y. 

Cockefair Robert, C (Jy. 

(/Ockel'air Sophia A, (J Cy. 

Code John, With. 

Coddiiigton John Y, G F. 

Coddington Olive J, 120 a, G F. 

Oxldington Wm F, Rich. 

Collield Stephen, 152 a, Reth. • 

Colfnian ('barley C, Jac. 

('ollin IHghley, Cen. 

(/oUin Josepli, Cen. 

('ollin Levi, ('en. 

('offman Mary R. Jac. 

Colfman J R, Dnb. 

Coifman M[irtin, (t F. 

Coggens J F. Dub. 

Coggsliall Ann xM, 1 a, Rich. , 

Coggshall Daniel, Rich. 

Coggshall Daniel, F Cy. 

(Joggsliall Jenners. 

Coggshall Judah, 50 a. Wmsl)g. 

Coggshall John, 200 00-100 a, F Cy. 

Coggshall John, F Cy. 

Coggshall Lucinda, 15j a, Rich. 

Coggshall Lafayette, 17a a, Wmsbg. 

Coggshall Limemda, ¥ (^y. 

Coggshall Mahala, Wmsbg. 

Coggshall Melvin, 120 a, F Cy. 

(-olins John, Cen. 

Coin Martin. Cen. 

(U)ke J Thomas, C Cy. 

Cokayne Joseph, 40 a, Ros. 

Cokenian Mary A, 10 a, h^con. 

Colby Electa, i a, Ret. 

Cole ]>ewis C, Rich. 

Cole Phillip, Dub. 

Coleman M M, C Cy. 

(!olenian Win C Cy. 

Collins Ku(;e, C ('y. 

Collins Roland D, F Cy. 

Collius Zachariah, Rich. 

Collins William, Mil. 

Colvin l^^mily, 10 a. Abb. 

(\)lvin Josiah R, !M)00 l(»Oa, Abb. 

(-olvin James, sr. 00 a, Wmsbg. 

CoKiii Kobi'.rt. 05 .SI 100 a. Abb. 

Collius Rowland. Rich. 

('olvin William, so a. Wmsbg. 

Comer Amos, 102 01-100 a, Ixich. 

CouMT E J. P (^y. 

Comer Euuilino S, F Cy. 

Comer John H, Rich. 

Oflico M,ii<l N<'li4»«il Scra<4*li IIooKn 
9IiNCcllaiicoii»i, Jtlaiik «V S 


llV Mil in 

Sunday Creek Coal 


"5,-o,., RicMond, Ini. 



Comer Ozro, Rich. 

('omer Robert X, Rich. 

Comer Robert 15, Rich. 

Coiner Susan, 1^ u, Rich. 

Commons Amanda E, Cen. 

Commons David, lUO a, Cen. 

Commons Elmer E, Rich. 

Commons JCdward S, Rich. 

Commons Elizabeth, 80 a, Rich. 

Commons Joseph A, Cen. 

Connnons Oliver J, 120 a, Cen. 

Comn^o IS Walter S, Cen. 

Commons & Mandlin, GO a, Cen. 

Compton Samuel W, Dub. 

Compton Nancy eT, EG. 

Comtiiwait R L 240 a. Mil. 

Conavvay Celia, Wmsb^, 

Conaway James W, 1 44-100 a, Dal. 

Conaway Martha A, CAl a, Dal. 

C'onaway Manzella, KiO a, Jac. 

Conaway Miles. JNlil. 

Condo Rebecca L, C Cy. , , , . 

Condo Jacob, E G. 

Condo Peter, EG. 

Condo & Co, EG. 

Condo Adam,E G. 

Conds Peter, 8 a, Dub. 

Conds Adam, 49 a, Dub. 

Conds Daniel, E G. 

Confair Mary C Cv. 

Conklin Benj, C Cy. 

Conklin Frank, C Cy., ■■.]. ,, 

Conklin Felix, (- ('y. 

Conklin Felix, 200 a, C Cy. 

(yonklin Harriet E, (/ Cy. 

Conklin Jos, C Cy, 

Conklin John N, C Cy. 

Conkling Lydia, Rich. 

(Conklin W 11, C Cv. 

Conklin AV ll,CCv. 

Coiily Cynthia E, Econ. 

Conley Catharine, Mil. , : ,' 

C'onley Frank, Mil. 

('onion George N, Rich. 

C/Onley Joim E, ('en. 

Conly John, Econ. 

Conloii Catharine, 15-100 a, (.'en. 

Conlon John, C Cy. 

Conloii Fatrick, C Cy. 

Conlon Thos, (J ('y. 

Conly Anna, Dal. 

('onnell Cornelius, 92 a, Mil. 

Coniiell Cornejius, Mil. 

Connell John, Mil. 

C/onnell Michael, C ('y. 

Connelly BF, Mil. 

Conner Edward, Rich, 
(.'onner Henry, F Cy. 
Conner Patrick, 25^ a. Bos. 
Connersville Hydraulic Co, Mil. 
Conniif James, 80 a, C Cy. 
Connitf Michael, Hag. 
Connitl" Patrick, Hag. 
Conniif I'homas, 90 a, W W. 
Connor l^ridget, 25 a. Rich. 
Connor James R, Rich. 
Conrad William, Hag. 
('onton ('atharine, ('en. 
Convey Lydia H, l>ub. 
Conway Moses Hag. 
Conway Marzella, 174, Mil. 
Conway Marquiss D, Hag. 
Conway V T, J\Iil. 
('onway Wm, OTj^ a, C Cy. 
Conway William, 3751 a, C Cy, Hag 
Conwell ISlary R, & Sadie, 126i u, 

Conwell William, Bos. 
Cook Alvia. Wash. 
Cook Alfred, CCy. 
Cook Albert, Rich. 
Cook Amos,98i a, CM. 
Cook Andrew, AVeb. 
Cook Aaron, 40 a, Cen. 
Cook Alpheus,Wmsbg. 
Cook Anna, 00 a, Cen. 
Cook Daniel B, C M. 
Cook Esther, ()7 a, AVmsbg. 
(]()ok Emma, Ricli. 
Cook Elijah, 179 92-100 a, C M. 
Cook Ella, G F. 
Cook Ella, GF. 
Cook Eli, 110 a, Cen. 
Cook F S. Rich. 
('00k C-eorge W, Rich, 
('ook George E, Econ. 
Cook Hariison, 108 a, Dub. 
Cook Harrison, Dul). 
Cook Isaac, (W a, C M. 
Cook Jane E, C Cy. 
C'Ook James. Abb. 
Cook John \V , liich. 
(Jook John H, Rich, 
('ook Joseph. 75 a, Econ. 
('00k Lydia, 80 a. Rich. 
(>)ok Lydia, Cen. 
Cook Mary, 40 a, Wmsbg. 
Cook Martha, 14 a, Wmsbg. 
(Jook Martha J. 10 a. C M. 
Cook Matilda. Web. 
Cook Mary E, 12.1 a, Cen. 
Cook Mary W,30 a, Cen. 

TTTT^i-Hrt n /^A/4 n Chairs and Setteoa, Summor Housea, 
VV IrG UOOQ.S. acroens. and all kiud^ ot Wire Cloth. 



3 patent unlaundered Shirt/^thetoss. 

& SON. 



Cook Niiiicy E, C IM. 
Cook Nathan, 10 a, ('en. 
Cook Oliver C, Wash. 
Cook Oliver, 140 a, Vx F. 
Cook Oliver, 12i a, Cen. 
Cook Rachel, 40 a, (i F. 
Cook Kipley, (; F. 
Cook Kipley, Cen. 
Cook Stephen 1>, Abb. 
Cook Susannah, ll!0 a, F Cy. 
Cook Sarah, I'JO a, AVnisl){^. 
Cook Sarah, ii F. 
Cook Sylvester, 8i a, C M. 
Cook Theodore, Wash. 
Cook Theodore, iMi a, Jac. 
Cook Theodore, ii70 a, (r F. 
Cook William, Wmsbg. 
Cook William II (col). Rich. 
Cook William, 2 00-100 a, Ches, 
Coook Wm 11,281 a, (^ M. 
Cook Zimri, OS a, Cen. 
Cook and Uoyd, 114 a, C M. 
Cooley Allert, Dub. ^- 

Cooley William, Dub. 
Coon James C, ilag. 
Cooney Chas S, (!en. 
Cooney Elizabeth, Dub. 
Cooney Edward il, Dub. 
Cooney Jas W, ]\lil. 
Cooney J as W, Mil. 
Cooney J R, Dub. 
Cooney Norbcjme M, Rich. 
Cooney & Richardson, Dub. 
Coons Jas, JSlil. 
Coons ^linerva Aj Mil. 
Cooper Casper, Rich. 
Cooper Ezekiel, Mil. 
('ooper Ezekiel 1, Dub. 
Cooper Ezekiel, Dub. 
Cooper George, Mil. 
Cooper G W,r>7a, W W. 
Cooper Jno AV & Annis, Dag. 
Cooper John, Dub. 
Cooper Seigna, 87 a, Mil. 
(hooper William 11, Ricli. 
Cooper 11 R, \m a, F (Jy. 
Coots Lonisa I^^, Cy. 
COj)e Elizji A, Dub. 
('ope (ieorge M, Dub. 
Cope Henrietta, Dub. 
Cope Jacob, Dub. 
Coi)e Joseph, Dub. 
('opeland Abraliam. Ill a, C Cy. 
C()l>eland Jouu 10, C (!y. 
C'Opeland Susan, (' Cy. 
('oppock David J, (iO a, Reth. 

Coppock Charles, F Cy. 
(k)rcoran Chas W, Rich. 
Cornell Catharine C ("y. 
('ornell Elizabeth, CCy. 
(Jornell Fannie, C Cy. 
Cornell Jolm, C Cy. 
C'ornell Hiciiard, C Cy. 
Clornell \Veslie C Cy. 
Cornettet C R <fe Co, Dub. 
Cornettet C R & Co, Mt Aub. 
(.!(jrnetta Charles, C Cy. 
(vorvvine (lieorge. Dub. 
(Jorwin Eliza A, Dub. 
Cosgrove iJarney, (' Cy. 
(Josgrove Rridget Ann, C (.'y. 
Cotton Robert, (iO-lOO a Rich. 
C'ourtney Joscidiine, Vv W. 
Courtney James F, W W. 
Cower John, 14i a. Web. 
Cowgill Caleb, 145 a, E Cy. 
Cowgill Caleb, F Cy. 
Cowles & Miller, C Cy. 
Cowles Eliza J, 1^ a, (J Cy. 
Cowles Edwin N, (' Cy. 
Cowles Edwin, C (!y. 
(Jowcis Eliza, (J Cy. 
Rownover ( 'ulbert, 115 a. Mil. 
(/ownover Margaret, Mil. 
Cownover AVju, 80 a, JNIil. 
(Jownover William, 51 a, Cen. 
Oownover Wm and sister, 172 a, 

Cox Elizabeth, C Cy. 
Cox E'lorence, C Cy. 
Cox George W, Rich. . 
Cox George, Rich. 
Cox Ira, 80 a, lOcon. 
Cox James H, Hag. 
Cox John ^V, 4;>V a, C M. 
Cox John, 50 a Econ. 
Cox John N, 55-100 a, C ]\[. 
"Cox John jr, C M. 
C'ox James E, Wmsbg. 
Cox J Clark, C Cy. 
Cox Josepli M, 110 a. Dub. 
Cormond T F, Dub. 
Cox M l) Jac. 
Clox Noah, 2;{ a, ('en. 
(jox Robert, 274 a, V> M. 
(!o\ Selli, Dub. 
(\»\ Stephen, Dal. 
Cox W 11, C Cy. 
Coyne Joiin, Mil. 
(h-abb Haddock, 8a,C^]l. 
Crabb Millon, C Cy. 
Crabb Frank, C Cy. 

School Books and School Supplies '"' 

V'2U Main 8tro«l. 

Everybody buys their GOAL of Mather Bros. 



Craft AVm jr, Rich. 

Craig (Charles, Abb. 

Craig EdocIi, Kich. 

Craig (leoAV, IJ lib. 

Craig John L, Jios. 

Craig Louisa, 20 lUO a, C M. 

Craig Sylvtislur, Rich. 

Craig Sanlt'ord, llich. 

Craig William, Hag. 

Cramptou Anna S, 71| a, F Cy. 

Cramp lienj, \V W. 

Cramer Josepli, C Cy. 

Cramptou Joshua Smith, G F Cy. 

Cramer Mrs iSIartin, Mil. 

Cramptou Samuel, l(J8i a, Rich. 

Cramptou Wm E, Rich. 

Cramptou Y S, F Cy. 

Cranor Fannie, Wmsbg. 

Crauor Frederick, 80 a, Wmsbg. 

Cranor Irvin A, 40 a, Wnisl)g. 

Cranor John, Dub. 

Cranor John F, F Cy. 

Cranor John F, Anderson & llogs- 

ton, GO a, F Cy. 
Cranor J F, 105) a, F Cy. 
Crauor JosO, Wmsb^. 
Cranor J as A, 95 a, Wmsbg. 
Cranor J as jr, 100 a, AV'msbg. 
Crauor John M, 144 a, Wmsbg. 
Cranor Louisa, Wmgsb. 
Cranor j^uther A & Nettie, 40 a 

Crauor Lewis W, 160 a, Econ. 
Cranor JSIarthi, 21 a, Wmsbg. 
Cranor Milo, 815 a, Wmsbg. 
Cranor Wm, 130 54-100 a, Wmsbg. 
Crauor Martin, 42 a, Ecou. 
Crauor Philander, Wmsbg. 
('ranor Sarah A, Wmgsb. 
Cranor Thomas W, 101 a, Wmsbg. 
(Uanor Thonuis, 100 a, Wmsbg. 
Crauer John and i^uther, 80 a, 

Crask Wm,5a, CM. 
Crask Elizabeth, Rich. 
Craven Nicholas, Rich. • . 
Craven Michael. Rich. 
Craven John, Rich. 
Crawford Aaron, 1 a., Mil. 
Crawford Ciias \\^, Rich. 
Crawford 1) R, 80 a. Rich, 
(-rawford Frank J), Rich. 
Crawford Jauu;s M, Mil. 
Crawford Mary, Mil. 
Crawford J\lary 11, Rich. 
Crawford Samuel, 1 a, lOcon. 

Crawford & Bros, Mil. 

Creitz, Lamott, Zeohner et al,187 a, 

Creitz David Z, 3 a, C Cy. 
Creitz W^illinm, CCy. 
Cressett & Smith, C Cy. 
Creigo Robert, Wash. 
Cripe Mary, Dub. 
Crepe Solomon, Dub. 
Crepe Lewis, Dub. 
Crisco (Jeo ^V, Rich, 
('rist Catharine i a, Beth. 
Crist Jacob, ;>05i a, Rich. 
Crist Francis M, Rich. 
Crist Alonzo A, Rich. 
Crist Lcauder M, Rich. 
Crist Theodore F & Ann a, 70 a, 

Cristiuan John II, Dub. 
C^ristmau Catharine, Dub. 
Crivel Henry, 11 a, Rich. 
Crockett Edgar, 50 a, Rich. 
Crockett Sarah B, 3 9;M00 a. Rich. 
Crockett Simeon, C Cy. 
Croft Wm, 1 a. Rich. 
Croft Margaret, 87-100 a. Rich. 
Crook Thomas C, 78} a, Cen. 
C'rook William, 50 a, Jac. 
Crook Hiram, Jac. 
Crook M F, C Cy. 
Crook Cieo W, C Cy. 
Crosard Charles F, Dub. 
('rossly Nancy R, Cy. 
(jrossley Ciilbert, C Cy. 
C'rouch Richard, C Cy. 
Crow Nelson N, 100 a, Bos. 
Crow William, lios. 
C-row (icorge W, Bos. 
Crow James D, 153 a. Abb. 
Crow Nelson, 80 07-100 a, Abb. 
Crow William T, Abb. 
Crowe James D, 100 a, Cen. 
Crowe Ashford, (iO a, Cen. 
Crowe Jacob, (iO a, Cen. 
Crower Auuilia, 10 a, Ecou. 
Crovvuover Minerva, 130-100 a C Cy 
(]rull Abner D, Dub. 
Crull A W,CCy. 
CruU Benj F. 20 a, Hag. 
Crull David. 7()07-UH) a, Hag. 
Crull Eliza, Dub. 
Crull (icoige, (lOa, Mil. 
(Uull (ieorge, l(i()a. E IJ. 
(Uull (ieoige, 5H a. Hag. 
Crull (Jeorge, 10 08- 1(H) a, Dal. 
Crull Isaac N, Dub. 

Wire Goods. 

Winciow GuHidH, Wire Sinus, Storo 
Fixtures, Plowtir IStandB, Floral Dcalgue, 

Iron acd Wire Works 

FACTORY FLANNELS for Skirls and Sliirls at 

528 Main St. 



CrullJ ]I, Dub. 

(JrullJacub, (i F. 

(Yiill Levi,2^Iil. 

Crull MaR{,nc E, C Cy. 

dull llufus, Dub. 

Cruil Itoniuo, Dub. 

Crull Solomon i\ Dub. 

('lull Susan, U a, E il. 

(hull AVilliam.Dub. 

Culbcrsson Erasmus E, Wmsbg. 

Culbeitson l^afayette, Wmsbg. 

(JulberLson Martha, et al, a, 

Culbertson Martiia, KJ-lOO a, Rich. 
Chilbertson George, AVeb, 
Culbertson Joseph, Cen. 
CUilbertson Andrew 11, HVi a, (-en. 
Culbertson Ann and lleniy W , 101 

a, Cen. 
Culbertson Elizabeth, Cen. 
Culbertson Wm J; 8U a, ('en. 
Cummings T J, 100 a, Mil. 
Cummins Jas, 1!10 a. Alii. 
Cummins Jas, 'SO'M a, Hicli. 
Cunningham liridget, C Cy. 
Cunningham Matthew, C Cy. 
Cunningham David, Cen. 

Cunningham , Econ. 

Cupp Isaac Alii. 
Curme Jacob, 10 a, C M. 
Curtis Samuel (t, F ('y- 
('urtis Walter E '2 a, Rich. 
Curtis Walter E, 80 a, W W. 
Curtis Wm, W \V. 
(Curtis Joel Ceu. 
(!uster 1> F, Dub. 
Custer Emmett Dub. 
Custer Eannie W, Dub. 
(hister ].ewis A, Dub. 
Custer Jacob, Dub. 
Custer S E, Dub. 
Custer John L, C Cy. 
(kister Mercy A, C Cy. 
('usick William, Cen. 
C'ushinbeny William, Hag. 
(3ulter Dempy, ('en. 
Culter E S D, Cen. 
Cuykendall & Co, 19 a, Rich. 

Diiggett Thomas, (I E. 
Daily Joseph C, Mil. 
Dailey MatiUla A, Mil. 
Dailey Matilda A, Mil. 
DaiU^y Louisa M, I a. Mil. 
Dairy Julia A, C ('y. 
Dairy Thomas, C ('y. 

Dal by A 11, F (Jy. 
Dalby W 11, F Cy. 
Dale Celiva, C Cy. 
Dale Lewis L, C ( -y. 
J)ale \Vm, C Cy. 
Dale Wm (), C (]y. 
Dalvey Edwin, F Cy. 
Daniel Richard, (- Cy. 
Darwell Wm J, Cen. 
Dar well John 1), W W. 
Dasher Alex, (' (,'y. 
Dasher Mary, C Cy. 
Dastter Adam, 50 a, C Cy. 
Daugherty AK, Wash. 
Daugherty L D, Jac. 
Daiigherty Exalina, 40 a, Dal. 
Daugherty Cliarles, Dal. 
Daugherty Alon/.o, Dal. 
Davenport Alon/.o, Rich. 
Davenport Chas, Ros. 
Davenport Calvin, Dub. 
l)aven[)ort Elizabeth, Mil. 
Davenport Lawrence, Dub. 
Daveiiport Nancy D, 2oi a. Rich. 
J)aveni)ort Alary (J, Bos. 
Daven[)ort At J, Alil. 
Davenport Richard, Rich. 
l)aveni)ort Richard <fc Nancy D,7jJ 

a, Rich. 
Davenport Warner, 104i a, ('lies. 
Davenport AVarner jr, 70 a, Bos. 
Daveni)ort W A, l>os. 
Davidson Mary, 17 a, Wmsbg. 
Davidson Joseph W, Rich, 
Davidson James, Rich. 
Davis Amelia, (! Cy. 
Davis A L, Dub. 
Davis Ann, Hag. 
Davis BN, Jac. 
Davis Hros, Dub. 
Davis Catharine A, 14 812-100 a, On 
Davis Calvin iM, (J i>\ 
Davis Harmon, G l\ 
Davis C(!mantha 10, Wmsbg. 
Davis (narkson, i:M^ a. Bos. 
Davis Charles and Sarah A, 135 a, 

Davis (3iiarles, ji'. Jac. 
Da.vis Drury, '2\\ a, Wmsbg. 
Davis lOsther M, F Cy. 
Davis Ellen, Dub. 
Davis Fiank, Wmsbg. 
Davis (Jeorge W, l.'lla, W(d). 
Davis (Jeo, \Veb. 
Dm vis (Jeo W, jr, Web. 
Davis (Jeorge, (i F. 

Nicholson & Bro. q^Si^'^Jr Office Supplies, 

7-20 Main 
SI I Oft 

TeWflue to MATHER BROS' for OOA-L 



Davis George W, ll!5 a, G F. 

Davis Geo W, L»Ujf a, O II. 

Davis Geo W, 40 a, F Cy. 

Davis Henry, 1 45-100 a, Rich. 

Davis Harvey, 80 a, AVinsbg. 

Diivis Hannah K B, 40 a, lios. 

Davis Harvey, F Cy. 

Davis Harriet^ H'lg- 

Davis Isaac, 40 a, G F. 

Davis Isaac F, VVmsbg. 

Davis Isaac, C Gy. 

Davis Joseph, 148 a, Dal. 

Davis John,i)al. 

Davis John W, 25i a, Beth. 

Davis James M, G F. 

Davis James, 15 80-100 a, llich. 

Davis John 8, Rich. 

DavisJohn,80 a, \\^msbg. 

Davis James R, i»0 a, Bos. 

Davis James C, Bos. 

Davis Joseph L, Jac. 

Davis Jnlius S, Jac. 

Davis John 1, 18-100 a F Cy. 

Davis Jotin C, Abb. 

Davis John 1, F Cy. 

Davis Jolm, Hag. 

Davis Milton L, H a, AVeb. 

Davis M, Jac, 

Davis Margaret, Cen. 

Davis Martha M, C Cy. 

Davis Martin, F Cy. 

Davis Norton, Dub. 

Davis Oliver G, 59 a, Wmsbg. 

Davis Oliver G and Mary A, 83 80- 

100 a, Wmsbg. 
Davis I'atsey, 107 a, Beth. 
Davis Fhebe.JMil. 
Davis Rebecca H, 15 a, G F. 
Davis Racliel, Econ. 
Davis {Samuel, Hag. 
Davis Samuel, Hag. 
Davis Thomas D, 04-100 Web. 
Davis Thomas E, G F. 
Davis Tliomas L, 1 a, Chester. 
J)avi3 Wm H,77a, O It. 
Davis WmL,ii8m, Rich. 
Davis Wm, Rich. 
Davis William, Wmsbg. 
Davis William F, Jac. 
Davis Wm, C Cy. 
Davis Walter C Cy. 
Davis Wm, E G. 
Davis Walter C, Dub. 
Davis Wm T, Hag. 
Davis Wm, Mil. 
Davis Zigler C, Hag. 

Dawson Sarah A, Cen. 

Dawson William A, Cen. 

Day Tliomas M, Hag. 

Day ]\Iary A Hag. 

Day Harvey J, Hag. 

Day George W, Dub. 

Deal Luciiida W, loO a, F Cy. 

Dean A B, Rich. 

Dean Alveren, Wash. 

Dean (,'lias, Wash. 

Dean David B, Wash. 

Dean Elizabeth, Wash. 

Dean John, 140 a, Econ. 

Deal John A, Rich. 

Dean H W,GF. 

Deal Lucinda W, 1 a, Rich. 

Dean Ogborn, C Cy. 

Dean Patsv, i a, Wmsbg. 

Dean Sarah J, 50 a Cr F. 

Dean Willian,G F. 

Dean William F, G F. 

Deardolf Daniel, Dal. 

Deardotf Peter, Dal. 

Dearth Alice. Cen. 

Dearth Alvin, C (^y. 

Deartli James C, Cen. 

Deaton (J rover B, 58 a, F Cy. 

Debolt Anna, Hag. 

Debolt (Jeorge, Hag. 

Deck Mary J, Mil. 

Deck Willie, Mil. 

Deen Mary J, Wash. 

Decker John, 53 a, Bos. 

Decker Henry, 08 42-100 a, Rich. 

Decker Henry R, Bos. 

Dellays S B, E (i. 

Dell ays Jesse, E (i. 

Deitemeier Adam, 101 28-100 a, O II 

Deitrich John, lOi a, ]\Iil. 

Deitrich John C, Cen. 

Deitrich John M, C/Cn. 

Deitrich Rul'us. (/cn. 

Deitrich Thus, Cen. 

Delai)lain Miss Frances, Hag. 

Delaney Wm, C Cy. 

Dell David, Mt Aub. 

Dell David, Dub. 

Delap Robert, 250 a, Mil. 

Delap l^)l)ert, 4SS a, Cen. 

Delingcr Alexaiuler, Dal. 

Delhigans Daniel, Rich. 

Demra I) P, Dul). 

Demaree Sarah, Dub. 

Deumbram F iNl, 1 a. Dub. 

Dembar J A Sc Vo, Cen. 

Dempsey .John, 1 a, Web. 





Main St. 



Demi)sy John, 7i a, F C-y. 
Deinsey JNIary, 4 a, F Vy. 
JJenioss William H, 100 a, Ceii. 
Denny lUirlun, Dal. 
Dennis Branson, 25!)-l a, Dal. 
Dennis Branson and Job E, 40 a, 

Dennis Clarkson, Dal. 
Dennis Isaac N", Dal. 
])einy John, Dal. 
Dennis Job E, Dai. 
Dennis John, Kich. 
Dennis James M, (J Cy. 
Dennis Lyndsey, 80 a, Dal. 
Dennis Melinda, 3 80-100 a, Dal. 
Dennis Mary, HHi a, Kich. 
Dennis Oliver D »& Susanna, 1'2i a, 

Dennis Osborn, 70 a, Dal. 
Dennis Oliver, Dal. 
Dennis Samuel P, J>al. 
Dennis Thos sr, 'i a, Dal. 
Dennis Thos. llio a, Dal. 
Dennis Will 11, Dal. 
Dennis AN'ilson, m a, Dal. 
J)enny Francis 15, Oi) 4)-100 a Jac. 
Denwiddie Sarah, Cy. 
J)equalse E Uolla, C C;y. 
Der(frannit (Jeorge, jNlil. 
Deron*^y Hannah. C Cy. 
Derr Peter, Bos. 
Dering Jolin, 40 ;}()-100 a. Dal. 
Derickson William. 70 a, Cen. 
Detrich Elizabeth, Dub. 
Develin Lncy Ann, Dub. 
Develin L iNLonroe,(' Cy. 
Develin Lafayette C Oy. 
Dewey iiCwis II, "CCy. 
Dickey Ilemy D, i^'i a. Ches. 
Dickey liebecca. 40 70 looa, dies. 
Dickman John II, Kich. 
Dickinson Josc-pli jr, liich. 
Dickson Lydia M, -} a. Rich. 
Dietricli John, lA^a, E (;. ' : 

Dilks William W, 120 a. Kich. 
Dill Amanda. (iO a. Dub. 
Dill W W, 18ia, Dub. 
Dill Sc Shmdler, Kir^a, Dub. 
Dill Israel, Cy. 
Dill Ilebecca, C Cy. 
Dilleji Patrick, Bos. 
Dillmaii Arthur, ,lac. 
Dillman ICIias B, Bos. 
Dillman Elias B, oi) a. Bos. 
Dillman .Jacob. Jac. 
DilUnan William, Jac. 

Dillman & Jasper, Jac. 

Dilliug Dauiel, Hag. 

Dilling I'rederick, G!J^ a, Hag. 

Dilling Henry, 1-10 a. Hag. 

Dilling Henry and Levi S, 80 a, 

Dilling Levi S. Hag. 
L)illing Sarah, Hag. 
Dilling & Co. Hag. 
Dill. 'It Bridget. F Cy. 
Dillin Jesse H. Dub. 
Dillen John, C Cy. 
Dillen James, Bos. 
Dillen James, Bos. 
Dillon Mary, C (ly. 
Dillen Owen, C Cy. 
Dillen Samuel, Dub, 
Dillon Wm, C Cy. 
Dillon W J, C Cy. 
Dillon & Son. Dub. 
Dills Benjamin, Bos. 
Dills .Mary E, 100 a,lJos. 
Dingeldey John. Uich. 
Dimviddie (-harlotte, C Cy. 
Dinwiddle Clarence, C Cy. 
Dinwiddle Samuel, C Cy. 
Dinley Levi, Bos. 
Disk Felix W, C Cy. 
D i t c h A 1 e xa n d e r , Hag. 
Ditch John, 127 a, Dal, 
Ditman John W.Cen. 
Dixon John L. Hag. 
Dixon W 11, Dub. 
Dixon Sarah E, Dub. 
Dobbs Il.iymond. Cen. 
Doddy Thomas, liich. 
Doddy 'IJiomas, Mil. 
DoddV John, Mil. 
Doddridge Belli P. Mil. 
Doddiidge David J. 100 a, Mil. 
Doddridge David P, 72 a. Mil. 
Doddridge 1 W, Mil. 
Doddridge 1 E, Mil. 
Doddri<lge Isaac, l.JOHa. Mil. 
Doddridge Isait F,80 a. Mil. 
Doddridge Isaac, ;;20 a, Abb. 
Doddridge J M. Mill. 
Doddiidge J W, Mil. 
Doddri<lge John I'\ 80 a. Mil. 
Doddiidge ^b>rdecai E, Mil. 
Docsstt(;r Moses. (' C'y. 
DoessUer Samiu'l. C Cy. 
DoUmi Martin. C Cy. 
Dolaii .\iiua, C (^y. 
Dolen Michael, F Cy. 
Dolan Frank, Wiusbg. 

HAVE YOUR MAGAZINES BOUND n\ MTpUni 'slflW 9. RPO '^''^^ ^^•^'" 

Fire Brick and Clay 





Doll Harry J. E G. 

Dolly Win M.ILig. 

Dolly Mary i:. Hag. 

Dolly Wm"C. Hag. 

Donnelly Anthony. C Cy. 

Donnelly Calluirine. C Cy. 

Doney (ieo A, C Cy. 

Doney ^Vm. C Cy. 

Doney Wm H. C Cy. 

Doney & Son. C C'y. 

Doolittle David A. 

Doien John, bu a. Cen. 

Doren Benj F, 80 hO-lUO a, C M. 

Doren Wni H, 52 a. lio.s. 

Doren \> A, 8 So-luu a. Bos. 

Doran John, Ga, ^H1. 

Doren Harriet, Cen. 

Dorgan Daniel. Mil. 

Dornerty Henry, 40 a, Cen. 

Dorsev Machine Co, 1 a. Mil. 

Dorsey Michael, C Cy. 

Dorsey Ikos, F Cy. 

Dorsey JJabe. F Cy. 

Dorsey Macliine Co. Mil. 

Dormer Wm. F Cy. 

Dormer Susan M, F Cy. 

Dotv D uid, Kich. 

Di-vty Frank, .Mil. 

Dotv Catharine. .Mil. 

Doty C ^V. Mil. 

Dougherty Ann, C Cy. 

Dougherty l^ros, Jac. 

Dougherty J S and J P. 212 a. Jac. 

Dougherty James. C Cy. 

Doughty Samuel C. Cen. 

Douthitt Robert C. Rich. 

Dougherty Zaddock. i»!t a. Jac. 

Dougherty W H & Louisa J. 30 a, 

Dougan Stiles, lOoj a, C .M. 
Douglass Alexander, C Cy. 
Douglass ^V\a. C Cy. 
Doutliit Ei<hriam. '\Vash. 
Douthit John, Wash. 
Douthit Alice A. Wash. 
I)o\yns Christo])her. C Cy. 
Doyle A\'inat'red. Wash. 
Draper AVm, Jac. 
Drew Mary. 7 a, Ches. 
Drew James L, Ches. 
Driggs ('has, C Cy. 
Driscliell Andrew. C Cy. 
Drischell Elizaheth. 
Drischell Jacob jr, C Cy. 
Drischell Catharine, C Cy. 
Driscliell Daniel, C Cy. 

Drischell John, C Cy. 

Driggs Jane. C Cy. 

Drischell Renj F. C Cy. 

Drischell Eizzie. C ( 'y. 

Drischell Ceo W. C Cy. 

Drischell Jacob. C Cy' 

Drischel Andrew. bU a. Dub. 

Droste Bernard H. Kich. 

Droste ^Vilhelmina. Rich. 

Droyer Sarah, J>os. 

Droyer John. Bos. 

Drudy James. C Cy. 

Druley Agnes, Bos. 

Druley Charles C. Bos. 

Druley "Wm, 342 a. Bos. 

Druley Dennis. 3S0 a, Bos. 

Druley Douglas, Bos. 

Druley Elizabeth, 134 a, Cen, 

Drulev George. Bos. 

Druley John, loua. Bos. 

] )ruley Eeyi F, bu a, Bos. 

Druley John L. iGOa, Bos. 

Druley Jt).seph S, KiO a. Bos. 

Druley Eevi. 344 a, Bos, 

Druley Eevi G, -SO a. lios. 

Druley Nathan S, lou a. Bich. 

Drulv Nicholas ^V. Bos. 

Druly Wm V. 100 a, Bos. 

Dublin Ajricidture Co. Dub. 

Dudly Buih. lb a. Rich. 

Dudley Nathan 4 9ii-l(j<J. Rich. 

Dudley & Thorns. 31 a, Web. 

Duftee Thos B. C Cy. 

Dullee Eliza J, W AV. 

Duliey John, KX) a. W W. 

Dultey Henry N, A\' ^V. 

DulTe'e John.' W W. 

DuGrannet Jno, Mil. 

Dulirannet Geo. Mil. 

Dugan John. C Cy. 

Dugan Rosev, C Cy. 

Dugdale Benj II. WW. 

Dugdale Samuel (;. Rich. 

Dukate John B. Mil. 

Duke James A, Abb. 

Duebel Abram, 3 a, Dub. 

Duke John. Wmsbs. 

Duke Wm A, IVJi a, Wlmsbg. 

Duke J(»hii S. Rich. 

Duke (ieo W, Ri.h. 

Duke Geo W, Rah. 

Duke John. 372 77.1(h» a. Rich. 

Dulan A: Newman. U n") UHia. Rich 

Duly Alex, Hos. 

Duly .Mary C, Bos. 

Dullerrow James II, 4(>u, W W. 

Wire Goods. 

Window Gviurd.s, Wire Sigiib, Store 
Fixtures, Flower Stands, Floral Desitjns, 

Iron ud Wire Worki 



3 patent unlaundered Shirt, "the boss." °-^- i%^ 



Dunbar Thos G, Cell. 

])iinl)ar 8 K, ('en. 

Dunbar Albert H, 100 a, Cen. 

])unbar Albert \> and Jolin A, 40a, 

Dunbar John A, Cen. 
Duncan John, C Cy. 
])uncan Nancy C, C'Cy. 
Duncan John II, Cy. 
Dunj^an Wni, Mt Aub. 
Dungan William, Dub. 
Dunj^an Joseph, Alii. 
Dunham JNlayhue, F Cy. 
Dunham Edwin (), li r)r)-l00a, lUch. 
Dunham Charlotte A, 20 a, Web. 
Dunlap Joseph (', Kos. 
Dunn riohn T, Kieh. 
Dunn oSlichael, Rich. 
Durben Hicks, Wmsbg. 
Durben llennett. Wmsbg. 
Durham,) (), Mil. 
Durham ^\'illiam, I\lil. 
Dwiggins Emeline, V Cy. 
Dwiggins Emeline, 401 a, F Cy. 
Dwiggins Neturah, 1*" Cy. 
Dwiggius Robert jr, E Cy. 
Dwiggins liobert, 140 a. E Cy. 
Dwiggins Samuel, E Cy. 
Dye Elijah, liO.Wi, Abb. 
Dye Ellison. 10 a. Abb. 
Dye James B, 24 a. Abb. 
Dye John, Abb. 
Dye Joshua E. Abb . 
Dye Joshua, 44 85-100 a, Abb. 
Dye IMary, Abb. 
Dye ]\Iargaret, Abb. 
Dye AVilliam B and Mary E, 10 a 

Dyle James B, W \V. 
Dynes A J, 10 a, J^^con. 
Dynes Cynthia J, SO a, Cen. ^ 

Dynes John E, Ecoji. 
Dynes John E. Cen. 
Dynes Silas C , Econ. 

Eadler Leander, i) Cy. \ 


Eagan Michael, Uich. i 

Eagan Clatharine,CCy. 

Eagan \Vm, (! Cy. 

ICagle George, Wash. 

Eagle Thomas E, (t E. 

Earhart Wm H. 

EarFisi)er}j;er Benj, 47 57-100 a. Bos. 

Earlham College, lli.Hi a, Rich. 

Eaton Samuel, 1 a, Ricli. 

Earle Solomon T, Dub. 

E]astman Charles, C Cy. 

J'^aton Almira A, Mil. 

J']aton John (;, C Cy. 

E^aton Ulysses, () Cy. 

Eaton John (;, Mt Aub. 

Eaton John (i, Dub. 

Ebert Einil, C Cy. 

l^Jbert Erank K, (-Cy. 

Eby John W, Milton. 

Eby Elizabeth, Mil. 

Eby James, 717 a, Mil. 

Eberling Lewis, C Cy. 

EbersalCJeorge W, 1 a, Web. 

E^bersal Ann, Cen. 

Ebersol Solomon, 145 a, Cen. 

Ebersol Mary J, 110 a, Ciiu. 

Ebersol George W, i a. Cen. 

Echols ,Chas A, 2i a, Rich. 

Echols David. Rich. 

EchartS E, Mil. 

J'^ckenrode Daniel, Rich. 

Edge John, li^coii. 

Edgerton CE,ECy. 

ledger ton \Vm B, Beth. 

Edgerton Jonathan O, Beth. 

Edgerton Jacob E, i>eth. 

Edgerton Ruth A, Beth. 

Edgerton Nathan, m a, Beth. 

Edgerton Wm R & Jonathan, 51 a. 

E^dge worth James R, Rich. 
Edmonds Thos II, Cen. 
Edmondson Wm R, Rich. 
Edwards Wm,IC G. 

Edwards , biSl a, \Vmsbg. 

Edwards Erank, Rich. 
Edwards Thomas, Rich. 
Edward Casandia 80 a, Rich. 
Edwards Temi)le, 05 a., Econ. 
E]dwards Annniel, 84 a, Econ. 
Edwartls Hcbecca, Econ. 
Edwards Kebecca, Econ. 
Edwards John O, I<](;on. 
Egenbrot ^Villiam, W\'b. 
Eggemevei- riolin, 02 8()-100 a, Rich. 
El hart lienry, 10 G. 
Elhart (Catharine, E(^r. 
Eliason Andrtwv J, 120 a, Cen. 
Eliason Chas C, Cen. 
Eliasou Henry 11, 150 a, Jac. 
Eliason lliMuy (\ 200 a Mil. 
lOliason Joshua sr, 208 a, ('en. 
l<'Jiason , lames C, 810 a, Cen. 
hMiason Joshua, Cen. 
Eliason John M, 104 32-100 ji,Cen. 

The Latest popular Books 

always n| 
oii hand (11 


7129 Main tUrctn. 

Mather Bros. Sell COAL CHEAP. 



Eliason Joshua jr & Mary L, GO a, 

Eliason Joshua J, 100 a, Ceii. 
Eliasou Levi, 820 a, Ceu. 
Eliason Lucian, G F. 
Eliason Lincoln, Jac. 
Eliason Martin, 100 a, Ceii. 
Eliason ]\Iary Jane, Cen. 
Eliason Mary E, 150 a, Jac. 
Eliason Susan, 16 42-100 a, Web. 
Eliason Thomas, 220 a, Cen. 
Eliason Wm il. 100 a, Cen. 
Eliason Wintiekl S, 200 a, Jac. 
Eliason & Jones, 09 a, Cen. 
Ellaberj^er, Ainos, i) Cy. 
EUaberger Henry, C Cy. 
EUeman Isom, 58 a, Web. 
p]llenberger Rudolph, 280 a, IJub. 
Ellenber Jacob, 58 a, Dub. 
Elliott A \V, ^V W. 
Elliott A G, C Cy. 
Elliott Axum S, Dub. 
Elliott A W, 100 a, W W. 
Elliott A B, 10 94-100 a. C M. 
Elliott Abraham W, (i-lOO a, Uich. 
Elliott Calvin ]J, C Cy. 
Elliott Charles L, Econ. 
Elliott Exum. 234 a, Dub. 
Elliott Harmon, Dub. 
Elliott Isabella ]\L C Cy. 
Elliott Isaac K, W W. 
Elliott J abez,C Cy. 
Elliott Jacob, FCy. 
Elliott John E, Dub. 
Elliott John E, Econ. 
Elliott John, 1 a, W W. 
Elliott Mary W, F Cy. 
Elliott ^lary, 87 a, CeiK 
Elliott Huilln, 2i a, Econ. 
I*]lliott Spencer, 80 a, Wnisbg. 
Elliott Samuel, Hag. 
Elliott WinC, !)0i„ a,F Cy. 
Elliott Will Q, C Cy. 
Elliott Win, 18U a, CM. 
Ellis Fllen, Rich. 
Ellis Ira F, Dub. 
Ellis Julius F. 80 a, F Cy. 
i>llis James, Rich. 
Ellis John, Wash. 
Ellis Mary r. Mil. 
Ellis loiter. W W. 
Elvvell Elizabeth, Mil. 
Elwell Hiram, 90 a. Mil. 
Elwood John D, 10 a, F Cy. 
i'^lwooil Levi C, 175^ a, Cen. 
Elwood Wm J, ('en. 

Elwood James 1>, Cen. 

Elstro J Henry, Rich. 

I'hnmerson Mary C, 248 a, Mil. 

]^]nbank James S, F Cy. 

Englebert VV^illiam, Rich. 

Englebert J J B, Rich. 

Englebert Frank J, Rich. 

Englebert John Jos, Rich. 

English ^Vm, F Cy. 

Endaity Melvin, C Cy. 

Endsley (^harles, E (;. 

Endsley Hannah, Eos, 

Endsley Joseph P, ('en. 

Endsley Jane, Cen. 

Endsley James, 84 a, ('en. 

Endsley James, 118 87-100 a. Bos. 

Endsley John, jr, 41 81-100 a. Bos. 

Endsley Jacob S, 205 a. Abb. 

Endsley Jtjlm, jr, 152 a, Abb. 

Endsley Stephen (t, 41 81-100 a, Bos 

J^lndsley Stephen G, 150 a, Abb. 

Endsley William, Cen. 

Enyart \V^ 1^, Jac. 

Enyart Wm B, C Cy. 

Enyart Martha, 100 a, Jac. 

Enyart Thomas M, Jac. 

Eppard John, 80 a, Cen. 

Ei)p Charles, Rich. 

Epps John, 21 a, Ches. 

Epps Wiley 7 12-100 a, Ches. 

Epps James J, 18 a, Ches. 

Epps W E, Web. 

Erk Herman, Rich. 

Erwin Jehiel, sr, 100 a, Haff. 

Erwin Iliel and Sarah E. 143 a, 

Erwin Abraham, Bos. 
Erwin Enoch, 81 a, Rich. 
Erwin Samuel, 100 (iO-100 a. Rich. 
Eshelman lienj, E (i. 
Eshelman Henry. 20 a, Dab. 
]<]shehnan Mary, C Cy. 
Esteb Jacob, 5 a, Abb. 
ICsteb Jacob, 195 a, lios. 
I^steb ('atharine, 210 a. Bos. 
l^Jsteb Maria, 58 a. Bos. 
i^]st(4j Rebecca .fane, 92.i a, Cen. 
I]iinis Fa trick, 51 a, Cen. 
l*innis Falrick. 2^) a. Rich. 
Eubank Harry T, Uich. 
Eubank I'hos, 20 a, F Cy. 
JCubank Norman, \\'vX>. 
Evans Branson, 2 (>1-100 a, F Cy. ' 
Evans I'Ji/abelh, j a. Rich. 
Evans, Ferguson »!<: Reeves, 3 87- UK) 

a, oil mill. Rich. 

T7rriv»ft nr\r\Ac* Chalra and Settees. Summer Hcnises, i W. T. BARBEE, 

VY 11 U WUUILO. Screens, and ull kiud^ of Wire Cloth. 1 iron andWIP^E WOHKS. 


Carpets and Dry Goods "' l^^T'" D. B, CRAWFORD & SON 



Evans Isaac 1*, 14t)i a, Boa. 
Evans Isaac P, 84 72-U)U a, Rich. 
Evans Jonathan C, Kicli. 
Evans Jonatlian 1', Kicli. 
Evans Mary A, 2 80-100 a, F Cy. 
Evans Mary Ann, lA a, ]>os. 
Evans Mary .Vnn, Kicli. 
Evans iMariali, Web. 
Evans iMark, 170 a, Web. 
Evans Tlios, 1 80-100 a, Clies. 
Evans William If, F Cy. 
Evans John C, F Cy. 
Evans Wm U, 11 a, Kich. 
Evans AVm 11, Hos. 
Evans William, Dal. 
Exans William (col), Dal. 
Ewers Viola M, Mil. 
Ewers Jas G, ]Mil. 

Faarll WG.SOa, FCy. 
Fachler Charles, ECJ. 
Fadley (ieorge E, EG. 
Fagan F E, (J Cy. 
Fagan George W , Jac. 
Fahuer John C Cy. 
Fahnly aiid McCrea, C Cy. 
Fait John, Cen. 
Fait AValter L, Cen. 
Fait Catharine 1, Cen. 
Faign Uarman, 100 a, F Cy. 
Falker Chas, Mil. 
Falker Susannah, Mil. 
Falls I N, E G. 
Fallslsaac N, EG. 
Fanning Joseph, F Cy. 
Farland Calvin C, Econ. 
Farley Hugh, C Cy. 
Farlow Wm S, 40 a, Dal. 
Farlow J 11, lOH a, Cen. 
Farlow G and N D, a, Rich. 
Farlow ^Nathan D, SO a, Ki(-h. 

Farlow Eiizabetli. . 

Farlow Lorenzo, Jlag. 
Farlow Stephen, 5 a, Ricli. 
Farmer Henry II, iVAk a, (J F. 
Farmer Hannah, 8^ a, \Vmsbg. 
Farmer Martha, 18 a, Wmsbg. 
Farmer ^lahlon, Wmsbg. 
Farmer Mary L, C Cy. 
Farmer Peter, C Cy. 
Farr James, F C!y. 
FarrellN lI,CCy. 
Farrell Harney, C Cy. 
Easier J T, Rich, 
F;issold I'^li, 1 a, liich. 
Fassold John, 8i a. Rich. 


Faulk Rachel A, C Cy. 
Favorite Chas AV, Hag. 
Favorite Senica, Hag. 
Favorite Susan, Hag. 
Fawcett Mary, \\'ash. 
Fawcett Thomas, Mil. 
Fawcett George, Wmsbg. 
Fawcett Richard, 45 a, Li F. 
Fawcett Mary, 10-l(X)a, G F. 
Fay Jonathan F, Rich. 
Feasel John R, Ros. 
Feasel Frank, Bos. 
Feasel James M,^^ a, Bos. 
Feasel William, OOi a. Bos. 
Feasel Josiah, 74 84-100 a, Bos. 
Felts Shadrick N, lios. 
Fender Henry L, 80^ a. Abb. 
Fender John 11, 8(J a. Abb. 
Fender Jacob, 188^ a, Abb. 
Fender W^m L, 80 a, A bb. 
Fendea^ John F, 81 78-100 a, 
Fennell Joseph, Web. 
Fennell Joseph, 1\ a, F Cy. 
FenniuKjre Wm L, 8 a, Econ. 
Ferber Wm, Mil. 
Ferguson James C, Rich. 
Feiguson Martha R. Kich. 
Ferguson & Wolfe, 8A a, Rich. 
Ferguson Lucinda, C Cy. 
Ferguson licland, l(jO a, JSlil. 
Ferguson Elizabeth. 8 a, ^lil. 
Ferguson jMinrod, UiOa, Mil. 
Ferguson John & Cosburn, 80 

Ferguson Linvelle. Mil. 
. Ferguson Jas N, lAlil. 
Ferguson Martha, Mil. 
Ferguson J no, Mil. 
Ferguson Emma, Mil. 
Ferguson Oliver, Mil. 
Ferguson James, ^lil. 
Ferguson \V F, ^Nlil. 
Ferrill Dominick, C Cy. 
Ferrill Ann, Wash. 
Ferrill David, AVash. 
Ferns Arthur, Rich. 
Ferris \Villiam, l-')7 a. Dub. 
Ferris El wood, (■ Cy. 
Ferris Wm. oO a. Mil. 
Ferris Joseph, Mil. 
Ferris Wm, Mil. 
Ferris Chas, Mil. 
Fetta George ll,i2i>^a, Rich. 

Fetla (4irislian, . 

Fetta Ik'ury, C Cy. 
Fetters (Jharles J, Jac. 

School Books and School Supplies 

at NiCiiOLaON A: BBO. 
'I'AO Mjiin Slroet. 


Louisville and Portland CEMENT mather bros. 



Fetters Juliii J, Jae. 

Fetteis Joseph, Jiic. 

letters Daniel A, Juc 

Piter J allies, Cl'y. 

Fiter John W, Hag. 

Fiiby Jucub, >.lil. 

Filby Win, Alii. . ' 

Filby AnuaM, C Cy. 

FiiR'h Mary C. Uub. 

Fiiilioek J 11, C Cy. 

Fintrock \S in, C Cy. 

Fink Jacob. Ceii. 

Fink Andrew, Alii. 

Finley Julia, li a. Kich. 

Finn Annie. C Cy. 

Finn Michael, C Cy. 

Finnegan Michael, C Cy. 

Finnaron Celia, 14? a. liich. 

Finnernan Tliomas. Kicli. 

Finney Joseph, ±241 a, F Cy. 

Fippe John, C Cy. 

First Aiatl Jjaiik. C Cy. 

First >^at Ixink. Cen. 

Fisher Filward.^^ a, AV ^V. 

Fislier Theodore, o-5 a. \V W. 

Fisher David J. Abb. 

FisherFllis^',^7a, W AV. 

Fisher Fugene B, Rich. 

Fisher Thomas. o-2 i:t5-luua. Bos. 

Fisher Eve. Uoi a, lios. 

Fisher Elizabeth, Bos. 

Fisher Kosalind. Dub. 

Fisher Francis. Dub, 

Fisher Francis A ct Harriet R. Mt 

Fisher Rosalind. Dub. 
Fisher Rosalia A, C Cy. 
Fisher Samuel R. C Cy. 
Fisher David. C Cy. 
Fisher Christian K. Dub. 
Fist Daniel. 12oj a. Hag. 
Fitz Barbara, ^lil. 
Fitzgibbons Fat. Rich. 
Fitzgibbons Henry. Rich. 
Fitzgibbons ^^iichael. Rich. 
Fitzpatrick Patrick, Wash. 
Flatierty >Hchael.C Cy. 
Flannegan I'eter, 4 a. Rich. 
Flaniiegan ^.lary, C Cy. 
ITatley Ann, Rich. 
Flatlev John sr, Rich. 
Fiatley Win J, Ricli. 
Flatley John jr, ia. Rich. 
Fiatley Thomas and Margaret, bo j 

a. Web. 
Fleming Francis M, liUa. Fcon. 

Fleisch Joseph, lou a. Bos. 

Eleicher Enoch. Hag. 

Fletcher ^ladison. Hag. 

Fletcher Elyerh. l)ub. 

Fletcher Xarcissa, C Cy. 

Fliim John, Alil. 

Flinn Ann. Alii. 

ETook Oliver, Mil. 

I'lura Jacob 11, Rich. 

Flora Albert W, 170 a, Mil. 

Fiord Fannie, Ua, Hag. 

Flovd Joseph F, m) a. i'r F. 

Flovd Halleck. o- a, Dub. 

Flovd W E. Dub. 

ETosdF J, Dub. 

FloVd Halleck. Dub. 

Flut John. Ceu. 

FoglellH, Dal. 

Folil John, Hub. 

i'oist Esther, Hag. 

Foist Emma, Hag. 

Folaiid Charles. Dal. 

F"olaiid .Seinnei, Itjo a. Cen. 

Folger B M. Abb. 

FoUen Bridget. C Cy. 

E'ollen Owen, Hag. 

Forbes irorrell. 26? a, C M. 

Forbes Louis, C M. 

Forbes Reuben D. C Al. 

Forbes John M, C M. 

Ford Nathaniel, Dal. 

Ford W illiaiu, Econ. 

Ford J u. Rich. 

Forg \'ioia W, Hag. 

Ford Charles E, Hag. 

FordL J, Hag. 

Forkiier Elizabeth C, 37 7i!-K)0 a, 

Forkner James H. Rich. 
Forkner Lewis. Rich. 
Forest Amos, -U a, Cr F. 
Forrest Amos. Hau:. 
Forrest Enos H. itag. 
Forrest Ann Al, HO a. Hag. 
Forrest Deborah, ^x); a, ihig. 
Forrest I'd ward, 7'J a, Hag. 
Forrest Elias, C Cy. 
Fower Ceorj^'e, C Cy. 
Fosdick i^: Mlivin, C Cy. 
Fosdick E 1'., C Cy. 
I'olsan Esan, Wash. 
Foster .K»hn. Web. 
Foster Nellie M. C Cv. 
Fi>sler Win II. Mil. ' 
Foster Ann. Dul). 
Foster Ciranville, Wash. 

Wire Goods. 

Window Gviard.s, Wire Signs. Store 
Fixtures, Flower Stands, Floi*ul Designs, 

IrcB ul Wir« Wcrki 


YARNS, all colors and qualities, °l2k'SS!fi?r?et°" 



Foster Uacliel M. Wash. 

Foster ISaiiuiel, Wash. 

Foster J E, AV^ash. 

Foster. Thos F, Dub. 

Foster David. Dub. 

Foulke Will 1) c^ Mary J li, 95 a, 

Foulke Will 1), 8i a, Rich. 
Fouike \Viii W, 9 88 100 a, Rich. 
Fountain Francena, Dub. 
Fountain Joliii, adin, Thos Fonn- 

tain est, Dub. 
Fountain Jolin, Dub. 
Fountain (-, Mil. 
Fonntain 8, Mil. 
Fonts C'has C, Ros. 
Fonts Jesse L*28 a, Dal. 
Fonts David jNI, Hag. 
Fouts Martin, llag. 
Fonts JSIary, llag. 
Fonts Samuel, Hag. 
Fonts Isaac, Hag, ' 

Fouts Ueorge, llag. 
Fouts Sarah, 19 02-100 a, llag. 
Fouts James M,i:i 80-100 a, Hag. 
Fonts John M, 38 a, Hag. 
Fouts David, Mary and Jas 

lough, 08 5')- 100 a. Hag. 
Fonts David, Mi) a, Hag. 
Foutz J'atsy, 121 a, lios. 
Fouts Henry (1, 108 ;ij 100 ;i 
Fouts Oliver 11, 20 72-100 a, 
Fouts Oliver, iios. 
Fouts Jeremiah, (' Oy. 
Fouls David H, Hag. 
Fowler James (J, Rich. 
Fowler James, C Cy. 
Fowler Martha, 1 a, C C'y. 
Fowble Stephen, Kich. 
Fowler Elizabeth, loO a, (r F. 
FowJer David, (i F. 
Fowler Joseph, ('en. 
Fox l*:iizabetli. Hag. 
Fox Jesse, Hag. 
Fox Minus F, llag. 
Fox Louis T, Wash. 
Fox Henry A, F Cy. 
Fox James C Oy. 
Fox Samuel D, Abb. 
Fox Jesse, 1 00 100 a, Hag. 
Fox liorenzo J), 81 a, Hag. 
Fox Minas 'i\ 102 a, Hag. 
Fox Henry (', ;;8l a, Rich. 
Foxheait Henry, Ri(;li. 
Foysl (-ommodore A, Hag. 
Foyst Michael, llag. 


. Ros. 

Frame Joseph, Web. 

Frame Jane T, Rich. 

Frances Win, C Cy. 

Francis Maria M, C Cy. 

Francis Thos E, (' Cy. 

Franklin Henry J, 110 a, G F. 

Franklin Robert, 10 a, G F. 

Franklin D M, Mil. 

Franklin Milton, Hag. 

Fraze Renjamin E, liich. 

Frazee Emma, Mil. 

Frazee Henry A & Mary A, V2(>i a, 

Frazee J S, Wnisbg. 
E'razee John If, Mil. 
Frazee Martin, Mil. 
Frazee Mary Ann, Mil. 
E'razee Margie I, i\lil. 
Frazee Anise J. 
Frazier Arthur, Wasli. 
l''razi(!r Abner. Dal. 
Frazier Ezra, I'l^con. 
Frazier George, Dub. 
Frazier (Jeorge. 8-") a, Wnisbg. 
Fiazier Isrial, Econ, 
Frazier James, 17H a. Wnisbg. 
Frazier J Law, 12 a, Ches. 
Frazier Marlin E, \Vash. 
Frazier Margaret, Wash. 
ITazier Mary, C Cy. 
Frazier Maria, Wnisbg., 
Frazier Ann, AVmsbg. 
Frazier Margaret, 7j a, Wmsbg. 
Frazier Rhillip, a, Rich. 
Frazii^r FauleL al, (U) a, Cen. 
Frazier Raul H, 100 a, Ceji. 
Frazier Uachael M, ^Vash. 
Fiazier Simon, Wmsbg. 
Frazi(U" Sabra, 'M a. Econ. 
I'razier Thomas 11, 2 a, Econ. 
I'^ranzman Rhilip. 80 a, E(;. 
French Danders, ."> a. (r F. 
I'rench Eliza, 1 a, (i F. 
French Martha, Wmsbg. 
French Win S, Wmsbg. 
FrencJi Samuel M, Dub. 
I'McMich Henry, Wash. 
I^'reeman l-Ji/alielh. 2OT00 a. Rich. 
Freeman .1 G. \\ insbg. 
i'lceman Wm ii. Ros. 
Freeman Wm, 7o a, F Cy. 
J^'reeman Jane. C Cy. 
i'Mceman S J. C Cy. 
Fiiar J 11, 8 a. Rich. 
Fricker Henry, tiO a. Abb. 
Frisse Ann, 2 a, Rich. 


at NICHOI,SON & BRO. ^,j^^„';!;;!;,\f 


SEWER PIPE Mather' iros. Richmond, Ind. 



Fii(3Sti ILirmon, Ricli. 

Trist Win II, (il 72-UH)a, dies. 

Frist Robert M, Rich. 

Fritz Amelia, Ua^^-. 

Fritz Albert, II u^. 

Fritz Augustus A, Hag. 

Fritz Christian, Hag. 

Fritz Elizabeth, Hag. 

Fritz Julia, Hag. 

Fritz Rebeeea, Hag. 

Fritz Uebeeca, 1 a, Hag. 

Fritz Rudolph, Hag. 

Fritz & I'itiiiau, Hag. 

Frockler Charles, 1 98-100 a, E G, 

Frohnapple Julia, C Cy. 

Frohnapple'J'heodore, C Cy. 

Frost Chas, C Cy. 

Fryar Samuel, C Cy. 

Fryar Samuel, ]'2(^ a, Rich. 

Fryar Samuel 0,11* a, Jlieh. 

Fuelis John, 1 a, Rich. 

Fulghum Ben est, i a, Rich. 

Fulgham Renj, C ('y. 

Fulghum Calvin, 30 a, F Cy. 

Fulgham Chas, C Cy. 

Fulghum Eliza J, F Cy. 

Fulghum Harriet P, 10 a, W W. 

Fulghum James C, 57 a, F Cy. 

Fulghum j^evi C, 80 a, Ches. 

Fulghum Lizzie, C Cy. 

Fulghum Mary, 1)7 i a, F Cy. 

Fulghum Zeora, i a, Reth. 

Fuller Wrn.H a, Rich. 

Fuller James, 10 a. Rich, 

Fuller IMargaret, 5 a, liich. 

Fulton John, ('en. ^ . 

Fulton ]\l A, Cen. 

Fulton Jonathan S, Rich. 

Fulton Abigal, 2 a, Web. 

Funk Catharine, oO a, Hal. 

Funk Henry, Dal. 

Funk John, 7()ii a, Hag. 

i*^nik John W, Cen. 

Funk Martin, 12 10-100 a, Hag. 

Funk Martin, Hag. 

Funk Martin jr, Hag. 

Funk Tobias, 55 (iO-100 a, G F. 

Fiut)er Sarah, Mil. 

Furnas Robert F, 1 a. Rich. 

QiVdT Abraham, 230^ a. Rich. 

(iaar Agnes, Rich. 

(Jaar Abraham, 50 a, Rich. 

Gaar Fielding, 7S 15-100 a, Rich. 

(,aar John, 100 a, Rich. 

(iaar Jonali, Ros. 

lar Larkiii, 198 a, Ros. 

lar Larkiii, 50 a. Abb. 

lar Mary J, 81 04-100 a, Rich. 

liar Samuel \V, Rich. 

lar Wm II, lOi a, K G. 

ible Wm II, 8 a, Abb. 

igen ('has. Rich. 

nhring Joseph, 5i a, E G. 

iiilor (Jeorge, W^ash. 

aines W F, C Cy. 

aiser Andrew, Cen, 

ale (!harles, F Cy. 

amber Jacob, IJal. 

amber Michael, ICcou. 

amber Nicholas, (} F. 

amster \Villiam, Hag. 

amsler & Reed, Hag. 

anard Wm, Dub. :' 

alio Aaron (J. Rich. 

anz Werner, Rich. 

ard Stei)heii, Mil. 

ard Harriet (', Mil. 

ard Daniel, Mil. 

ardner iMary, 85-100 a, Rich. 

ardner Branson, et al, 1 20-100 a, 

ardner B L, F Cy. 
ardner Jillizabeth, F (jy. 
;udner F 1^. F (-y. 
arrity John, 20 20-100 a, Rich, 
arrity Thomas, Kich. 
arnder James, F Cy. 
arnder I'v:- Bros, F (;y. 
arner Anna F, a, Dub. 
ainer Maria l], {) Cy. 
arrett John W. WAV. 
arrett James, Web. 
arrett Harriett, W W, 
arrett James M, F (Jy, 
arrett FAhi, Hag. 
[irthwait IClizabeth, Rich, 
arvin Medora, C ('y. 
arviier Timotliy, C (^y. 
arwood N T GO 48-100 a, Rich. 
ary Henry, 7 a, Rich, 
ary J S jr, C Cy. 
ates(^ A,(3en. 
ates (ieo W, i.\'\\. 
at(!S .Jacol), Abb. 
ates Jacob A , Cen, 
ates Maria, 148 a, ('en. ; 
ates Martha, C Cy. 
ates L C, Cen. 

ates W V, Cen. « 

ause Oscai", C ('y. 
ause Ann, 40 a. Dub. 

'TTfriro Pnnrlc* Chaira and Settees, Svunmcr Ilousea, » W. T. BARBEE, 
VV lie WUULlb. Scroens, and aU kindsjot Wiro Cloth.) iron andWiri; works. 

Dress Goods, Black I FancySilks, ^-i^u^^^ltl?. * 




Giiiise Ilichard P. 1S4 OO-lOO n, Hieh 

Gause Isaac V, 4i a, liich. 

(iaiise Isaac I). 5t a, O F. 

(Jawiii James 11, ITS a. Mil. 

(iawiii Jainos. ')'i- a, C Cy. 

Gaylor Henry. Wash. 

Cxcbhart Win. Ha^'. 

(Jebliart (ico W,lUa, Ihxj^. 

(Jcbhart ( -luistlan. 70 a, Hag. 

Gebhart Susana, 8 a, Hag. 

(Jee rhunes. liich. 

Ciee IMosps, 1 a, Hich. 

(Jee James \V, ^ a, Ricli. 

(ielir Ik^nj, i] G. 

Geisler John A, Hag. 

CJeisler Adam, Hjig. 

Geisler John (), Hag, 

(reisler John C, 2i a. 

(Jellinger BF, C Gy. 

(iellingei- John, H a, Gen. 

Gellinger GhaHes F, ('en. 

Gellinger WH, Gen. 

(ientry Peniielia A, (^en. 

Gentry John. Gen. 

Gentry David, Gen. 

(ientry Thomas, CAm. 

Cientiy Joim M, Gen. 

Gentry AVni H,li;Hi a, (J F. 

George AV^m G, ^Mel. 

Gibbs Andrew J, F Cy. 

(Jibson Samnel F, Hag. 

Gibson John, Gen. 

(iibson Charles, Gen. 

(libharL Andrew, C Cy. 

(Jerman Kvangical, Ilia, Rich. 

(Jerrard Mary A, Dnb. 

(Jether William, Gen. 

(Jettel Emma, C Cy, 

(iettle Adam, Gen. , , '. 

(ietz Jacob, 57 a, Uich. ,, 

Geyer Clarinda, Rich. 

(ieyer David, !) a, Kich. 

Ghant Will H, Dal. 

Gibson Rarllett, Mil. 

(Jibson AVm W, 57 SH-lOOa, Hag. 

(iibson Samuel T, 1)1 S8-I()0a, Hag. 

(Jibson James .M, 571 a, Hag. 

(Jil)S()n iMollie. Hag. 

(Jittord H R, IM'y. 

(iibbs George, F (ly. 

(Jiilord Henry R and Deborah, SO 

a, l>M!y. 
({illert J N, Dub. 
(Jillert Mary, Dub. 
Gillert (Jeo W, Dub. 
(iillerl Joel M and i'hebe J, Dub. 

(Jillart Thomas, Dub. 

Gilhirt Joel Al, Dnb. 

(iillart Rlioda, Dub. 

Gilbert Josiah R, 4^ a, boots and 

shoes. Rich. 
Gilbert Sarah E, 24 04-100 a, Rich, 
(iill Samuel F, Hag. 
( Jillam Nelson, Rich, 
( Martha, [lag. 
(William (Calvin B, () Cy. 
(iilligan MicJiael, G Cy. 
(iilligan Margaret, i) Cy. 
Gillinger .\ndre\v, 10 a, Mil. 
(iilmer Jolin D, CJ F. 
( Jilmer James, G F. 
(;ilmer Sarah A, 07-100 a, G F. 
(iilmer Ann E, 10a, G F. 
(iil)e Wm, E G. 
Gipe Wesley, E G. 
(iilte .\nna, G Oy. 
Gipson Henderson, Abb. 
(Jipson Jelterson, iVbb. 
(Jirton Thos, Ros. 
(Jirton Wm H, Ros. 
Girton Mary J,1'J| a, Bos. 
Giiton Sylvester lOi a. Bos. 
(Jist Jellerson, W W. 
(Jist JamesM,Oa. W W. 
(ilues Sarah xV, (i'JIa, Econ. 
(ilues Issac M, Earn. 
(Huys J M. Rich, 
(iluvs Zelinda .V. Rich, 
(ioad John W, Cen. 
(M)etel Adam, SO a. Gen. 
(Johring Valentine, Hag. 
(Joining .Vndrew, Dub. 
(Jolden Sarah B, 4 ;5(i-100 a, Rich, 
(iolden Wm B, Rich, 
(lolden \Valter B, Bich. 
( Joldman (Caroline, Iv (i. 
(;oldm;in William, E (i. 
( JoKlman Jjcvi, 10 (i. 
(idod John, lOcon. 
(;ood lOlias A, 100 a, Rich. 
(;ood Eawrence, 5 a, Rich. 
(Joodwin John S Hag. 
(jotulman Aaron C, lliO A, GCy. 
Goodn>an .\aron C, G Cy. 
Goodwin Clara, MW. 
( ;oo(lwiii James, Mil. 
Goodwin Charles, Mil. 
(Joodrich W W, Bich. 
(Joodrich Frank 11, Bich. 
( lorden John S, 1 )al. 
(Jordin John S, 171 a, Dal. 
(Jordon Julia, ;U) 4-U)0 a, Web. 

HAVE YOUR MAGAZ1N1']8 BOUND nf MIPHnT^nU 8. PRO '^^^ ^^" 


Everybody buys their COAL of Mather Bros. 



Cioidou Tliuddeus 11 :ind Surah K, 

lOU a. Rich. 
CJordoii Willhim, 2 0<)-lUO a, Kich. 
(iordon Levi, 20 a, Ila^. 
(iordou (ieoift-e C, Cun. 
(iordon h^sther A, Dub. 
(Jordoii (ieo W, Duh. 
(iordon Julia A. Hag. 
(iordsoii Aiuhew J, HO a, Hag. 
(Jorinaii James ^\\ llich. 
(iorinan Alexander, Jac. 
(iornian David L, Jac. 
(iornian John W, ('en. 
(iornian David, Cen. 
(iornian I'alrick. C ('y. 
Gorman Patrick, Dub. 
(iottfried CJeo, Hag. 
(iough Mary (J, (! ('y. 
Gougli Ophelia Sc Co, C ( 'y. 
Goiigh Mary (!, 12 a, Dub." 
(^fould Levi, Gen. 
Gowans iJavid, C Cy. 
Govver Henry. 70 a, Web. 
(iower Peter, 80 a, Gen. 
(iower William, 7 47-100 a, Gen. 
Gower Sarah, OOi a. Gen. 
Grabill Gatharine, Ilag. 
Grabill Geo W, Hag. 
(jtrace Michael, 8o a, Gen. 
Graham David, Rich, 
(xraham (ieo, C Gy. 
Graham Josiah, W W. 
(iraham Jas F, 1 70-100 a, Kich. 
Graham C, 24i a. Rich. 
Graham R G, G Gy. 
(iraham R (i,9r) a. Dub. 
Graham William ii, 80 a. W W. 
(irottendick T \Vm, 4 a, Rich, 
(irave David E, W W. 
(irave Howell, 00 89-100 a. Rich, 
(irave Howell, 240 a, Rich, 
(jlrave J<:)hn, Mil. 
Grave Withan, W VV. 
(irave Vernon D,F ('y. 
Grave William, 100 a, Kich. 
(irave Warner, :;19 ao- 100 a, G AL 
(iraves John 28-") a, Dub. 
Graves Lydia M, 81 a. Rich, 
(iraves Anna, G'(!y. 
Graves Jos G, W W. . ' 
Ci raves David, Hag. 
Graves John, (/ Gy. 
Gray (^has, Mil. 
(iray Gharles 1), Wash. 
Ciray (Charles 1), 5 91-100 a, (i F. 
(irav D S, (- ('y. 

(iray John E, G ('y. 

(iray Elizabeth, Dub. 

(iray James, Mil. 

Gray Isaac i\ Rich. 

(iray James, E (i. 

Gray Joseph, losj a, Mil. 

(iray James, 290 a, Mil. 

(iray Joseph, 80 a, G Gy. 

(iray John J, Can. 

(iray I'inkney, Dal. 

(iray Sarah, W W. 

Green l> D, C Gy. 

(ireen ('harles, Abb. 

(ireen G G, Dub. 

(ireen ('asper. Dub. 

(ireen Daniel, Abb. 

(ireen David A, Gen. 

(ireen lulward, (-en. 

(ireen Elisha and Gran, 95-100, Rich 

(ireen E T, Gen. 

(ireen Eugene, Dub. 

Green G W, Abb. 

(ireen (ieorge W, Mil. 

(Jreen Irene, Gen. 

(ireen John, est, 7 20-100 a. Rich. 

(ireen John H Rich. 

(ireen J (i, Rich, 

(ireen Joiin, Wmsbg. 

(ireen John, Dub 

(ireen Martha JO, Gen. 

(ireen Marion E, Dub. 

Green Rhoda JOllen, F Gy. 

(ireen Susan, ('en. 

(ireen Wm P, Rich. 

(ireen William, 100 a, Mil. 

(ireen William, Mil. 

Green William A, ('en. 

(ireenstreet Glarence M Econ. 

(ireenstreet Jesse, 2;vU a, Econ. 

(iregg Wm H, Rich. 

(iregg Harmon A, Gen. 

(iregg Henry I J, 7i a. Rich. 

(iregg Susan M, 79 ;'.8-100 a. Rich. 

(ireive Ilarnu)n H, Rich. 

(ireisingi^- Anthony, (' (3y. 

(ireisinger Wm, (' Gy. 

(irendyke Thomas, Dub. 

Gresh Henry and H L Jones, 2oO a, 

(iresh Henry M, Mil. 
(iresh Mary Ann, Mil. 
(iresh Leroy, Mil. 
(ireste Henry M, ;i a, Mil. 
(irey Thomas, Hos. 
(irilVui Galvin W, Gen. 
Grillin Reecc E, Mil. 

Wire Goods. 

Window (Juaidb, Wire Si^jfUH. Store 
Fixtures, Flower ytandw, Floral Deaig-ns, " 

W. T. 13ARHF-E 

Iron and Wire Wcrii 




Main St. 



(Jrilliiidiitiriel Dub. G 

Giidiii llobert, C Oy. G 

Grilliii llenj F, (- ('y. G 

(Uilliii Oliver, C i)y. G 

(ailliii jNfary A, G (3y. (i 

(irilliu Ihirriett (' ('y. (j 

Ciiidiii Joseph, 15a, llicli. G 

(a-itlln INlatilda, 80 a, Ceii. (I 

(iiillin Joel, Ccn. (i 

(a-itlith 11 A,Alil. G 

GrJllith M K,iMil G 

Giiflith Abraham, Mil. (i 

(irillilh Jacob, VVnisbg. (J 
(Jritlith Ali'red l\ 7 l!U-100 a, Rich. 

Gritlis and HurkeU, Dub. H; 

Gritfis W h\ W AV. Jh 

Giillis & IJui-kett, lisi a. Dub. 11; 

(Jril'fey John A, Dub. Hi 

Griffey J. A, Dub. Jh 
(iiiffey John A aud Emily, Dub. Ih 

(Ui^-^s II F, Rich. II: 

(irigsby J I\I,iMil. 11; 

Grimes Ghiis, lii<^li. H; 

(; rimes Isaac Al, Bos. ih 

CJrimes James, Ros. Ih 
(himes John P, U'A 94-100 a. Rich. Ih 

Grimes Judith A, IH a. Rich. II; 

Grimes Lucinda, SO ;i, ('en. IR 

Grimes Mary A, Rich. II 

Grimes R(jl>ert, 01 a, Ros. Ih 

Grimes Wm 8, 48 0-100 ;i, Rich. 11: 

Caimes Willi:i,m S, Hos. Ih 

CJriton Ahiry J, Ros. II; 
Griton Sylvester, Ros. • Ih 

Groenendyke N:incy,Dub. II: 

Groves A C, Diib. Ih 

Groves Noroa S, Dub. Ih 

Growell J W, Mil. 11; 

CJovvell ('harles, ('- ('y- Jh 

(iu;ird Joseph T, 142] a. Mil. Ih 

Gudel John, C Gy. Ih 

(Junckle Aaron, \V:ish. Ih 

(iunckle D:ivid, Wasli. II 

Gunckel W II, W;ish. II 

(Uinckle \V;ilter, ii V\ II 

(iunckle Albert JL G F. II 

(iuisinger J;icob, CCy. H 

(Juin N:incy, Ihig. 11 

(Jnyer S;ir;di, U ;i, F Gy. H 
(Juyer Willi;im D, F (!y. II 

(iuyton John D, 18 a, G Gy. H 

(iuyton John I), C Oy. II 

(}uyne-y Ihirrison, (/ M. II 

(Juyney S;imuel 1^, (' M. II 

(Juyncy S;ir;ih, oi ji, (.1 M. II 

(Jwinn b^lihu S, I'Jcon. 11 

witon John D, Mil. 

vvynn Rle:is:int, iioi a, Dal. 

wynn John I), 511 a, Dal. 

wynn Cyrus Ji, a, Eeon. 

wynn hle;is;int, 112 a, Econ. 

wynn John 1), Econ. 

wynn Ihirvey R, Ilag. 

wynn Henry, Ihig. 

wynn ,Iohn R, Ihig. 

wynn Henj;imin F, Ihig. 

wynn Mrs X;incv, Ihig. 

wyim 11 U&V> Fetat,U;Oa,II:ig. 

wynn R & U, liO ;i, Hag. 


i:is (ieo F, Dul). 

las M:irg;iret, C Cy. 

las Rcbecc;i, 00 00-100, Ros. 

las Thonuis, Ros. 

i(;ktad»erg M:iry A, Hag. 

ulley J;is, Dub. 

idley Eydi;i F, F Cy. 

ig:im;in (U)rnelius 8,310 :i, Rich. 

iggerty 8us;tn, IB a, Web. 

dm Joseph AV, 00 a, AV W. 

ihn D E. CCy. 

tin Isr;u'l II, Ihig, 

tin John AV, C Cy. 

lisley Ann:i, Web. 

lisley Alpheus, 29i a, AVeb. 

usley D;ivis, F Cy. 

lisley l):ivid, 00 a., Reth. 

lisley Irwin C, (iO :i, Reth. 

iiishjy ls;i;ic, Web. 

iiisley Jon:ithan, 21 a, AVeb. 

;usley John, 3 ;i, VVeb. 

;iisley Lytlia, F ('y. 

;iisley J\f:irth J, lli :i, F Oy. 

;iisley 8;nnuel, 1 ;i, G F. 

;dderiii:in Alfred, 4A ;i, Ihig. 

;ilderm;in Sc Fester, 85 a, Il:ig. 

ale ls;iiah II, 78 :i, Econ. 

ale 8eline F, 2) 22-100 a, Abb. 

:ile Elmer F, Abb. 

;ileCh;isF, Mil. 

;iler Wm.G F. 

:der Wm V, Ihig. 

:der I);ivid, W;ish. 

;d»MM:iry V, Wash. 

;iley Thos. 00 :i, l!eth. 

:iley Fli/:ibeth, Web. 

;dey L;iwrenco. 40 01-100 :i, Web. 

all J(!sse K,42a. C.M. 

;ill 8l(M>^'<'i» V\ Rich. 

;dl J;is W, llich. 

:dl 8:imuch C Cy. 

The Latest popular Books 

always n\ 
on haiul (11 


7:^1) Main ^stroiU. 

Fire Brick and Clay 





Hall J as W ^lartha A, J)ub. H; 

llallJas W, Dub. 11; 

TIall Julia, C Cy. IL 

llallcsau AVni, C Cy. II; 

Ilalsey \Vm A, (! (^y. IF; 

Ilalsey John, Cy. If; 

Ilalteinian Jacob, 22 a, Mil. II 

nalleiuiau Jacob ]., Mil. II 

Ualy IMartin. Abb. II 

Ilaui lienj, 80 a, Jac. 11; 

Ham Jacob JI, 40 a, Abb. ' II 

Ilanim liachel, Jac. II 

Ilauim (Jeo A, Jac. II 

irauiedElizabctb,C Cy. II 

llamed Abner B, C (^y. II 

Hamilton Norval W, U a, Con. II 

Hamilton Patrick, 01 a, Ccii. H 

Hamilton (Ukis, rieth. H 

Hamilton JAl, Web. II 

Hamilton Noival W, Ihi, ^Veb. II 

Hamilton Oscar, Jac. II 

Hamilton Arthur, Mil. H 

Hamilton Robert, Mil. II 

Hamilton Emma E, C Cy. II 

Hamilton AVm,C(^-y. H 

Hammell Elizabetli, C Cy. II 

Hammell Henry, C C!y. H 
Hammond J as and Sarah, 25 84-100 H 

a, Dub. II 

Hammond Thos and McGrew, 8 20 H 

100 a. Dub. H 

Hammond Thos, 110 a, C Cy. H 
Hammond Jas, 04 100 a and lis IJ; 

lots, CCy. H; 

Hammond J as, Dnb. H; 
Hammond Thos and J 15 Mc( ircw. IL 

Dub. H; 

Hammond Thos, Dub. ih 

Hammond Jas, Dub. 11; 
Hampton Malihjn. 122 90-100 a, II; 

Rich. H; 

Hampton Jane, 50^ a, Web. 11 

Hampton Jacob I), 7vSi a, Rich. H 

Hampton Jane. 2H] a. Rich. II 
Hampton J jcwis, 71 80 100 a, Rich. II 
Hampton Mahlon, 1!) 70-100 a, Rich, il 

Hami)ton J Dimhaui, Rich. H 

Hampton Arthur W. H 

Hampton l^Walina, 80 a, AVnisb^'. H 

Hampton Jacob, V Cy. H 

Hampton Wm M, F ('y. II 

Hana^'an David, Cen. II 

Hanaj^an Sarah, (iO a, Econ. H 

Hanegan Henderson, Ecou. II 

Hanegan S, 40 a^ Wmsbg. II 

llaner Eredk, Rich. H 

aner David, Rich. 

liner John, Dub. 

lines Amos, 80 a, Cen. 

Linor Martha A, 24 22-100 a. Abb. 

aiig Andrew, C Cy. 

anjj^ley Catharine, C Cy. 

angley Thos, C Cy. 

ahnbarj^^n" Jacob, C Cy. 

annijig- \V, Rich. 

anson Zimri, Dal. 

auson Jas, lios. 

auster L S, Web. 

anstetter John, Rich. 

arding Wm 1', C Cy. 

ardiii Harriett. Dul>. 

ardjji K D. Dub. 

ardman (Jabriel. 100 a, Hag. 

ai'dmaii Uenj, 70 a, C Cy. 

ardman Eli, 70 a. Hag. 

ardwick John \V^ Wmsbg. 

ardvvick Ceo VV. Wmsbg. 

ar(hvi(;k' Petcn- W, Wmsbg. 

ardvvick Martha, (i-l a, Wmsbg. 

ardvvick John, (lO a, Wmsby. 

ardwick Peter, (ioa, Wmsbg. 

ardwick IClizabeth, (' Cy. 

araho 1>, Cen. 

arker Agnes, C Cy. 

arlan Joseph (J, WA a, Beth. 

arlan Jas P, 148 40-100 a, Beth, 

ailan Nathan, r)U a, Beth. 

arlan David. 21 a, Beth. 

arlan John P. 05 a, Beth. 

arlan Milton M, 80-100 a Beth. 

arlan Elmer N, Beth. 

arlan .Sl Wiley, Beth. 

ailan Stei)lien. I>eth. 

arlan Pee, W W. 

arlan Clark, lieth. 

armon Jonathan O, Abb. 

an ley Nancy, (i F. 

arnish Jacob, i'] (i. 

arper Saninel, C Cy. 

arper Jas .\ , C Cy. 

ariinglon .Si, llili^y, 40 a, \V^ W. 

arrington Timothy, 100 a, W W, 

ariangton Timothy, 8i) a, F Cy. 

arrington James, l-' Cy. 

airington Dennis, C Cy. 

airiuglon Chas \V. C Cy. 

arrington Uebecca J, Dub. 

arris Sarilda, Dal. 

arris Wm H. Dal. 

arris (ieo B. 40 a. Cen. 

arris Oliver, W W. 

arris Angcline 0, 10 a, Web. 



FACTORY FLANNELS for SKii'ts anil Sfilrts at 

528 Main St. 


Harris I'liompsoii, ;5S7 a, ^Veb. Hartley Geo jN\ F Cy. 

J larris Newton, Web. Ilartly John M, Jlag. 

Harris Jas, Web. Hartman l''rederie;k, 82 a, Mil. 

Harris John M, O II. Hastini2,s Aaron, ho a, I\Iil. 

Harris 1> L and A M, .'>;U a, (J F. Hartman Sampson, Aiii. 

Harris liianson S, 1;H) a. (J F. Hartman ^Viison, Mil. 

Harris Allen, 5(is a, llieli. llartzior Frank, (Jy. 

Hariis Daniel et al, 4:; a, (I F. llartzler Elias M, E G. 

J larris Daniel W. 458 a, CJ F. Harvey John (J, 120 a, Cen. 

Harris Henj. 12 9M00 a. Rich. Harvey Galeb J, 280 a, Cen. 

Hariis, las 1]. liicli, Harvey JMary, 77 a, Web. 

Harris John S, 170[ a, II aj^-. Haivey Abner, Web. 

Harris J-awson 8, 115 llag. Harvey William Wth. 

Harris Judah iM, Wmsbg-. Harvey Alfred, Web. 

Harris Jesse D, AVmsbg. Harvey Mary A, 48 a, Rich. 

Harris Pleasant W, \Vmsbg-. Harvey Anna, 01-lOOa, Rich. 

Harris Allen M, 2771 a, Uich. Hasker Milton 13 and E i), Rich. 

Harris Oliver R, 100 a, Wmsbg. Haskins Henry, G Oy. 

Harris lien], 220 a, Wmsbg-, Haslam Elizabeth, 100 a, Hal. 

Harris Elizabelh, 80 a, Ros. Haslam William, .So 07-100 a, Dal. 

Harris Abraham, loO a, F Cy. Haslet Ann, 21 00-100 a, F Cy. 

Harris John S, 100/ a, F Cy. Hastings E R, ar, ;i, Mil. 

Harris Daniel R, :-:'> a, F Cy. Hastings I'^lias R, C (,'y. 

Harris Juda M, 22 a, F Cy. Hastings W'm E, C Cy. 

Harris Addison, 1()0 a, F Cy. Hastings Jennie F, Hub. 

Harris T^lary E. F Cy. Hastings Aaron, Did). 
Harris Thompsoii, IM'y. '. ' Hastings John N, Dub. 

Harris Addison 11, E C>y. Hastings Michael, Hag. 

Harris John S, F Cy. Hastings Sarah A, Hag. 
Harris Jjavina, W'ash. ' Hathaway J M, Mil. 

Harris John, Dub. Hathaway Ira, C Cy. 
Harrison liafaytitte. 2"- a, Reth. ' Hathaway Abraham, 7U a, Mil. 
Harrison Eal'ayette and Abram Hathaway H C, Hag. 

Willy, 05-100 a, IJeth. Hathaway L M, Hag. 

Harrison Thos, Rich. Hatlield Moses. 101 a, G F. 

Harrison Timothy, 8 a, Rich. Hatlield Wm S, 10 10-100 a, G F. 

Harrison Naomi W, Rich. Hatlield Oliver J, G F. 

Harrison Susan R, Rich. ... Hatlield James F, 25 a, Dub. 

Harrison Charles, Mil. Hatlield J F, Cen. 

Harrison Margaret, C Fy. Hatlield Wm S, Wash. 

Harriman S I). 2(;47 luOa,, Rich. HatlieUl Moses, Wash. 

Harrold ('yrus N, Rich. Hatlield James E, Dub. 

Harrold Adam, C Fy. ilaris Geo W, Cen. 

Harshbarger Isabel, 80 a, Hag. Havens \Vashington, Uich. 

Hart John C. Cen. Hawkins James, Cen. 

jrart'J'imothy, Uich. Hawkins John, 21t) a, liich. 
Hart John W,02a,i}os. *■ Ha,wkins David, Rich. 

Hart Jamea, :;20 a, Bos. Hawkins Nathan, 22.i a. Rich. 

Harter Eevi,o:ia, Dal. Hawkins N M, 110 80 100 a, Hich. 

Harter John W,51 a, Dal. llnwkinsJohn M, 75 a. Rich. 

Harter Lewis W, Dal. Hawkins Eindly, (K) 80-100 a, Ric 

Harter Josepli L, D<il. Hawkins Wm fl. Rich. 

Harter Hilly, Dal. Haw kins William, Uich. 

Hartcn- Jacob, (M;y. Hawkins Eros, Ki 


Harter Jjcvi, C (]y. Hawkins Eevi, KMcii. 

Jlartu]) Grant, Eos. Hawkins Oliver, Rich. 

Nicholson a Bro. ./uat./J^'ll;- Office Supplies, ''^^' 

Sunday Creek Ccal n 

atU^Bros.. RiCllDlOllJ, M, 



Hawkins John II, llich. 
Ihiwkins lleniy, Rich. 
Hawkins Stephen, iiich. 
Hawkins Wni, Hub. 
Hawkins James A, Hag. 
Ilaynes Hora, Dak 
Haynes Newton, Abb. 
Haythorn Edward, 38-100 a, llich. 
Haytliorn Ann, ITj-loo a, Rich. 
Haythorn Wni, Hag. 
Hayes Alexander, 103 a, Hag, 
Hays AVilliani, U a, Ricli. 
Hays Isaac H, Hag. 
Ha>s JNlark, oHi a. Hag. 
Hays Estlier A, 23 80-100 a, Hag. 
Hays Rebecca, Oi a. Dub. 
Hays Jeanette, 5 a. Hub. 
Hays Tlieodore, Dub. 
Hays W H, Cen. 
Hays Mary E, Cen. 
Hays Jordan, (J Cy. 
Hays James, C Cy. . ' ■ - 

Hays Amanda, Wash. 
Hays Rebecca, Dub. 
Heacock Daniel, 80 a, JNlil. 
HeacoclcDaniel, C Cy. 
Heacock Miles S, Dub. 
Healey Andrew, 17 a, F Cy. 
Ileaston Daniel 1 67-100 a, Dal. 
Henson Solomon, Rich. 
Heathcoat Celia, Dub. 
Ileaston Jefferson, Wash. 
Heath Arden, Abb. 
Hebble John. Mil. 
Heble Link, Jac. 
Heck Emory, Mil. 
Heck Clem, Cen. 
Ileilbrink Garrett A, 40 a, Cen. 
Heiney Moses, 05 a, Hag. 
Heiuey Jacob, 80 a, Hag. 
Heiney Abraham, 80 a, Hag. 
Heiney Jacob, 11^8 a. Hag. 
Heiney Abraluun, 347 a, Hag. 
Heiney Elizabeth, 1 a, Dub. 
Heiney J^eaii, 12 a, Dub. 
Heiney Samuel, Dub. 
Heiney Susannah, Dub. 
Heiney Noah, Dub. 
Heiney John, Dub. 
Heiser Abraham, 18 a, Dub, 
Heiser John, Mil. 
Heiser Jacob, Cen. 
H<!ist rlacob, 120 a. Dub. 
Heist Hallie, K (i. 
Heist Henry, 1] (J. 
Heist C-atharine, E (1. 

Ilellams William, Cen. 
Helle Martin, Mil. 
Helm Albert, AVmsbg. 
Helm Wm J\[, AVmsbg. 
Helm Lurana, Wmsbg. 
Helms James, C Cy. 
Helms Michael, 8U a, Abb. 
Helms James R, 80 a, Abb. 
Helms James G, 120 a, Abb. 
Helms Isaiah, 223 a. Abb. 
Helms Eucy, Abb. 
Helms Joseph S, Abb. 
Helms Henry, C Cy. 
Helmsing \Villiam, lOi a, Cen. 
Henby Eli, 74 a. Dub. 
Ilenby Jesse, Dub. 
Henby Ellen, Dub. 
Henby Thomas, Dub. 
Henby Gulidman, Dub. 
Henderson Wm C. r>eth. 
Henderson N P, Reth. 
Henderson Elam, Rich. 
Henderson Martha J, Cen. 
Henderson AVashington, 80a, Cen. 
Hendershot Isaac, Cen. 
Hendershott Rebecca jM, Cen. 

Hendershott Geo, lo 45-100 a, Jac. 

Hendricks I^lizabeth, 2i a, Rich. 

Hendrix E W, Rich. 

Hendricks Francis, 175 a, IJos. 

Henley Samuel, 90 a. Rich. 

Henley John, U a. Rich. 

Henley Alva J, Rich. 

Henley John, 80 a, Rich. 

Henry Alphonsis, Rich. 

Henry Patrick, Rich. 

Henry Frank, Rich. 

Henry John A, Hos. 

Henry Oliver S, Eos. 

Henshaw Caroline, 02-100 a, Ches. 

Henshaw Mary, Wmsbg. 

Hensley Isaac, M\\. 

Henson AVarren,Cen. 

11 en wood W G, Abb. 

Henwood Frank, Abb. 

Heuwood Stephen, 1591 a. Abb. 

Henwood J S, 80 a, .\bb. 

Henwood K'ebecca, 2(i a. Abb. 

Henwood Simon and Rebecca, 1(>8 
a, Abb. 

Hepp Christian, i a, liicli. 

Herberber Peter, Mil. 

llerbst Abigail, l)ub. 

Herbst A S," Dub. 

Herbst Martha I), Dub. 

Ilerr Christian S, 1.50 a. Dub. 

lion Shutters, BalconieH 
Bunk Work, Aro5i RallinRH 
Flttintfa, Ornaui'tl Uoof 

iSrSis i W, T. BARBEE Iron M Wire Works. 

Crotitinti'.s.' ) LAiA-imt, inuiana. 

Gents' Suits made to Order, 

D. B. Crawford &; Son 
528 Main St. 




Ilemiiigton S P, C C'y. 
llersch'lield John II, Rich, 
llertsel Suinuel T, Ceu. 
lltuinaii Kobert H, ]jos. 
lleiiiKiii yinion T, 18 u, iiicli. 
Hess Diiniel, Mil. 
Iletriek Klizabelli D,o2 a E U. 
Iletiick Eliza J, Dub. 
Hess Oliver, E Cr. 
Hervey Tlios. llicli. ■ 

lliatt Edith, Dub. 
Hiatt Jordan, Dub. 
lliatt I'lances, J)ub. 
lliatt ^Margaret L. Cy. 
Hiatt Ellen T, C Cy. 
lliatt O, C Cy. 
lliatt Albert, Mt Aub. 
lliatt INIaig-aret L. Mt AuIj. 
lliatt Albert, Dub. 
lliatt ^largaret, Dub. 
lliatt iSIargaret S, Kich. 
Hiatt Riley, 82G iiO-iOU a, Clies. 
Hiatt Linden. 40 a, Econ. 
Hiatt Oliver E, 80 a, J^eon. 
Hiatt Daniel AV, 80 a, Eeon. 
Hiatt Wni, 80 a, Eeth, 
Hiatt Rachel, i a, Reth. 
lliatt Elihu, 119 a, Reth. 
Hiatt Adam R, 75i a, Reth, 
Hiatt Mary, Reth. 
Hiatt (ieo V, Reth. 
lliatt Oliver M, Reth. 
lliatt Anna Maria. Dub. 
Hibbs Thos sr. C Cy. 
nibble David, 80 a. Mil. 
llicivs Abiiah,G E. 
Hicks Michael, G E. 
IHcks John, ir V. 
Hicks Anna, 11 71M00, (i E. 
Hicks John, .Mil. 
Hicks Harrison, Mil. 
Hicks Reason, \Vash. 
Hicks Wni J, l)iib. 
IHcknuiu Erank, Abb. 
Hickman ^Vm, Mil. 
Hieronimous Alary J, U-) a, C M 
llieronimous Johii NV, ECy. 
Hieronimous Wni A. i>eth. 
Higgiubolham AHce M, Mil. 
Higginbolliam Eewis !•', .Mil. 
Higgins Jas E, Reth. 
Higgins S(juire, Beth. 
Highaui Wm, Mil. 
Highley ICnoch. C Cy. 
Higgs (Jeorge, U a, Ricii. 
Higgs Thos, Rich. 

Hill Albert It, 108 a, Rich. 

Hill Aarou, Mo a, Reth. 

Hill Adam, 100 a. heXh. 

Hill Rcnj, 221 a. Rich. 

Hill Clayton ^V^ Rich. 

Hill Edward K, Rich. 

Hill Ezra E, ot a. Rich. 

Hill Enos, 174a, Rich. 

Hill Eranklin, 80a, ECy. 

Hill Eranklin W. Rich. 

Hill (;eo W. Rich. 

Hill Harry C, Rich. 

Hill Henry E, Rich. 

Hill Jesses, W W. 

Hill Jas (col), Rich. 

Hill J, 2 a, Econ. 

Hill Jacob, Reth. 

Hill Kittridge. Rich. . 

Hill EoydK, Cen. 

Hill James N. Cen. 

Hill .Mary E, Rich. 

Hill Miles, 48i a, Reth. 

Hill Mary C, Dub. 

liill Ncdhan, 84 a, Reth. 

Hill Sarah J M, Mil. 

Hill Sylvester, \V AV. 

IHll W ni, E Cv. 

Hill ^Vm S, Rich. 

Hill AVm S. Uich. 

Hill Wm, b8a, Eeth. 

Hill Whitenel, 152 a, Reth. 

HilK'v: Curtis, ECy. 

Hill & Ckiw.son. 10 78-100 a. C .AE 

HillanThos, Dal. 

Hiller Henry, Dub. 

Hindman Archibald (rE. 

Hindman .Mary 10, (i E. 

llindmau (;eo"^(i and Mary E, 17-j a. 

Hindman AVm 11, Hag. 
Hindman Wm 1. lias;-. 
Hindman Arcliibald K, Hag. 
Hindman (ieo (i H;ig. 
Hindman Mary E, Hag. 
llinebangh Samuel. C Cy. 
lliiU'S Eorina, a. Dub. 
nines Idi/a. 80 a. Dab. 
Ilinings David. Md. 
Iliid^le AU.n/o, C Cy. 
H inkle Ceo, C Cy. 
llinshaw Ehilander, .Mil. 
llinslKiw Jas M. Ches. 
nines Wm, Rich. 
Uin.^haw .\rchibald. Wmsbg. 
llinshaw Alon/.o, C Cy. 
Hiuson Catharini' E,2a, Wmsbg. 

All kinds of BLANK BOOKS 


Louisville and Portland CEMENT 




iliiitou Leo W, ^Vmsbg. 

Hire Fredk, Cen. 

Hire ^'aiicy, 14^ a, Cen. - •- 

Hiser Lavaiiiia M, C Cy. 

Hittle Henry, liiO a. .Mil. 

IHtLle c:harity, 120 a, Mil. 

Hockett Addison P. 2-1 a, Web. 

iloekett AVarnerM , 77 a, ^^ eb. 

Hockett Zimii, 5U a. Dal. 

Hodgin Emily C C, 2 a, Rich. 

Hod^in John ( ■, 2-5 a, Rich. 

Hodgin do.^seph X, o 3j)-1(mj a. iJicli. 

Hodgin Rachael, 2 a, Rich. 

Hodgin Cyrus W, Rich. 

Hodgin Amy, Rich. 

Hodgin Wni M. Rich. 

Hodgin Xathan. i>9 a, Beth. 

Hodgin Jesse, F Cy. 

Hodgin Emma. C Cy. 

Hodson J M, 47 a, Web. ' 

Hodson Wm, (i F. 

Hodson John M, 3 a, F Cy. 

Hodson Henry A, C Cy. 

Hoflinan Jacob F, Dub. 

Hoffman. F E. Dub. 

Hoifman Frank E, Cy. 

llotfman A Z, Mil. 

Hoffman iiarbara E, 79^ a. ^lil. 

Huffman Jacob V, 43 a, Dub. 

Hoffman Michael, 5 92-lUO a. (x F. 

Hoffman Eli M, U a. Rich. 

Iloffmaii A X, Rich. 

H oilman Emily A, AV^msbg. 

Holadav James; Dal. 

Holaday .Mary, Dal. 

Holcome Santtord, Ecou. 

Holcroft James, 48 a, Rich. 

Holdeman Alfred, Hag. 

Holder Levi, Hag. 

Holderman Rebecca, Hag. 

Holegin Thos, Rich. 

Holland Elizabeth, 50 a, Rich. 

Holland Jasper, trustee for Wilsons 

est. Dub. 
Holland Sc Brown, Dub. 
Holland Jasper, Dub. 
Holler Hannah J, 7o a. Bos. 
Holler Caswell, Abb. 
Holt (ieo W.Bos. 
Holler Obadiah, 41 a. Abb. 
Holler Hannah J,bOa, Abb. 
Holler Elizabeth, Abb, 
Holler Jacob, (12 a. Hag. 
Ilollingsworth Chas H, ilh^ a, Dub. 
ilollingsworth Marcus J, Dub. 
Hollingsworth Jos R,Dub. 

Hollingswortli Jolm, C Cy. 

HollingsAVorth John. Mil. 

Ilolluway Wniil. Mil. 

HollowellD C, Mil. 

Jlollowell A C, C Cy. 

HoUowell Jos, C Cy. 

Holmes John W. GO a, Beth. 

Holmes Margaii't, 30 100 a, Beth. - 

Holmes John \V\ Is a, Rich. 

Holmu.i Emily T, 10 a. Rich. 

Holmes Mary M,10 a, lUch. 

Holmes 8arah E, 10 a, Rich. 

HohuL'S Marv J, 47} a. Rich. 

Holmes Alice V, 24 10-100 a. Rich. 

Holmes (Jeorge, Abb. 

Holsenger .Minerva, Dub. 

IJolscnger Eeandcr, Dub. 

Ht)lton Thornton, 3 a, AV" W. 

Holton Isaac, Alii. 

Hurmer Edmond ±\ Cen. 

Hood A J, C Cy. 

Hood Charles and Laurich, Dub. 

Hood lillmira Jane, Dub. 

Hood Laura S, Dub. 

Hood Jennie, Dub. 

Hook Wm, F Cy. 

Hoover Andrew, 120 a, (r F. 

Hoover Andrew M, Rich. 

Hoover Alice, C Cy. 

Hoover Adam, Hag. 

Hoover Christian. Mil. 

Hoover i)avid, 212 iil-100 a, Rich. 

Hoover Daniel D, Hag. 

Hoover Eli D. Hag. 

Hoover Elius AL 120 a, ILig. 

Hoover tieo M, hO a, Dal. 

Hoover Ceorge F, Cr F. 

Hoover Geo W, 132 a, C F. 

Hoover Ceo B, 100 a. Hag. 

Hoover lienry D. Hag. 

Hoover Henry, 37 a, Jac. 

Hoover Horace, C C>^. 

Hoover Henry H, Mil. 

Hoover John, I8ba. G F. 

I hoover John D, lou a. Hag. 

Hoover Jacob, loO a. Hag. 

Hoover Jefferson. Hag. 

Hoover Jacob H, Hag. 

Hoover Jv)hn, I U a, Jac. 

1 looser John, C Cy. 

Hoover Lewis, (i F. 

Iloovt^r Lark in, (J F. 

Hoover Larkin et al, 400 a, Hag. 

Hoover Larkiu *fc Matilda, 320 a. 

Hoover Lurkin, Mil. 


Dress Goods, Black I PancySilks, gja^MS'n^gt'rte'f 

O. B. Crawford Sl Son, 



Jloover Milton (J F. ' 
Hoover Mury K, Hag. 
Hoover Owen V\ 17:5 a, (r F. 
Hoover Owen P, 'iS'lk a, Jac. 
Hoover Ivebeec^a, \Vash. 
Hoover Silas. VSA 85-100 a, U F. 
Hoover Thomas 1, Hag. 
Hood Zerelda, '1 a. Jac. 
]Iopi)er l{i)l)ert, Mil. 
Hopkins Sarah A, Dub. 
Hore ^largaret. ('en. 
IJorine Lanson F, Hag. 
Horine ('has F. Hag. 
ilonnan Hose, F Oy. 
Horniel ('. J, Web. 
J lorn Arthur D. 100 a, IJeth. 
Horn Josea, Rich. 
Horn N^alentine K. Rich. J •' . 
Hornady William A, l)elh. •■ 
ilornaday Raid, Ros. v. 

Homer R M, Rich. 
iR)rney Jesse. KiO a, Cen. ■ 
Horney Henry, (r F. 
Horney Rebecca, (} F, 15(; a, (t 
Horney Jesse, o-l a. Rich. 
Horney Sarah li, lU ;i. Rich. 
Horney Sarah R el al.oO a, Ricii 
Horney Isaac Y . 7ii HI loi) a, Ri 
Horney Alliert, Rich. 
Horney Fdward J, Rich. 
Horreli Thomas W, m a, Rich. 
Horrell James C,Rich. 
llort Thomas b], SYl a. (.'en. 
Hort William A, Cen. 
llort Lucinda, Cen. 
Hort John \V , 5i) a. Ros. 
lloshour Fiancis F, C Cy.^ 
Hoshour R J. Mil. 
Hoshour Sanniel H. C Cy. ' 
Hosier A M. Jac. 
Hosier Henderson, KiH (>VluO a. 
Hosier J.ewis H, Iso slI-Iuo a, J 
Hosier Henry O Mil. 
Hosier Henderson, Mil. 
Hottendorl' Charles, Dub. 
Houck (icun-^e. \h\\ a. Cen. 
Houck Mary, Ceii. 
Houck John, ('en. 
Houck John W, Cen. 
Houck Mary, Cen. 
Houck (Jeorge, Cen. 
Houck Thos J. Dub. 
Hough Dovelas, KiO a,, Cen. 
Hough Thos C, 2A a, F ('y. 
Hough Addison, F C-y. 
Hougli Rennal, RCy. 





Hough Moses, F C. 
Hough ]*]lizH, F ('y. 
Hough Fmuia, F Cy. 
Hough Daniel. F (', 
Hough Flark L, F (Jy. 
Ht)user Jacob II, Hag. 
Houser Ceo W, Hag. 
Houser Abraham, Flag. 
Houser Nancy. Hag. 
Hanser Daniel. Hag. 
House worth \i \V. ^Vi\. 
Housher(; W, Dub. 
Houstan Wm, C Cy. ■ 
Houstan C J5, Cen. 
Howard Adam, G F. 
Howard and (irnbbs, 8A a, Rich. 
Howard Rebecca, 4 a, Rich. 
Howard Sarah, 8U-1U0 a, Rich. ' 
Howard Wm A, Rich. 
Howard Richard. Jac. 
Howard Isaiah. 174 a, CCy. 
Howard (Jeorge, C Cy. 
Howard Alvin. C Cy. 
Howard Joseph. C('y. 
Howard Isaiah R, C Cy. 
Howard Anthony, C Cy. 
Howarth John R, Rich. 
Howe Mary L, lii!^ a, Ci F. 
Howe Mary S, 18'ii a. Jac. 
Howe William J. o7i a, Jac. 
Howell Farkin,-10a, Dal. 
Howell Amelia, ])al. 
Howell John, Dal. 
Howell Alon/o, Dal. 
Howell James, KK) a, CCy. 
Howell Wm,CCy. 
Howell Alary L, C Cy. 
Howell Jose))!), Dal. , 
Howes C R. Rich. 
Howes J l^^^' R. Rich, 
llulen Henry, Dul). 
Hul)cr John". Ros. 
lluber Henry T, Mil. 
Hubcr Henry, lt> a, R G. 
Hubbard Jane, F Cy. 
Iliiddlcsttm Alphens, Dub. 
Huddlcston Amos, Dub. 
Huddlcston Amos. C Cy. 
Huddlcston .\lb(M-t. Dub. 
Hu(hllcstou David. Dub. 
Huddlcslon l-'.mily A. loi a. Dub. 
Huddlcston Henry, 70J a, Dub. 
Huddlcston Isaac, Dub. 
Hu(ldU'st«)n Ji>nathan, Dub. 
Huildlrstou John (s Dub. 
Huddlcston Levi, Dub. 

School Books and School Supplies "' 

NKniOl.aON &. BRO. 
I'JA) Main Street. 


— AT — 

Mather Bros. 

Richmond, Ind. 



Tuddlestoii Martin L, C Cy. 

luddlestor Rolliu, iJiib. 

luddlestor Sarali A, Dub. 

luddleston SolDinoii, Dub. 

Iiiddlestoii Susannah, Dub. 

ludley Thomas P. Kcon. 

luff ('yius, TtO a, Cen. 

luff Hiram. 135 a, Cen. 

luff Elizabeth, Cen. 

luff Hiram, 40 a, G F. 

luff (^Tus, 80 a. Jac. 

lulf l):uiiBl jr, 7oa,FCy. 

lulf Sc Osborn, F Cy. 

luff Daniel jr, F Cy. 

lulT Hob B, F Cy. 

luff ON, FCv. 

ruff Levi C,FCy. 

luffman Tobias, o2 70-100 a Ches. 

loffman Solomon, (>4 oO-lOOa. Ches 

Toffman Mahalia. 87-100 a. Hag. 

loffman Sylvester F, 2? a, lla'4. 

loffman ]Niichael, 14 a, Wmsbg. 

loffman Frank, Jac. 

loffman T V, C Cy. 

loffman Mahala, Hag. 

lughs Evan, 140 a, C C. 

lughs James, C Cy. 

lughs Indiana, Dub. 

lughs J M, Dub. 

lughes Chas A, Hag. 

lull Sarah, FCy. 

lull Wm, FCy. 

lull Cornelius, F Cy. 

lullertson Q II, F Cy. 

luls Henry, Bich. 

lumburg Edward, ]Mil. 

lunt Anna, Rich. 

lunt Alexander, Rich. 

lunt Al II, Rich. 

lunt Andrew, 100 a. Abb. 

lunt Renjamin J, 178 a, Bos. 

lunt R J, Abb. 

lunt Rranden E,Yv^ ^V. 

lunt Caswell .M, 40 a, Dal. 

lunt Calvin C, 122 a. W W. 

lunt Charles, lOo a, Abb. 

luntC A. Abb. 

lunt (^.larissa C Cy. 

hint Charles, Dub. 

lunt Elizaljeth A , 2 a, \V W. 

lunt l^mily, 1 a, ('lies. 

lunt Eli/a A. llli a. Abb. 

lunt Ellsworth R, Abb. 

lunt EW, Abb. 

lunt I'klward, Mil. 

lunt Elizabeth, Hag. 

Hunt Francis M, F Cy. 

Hunt Isatic E Al)b. 

Hunt Horace, ^Ve^). 

Hunt John, 8 a. W W. 

Hunt Jesse T. 88 a, W W. 

Hunt Jesse, 111 a, ^V W. 

Hunt Josephine W, Econ. 

Hunt John F. H3Va, Rich. 

Hunt Jesse, Rich. 

Hunt John, Rich. 

Hunt Ja(;ob. Cen. 

Hunt John F, C Cy. 

Hunt Jonathan. :\iil. 

Hunt Julia A, Mil. 

Hunt Jno \V. AHl. 

Hunt Eemuel, 20i) a, Econ. 

Hunt ..evi. 275 80-100 a. Abb. 

Hunt :Mary R, oH a, Dal. 

Hunt '\Ia)y l']lizabeth, 8 a, Rich. 

Hunt Mary C. 4U a. Abb. 

Hunt ^Nlaria E. a, C Cy. 

Hunt Martha R. Cen. 

Hunt Mary A. Dub. 

Hunt Nelson A,50a, W W. 

Hunt Noah S, 41 a. W W. 

Iliuit Newton S. 202 a, Abb. 

Hunt N J, Dub. 

Hunt Ferry ^1. loH a, Cen. 

Hunt Phillip F, Rich. 

Hunt Rudecii. 100 a, Hag. 

Hunt Rhoda A, ^^lil. 

Hunt Thomas, UlS a, Cen. 

Hunt Thomas. 18 152-100 a. Rich. 

Hunt Vollcv D, a 82-100 a \V W, 

Hunt William. 80 a, W W. 

Hunt Wm :\l.218a, AVmgsb. 

Hunt W^m, Mil. 

Huntington .lames H, Abb. 

Huntsinger Heiny. Jac. 

Iluntsinger Jacob, Hag. 

Hurst Jacob D, f'con. 

IHust Ciiarles, Econ. 

Hurst. Mary R, 17 a. Econ. 

Hurst Perry, 82 a, Econ. 

Hurst Elijah. ;}01 a. Mil. 

Hurst Cyrus O. 404 a. Mil. 

Hurst i:mm;i A. 120 a. Mil. 

Hurst William. 420 a, Mil. 

Hursl i:ii/abelh, 41 a. Mil. 

Hurst Janus M Mil. 

Hurst William J. .Mil. (Charles. Mil. 

Hurst Joscpli 1). Mil. 

Hurst William H. Mil. 

Hurst Eraid.', Mil. 

Hurst Sarah, Mil. 

TTrri-v^Q Pnn/^c* Chairs and SottetiS, yuninier HouHes. t W. T. BARBEE, 
VV lie UOUUb, Screens, and all klnd^lot Wire CUoth. 1 ihun andwire works. 


T-A-i^E'Txi E ■ ; I 

Grand RAPiDs:MBDiANA Railroad 




And other delightful health and Summer Resorts 



And the Celebrated Trout and Grayling Streams, 
Beautiful Uakes and Grand Forests of 
' this Famous Country. • 

The Waters of Northern Michigan are unsurpassed, if equaled, in 
|f the abundance and great variety of Jish contained. /,- 

lirook Trout abound in the atreams, and the famous American 
Giayling is, found only in these' waters. ' ;* ^ ; 

The Trout Season; begins May 1 and ends September i. The Gray- 
(■ ling Season opens June 1 and end8\Xovember 1. " .['^i • . • <> 

'} Black Bas^, Pike, rickerel and Muskalongue also abound In large 

numbers in the many lakes and lakelets pf this territory. :Vi,\.. .jv;,' 

Take your Family; witii you. 'JThe scenery bf the North Woods and 
and Lake9 is very beautiful. The air is pure, dry and bracing. ,- ^ 

The climate is peculiiirly beneficial to those suffering with Hay Fever 
and Asthmatic Affections. ^ :., ' ,:; ^ / 

New Ilotels,- with all modern iinprovements have been erected, as 
well as many extensive additions tojthe older ones, which will guarantee 
ample accommodations for Jtll. < ■ V ' "• • , \^ •- , 

The completion of this line to Mackinac City, forms tlu^ most direct 
route to MaQkiuae/ St, Jgnace, and in connection .with the "Detroit, ] 

Mackinao & Marquette U. U., to Houghioii, Hiumook, Mnninottc, Ne- i 

gaunee, L'Anse, and all points In the Upper IVnlnsula uf Mithifiun. ^\ 

During the j season Hound Trip Excursion Tickets will be sold at j 

Low Rates, and attraptive train facilities, ollered lo Toiu'ists and Sports- ,'| 

For Tourist's Guide, Time ('arda and Folders, giving "full informa- ! 

tion, address ' r ir ^ "i 


■ ':■:,'..■■;:;'.''■■: ^^\. r.''' , i, <l^u»'ir;m, AKt-ut, (Jiinul H;iv>'«t'^, ^li^'l>' \ 



\ ^ ^^^ Established In I860. ^^^ ; ^'^^ t 


ihdlesaIe®Retail Book House 


They stillLead in every thing pertaining, to a 

^ .J^P^aH Paper & Guraih 

R J Yl) E P a"R T M E N T <^ ;; .^^^^^ 

fs in an elegant room separate from their general stock]^ 


SGh00l;and. MisGellane0a6::.B00k^, 

They keep a large stock of Fancy Gift Goods for Wedding* Presents, &c. 

Their 'store has Jong been recognized as headquarters in 
Richmond for' elegant Holiday Kipods. r-: 

CPict iires I Art i Ma t eri al s. 

They keep constantly in stock thousands, of feet of Picture Prame " 

f HoukUng3,-4Ud make a specialty of. Framing Pictures 
' . ■ in any styl^ desired. 

"Our Book Biierf'MiPaper Box Facton 

^AreA'ery complete; -By irieans of lm[n-oved mach'inery and skilled woik- 
'"inen we can successf ully.compete >vith IJindevs in oni: large cities bolli in 
jtyle of^woA and piice.VBlank Hooks made to order, Magazine? Boun^l. 

Nichoison" & Br6.1^??,J^ow?^l^^^^^^^^ 

Carpets and Dry Goods 

at 528 Main 


D. B. CRilf FORD & SON 



Huston Piiul, Mil. 

Hustoii Will F, Dub. 

ITussey Henry, Mil. 

Ilussey Victoria V, 131 a, Mil. 

Ifutcliins AnuE, 1 10-100 ;i. Wnisbg 

llulchins \V^as]i,70i a. ^VlllHl)^^ 

Hutchins Treinont, 40 a, (^]cou- 

irutchiiis James M, Rich. 

llutciiiiis James. 105L L'con. 

Ilutehiiis Ira F. 40 a, Econ. 

Ilutchins Steplien, 74 a, CJ F. 

Hyde Eli, IJeth. 

Hyde Hannah, 2 a, \V AV. 

Hyer Frank, Dal. 

Iliff Geo 15. Rich. 

Ililf Lida 4, Rich. 

Hlyes Mary, 19 a, Mil. 

Inimel John, Abb. : ; 

Ingeinan Jackson. C Cy. 

Ingeniaii Henry, C (,'y. 

Tnj^ermaii John, 110 a, C Cy. 

In<?erman Andrew, C Cy. 

Inp^ermMii Henry, IH!) a, C Cy. 

Iredell Sarah S, 5'J a, Rich. 

Iredell Sidney D. 4 28100 a. Rich. 

Iredell Ellis, Rich. 

Ireland A A,4Gia. WW. 

Ireton Thomas, 07 a, Bos. 

Irvin Oliver M, Mil. 

trvin Albert, Mil. 

Irvin Harrison, C Cy. 

Irine FredericI:, Mil. 

Irvin John N, 80 a, Web. 

Irvin Henry M, 70 a, Wei). 

Irvin Amanda, Web. 

Isaac William, 5 bMOO a, Mil. 

Isome \Vm, Dub. 

Ives Joseph T, loo 27-100 a, Rich. 

lyers Mary, E G. 

Izor Henry, 05 a, Ceii. 

Izor John! Mil. 

Izor Joshua D, Mil. 

Izor ]\hugaret, Mil. 

Izor Susaniiaii, Mil. ■ 

Izor Sophia., Mil. "'■ ■ 

Izor Charles, Mil. 

Jackson Anna M, 100 a. Ros. 
Jackson Acksum, W W. 
Jackson AlltMi, F Cy. 
Jackson Anna. J, 7'1 a, F ('y. 
Jackson Allie J, Rich, 
Jackson lienjamin, llapj. 
Jackson Charles I'\ 170 a. Con. 
Jackson C/has A, C ('y. 

Jackson Chas, Cy. 
Jackson ('aroline, C Cy. 
Jack-son Caleb B, 7^ a, C Cy. 
Jackson Elma, 10 a, F Cy. 
Jackson Joseph W, 4(i8 a, Cen 
Jackson Joseph jr, lOi a, Cen. 
Jackson Joseph E. W W. 
Jackson James I^ewis, Rich. 
Jackson John W, C Cy. 
Jackson John, Dal. 
riackson Lydia., C Cy. 
Jackson Lemuel H,'F Cy. 
Jackson L;d"ayette, 10 a. G ¥. 
Jackson J^afayette, 241 a, Cen. 
Jackson Mary E, C Cy. 
Jackson Richard, Hag. 
Jackson Sadie G, 27 a, Cen. 
Jackson F jr, Cen. 
Jackson Thos E, Cen. 
Jackson Wni M & Anna M. i 

a. Rich. 
Jacobs John S, Christiana <Sc 

E, 11 Li a, EG. 
Jacobs I'ldwaid (i, 4(j 48-100 a, 
Jacobs John S, E (}. 
Jacobs Sampel, 100 a. Mil. 
Sacol)S Samuel W, C Cy. 
Jacobs Leones, C Cy. 
Jacobs (yasandra, -I'f a, E G. 
James E F, 5 a, Rich. 
James Almira, i'i a, E G. 
James Sarah J, Hag. 
James John F, Hag. 
Jameson C^ary, l\ieh. 
Ja,i<iesoii Eliza, Hag. 
Jaminson (} F, E G. 
Jaminson Henry T, E G. 
Jamison Win i'], Econ 
Jamison & Forter, Econ. 
Jamison Geo W,37 a, Oil. 
Jamison Henry T, sy a, E G. 
Jamison Henry, 40 a. Mil. 
Januing Wm L, lo a, Abl). 
Jarboe Henry J jr, Oo5)4-lOOa 
Jarboe Henry J, 127 a, Jac. 
Jarbo John 11, Cm. 
Jarrett Elizabeth L, Rich. 
Jarn'tt Daniel est, h IS loOa, 
Jairelt S IJ, Web. 
Jarrett Jv)nathan, ,V)i 
Ja.rrett J M, Web. 
Jairelt James M, lOo 
Jarn^t \Vm, Abb. 
Jarrett H T, Abb. 
Jarrett Maiy, Cen. 
Jasper Jo.seiih, Rich. 

M ary 
E G. 

. Jac. 


1, Web. 
I, Abb. 

HAVlil YOUR MAGA'/iIISfK3 BOUND nJ Minnnf^niVl V. llPfl '^'-^^^ ^*''*" 

Sunday Creek Coal .H-,f/T<;V-'«,-,-»., RJcliinoM, M' 



Jiiy Alice II. 125 a, Web. 
Jay Dewitt 0, 7 a, AVeb. 
Jay Dayton, AVeb. 
Jay Edwin, Uicii. 
Jay Francis D, SU a, ^VnlslJl••. 
Jay Henry, AVeb. 
Jay James, AV AV. 
Jay Joseph AV, 2 a, llich. 
Jay Lydia 0, Dub. 
Jay Mahala, Rich. 
Jay iM C. C Cy. 
Jay Hlioda]SI,Dub. 
Jah Warren K, WAV. 
Jav William, 83 a, AV AV. 
Jeffries Wrn C, 121 a, Ikth. 
Jeffries ^lary A, Ches. 
Jeffries J P, 128 a, (Uies. 
Jeffries A S. U9^ a, Piich. 
Jeffries William 0. ol 1 a, IJeth. 
Jeffries Abraham D, ir,4i a, Peth. 
Jett"ries Manslield, W AV. 
Jeffrey Perry L, 40 a, F Cy. 
Jeinison >Vllen N. ifag. 
Jemison Penj, Jfau". 
Jeniison AVeller. lla^-. 
Jemison ('atherine, Hag. 
Jenkins John, Dnb. 
Jenkins Dempsey, Dub. 
John Francis. Dub. 
Jenkins Phillip, 210 a, ^lil. 
Jenkins Phillip, 270 a, xVbb. 
Jenkins Amassa, 18G a. F Cy. 
, Jenkins Amos, 'M) a, AV^eb. 
Jenkenson Amasa, F Cy. 
Jenks Frederick, Hag. 
Jenks Sarah, Hag. 
Jenks Alfred, C (^y. 
Jenks Amelia, C (-y. 
Jennings Nathan ]\I, E G. 
Jennings Luther, C!en. 
Jennings Martha M, 80 a. Wmsbg 
Jennings ANllliam, llicli. 
Jessnp Thos U, C Cy. 
Jessup John A. Hos. 
Jessnp Thos, 32 42-100 a, Wmsbg. 
Jessup Ann, 100 a, Wmsbg. 
Jessup Sarah, llich. 
Jessup Arthur, Web. 
■ Jessuj) John Web. 
Jastes JSewul S, Ibtg. 
Jewell Parmelia, 12 a, Rich. 
J(!well John D, Econ. 
Jervis Wm, llich. 
JewettP P., Hag. 
Jewett Sovenah J, Hag. 
Je welt John jr, 11 ag. 

Jewett John J. 70 a. Hag. 
John Almira, ^lil. 
John Elizabeth M, Mil. 
John John, .Mil. 
John Oliver, Mil. 
Johns Robert, Dub. 
Jolmson Amos L. Mil. 
.Johnson Clark, Rich. 
Johnson (Iharles, Rich. 
Johnson Catliarine, AVmsbg. 
Johnson l-hnesly, 'vi a, Peth. 
Johnson I'^lijah, 80 a, Wmsbg. 
Johnson E/.ekiel AV. 80 a. Wmsbg. 
Johnson J^^mily R, Wmsbg. 
Johnson Elmer L, Mil. 
Johnson (ieo W, Econ. 
Johnson Hannah, F Cy. 
Johnson Henry, Dub. 
Jolmson Horace B, Dub. 
Johnson James A sr. ^Vmsbg. 
Johnson James A. Wmsbg. 
Johnson J W, F Cy. 
Johnson John A, Hag. 
Johnson Jeptha, Hag. 
Johnson Lydia S, 40 a, AVmsbg. 

Johnson Lemuel R. C ('y. 
Johnson Lewis DA) Cy. 
Johnson Luther S, F Cy. 
Johnson Levi C, F Cy. 
Johnson ]\Iontgomery, C Cy. 
Jognson Mary, Dub. 
Johnson J'lioenix. C Cy. 
Johnson Rachel. Dub. 

Johnson Samuel, 115 a, AVeb. 

Johnson Samuel, 200 a, Mil. 

Johnson S J, l>os. 

•Johnson Saniuel, Mil. 

Johnson AVm W, 79 a, Wmsbg. 

Johnson Wm A, IMil. 

Johnsonbaugh Fli/., C Cy. 

Johnsonbaugh l^li/,abeth, C Cy. 

Johnsonbaugh Henry, 77 a.ilag. 

Johnston Oscar. Hag. 

.Johnston M T, Cen. 

Jolliff Jojm, i'^Ci. 

J oil iff l-:ienora,E(.J. 

Jones Aaron, (- Cy. 

Jones A i;. .Abb. 

Jonos Abi.jah, Rich. 

Joni's Alice iAI. 28 a, hMch. 

Jones Anna M, 30 a, W W. 

Jones Albert, ('en. 

Jones Albert U. Cvu. 
• Jones Abram, Mil. 

Jcuics Andrew, Hag. 

Jones IJenjamin, Cen, 

Iron Shutters, BalconloH, Gratin^TB, 
Bank Work, Area Hailinf?a, Stabl 
fitting's, Ornam'tl ]?ool' Cresting 

^■5:1 W. T,BARBF,E iron and Wire Woits, 

^ii.' ) LAI AVLll L, INUiA.NA. 




Main St. 



Jones CliJirles, C Cy. 
Jones (/hibniii S, Cen. 
Jones nias \V D. 20 a, ('en. 
Jones (jasper .M, 2h a, Uicli. 
Jones Cynlliia. Ixieh.. 
Jones Calliarine, Bos,. 
Jones Cliiistine, Dub. 
Jones l"](lniund, :;u a, Abb. 
Jones Eli/abt'th, Abb. 
Jones E (i, C/Cy. 
Jones Kdwai'd, .Mil. 
Jones Emily, (• Cy. 
Jones EtUia A, Dub. 
Jones E M. Uos. 
Jones Eerdinand, C (!y. 
Jones Erancis .M, jNlil. 
Jones lliiani L, Mil. 
Jones Isaac-, Oen. 
Jones John K, ('en. 
Jones J M, Vy. 
Jones James M, Cen.. 
Jones Jost^pli. llicli. 
Jones John ]1, Cen. 
Jones John (T,Cen. 
Jones Judith A, 9'.)i a, Cen. 
Jones John L, Rich. 
Jones Jesse K, luo a, C M. 
Jones John K, 235 a, Abb. 
Jones Jeziah 11, AV W. 
Jones Levi M, lo a. Rich. 
Jones Lueinda 11, o7 a, Cen. 
Jones EN, Mil. 
Jones ^largaret, Dub. 
Jones Moses, Dul). 
Jones Matilda, JNIil. 
Jones Mary, M:ii a, ('en. 
Jones Morris, Mi> a, ("en. 
Jones Martha A, ()5 a, ('en. 
Jones Mary, 2:i 22-100 a. Abb. 
Jones (' J, C Cy. 
Jones Parker, C- (3y. 
Jones Euth, ('en. 
Jones llobert, ]5os. 
Jones .S S, Cen. 
Jones 8usan,!f a,. Cen. 
Jones Sylvester 11, } a, Uich. 
Jones Sarah, li i>. Rich. 
Jones Thos R, Cen. 
Jones Relu'i-ea, (' Cy. 
Jones Wjn H, biO a, Wmsb^. 
Jones \Villi:uu II, K C. 
Jones Wilson, Dub. 
Jones \Vm, Dub. 
Jones W D, Mil. 
Jones WaUer, Mil. 
Jones Walter II J,CCy. 

Jones Wm ('. Rich. 

Jones \Varren .M, VMi a, Cen. 

Jones AVm il, Rich. 

Jones Wm II, O3 a, Cen. 

Jonet & (iresii, .Mil. 

JouesE jNI &Co, Mil. 

Jones ^ Atkinson, Mil. 

.Joidon Renona R, 50 ;;o-l()0 a, Hag*. 

Jordon Ceo M, 48 a, Econ. 

Jordon (ieo M, 17 a, Dal. 

Jones J limes, W W. 

Jordon John W. 1()<'> a. Econ. 

Jordon John W, 20S a', Dal. 

Jordon Sarah 1% 111 a, Econ. 

Jordon Thomas J, 108 a, Econ. 

Jo](lon Wm R, 154 a, Dal. 

Jordon Wm 1), KiT a, Dal. 

Jorden Wm E, W W. 

Jorden Wm J, W W. 

Jordon W S, 104 a, Dub. 

Joy EydiaC, Mt Ab. 

Joyce John, 4i a, (' Cy. 

Judd Thomas, bio a, Wmsbg. 

Judkins J W\Mil. 

Judkins J \y,Rich. 

Judy John, 2;:; 40-100 a, Web. 

Julian Melton R, 5 a. Dal. 

Justice Malinda K, C Cy. 

Justice Erancis M, Rich. 

!|<ain William. Rich. 

Kale William If, 10 85-100 a, Rich. 

Kamt/ John, Mil. 

Kane Joseph, ('en. 

Kanker Seno, Jac. 

Ivapski (Jhas, Rich, 

Eiirt'h I'eter, CeJi. 

Karch Sarah, Abb. 

Kareuy Chas, E Cy. 

Kattan <S: Knster, 80 a, F Cy. 

Kautman J (i. Dub 

Kaul'man Mary. C Cy. 

Kaulman Mary .^ J (J, 14 a, Dul). 

Kaulman Sarah 12 a, Mil. 

k'autmau Jacob, I a, Mil. 

Kaid'man Willard 1), Hag. 

l\aurm;in Anu)S, I40;>(5-100 a, Hag. 

Kavaiiy. Chas, U a, E Cy. 

KcMgh Henry W, Hag. 

KcaU'V Retcr, C Cy. 

Keagy John, Hag. 

Ke(!lcr R W, (Vai. 

Keely Rdward, Web. 

Keever Moses. 811 a, Dal. 

Keever John C, 80 a, Dal. 

Ki-eveu Mary 10, 8S|t a, Dal. 

The Latest popular Books o,wS al 


720 Main t-trcta. 

Louisville and Portland CEMENT 

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Keever Barthena, 14 a, Dal. 

Keever Win D, Dal. 

Keever ife CJoggsluill, 34 a, Dal. 

Keever Jackson, Dal. 

Keever W^illiaiii, Dal. 

Keever Marcus, Dal. 

Keever Theodore, Econ. 

Keever KUen, 8i a, Hag. 

Keever JNliles, JIag. 

Keever INIichael, lUOa, F Cy. 

Keever Jason, F C5^ 

Keever John 11, C Cy. 

Keever Seneca, C Cy. 

Keever Abraham, C Cy. 

Keever Joe Lee, C Cy. 

Keever Frank, F Cy. 

Keiser Daniel jr, Hag. 

Kt)iser Henry, Hag. 

Keiser John, Hag. 

Keizer Daniel, 145 a, Hag. 

Keiser John, 8 a, Mil. 

Keizer Louisa J, 90-100 a. Hag. 

Keiser George, HO-lOO a. Hag. 

Keiser Elizabeth, 4 1^2-100 a, ling. 

Kellogg I F, iSIil. 

Keller Fred, Rich. 

Kelley James, C Cy. 

Kelley Hannah, Cen. 

Kelley Michael, Cen. 

Kelly Benj G, Dub. 

Kelly Thomas, Bos. 

Kelly Michael \V, 15os. 

Kelly Thomas, Cen. 

Kelly Patrick, Rich. 

Kelly John, } a. Rich. 

Kelly Catharine, 8r,-i00 a, Rich. 

Kelsey George, iMil. 

Kelsey Martha, Dub. 

Kelsey Richard, Dub. 

Kelsey Thomas, Dub. 

Kem Josei)h, i)2 a, W'eb. 

Kemmer Julia, C Cy. 

Kemmer AV^m, Dub. 

Kenmer AV'arren, Dub. 

Kennier Thonuis, Dub, 

Kemp John M, Jieth. 

Kemp Anna M M, 100 a, Beth. 

Kemp Benj A and John M, 89 a, 

Kemp Daniel, Rich. 
Kenq)ton John, 1012 a, Cen. 
Kempton Wm, etal. 100 a, (-en. 
Kem])ton .John L, ('en. 
Kemi)t()n Joscjth M, ('en. 
Kempton Wni L, Dub. 
Kendall Jane, 100 a, (/lies. 

Kendal Michael, 51 a, Ches. 
Kendall Margaretta, et al, 41 00-100 

a. Rich. 
Kendall Susan. C Cy. 
Kendrick Eli, ling. 
Kenley Nathan II, ;>0 a, Ricli. 
Kennedy Joim, 40 a, lieth. 
Kennedy ('assius R, 21 a, W W. . 
Kennedy Michael, Rich. 
Kennedy John W, 40 a, Wmsbg. 
Kennedy W C, 10 07-100 a, C Cy. ' 
Kennedy William, C ('y. 
Kennedy, Winnie, C Cy. 
Kennedy John, C Cy. 
Kennedy ISlartin, C Cy. 
Kennepohl B A, 30 a. Rich. 
Kennepohl Frank, Rich. 
Kenny Jolni, Rich. 
Kenny Daniel, Wash. 
Ken worthy Eli, 130 a, AVeb. 
Kenworthy Jesse est, 12 29-100 a, 

Kenworthy Mary E, Rich. 
Kepler Chas B, HO a, Cen. 
Kepler Andrew T, 07 a, Cen, 
Kepler Julia A, 4(5 a, G F. 
Kepler Mahala, lOi a. Rich. 
Kepler Julia, 37 a, Hag. 
Kepler Andrew F, 50 a, Jac. 
Kepler Orestus A, 207 a, Jac. 
Kepler Feter, 07^ a, Jac. 
Kepler (Jeo T, 247i^ a, Jac. 
Kepler Alonzo B, 210 a Jac. 
Kepler John, Jac. 
Kepler John H, 120 a, C Cy. • 
Kepler John H & Alice, C Cy. 
Kepler (ieorge T, 75 a, C Cy. 
Kepler L*eter, C Cy. 
Kepler I'eter, C Cy. 
Kepler Angeliue, C Cy. 
Kei)ler John, C Cy. 
Kepler (Jet) F, (' Cy. 
Kei)ler Fi'ter, E (J. 
Ktipler Andrew T, HaR. 
Kepler A T, OSA a. (i F. 
Kei)linger Jacob, Rich. 
Keplinger Theresa. Ml Ab. 
Kep|teid)erji;(M' Jacob, Rich. 
Kcirber Christian, S<) a, Mil. 
Kerlin James F. 152:'t a, Ches. 
Kerliu I'^lijah, 290 a, Ches. 
Kerlin Josenh, Ches. 
Keiiin Sarah A, (' Cy- 
Kerliu Sarah. C Cv. 
Ken Barbara M, Mil. 
Kerr Thomas J\l,(i F. 

ViT^ysn Hr^-^An Chairs and Sottet'S. ^•unu^)e^ llouseo, » W. T. DARBEti, 

VV il c UrjUU.o. ycroenfi, aiui ah kindait.i Wiro Cloth. I inon aspWhu wohk;,. 

YARNS, all colors and qualities, °lagSS!.°l?rtof°'^- 



Kerr Caroline F, I Vug. 

Kersey Kicluiid W, loi a. Uicli. 

Kersey Sarah A, C'en. 

Kershner B 1\ C Oy. 

Kershiier O G, C Cy. 

Kertiii Joiiii, 1^74 a, Mil. 

Kessler Fretlericlc. 

K ester Henry, Uich. 

Keys John, (.'en. 

Keys »\: Means, C'en. ' • - 

Keys Geo, CCy. 

Keys Ann. C Cy. 

Keys Sarah A. Hag. 

Keys Frank, Hag. 

Kidd Henry S, 1G5 a, Mil. 

Kidwell James. Hag, 

Kidwell Mary,'l4.^ a, Hag. 

Kiger John, S a, Wmsbg. 

Killer Sarah C, CCy. 

Kilmer Hannah, 50 i a, J3os. 

Kihner (Jeorge, 13os. 

Kihner Eli, 1)(js. 

Kimble Snsannah jr, (hrs), i a, 

Kimball Oliver H, Econ. 
Kimble Hannah A, 110 a, Econ. 
Kimbrongii Thonias, Hag. 
Kimes A\'illiani C, loO a, iJag. 
J^imes II il, Hag. 
Kimes W C & \l H. 202 a, Hag. 
Kinmiell iSlicliael, 83 a, G F. 
Kinnneli ('atliarine, -18 a-, Hag. 
Kimmell (Jeo & David, 103 a, Mil. 
Kimmell Joseph. 90 a, Mil. 
Kimmell William, 100^ a, Mil. 
Kimmel (Jeorge, JNlil. 
Kimmei Lorenzo, iMil. 
KimmelJAV, Mil. 
Kimmel Jos, C Cy. 
Kimmel Lonisa J, C Cy. 
Kimmel Daniel, (' Cy. 
Kimmel Viola, (' Cy. 
Kimner ValeJitine, C Cy- 
Kimner Jaeob, (' Cy. 
Kimnir Catharine, Dub. 
ICincade David (i, Cen. 
Kinderman J 11. C Cy. 
Kindred John, C Cy. 
Kine ]\Iartin. C'en. 
Kines im,(M'y. 
Kinestllattie E, Econ. 
Kinest Charles, Econ. 
King Leviniis, 121 a, Hicli. 
King William, ISO a, AVeb. 
King Elijah (J, 51 a, Web. 
King C^harles, Web. 

King AVm Albert, 100 a, ^Veh. 

Kijig Edward, 35^ a, AVeb. 

King William. 400 a, Web. 

King Amanda J, 53 bO-100 a, AVeb. 

King Dean, 08 a. AVeb. 

King Caleb W, 00 a, Web. 

King Absolom J>, 107 a, Web. 

King John C, Cen. 

King Jo?ei>h L, Cen. 

King W W, Cen. 

King Josei)li S, Cen. 

King Joseph J & Surah J, 80 a, Cen 

King AV'illiam, 222a, Cen. 

King Maria, 240 a, Cen. 

King Eorenzo 1), 215 a, Cen. 

King Jose[)h lieirs, 100 a, Cen. 

KingC W, 309 a, Cen. 

King James C, 115 a, Cen. 

King Mark P, 57^ a, Cen. 

King John K, 1(50 a, Cen. 

King Isaac Y, 125 a. Wmsbg. 

King Mary E, AVmsbg. 

King Edward, 42 a, O H. 

King Clinton. AVmsbg. 

King AVm F, Cen. 

King Elizabeth, ('en. 

King John C, Cen. 

King Jackson, Cen. 

King John E, CtMi, 

King Harriet, C Cy. 

King Lorinda J, Dub. 

King Sarah, M, Duh. 

King Ed a\. Dub. 

Kinlen John W. .Mil. 

Kinky Margaret, 1 a. Dub. 

Kinley .Minnie. 2 00-100 a. Dub. 

Kijdey Setli, Dub. 

Kinley John (.', 7 a, Kicli. 

Kinsey Mary i\ Mil. 

Kinsey Isaac, Mil. 

Kinsey Isaac, 50Sl a. ^lil. 

Kinsey John C F, 1 a, lios. 

Kinsey Martin, 119^ a, Hag. 

Kinsey Lewis, 199 a. Hag. 

Kinsey Thos E, Kich. 

Kinsinger Joseph. ISO a, iMil. 

Kinsinger John, Jac. 

Kin/inger. Godh)ve F, Hos. 

Kii)hnger Theresa. Dub. 

Kirby Mrs, C Cv. 

Kirby Albert, Kich. 

Kirby Oscar W, Uich. 

Kirby Kdward. est. 70 a. \\\c\\. 

Kirbv Hannah E, 10 a, Uich. 

Kirby O and .\. 23i a, Itich. 

Kirlin James, Mil. 


Mather Bros. Sell COAL CHEAP. 



Kiiliii Thonuis, IMil. i- 
Kirliu Oinar, ^lil. 
Kiik ('liailes \V, llich. 
Kiik Lester A, Jac. 
Kiik A II, ('en. 
Kiik Mahlou C, C Cy. 
Kiikiiiaii James M, Rich. 
Kirkiuaii Jonalliaii, >Viiisbg. 
Ivirkiuaii John, Wnisbg. 
lviiki)atrick David L, 10 a, IJich. 
Kirk wood Sarah 0, Cy. 
Kirkwood Jell'erson. C' Cy. 
Kirkwood Wni .M. C ('y. 
Kirkwood ThosB, Mil. 
Kirn IVter T, 1 a, Rich. 
Kirn Edna M et al, -J. a, Ricli. 
Kiser Wnill, C Cy. 
Kiser John. Ila^'. 
Kitterman Solonian D, 180 a, Cen. 
Kitternian ISIarinda C. V2 ii. Cen. 
KiUernian Solomon. 80 a, Cen. 
Kitterman Kunias, 70 a, Cen. 
Kitterman Leroy, 50 a, Jac. 
Kitterman Calvin, 40 a, Jac. 
Kitterman Ephriam, 14o a, Jac. 
Kitterman Solomon, 80 a, Jac. 
Kisar Tiitopolis, Econ. 
Klehman I5ernard. Hich. 
Klehman Erederiok, 3 8-100'a, llich 
Kleiber Josepii C, 200 a, Mil. 
Klieber John, Mil. 
Klieber Ed W, Mil. 
Klingenliagen Emma, C Cy. 
Klin<?eniia^^en Wni, E G. 
Klingenha<^en Mary, E Cx. 
Klotz Rrotiiers, .Mil. 
Klotz AVasliington,Mil. 
Klotz Lonis, ^lil. 
Klotz Erederick, ]\lil. 
Klotz Henry. 80 a. Mil. 
Knapp Violetta, Hag. 
Knapi) Inez. E, Hag. 
Knapp Ciiarles, Hag. 
Knapp ICsther E, Hag. 
Knajip Marshal xM, Hag. 
Knapp ('has E, C Cy. 
Knault Liahvig, Mil. 
Kniernn Casper, Mil. 
Kniese Andrew, C C'v. 
Knight Josiah, 80a, F Cy. 
Knocktou Micluiel, (iO a, IJeth. 
Knode Nannie C, Hag. 
Knode Cornelius M, Hag. 
Knode ]\Iary C. ll;ig. 
Knode Henry C, Hag. 
Knode AVni 1', Hag.' 

Knode I^avina, Hag. , ' 
Knoll Ceo, Abb. 
Knolllsaac, 4Sa, \V W. 
KnoUenberg Ered (i, llich. 
Knollenberg Clias A, 40 37-100 a, 

Knollenberg Ceo il, Ooi a, Rich. . 
Knollenberg Chas. Rich. 
Knolhnan Erank, Rich. 
Knollenberg Chas ll.5\)-l a, Cen. 
Kiiorlt Ciirjstian,l.i^a, C Cy. 
Knoj)!" Michael. 
Knori)p Henry, 4 a. Dub. 
Knorpp i'^rnst. Hub. 
Knott William, Rich. 
Knox Sarah E, ^Mil. 
Knox Thos. C Cy, 
Knox Chas C Cy. " ' 

Knox llein-y, (J Cy. 
Knox Adalai'ita, C Cy. 
Knox Nora, C ('y. 
Knox John. C Cy. 
Kocher Henry, E (r. 
Kocher J Wood, J*] Cx. 
Koethe Henry, C (Jy. 
Koonier Louis, Rich. 
Koons (ieo R, Abb. 
Knoll Mancy, 40 a, Abb. . 
Koons (ieo II. Hag. 
Koons Elijah .V, ^iii. 
Koons Ceo R. Mil. 
Koons (Jeo R\ Hag. 
Koons Uenjamin, Rich. 
Koons (.'eorge R, Rich, 
^oons Hannah, os a. Rich. 
Ki)ons Marliia M. oSa, Rich. 
Koons Hannah and U. 4(i a. Rich. 
Kt)oiis Renj E, Dal. 
Kordel Adiah, Hag. 
Kordel Daniel. Hag. 
Kordel Amanda, Hag. 
Kordel tS: Eord, Hag. 
Korthanse i'»c Schwegman, -10-100 a. 

ivosier Leah, E (i. 
Krahl Michael, C Cy. 
Krauier Altraham. Ros. 
Krapu^r I'annie, Rich. 
Kramer (;eotgi> F, :{'.! 00-100 a, Rich 
Krauier (Jeorge, :Ji)o a, {.\'\i. 
KranuM- .\ndrew, Cen. 
Kramshi'ild Eouisa E, (3 Cy. 
Kreite Ihury C, 138^ Rich. 
Krouskotr Justice, 80 a, Ros. 
Kwdi'. Levina, l')3 a. Hag. 
Kuechl Charles. 80 a. Hag. 

TTT:.pp P/-v/-,rjq Cliairsand yeUe(d..Vi)iuaur Houdcy,.! W. T. BARBEE, 

foena, und uli kinciaiol Wire CloUi.1 iron ANoWiHt woHKi 


Gents' Suits made to Order, 

"5?^SSSifst"°" RICHMOND 


Kulileiibeck Henry, llich. 

Lamb Charles A. Econ. 

Kuster Calvin. (- Cy. 

Lamb Thomas E. Econ. 

Kuiiter Jonathan, C Cy. 

Lamb John 11, lM^ a, Econ. 

Kuster Simon, C Cy. 

Lamb Ilarrey, loti a, Econ. 

Knte Michael, W a, Wnisbg. 

Landj .Vllen L, VI'l a, Econ. 

Kuth Douglass, Rich. 

Lamb William S. b-3i'a. Econ. 

Lamb Emund liich. 

Liif^ey Amanda, F Cy. 

Jjamb Thomas A, Rich. 

Lacey ^Vm AV, F Cy. 

Landj Caroline IJ, Econ. 

Lack I X, Mt Anb. 

Landj Josej)!!. 2lo*a, Econ. 

Lackey Sanford, .la, ^lil. 

Lamb Martin, l;is a, Econ. 

Lackey John, C- Cy. 

Lamb Hannah. Rich. 

Lackey Jane, C Cv. 

Lamb Sarah, liO-Hio a, Rich. 

Lackey John S, C Cy. 

Laiidj Isaac, 3 s-i-ioo a. Rich. 

J.aclo^y Chas L, C (^y. 

Landj Fhineas, Tit lo-ioo a. Rich. 

Lacy Catharine & A J Slegall, lii a. 

Lamb Samuel, Rich. 

F Cy. 

Landj Thomas, 4 a, Rich. 

Lacy Nancy P, 5S ii. F Cy. 

Landj James :vl, bO a. Wmsbg. 

Lacy AVilliam W. 100 a, F Cy. 

Landj Martin L, SO a, Wnisbg. 

Lacy Thomas ^I. 171 a, F Cy. 

LambThos J.HOii a, Bos. 

Lacy James A, F Cy. 

Lamb Francis M. 3J5 a. Bos. 

Lacy James ]\r, 1' Cy. 

Lamb Wm 11 Bos. 

Ladd J;anes :\r, AVnisbg. 

Lamb Thos jr, l)OS. 

Ladd Jose])hus. 110 a. W'nisbg. 

Lamb Robert, SO a. Abb. 

Lahman Jleiu-y, . 

Lamb Theresa E, 74 a; Abb. 


Lambert Aminda. Beth. 

Lallan A\'m, Rich. 

Lami)ert Rulus. Hos. 

I^idiee Daniel and wife, o-l a. Abb. 

Land)ert Drucilla jr. W AV^ 

Lakes Washington, C F. 

Lamberson )V^irr(Ui C Cy. 

Lakes Martin, (r F. 

Lamm IMartin, F Cy. 

Lally Thomas. Jac. 

Laniott Joshua, so a, Cen. 

Lally Owen sr, Bos. 

Lamott Joshua, so a, Cen. 

Lally Owen jr, l)Os. 

j.amott Nathan II, SO a, Cen. 

Lamar Nathan. Dal. 

Lamotl Omcr, Mil. 

Lamar Miles W, Dal. 

LamoLt Jacob, .Mil. 

Lamar John r. Hag. 

Lauu3tte Joshua sr, S91 a, ^Lil. 

Lamb Charles 1), Dal. 

Lamotle Joshua jr. 2ol£ a, .Mil. 

Lamb Caleb, Dal. 

Lamparter John. Rich. 

Lamb Elvira, Dal. 

Lancaster Jt)hn F. Rich. 

Lamb Cecelia, lib a, DaL 

Lancaster ^hiry M. Bos. 

Lamb Geo ^^\ Dal. 

Laiich (jleorge. Dul). 

Lamb Samuel, SO a. Dal. 

Lanch Geo T, Dub. 

Lamb Thomas C, 40 a, Dal. 

Laiidt-rs Anna. Wash. 

Lamb A V. (J F. 

Laiu! (Jias R, Rich. 

Lamb E S. G F. 

Lane Levi, lil^ a, Rich. 

Lamb Azel E, Cx F. 

Landig Sol, E G. 

Lamb Isaac. Dub. 

Land is lOmma T. Dub. 

Lamb Joseph, To-lOU a, G F. 

Lands Mark, Wash. 

J.and) ^lary, 10 a, (J F. 

Lanklord Mary J (,>. I (;;'> lOO. 

Lamb ('has A, lllUi, G F. 

Laiiihh llcuiamiii. <' Cy. 

Lamb Merritt, :.^0 a. G F. 

Lann Emdy V. Dub. 

Lamb Thomas .M, liK)a,G F. 

Lauaiid Jacob, Dub. 

Land) ^'homasM, iu-un. 

Laurll Jauies, Dub. 

Lamb James 0, Fcon. 

Lannis Sannud. .Mil. 

Lamb Julia A. Econ. 

Lanius J. IL Mil. 

Lamb Milo. Leon. 

J.annis K K, Mil. 

Nicholson & Bro. ^^^tr Office Supplies, '^^t 

SEWER PIPE Mather Bros. Richmoiid, Ind. 



Laut Henry, 07-100 a, llicli. 

Lantle Mangle. Kich. 

Lanttid John, 22-100, F ('y. 

J.antz David. Hag. 

l.ant/ .Vnna M. Hag. 

l.,antz Samuel, Hag. 

Lantz INIargaiet (-, Hag. 

Lantz U^hos B. Mil. 

l.antzi. F..Mil. 

I.antz David, o3-l a, Hag. 

J.antz Josiah 11,75-100 a, Hag. 

J.antz David M. Hag. 

i^antz Edward (!, Hag. 

l.antz Moin-oe, Hag. 

Dantz Lewis F, 40 a. Rich. 

Lantz Madison, Dub. 

Lantz Daniel, Cen. 

Lantz Thomas 15, Can. 

Ijanz John G, Cen. 

Larkin Mary A, E G. 

Larsh Lafayette & Oowin S, 23 ()8- 

100 a. Kich. 
Larsh O S, Rich. 
Ijarsh Lafayette, Rich. 
l^aselle Catharine, 44 a, Wnisbg. 
Lash ley Samuel H, Cen. 
Lash ley Edward, Cen. 
Lashley Daniel, 102 a. Cen. 
Lash ley Daniel et al, 80 a, Cen. 
Lashley Yastile E, 8U a, Cen.j 
Lashley John T, Cen. 
Lashley Alfred, Cen. 
Lashley Samuel H, Cen. .' 
Lashley Emma T, Cen. 
l^ashley David L, ('en. 
Lashley c^Forhner, C Cy. 
Latten Rachel A, Dub. 
Laughlin John S, 40 a, F Cy. 
Laughlin John, Rich. 
Laughman Reece & Jane D, loO a, 

Lauglilin Timothy, 100 a, Reth. 
iiavender IMatthew, 17f a, Ros. 
Lavelle Ellen, 20-100 a Rich. 
Lawler Mary xV, Rich. 
Lawler Stephen, Rich. 
Lawler Jolin, li a, Rich. 
Lawler Thos, 55 a, Rich. 
Lawler Lawrence, 2() a, Ros. 
Lawler James, 20 a, F Cy. 
fiawler Mary Ann, HH a, F Cy. 
Lawrence iiovel 1j, Dub. 
Ijawrcnce Henry, Kich. 
Lawrence Jcisse, Rich. 
Lavvreiu'c 'J'homas C, 55 07-100 a, 


Lawrence Thos H, 35 a, F Cy. 
Lawrence Ellen, 45 a, F Cy. 
Lawrence Jacob, ]\Iil. 
Ijavvrence John S, ^lil. 
J^aws Samuel S, 130 a, Abb. 
Laws Thomas, Abb. 
Laws James S, Abb. 
Lawson John A and Sarah E, 2 lots, 

C Cy. 
Lawson John ^l. Dub. 
Lawson (Catharine, 100 a. Dub. 
Jiawson W'm T, 80 ;h l^ub. 
J^awson David H. Dub. 
Lawson John, Dub. 
Layman A \V, Dub. 
Layman Thos J, Dub. 
Leach Wm, 2 a, FCy. 
Leach Sarah J, 12 a, F Cy. 
League Esther, 2.i a, Rich. 
League Sarah, 10 a, Hag. 
League Wm, Hag. 
Leavell Wm M, Hag. 
J.eary Honora, C- Cy. 
Leavitt Zebina jNI, 1 a, Rich. 
Leavitt J E, 5 80-100 a. Rich. 
Leavitt Harmon P, C Cy. 
Lee Rentou, F C. 
Lee M A, 07 a, Mil. 
Lee & AV'allits, Mil. Oscar, Mil. 
Lee David S, Mil. 
Lee Martha A, Mil. 
Leeson Charles. 15-100, Jac. 
J.eeson & Hendershott, 104 55-100 

a, Jac. 
Leeson John, Jac. 
Leeson Henry C, Cen, 
Leeson K R, Cen. 
Leeson Anna D, ( -en. 
iicesoii Carey A, E G. 
Leeson S A, Dub. 
Eeeson Silas, Dub. 
Lel'^evre Irene, Dub. 
EeggCniasISl, Hag. 
Legg Rurgess J, 80 a, Web. 
Leggatt Kate, Cen. 
Lcggatt (;<H), Alil. 
Leibhardt Edward, Mil. 
Leibhardt (ico. Mil. 
Leibhardt Jose])h, T^lil. 
Leibhardt Sarah M. Mil. 
Leibhardt Clara, Mil. 
Leibhardt Raul, Mil. 
Lend)erger l'>lizabeth, Dub. 
Eembergcr Charles. Dub. 
Jjemberger Wm, Dub. 



Carpets and Dry aoods ""' %^efr D. B. CRAWFORD & SON 



Lemon Ann, C Cy. 

Lemon David ^\\ Rich. 

I^enion Maiy 10, C Cy. 

Jjonion C'atharine, C Oy. 

Lemon Sarah L, Mil. 

Lemmon Jas 8, Mil. 

Leiniis Jacob, Mil. 

Lennis ('hristina, Mil. 

Leonard \V J, Ul a, (^en. 

Leonard (Uh), 111 a, Dub. 

Jjconard ii^lias, Dub. 

Leonard Jacob, Dub. 

Leonard (Jeo, ('en. 

Leonard Susan, Cen. 

Leonard Jas, C Cy. 

Leonard Bernard, C Cy. 

Leonard Margaret, C Cy. 

Leonard Hridget, C ('y. 

Leonard Mat hew, C Cy. 

Leslie ^Slary Il,CCy. 

Leister Sarah A, i a, C Cy. 

Lester ^largaret J, i) Cy. 

Lester Caleb W, C (^y. 

Levenberger Geo N, ('en. 

Leverton liainard T, 25 a, Mil. 

Leverton Margaret A, Mil. 

Leverton Willis, iMil. 

Leverton N G, MW. 

Lewellen John, 15 a, Rich. 

Lewellyn E II, ('en. 

I^ewis Ilarriet and Maria, i a, Cen. 

Lewis (rcorge II, Rich. 

Lewis Wm, Rich. 

Lewis Daniel, 7 a, J lag. 

Lewis Isaac, Hag. 

Lewis Allen VV^, 802 a, Wmsbg. 

Lewis Wni A, KK) a, VVinsbg. 

Lewis Jethro, hrs, 1 10 a, F Cy. 

Lewis Wni E, F C. 

Lewis \Vilber, Cen. 

Lewis James, Cen, u 

Lewis Harriet, Cen. 

Lichty James, E G. 

Lichty deo, 10 a, Jac. 

Lichty Jaines, 40 a, Jac. 

Lightner Andrew, Jac. 

Lilly Wm E, 13 87-100 a, Hag. 

Linnning Renj T. Econ. 

Limbert Sarah, ]5i a, W W. 

Linderman Frank, Jac. 

Ijinderman Rarney, 20-100 a, G E. 

Jjinderman John A, 22-100 a, G F. 

Lindcrman Clias L, Cen. 

Lindly John M, Hos. 

Lines J F, Mt Ab. 

Lmes John, Mt Ab. 

Lines (ieo AV, Mt Ab. 

Lingo James, Jac. 

Lintner Harry C', 80 a, Rich. 

Linton Lora, Rich. 

Linthicum R A, (10-100 a, Web. 

List (.'lenient, a 27-100 a, Rich. 

Little David, Mil. 

Little Sarah A, Mil. 

Little I\lary Ann, Mil. 

Little Temperance, 1101^ a. Mil. 

Little Mary, 15!> 5^8-100 a, C M. 

Little John, Mil. 

Ijittle David, Rich, 

Little George, Rich. , 

Little Miriam Ji,Rich. 

Liv(^ly M M, C Cy. 

Liveiibcrger John, Cen. 

Livingood Jonatlum, E Cy. 

Lingeiigoud Margaret ,1,40 a,E Cy. 

IJoyd Benjamin, 77 a. Rich. 

Lloyd llarris(jn A, AVash. 

Lloyd Barbara, Wash. 

Lock 1 W, Dub. 

Lock John Albert, 58i a, Dal. 

Lock Joliii A, 20;; a, Dal. 

Locke Wm M,Dal. 

liOckley Thos, 12 a. Rich. 

Long Ferry, Ct'U. 

Long John AY,;« a, Cen. 

Long Thos J, Beth. 

liong Joseph, 4;>i a, Rich. 

Ijong Joseph, 4oi a, Jietli. 

Long Albert, Bos. 

Long Nancy A , Abb. 

Jiong Joseph W, .Vbb. 

Long Jacob, C ('y. 

Long Lewis, E G. 

Longi'ellow WD, E Cy. 

Loiigtellow Jas F, F Cy. 

Longi'ellow Jas A, SO a, F Cy. 

LongCcUow Williaui, 187^ a, Beth. 

Longi'ellow Nan(;y, 5 a. Rich. 

Longlellow Julia Ann, Rich. 

Lout/ John, Hag. 

Lonlz John M jr. Hag. 

Lontz Obcdiah B, Hag. 

Lorman MarganiL, i) C/V. 

Lough Nancy and ^lelissa, 04 a, 

Lough A Sand M E Smith, Rich. 
Love Isaac, 1 hi 100 a, Econ. 
Love Z, Econ. 
Love FN, Rich. 
Love John, 70 a, Wmsbg. 
Jiove Janu^s L, Wmsbg. 
Love AVilliam L, 'M a, F ('y. 


PAPER boxe;3 made to ordi<;u 


TAO Main 

Everybody buys their COAL of Mather Bros. 



Love Ilemy ir, 4:H a, F Cy. 
Love Geo M, F Cy. 
Lovell Samuel, H 45-100 a, Uich, 
Loveii James. F C. 
Loven Anna Iieiia, F Cy. 
Loviu Thomas, I Jos. 
Jjowe Geo K, Hag. 
Lowiey Julius, AVeb. 
Lowry David, 9^ a, C Cy. 
J.owry Cynthia H, Dub. 
J-«oury James, Mil. 
Loyd Charles, Rich. 
Loyd Chas 11, llicli. i 

J.oyd Joliu VV. llich. 
l^ucas Edward, 80 a, Wmsbg. 
Lucky George, Uich. 
Iwucy Josepli, Gli a. Mil. 
Luddingtou Allied, C Cy. 
Ijuddiugtoii Mary E, C Cy. 
Luddhigton l^^mily, Dub. 
Luddiugton 11 P, l>ub. 
Ludhun Joseph, lii) a, (J F. 
Luker Charles, 38 a. Rich. 
Luusford John Q, Ricli. 
Lumkins Rufus, 313 a, Dal. 
Lundy \Vm M, Wmsbg. 
Lundy William, 7 a, Ceu. 
Liuuly Charles W, (Jen. 
Lundy Andrew J, C'en. 
Lunsford J3eniamin, Bos. 
Lutz Nancy, C ('y. 
Luzzadder (Jeo \V, Wmsbg. 
Lybolt Jus & J:is B, 80 a, Cen. 
Lybolt Jas, Cen. 
liyman Wharton, Cen. 
Lyman Eva C, Cen. mV^j 

Lyman Anna M, Cen. •; 
Lynch Sadie D, Dub. 
Lynch Abrahan, Cen. 
Lynch J\l;iry L, Cen. 
Lynde Sarali D, 10 a, Rich. 
Lyons Jackson, Mil. 
Lyons Henry B, Mil. .v| ».,, 
Lyons Henry B, E G. 
Lyons Eliza, EG. 
Lyons Samuel, EG. 
Lyons Zachariah, C Cy. 
Lythe Arcliabald, Cen. 

IVIcAllen Ellen, Rich. 
Mc Allen Daniel, C Cy. 
McAudrews Thomas, C Cv. 
M(i Andrews Miirgaret, C Cy. 
McAnery John, C Cy. v 
McCallrey lUl, C (^y. 
McCalfery Annie, . 

McCaffrey James, C Cy. 
McCarly J J, C Cy. 
McClaity Labina (r, C Cy. 
McCartliy Thomas, 3 23-100 a, Rich 
McCashland ISIordicai W, Abb. 
Mc(;ashlund Martha A, Ufa, Abb. 
McCashlain Lydia, 80 a, Abb. 
McCashland Elizabeth, llf a, Abb. 
McClain Btinj,i\lil. 
McClain Wm, Mil. 
McClelland Jas. Dub. 
Mc(nelland Jas' Dub. 
McCJlelland & Young, C Cy. 
Mc(!lelland Jane 8,40 07-100, Rich. 
Mc(J<)llem E'lmer. iMil. 
iMcCollem Harriet, ^lil. 
McColly Jas E, Hag. 
McC.omas David M, Rich. 
I^lcComas Thos (r, Ricii. 
Mc(Jonhar Sinu)n, Cen. 
Mc(3onuaha F, Abb. 
Mc( /omiaha Lewis, 00 a, Abb. 
iMcConaha Taylor, 80J a, Cen. 
JMcConalia (Jeorge, 80 a, Cen. 
McConaiia Walter, 100 a, Cen. 
Mc(/onaha JNIartha, Cen. 
Mc(!onaha, Beck & Co, Ceu. 
McCouelly Jacob. C Cy. 
McConnaughey Thos L, Hag. 
McConnaughey Robert, Hag. 
]Mc(!ord Jacob, Bos. 
Mc( V)rd Sarah J and S W, 21 a, Cen 
McCord ^VilIiam, 40 a, Cen. 
McCord S A, Cen. 
IsicCormick Ilattie, C Cy. 
Mc( 'Ormick Mary, C Cy. 
McCormick Mark, C Cy. 
McCormick Peter, C Cy. 
Mc(yO\vn John H, (Jen. 
Mc('Oy Rachel, Dub. 
McCoy James W, Dub. 
Mc('oy JSlargaret, Cy. 
Mc(Joy Wm P, Bos. ' . 

AlcCoy Wm R, Bos. 
Mc(Joy Timothy, a, Web. 
Mc(Joy John, 210 a, Cen. 
McC/oy Morgan, 30;') a, (\m. 
Mc(-ov Margaret. Cen. 
;Mc('i)weu 1 P, II ag. 
JMcCowen Thaddeus, Hag. 
McCluie Martha M, C Cy. 
McCJure Nancy, Cen. 
McClure James II, Rich. 
MciMure Josiph M, Rich. 
McCluro Meru us R. Kich. 
McCluroM D,or)u, Rich. 

Iron Shutters, Balconies, GratiiiifH 
Bank Work:, Area R;iUinH-s, Stable 
Fitting-s, Ornam'tl Root Cresting- 

%[ W. T. 

BARBEE Iron ami Wire Works. 




Main St. 



:McChire David D, 59 J)0-U)0 a, Rich 
Mcriure ^Lary, 05 a, llieli. 
^SlcC'iaiin James, O Cy. 
i^IcCue John. C Cy. 
McTall >rai-ioii W. Econ. 
:\le(^o]kHigli Geo \V, Hag. 
^IcCullough Juse])h, Hag. 
McCullougli :!?aiimel, li) a. Hag. 
AlcCullougii Aim, '2'J. b5-liKi a. Hag. 
^IcCulloim-li James. 34 oO-luo a, 

Hag. ^ 
^IcDoiif Is Tiuiotliy, Jk)S. 
:\lcDeniu)tt Cathariiie. MiL 
McDermott James, C Cy. 
]Mel)ewittL D, Wash. 
McHevitt John, lb a, llich. 
McDivett Angeline, Cen. 
JSIcDivett Isaac. Cen. 
McDiviU Isaac 1], llich. 
:McI)onald MiehaeL liir a. Uich. 
^klcDonaUl Samnel L, 5 a, Uich. 
:sicl)unal(l Patrick, KtTa. G F. 
McDonald Wni, I'li^ a. Cen. 
;Mcl)onaKl Susan M, 'lu't a, Cen. 
JMcDonnell Tlios F, liich. 
McDonough Pat & Jiulilh. 6 a. 

McElleyn :Martin, Rich. 
McEnerney Tlios. ('Cy. 
McFauhmd Jno P. Hag. 
Mc(ierty Ann, C Cy. 
McCiilliard Abigail. FCy. 
JSIcCiilliard Ji)1hi F, F Cy. 
:McCilliard John 8. 40 a, FCy. 
McGilliaid \Vm F, 41 a. F Cy. 
MctJninis Kli/abeth. Peon. 
:^Ic(rirr William C. Rich. 
Mctiovern Elias W, C Cy. 
Mc(;eathChas W. Didj. 
jSIcGreevey Catharine, C Cy. 
McGoverii Peter. C Cy. 
]\lc(;reay Michael, C Cy. 
^Ic(ire\v James P, grd for 

Mclriew Hnddah A, Dub. 
]\Ic(Trew James P. Dub. 
^Iclrrew Newlin, C ("y. 
McC^rew Newlin, C (.'y. 
2slc(rre\v George, C Cy. 
McGiew Pmma, C Cy. 
Mc(;re\v Malmda, ]J.-2 a, 
Mc(Uiire Patrick, ('en. 
McHenry Wm, .\bb. 
Mcllenry J.ucinda, 20 a. 
McHugh (Vlia, (J Cy. 
McHugh Timothy, iiich. 




McHugh Thos, Rich. 
JMcKiniey Albert A, Rich. 
McLane F iL, Dub. 
McLain Geo, ()4a, Dub. 
McPain Jas, 40 a, Pos. 
xMcLauglilin Wm, Mil. 
AIcLaughlin Dennis, Jac. 
McJ.augtilin John. Jac. 
]\lcMalian C S, Cen 
McMahan Jas W, Mil. 
McMaban Elijah P, loil a, Web. 
iMcMashD H, Abb. 
McMaiighlin A D. Mil. 
McMechan Mary Dub. 
:McMinn Wm. 57 45-100 a, Rich. 
JMcMuUen Daniel. Wash. 
McM alien Phebe. Wash. 
MeMulleii Henry K, 158 u, Mil. ■ 
McNally Wm, Rich. 
jSIcNally .Margaret, Ricli. 
]SlcNally John sr, Ricli. 
iMcNally John jr. Rich. 
i^lcNamara. 8 a, C Cy. 
INIcNamara Dennis, Rich. 
iSIcNeal James, Dub. 
IMcNeSb iMary D, C Cy. 
McNeil Robert. 71 a, Rich. 
Mc>;ichols .Michael, '21'i a. Rich. 
:\IcNult Sanl'ord. V 78-100 a, G F. 
McNutt ^\■m and Sanl'ord, 15 27-100 

a, Cen. 
McNutt Harmon, Jac. 
jSIcPheison John R, Hag. 
^IcPherson William R, Hag. 
McRacken May J. FCy. 
McSepple James, .Mil. 
McPaggarl Alphens, Rich. 
iSlcTaggert (itH), Dub. 
McWhinney John A and Ilebeccu, 

1 512-100 a. Rich. 
]\lc Williams ]Sloses, C Cy. 

Macey John 817 a, Dal. 

Macey Jolm W, t)^ a. Dal. 

IMacey Wayne 0, 58 iiO-KK) a. Econ. 

Macey Henry L, bio a, Winsbg. 

Macev H S, Wmsbg. 

!^Iack Pridgel. Rich. 

Mackey A: Slierer, 17 a. Wmsbg. 

Mackey 1) C. Wmsbg. 

Macy Parkin H,C Cy. 

Macy (Miarlotle, I'con. 

Macy Matilda, (io s-ioo a, Econ. 

iNlacy Joseph R. Ricb. 

Maddux Lewis W, C Cy. 

Madden John, 100 a, Abb. 

The Latest popular Books in uS al 


V2W Mnhi tStroei 

TeWoue to MATHiJB BROS' for CO^L 









idden Michael, Rich. 

iddeii Anthony, Rich. 

i^^ee Jolin W, W W. 

iliony Miiry, 40^ a, Econ. 

ihoney Henry, Econ. 

ihoney .losepli, Uag-. / . 

ihoney Leroy, Hiig. 

ihoney Chiirlotte, C Cy. 

ihoney (ieorge, Cy. 

ihsm Elijah, Mil. 

ijiss Eucy A, Hag. 

ilone Ciitharine, Rich. 

ilone Thoniiis, Rich. 

ilone Thoiuaa jr, Rich. 

done (rcorge, Mil. 

ilone Siiniuel, Mil. 

ilone John, C Cy. 

mifold Joseph, 127i a, IlaR*. 

inifoldME & M A, \)0 a, llag. 

mifold Mill- J A. U2a, Iliig-. 

inlove Jiunes, Rich. 

inlove Malindii, 3Gi a. Mil. 

lulove Jos Land Elizabeth B. H 

a, Mil. 
inlove J L, Mil. 
ann Jas, 55-lOU a, dies, 
ann George, Mil. 
ann Michael, IMil. 
anning Geo B, o70 70-100 a, Econ. 
iinning Geo J5, 74 a, Hag. 
aple Riichel,0 Cy. 
arch Daniel, Rich, 
arch Daniel, Rich, 
arine Joniitlum, 38^ a, \V ^Y. 
iirine Biirnabas, SOi a, Beth, 
•irine ^lorniiin, 7iJi a, Beth, 
arine Billy, VA\) a, W W. 

iirine ]5illy, lo5i a, F Cy. 
ark Lemon B, 80 a, Econ. 
arka Richiird, Cen. 
iirkle Anna, Dili, 
iirkle Eli/.iibeth B, 3 14-100 a, 
arkle Jiicob, I );il. 
arkle .Jolm, Dal. 
arkly Miirtin L, Mil. 
arkley Henry, 21-100 a, E G. 
arkle Ciisper, C ('y. 
arkle Miiren T. C Cy. 
arkles L J, C Cy. 
iirkloy John A, K G. 
arlatt Fnmk T, 12i a, (^en. 
iirhitt lliirrison, 'Ml') ;i, Mil. 
arlatt Abiiihiini, 107 a, Mil. 
arlatt James W, 48bi a, Mil. 


Miirlatt Albert, 2951 a, Mil. 
MarlattTremont, Mil. 
Marhitt Walter, JSlil. 
Miirlatt Abrani M, ]Mil. 
Mar m on C M, 00 a, Rich. 
Miirmon Ann S, 37^ a, Rich. 
Miirplis John, C Cy. 
Marquis George, C Cy. 
Marquis Julia, C Cy. 
Marshall Rebeccii, Dal. 
Miirshall JosB,AVAy. 
IMarshall John, W W. 
MarshainVniR. 40ii, W W. 
Marshall Griint,'W W. 
Marshiill James V, 80 si, W VV. 
Marshall Swain, 80 a, Econ. 
^liirslriiU Thomas, 240 a, Econ. 
I^.larshiill Orlando, 10 a. Econ. 
Marshiill Alonzo, Econ. 
IMiirshiiU Ellsworth E, Econ. 
Marshall Elizabeth N, 3 70-100 a, 

Marshall Xathan, Bos. 
Marshall James C, Mil. 
Miirsou Chiirles J, C Cy. 
Marson J W, C Cy. 
Miirson John, C Cy. 
.Alarson Fnmk \V, C Cy. 
Martin Alfred, 48 :i, Econ. 
Martin 8 W, C Cy. 
Miirtin Edward li, Cen. 
Miirtin N^athaniel, Cen. 
Martin Jiimes B, 80 ii, Cen. 
JSIiirtin Nathan W, 158^ a, Beth. 
Martin Caleb A, W W. 
Martin Aiiron M, 40 a, G F. 
Miirtin Chas F, Econ. 
Martin Isiiiic D, j:^ a. Rich. 
:Miirtin Benj L c^ CJuhelma Clark. 

00 a, dies. 
Martin Lsiuic N, 114 a. Ches. 
]Martin Tlieo S, 131 Oo-lOO a, Ches. 
Miirtin Henj F, ()2-U)0a, Ches. 
Martin ii L, Chos. 
Martin Benj L jr, Ches. 
INliirtin (Jeo W, Bos. 
Miirtin Lewis M, Jac. 
Martin Henj L, 35 a, Beth. 
Miirtin ^\'n\, Abb. 
Martin John D, Dub. 
Martin John D, Dub. 
Miirtin Florence L Dub, 
Miirtin ll:um;ih, C Cy. 
Martin l-'rank. C Cv. 
Miirtin Jolm W, L (J. ^ 

Martin Ann, Mil. 



FACTORY FLANNELS for Skirts M Sillrts at 

528 Main St 



Martindale John. Ceii. 
2^J:irtiiidale Kdeii S. G F. 
Mailiiidale Jas W, Ub a, G F. 
31artiiidale Kebecca -^^ li, G F. 
Martindale Jas jr, 7o a. ilaj^. 
Martindale Kebecea. o9 a, Hag. 
Martindale M C. lla<,'. 
Martind.dl Kichard. Abb. 
Martindale Nlary J. ila^,'. 
Martindale Janies. Hag. 
M;i.sun Jacob, oltj a, ilag. 
!Masun Loui.'^a J. Ilag. 
Mason Jienjainin F. Hag. 
Mason XF. Hag. 
Mason ^\m jr. -I'J a. Hag. 
^lason Achillis E. C Cy. 
Mason 2Slandus F. C Cv. 
ilason 1) W. C (y. 
Mason Matilda F. C Cv. 
Mason ClilT and Flla. Dub. 
^lason vS Cormeny. Dub. 
Mason Cliff. Dub. 
Mason Benj F. Hag. 
Mason Daniel W. Hag. 
Mason Clement L. Hag. 
Massey Martha F, iw a, Ceu. 
Massey Alonzo F. Fcon. 
Massy" Helen C. 14 loO a. Fcon. 
Massey Howard. Wnisug. 
Massey Alfred. C Cy. 
Massnian Bernard, Uich. 

Maston .Mary, i a. W W. 

Mather Samuel and DaviJL, IjT a. 
F Cy. 

^Mather Samuel. 4ii a. F C\ . 

Mather David L. F Cv. 

Mathers Mag-ie. Hag. 

ilathews Leonard. •'jT-h'^i a. Hag 

^Lattliews AVm. Cen. 

Matthews Fannie. Hag. 

Matthews (Uara L, Hag. 

Matthews Hannibal. Hag. 

Matthews H »S: Son. Hag. 

^hitthews Chas (i. ilag. 

Matthews John C. 1 a. Ui<h. 

Matthews \Villiaai(.. liag. 

Matlock Jijhn F. C M. 

Matlock Thos H. C M. 

Matlock Jose]>h. •>{ a, C M. 

Matlock Jos K. m) a, Uich. 

Matt T A. Rich. 

Matti Caleb. ;;4 I'v-Vloi' a. Ki' li. 

.Matlis HA. Uicii. 

.Vhitlis Octavius. Uicii. 

MatHn John sr. V^t a, C'en. 

Maudlin James A, Cen. 

Maudlin Margaret li, 39 avlOu a, 

Maudlin Win A. Juc. 
Mautllin John. Jac. 
MundliuThosN. -41 a. Dub. 
Maudlin John. Cen. 
Mauk Washington D. C Cv. 
:M:jik A\' D. C Cy. 
>*lauk John li. F G. 
Maxwell Hugh, Dub. 
MaxwrllFen'j F, .b a. Dub. 
Maxwell .\: F.-,tell.-7 a, F Cy. 
Maxwell John M. Uich. 
Maxwell Huu'h. 10 a. Uich. 
Maxwell Mary A. :il a. Uich. 
Ma vail I>avid. Dub. 
May aw F W. C Cy. 
Mayhew Lorenzo, Piich. 
^lavhev.' Flizabetii. o a. Uich. 
Mead ^lartlia. Cen. 
Mead Marth:i J. Cen. 
Meaghan Mark. Uich. 
Means M U. Cen. 
.Means ( adwalader B, Cen. 
Means Tlios. Cen. 
:Means Jolni. C Cy. 
Means Linden. C Cy. 
Means Willie. C Cy. 
Means Uosetta. C Cy. 
^learKamii Henrv. Uich. 
Meckel .Jac.Jj L."C Cy. 
Medaris Wm, I 'en. 
^ledaris Chas W. Cen. 
Medearis Alfred M. 13 a. Web. 
Medaris John F. htiit a. Ceu. 
Medaris ^Vm J, N\'ms.t)g. 
Medaris Chie B. Wmsbg. 
Medari.s Jno F, ('ti\. 
Medsker William F.70 a. C Cy. 
.Meek .fohn. 7"i a. (\n. 
Meek James U and Maniuis L, 00 

a. Cen. 
Meek J.din W.Cen. 
Meek Morton C. \^\\ a. Rich. 
Meek Jesse A. Hicli. 
Meek Henrv C, Uich. 
Meek James U. 11.^ a. Abb. 
Meek Jamed K jr. Abb. 
Meeks Alexamler. Cen. 
Meller JainesS. Cen. 
Melgi im Washington. Cen. 
Meiiden'nall J»»bu L. 3 a, Dal. 
Mend.nhall Uulus. is:; a. Dal. 
Mendenhail Nathan. Web. 
Meiideiiball Nathan, 7ii-lut a. \N eb. 
Meudeiiliall Harvey D. 7j a, Web. 

x\li kinds of BLANK BOOKS Nicholson ^ bro 

Sunday Creek Coal .w«»7.Vi7,-,«., Riclmioiii, M. 


^leiideiihiiU SamueL 25, Web. Michel Lawrence. Cen. 
Meiuleiiliall Joiiatlian, 75-100 a, Miklnim Henry. Mil. 

Web. Miles John (;, C Cy. ' 

Mendenhall Wni C, 10 a, Web. Miles John E, C Cy. 

Mcndenhall llhoda, o8 a, Web. Miles (irindley, L'S a, Dub. 

^leudenhall Alves. 80 a, (i 1\ Miles Benjamin. Mil. 

Mendenhall Luzetta. 180 a, Eeon. Miles Moses K. 1:^4 a. F Cy. 
Mendenhall Solomon, 170 a. F.con. Miles ^[elissa ^ Rachel, V6 98-100 a, 
i^lendenhall W^m, Eeon. F Cy. 

Mendenhall A G. 180 a, Econ. Mill Henry, 128 25-100 a. Jac. 

Mendenhall J L M, 12 a, Econ. Millor Chas. Mil. 

Mendenhall Keese J, 200 a. Rich. Miller Frank A. Mil. 

Mendenhall J M L. 04 a. Hag. Miller Chas H. Mil. 
Mendenhall Catharine and Margt, -Miller l'>liza. Mil. 

40 a. Hag-. Miller I) H, Hag. 

Mendenhall Elin. Hag. Miller Catharine. EG. 

Mendenhall Allen H. Ros. Miller S J. C Cy. - . . 

Menk Andrew J, Jac. :^Iiller H F, C Cy. 

:Menke David E. 80 a. Mil. Miller Jonas 1). C Cy. 

Menke Daniel, est. 14 a. E G. Miller Wm, C C. 

Menk Henrietta, C Cy. Miller .Milton M, C Cy. 

iSlenneay .Joseph. Rich. Miller Alpha M. i) Cy. 

Menteer David. Rich. Miller Matthew C Cy. 

Meridith Jose[)ii, Cen. Milhjr Phillip. 78 a. Dub. 
Meredith John W. 7005-100 Wmsbg ^viiller l);ivid. 8^^ a. C Cy. 

:Mereditli \^irginia C. C Cy. Miller Joim H, Abb. 

JSIeredith Solomon, C Cy. ]\Iiller Henry. 107 a. F Cy. 

^Meriiig Luther M. 80 a, Rich. Miller Jno Jacob, Jac. / 

Merrick Chas A, Jac. Miller Eiiillip & Theresa, 58^ a, Jac 

Merrick Geo, C Cy. :SIiller Pliillij). 240 a, Jac. 

Merrick Annie E, C Cy. :\Iiller John W, 84i a, IJos. 

Merritt John, 75 a. Cen. ^.liller ^^'m, 84 a, Ros. 

Mertz Thomas, Rich. Miller Jolm. 14 a. Hag. 

Ivlessick Sarah, Dub. Miller and Lilley, ilag. 

JSIessick Prudence, Dub. Miller Mont, Hag. 

ISIessick Minerva, Dub. .Miller ^lary, 88-100 a. Hog. 

JNIessick JMatilda, Dub. Miller Daniel, 80^ a. Hag. 

]Messman Jos. Rich. Miller Solomon, 50 a. Hag. 

:Metz Jane, C Cy. ' Miller Elizabeth J, Rich. 

:Mettirt Michael F, Hag. .Miller ^V S. Rich. 

Mettert Solomon F, Hag. Miller Rachel .M. t a. Rich. 

Mettard Geo G, 118 a, Hag. IMiller Solunum A, 88 01-100 a. Rich 

Mettard (ieorge G, 40 a. (i F. Miller Lewis O, 80 a. Rich. « 

Mewman Homer E, ^lil. ^liller John F, 180ia, Rich. 

Meyers Christian (J, 18 a. Jac. ^Nliller Charles, J-'con. 

Meyers Charles W. 00 a, Jac. JMiller Nathan. Web. 

Meyers Anna E, 115 a, Rich. Miller J (ieo. Rich. 

Meyer (Jeorge S, Rich. MilU-r Jaim-s A, 50 00 loo a, Rich. 

:^[ever Franz J, Rich. Miller David, 10 a. Kiih. 

iMichaelJohn, Mil. Miller A J. 50 a, Rich. 

:Nnc]iael Sarah J. Mil. Miller l.ouis (), 413 a, Rich. 

Mihle Raphael, liich. Miller Julia A, 24i a, Cen. 

Michael .Morgan L, Mi\. Miller .V Crocker. 40 a, Dal. 

iMikle Hugh G, 88 00-100 a, Ches. .Millikiull E. Mil. 

Mikel Johu. C Cy. Millikiu Frank M. Dub. 

ISlichael Patrick, W W. Miilis Wm S, Hag. 

Ii on Shutters, Balconiea. Grat 
Bulk Woik, Aroa Rallin 
bitilnga, Ornam'tl Roof 

#'^V.S,j W, T. BARBEE Iroii and Wiie Worlis. 

Dress Goods, Black IFancySilks, ° hS^'^^JS'^^trti""' 



ISIillis W S, Ceil. 

Mills (;eo,(5 Cy. . 

I\Iills(a), F(;y. 

]\Iill8 Jos, F Oy. 

Mills ^Mios ir, Ceil. 

Mills Joel, Cell. 

Willis John S, 1 Jos. 

Willis John. l']('on. 

Mills FtH-iy, rk'on. 

Milton Robert, C Cy. 

Milton (Jeo, ^ :i, Web. :« 

Milton Win, Web. 

]\Iilton Ifenry, Web. 

Milton Win R, Web. 

ISlilton Joiin,3;i, W W. 

Miner W (\ Dub. 

Min(n- Mary J, Dub. _• 

Minor Mariaii, Abb. 

Minor John 11, HTi a, Al)b. 

INllnor Savina C, m 4-VlOO a, Jac. 

Minnenian Christian. KKi a,Uieh. 

Minor Marion F, ('lies. 

]\linor (ieoi'oe M , Ches. 

Minor Chailes 11, Ches. 

Minor Beverly F, G iii)-l()0 a, Clies. 

Minor (ieor<?e M Jind Febecca, 4 ;>1 

100 a, Ches. 
Misener John, Hich. 
Mitehell Fewis, Dub. 
Mitchell Mary i:, Dub. 
Mitchell Wni F. C (^% 
Mitchell Moses D, Abb. 
Mitchell Fllen M, Abl». 
Mitchell Jonathan, F (^y. 
Mitchell FliasS, 45a, FCy. 
Mitchell Fatrick. Rich. 
Mitchell Flija(J,S(;i.IOOa, Rich. 
Mitchell Amanda (J, Kicii. 
Mitchell David CUioh. 
Mitchell JohnC. Fcon. 
Mitciiell Iad<e, Web. 
Mitchell William Web. 
Mitchell Feler, 40 a. W W. 
Mitchell Dolphus W, um, Beth. 
Mitchell James C, Cen. 
Mobley Flijah. li!) a, Web, 
Modlin Margaret, C Cy. 
Modlin Nathan, (U]y. 
Modlin Isaac. (' Cy. 
Modlin Mahlon, C Cy. 
Modlin N S, C Cy. 
Modlin Nathan, Cen. 
Mollitt FiKMuda,, Cen. 
Mollitt SamuiU C, ao a, Mil. 
MoniltlluKh,o;ia, Rich. 
Motlitt Abijah, Rich. 

Monger Wm C, IHO a, Cen. 

ISIonger Theodore, Cen. 

INlonger Douglas, Cen. 

jSIongei' ]\l; (Hi a, Cen. 

Moore Samuel, Cen. 

Moore Jason A, 02 a, Beth. 

Moore Clem, Heth. 

Moore Fenjamin, 00 a, Web. 

Moore (Jharles A, Fcon. 

Moore Tvlary, Alice & Richard, 4 a, 

Moore Joseph, Rich. 
Moore Wm A, Rich. 
Moore Clarkson T, liU)^ a, Tiich. 
Moore Nathan A, 102 a, Rich. 
Moore Ira jr & Isaac D, H'A) a. Rich 
Moore James, a. Rich. 
jNlooie Ira sr, .S8 a, Fiich. 
Moore Oliver S, 00.} a, Rich. 
Moore Frank A, 4lich. 
Moore J as 11, Rich. 
Moore ( Jeo S, Rich. 
Moore Miles, Rich. 
]\Io(»re Isaa(t D. Rich. 
Moore Ira., jr. Rich. 
IMoore Robert, Rich. 
.Moore Rarbara,, 'M HO-lOO a, Hag. 
iMoore Samuel A, 20 a, ILig, 
Moore Fenj and Mary, 70 a, Ilag. 
Moore Francis M. Hag. 
Moore Fenjamin, Hag. 
Moore Sarah K, (iOa, Hos. 
Moore Samuel, 270A a,. 13os. 
Mooi'i; John W, 50 a, Fos. 
JNIoore .Jacob S, 2;i;; a, Fos. 
Moore AUred, 120 a, Fos. 
Moor(i Harlan IF 100 ;i, J5os. 
Moore Sarah A. 50 a, Fos. 
iMoore Douglas 10, Fos. 
Moore Ja(;ob S ji", Fos. 
iVF)ore John F, lies. 
AF)ore Falbert, Dub. 
Moore Wm sr. Cen. 
M(H)re (i«'0, Cen. 
Moore Richard F, C C-y. 
Mooie F A, Kil 
Moore Mary C-, F (F 
Moore S n, Wash. 
Moore l^mma F. ^Vash. 
Moore 'rho.s(\ Dub. 
Moore Hannah F. Dub. 
Moore Jesse I-, M\\. 
^F>ore Mahala J. Mil. 
I\b)ore I'lias, Mil. 
Moore Win 1', Mil. 
Moiue Mary Jane, Mil. 

School Books and School Supplies 

V'.iO Main Street. 

Louisville and Portland CEMENT 

— AT — 




Moore (Jeo F, Mil. 

Moore Alice W, Mil. 

Moore Wni II, Mil. 

]\Ioore Thos A, Mil. 

Moore (Uurinda, Mil. 

Moore Martha 11, Mil. ■■. 

]\Ioore M A v*t Co. Mil. 

INIoore Morris II, Mil. 

Moorinaii Henry, F Cy. 

Moorman Kichard, 511 o, Beth. 

Moorman Uichard and IVIary, lOli 

a, Ik'th. 
JSIoorman Robert, Web. 
Moorman Mary L, 7^ a, Web. 
Moorman Jas, liol) a, VV^msbo;. 
Moorman Frank, Wmsb[,^ 
JNIoorman Henry, 117^ a, lieth. 
Moorman James, 1010 a, F Oy. 
^loorman Jas IT, C Cy. 
Moorman Mary, F Cy. 
Moran Edward, 30 a, Wmsbg. 
Morrey AVm, Mt Anb. 
Morgan James. 177 a, ('en. 
Morgan John C, 51 1)8-100 a, Rieh. 
Morgjin John, Cen. 
]\Iorgan John II, ('en. 
Morgan Wni 1), (Jen. 
islorgan (Jilbert. ('en. 
Morgan John C^ 80-100 a. Rich. 
^1 organ Nathan, 105^ a. Rich. 
Morgan Samuel K. Rich. 
Morgan Win B, Rich. 
Morgan Henry L, 14 (54-100 a, Abb. 
Morgan .]ohn'\V, Abb. 
Morgan Lucius, Abb. 
Morgan ('harles. Mil. 
Morgan W B, Mil. ;;/ 

Morgan C J, ('ami. ; ,• r 

Morgan Riali, C Cy. 
Morgan r^dmund, I)ub. 
Morgan Spencer, Mil. 
Morgan Sc ('alloway, Mil. 
Morgan Oliver, Mil. 
Morgan Richard, Mil. 
Morton K M Cen. 
Money William, Dub. 
jMorrey Joseph, (' ('y. 
Morrey Israel, i) Cy. 
Morrical (Catharine. Hag. 
Moiris Herbert, Dal. 
Morris Oliver, 45 a. Rich. 
iM orris Aaron. Rich. 
Morris Isaac B,;)Lia, Rich. 
Morris James W, liich. 
Morris Wm II, Rich. 
Morris Thos B, \V1 a. Rich. 

Morris Joseph T, Rich. 

JNIonis I^^lias, 287 a, Jac. 

Moriis & Miller, «0 a, Jac. 

Morris Ilemy F, Jac. 

Morris S II, Jac. 

Monis Thos B, 05 a, Dub. 

Morris Samuel, 88 a, Dub. 

^Mori-is Francis M, 70 a, C Cy. 

Morris I^llias, 1(50 a, Jac. 

Morris Fllen M, 7(5 85-100 a, Mil. 

Morris KVi, (55 a. Dub. 

J\Ioriis David, 8 a. (' Cy, 

IMoiris Jason, Dub. 

Moriis Jason, Dub. 

Morris Jolin(', Dub. 

Morris Samuel, Dub. 

Morris Frank, C Cy. 

.Morris Franci.s W, C Cy. 

^1 orris I^^lias, C Cy. 

Morris lOlizabelh, l>)ub. " 

.Morris J \\^, Dub. ' • 

Alorris Ciiarles, Dub. 

Morris Aaron, Mil. 

.Morris Rhoda, Mil. 

Morris Ellen M, Mil. 

Morris (Uleb J, Mil. 

i'Jorris Noah, Mil. 

Morrison Samuel, 87 a, Beth. 

Morrison Frederick, U a, Hag. 

i\Iorrisou James C, Hag. 

Morrison Jos, 40 a, Wmsbg, 

IMorrison Albion, C Cy. 

Morrison Andrew, (/ ('y. 

M(urison Nam;y P, C (Jy. 

Morrow Jesse L, 27 a. Rich, 

iMorrow Rach(4, 58 a, C M. 

Morrow John C, 21i a, C M. 

iMorrow Wm A, 1)1 a, C M. 

Morrow Sophrona, 20 a, C M. 

Morrow Albert B, 80 a. Rich. 

Morrow Ann II, 50 a. Rich. 

Morrow Joseph S, 15 51-100 a, C M. 

iMorrow Bhhu, Rich. 

iAlortou William B, Cen. 

Morton James T, Cen. 

Morton l':iizaJ\l, 201 1 a, Cen. 

Morton James M, i a, Econ. 

Morton iV, Shaw, (Jen. 

Mos(d)augh Louisa. C Cy. 

Mosebaugh B C, C Cy. 

Moss ( Jeo, (Jen. 

Mollro Wm W, 4 a, Dub. 

Mount Wm R, Mil. 

Mount Rebecca, Mil. 

iMoyer Chas D, Mil. 

Muhl Hannah, H;ig. 



Gents' Suits made to Order, 

D. B. Crawford & Son 

528 Main St. 




Muhl IVter. Hag, 

Muhl Emily. Hag. 

Muli i'eter. .>S a. (en. 

Mulli^Mu Thus, liich. 

Mullen Jonathan. i\«<i a. \Vm.sbg. 

Mullen Mar^^aret E. h*) a. Wnisbg. 

Mullen AVayne. >*) a. AVmsbg. 

Mullen Mefiitt. W'msbg. 

Mullen Eva. AVash. 

Mullen Mai V A. Wash. 

Mulholiand Harriet. Rich. 

Mulliollaiul James. Kich. 

MulhuUand Cr \\\ C Vv. 

Mullins Wm F. Bos. 

Murnbrower Eunice C.Ta. Econ. 

Mumbtiwer Thus W, Eeon. 

trundle Auianda. et al. E (r. 

Munger Xorman S, nj a, Mil. 

Muudle John. 4t; a. Jae. 

Mundle Jo.sephus. s^*k a. Hag. 

Murray Catharine, bt a. Hag. 

Murlcv Catharine. Mil. 

Murley (^eo H. Mil. 

Murley Jacob ]i. Mil. 

Murley Frank S. Mil. 

Murpjjy John. '60 a. Cen. 

Murphy Patrick. Go a. W W. 

Murphy Francis. Eich. 

Murphy Jlenry. C Cy. 

Murphy Dennis. C Cy. 

Murphy latharine. Mil. 

>*Iurray Robert. b() a, O F. 

Murray Hcrnrv. (r F. 

Murr.iy Michael. IMch. 

Murray John W. G F. 

Murray Cornelius Ji, lla^. 

Murray Jesse W. S'2u a. Mil. 

Murray Xeniah. 17 b-")-li>j a. Mil. 

Murray JfSseW. Mil. 

Murray Cuburn. Mil. 

Murray Tubias. 27 a. C Cy. 

Murray Martin. C Cy. 

Murrey Israel. C Cy. 

Murray Jas, Hub. 

Murray Thus, Hag. 

Murray Michael, llag. 

Murray Mary. Hag. 

Murray Tlius jr. Hag. 

Murray Jacob. 4o a. E d. 

?^lubtin .lames F. Mil. 

Musser Sulumon. F Cy. 

Muser Eii, Vo^i a. F Cy. 

Muth Feter, in a. Rich. 

Muzzy John H, Mil. 

Muzzy B F. Dub. 

Mygiitt Alice M. C Cv. 

Myer Frederick. Beth. 
Myers Catharine, Mil. 
Myres Margaret A. E G. 
Myers Jacob. C Cy. 
Mvers Henrv. C Cy. 
Myers Harry. C Cy. 
Myers Brothers. C Cy. 
flyers Jacob. C Cy. 
^lyei^ Leonard. C Cy. 
Myers (^has. C Cy. 
Myers Edward, Cen. 
:Myers :Mo>es E. C Cy. 
Myers John X. C Cy. 
^Myers .Martin sr.^Lii) a. Jac. 
Myers David, w a. Hag. 
Myers Harvey. 10 a, Hag. 
2^Iyers Moses jr.olii a, Dub. 
Mvers Lewis. 41 a. C Cy. 
:Myers John, 14 a. Abb. 
Myers (rcorge W, Bos. 
Myers Joseph, !>1 4«j-1lxj a. JLig. 
Myers Samuel. 1^4 l<»>lw a, Kich. 
Myers James sr. Rich. 
Myers James, Rich. 
Mvers Thomas. Rich. 
Myers Elva H. liich. 
Myers Jacob. 4r a. Rich. 
Myers Jacob, 8L'4i a. Cen. 
M}ers Henry, sj a, Cen. 
Myers Edward, ssi a, Cen. 
Mj'ers Joseph, Ctrn. 

Naber Henry. Rich. 
Xappier J h. Mil. 
Nation James R L. lct^5 a. C Cy. 
Xeal Norman I'. Rich. 
Neal William R. Rich. 
Neal Thomas. Wmsbg. 
Neal James P. Wmsbg. 
Neal Martha E. Wmsbg. 
Neal ML. W ni^bg. 
Xeal Julni. ( Cy. 
Xeary James, Rich. 
Nearv James. Uicli. 
Needier David M. 3 a. Mil. 
Needham Josiah. C Cy. 
Needham Jrsse AV. Mil. 
Needham Mary. Dub. 
Neil Uqitia A, 'St a. ( hes. 
Neenan Morris. Rich. 
Neenan .Mary. Rich. 
Neenan Falrick. t' Cy. 
Xeenan Morris. C Cv. 
XelT Allen. ll»<ia. EG. 
XelT Ann. 14") a, Cen. 
Xeir Abraliam. M a. E G. 

A BEAUTIFUL HOLID.-=vY .. f TsUPHOT ^OM J^ P"R 7'jy Main Si, 
DISPLAY IN SEASON dL iNlLynULoUi>l QL DflU. Hichiiiond. 

TelcDiifliie to MATHER BROS' for C O A.I. 


Neff Omar, E (i. Nowtoii ^liiiiieH U, I^etli. 

NeJf Charles, E (J. , ' ' Newtoji Maria, lOr) a, IJeth. 

Netf liastiaii C, Ceil. V^n Newton Matilda J, 7bi a, Beth. 

Neff J^miiia J. ('en. ., Newton Mary I'^llen, 85 a, JJeth. 

Neir Abrani, C Cy. Newton Win II, tlOf ii, Jieth. 

Neti^ llenrv, C Cy. ■ Niehins Nelson, 2(M()U a, F Cy. 

Nelf Mao-o-ie, C Cy. ' ' Niehols llnthanet. Hag. 

Nelt Charley A, E G. Nicliols Smith, F Cy. 

Netl Daniel, K (;. Nichols Alfred U, C, Cy. 

Nelt Cieorge, E G. Niehols Jas, (!en. 

Neff George, E G. Nichols C L, CJen. 

Nell" Elizabeth, E G. i. ,. Nichols Simon l),llich. 

Neft A 1). Mil. Nicliols Mark, Rich. 

Nelt Edward, Mil. Nichols J W, Rich. 

Neidler John W, Hag. Nichols J \V & Simeon L, 45 81-100 
Nelson J U, Wmsbg. a, Rich. 

Nelson F R, Wnisbg. Nichols Harrison, [)lk a, Beth. 
Nelson Snsannah E, 5 20-100 a, Bos Nichols Eery, lieth. 

Nelson John H. Bos. Nicholson -John C, Hag. 

Nels()n Mary, 80 a, Bos. '-: Nicholson Eiicinda, Hag. 

Nelson Jeremiah M, Bos. Nicholson James T, Wash. 

Nelson Daniel K, W^ash. Nicholson (Jeo J, ^Vash. 

Newbern William jr, Beth. Nicholson R B, Wmsbg. 

Newbern Wm, 50 a, Beth. Nit^holson John C, sU a, Hag. 

Newbern Henry, Wmsbg. Nicholson Charles E, Rich. 

New^eom Frank (J jr. Hag. Nicholson James, Rich. 

Newconi Robert A, Hag. Nicholson Henry, Rich. 

New^com Frank (J sr. Hag, Nicholson Sarah A, 15-100 a. Rich. 

Newcom Elizabeth, 2 a. Hag. Nicholson James T, Ecoii. 

Newcomb Elizabeth, Hag. Nicholson James T, 128 a, G F. 

Newcomb Matthew, Hag-. Nicholson John and Eydia A, 1 a, 
Newcomb CJarrie, Hag. ., G F. 

Newcomb R & F (J, Hag. Nicholson Adeline, 79^ a, G F. 

Newcomb Franklin G jr, Hag. Nicholson Alvis M, (i F. 

Newcomb Matthew, 211 i a, Hag. Nicholson Melissa J, G F. 

Newcomb Hannah, Rich. Nicholson Oscar A, G F. 

Newcomb (^las W D, Rich. Nicholson Chas E, (r F. 

Newcomb Matthew, 207 a, Dal. Nicholson lOlmore, G F. 

Newby John, 100 a,(/ Cy. Nicholson Winwood, (i F. 

Newb'y Mary B, C Cy. Nicholson Wm, (J F. 

Newby (lora B, C (Jy. Nicholson J W, (i F. 

Newby Thomas J, i)ub. ^ ^ Nicholson Al)ner, G F. 

NewlinJohn, Dnb. Nicholson Jos A, 80 a, W W^ 

Newman John, G F. Nicholson (Ihas E, 70i a, C M. 
Newman Thos J, 5 02-100 a. Rich. Nicholson Ashton. W W. 
Newman Jonathan W, 07-100 a, Nicholson Isaac NMV W. 

Rich. Nicholson (ieo, ;i() a, i)al. 

Newman Mary A, 5 a. Bos, Nicholson Henry, Dal. 

Newman Albert B W, Abb. Nierman J W\^ Rebecca, 70 a, F 
Newman (Uiinville, 80 a, Mil. (>y. 

Newman E li, Mil. Nieman John ^V, 5 a, F ('y. 

Newman Vincent (J, Bos. ., Nixon Henj, F Cy. 

Newman l^^lenora. Mil. Nixon Encnis, Cen. 

Newman Hiuny C, Mil. Nixon Thomas, 21 a. Rich. 

Newman Milo, Mil, Nixon E(;vina, A, 02 a. G F. 

Newman Mary A, Mil. Nolder Ciiarles, Bos. 


YARNS, all colors and ^aalities, "k^i'SSi 

Crawford ii Son, 



Xoll Mary ii, Mil. 
NollJacob, Mil. 
Norinaii Joseph, Dub. 
Normaii Charles, C (!y. 
Norman 11, (' ('y. 
iNlorris J M P, Rich. 
iN orris Uriah E, Jlich. 
N orris John T, 40 a, Rich. 
Norris l^lislia, Rich. 
XorthcuLL Wni II. Rich. 
Norlhcutt Marlilia, i:*)] a, I']con. 
Norlhcutt Win 0, JOcon. 
Northlanc llcnry, IIag\ 
Norwood Wni, Rich. 
Noss 1 1 arm an, Mil. 
Nuj^'cnt David. 
NullJohn, Dal. 
NnllJcssc, K(i. 
Null IJarbara.'v: J(3sse. 1 a, K (A. 
Null IViinclia, J,lia, Dul). 
Nuss Kliva U, } a, VV W. 
Nuliicm Ice (!o. C Oy. 
Nye Zaddock, 11 a. Rich. 
Nye Zaddock, Rich. ,.., 

Oberle W^ju C, Rich. 
()bereuder,, Ifag. 
OMirien John, (' Oy. 
O'lJrien Rridget, C!y. 
O'Rrien Thomas, 70 a, ('en. 
OMirien William, ( \^n. 
O'Connell .John, Rich. 
O'C-onnor Julia, Rich. 
O'Dell Weslev, Mil. 
O'Dell Catharine L, Dub. 
Og-born Allen W, Dub. 
Ogborn lulvvin J^], Dub. 
Oj^born Josei»h, Rich. 
Ogiesby Janu's 11, Cen. 
Oldaker WiUiain, 1 a„ K (J. 
Oldaker Fiancis M, A a, 11 (J. 
Oldham Wm, (' Cy. 
O'Lauf^hlan Thos. r, a. Rich. 
Oder \V A, Dub. 
Oder Sam J, Ros. 
OlerDevi M, Ros. 
Oler Samuel, Ros. 
OlerJas M, Wmsbg. 
Oler l^rank, \Vmsbo-. 
Oler C!alvin, Wmsltg. 
Oler Martin, Wmsbg. 
Oler Jiio, 100 a, Wmsbg. 
Oler ^Vm. 110 a, Wmsbg. 
Oler Henry, li'u a, Wmsbg. 
Olijr AUuni, TJOa, Wmsbg. 
Oler Thos, 210 a, Wmsbg. 

Oler Reuj F, 80 a, Wmsbg. 

Oler Priscilla Su rJno, 00 a, W^msbg. 

Oler Allen W, 80 a, Wmsbg. 

Oler Henry, Go a, Ecou. 

Oler Adam, 200 a, Econ. 

Oler (ieo W, lOOi a, Econ. 

(Jler Eewis 1', 100 a, iCcon. 

Oler 1 IB, 120a, Econ. 

Oler Wm E, 120 a, Econ. 

OUuKU" Jno (), Rich. 

Olmied Sarah, C (Jy. 

Olmct/. Henry, Web, 

OhmiL Walter, Mil. 

Olvy Elisha K, I'^con. 

Olvey Mary, Econ. 

Olvey John \V, Econ. 

Omelia Patrick, Cen. 

Onu'lia Catharine, Cen. 

Omelia John, Cen. 

Omelia Wm, C'en. 

(jnyett P:ilen (t, Cen. 

Orr (ieorge A, C (Jy. 

Orth PA, E (;. 

Osborn E and L, F Cy. 

Osborn Jiinden,E Cy. 

Osborn ImIjUi, -~~ . 

Osborn John D and Eetta, C Cy. 
(Jsbonie Harry, Ros. 
Osborne P'oster, lios. 
Osborne Alon/.o, 100 a, Ros. 
Osborne ICmaline, lllU a, Ros. 
Osborne Franklin, Tii ()7 -100 a, Ros. 
Osborne Tra(;v, SO a, Ros. 
Osborn I'Jam,' 17>4: a, Econ. 
Osborne lulmund, 80 a, Im'OU. 
Osborne Rachel, 1 20-100 a. Eon. 
Osborn Josiah, l"k'on. 
Osborn Cyrus E. llOf a, (J F. 
Osborn Chas S, 70 a, Can. 
Osborn Foster, 80 a, (!en. 
Osboin J N, Cen. 
Osier A, C Cy. 
Oslrander Jas, Rich. 
Otlen Mary H, l:{2 a, Cen. 
Outland Eli, C Cy. 
Oullaud l<:va, C Cy. 
Oidland David, C (^y. 
Outland Jv)siah, Hag. 
Oiilland RN'bccca I-:, 78 

Overholsei' IR'iMy, P)OS. 
Ov(!rh()lser Wm M, Ros. 
OveruKin Isaac, Rich. 
Overman I'-ndsley, \\'eb. 
Overman Joseiih S, 71 a. 
Ov(.'nnan Nathan, lO!) a, 

0(; 100 a, 




at NICHOLSON & BllO, '"^JUr 

Mather Bros. Sell COAL CHEAP. 



Overman Oliver, 13^ a, Cen. V: 

Overpeck sisters, C Oy. P; 

Overpeck John A, C Cy. P; 

Overpeck John A, IGl a, C Oy. P; 

Owen Lucy, Mil. 1'; 

Owens Sarah, 1:22 a, Bos. V; 

Owens Eli S,liich.. T; 

Owens Rebecca F, liich. - V: 


Packer Harriet F, ]5os. 1'; 

a^idden Ed, C Cy. J^ 

J'addock Henry, 38 a, Abb. P; 

Paddock Jesse, 113 a. Abb. P; 

i'addock Oscar, Tiii a. Abb. J'; 

Paddock \Vm, 120 a, Rich. P; 

J^aj^e Frank, Rich. I'; 

Palin ElmiraG, lOba, Dub. . P; 

Palm II M, C Cy. P; 

Palmer Daniel, 2Si) a, Web. 1'; 

Palmer Arthur, Web. P; 

Palstoii Richard, 77-100 a. Rich. P; 

Pardick John II, 168 a, Cen. P; 

Pardick Henry, Cen. Vi 

Pardick Harmon, 32 a. Rich. P; 

Parish Wm N,20a, F Cy. P; 

Parish Mary E, 102i a, F Cy. I'; 

Parker Elisha, Dal. P; 

Parker Jelirey T, W W. I'; 
Parker Charles W, 76 20-100 a, Web P; 

Parker Samuel, Rich. P; 

Parker Patrick, Rich. P; 

Parker Elisha, 11 94 100 a, Rich. P; 

Parker John P, Ricli. P 

Parker Murray, Rich. P; 

Parker liF, Rich. P 

Parker Theodore C, Rich. P, 

Parker Nathan R. Wmsbg. P 

I^arker ]Mary E. Wmsbg. , P 

Parker Elisha, Oa, Wmsbg. P 

Parker Oliver, F Cy. P 

Parker Rachel, Abb. P 

Parker Leroy, 34i a. Abb. '^ . P 

I'arker Alvanas, Abb. T 

Parker CD, Dub. P 

Parker C S, .Mt Aub. V, 

i'arker Leonidas L, Bos. P 
Parker Elizabeth, C Cy. 

Parker Jesse T, F Cy. Pi 

Parker Joel, FCy. P: 

Parker Einden T, F Cy. 1' 

Parker Miles, Dub. \ 

Parkhurst(ieo M, (U^y. I 

Parkins Jonathan, 12a, ISlil. 1' 

Parkins W Pink, Mil. 1 

I'arkins Jonathan B, Mil. I 

Parks Curtis, 100 a, Bos. 1 

iirks Levi D, 80 a, Bos. 

iirks John F, Bos. 

iuks A\'illiara, C Cy. 

iirmelia J Woods, Cen. 

;ur W D, C Cy. 

iirisPeter J, 53 a, W W. 

tirrish Susan J. Ches. 

Lurish John, Mil. 

arratt Henry C, Rich. 

iirratt Alinrod, Cen. 

iirry Mordecai, 08 80-100 a, Rich. 

iirvy William 103 00-100 a, Ricli. 

iirry Robert, Rich. 

urshall Wm E, Bos. 

iirry ^Vestscot. F C. 

Lirshall ^Slersellis, Cen. 

Lirsiiall Benoni. 3 a. Rich. 

lirshall John W, Rich. 

lirshall Benoni, oOA a, Bos. 

lirshall Edward. Bos. 

iirshallSarah J, W W. 

iirthemor Parmelia, Rich. 

iirtington Jas C-, Jios. 

iirton W L, Dub. 

iirtridge Daniel, Jac. 

arsons Asenath. 81-100 a. Rich. 

iirsons & Nicholson, Hag. 

iirsons Amos \\\ Hag. 

iirsons (Jeo AV, Hag. 

Iirsons Benj F, Hag. 

iitridge Sylvester, U F. 

litter Abraham. F Cy. 

atterson WmH,Cen. 

atterson William M\ Cen. 

aton Adam, Dub. 

iittou John. C Cy. 

atton Mary A, C Cy. 

atts Margaret, o MOO a, Bos. 

aul Frederick H, Hag. 

aul Frederick, 1 a, Hag. 

aul Elizabeth, C Cy 

aul (ieo, C Cy. 

auline (ieorge. Cen. 

aiiliss ^largaret A, Bos. 

aulson (;eo F, loA, Rich. 

luison Ricliard A, 205 10-Uh) a. 

axton Win,Dub. 
i.xton A (i, Dub. 
ixlon Benj 1>\ 2^ a, Dub. 
axton ,)as, Mil. 
axli)u J:is A, 40 a, Jac. 
ayne Nathan, 125i a, Dal. 
ayne .] \). C Cy. 
ayne J 15, C Cy. 
ay toil Beuj, 10 a, Dub. 

lion Shuttora, Bal Work. Ai 

•^^■SS!&'i!■'iVS•[ W. T. BARBEE iron anil Wiic Woit. 

I'tl RoOl" CroalingS,' ) l.^^^>[^^^. INDIAN*. 

Carpets and Dry Goods 

at 528 Main 





Payton Isaac, 8 a, (J F. 
Peacock J L, Wasli. 
Peacock M:iry, \Vash. 
Peacock Tlios, Cen. 
Peacock Levi, 80 a, V Cy. 
l^eacock Levi, 74 a, Rich. 
Peacock Nathan (\ 2 a, (J P. 
Peacock Mary, 2 a, (J l'\ 
Peacock Levi, 1 18 a, NVeb. 
Peacock Aloir/o, Dal. 
Peak Susan, ( U'n. 
Pearce Aslier, iu;>i a, Wnisbg-. 
Pearce James L. Wnisbg-. 
Pearce Herbert (-, Wnisbg-. 
l-*earce Fred N, Kicli. 
Pearce Charity K, Rich. 
l*earson Mary H, Dub. 
l^earson Monroe, Rich. 
Pearson ('ulvin W, llicli. 
Peck W^illiani, \Vnisb<>-. 
Peden William, Beth. 
Peden Wni IL 78 Beth. 
l^eden (Jeo, W W. 
Peed W L, Wnisbg. 
Peele Nancy, ('en. 
Peele ii M, Cen. 
Peele W^ni A, ('en. 
J*eele J no jr, C'en. 
Peele John sr, Cen. 
I'eelle John, 57^ a, Rich. 
Pegg Mary, J5os. 
Pegg Frank, Hos. 
Pegg Daniarus, 40 a, F Cy. 
Pegg David 8, 113 a, F(^y. 
Pegg Thos, F Cy. 
Pegg Davis, F Cy. 
J^egg Chas, Wnisbg. 
Pegg IsaHC, WiMsbg. 
Pegg William sr, Wmsb^. 
J^egg Valentine, i!(H) a, Wmsbg. 
Pegg James, 40 a, Wmsl)g. 
Pehe Jliram, l.>,s a, W W. 
Peitter Cordelia, (M^y. 
Peiu Jacob, 1 a, C Cy. 
Peirce Sarah H, C Cy. 
Peitsuiire (J 1'], 2 7-100 a, Ches. 
Pemey Uob 1j, E (J. 
Pendergrass .lolm, llich. 
I?enlaud William C, W \V. 
Pennington Joel, INIil. 
Pennick (ico W. lios. 
Pennock Chas I, llich. 
I'erkins L IJ, Kick. 
Pernell Wm, Web. 
Pernell David, Web. 
Penny Hobt \j/,m a, F G. 

Perry Phillips, (J Cy. 

Perry Samuel, 12 a, F Cy. 

Perry Ruth .M, 151; a, F Vy. 

Perry Ciias C, 2;} a. Rich. 

i^ersonett Mary, C Cy. 

Personett Thad C, lo-ioo a, Rich. 

Pervis WJ, C (V. 

Peters Sallie C, Mil. 

Peters Almira S, C (3y. 

Peters Josci)h, C Cy. 

Peterson Henry, Uich. 

l^eterson John. 'M a. Rich. 

i*etro hMmund S. Hag. 

i^^tro Chas C, Hag. 

Petty Eli, Hag. 

Petty La\vr(Mice, Hag. 

Petty Fli,oli>:5()-loo a, Hag. 

l\aty David S. l':con. 

Petty Jeimie, 14 a, Fcon. 

l*etty iulla, 40 a, Fcon. 

Petty Wm II, (^en. 

Peak Susannah. ^ a, Cen. 

Petty David, 112 a, l']con. 

I'ewdroy Wm F, C Cy- 

Phiter l^)hraim, Dub. 

Philer Peter, (il bVloo a, Hag. 

Phiter Phillii) jr, 00 a, Hag. 

Philer Phillii) sr, 14 a, Hajr. 

Philabaum William, Dal. 

Phillips Lydia Iv C Cy. 

Phillips Clarke, Ros. 

J^hillips James, Abb. 

Phillips Sarah, Rich. 

IMiillips Frank P, Cen. 

Phillips Chas, Dal. 

Phcniheart Jacob, Hos. 

Pickett R N, Abb. 

Pickett Wm IL 70 a, F Cy. 

Pickett Ceo, Web. 

Pickett NatlKin, NVeb. 

Pierc(V Laura V\ Maa. 

Pi(!rce *fc Porter, Hag. 

4Merce ]jemuel M. Hag. 

Pierce Marj>ar('t L, llau". 

PiiMce AUVcd .S: Llsie. Dub. 

Piercic Hannah M, P Cy. 

I'ierce Mary 1^. ^'(•^\- 

Pierce Isaac H, 80 a. Mil. 

Pierce Renj, 210 a. Mil. 

IMerce Ji>hn ){ ami Phcbe, 2F a, 

Pierce John R, 82 a. .\l)b. 
Pierce; .\lvni, 20 a, P Cy. 
IMcuce 'i'iimtthy ]NL Hag. 
Pierce Isaac A. ;>78 (i.MOO a, Hag. 
IMerce Lydia, est, 1 21 loo a. Rich. 

Nicholson 8, Bro. QSlSti'S'?.. 

Office Supplies, 

7'29 Main 

SEWER PIPE Ma.heViros. Rlchmoiid, Ini 


Pierce Siiiipson T, Ecoii. Plunketl I'eter, llicli. 

Pierce Wilson, 100 a, Kcon. Pluiikett Hugh. Uicli. 

Pierce L(i\vis, 07 a, Fa'aui. IMunkelt Anna, Rich. 

J^ierce Albert O, 2:m u, G F. Polf Isaac N, C (Jy. 
Pierce Pj-ank K and Mary J, 171 a. I'olk llannaii, C Cy. 

Dal. Polk Pldwas, U Cy. 

Pierson Thomas, F Cy. Follard Ruth, IFag. 

Pierson :\Iaria E, CCy. i'oUard Daniel \\\ m a. Hag. ' 

Pierson Mary B, 7 a, Dul). Folly Charles, 100 a, Rich. 

Pike J(!sse, Dub. Poor Jerry, l>os. 

Pike l":iani, (iO a, J^' Cy. I'ope Sarah, Rich. 

Fike W^ni, J<]con. Port(.*r Wni M. J^con. 
Pike Elizabeth. 110 a, (J F. , I'orch Catharine M. Econ. 

JMke Chas E,(tF. Porter cS: Hughes. Hag. 

IMke Laura M, 70 a, Cen. Porter l-:d\vard, Hag. 

Pike Wiililo, Cen. Porter Knodt;. Hag. 

Piekens Maria, 1 70-100 a, Ri(th. I'orter .Jennie. IJag. 

Pickett Mary E, dies. I'orter Catharine. Hag. 

Pickett Wni L, est, -li! a, C M. Porter Labina, Hag. 

Pickett Eli M, 42 a, Ches. Porter Joel, -10a, F (]y. 

Pickett Mary Ann, i a, dies. Porter Samuel, Uicli. 

Pickett W H, (U a, Ches. Porter Anna, 'A 47-100 a, Rich. 

Pimm John J, C Cy. Porter Scott, H a, Rich.j 

Pim Jacob, C Cy. i'oschlogJos, Cen. 

Pinkham Win P,]{ich. Post Eiias F,{; Cy. 

Pitsinger Robt L, Ros. I'osther Henry, Rich. 

J'itman Henderson. Posther August, 48 78-100 a, C M. 

Pitman Wm ir. Hag. Posther Henrietta, Rich. 

Pitman .Martha, c; Cy. Potter Fli/abeth, Hag. 

JMtman Sarah J, C Cy. Fowell David, Hag. 

Pitman (ieorge, C Cy. i'owell Jos, Bos. 

Pittman Hiram, Rich. . - l\)\vell Jas P. i) Cy. 

Pittman Morris, Rich. Powell Aaron, \V W. 

Pitts Isaac H, Hagg. L'owell John, W W. 

Pitts Oliver F Cy. Powell Join; M, Rich. 

Pitts Oliver H oO a, F (^y. l^3well Nancy A, Rich. 

Pitts Harmon, 70 a, F Cy. Powell John. ;')0 a W W. 

Pitts iienjamin, lOa, FCy. ^ Presbaugh Margaret, Hag. 

Pitts William, Wmsbg. I'resbaugh Henry, Hag. 

Pitts T C, Wmsbg. l^esbaugh Fieilerick, Hag. 

J'itts Harmon, 80 a, Wmsbg. Frestou Robert, F (^'. 

Pitts Asa, o.')^ ii, Winshg. I'lcslon Robert S. ."jo'a, F Cy. 

IMtt-t Samuel, 101.1 a, Wmsbg. Picslou Carlos. Rich. 

J^itts Isaac .), CO a, Wmsbg. I'retlyw Uobt F, Dub. 

JMtts Elizabeth, Dal. Prellow Uobt S, 01 a. Dub. 

Pitts Calvin W, (U;n. Prezinger J Ii, Mil. 

JMttsford R M, F Cy. Prezinger J B. C ( 'y. 

IMacke Hannah II, Cen. Prezinger J Ii., Abl). 

Plain Unest P, Rich. Prezinger J R, Rich. 

Plankenhom iNt)ali, Abb. Piice(Jeo \\\ F Cy. 
Plankenhom Margaret, ;>K) a. Abb. Friee Julicd S. F Cy. 
Plankenhom Jno sr cSg jr, lOMI-loo I'rice Juliet S, F(!>. 

a, Web. I 'rice l<:ila .M, F Cy. 

Plessingcii- Adam, Cen. I'rice Fdward. F Cy. 

Plummer Zimri, Mil. Fi ice Clara (V C Cy. 

Plunmier ^Vln I, Hag. I'rice Lyilia M , Cen. 

W" -. pAinrlf ChairH iind Settees, tuninu'r Houof'H, 1 W. T. BARBEE 
irS UOOub. Screens, and ah kindtf oi WireCUotn.) inuN anow.he works 



Main St. 



Price TIios J, F Cy. 

Piice Thomas, 111 a, C Cy- 

Price William, 80 a, F Cy. 

Trice ]Mar> Ami, .'W a, F Cy. 

Piice Charles T, Jac. 

Piice Ashabel, Bos. 

Price Joel, Wmsbg. 

l^rice C C, Wmsbg. 

Price Isabella. 3 a, Wmsbg. 

Price (!aleb W, lO-V, a. Rich. 

Price Lyclia M, 12 a, Rich. 

Price Jas A, Rich. 

Preston Mary V, 11 iS-lUOa, Uici 

I'rice Lydia M, 1()U a, W^eb. 

Price Charles T, Web. 

Price Frank, Web. 

Prichard Luciiida. 

Prichard Emma, (! Cy. 

Priciiard I^Iartiii, C Cy. 

Prichard Frank, C Cy. , 

I'richard lia, C ('y. 

Priciiard l^mma, C Cy. 

Priciiard Harry. C Cy. 

Prichard Flisha, C Cy. 

Prichelt J*]mily, C'en. 

Primes WA, Bos. 

Pritchard Jas A, Dub. 

i'rucenelle Anthony, C Cy. 

Pruss Ceo, C ('y. 

Puj^h James, AVmsbi>-. 

Piigh Leander iM, Hag-. 

Pumard Ilarroid P, E (i: 

Pumphny Nancy, :\ a, C Cy. 

Purcell Patrick, ('Cn. 

Purdy Frank 11, Ha;;-. 

Purdy TIios II. IlaK- 

Purdy Wm J, 80 a. Hag. 

I'urdy Anna and J'^lijah. 30 a, 

Purviance Eeroy C. 80 a. F Cy 

Purvis Martiia E, Wash. 

I'utholl Henry, 137 a, Rich. 

Putholl William, Rich. 

JMitman Eliza J, Rich. 

Pntman iVaron, Rich. 

Pyle James M, F Cy. 

Pyle Isaac and J M. 18 4'J-IOO 

l^yle A 11, Rich. 
Pvle Penarosi II, (lOfa. W W. 
Pyle Isaac, 118 a, W W.. 
Pyle John M, l!n)a, W W. 
Pyle John T, 11!) a, W \V. 
Pyle Isaac M, lOa, W W. 
Pyle Albert F, ")0 a, W W. 
Pyle Ruth A, 10 a, W W. 
Pyle Wm S, 3 a, W W. 

(; F. 

PylfJ David F. 10 a, W W. 
Pyle ThosS, W W. 
Pvle Martin AV, W W. 
Pyle Ryrmi C, AV W. 

Quickie Rudolph (1. 
(^)ui«^g Cyrus 1>, Web. 
(^ui<j,*;- Francis S, Web. 
(^ui<^ley James, \'2k a. Rich. 
(^)uigiey (ieo, WrnsbK. 
()uinlivan Edward, Rich. 
(^)uinn (;(;o S, 33 a, Rich. 
(>uiuii Mary, 23,a, Abb. 
(^uinn William, Abb. 
(^uinn Samuel, Mil. 
C^uinn Patrick, (' (^y. 

I^aber Benjamin, C Cy. 
Rader Adam, 19l> a, Jac. 
Radford Eee, W W. 
Bailee Benjamin, Hag. 
Ralfee Edward, 148 a, Hag. 
l?agan ]Martin, Wash. 
Pagan Michael, Wash. 
Bag(!r (iiiorge W, Hag. 
Pagan I B, Rich. 
Pager Frank X. lo a, Rich. 
Itailsback Albtut, ]H\ a. Abb. 
RailsbacJv Eucinda, 50 a, Abb. 
Bailsljack Rosetta, l8t a. Abb. 
E'ailsback Franklin, llo a. Abb. 
Railsback John IE Pich. 
Bailsback ^V'm P, 3S ;i, Rich. 
Pailsl.ack i-aioch, 57| a. Rich. 
Pailsback Joel, 181 a, Rich. 
Bailsback Enocii. 10a, Rich. 
Ualsier Frank, Rich. 
Bambo Nancy V. IS'4 a, Cen. 
llambo Audiew J. Cen. 
Ramsey Richard IE Dub. 
Banch Jno F. (io a, Hag. 
Baiick Heni F. 110 a. Abb. 
Paiick Malhias, 1:00 a. Abl). 
b'aiick Ceo (J, 100 a, Abb. 
Paiick Benj P, Abb. 
Rauck Curtis, Abb. 
Banck Crieh M, Abb. 
Kaiick JelVerson, Al)b. 
Bauck Martha E, Abb. 
i;amk (i W. Abb. 
Ilaiick (;«M<rge. 100 a. Mil. 
Randall Wm, W W. 
Bank Andri'W, Cen. 
Ilankin James, 1 a. Rich. 
Bai»er John W.sii a, Rich. 
Rai)er George, Bos. 

All kinds of BLANK BOOKS 


Louisville and Portland CEMENT 




Kaper John, 42 a. Bos. 

Happ John, Ricli. 

Ilasor Adam S, Abb. 

Katlil't Mosepli 0, Rich. 

Ratlin^ IlarmanC, Rich. 

Rati iff Cornelius im Tv^-lOO a, Rich. 

Ratliff Jos (^ SO a, Rich. 

Ratliff Renj 8, Rich. 

Ratlilf AValtcr S, Rich. 

Ratliff (!orneliu3 ju, Ricii. 

Ratliff Elizabeth J, \) -')7-]00 a, Rich 

Rattray \Vni, Ilaff. 

Ray AVm,80a. Bos. 

Ray ('has A. Bos. 

Raymond Elvira, C Cy. 

Raymond Ohas M, (^y. 

Raymond Chas II. C Cy. . 

Reii John, 1()0 a, (!en. V 

Ready Patrick, Rich. 

Ream John H, Dub. 

Beagan Cornelius, C Cy. • 

Reckner (ieorge T, Abb. 

Reckner Daniel, Cen. . 

Regfler M E, Cen. 

Redman Lot CMtAb. 

Reddisii Wm A, Rich. 

Redman Wm II, Econ. 

Reece William T, Rich. 

Reece Olive II, Cen. 

Reed James P, 50 a, Web. 

Reed Jennie, et al, 20 a, Rich. 

Reed John. Ricli. 

Reed J P, 80 a, C M. 

Reed Ann, 20 51-100 a, Rich. 

Reed Adam B, 85-100 a, Rich. 

Reed J. hrs, 108 a. Rich. 

Reed Frank, 20-100 a, Rich. 

Reed Joseph E, Rich. 

Reed Robert, IIa^^ 

Reed Henry II, W W. 

Reed I^afe, Mil. 

Reed John, Cen. 

Reed Aldene M, Dub. 

Reed Wm B, Dub. 

Reed John, Dub. 

lined E])sie, Dub. 

Reed John W, Dub. 

Reed Joseph, Dub. 

Reese Linecis, E Cy. 

Reese :Mary, 1 01)-100a, (Mies. 

Reese John, 80 a, F Cy. 

Reese Jas T, 1421 a, Beth. 

Reese Elias, 40 a, ECy. 

Rec^sir Wm II, E (J. 

Reesir David, 1'] (J. 

Reeves Mark IC, 00, Rich. 

Reeves Arthur M,Rieh. 
Reeves T J. Wnisbg. 
Reid Wm S, Web. 
Reid John AV, W W. 
Reid David A, Rich. 
Reid David L, Rich. 
Reid Alex S, Rich. 
Reid Eloretta, W W. 
Reigel (Jeo W, C Cy. 
Reigle Andrew, E G. 
Reigle Andi-ew. E (}. 
ReiMlc Wm II, E (;. 
Reily John, Rich. 
Reinhart (Catharine, 'M a, E (r. 
Reinheimer W II, Wash. 
Reinheimer Adam, (r F. 
Reisor David, 181 a, Jac. 
Reeson W(J, Jac. 
Remy Noah F, Mil. 
Renfrow Nathan, Rich. 
Renfrow Henry, ('en. 
Uenfrow Isaac N, 20i a, (Jen. 
Reufiow Margaret, 5 a, Cen. 
Replogle Jno II. Hag. 
Replogle Samuel M, Hag. 
Rejtlogle Sam 11, (! ('y. 
R«!pl()gle Joseph, Hag. 
liej) logic Lewis, Hag. 
Replogle Jacob >M, Hag. 
Beplogle Samuel H, Dub. 
Rei)log!e Mary P, 28 a. Dub. 
Replogle Phillip, Econ. 
Replogle Wm H, Hag. 
Replogle Saml N 858 a, Hag. 
H(;i»l()gle Joel, 47A a, Hag. 
lle\)logle Bachel, bU a, Econ. 
Bet/, Lewis A. Hag. 
ResslerCarthon H,40 a, Hag. 
Retz Barbar.i, Hag. 
R(!tz Charles. 101 a, Hag. 
Retts Michael A, 52 a, E Cy. 
Retts Michael A, is a, Wmsl»g. 
Bevalee James, Mil. 
Riwalee Thus. Mii. 
Bevalee Isaac, Mil. 
Reynolds Christina, Mil. 
Reynolds Blisha B. Hag. 
Reynolds Corwiu, Hag. 
Beynolds Josiah, Dub. 
BcyiioUls DaJiiel, Dub. 
Beynolds (ieo W, I"' C<y. 
Bi'ynolds Daniel, C ('y. 
Beynolds Isaac J, E C'y. 
B('> Molds Eiauk, E Cy. 
Beynolds (Mias, E i'y. 
Beynolds Luther L, 85)4 a, F Cy. 



YARNS, all colors and (laalities, "ligSSffit^of: 


' lluyiiolds j\I;iry l^^,r)!i a, F Cy. llifo Jiiines M, Bos. 

I Reynolds Saiiuiel, 110 11, IMV- Uife Joliii J, Hos. 

' Keyiiolds (Jeo W . r,o a, F Cy. Kilo George W, lios. 

; Keyih)l(ls AViii, -'")<) a, F ('y. Higiev J;unt'S, ('en. 

lieynoliLs JJartoii T, VM) a, Jac. Kiley Miehael. Wash. 

i Reynolds Jas F, Wnisbg. JJiley Win R, 1<: G. 

; Heynolds ("has Jj, Wnisbfij. Riley Robert, lo a, F Cy. 

' Reydolds Fletcher, Wnisl)^. . Rihiy Steplien, Ptich. 

Reynolds Alpheus, \Vmsbg. Kiley Robert, r/) a, Heth. 

lli^'ynolds Thos, ^Vnlsb^. Riiiehart Jacob F, Abb. 

l^Wnolds J J c\: Son, Wnisbg. Riseor (Jeo M, b] (i. 

Reynolds Rros, AVnisbj^. Risinj^i^r Isaae, I*] (J. 

'■. I^eynolds F S. Wnisbg. Ritter Rebecca. 7i a. Dub. 

; Reynolds Addison (\ Wnisbg. Ritter Jacob, 75 a, Dub. 

i Reynolds Vernen, Wmsbg. Ritter John, 7H a, (! Oy, 

Reynolds Ihazella II, 10 a. Wnisbg Hitter Reter, 1501 a, Web. 

Reynolds John J, 80 a, Wmsbg. Ritt(!r John L, Dub. 

; Reynolds Myron (i, ^V')nsbg. Rivers Simon, Alil. 

Reynolds (/olunibus, li.'U a. Wnisbg Robbins Samuel, Mil. 

Reynolds Jesse T, (llH a. Wmsbg. Rol)bins S (', Abb. 

■; Reynolds George F. 8 a, Rich. Robbins E I'], Abb. 

! Reynolds Isaac Dal. Robbins John F, 1 80-100 a. Rich. 

I Reynolds Harvey, Dal. Robbins Jasper, et al, LS^ a, Abb. 

' Reynolds AVilson, OOiii, Dal. Robbins Chas F, -10 a, Abb. 

I Reynolds Abraham, 85 07-100 a, Robbins Hiram M, 177 a. Abij. 

i ('en. Robbins S J and Anna EJi) a, Ghes 

\ Reynolds Abiviham and Marcellus Robbins .James R and Louisa M, 

I DL, 7'.)7M00a, Web. Hii-lOO a. Rich. 

' ReyAiM.Jac. Robbins .Martitia (!, Kcon. 

. Rhoades Devi, Bos. Roljbins (ieoru'e W, l^con. 

Rhodes AU»ert, Cen. Robbins Daniid R, Fcon. 

Rhodc'S (ieo, (\^n. Robbins Harlon ]^ 4o a. Gen. 

Rhodes Jas J, (10 a, AV W. Robenon Henry 1), W AV. 

Rhodes Jolin, 80 a, Dub. Roberts Edvvaid, Mil. 

Rhodes Jas E, E Gy. Roberts W J, Dub. 

Rhodes Harry, Ricii. Roberts Zachariah, G (^y. 

Rhoe John II, liOO a, (Jen. ' Roberts Samuel !•:, W W. 

: Rice Joshua S. Rich. Roberts Joseph, Dub. 

• Rice Lewis I, Rich. Roberts Samuel S, E Gy. 

' Rice W (J, '2TA 05-100 a, Rich. Roberts Jonathan, 70 a, Hos. 

^ Rice Francis M, Rich. Roberts Enoch W, 100 a, Hos. 

; Rich Joseph, Iiich, Roberts Alplieus, l>os. 
■ Rich AVillis D, Rich. . Roberts iMarion J, 80 a, Wmsi)g. 

. Richardson JellVrson, Dal. Ri)berts (k'o, Wmsbg. 
."5 Rich(!y John S, G (\y. ■ Roberts Elias, ;-!0 100 a, Wmsbg. 

'. Richie James, G Gy." Roberts L F, AVmsbg. 

Richter J 1*', Wmsbg. Roberts John, A'/msbg. 

RichterN II, Wmsbg. Roberts Nason \\ Wmsbg. 

Ricliter N II and J T, Wmsbg. Roberts|)li 1\ 'M a. G iM. 

Ridi^nom Lot(\ Dub. Roberts Martha, :w ;12-1(I0 a, Rich. 

Rider John H, lUch. R.>brr(s \\\u M,77l a, Rich. 

Ridge James (!, Wash. Roberts Jonathan, II 7l-hKi a. Rah 

Ridge James (!, Jac. Roberts Henry S, (iSA a, Rich. 

Ridge Merit, 50 a, Hag. Roberts Rulus, (Mies. 

Ridge Minni(^ 50 a. Hag. Roberts Get) W. >Veb. 

Rife Jacob, 100 a. Bos. Roberts Ambrose, \)\q a, Web. 

^ SiIJSy'.n Si^kllon' at NICHOLSON & BRO. ''Sli^^t [ 

Everybody buys their COAL or Mather Bros. 



Roberts AValter, 157 <)5-l00 <i, Web. 
Roberts Samuel, ii4 7-100 a, Web. 
Roberts Jane et al, 81 27-100 a, (', M 
Roberts Samuel A, 4U a, C M. 
Roberts Elijali, oO a, \V VV^. 
Roberts Ambrose II, 50 a, W W. 
Roberts Albert M, et al, 45 a-, Cen. 
Roberts Manville (J, et al, 40 a, 

Roberts Jonathan, 00 a, C'en. 
Robertson J D, Dub. 
Roberts John and Louis, Cen. 
Robertson Caroline, Dub. 
Robertson W, Mil. 
Robertson Wm I., W W. 
Robie (Jeo T. i) Cy. 
Robinson C Al, C C)y. ., 

Robson Richard, Rich. 
Robinson Samuel, Rich. 
Robinson Henry, 70 a, C M. 
Roby LB S, Dub. 
Rockafellow J V R, Dub. 
Rockafellow Ward, Dub. 
Rodenberj^ Wm 11, Abb. 
Rodenberger Martin L, Abb. 
Rodonber^ Henry W, Abb. 
Rodenberf? J no A jr, Abb. 
Rodenberger Bennett II, Abb. 
Rodenberg Mary E, 40 a, .Abb. 
Rodenberg John Albert, 40 a, Abb. 
Rodenberg (Jeo, 160 a, Abb. 
Rodenberg Henry, 50 a. Bos. 
Roe Augustus, Ila^. 
Rodgers Walter, llag. 
Rolferty Martin, \i a, Rich. 
Rogers H J, Web. 
Rogers Orren, C Cy. 
Rohe Casper, Ricli. 
Rohe Hem-y, Rich. 
Robe Frank, (len. 
Rohe Michael, Cen. 
Rohe Casper, Cen. 
Rohnson Thomas, Cen. 
Roll John, Web. 
Roll Mini, 100 a, Web. 
Roll Wm M, Web. 
Roller Samuel, Wash. 
Roller John H, Wash. 
Roller Allen, Wash. 
Roller Samuel A, AVash. 
Roller Peter V, AVash. 
Roller John V, Wash. 
R'oller Peter F, (IF. 
Itollins Al(5xander, Mil. 
Rollins Kdward, C Cy. 
RonkLD, Mil. 

Roney A C, Mil. 
Roosa Wm. AVeb. 
Roosa H H, Web. 
Roosa D W, AVeb. 
Root Rebecca AV, Hag. 
Root Clara B, 18 a, Dal. 
Root ^Vm, Dal. 
Roots Susan C. 24 a. Mil. 
Rosa David, AVmsbg. 
Rosa John F, 7i» ()5-100 a, AA^msbg. 
Rosa Ann K M, 1 a. ('en. 
Rosch Daniid, 1 a, E G. 
Rose Eliza Ann, Dub. 
Ross Jolni, Bos. 
Roth \Vm A, C Cy. 
Roth Charles, C Cy. 
Roth Viola K, 27 a, C'en. 
Rotli Peter, 1 45-100 a, Cen. 
Roth Henry, Cen. 
Rothermel (irant. Mil. 
Rothermel AVm J, Alil. 
Rothermel (ieo B, Mil. 
Rothermel Silas, E ii. 
Rothermel (!harles, (' Cy. 
Rothermel David, C (3y. 
Rothermel John, C Cy. 
Rothermel Silas. C Cy. 
Rothermel Joseph, 140 a, E (J. 
Rothermel Ann M, U a. Mil. 
Rothert Hannah B, 82 a, J]os. 
Routh CJias \V, C Cy. 
RouthJ B,CCy. 
Routh Robert W, Econ. 
Rowe Peter, 1<] (i. 
Roue J C. Dub. 
Rowe lienj S. K G. 
Rowe Kendall S, Econ. 
Row Thos, Dal. 
Rowan l^^leuor, Cen. 
Rowan Thos L. Cen. 
Rowan Henry (J, i'vn. 
Rowh John, 50 a, Hag. 
Rowh Adam, llag. 
Royers Margaret, 8(; a, Dub. 
Rubley Rachel, 8 20-100 a Rich. 
Rubley Parmelia J. 5 a, C!en. 
Rul)y John, Web. 
Ruby Jederson, Web. 
Ituch John, 1 a. Rich. 
Rudy Erederick S, Hag. 
Rudy limory C, Hag. 
Rudy Daniel A, Hag. 
Run ner Joseph, et al, 12 a, Rich. 
Rullin Rebecca, 1 a, (J F. 
Ruby Margarid 10 and Sarah K Zeg- 
ler, 110 a, Abb. 

Iron Shatters, Balconies, GralintvH, 
Bank "Work, Area RaUinR-s, Stable 
T'Mttlnf^s, Oriiam'tl Rool' CrostinM^s- 

[ W, T. BARREE Iron mill Wire Works, 

) LAI A>1.1 1 L, INOIANA. 

Gents' Suits made to Order, °- ''^SffSSlf st"°" RICHMOND 


iliiuiiiiell Abnihiiin, C Cy. > Sanders (Jeo, Ceii. 

lluuiniuU Felix, C Cy. '. Sanders Jos, Dal. 

Uununell Adam, C Cy. Sarber Clias lI.xMil. 

Kiuuniell Valentine, '20 a, Dub. Saibei ('has a, 77 la-lOiJ a, Mil. 

Ruinniell John, Mil. Saibes Thos U, loG ii. Jue. 

linnipanj 11, lU a. Ilicli. Sassaman J.ewis, !•] G. 

liununerd VVelster, (' Cy. . Sater Joseph, (" Cy. 

Rnnyon John M (/, iiieh. Sanesbury 11 B, (J Cy. 

ilupe Uobert, liieh. Saulsbiuy liiley J, 50 a, Econ. 

Jiupe Henry C', Kich. . Saulbnr> Jolm. 3 10-100 a, Eeon. 

liiipe Uenry li, ao a, Rich. . Saur Daniel, 1'] G. 

Rush David jr, K G. ■ rruiur John, Rich. 

Rush Daniel, 54 a, E (;. Saur Daniel, Rich. 

Jiuso John T, C (-y. < Savage Jiobert J, Cen. 

llussell (Jeo W, C Cy. Savage A J, Cen. 

Russcdl Sarah C, i a. Rich. Savage Robert, Cen. 

Russell Joseph T, Rich. Savage Aluria J'], i;> a, E (1. 
JUissell Margaret Ann IVIl a. Web. Savage Jellerson, HI a, E ii. 

Jiussell Andrew, 40 a, Web. Savage A J, HM 40- 100 a, Jac. 

liussidl Elenrira, !S2 a, Cen. Savoy Greenbury, Hag. 

Kussell Viiniedge, lilO a. Rich. Saxton Wni 11, W W. 

iUissell DeWitt C, Cen. Saxton Cyrus C, \V W. 
Russell J S ^ Elenria, 87i a, Cen. Saxton Eouisa, 2;5i a, W \V. 

Russell Ja4 J, 77 a, Cen. Scaggan James, C Cy. 
llust Emily, Elvira tto J^aura, 2 a, Scarcii liebecca, Rich. 

E Cy. Scantland Anna, etal, 7U a, I'^con. 

Ruth CJeo, C i)y. Scantlin Geo \V, 150 a, Econ. 

liutli William, C Cy. Scearce Henry, Rich. 

Kuth Christian, C Cy. Scearce Ered E, Rich. 

Rntherman \Vm, E Cy. Scearce Albert, Rich. 

Rutledge John W, C Cy. Schaler John D, 1 lot, E G. 

Eyan () 11, E Cy. Schaler Casper, C i)y. 
Ryan Eeter jr, C Cy. .-... Schall Jacob, 1 a, Rich, 

llyan Eeter CCy. Schantz Geo, Rich. 

Ryan John, (' Cy. . Si'harman (jeo, 80 a, WW. 

Ryan Wm, C (;y. Scheil)le Stephen, Jac. 

Kyaii J W, Mil. Schindler Prudence & Silas, 7o a, 

llyan Thomas, Eos. Hos. 

liyan Edward jr, lies. ' Schindler James 10, 80 a, Rc^s. 

Kyan William, Eos. Schlinger I'ettr, 210 a. Mil. 

Kyan Daniel, li a, l>os. Schlagle Jas l'\ i-:con()my. 

Ryan Edward, 78]/ a, Jios. Schlangen Henry, Rich. 

RyanW,AVeb. Schlangen John, Rich, 

liyan Jacob, 1 a, Web. Schloneker Christian, AHl. 

Rvan Alfred, ('en. Schnndt Eeoi»old, Mil. 

R.ybolt John, C Cy. Schooley Klmer E. Dub. 

llybolt Stephen, C Cy. Schooley Isaac, Dub. 

Ryderown D C. Dub. Scholl Charles, Rich. 

Ryland Curtis \', Wmsbg. Scnoll James, Rich, 

liyneheartj E, lios. ScIidII' IR-nry, Mil. 

Rysingir Isrnel, 10 G. Schrader Henry, 1;^;{ a, E Cy. 

Schrader Jt>hn, ECy. 

Sami)le Sand I), Wash. Schrader James M. Wmsbg. 

Samson Jonas. Mil. S»'hiader IltMiry, 1()0 a. Wmsbg. 

Sanders W E S, C Cy. , Stihradei' Aaron, 05 a, .Mil. 

Sanders Zack, Cen. Schrage William, 8 40-100 ;i. Rich. 

PAPER BOXK.M MADE TO UHDKR ill lllbllUliOUn tf DUU. Sti««t. 

Mather Bros. Sell COAL CHEAP. 



SchniiiHu J^ewis H, ;)A a, Uich. 

Schroy AUred, Abb. 

Scluoy J as \\\ Abb. 

Scliuck Joseph, EG. 

8(;liurbrock lleiivy. Rich. 

8chuLtle\voi'th C II, Ceii. 

.Scliweds Pliilip, 160 a, Dub. 

Schweeds riiilli}). C Cy. 
\ Scott Jiio W & lluldah K, Dub. 

Scott Sarah, Dub. 

Scott Josliua, Dub. 

Scott J'^dward, Wash. . 

Scott Tcter, C! Cy. 

Scott 8 W,OCy. 

Scott Tlios II, Ceu. 

Scott Frauk, Ceu. 

Scott Nairie E, Ceu. 

Scott Rachel A, Ceii. 

Scott Jauies A, 140 a, Jac. 

Scott Elias P, lasa, Jac. 

Scott II arrisou, lOHa, Jac. 

Scott Jolui, 258^ a, Jac. 
- Scott Racliel E, Rich. 

Scott Albert, Rich. 

Scott Au^'ustus C, 1^5 a, Rich. 

Scott Tauies \V, est, 4 a, Rich. 

Scott Audrevv E, 2;>8a, Rich. 

Scott P, Ecou. 

Scott Ilarrisou, 97^ a, G E. 

Scro((sy Wilson, Dub. 

Seachrist Samuel, 5 a, E G. 

Seachrist William, 11) a, E G. 

Sealocli llauuah, Ceu. 

Seouy Johu F, Ros. 

Settes Johu W, Hos. 

Seauy Isaac N, l!S4 a. Bos. 

Seauy Wui L, Kit) a, lios. 

Seauy Wm (i, L'bO a, l)Os. 

Seauey Isaac JM, liiO a, Heth. 

Sedgwick Johu, Mii a, Rich. 

Seifert l^uatz, liich. 

Seitz Michael, E CJ. 

Sell Sarali, C Cy. 

Sell Valeutiue, C Cy. 

Sell Samuel, 40 a, Abb. 

Sell David C, ;5()>4: a, Hag. 

Seuiler Louis, 10a, (i (J. 

Seutiueu Frauk, (J F. 

Sent'/ Juo A, C/CU. 

Seriug (;eo R, Mil. 

Seveusou (ieo W, 152 a, C'eu. 
Seviug Auua M, 4H ;i, Rich. 

Sewood W C, Dub. 

Se>iuour lleury, <\m. 

Seymour Solouiou, 'Xi a, C'eu. 
' Shadle Mary F,7l.i a, Cen. 

Shadle Joliu A, 40 a, dm. 

Shafer Jacob jr, 50i- a, Rich. 

Shafer Theodore A, liag. 

Shaler Eli, Hag.: 

Shafer Adaui II, Hag. 

Shat'er Ileury, Hag. 

Shaler Casper, Dub. 

Shaler Audrew, Dub. 

ShalTer (ieo W, T.'iS-lOO a, Rich. 

Shaller Sylvester M, 10 a, Hag. 

Shatter Johu, 80^, a. Hag. 

Shatter Adam. IIT) a, Caiu. 

Shaller Daniel, Hag. 

Shahan Michael, Wash. 

Shakell'ord Malissa, 17-100 a, Ricli. 

Shank Ste])hen C, Ceu. 

Shank Jos M 4a 05-100 a, C^en. 

Shank Daniel, iui a, Ceu. 

Shannon, Jaa, Hag. 

Sharp AVm, ]<]cou. 

Shany Monroe, Hag. 

Shaw AVm, 180 a, Ecou. 

Siiaw T^Iatt, C Cy. 

Shaw Crideon, C Cy. 

Shawley CUarksou, F Cy. 

Shay Jeremiah, Rich, 

Shearou W^aruer, 81 a. Rich. 

Shearou Jas L, :^ 07-100 a. Rich. 

Shearou Andrew, 2 82-100 a, Rich. 

Shearou Caleb, Rich. 

Shearou Wui J, 43-100 a, Rich, 

Shelter Daniel B, Rich. 

Shelter Jacob sr, 210 a, Bos. 

Sheller Juo M, 172 tio-ioo a, Bos. 

Shelter Daniel M, 70 a, Bos. 

Sheller Jas M, 141 a, Bos. 

ShelTer Clayton, Bos. 

Shell Heuiy jr, 100 a, F Cy. 

Shell ^Vul, F (;y. 

Shelly W W, Cen. 

Slienk Witmer, Mil. 

Sheuk Lorenzo, Mil. 

Shenk James, Mil. 

Sheny (Jeo W, (iti 72-100 a, Hag. 

Shepherd Lewis B. Uich. 

Shepherd Wm H, Rich. 

Shepherd Isaac W, Rich. 

Slu'ppard DulTey C, lOcon. 

Sheppard \Vesley O, Hag. 

Sheppard Chas B, C Cy. 

Sheny (ieorge W, 88 a. Dal. 

Shidiler .Moses L, Dub. 

Shidiler Jacob, Dub. 

Shidiler Aaron V . I >ub. 

Shidiler Marion, Dul). 

Shidler David, 80 a, C Cy. 




FACTORY FLANNELS lor Slirts aiid Sliirls at ^ ""■ ^"'^^^""'^ ^ '^"'^ 

528 Main St. 


Shidiler Samuel, Dub. Shute l-]lizabelli H, r^i S.5-IW a, 
Sliillito Joseph, 'M l(i-lU() a, Hicii. Rich. 

Sliiiidlor Silas, l-j a, IJos. Shutt; (ieo& Ilobt, 73 a. Ilich. 

Shiiulk'i- Williain, 15os. Shute Aaron 8, inii a, llicli. 

Shiiiu Joliu, Wasli. Siiiite liichard, ">-■) Bo-KXi a. l\ich. 

Shiiin William, Wash. Shute Clias 11, KK) s()-l()(t a. IJich. 

Shisler A IL Mil. Shute Elizabeth I* et al, IHO a, liieh 

Shissler lienry, (! Oy. Shute Kobeit. Ilich. 

Shissler Jacob, Ed. Shute J no, llicth. 

Shissler Phillip O, Mil. Shute (leo Ji, Uieh. 

Shivcly David, lla-;-. Shuts Hobt K. F Cy. 

Shiveley lleury.T'^i a, Jac*. Sidhain John (',!)! a, F Cy. 

Shively Henry'. 24 a, C Cy. Sieneoke Isaac A, 4Si: a. Cen. 

Shiveley ^V^nl F, lla;^-. Siegiist Jonas, Wasii, 

Shively Josiah, Hag. Siewekc; ('has, HU a, CM. 

Shackley 11 M, C Cy. Sieweke Jlenry, l()4 a, Rich. 

Shoecraft W J, Dub. Sigler Daniel. C Cy. 

Shoemaker ii II, Hi('h. Silay John, Cen. 

Shoemaker II C. Abb. Sills Uichard, Mil. 

Shoir riudoli)h, li:;l a. Mil. Simcoke Isaac A, 'J;^ a, Rich. 
Shott Rudolph ami Christian, r.o a, Simmons IClias, Dub. 

Mil. Simmons ('has. C Cy. 

Stioll' Christian S. E ( i. Simmons Susan J, Cen. 

Shotl" Rudolph, 'Jo a. E (',. Sinu)nds All)ert. Rich. 

Sholt Rudolph, Can. Sinnuons John R, ('t'u. 

Shol'l' Jacob sr, E (J. . Simi)Son Wm J. W W. 

Shoif Jacob A, E (i. Simpson Januis. W W. 

Shorter John Jr, lisf a, lios. Simj)son Jno, W W. 

SholCer .Vlexandei*, E Cy. Simi)si)n A J. Jac. 

Shorter John. 75 a. Hag. Simpson John R. Rich. 

Sholier Rachel, li:r) a. flag. Simson Emeline L, L'u-p)0 u. Rich. • 

•Shoeck Peter, Dub. ' Sines (J eo W, Dub. 

Shock Wm 4<), a. E Cy. Sines J E, Dub. 

Shoop Renjamin, E Cy. Sims Jennie. Dub. 

Shoppell Rdward, l'>\) a. Abb. Sims John, Dub. 

Short John H, loO SO-lo() a, Ros. Smnex Eli/.a. 1(1) a. Rich. 

Short' Wm, Mil. Slides .Mary W, Mil. 

Short Juo 11, Ros. Sinks Mary W, M)a. Jac. 

Shoup M R.V E A, 7a, Cen. Sisney Mary, Cen. 

Showalter Samuel, W W. Sisk Jituathan A. Eca)\\. 

Shrader Daniel, 1 a, Ros. Sitloh John D. 10 a, Wmsbg. 

Shratler Aaron, Mil. Sittloli Chas, Rich. 

Shroyer (^iroliue Z, -tiu] a, l-^ (1. Sitlloh l)a\id. Rich. 

ShripiuM- R H. .Vbb. Silloh David, 1 ■)!) (i->100 a. Web. 

Shrawder ilem-y II. (! C\ . Sitloh Henry, Web. 

Shrvo(dv W H.Ricli. Skales ^ialhaniel, Cen. 

Shugart(;eo. C Cy. Skillman Wm S. CCv. 

Shults Ceo W, C Cy. Skiuucr Ridh M, Ren. 

Shumau Eredcrick. .Mil. Skinner Thos, Ct-u. 

Shumate Janu-s. (, l\ SLiuiu 1 Ciiarles L. Ri»h. 

Shumate William (;, Abb. Skinner Janu's. Ru.'h. 

Shmley Clinton, 7l) a, Ches. Skinner Robert. W W. 

Shute "Riiiilv C. ;;;; a. Cell. Skinner ReuJ, Relh. 

Shute JaneM, :y> a, Rich. Skinner Rc\iC. i;ctli. 

Shute Samuel. 1 1 (iti-b)oa. Rich. Skinnci Charles 1\. Relh. 
Shute Alliert (-, 7U lis-ioo a. Rich. Skinner Wm W Rcth. 

All kinds of BLANK BOOKS n.cholson a urc 

Sunday Creek Goal Mati^Jr^ros,, M\\W\\{\ Illd 



Skinner Noah, 7S ii. Beth. 
Skinnei- J.ot, 1 Ui a, Heth. 
Skinner -Joshua, -Oi^l a, IJelh. 
Skinner Joseph l\ 100 a, \V W. 
Skjinier Cornelius V, 28.i a, Ueth. 
Skinner (iilberl, L'o-U a, Helh. 
Shide I'owell, 1U() a, Abb. 
Slt^eih Wni B, llieli. 
Sleeth John 1), liieli. 
Slifer David J*, llaJ,^ 
Sliger J no W, Rich. 
Sloan Frank 1*, Rich. 
Sloan (;eo, Dal. 
Sloneker Peter, (.' Cy. 
Small I'atriek, (^ (Jy. 
SniallThos J, (K^y, 
Small Alfred, (! (ly. 
Small Jas O, iMil. 
Small (ieo A, ]^Iil. 
Small Isham, i^lH a, Mil. 
Small John M, Rich. 
Smalley Clara AI. C Cy. 
Smalley (Jeb F, C Cy. 
Smelser Isham, <J>Si a, Abb. 
Smelser Isham, li::!() a, iJos. 
Smelser Isham, 218 70-100 a, Cen. 
Smelser John, Cen. 
Smelser Jacoo S, Cen. 
Smelser Henrietta, ('en. 
Smelser Isom, 80 a, Rii;h. 
Smelser Mary F, l)8| a, Rieh. 
Smelser Henrietta, 82 a, liich. 
Smelser F'rank, Rich. 
Smelser John F, i a, Wmsbg. 
Smelser Winlield, IGO a. Bos. 
Smith Abraham, 159 23-100 a, Dal 
Smith Adam, Dal. 
Smith Andrew >!, Hag. ' . 

Snnth Almond, Wmsbg. 
Smith A J, Mil. 
Smith Amos, C Cy. 
Smith Benj D, Cen. 
Smith Ji R, Dub. 
Smith C;has F, W VV. 
Smith Chas, G F. 
Smith (^has O, Fcon. 
Smith Cynthia, 1 .'{0-lOOa, ('hi^.s. 
Smith Clementine, C M. 
Smith Charlotte, 28 a. Hag. 
Smith ('atharine, 4 a, Bos. 
Smith C K, J lag. 
Smith David, ];;() a, (Um. 
Smith 1) VV,2;{.l a, W W. 
Snnth David, IHii a, Mil. 
Smith David S, Hag. 
Smith Flias C, W \V. 

Smith Fli, Rich. 

Smith Elizabeth C, o7 a, Wmsi)g. 

Smith !•] A, Wmsbg. 

Sfiiith lOlijah, C Cy. 

Smith J'^lijah, Hag. 

Smith Freeman, ('en. 

Sniith (Jeo \V, Rieh. 

Siiiith (George H, 2;;i a, Smithlield. 

Smith (ieorge ^\\ KiO a, .Mil. 

Smith Ceo C. ('en. 

Smith Henry li. Abb. 

Smith J.saac Y. C Cy. 

Smith Jackson, Dal. 

Smith Joseph, Dal. 

Smitli John S. Dal. 

Smith Jacolj. Dal. 

Smith John F, 171 a, Rich. 

Smith John R. CI I a, C M. 

Smith James F, 1 a, C M. 

Smith Jermiah. W W . 

Siiiith John, 3 l") 100 ;i. Rich. 

Smith John F, liich. 

Smith John [\ :\1} a, Liich. 

Smith Jonathan, Rich. 

Smith John K. Hag. 

Smith Jas F, 10 a, Wmsbg. 

Smith John C, Bos 

Smith J K, KiO a, Jac. 

Smith John K, C Cy. 

Sniith John, Cen. 

Smith John A, C Cy. 

Smith Jas, Hag. 

Smith John H. Hag. 

Smith Lewis. C F. 

Smith Louis F. Abb. 

Smith Martha li, oG a, Cen. 

Smith Martha J, 1 a, G F. 

Smith Margaret A, 1G4 a, Hag. 

Smith Michael, Hag. 

Smith Marion (', Hag. 

Smith Nicholas. 180 !)0-lOO a 

Sujith .M A. Mil. 

Sniith M F,Cen. 

Smith Mahlon, Hag. 

Smith Mahlon C H, Hag. 

Smith Nicholas. G F. 

Smith Feter, Dal. 

Smith Farrott, .'').) a. Cen. 

Snnth I* and S, Dub. 

Smith Ri)berl.' ii(» a, l^con. 

Smith Sylvester. Dal. 

Smith Siimuel (,, 1")') a, Cen. 

Smith Samuel, est, Hill a, llieh. 

Smith S .1, C Cy. 

Smith Thos, W" W. 

Smith Thompson, 2(i0 a. Wmsl)g 


tTf? :Ih^^ /^ -v«/3 r, Chairs and Setteea. Suninrier Houses, 1 W. T. 
WlIG UOOClS. Screens, and " " 


II Itiiids ol W iro Clotli. 1 iron ano wiki wc hks 

Dress Goods, Black I Fancy Silks, ^' 

B. Crawford Sl Son, 

528 Main Street. 



Smith 'riionitoii AV, Diih. 
Smith IMios W Sniithvillc. 
Smith \V\\\, l):il. 
.Smitli Win (col), Dal. 
Smith \V 11, Kif a, Ceu. 
Smith Will, 1S8I :i, VVd). 
Smith \Vm I), 80 a, Wmsbg-. 
Smith Will, Jae. 
Smith Wm, Abb. 
Smith Win A, Dub. 
Smitli \V\w r>. Dub. 
Smithbnru i^](i, Ccii. 
Sniithiucio'j- Joseph, VIO a,, V ( 'v- 
Smithmeicr Anthony, SI a, V (ly 
Smoker William, Abb. 
Smolu'i- 1 lira in A. Abb. 
Smoker .Mary, 1l!1 I a. Abb. 
Smoker Sarah, 2] a, Al)b. 
Smoker Josiah. 57 a, Cen. 
Snatford .1 \\\ Cen. 
Suavely .Martin. K (\. 
Snider .lohn. Dub. 
Sno(l<i-rass Win, r),-a, Dai. 
Snyder Wm F, Mil. 
Snyder S 1\ Dub. 
Snyder Wm T. E(i. 
Snyder I'red \' (Umi. 
Snyder Samuel. 1 ' a. 1^' (\. 
Snyder John M, ilib a. Abb. - 
Snyder t'rank \\ b'ieh. 
Snyder Kmily C, li) a, liieh. 
Snyder llattie, 1:5 27-l(tO a. llicli. 
Snyder t]va. 11 17-100 a. Rich. 
Snyder Agatha, ;;s ;;() 100 a, Uieh 
Snyder 1^'rank, (r V. 
Snyder hhnanuel, (\ F. 
Snyder V W ()•.." a. t'en. 
Soaper Franklin 1'. d^n. 
Solomon Cyrus. Mil. 
Solomon Fi(ddinij,'. i\ V . 
Solomon Jas. ( \ V. 
Solomon ( ieo, ( \ V . 
Soiile M l'\ Fen. 
Sourbe(M' I'^rancis. i^ (i . 
Sourbeer IIFiny M, t: (;. 
Sourbeer Uenj F, Dull. 
Soulhwoith Albert, Dub. 
Southworth A l>. I )nh. 
Southworth A. Diil). 
Souers Henry M. 11 (,. 
Soiiers Jacob, V] (\. 
Sowers ( Jias. (' ( -y. 
So\V(U-s (ieor<.>e y\, S a, V) (i. 
Sowers AiicJiael. SA a, F Fy. 
S<nvei's Henry M, 15 a, l)ul». 
Sovvtus Henry i\l, loS;^ ji, Mil. 

Si)ahr Joseph D. 60 a, jMil. 

Si)ahr Isaac J, 80 a. Abb. 

S])ahr Joseph, 57 a, Abl). 

Spaiir John K, SO a, .\bb. 

Si)a]ir :viaro-aret, 101 a, Abb. 

Si)ahr .)ose])h D. 00 a. Cen. 

Si)aiif4ler Adam 1\ Eil. 

Sjian.i^ler John S. Mil. 

Span<^ler John W, Mil. 

S))aii,uF^i- Jno S Sc Kate, 1 lot, Mil. 

Si)anj2:ler David (i, F Fy. 

Spat/ F IF Jac. 

Spat/ \y A. Jae. 

Spauklinft- F IF 05 35-100 a, Rich. 

Speed James, C-cn. 

Speed AVesley, ('en. 

Speck(u-. Fufideke ct Co, Ww^. 

S])edle Christian. F. F. 

Speitel J()sei)h. Hag. 

Spence Adam, E(J. 

Spencer Xathan. .AHl. 

Sponcor Jacob, E (J. 

Spencer V. S, C ( -y. 

Spencer Sylvester, (' Cy. 

Spencer John, ('Cy. 

Spencer Frank, (M\y. 

Sjoencer lulwin T, Bos. 

Spelling (Jeorge. KicJi. 

Spitter Silas. lO'i a, Jac. 

Spitter (b'orge, \\\ a, Jac. 

Sjiotts Wm .V, Jac. 

Spring Ely [).V Cy. 

S|)rinkle Rimij F, Rich- 

Sfpiires J'homas AT, Cen. 

S(piir(iS Ivobert, Cen. 

S(|nires Hamilton, Cen. 

S(|uires I'dwin IF Wash. 

St(nair John W. JMil. 

StMevers Addison, Winsbg. 

StMver Samuel, AVmsbg. 

Stackhouse {•'inetta. A\'ash. 

SLalVord I'^'eling H, VI 55-100 a. 

Stalmys John S, C Cy. 
Stainer Win A.:.'-! 100a. Rich. 
Stamin J no R. Hag. 
Stain m Fevi W. Hag. 
Stanim RNuiben (!, ' R»fJC- 
Stamm Sand. 155 a. Hag. 
Stamin John W, Ha;'. 
Slaiuni JiJiii. !■> (;. 
Stauler Henry, Abb. 
Stanle> Abraham. Rich. 
Stanley John L. ^\'msbg. 
Stanly Wellington, \Vmsbg. 
Stanlv Wm H, Ros. 

Hicholson ^ Bro 

arc3 lioiid- 
ciuurters foi 

Office Supplies, 

729 Mnin 

TeWoiie to MATHER BROS' for COAL 



Stanly Khvood, Uos. 
Stanley .fas M. I5os. 
Stanley Levi, \:VA a. Bos. 
Stanley Z J. KiO a, I Jos. 
Stanley M (\ Dul). 
Stanton .James, est, 1 1 a, Kieli. 
Stanton Daniel, Dub. 
StrabacU laithei, W W. 
Starhaek Paul, 17 a, (^ M. 
Starbaek Kd, 10 a, C M. 
Starch John. 10 a, Jac. 
Starch .John. ()0 a. Dub. 
Starr Marv .J, ''vJ a. ('en. 
Starr Jt^sse. 117 a, Kich. 
Starr Charles. 4 sl-lOO a, llich. 
Starr Sarah I), 32 a, Rich. 
Starr James M,l a. Rich. 
Starr I^Mvvard. Rich. 
Starr Joel 1^:. Rich. 
Starr Wm K, Bos. 
Starr Ira, '2i):]k a. Bos. 
Starr Wm V. i) Cy. ; 

Starr J M, Dnh. 
Starr Jolm, llaj*'. 
Statts ('has W, Cen. 
Statts Oliver R, Cen. 
Stedhani Wm, 57 a, (' M. 
Stedham Ellis J. (^ M. 
Stedham Wm A. F Cy. 
Steddom I'Alward, Rich. 
Steed John, Mil. 
Steel Clay, Cen. - • : 

Steele Adam, C<ni. ' 

Steel Samuel, C(Mi. 
Steele Joseph, Web. 
Steel rat rick. Rich. 
Steffey Rebecca J, m a. 1'] (;. 
Stelty (Jeo \V . Dub. 
Ste^all Ifenry, 10 a, Wnisb^;-. 
Ste^;ill Manlove, 70 a, Wmsb^. 
Stejj^all Alansou. HiO a, Wmsbj*-. 
Ste^all .V B Wnisbo-. 
Stegall Sannud, I'' Cy. 
Steuall Jerry. 1^' Cy. 
Stell William, (J l\ 
Stephens Moses Dal. 
Stephens -John W. Dub. ' • 

St<iplK;iis Jacob. 1} a, Riidi. 
Stephens .Mclintia. Didt. 
Stei)hcns Wm, Ai>b. " ' ' 

St(4)hens Thos B. Abb. 
St(iphens Jno 11, Abb. 
Stephens Ulyss(>,s (J, .\bb. 
Stei)henson (Jeo W. 72 a. .Vbb. 
Stei)hens()n Ja.s A, W W. 
Stevens Jesse (', HO a, Cen. 

Stevens Wm .\, Abb. . 

Stevens Jas, 7\bb. 
Stevens Walter (;, so ;i, Cen. 
Stevens Collins S, -so a, Cen. 
Stevens I":; M, Bich. 
Stevens Robt, IMa. Abl). 
Stevens John S, so a, ,Vbb. 
Stevens S;unsoii jr, 40a, Abb. 
Stevens Spencer. 10 a. Abb. 
Stevens >Vmested & Jas. so a, Abb. 
Stevens Samson. -ViO a. .Vbb. 
Stevens Jv)S(^l»h M,4i«a. Abb. 
Stevens Lydia Iv 12 a, Abb. 
Stevens Alartha, 27 a. Abl). 
Stevens Noah S, 24 a. Abb. 
Stevens Ci'ockei-, Cen. 
Stevens l'>/keil. C Cy. 
Stevens T B, C Cy. ' 
Stev(>ns;)n Wm C, IHO a, W W. 
Stevenson (ieo W. losl a, Rich. 
Stevenson Josei)h, Bos. 
Stevenson Samuel if. Bos. 
Stevenson C- (]. I'' Cy. 
Stevenson David. Cen. '' 
Stevenson Wm V. 
Steward J D, Wash. 
SievvaitTliomasM. Ilaj;'. 
Stewart (I ration, II au'. 
Steward Rhodes W, lla^. 
Stewait .Moses S, Ilaj^. 
Stewart Jacob W. :;sl a, Ilag. 
Stewart John 11. Wnisb^-. 
Stewart Amos. F Cy. 
Stewart .Mar^Mnjt, 1)0^ a, Abb. 
Stewart William F, .Vbb. 
Stewart Henry, Abb. 
Stewart Wm ll,CCv. 
Stewart David, Wash. 
Stewait James A lla<;'. 
Stewait II F, Mil. 
Slickroth Henry, .Mil. 
Stickroth AuKaistus. Mil. 
Sliddom Isaac F C. 1 a. Web. 
Slidham .Vbijah. SO a. Rich. 
Stidham .lonas I ,. «)0 a. Rich. 
Stidham Wm c, Rich. 
Stidham David, W \\ . 
Stidham Wm. 20 a. F Cy. 
Stidham Susanna. 20 a, !•' Cy. 
Slidham David. .Is a, F Cv. ' 
Slidham David. 1'^ Cv. 
Slidham Jno C. F Cy. 
Sli^.ulenian ,lno jr, oS a. Cen. 
SI i,mi,lemaii I'b'nry. mi a, ( 'en, 
SliuK"'^'i<>:i'i <i ^\ .^ Web. 
StifA'^leman Henry, liio a, Web. 

's^^sri^s!:'^i^i^:'Si:iss. [ W, T, BAKBF.EIi'oii ami Wii'ti Woiis, 

>^"iltini>fs, Oniam'tl ICoof Ci'osMng"H.' ) (aiau i u, i.miauv. 

Carpets and Dry Goods 

at 628 Main 




^tiff^leuiiin Sarah K, 9A a, Hos. 
Stiles Chilli, Mil. 
Stinsou ]\loses. 40 a, Abb. 
Stiles Francis K. Ilajj^. 
Stinsou Francis iM, i20a, Abb. 
StinsoiiJ \V. Ills a, Abb. 
Stinsou Sarah, 80 a, Al)b. 
Stinsou Win S, ;)0a. Abb. 
Stinsou X orris 1), .'U) a, Abb. 
Stinsou Jas M, U8i a, Abl>. 
Stinsou Ira V, ^Vbb. 
Stinsou Xathau \V, Abb. 
Stinsou Theodore, Abb. 
Stinsou Wni J, Abb. 
Stockhonse J^rastus, Wash. 
Stockhous(! Samuel, Wash. 
Stoddard John 1), Cen. 
Stoller Jacob, Il'O a. Abb. 
Stoker John J, 1 a, Jiieh. 
Stoker Ira 1), llich. 
Stokes Abcdn;igo, C Cy. 
Stokes Alex, hrs. 70 i)2-100 a. Hicli, 
Stoltz Fredk, llag. 
Stouun Siinou, Hag. 
Stouuu ImIwIu, I lag. 
Stoiuin Fewis, Hag. 
Stone lU'dford, Jios. 
Stone James W, 40 a, Dub. 
Stone James W, Feu. 
Stone Frank. Fos. 
Stonecipher \Villiam, INIil. 
Stouecipher Alex H, Hub. 
Stonecipher Joseph, Dub. 
St(Uiebanu,h (Jeorge. i) Fy. 
Stouebaugh (Jco \V. C Fy. 
Stonel)raU(^r John H. Dal. 
Stonebraker Isaac, lOSa, Hag. 
Stouebraker .Margaret, Llii a. Dub. 
Stonebraker iSlargaret, (/ Fy. 
Stouebraker Sarah, (! Cy. 
Stouebraker John. Hag. 
StoiHibraNer John F, Ilag. 
Stonebraker Amanda, Hag. 

Storebraker Fla A, ilag. 
Stouebraker Win, Hag. 
Stouer Samuel I), Ix-on. 
Stonec'ipier Alex H and l^li/abcth. 

.SO a. Dub. 
StoicJi II (airy. Dub. 
Stottler Henry, !)-loo a. Rich. 
Stout 1) J, Rich. 
Stout John A, Rich. 
Stout p;d\vin M, Hag. 
Stout John M, Ilag. 
Stout Oliver F, 201 (d-lOOa, Hag. 
Stover Jonathan S, Ik'ou.. 

The Latest popular Books 

stover Kelsou IF Rich. 

Stover & Schramm, Rich. 

Stover Frasnuis, Jios. 

Stover I N, Hag. 

Straba\igh Frank W, C Cy. 

Straub Cleoi)has, C ('y. 

Straub C D, C Cy. 

Stiawbridge T C, 107 a, Rich. - 

Strawbridge AV T, 20 a, Rich. 

Stray er John, Cen. 

Strayer JIarane, Ceu. 

Stray er F F, Ceu. 

Strayer C, ('en. 

Strayer (!alviu M, (v Cy. 

Strayer Nancy R, C Cy. 

Strayer Michael, C Cy. 

Strayer Michael, E (J. 

Street Jane, ;^0 a. Rich. 

Strickland R J, ('en. 

StrickUu- J.ewis, 100 a, G F. 

Strickler Fewis, 114 a. Ilag. 

Strickler Amos, 3HS a, Ilag. 

Strickler Ileury and Levi, 100 a, 

Strickler Minus O, Hag. 
Strickler Henry, Hag, 
Strickler Levi, Hag. 
Strickler Amos, C C'y. 
Strickler Milton S, C Cy. 
Strickler Milton L, E C 
Strode & Feeson, 81 a, Dal. 
Strong E S, C Cy. 
Stuard Amos, 40 a, Hag. 
Stuart i S,.5i? a. F Cy. 
Study i:iias D. (J F. 
Stubbs Alva, Dub. 
Study Loreu/o D, FiO a, Ceu. 
Study J no W. I87i a, Wmsbg. 
Study Will, 120 a. Wmsbg. 
Stutly (i W, 80 a, Wmsbg. 
Study Alausou,40a. ^\'lusbg. 
Study Henry jr,2(i0 a, AVmsbg. 
Study J no (J, IKi a, Wiusbg. 
Study John S, 171 a, Wmsbg. 
Study Jesse, 00 a, Wmsbg. 
Study Addison II. 80 a, Rich. 
Study Andrew J, Wmsbg. 
Study (leo, Wmsbg. 
Study Mabrrry. Wni.sbR. 
Study Alpheus Lee, '\Vmsl)g. 
Study Jos \, C Cy. 
Study Wm IFF Cy. 
Study Samuel, Hag. 
Slud\ baker John, 1 lOA a. Hag. 
Slulsoii Charles, (; I'\ 
Stuewatt Miles J, C (^y. 

always n\ 
on hand dl 


7JU Mnni St root 

SEWER PIPE MatherVi^os. Rlchmoiid, Ind. 


Sullivan Jereiuiiili, jNIil. Swiclier Herman, Rich. 

Sullivau I'aliick, Cy- Swi^gett l>ros, (' Cy. 

Sullivan Wni ((iol), Hich. Swiogett Walter, C Cy. 

Sullivan IMley M. llicli. Swi.irgett Carlton E. C Cy. 

Sulli\;;n Calvin, Ivicii. Swi^-j^-t^t Sevin, C Cy. 

Sullivan John 1'], ilic-li. Swi^^gett Senna, C Cy. 

Sullivan Daniel L, Rich. Swim Chas, (! Cy. 

Sullivan ^Vm, Rich. Swim Henry sr, 7o a, (' Cy. 

Sullivan Jolni, 'l/VKM* a, Rich. Swim rhilip,(^ Cy. 

Sullivan Jemima, 17 a, Ri(;li. Swim Henry jr, C Cy. 

Sullivan Jane A, lU a, Web. Swisher Moses, 124 a, C Cy. 
Sullivan \Vesley, 4U :>.")-l(H) a, Web. Swisher Jerome, C Cy. 
Sullivan Madison, .'iSUJ-KJO a, ^Veb. Swisher liichard, (' Cy. 

Sullivan John W, (Jen. Sworeland Frederick, Ila^. 

Sullivan Catharine, ;> a, Cen. Sworeland Henry, IToi a, Hag. 

Suls(n" Hiram, 71 a, IJos. Swope W'lii, Mil. 

Sulser Mary A, 2 a, Rich. Swope Horace C, Dub. 

Sulscr Harrison, 7r)-l()u a, Rich. Sykes Joseph, (i F. 

Sullinm William. Wash. Synnott ( ;eo, Rich. 
Sumwalt WH, Al)l). 

Sumwalt John 1-], Rich. Tabke Henry, C Cy. 

Summers John R, AUl. - Talbert Jacob F, Jac. 

Summons Hejiry, Cen. Tate Abraham, Hag. 

Supi)ler Hiram, ^V \V. Tate Wesley, Dal. 

Surratt McNeal, Hag. Taylor L B, Dub. 

Suthers Mahlon. Mil. Taylor A F, C Cy. 

Sutlei- FredtMick, ." a, E (i. Taylor Isaac F, Ros. 

Suttcui David, r>u a, Rich. Taylor C'hrlstie, Cen. 

Sntz Sanuu;l L, (-en. Taylor Maxy, Ros. 

Swalt'oid Wm H, Rich. Taylor Nathan, Ros. 

Swain R W, Dub, Taylor Robert Cen. 

Swain John (<. Dub. Taylor l''r<ink, Cen. 

Swain Cyrus 4\ Dub. Tayloi- Jolni, Cen. 

Swain Rebecca M.C Cy. Taylor Iv Cen. 

Swain Wm, (J Cy. Taylor Thornton. AHl. 

Swain Wm, (U a. C Cy. Taylor Carst)n, Abb. 

Swain Thos F, F (Jy. Taylor I'^raidv, F Cy. 
Swain Fannie *fe Wm, UsA a, I^con. 'i'aylor William 11. F Cy. 

Swain A W, Fcon. Taylor David R, 118 a, Reth. 

Swain Thos, HO a, lu'on. Taylor iann I', Wmsbg. 

Swain Flihu R, lOcon. 4\iylor Fdwaid, Hag. 

Swain Wm. l^^con. Taylor J leniy, Hag. 

Swallow ]^]phriam, 1 ts.\ a. F C. Taylor Jacob, 102.^ a, Hag. 

Swallow R (;,(- Cy. Taylor Jas S. Rich. 

Swallow James F, I'ht, Abb. Taylor Wm F, Rich. 

Swallow lOphraim, 10 a, Jac. Tayloi- David II, Rich. 

Swarlzell D H, Dub. 4'aylor David R.i»i ;i, C M. 

Swarl/.scape Ursiilla, C Cy. Ta'ylor <'has F, 7 a. C M. 

Swartzwell D 11, C Cy. Taylor Wm S, Rich, 

Swiu't Fli/alu'Ah. IH a, Abb. Taylor Minerva Si) a, l-k'on. 

Sweet (Uiarles, Mil. 'l\iylor T W, Web. 

Sweet (Jeorge, Mil. Taylor David, Odl a., C M. 

Sweet Orlando, Mil. Taylor Thos (\ Relh. 

Sweet Henry, liid a. Mil. Taylor Samuel R. liH) a, Cen. 

Sweet Altred. Abb. ■ ' T;iylor John W, Cen. 

Sweney Isaac \\ Mil. Teagle Leandfir J, Rich. 


Ind. • 

Gents' Suits made to Order, "■ "^KSL-^s^ "^" RICHMOND 


Teas Abner, F ('y. 
Teus, IT) a, F Cy. 
'IYms Joseph L, '20 a, F ( -y. 

• Tliomafc! jNIarqiiis L & Minerva ,1, 
27i a, F Cy. 

.. , ^j. ....,_„, - . .. « Thomas Fhineas, 128 a F Cy. 

Teas Fliebe A 2.> a, F Cy. ' Thomas Kli II, '21h a, F Cy. 

Teeter Zachariali, llay;. Thomas l']li, 121 a, F Cy. 

Teeter Jac.Lfh, llai^. ' ' Thomas Isaac, iOU a, F (jy. 

Teetor David A, Jlag. Thomas I'etcn-, 10 a, F ( 'y. 

Teetor Abraham W, Ilaji,'. Thomas Clarksoii. 70 a, F Cy. 

Teetor Daniel W, Hag-. Tiujmas Luke, HU a, F Cy. 

Teetor Jacob, Hag. Thomas Lincoln, i>os. 

Teeter Daniel \V, Hag. Tiiomas Huston. Wmsbg. 

Teeter Daniel \V and A})raham,;'. Tliomas l']ber 1*^, IJich. 

55-100 a, Hag. Thomas Zeplianiah, Kich. 

Teeter J)aniel and Abraliam, 1 1 a, Tiiomas Joseph A, Rich. 

Hag. 'Thomas Henry W, i a, C M. 

Teeter Abraham, 142 a, ILig. Thomas Wm.C, 21) a, Clies. 

Teeter Lewis W, 21 a, IFag. Tliomas Owen, 1 > a, Rich. 

Teeter Zacliariah, (iO 70-100 a, Hag. Thomas Sarah A, 20 a. Rich. 

'iVnant 11 F Dub. Tlnjmas Sabra, 1^ a. Rich. 

Tennis Mary Eli/a, 10 a, Rich. Thomas John \V, o2i a, CM. 

Test Rufus, Hag. Thomas Isaac R, S:>>'i a, \V W. 

Test \Vm et al, 2 a, Hag. Thomas Henry W', 21:; a. C M. 

Test Frastus, Rich. Thomas Maiy, ;n| a, C i\L 

Test NVm, Rich. ' - Thomas Xaucy, .'Mi a,i; ^M. 

Test Oliver, Rich. Thomas Lydia, ;ili a, (! M. 

Test Wm & Rro, Rich. Tliomas (ieorge W, 'M\l a, C M. 

'J'est Margaret S, 23 ;^5-100a, liicli. Thomas Jeremiah K. Retli. 

Test Wm & Rufus, 20 02-100 a. Kich 4Miomas Wm T. Beth. 

Texton John, Cen. Tliomas I lenry F, IJcth. 

Thalls Abraham, Hag. Thomas John Iv, Hetli. 

Thalls Thos R, Hag. Tliomas Fdward W, lieLh. 

Thalls Jehn, Hag. - Thonuis ( )rlando, Cen. 

Tharpe John, 10 a, ISHl. ' Thomas Lan(U;n R, Cen. 

Tliarpe Rudolph, iMil. TJiompson Jas C Cy. 

Tharpe William, Mil. Thompson Abraham, C/ Cy. 

Tharp A R, Wmsbg. Thompson W S, Ja<:. 

Tharp Charles W,SOa. Wmsbg. Thompson Wm M,51.^ a, Rich. 

Thelick Henry, Rich. Thompson Wm II, lUch. 

Thistlethwaite Wm C, 1 58-100 a, Thompson W Mark, 5l.i a, Ches. 

Rich. Thomi>soii John, Web. 

Thistlethwaite Timothy. OS a, Rich Thompson Jos IL Web. 

Thistlethwaite Wm sr.s a, Rich. Thompson Fdward, Web. 

Thomas .Vsenoth, Mil. Thomi)soii Alon/.o, Web. 

Thomas Samuel, Mil. Thompson IJhinehard, Cen. 

Thomas Wm F, F Cv. Thompson (^harlcs M, Cimi. 

Thomas (leo W, F ()y. , ' ' , Thompson Wm 15. b'io^ .i. (Ymi. 

Thomas Luke, F Cy. ' Thompson Jacol) W, Beth. 

Thomas Levi A, C ('y. Thompson (ieorge, Beth. 

Thomas Fraidv, Cen. ^ 'IMtompson Levi L, :\ 2n lOO a Heth. 

Thomas li J, Ccai. '^ Thompson F/ra. lUih. 

U'homas Anslin, Mil. 'i'hoiuitson Joseph II, l2oa. l».d. 

Thomas (Gilbert \\\ 185 a. Mil. Thornbuigh Jolm 11, I lag. 

Thomas Ascnath,20a, Mil. 'IMiornburgh John W . Hag. 

Thomas Stephen, llOa,, F Cy. Thornbuigh Millon. Dub. 

Thomas Wm W no a, F Cy. Thornburgh John 11. 2V2, a. Hag. 

Thomas M L, 10 a, F Cy. Thoruburgh Nelson B, ID a. Hag. 

HAVE YOUR MAGAZINEB BOUND nj IJlPlinf .^ni\l I ilRll '' ""^H ^'"'" 
PAPER BOXES MADE TO OKDhlU dl lllUllULljUn « iJllU. Stroftt. 

Mather Bros. Sell COAL CHEAP. 



Thorabiu'gh JoiiathMii,820 ii, Econ* 
Thoriiburgli Elvin P, 47 a, Ecoii. 
ThoriiUuigh Julia A, 47i a, Ecou. 
Tlionibiirgh John INI, 100 a, Ecoii. 
Tlioniburgh Elvin, Econ. 
Tlioinbuigh W L, 87-100 a, Econ. 
Thornburgh Noble A, G F. 
Tliornbnrgh John II. 100 a, G F, 
Tliornburgh John W, ix F. 
Thornburgh AValter, 20 a, Web. 
Tliornburgh Enos, Web. 
Thornburgh Clarissa, 59 a, >Veb. 
Thornburgh Henry, \Veb. 
Thornburgh Orville W, Dal. 
Thornburgh Denrpsy 0, 410 a, Dal. 
Thornburgh Denipsy, 58 a, Dal. 
Thornburgh Wni 11, 80 a, Dal. 
Thornburgh John Henry, Dal. 
Thornburgh John II jr,I)al. 
Thorne Allen II, 1 a, F Cy. 
Thorne Benj, 100a, Wnisbg. 
Thorne ]3enjamin, 08a, (j F. 
Thorne 13enja]jiin, 6 a, Web. 
Thornhill Frank T, llich. 
Thornhill Mary Belle, 10 a, Rich. 
Thornton John 8, F Cy. 
Thornton Willis, ;59Ui, F Cy. 
Thorp Wni II, lOOa, Wnisbg. 
Thorp Nancy, 00 a, Wnisbg. 
Thorp Elijah,^ a, Beth. 
Thorp Clark, 87i a, Beth. 
Thorp Jonathan, SOf a, Betli. 
Throsher Josepii, Dub. 
Threewits Sabra. S, 150 a, Abb. 
ThreeAVitt Wm L, i a, Wnisbg. 
Thurman Feter, Dub. 
Thurston Eli II, Hag. 
Thurston Jos M, Hag. 
Tliurston KM, Hag. 
Tliurston Ida F, Hag. 
Threeurts Wnr, Abb. 
Tibbetts Jacob, Cen. 
Tibbetts Andrew, Abb. 
Tice Frederick, Abb. 
Tice Nicholas, 80 a, Hbb. 
Tinkle Wm 11,37 42-100 a, D:il. 
Tinkle Catharine, 47 30-100 a, Dal. 
Tilson Hosia, Cen. 
Tilson llosia(^,40 Aa, Jielh. 
Tiniberlake lOdward, 57i a. Bos, 
Tiinberlake, IMartha B, 40 a, Bos. 
Tiniberlake E and M, Bos. 
Tindal Joseph, ('en. 
Tindall Jyhn W, m a,(;en. 
Tingle Curtis 8, Mil. 
Tiugler William H, 75 a, Web. 

Tinsley Charles W, Abb. 
Ti()ton Niciiolas, Wmsbg. 
Tobs Moses, Ect)n. 
Toms Edgar, C3 (ly. '. " 

Toms William, C (!y. 
Toney Fremont (', Rich'. 
Toney 8arah J and T, 77 24-100 a, 

Torrence Josiah 8, C Cy. 
Tout Joseph, E (i. 
Tout Jacob, EG. 
Tout Augustus ^M, E G. 
Tout rJerome, E (,. 
Tout Faimie, 1 a, E G. 
Towie Jas W, Rich. 
Towles8amuel II, 18 a. Rich. 
Towels Barbara Ann, 20 a, O II 
Townsend Albert, F Cy. 
Townsend E H, F Cy. 
Townsend Jno C, F Cy. 
Townsend James, 22 a, F Cy. 
Townsend Stephen, 18 a, F Cy. 
Townsend Pha;be Ann, 10 e. F Cy. 
Townsend Samuel J, Rich. 
Townsend John E, Rich. 
Townsend John Ci, 1)4 a, Ches. 
Townsend Jesse, Ches. 
Townsend JohuG. 150 a, Ches. 
Townsend \V II, 195. 
Trindle John AV, loOa, Web. 
Trine Charles, Rich. 
Townsend John M, 131 03-100 a, 

Trendle Cormela, Cen. 
Trindall ^I E, Ceiu 
Trindle Jno B, Cen. 
Trotter (iarrett, 20 0()-100 a, F Cy. 
Trotter Lindley E, 80 a, AVmsbg. 
Trotter (Jarrett, 40 a. AVmsbg. 
Trotter Wm,80a, Wmsbg. 
Trouse llen.iy. Bos. 
TruaxJohn, Dal. 
Truax (Uiarles, Dal. 
Truebleod W E. E Cy. 
Trueblsod Alphus, 00 a, F Cy. 
Trumbull Eve, Cen. 
Tubersing Herman H, 118 a, Web. 
'I'uborsing Herman II, ()9a. Cen. 
Tm-k(! Hannah, Rich. 
Tucke Wm, Rich. 
Tucke Henry, 19 a, Kich. 
Tucker Daniel, Cen. 
Tucker Henry, T, Abb. 
Tucker (ieo II, Abb. 
Tolls Owen. C C-p- 
Turnbly S B, C Cy. 

Iron Shutters, Balconies, Gratinirn 
Bank Work, Area Rail 
Klttlng-fl, Ornam'tl Roof 

!?;ii:SS;i W. T. BARBEE Iron anil Wire WorKs. 

f Ci"08U11(J:H.' ) L.MAI I ML. II«L.IAI.A. 


FACTORY FLANNELS for Mt anil SliJrts at "■ ""■ ^^'^^-^^^^ ^ ^^^^ 

528 Main St. 


Turiiei- Mary i\ C Cy. X^aiU^ainp Will. Mil. 

Tiinier Oliver. Ceil. \'aii(lurii Andrew. Hag'. 

'rurm;r Je.sse ll, ('en. \ annieter r)as. (' Cy. 

'i'urner Tiiornton, JSlil. \ anniiys Sv)l()jiion, I'i a, lieth. 

Turner Levi L, Abb. '^■- X'annuys Jie/ekiah, 2 G.">-1(KJ a, Ileth 

Turner Tlieodore, Abb. \';innuy.s Mary. U a. Hetli. 

Turner Larkin G, Abb. \'annnys Addala.ska. Uelli. , 

Turner Je.sse 1), l>os. . \'annii"ys Jo.supb, lielh. 

Turner Jei)tha, 79 a, lies. \ annnys Jas A, IJeth. 

Turner Martin \' i>. Kieli. \'annLiys Isaac. :5f a, lit-tli. 

Turnei- Frcaleriek, Ivich. \ ansant Joseph T, l-V, a, Rich. 

Turner J 11, liich. V'ansickle W'ilUaui. Rich. 

Turner ^Varon,.")!? a, Rich. \'an\\ inkle ,l(is. (.'en. 

Turner Eli, 1U() a, Reth. \'anzant Jno R, ilaj,^. 

Turner Samuel, Reth. ^ \'ardanjan J no T, ]']eon. 

Turner J \V, K\ a, lii-th. \^.rdanian Rlvin M. Rcc.n. 

Turner Aaron, UiO a, Cen. \anlanian Daniel, Rcdu. 

Turnpangh \Vni,ola, Hag. N'arnaul' Tredeiick, Dub. 
Tuschlague Margaret, 118 a. Rich. \'arnauf Peter, m) a. Dub. 

Tuttle C, Cen. ' N'arnanl' Myry, -U) a. Dub. 

v'arnant' Christian, 3 a, hub. 

Ubde Abgust, Ricli. N'aughn Jno 1),SU a. Rich. 

Uhrich Daniel, ii;5(i ;iS-lUO a, Dal. \'eai John, Wni.-bg. 

Ulrieh Samuel. C Cy. A'eal Rnos jr, Winsbg. 

IJlrich Zachariah, llag. A'eal Catharine and Lorinda J . 4 a, 

Clrieh David C, iiag. \Vmsbg. 

Ulrieh John 11 llag. A^eal Rnos. Mh a, ^Vmsbg. 

lllrich David sr. llag. Veal Cynthia. 4U a. llag. 

Ulrieh Daniel, llag. VealJuujs T. i:con. 

Ulrieh John, lUiii a, Hag. Veal Andrew S. Reon. 

Cirich D T, J F and John 11, 71i a, A'eal Rnus, :U a, K (i. 

Hag. Venard John .A.Cen. 

Ulrieh Daniel D, DO (iii-luo a, Hag. Vestal David, C Cy. 

Ulrieh & Ulrieh, U a, ilag. A'esial Altred. C ('y- 

Underhill Sue, lOcon. \estal Aaron 11, (' Cy. 

Undeihill Jesse R, 1-1 a. Eeod. Vestal Aaron jr, ('Cy. 

Underwood iNc Rewis, l';) l.'.-KK) a, Veregge Charles A, Rich. 

Ricii. Veregge Henrv \V, SO a. A\' W. 

Unthank (ieoigi; J, Rieli. Veregge John ^\ , I'O a, AV W. 

Underwooil John, l)u)j. Vickt-rs John, IReh. 

Underhill A >1. C F. Vinson John. Mil. 

Underhill H H, (i F. \'inson Meredith, Rich. 

Underhill Alired, ±^Jl a, Li F. \'inton Flbridge. C Cy 

Unthank Rleasanl, VSA a. Web. \ inton Jos W. Mil. 

Unthank Alary 1-:. Web. \inton Kate. C (ly. 

Unthank Chas. Web. \'ogel Chas M. Cen. 

Unthank Win, Web. N'ogcl JoliMiina. Cen. 

Uriah Daniel T, liiO a. Hag. XOgg John. '.) a, Rich. 

\t)glest»ng Ann C. .Mil. 

Valentine; John, 2') a. Rah. \'ogU'song Sallic .V K. .Mil. 

VanRuskirk J(;sei»hine, (; Cy. \ OicOiaC. .Mil. 

VaiiRiiskirk , 80 a. Mil. \ ore John, l-.'con. 

VanCami) J A ."v: ('o. Mil. \'oie Thos R. Ilctli. 

VaiiCamp Jos A, Alii. \'ore Isaac R. Reth. 

All kinds of BLANK BOOKS 


TeWoue lo MATHER BROS' for CO^L 



Voiiie('.s.IohuT/177 ;i, \V \V. 
\^)iiiues Thus C, W W. 
\\)ss Annie K, 1 i u, Cen. 
Voss J;is M. 541 a, Cen. 
Voss Alice 10, :i() 8(M()() a, Cen. 
Voss Michael, ('en. 
Voss John \V, Cen. 
V^ossler John, llieli. 
Votavv Isaac, 7 ilO-lOO a, Hetfi. 
Votaw Isaac, lOi a, Ches. 
Votaw Isaac, 77 V):^-100 a, Web. 
Votaw (Uavence, \Veb. 

Wiiddell Henry, C C^y. 
Wadkius P.ischal, lUi a, F Cy. 
Wadkins William, Hag. 
Wagniire Isliani, ;>72 a. Mil. 
AVa-ner David, Mil. 
Wagner Wni H, Mil. 
Wagner ,Jolnu JSIil. • - 

Wiigner ]J*avid, E G. 
Wagner Elizabeth, O Cy. 
Wagner Michael D, 104 a, E G. 
Wagner Dnvid, C Cy. 
Wagner Edward li, Milton. 
Wagner Clayton W, Mil. 
Wagner Allen, Mil. 
Wagner Michael, 1!) a, Mil. 
Wagner Allen M. l:i a. Mil. 
Walden Marshall. Dnb. 
Walke Wessel jr. 6 a, Cen. 
Wnlke J no Wesley, m a. Ceii. 
Walke Wessel ir, \)A a, Rich. 
Widke J Wessel, VM i)0-10U a. Rich. 
AValkerGeo W, (^-en. 
Walker John, Cen. 
WalkerThos J, Rich, 
Walker Jas C, Rich. 
AValker Violena, 41 a. Rich. 
Walker Alexander C, Hag. 
AValker Jones, Mil. 
Walker James II, Mil. 
Walker James, Mil. 
Wallace Alon/o, 107 a. Mil. 
Wallace Jasper. KiO a, Mil. 
Wallace John, i;iLJ a, iMil. 
Wallace Oliver. tiiU a, Mil. 
Wallace Wni M,()l a, .Mil. 
Wallace Linvelle, Mil. 
Wallace James, Dab. ' ■'■ 

Wallace Jesse, Dnb. 
Wallaces A. Dnb i ' 

Wallace II E, Mil. 
Wallich Josephns, Hag. • • 



dlingl'ord Miinsford R, Reth. 

illingl'ord W W, W W. 

illis\Vni J,Mil. 

ilsh Mary, 4 a. Rich. 

ilsn riohn T, 3 a. Rich. 

Uteis Jiicob, :i'J (54-100 a, Hiig. 

liter John, 1 a, F ('y. 

dters Cnrtis, (Jen. - 

liters Jolm, Cen. 

liters John, Cy. 

liters Wiirren, bub; 

liters Alley, C^en. 

ilton J l',Dub. 

ills Wm,DaI. 


iltz Levis, G J*\ 

iltz Sohnnon, 120 a, Hag. 

iltz John, Hag. 

iltz William sr, 59 a. Mil. 

iltz Jac'ob, Mt Ab. 

iltz & Thornbury, IRig. 

iW[Jole Hiwiin, C (Jy. 

intz Diiniel S, Hag. 

ird (ieo F, Econ. 

ard hhuiinnel, G E. 

;ird Jiicob M, Hag. 

ard (Jyrus to, E (Jy. 

ard I'Jlizii, (U a, F Cy. 

iird Mary, 3 a, F Cy. 

ard Richard, ('en. 

itrd R 1>, Cen. 

iird Alex. Dub. 

ard E A, 4)iib. 

iird Silas E, Dub. 

;ird Aaron Dub. 

iird Lewis E, Mil. 

iirder Noah E, Rich. 

iirder ,Iames, Rich. 

ardlow 1 V, C Cy. 

are Isiuic N, H8 a, Dub. 

iire ,Iohn L, Dub. 

iirlcl i'^nos, (;o ii, Hag. 

artel Henry C. 80 a, Jiic. 

artel Amos, 5 ii. Dub. 

iirl'el Amos. E CL 

iirfel M E, E ii. 

arlel Aides, E(L 

iirlVel Elner, E (L 

ard Haivey, Cy. 

iirren Eelcr, Mil 

arrcn Jesse, Mil. 

iirren C (', Mil. 

arren Solomon, Mil. 

arreii Dayton II, Mil. 

Iron Shutters, Balconies, Gra 
Banlc Work, Area KailinK's 
H'lttlnffH, Oniam'tl Root Crei 

l»i f , T, BARBEE li'oii ami Wire Worts. 

Stin^H.' ) I Al A>l 111, IMIIANA. 


Dress Goods, Black I Fancy Silks, °- h98'in\Sl^°"' 


■\\';uTen Enoch T, Rich. Weeks Jus, 100 a. F Cy. 

Wart (Jeo 8, C ( 'y. AVe(\s]ier Scipio. Rich. 

Washington Solomon, J a, Rich. Weih^kind Adoli^h, Hag. 

Wasson VM S F, (} V. Wedekind Tlieo, llajr. • 

Wassoii Flenung. SI rj5-100 a, Rich. AN'idinan Anj^iista. llag 

Wasson Minor 1), Hich. Widnian Augustus IL ilag. 

AVasson Sidney M, iMil. Wi(hier (J (i. Hag. 

Watkins M i) Wnishg. Widiier (Mias N, C Cy. 

Watkins Wni A, Wnisbg. WigelJosepli, (^ Cy. 

AVatkins Aquilla, Dub. Weigle jMinnie, (! Cy. 

AVatkins David S, Dub. ^Veist Samuel. Rich. 

Watson James, ir,7 a, Ros. NVeist Andrew, so a, iiicli. 

^Vatson Howard, 1)08. Welch John, AVash. 

Watt (reorge S, Abb. Welch Thomas, (\m. 

Watt I^obert, 220 a, Mil. Welch Jaiues, Cen. 

Watt T J, Mil. Welch .Michael, Cen. 

Watt William J, Mil. Wellents Robert, F Cy. 

AVattRobert jr. iMil. AVellents A C, F Cy. 

AS^atty Jacob, Rich. \Vellcut.s Wm. Cen. 

Waugh iMary J , 7', a. Rich. Welker Jane. Hag. 

Way Abiather. AVmsbg. AVelker Abraham. Hag. 

Way Joseph H, 170 a. Wmsbg. Welleiior Mary A, Dub. 

AVayman I A, C Cy. Weller Jos, Dal. 

Way man 1 V, C Cy. Wells W C, Hag. 

AVynn Walter T, Fcon. ' W^elsti Jno, C Cy. 

AVasner Indiana i). ih a, (Jhes. Welsh John, i a. Rich. 

AVeaver Joseph, Hag. Welshau Jacob R. V, Cy. 

AVeaver Bennett l\ Hag. WVndson Wm R, 21 a, W \V. 

AA^eever John. Mil. Wenl/el Saml A. C Cy. 

AA^eaver John F. Abb. WerUiiig Saml, Mel. 

Weaver J)aiiiel, o2 a. Abb. NVerking David, Mil. 

AVeaver John H. Abb. Werking John sr. Hag. 

Weaver Jonathan T. Fcon. Werking Martin, Hag. 

Weaver Jesse, I'Uii a. Dal. Werking John M. Hag. 

Weaver Nelsou, Dal. Werking Wju, Hag. 

AVebb S I. C Cy. Werking .S: (%), Hag. 

AA^ebb 1> T, C- (^y. Werking Wm and John and Henry 

Webb F H, SO a,. Hag. Ke:ig, i a. Hag. 

WebbAVm W, Rich. ' AVerking William. 1 a. Hag. 

Webb Theo S, Ha<r. Werts Reter S. Rich. 

Wel)b Sarah, 7 a, Hich. ^Vesler Sylvann. C Cy. 

AVebber Geo W, Abb. Wesler Benjamin, l^ieh. 

Webber Harrison F. Abb. WeslerJCd W and S M. s-JJ, a. 

Webl er Ferdinand, 2D. a, .\l)b. Rich. 

Weber John, Hag. Wesler Wm H , Belh. 

Weber Conrad. 12 r)O-l(K) a. Hag. \Vess('l .Mary, 127 00-100 a. Kich. 

Weber John iF 5 a. Rich. ^Vest Margaret 11. (i2^ a, Mil. 

Weber Henry 11, AVeb. West William. ( ; F. 

W^eber& (;eorg(;, Dub. Wrlhcral.l II L,". a, Mil. 

Wel)er (\)mad, 2.) a. Dub. Wrlhciall II F,-..")a. \\'u\\. 

Weber Soi)hia., iMil. W (>> ICharles (MiO a. Fcon 

Webster Alict? A. II a, C iM. W'cyl John F. so a. Fcon. 

AVeekly Isaiah, (M'y. Whalen John, 10 a. Hag. 

Weeks John W, F Cy. Wharlon James IF K U. 

Nicholson Si. Bro. c,";St^""o. Office Supplies, 

720 Main 

Sunday Creek Coal j?iati,crn.'os., Rictillioiicl, M. 



Wiiurtou Aaion, ^4 ;i, E(i. 

Whelan Ik'os, C-()y. 

Whclaii Cathaiiue. C Cy. 

Wtiealon Fianali Mrs, Hag, 

Wlicclau Will, llicli. 

AVheelaii Thos K, (' Cy. 

VVIieelerS S, V Cy. 

W'lieny TIidh. Ivicli. 

W'liiiiiKiy Kaclu'l, 5 a, AViusb^-. 

Whippo (^has II. l.'il) a, F (ly. 

\Vliil)l>o luliiiuiul L, F (Vy. 

Whishu- Joliii, JVIil. 

Wliisley Uilcy, KG. / 

Wliisler Anna, (J Cy. ' 

Wliisler Fieiiiont. C Cy. :' 

Wliisler VtUn\ Mil. 

AVhisler Catharine, 1^1* a, Hag. 

AVhitaeie V L, Wash. 

Wliitaie James, Dub. 

\Vhita(Me l<:iizabetli. 1 a, Dub. 

Wliitacre William, Uos. 

Whitacie Jont U, 90 a, Web. 

Witakei- William, Ceii. 

White Wm, Dub. 

White Daniel, Dub. 

White ChasN, Mil. , ■ . 

White Oliver, Dub. 

\Vliite. Louisa J, Dub. 

White Charles T, Dub. 

White Thomas, CCy. 

White I NA' Cy. . . 

Wiiite Margaret, (^ Cy. . , ■ 

AVhlte James, C ('y. , \ 

White Wiiiney, <!eii. 

White (Jeo, Hag. . , . / 

AVliite Jos J (I, Hag. " i , 

AVhite Johii,rj()a, Hag 

White Nathan V. W W. > ,, 

White Thos V. AV W. 

White Jno(^ F Cy. 

AV^hite Flijah, F(*y. 

White Augustine, 47 a, F Cy. 

White JMartha, i^a. F Cy. 

White Wm,liOa, Wmsbg. 

White David M. Hag. 

Wliite W T, lli^ t);;-10()a. Rich. 

Wliite Howard, llieh. 

White Joseph. 1(1 a, Hieli 

White Jas jr, IDlA a, llich. 

White John, *)7 a.Ui<;h. 

While David, 21 a, Uieli. 

White Joseph C. \)\) T.MDO a, Rieh 

White lOlihu, Web. 

White John A, Web. 

White Andrew, Beth. 

White Uiehard F, Reth. 

White l':hun, Retli. 

Whib- David F, lieth. 

Whit,) J C, lli'tii. 

Whilely Wm II, C Cy. 

Whitidy I S, C Cy. 

Whitely Isaac S,'C Cy. • " 

Whilely Norwood J, CCy. 

W hitely Howard, C (^y. 

Whitely Isaac L, C Cy. 

^Vhitely Isaac Land Harmon, 7 G8- 

100 a. C Cy. 
Whitelcy Cynis, .Mil. 
\V^hite](,-y Anna M, Mil. 
Win I ('ley Jesse, 1^0 a. Mil. 
Whitelcy A i), lilots, Mil. 
Whiteley Daniel jr, lS!)i a. Mil. 
Whiteley Henry A, 071 a. Mil. 
Whitelcy Fdgar D, li) a. Mil. 
Whitcman Nicholas M, Ui(di. 
Whitcscll Flmira, Hag. 
Whit.'sell Saml C. Hag. 
Whitmer IJenj. H) a iSIil. 
Whitson Jno, 100 a, Web. 
Whilson Newton, \Vb. 
Wickershaiii Alpheus, li7 a, Ceii. 
Wickersliam Calvin L, Jac. 
Wi(dvcrshani .Albert. Jac. 
Wickersham liastin F, Jac. 
Wickershaiii llcbccca, 17^ a, Dul). 
Wickersham S J, Dub. 
Wicks Wm T B, i a,ECL 
Wicks Addison, ID a, E G. 
AVicks Jane, L'iiA a, EG. 
Wicks AVmE, KG. 
Wicks Abram J, K (i. 
AVicks Ja(!ob(r, K G. 
Wicks Ira J, Kii. 
Widup Sanders, Rich. 
Wiggins John A, iMil. 
AViggins .\ndrcwS, Hag. 
Wiggins (Jco 1>. Hag. 
Wiggins S II. l.T) a, Kicli. 
Wike Oscar F, Mil. 
Wike John L, Mil. 
Wikcr Jaccb, Mil. 
W iker (Jcoigc iM. Mil. 
Wiker Daniel, Mil. 
Wilcox Lee F. Mil. 
Willct.xen Jiihii R, Wt-b. 
Willcutls John. Cen. 
Wiley C M, Uelh. 
Uiley A L, Beth. 



Gents' Suits made to Order, °-\?b^S.\^.^°' RICHMOND 


Wiley -NJartiii, ;-50(ll :i, Ht-tli. Williams liichanl, 220 a, Wiii.sbg. 

Wiley i: r. Kieh. Williams AliWicus, Wmsb^^ 

Wilev William. Kicli. Williams Ilamilloii. IJos. 

Wilkius Fiaiik. Jae. Williams W in 15. liJSa. IJos. 

Willells Klislia.4r)a. Mil. Williams -lim F.212i a. lios. 

\Villetts Nelson. L^")'.) a. Mil. Williams diaiiville. .y.-loo,a, Bt)s. 

Williams JMlmnml, ('en. Williams Josiali. -lae. 

Williams Juo. (!eu. WilliamsSleplKtii, F (ly. 

Williams l>eiij K, < V-ii. Williams Maiy, -1 a, J""' ( !y. 

Williams Alhi'it T. Cell. Williams Cliiisioplier. IGo a, F Cy. 

Williams Lewis, (en. Williams Ja(H)l». 70 a, F Cy. 

Williams Washiiij,4im, 121 a, Ceii. Williams liicliaid, 170 a, F Cy. 

Williams Hayless. 2-10 a, C^en. Williams Albeil . 22 a. F Cy. 

AVilliams.Iesse,2>)a, Cen. Williams Wm. WW. 

Williams (Cynthia A et ai, «U a Ceii Williams II iv Abb. 

AVilliams John }), W W. Williams .las, bO-ioo a, Abb. 

Williams Jolin, 2^ a. W W. Williams Wm 15. b^4 a, Abb. 

Williams Howard, Web. Williams .John L. Aljb. 

Williams Wm, Web. Williams Jasin-r C, Abb. 

Williams Isaac, i)7i>()-100 a, Web. Williams Francis M. Abb. 

Williams K R. CJ F. Williams Wiilar F-, H\}. a, Mil. 

Williams .Ino F. lb", a. Web. Williams .James, 201 a. Mil. 

Williams Clayton, (; F. Williams Lizzie and .\1 be it, Ml a, 
Williams Nathan, (J F. Mil. 

Williams Jno.7o a, (i F. A\ illiams Albert E, 100 <r, Mil. 

Williams Henry, una, (J F. Williams (ieorj-'i;, Mil. 

Williams Jno 11, Fcon. Williams Helena, .Mil. 

Wiilliams Jno A (col), Fcon. W^illiams l-'raiik. Mil. 

Williams Ida L, F(;on. Williams ( "atharine. 80 a, C Cy. 

WiUiams Kiifus, loOa. Fcon. Williams A H.70a, OCy. 

Williams J(js. !)!) SO-lOO a, Fcon. Willihms Ilenrv C, (!Cy. 

Williams (;e(» W. .'1 a. Fcon. Williams David, CCy. 

Williams Marcliant, Fcon. Williams LaFayette, Cen. 

Williams Jno M. 1)4 a. Fcon. Williams Lucy, C Cy. 

Williams (^aleb IJ. H8i a. Fc(ni. Williams A ii, (] Cy. 

Williiims Daniel Ji, 114 a, Fcon. Williams 'iMios. C Cy. 

Williams Thos li, cm a. Fcon. Williams l)a\ id, C Cy. 

Williams Jesse li, I*'.(!on. Williams Thos . I, C/ ('y. 

Williams .Mary Ann,4oa, Fcon. Williams ^\'m II, F Cy. 
Williams Hannah and J{)sei)hine Williams (ieo F Cy, 

A, J^ a, Fcon. 

^Vllliams Clirish. I'^ Cy. 
Williams Wm 11, FCy. 

Williams Joseph jr. r^con. , . ^,j. 

Williams Nathan S. Hich. Williams Samuel. F Cy. 

Williams Newton, Kich. W illiams Jacob. Dub. 

Williams I-Jihu, Ibla, Rich Williams Fhos F. Hag. 

Williamson iVngustine, llich. Williams F F, Ha^'. 

Williams Charles, llich. AVilliams F N. Hat^ 

Williams J ^V. Rich. Williams Jno D. \[.\^. 

Williams Charles A. llich. Williams WatKin, ^aK^ 

Williams Zachariah. Kich. \\ illiams Fetei F. Hag. 

Williams James, Rich. \\ iliiams Llo>d, Hag. 

Williams 'V X. 100 a, Hag. Williams Fhos. Mil. 

Williams ^\ilIiam R, Hag. W illiamson Thomas. 7s a. Ches. 

Williams iSlargaret, Hag. \\ lUiamson Fli F, Uioli. 

PAPER i30X!<;« MADli] TO OHUER dl [( lldlULOU ll & Dllll. ^^tr#«t. 

Mather Bros. Sell COAL CHEAP. 


Williaiuson Williain, llicli. Wilson Chas, 80 a, Wmsbg. 

AVillianisDii Theodore. Mil. AVilts Josepti A, F Cy. 

Willis Mark, JJal. ■■ Wimmer Jsaac B, Hag. ' ■ 

Willis W S, (i F. AViinmer AViii 11, Hag. 

AVillis Marrion, (jI F. \Vimmer David, Hag. - 

Willitts ^^aiicy E and William, 8 a, Wiinnier Eli M, Hag. 

Web. Wincliester Everett H, C Cy. 

Willitts Nancy, 20 82-l(X) a, Web. \Vinder Samuel C, :;i a, Rich. 

Willis llairv, Bos. Winder Joseph H, Kich. 

Wills Nathaniel. E G. Windle Job. 85 a, Kich. 

Willson Isaac, Web. - W^indsor J B, 91 a, Bos. 

W^illianis Abel, L'HOi a, Dal. Windsor W \n R, AV W^ 

Wilson Isabele, 31) 47-100 a, Dal. Wnisor W R, Jac. 

Wilson Henry, Cen. W^ine Sanford, Dal. 

Wilson Chas M, 15() a, Cen. Wineberg (;eo, \V W. 

Wilson jMarcus A & Eliza C, 68 a, Wineberg Jas A, W W. 

Web. Winkle John H, Wash. 

Wilson Enos, 182 a, G F. W inslow Allied, Dal. 

Wilson O S, 120 a, G F. Winsiow Clementine, C Cy. 

AVilson C B, 00 a, G F. ' Winsiow Jos, C Cy. 

Wilson Hannah, 00 a. G F. Wmslow John, C Cy. 

Wilson Jas A 80 a, GF. - AVinslow Joseph, Dub. ^ 

Wilson Jno, hrs, 110 a, G F. AVinslow Jos F, Hag. 

Wilson Marcus A, Rich. Winters Jno, 80-100 a, Rich. 

AVilson Folger B, 188 a, Rice. Winters Jno Rich. 

AVilson Oliver and Hannah, 110 a, Winter Jacob sr, 11 90 100 a, E G. 

AVmsbg Winter James Y, C Cy. 

Wilson Oliver, 20 a, Wmsbg. AVinter J il and A, EG. 

Wilson Wm, ]3os. Winter Henry M, E G. 

Wilson Harmon, 1 30-100 a. Bos. Winter Frank H, E G. 

AVilson Nancy, 8 30-100 a, Bos. AVinter (Jeo F, E G. 

Wilson Elizabeth, 150 a, Jac. AVinter Jacob H, E G. 

Wilson Charles, (KM a, Mil. AVinter Benj, Mil. 

Wilson Isaac, 70 a, Mil. ^Vil•vi George A, C Cy. 

AVilsonEmma, 65 a, Mil. Wise Matthias, G b. 

Wilson George, Mil. ,. Wise George, 50 85-100 a, G 1 , 

Wilson Stihvell, Mil. , , ^Vise Beter B, Hag. 

AVilson Berry H, 61 a. Dub. - AVise M E, Jac. ;: , 

Wilson (Calvin, i a. Dub. AVise Jacob, Mil. 

AVilson Edward, 4Bi a. Dub. AVise David L Mil. 

Wilson C T, Cen. ^Vise George Mil. 

Wilson C M, Cen. ' ,, , Wise John, Mil 

Wilson W 8, Cen. Wise John and Henry, Mil. 

AVilson AA^alter R, Cen. ' ' AVise HenryMil. 

Wilsonl^auline, C Cy. .'• AVise John, Mil. 

Wilson l^erry II, C Cy. AVise Mathias, 80t a, Dub. 

Wilson Chas C, C Cy. Wise John, C Cy. 

AVilson Robert C, C (>. AVise CJeo, C Cy. 

W^ilson Shepley S, Dub. W^ise John, C Cy. 

AVilson (3hristoi)her, Dub. AVise Andrew, C Cy. 

AVilson Edmund, Dub. AVise (Jeo Wash. 

AVilson Berry II, Dub. AVise Jno, W ash. 
AVilson Thomas J, Dub. Wise (^las, AVash 

AVilson John !S, Mil. AVisehart Jas B, Hag. 

'^^.•^^^"rA??^!^?.)?/^,^; i W. T. BARBEE Iron and Wire Works. 

l^itllngs, Ornam'tl Roof CreBtliigs. ) lAfAvtTu. l^Dl*NA 



Carpets and Dry Goods 

at 528 Main 

D, B, zimm & SON 



Wiseman Eli. lo4 a,G F. 

Wissler David, Mil.' 

Wissler David c*c I'eter. 115 a, Mil. 

Wissler Triab, Mil. 

Wissler Willard. Mil. 

Wissler lliulolph. Mil. 

Wissler Aimnoii, Mil. 

Wissler Ileniv. Mil. 

Wissler Ilarrv.C Cy. 

Wissler Rudolph. C Cy. 

Wissler John li. C Cy. 

Wissler Daniel li, O Cy. 

Wissler Klla. CCy. 

^\'issler Berry T. V Cy. 

Wissler .John. \] (i. 

Witmer 1] >r. Mil. 

Witniore Wright L. Abb. 

Witsel Martin M. F Cy. 

Wood Newton L. IlaL;-. 

Wood RAV. Mil. 

Wood AVni L. Hag. 

Wood John F, 111), Mil. 

^\'ood ^V II, Abb. 

Wood Jno jr. o a. Abb. 

^\'ood Saiunel, !)<) a. Abb. 

Wood Wni. 40 a. Hieh. 

\\'oodard Ueiirv. V Cs. 

Wo.uhird <;iias F. F C:v. 

\Voodard Cornelius. 140 a, F Cy. 

Woodard Luke SO a. F Cy. 

Woodard Feander J, llich. 

Woodard Annal^hO-luu a Rich. 

Woodard Ct>rnelius, 88 a, W W. 

Woodward P. C Cv. 

^Voods W A, Wash. 

Woods Addison. C Cy. 

Woods Calvin J. Cen. 

Woods FJ. Cen. 

Woods If. Cen. 

Woods Eaden T, Abb. 

Woods Ernest C. Abb. 

Woods (.eorge E. Rich. 

Woods Taliitha. liii a, (J F. 

Woods Jacob, hrs. o7 a, (i F. 

Woods Jos S. ins a. W W. 

Woods Calvin jr, Cen. 

Woodson Robert. Ilafc. 

\\'oody SoU>inon, F Cy. 

Woody Alson (iray. Dal. 

\\'oLronian John. Dal. 

Wolf John, AVash. 

Wolf Euoch, Cen. 

Wolf Andrew, (' Cy. 

Wolf Enoch, Cen. 

Wolfe (Jeo J. Cen. 

Wolfe JOhn E cV: Co, Bos. 

Wolfe David. Sii a. T3os. 

Wolfe John E. au Jv^-luu a. Rich. 

\V(Jfgan!:? Susan, 4n a, Jac. 

Wolf-ard Mary J.2;li a. Abb. 

AVolfnier Daniel, Cen. 

Wolf.nd Ellen. C Cy 

Wolford Nathan D ^'v: Elizabeth W. 

Wolford Chas T. Rich 
Wolford Nathaniel. Web. 
Wolverton Chas, W W. 
Woi-land .\aron. b\ a. ilag. 
Woolers Richard. ]■)>) a, Web. 
Wooley .Milton D, Wmsbg. 
Wooley Win if, Wnisbg. 
AVooley lieuben. Milton & Herbert, 

AVooley Ikniben It, AVnisbg. 
Worl Margaret. C Cv. 
WorlFraidv. C Cv. 
Worl Alonzo. 100 a. Dub. 
Worl Martin sr, 41JF, a. Jac. 
Worl Martin jr, r^) a, Jac. 
Worl .John M. 120 a, Jac. 
Worl M. Jac. 
Worl William. 4oa, Hag. 
Worl Elias. ■)n a. flag. 
Worl Joseph. 7^\ a. Hag. 
Worl Amanda. 4o a. Hag. 
War] William, i'^lias ami Amanda. 

144 a. Hat:. 
AVorters Samuel, lios. 
AVorters Hanison, Bos. 
Worth John. Cen. 
AVorth Creo, Cen. 
AVright .John F C. E G, 
AV'rightCT, CCy. 
Wright .1 E, CCy. 
Wiight J]nios, Cen. 
Wright .hio H. Cun. 
Wright Mum M, Cen. 
Wright l]iios, Cen. 
Wright ,Iuo P. Cen. 
W riudit Fraixes V. 2 a, C Cy. 
Wiitjhl Da\id. Mil. 
Wrii^ht Washington. 140t a, Abb. 
Wright laios. iiolj a, .\bh. 
Wright Mary A, lVO a, .Vbb. 
Wright .Mary \, 4 a. Eos. 
\\ right la)hraim, AVmsbg. 
Wright AlexandiT, l]''i a, Wmsbg. 
Wright Jolm H, Rich. 

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7'.^Q Mj.ln btrr«;. 

Mather Bros. Seil COAL CHEAP. 



W^right Jno IE & Rose C, 2i a, Uicli 

IVright Niithan C, 41i ii, Rich. 

iVright J jnney, Econ. 

Wright Jleiuy C, Econ. 

Wright Jacob, 108 a, OF. 

Wriglit Peter H, 200 a, Beth. 

Wright Sauuiel, 80 a, Beth. 

Wright Sarah, ao a, Beth. 

WrigittCliarley, Beth. 

bright Washington, 80 a, Cen. 

/Vright Enos S, Cen. 

VrightGeo W. (3en. 

Vrittenliouse Waiter, Dal. 

Vrunkel Henry, Rich. 

Vrunker John Conrad, 319 a. Rich. 

Vyatt Albert & Co. llag. 

Vyatt James M, Hag. 

Vyatt Thomas M, E U. 

Vbatt Salina J,40a,Abb. 

Vyatt Thos, Abb. 

Vyatt Rarton Jr, Rich. 

Vyatt JasB, 110 a, Rich. 

Vyatt JasM,l a, Dal. 

Vyburn Geo. Mil. 

Vyrick Martin, Abb. 

Vysong Cyrenins jr, E G. 

Vysong C^reniub, sr, E G. 

ii^ysong Hamilton, E G. 

>^ysong Cyrenins, 144 a, E G. 

'arnell Mary, Dnb. 
'eager Joseph, Wash. 

eager Geo K, G F, 
'elonigton Asa P. 

ocum Aaron, C Cy. 
'ocnm Jas, C Cy. 

Yonng Jacob, E G. 

Young Martin S, C Cy. 

Young Margaret Ann, 30 a, Dub. 

Young George, Mil. 

Young Andrew J, Abb. 

Young J W, Abb. 

Young Martin, 10 1)2-100 a. Rich. 

Young John, 1 80-100 a, Rich. 

Young S M, Rich. 

Young John, 122 a, WW. 

Young William V, W W. 

Youngllesh John, Hag. 

Yost Jacob, 110 a, Jac. 

Yost Henrietta, 35-100 a. Rich. 

Ziuby John, E (i. 

Zehring Adelbeat, Cen. 

Zehring P H, C Cy. 

Zeigler Wm, E G. 

Zeigler Andrew K, C Cy, 

Zeigler M J, C Cy. 

Zeigler PeteV, 27 a, C Cy. 

Zell Clarence, Mil. 

Zeller Andrew, 50 a, Jac. 

Zep Jacob, Rich. 

Zigler Grafton H, ■} a. Abb. 

Zigler Peter, E G. 

Zinunerman John, C Cy. 

Zimmerman Lawrence, 10 a, Hag. 

Zimmerman Edward A. Ricii. 

Zimmerman Wm II, Dal. 

Zolomon Josiah, Mil. 

Zork David and Suaan, 9 83-100 a, 

Zork David, 1 a. Hag. 
Zwisser Julius, Rich. 

7ire Goods. 

Chairs and Settees, Summer Houhcs. iW. T. BARBEE 

t3creend, and all kinda ol Wii'e Ulotli. i iron and wihl works 

ti r*ii^v«ii'vt ,1 -i-itJL^ik^c^^i^-Ji. 

;AJ■/^^af>^: -^y^,^!:^'^liz-t .._■;>-. 


■'Ji^ i- 

Lake Jrie & Western Railway, 

; Shortest and Most Direct. Route 


' ' '.vv Offers special Inducements in • ' . »^ . 



■ BURLIN(^6n--^ 3:PE0RIA.$ J ^: 


. .And BUFFALO. 


Midland Past Facol^b.t Hiimo 

, To all Seaboard ancllnturior N9\v England and Eastern Points, 

' Rates quoted to all pointa E/VST^ \VEST;NOIlTn*pf SOUTH, 
upon application. ,Por rates to all points in the ;pforthwest,in Minnesot;\, 
Dakota, "Wisconsin, Nebraska, Kansas, or Jowa, address , y ^'y.< . 



Shortest and Most Direct ^Route, . 


;E;-<^s.a:, to ttv^ej S-T 





- Tlie'3Ji^jest and Most Direct Route ' 

^•'^S^^ti — ; U BETWEEN — '- 



' . '-NEW^YORK, V;^ '• BOSTON. 
.,,.; :.;/'/y///Z7£^/'///>,'; WASHINGTON, 

>'■ "-..' ■ 


..^.xiai^^:E= o i osrar 3 >^.e^ s ?xv 

- ii. 

, : ""T" 



"'■- ^ Making clD.sap9i>npptiQi^s with allTnink LinesJ First QlaBs E<; 
\'Tiientv* Steel ^RiutoiWefiLTnL^ouse^^V it', lir.'ikes.;;Milleir fhittornV.iu.i 
Coupler. Eleffrint.,Ke\Ylieolininp: Chairs. mid Dmwliipr Iio6i1ii' Goftches 
- attachea tOHl|.-.ThrQiigh Trains, free of charge lf> all first class passcuL'rrs 
. holdii^glhrough tickets. , The ft^w cliangea by this route wx^i nil n.. 
.. Uiiiou,J3epptSt^iiQ,TOt>ihus tmri^^ 

' AsVM-iickets'vyty'^^KEKUIliiife.WKSTKtlj^^^ 

and othfirinforiviatibn furniHhed free upon applicution to prinoipal odh-e, 

()!■ address ■ ' ." . ■ 



- ■»■ ... • ■ il--'i', -.'^.'i,'? , --''.■_ ■••"l| »< i f , * L 1-^ • "• i 




• ■ ' "'Has a perfect Cure for Cancer without the lise of the Knife, 

^ t For many years' Br. KinjE^H- 
ley has been associated wiili 
his brother;^ Dr.. W, g: p: 
Kingsley, onBouiP, ^SH.' Y., in 
in the-treatnient of Cancers, as 

many thousands can, testity. 

tFor the last 14 vears.the ^reat- 

'erirurnber of Cancer paiienis 
in, the hospitals at Home, N. 

j Y., have been treated by him. 
For years patients in the West 
\\i\\e been endeavoring to in- 
duce tlie Doctor to leave tiis 
l>rother, and establislv a Can- 
cer intirraary in some promi- 
nent City in the West^ so as to 
enable: people to be. treated 
without a journey East, wlu) 
are unable at present to defray 
th6 expenses, tfiereof; and 
doubtless others who i have 
neyer heard of Dr. Kihgsiey 
to receive the same tresitment 
they would receive^ vveut^ they 
to visit his hospitals at Rome, 
K. Y. • After many years of 
hesitation, the Doctor finailv 
decided to comply with their 
vequeht, and establish a Cnn- 
cer Intirmary in Danville, ill. 

When writing the Doctor, write your 
name and address plainly, giving the 
;pQst Otflee, County and State. 

J.S. Kingsley, 

vTiUflr^ Reiflflvea, Filcrai otler Diseases Siiccessliillf .Trealel 

V;j T DAKViLiiiR. ILU, Mijirch 5, 1884.— Dk. Kimisr.KV— Dear Sli*. I am Uappy to say that 
-:i. I ft'n entirely cured of the large Cancer you removed Uom m/ bieast foui yeais'snuo, 
.;^< and am now enjoying? good liealtli, and can heartily recommend your treatment. ■ . 
- ; . V • • V. ' ; .i -; MRS. J. g. EN'ai.tSll.l 

.;, .' 'bANViLLR III., March 6, iS8l.-rDu. KmasLEV— Dear Sir': I arn" much pleased to 
>;-^: certify that-ill 187a you removed a Cancer liom Inside of my cheek, which pn»ved \\\\ 
:■ eltectual erne. I would advise tliose so afflicted to call on you at once. A. J. T,.IO.SM n 


t- ;■ 

■•'.' Tatlenls from a distance except In Surzlcal and Oain<i*»M' o«hos, 1)V sen«lln>j n luil do- 
scrlfjtion of tiielr symptoms, can have Modlt ine icoi l>v Kxpross and be treated at liome. 
All letters promptly answerecLand Medicines ordered immediately fovwardedj Con- 
sultiition and advice free. As tlje Doctor's otlice is constnntlv thronged with peltvVns from 
all imrjsof the count.ry, he never goes abroad to see or treat patients, aun coiis,>(nieiitlv 
is geueruUy Hthbme. CDrxebportden-cc sollcltea. 

Office Hours, fi*om 8 to 1 2 a. to., and 2 to 5 and 7 to 9 p. ni. 

J. s. kingsley; m. d.